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******************************************************************************* 40. Are there published CDs (Compact Disks) about Lebanon and the levant in general ? The following annoucement was made on sc.lebanon recently (mid Nov 1994): Very exciting line of multimedia CDROMs just release by Future Publishers for both Macintosh & Windows in Arabic and English: View of Islam - A multimedia Tour This interactive CDROM rom cover the Islam religion in very exciting way. It covers Beliefs, Heritage, Arts, the Koran, History and more. It is packed with about 600Meg of information. It is a perfect reference information and resource about Islam. Retail price $99.95 Special introductory offer until Jan 95 $54.95 English version available on both Mac & Windows Lebanon- Pearl of the East This title is a Multimedia Encyclopedia about lebanon covering History, Geography, Tourism, Economy, Culture and Heritage of Lebanon including more than 500 photos, 200 films s well as text and arabic music clips in an interactive and exciting way. Retail Price $69.95 Special introductory offer until Jan 1995 $39.95 Both Mac & Windows version available Arabic version available on Mac Syria - History & Culture ; Available for the Mac only This disk is packed with information about Syria (450Meg of information) similar to Lebanon CD it covers wide range of areas about Syria including pictures, movies, and Arabic music. Retail price $69.95 Special introductory offer until Jan 1995 $39.95 Arabic version available on Mac The Lamp of Aladdin - This interactive CDROM tells the story of the Famous lamp of aladdin. It narrate the story in 3 different Languages Arabic, French and English. Retail price $39.95 Special intro offer until Jan 95 $29.95 If you are intersted in getting any of the above CDs call or mail Future Publishers USA branch, at the adress and phones listed below: Future Publishers 174 Knightshaven way San Jose CA 95111 Toll FREE number : 1-800-381-1242 Fax: 1-408-281-3666 Visa, Mastercard, American Express and checks are accepted. Please call us or send us letter at the above adress if you need any other info ****************************************************************************** 41. What are the adresses of World Wide Web/FTP/Gopher sites of Lebanese people and dealing with Lebanon in general ? Actually I have a long list of people that I collected over the net and the days. But since I did not ask yet these persons if I'm allowed to include their URLs to the FAQ I'll start the list with some well known ones. Hoping that the next version of the FAQ will carry more info. [Upon your contribution of course]. So here we go: o The SCL Home Page: http://huez.eurecom.fr:8080/ a part of it can be also obtained via ftp: ftp://huez.eurecom.fr/SCL/ Maintained by Alaa Dakroub o Soc.Culture.Lebanon FAQ: http://huez.eurecom.fr:8080/faq.html o Alaa Dakroub Home Page: http://huez.eurecom.fr:8080/dakroub.html o Soc.Culture.Lebanon People: http://huez.eurecom.fr:8080/People/ It hosts introduction pages of SCLers. Maintained by Adonis Al-Fakih [The www.cica.fr is no more valid for the SCL Home page] o Almashriq - Levant Multimedia Servers: http://www.ludvigsen.hiof.no/webdoc/levant_servers.html Maintained by Borre Ludvigsen This server is now mirrored on: http://www.hiof.no/almashriq/ or http://www.hiof.no/ludvigsen/webdoc/levant_servers.html Connection should much faster to these new URLs. o Borre Ludvigsen Home Page: http://www.ludvigsen.hiof.no/webdoc/borre_ludvigsen.html Also Borre home page is mirrored on: http://www.hiof.no/ludvigsen/ o MIT Lebanese Club Home Page: http://www.mit.edu:8001/activities/lebanon/leb.html o Alex Khalil SCL T-shirt home page: http://www-ee.tamu.edu:80/~iskandar/ o Bassem Medawar Mosaic Home Page http://rama.poly.edu/medawar/ o Arabic Software Map by Isam Ishaq http://www.cs.tu-berlin.de/~ishaq/arabic/asm/asm.html o Lebanon On-Line Resources by Philip Abi-Rached http://www.lebanon.com/ ******************************************************************************* 42. Where can I find Arabic Musical Instruments ? I remember a while back (several months ago) someone posted asking for information regarding musical instruments, and where he/she might