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Subject: soc.culture.lebanon FAQ, part 1/5

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_______________________________________________________________________________ Many FAQs, including this one, are available on the archive site rtfm.mit.edu in the directory pub/usenet/news.answers. The names under which this FAQ is archived are "lebanon-faq/part1", "lebanon-faq/part2", "lebanon-faq/part3","lebanon-faq/part4" and "lebanon-faq/part5" If you do not have ftp, you can request messages from rtfm by using the local mail server. Send mail to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu containing the line "send usenet/news.answers/lebanon-faq" to get this file. Send a message containing "help" to get general information about the mail server. This FAQ could also be obtained via regular anonymous ftp at the sites: ftp.leb.net ( in /pub/scl, rama.poly.edu ( in pub/scl/ and ftp.u.washington.edu in /pubilc/scl filenames lebanon-faq/part1, lebanon-faq/part2 lebanon-faq/part3, lebanon-faq/part4 and lebanon-faq/part5. This FAQ could also be obtained via a WWW server, URL is: http://www.leb.net/lebanon-faq Version: Version 2.37 Changes since last posting: Thanks to all contributors to this FAQ, namely: Naji Mouawad (who started the effort), Basil Hamdan (who maintained this faq before me), Bassem Medawar, Samir Fahs, Mazen Saghir,Edmond J. Abrahamian, Alex Khalil, Olivier M.J. Crepin-Leblond, Hassan Hammoud,Mazen Mokhtar, Barre Ludvigsen, Ghassan Semaan, Elie Wardini, Fady Harfoush,Debbie Masri, Pauline Homsi Vinson, Youssef Fawaz, Mike, Nasri, Rached Zantout,May Nasrallah, Khalil El-Khoury, Danny Chahal, Haidar Harmamani, Wadih Shaib,Walid Nasrallah, Kamie Kitmitto, Ibrahim Ballouz, Nadim Maluf, Fadi Andraos, Boudi Sahyoun, Naji Rizk, Berthe Choueiry, Jamal Zemerly, Wassim Alami, philo, George Fisher, Roger Adbel-Hay, Knut Vik|r, Walid Keirouz, Jihad Kawkabani,Joseph Mouhanna, Ayman Kayssi, Hayssam Taha, Elie Mourad, Jihad Daba, Salah Sadek, Chaabouni Moez, Rania Masri, Kamel Saidi, Mohamad Hannaoui, Joseph Adi, Wassim M. Jabi, Ziad G Kassir, D. G. Lubar, Charly Brady, Loai Said, Philip Abi-Rached, Enrico Westenberg, Ramzi (cudlbear7), Shafik Sirajeddeen, Fadi Kurdahi, Nabil Bukhalid, Kale Charles Khoury, Edward Abouzeid, George Fadel, Rabih Boudargham, Andreas Waczynski, George Chammas, Bassam Tabbara, Pierre Barkett, Adonis El Fakih, Kristin Hariri, Karim El-Boustani, Nagi Sukkarieh, Jocelyne Farhat, Antoun Kanawati, Maan M. Hamze, Mohamad I. Khatib, Carole, Cynthia Moe, Daniel Alam, Samer Solh, A'mad Audi, Kamal Dib, Kimmo Ketolainen and Alaa Dakroub (sorry if I missed anyone). This FAQ file was compiled and edited by Alaa Dakroub. ****************************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is presented with no warranties or guarantees of ANY KIND including correctness or fitness for any particular purpose. The author(s) of this document have attempted to verify correctness of the data contained herein; however, slip-ups can and do happen. If you use any information included in this FAQ, you do so at your own risk. The FAQ authors cannot and have NOT used all the the services suggested in the FAQ, nor have they checked them for accuracy. They were all included mostly verbatim at the suggestion of contributors to this FAQ. You can reprint any FAQ posting of mine anywhere you want, as long as the following conditions are met: 1. You use as recent a version of the FAQ as possible. 2. My name (as well as the "credits" section, if any, listing other people who have contributed) stays on it. 3. Any modifications (other than typesetting changes) you make to it are clearly designated as your modifications. If you are significantly reformatting the information in the FAQ, then you don't have to explicitly show every change from the original, but you make clear that what you are printing is derived from my FAQ rather than a direct copy of it. 4. You tell people where to find updated versions of it, i.e., what newsgroups it appears in. ****************************************************************************** _______________________________________________________________________________ First of all, for the patriotic among you, here is a uuencoded Lebanese flag gif file, with instructions on how to display it using xv, all provided kindly by Naji Rizk. A nice way to use this flag is to have it displayed in the background of your workstation. Here is the procedure: 1) Cut the file out (between Cut Here signs) so that the following line be the first line in the file: begin 400 flag.gif and save on your filespace as a file named say, "leb.uu". 