purchase them. There's a store in my town called Other Ports that sells them and a myriad of other imported items from all around the world. Here's the address and phone number: Other Ports 202 W. North Street Normal, Illinois 61761 (309) 454-5071 ******************************************************************************* 43. Are there any arabic instrumental music CDs ? Try the following: Taqasim, Simon Shaheen and Ali Jihad Raci, label: Lyrichord. In Boston, this is available at HMV and Tower in Harvard Square I expect it is available in other major cities. I believe the CD is made in the US, and is not pricy. Shaheen plays the 3oud, and Raci plays the Buzuq, and they go on conversing musically for about 50min. This is one of my favorites. Mounir Bachir, various CD's, various labels Mounir Bachir is one of the greatest. There are a couple of recitals, and a Mushwar ma3a l-3oud which is accompanied. Nassir Shamma Histoire d'amour orientale, label: Institut du Monde Arabe. I was at a recital in Cambridge, MA, last Sunday. He is fabulous, and different. His technical mastery is superb, and his compositions are daring. Shamma plays conventional 3oud, in addition, he plays one-handed, and also two-handed with all fingers (not just the pluck). This is definitely something worth listening to The CD is distributed thru World Music Distribution 707-588-9164; the CD # is 503102. The label: Al-Sur. They're coming up with some very interesting CD's lately; there may be a 3oud CD among them. I recently picked up "L'art sublime du Ghazal" (2 vols, Qanun and vocals), and "Maqam Baghdadi" (I haven't opened it yet). For more, call Beit Al-Fikr, 617-923-0264, jadi@world.std.com; they have a large variety of Arabic music CD's of all kinds. ******************************************************************************* 44. Are there Lebanese movies ? Where I can find them ? Can you give some opinions about these movies ? Data and History: Lebanese movies industry exists since decades now. The war affected the production of the films as it affected anything else. The sixties was the heydays of Lebanese cinema. The Lebanese cinema "was" lyrical and poetic and touched on some heavy topics without being heavy handed and propagandistic. A good source for data on movies in general is the "Internet Movie Database": http://www.msstate.edu/Movies/search.html Actually only the data of few films is availble. People should think of adding Data they know of. List of known films: 1.Al-Risalah (1976) 6.2/10 ...aka Message, The (1976) ...aka Mohammad, Messenger of God (1976) 2.Ana El Awan (1994) ...aka Histoire d'un Retour (1994) ...aka Time Has Come (1994) 3.Bayar al khaouatem (1965) 4.Biya el-Khawatim (1965) 5.Homme Voile, L' (1987) ...aka Veiled Man, The (1987) 6.Kanya Ya Ma Kan, Beyrouth (1994) ...aka Es war einmal Beirut - Geschichte eines Stars (1994) ...aka Il etait une fois Beyrouth - histoire d'une star (1994) ...aka Once Upon a Time In Beirut (1994) 7.Kanya Ya Ma Kan, Beyrouth (1994) ...aka Es war einmal Beirut - Geschichte eines Stars (1994) ...aka Il etait une fois Beyrouth - histoire d'une star (1994) ...aka Once Upon a Time In Beirut (1994) 8.Leila wa al ziap (1984) 9.Whither, by Georges Nasr 10.Red Roses, by Georges Qa3ee 11.al-isar, by Samir Habchi ...aka the Tornado 12.ana al-awan, by Jean Claude Qodsi Where to find: Check out the Arab Film Society in Seattle... they have a Web Page, Look them up via Yahoo. They feature a lot of Lebanese movies... Opinions: [Each personal opinion is included within two lines of '-'] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- A couple Lebanese productions came out in the last 3 years : "al i@Sar" and "ana l-awan" ("the Tornado" and "the time has come"). The first one is a very well made russian/lebanese production, with great cinematography and msuic (both by Russian artists). The second one was directed by Jean Claude Qodsi, and although I haven't seen it, many of my friends have and they all agree: it's a terrible waste of money and talent. Nothing about this film is good except the Music (by Toufic Farroukh ). On a more positive side, I know that there is a lot of young talent which is blooming in Lebanon. A recent short film made by young director Eliane Raheb (shot by a