2) Once the file leb.uu is saved after these modifications, type under the unix prompt: uudecode leb.uu, this procedure will automatically create the Lebanese flag gif file "flag.gif".on your filespace. 3) If you are using xv as a gif viewer, type: xv flag.gif & In order to have the flag in the background (tiled), type this: xv -rmode 1 full-path-name-of-flag.gif & xv -rmode 1 full-path-name-of-flag.gif & ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If the file is in your home directory called /users/lebanese then the full path name is: /users/lebanese/flag.gif ___________________ Cut Here ______________________________ begin 400 flag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end ___________________ Cut Here ______________________________ Here is a listing of questions : 1. Can I post/receive to/from this newsgroup or other newsgroups if I don't have the permission or I don't have a direct access to a news server ? 2. Are there any rules or conventions to post into this news group? 3. What is the value of a Lebanese pound in terms of US$, Can$, UK lb, etc.? 4. What is the address and phone number of the Lebanese Embassy and/or Consulates in the US, Canada, France, etc.... and how can I contact Lebanese universities etc. ? 5. How can I phone Lebanon and which carrier gives the cheapest rates? 6. What are the airlines servicing Beirut ? 7. Where can I find tickets for Lebanon at a good price ? 8. What are the e-mail and telnet IP addresses for sites in Lebanon ? 9. What are the phone numbers to call to get Lebanon news ? 10. What are the radio frequencies and broadcast times of Lebanese related radio programs ? 11. What are the various Lebanese organizations and how can I contact them ? 12. What are the projects you can contribute to help rebuild Lebanon ? 13. Are there any information about The Cedars of Lebanon and/or organizations that deal with this matter?? 14. Are there any information about ski resorts in Lebanon ?? 15. What are the various Lebanese magazines and newspapers ? 16. Where can I find Lebanese magazines and newspapers ? 17. What has been written by Lebanese and/or on Lebanon ? 18. Where can I find works written by Lebanese and /or on Lebanon ? 19. Are there Arabic word processors, Arabic software ? 20. Is there a standard Arabic alphabet representation in Latin ? 21. Are there any availble sources to learn Syriac ? 22. Where can I find Lebanese songs and music ? 23. Where can I find a Lebanese restaurant ? 24. Where can I find a Lebanese grocery store? 25. Is there a good Lebanese recipe book ? 26. Are there recipes available on the net ? 27. Is there an ftp archive site for Lebanese art works ? 28. What is the best way to deal with multiple system TVs and VCRs and where can I get my VCR tape converted to a format that works in Lebanon ? 29. What are the Arabic TV channels that can be received in Northern and central America 30. What are newborn names that could be used for Lebanese children living abroad that would work in both Lebanon and Western societies ? 31. I plan to go home soon and I have heard rumors that the draft will be re-instituted, do you have any additional information about this ? I was born in 1923 and I am afraid that I would be subject to the draft !!! 32. Where can I get a copy of the English translation of the Lebanese Constitution ? 33. Where can I get a copy of the English translation of the Taef Agreement ? 34. I need to ship a car/ or some merchandise to Lebanon, do you know of a shipping company that handles this ? 35. I suddenly develop an urge for Middle-Eastern cuisine, can you help me quench this horrifying thirst ? 36. Where can I find information about US State Department visa regulations for foreigners. 37. Where can I get the latest travel advisory for Americans wishing to visit Lebanon or the Middle-East ? 38. Are there available statistical and basic general information about Lebanon, and what are they ? 39. I know someone's name, and I think they might have an electronic mail address somewhere. How can I find it? 40. Are any there published CDs (Compact Disks) about Lebanon and the levant in general ? 41. What are the adresses of World Wide Web/FTP/Gopher sites of Lebanese people and dealing with Lebanon in general ? 42. Where can I find Arabic Musical Instruments ? 43. Are there any arabic instrumental music CDs ? 44. Are there Lebanese movies ? Where I can find them ? Can you give some opinions about these movies ? 45. Where can I find Lebanese and Arabic books ? 46. Do you have any information about the Lebanese community in Canada? ****************************************************************************** 1. Can I post/receive to/from this newsgroup or other newsgroups if I don't have the permission or I don't have a direct access to a news server ? There are some sites that allow public connections, there was for a while a list maintained by lesikar@tigger.stcloud.msus.edu in which it was listed the public news sites. This list is no more availble because of the refuse of sys adminstrators to publish the address of their public sites. Eventhough reading news still possible through gopher, a search using term USENET or news whith veronica will be enough to find a bunch of news sites through gopher. There are still probably two ways of posting to SCL(1), the first is to use an anonymous server something that was not that appreciated by most of SCLers, and the other is to send your post soc-culture-lebanon@cs.utexas.edu, please note the hyphens instead of periods, I was not testing this way since a while so there is no garantee that your post make it to scl. (1) Of course in case you don't have direct access to a news server. Recently a guide for using Internet via E-mail was mentionned on SCL, It's : Accessing The Internet By E-Mail Doctor Bob's Guide to Offline Internet Access 3rd Edition - December 1994 Copyright (c) 1994, "Doctor Bob" Rankin Finding the Latest Version -------------------------- This document is now available from several automated mail servers. To get the latest edition, send e-mail to one of the addresses below. To: listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu (for US/Canada/etc.) Leave Subject blank, and enter only this line in the body of the note: GET INTERNET BY-EMAIL NETTRAIN F=MAIL To: mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu (for Eastern US) Leave Subject blank, and enter only this line in the body of the note: send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email To: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk (for UK/Europe/etc.) Leave Subject blank, and enter only this line in the body of the note: send lis-iis e-access-inet.txt You can also get the file by anonymous FTP at one of these sites: Site: ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu get NETTRAIN/INTERNET.BY-EMAIL Site: rtfm.mit.edu get pub/usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email Site: mailbase.ac.uk get pub/lists/lis-iis/files/e-access-inet.txt Also on SCL a server (? 2) were mentionned here it goes an expert of the mentionned message: As I mentioned in a previous posting you can post throught E-mail by sending your E-mail TO : soc.culture.lebanon.usenet @ decwrl.dec.com Also you can read the postings of any Usenet Newsgroup . Send your E-mail To : listproc@www0.cern.ch or To: listserv@www0.cern.ch - leave the Subject empty. - If you just want to read the titles first write in the body of your E-mail the following : send news:soc.culture.lebanon - If you want to read all the postings write in the body of your E-mail the following: deep news:soc.culture.lebanon - If you pay for the Usage of E-mails received please be careful with using the (deep) statement. The amount of E-mails will be equal to number of postings and it could expensive. If you do not pay per E-mail received then enjoy the service . ******************************************************************************* 2. Are there any rules or conventions to post into this news group? Rules of thumb for posting on Soc.Culture.Lebanon Date of last revision: 24 Jan 96 (previous revision: 20 Feb 94) This post proposes some rules of thumb for posting on this newsgroup, Soc.Culture.Lebanon (scl). The purpose of the rules is to maintain the friendly atmosphere and to encourage quality posts. - New subscribers are encouraged to monitor the group for a certain time before engaging in discussions. They are also encouraged to briefly present themselves. The said