French cinematographer) won a prize at the Venice film festival if I remember correctly. I saw the film, and it was quite interesting. The film was about a movie theater in Zahle which was being closed down, a welcome change from the "return" motif that is omnipresent in modern Lebanese art. There are also other young directors who are working on interesting projects. Some names to look out for in the next 5 years are Jean Jebran, Sarmad Louis, Hagop Dermagosian (sp?), and others. Another flourishing film sub-industry is the Video-clip industry. Many serious directors are being commissionned by the different TV stations to work on video clips for Lebanese songs. Some of the videos are made by foreign directors, but most are totally local productions. One director who has done some good work is Charles Saleme, who made the videos for "baladiyyatu Bayrut" (by Ousama Rahbani), as well as "ba@d el-li kaan" (by Marcel Khalife). Samir Habchi has also made at least one clip. These clips are facing a lot of pressure from censors in Lebanon, by the way. The government is VERY sensitive to anything that might touch its image, and the least reference (or perceived reference) to anything governmental (i.e. Holy) is facing censure... Maybe the ministers just want to pocket some barTil so they make the artists' lives difficult. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************************************************************************* 45. Where can I find Lebanese and Arabic books ? International Club of Arabic Book has opened a book store south west of Chicago. Please note the change of our address: al-Nadi International Book Club 7216 West 90th Place Bridgeview, IL 60455 Tel (708) 233 - 9590 Fax (708) 233 - 9566 Office Hours: Noon - 7:00 PM Saturday - Friday To get our complete book list (if not member yet) please send your snail adress or stop by if you are in the neighborhood. ******************************************************************************* 46. Do you have any information about the Lebanese community in Canada? The Lebanese community in Canada is one of the largest outside of Lebanon. It numbers some 175,000, more than 66% reside in the city of Montreal in the province of Québec, and almost 20% in the Provice of Ontario. The Lebanese community in Canada is distributed as follows: Canada Total 175,000 City Province Size - Montreal, Québec: 110,000 - Ottawa, Ontario: 23,000 - Toronto, Ontario: 8,000 - Québec City, Québec: 5,000 - Calgary, Alberta: 5,000 - Edomonto, Alberta: 5,000 - Windsor, Ontario: 2,000 - Gatineau, Québec: 2,000 - Vancouver, British Columbia: 1,000 - London/Hamilton, Ontario: 2,000 - Halifax, Nova Scotia: 2,000 - Winnipeg, Manitoba: 1,000 The first recorded Lebanese immigration to Canada was in 1880. The first Lebanese grocery store in Ottawa on Elgin Street: Bouchey's in 1882. Montreal has the largest Lebanese community in North America. There are about 10 Lebanese supermarkets in Montreal and another 10 in Ottawa. The best known Lebanese newspaper in Canada is al-Moustkbal (11,000 copies weekly) and is distributed in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. Arabic books are sold at Middle East Bookstore on Décarie street in Montreal and in al-Mutawasset Bookstore in Toronto. The Lebanese community has about 30 performing artists specially in Lebanese pop and folk music. A word on non-Lebanese Arab communities in Canada is useful: Other Arab Canadians (90,000) concentrate in Toronto and Montreal: the Maghrebine (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) community (20,000) and the Egyptian community (50,000) reside mainly in Montreal, while eastern Arabs (Jordanians, Plaestinians,Iraqis, Syrians) (35,000) reside mainly in Toronto. There are smaller Arab communities around Canada numbering less than 1,000 each. *******************************************************************************end of part 5/5 _____________________________________________________________________ Alaa Dakroub | 'al-'arD waTanI wa al-'insAnyah 'usratI Sophia Antipolis | La terre est ma patrie et l'humanite' ma famille France | The earth is my fatherland and humanity my family | (Gibran Khalil Gibran) ------------------ http://www.eurecom.fr/~dakroub/ ------------------