presentation might include but not limited to: the person's name, location, nationality, occupation, motivation, expectations etc. - Avoid posting test messages. There are groups to post such tests, such groups are: alt.test, fr.test, bit.listserv.test, de.test etc.. In general posting test messages on a discussion forum of USENET is considered to be against the Net-etiquette. If it is definitely necessary to post your test to Soc.Culture.Lebanon you can do it by posting anything that might be interesting to the others like a joke, song lyrics that you like, etc. - Use descriptive Subject headers and change the subject when replying if necessary. Remember that people are not interested in a vague or unfocused subject. For example, from recent posts, a Subject that reads "None" does not convey any useful meaning. "Tfouh" seems like a flame, but is it worth reading? A person, replies "Tfouh 3ala min? :-) Re: Tfouh." Now that is more interesting, it peeks the curiosity of the reader. "avant de partir" could've been "[French poem] avant de partir (before leaving)." - Quote text from the article that you are replying you to provide context but keep quoted text to a minimum (that which is absolutely necessary). Most people prefer a short and focused message to a longer and diluted post. - Avoid cross-posting to other newsgroups. Good reasons to cross- post are: - if you are posting a periodic message (such as a FAQ) - if you are required by net rules to cross-post as in the case of newsgroup creation announcements There are rarely any additional good reasons to cross-post. - Do not use abusive language in your posts. Pretend you are addressing your mother. :-) - Avoid posting messages that are not related to Lebanon or to the culture of the Lebanese people. In other words, Middle East discussion belongs in talk.politics.mideast, soc.culture.israel, or soc.culture.palestine, whichever is more appropriate. Religion discussions belong in the appropriate religion group (soc.religion.islam, soc.religion.christian, talk.religion.christian, soc.culture.jewish, talk.religion.misc, or even alt.religion.emacs :-) Posts on scl should really pertain to Lebanon. - Flaming gives a poor image of yourself, and you are likely to stay on your own in the garbage bin. If you chose to ignore these rules of thumb, you're likely to find your mailbox full with advice urging you to read this post. I am confident that we will manage to maintain a high level of maturity and respect in our posts. If you don't wish to see this message again, put it in your kill file. If you have a bone to pick with these rules of thumb, reply to this message BY EMAIL. This message will repeat every week. It constitutes a part of the group's FAQ (question 2). It is archived for anonymous ftp on rama.poly.edu ( as /pub/scl/The_Rules_Of_Thumb, and huez.eurecom.fr ( as /SCL/The_Rules_Of_Thumb or http://huez.eurecom.fr:8080/scl-faq/question.02 ******************************************************************************* 3. What is the value of a Lebanese pound in terms of US$, Can$, UK lb, etc.? It is in a steady state since several months, and it's gaining slowly (on a periode of a year, 03/95--03/96, it gained 3.6% against the US dollar) Typically, a good way to keep a view of the 'latest' figures is to: - Consult the following http address, it gives the rates between 55 currencies of the world: http://bin.gnn.com/cgi-bin/gnn/currency?Lebanon - Annahar news paper in Arabic (the economy part) (http://www.annahar.com.lb/ needs subscription) - Look at the Wall Street Journal - Look at Al-Hayat News paper (see address in Question 13) From Annahar of Saturday May 18th 1996 (Year 63, issue number 19442): | $US | &UK | DM | JY | FF | CHF | SK | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | LBP | 1577.0 | 2388.0 | 1031.2 | 14.8 | 304.5 | 1257.9 | 234.0 | --------------------------------------------------------------------- | IL | BF | DG | Can$ | 1000 AF| SP | ------------------------------------------------------------ | LBP | 1.0 | 50.1 | 922.5 | 1151.7 | 485.53 | 12.75 | ----------------------------------------------------------- LBP = Lebanese Pound $US = US dollar &UK = United Kingdom Sterling DM = Deutsch(German) Mark JY = Japanese Yen FF = French Franc CHF = Swiss Franc SC = Swedish Krona IL = Italian Lira BF = Belgian Franc DF = Dutch Guilder Can$ = Canadian Dollar 1000 AF= 1000 African Francs SP = Spanish Peseta ******************************************************************************* 4. What is the address and phone number of the Lebanese Embassy and/or Consulates in the US, Canada, France, etc.... and how can I contact Lebanese universities etc. ? For Canada: Embassy of Lebanon 640 Lyon St. Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3Z5 (613) 236-5825 Consulate of Lebanon 40 Cote St. Catherine Montreal, Quebec (514) 276-2738 For the USA: Washington DC Embassy: Embassy of Lebanon 2560 28th Street NW Washington D.C. 20008 Phone: (202) 939-6300 Fax: 202-939-6324. Consulates: New York Consulate General of Lebanon 9 East 76th St. NY, NY 10021 <-- Zip code was missing Phone: (212) 744-7905 Detroit Consulate General of Lebanon 1959 E. Jefferson Suite 4A Detroit, Michigan 48207 Phone: (313) 567-0233 Los Angeles Consulate General of Lebanon 7060 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 510 Hollywood, CA 90028 Phone: (213) 467-1253 For the United Kingdom: Lebanese Councilor Section 15 Palace Garden Mews, London W8 4QQ. England UK Phone: 00 44 (0)71 7276696 For Germany: BOTSCHAFT DES LIBANON RHEINALLEE 27 53173 BONN TEL. (0228)352075-77 --> update For France: AMBASSADE DU LIBAN 42 rue Copernic Tel: +33 1 40 67 75 75 75116 Paris Fax: +33 1 40 67 16 42 Consulat du LIBAN (Paris) 123 Av Malakoff 75116 Paris Tel: +33 1 40 67 26 26 Consulat General du Liban (Marseille) 424 rue Paradis 13008 Marseille Tel: +33 91 71 50 60 For Sweeden: Libanons Ambassad phone +46 8 665 19 65 Kommendorsgatan 35 telex 16407 LIBANEM S 114 58 Stockholm Chile, Avda Isidoro Goyenechea 3607, Casilla 3667, Santiago;tel (2)232-5097;telex 440118 Algeria, 9 Rue Kiad Ahmad, el-Biar, Algiers; Telex;5416 Here are the AUB, addresses and telephone numbers at NY Beirut: Beirut: American University of Beirut P.O.Box 11-0236 Beirut Lebanon Phone numbers in Beirut: (note: 865-250 no longer works) +961-1-340-460 +961-1-350-000 +961-1-354-911 +961-1-340-740 You can fax directly to Beirut, via a NY number: (212) 478 1995 NY: American University of Beirut 850 Third Avenue, 18th fl. New York, NY 10022-6297 Phone: (212) 319 2425 Fax : (212) 486 2867 Here is the address of the Lebanese American University (Ex BUC): Lebanese American University P.O.BOX 13-5053,BEIRUT LEBANON LAU has campuses in Beirut, Jbeil and Saida Tel # of the almuni association of LAU (BUC) in NY is: 1 212 870 2592 Here it the Hariri Foundation address in washington: Hariri Foundation 1020 19th St., NW Suite 320 Washington, DC 20036 Fax: 202-659-9228 Universite St Joseph: Le retorat: Rectorat de L'USJ, Rue de Damas BP .175208, Beyrouth, Liban Tel: +961 1 426 456/7/8/9 Fax: +961 1 423 369 (posted on 31 Jan 1996) Le directeur de L'Institut de Langues et de Traduction est le Pere Rene Chamussy . C'est aussi le doyen par interim de la Faculte des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines dont l'adresse est: Campus des Sciences Humaines Rue Huvelin BP 293 Beyrouth, Liban Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering I (Tripoli) E-mail: lueg1@cnrs.edu.lb ******************************************************************************* 5. How can I phone Lebanon and which carrier gives the cheapest rates ? Using the *local* Lebanon number 04-961345 as example, you dial: 011 961 4 961345 (to use AT&T) 10 222 011 961 4 961345 (to use MCI) 10 333 011 961 4 961345 (to use SPRINT) Note how the Metn area code 04 has been used *without* the leading zero. These calls do not require an operator. Telephone Area codes in Lebanon: 1 Beirut 3 Cellular Network area code, <--- New it covers (or should cover soon) all Lebanon. 4 Metn 5 Al-shouf 6 The North 7 the South 8 Al-biqqaa 9 Keserwan For France : you have to Dial the 19 to get the international tone, Lebanon's code, the area code and your correspondent number. To call the same number as above you will have to dial : 19 961 4 961345 the rates are as follows (time is French time +1 GMT, +2GMT summer time): Day 00:00 08:00 21:30 00:00 -------------------------------------------------------- Mon-Sat |xxxxxxxx|**********************|xxxxxxxxxxx| -------------------------------------------------------- Sun & |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| holidays | -------------------------------------------------------- * : normal rate : 15.19 FF/min x : reduced rate: 12.52 FF/min rate via an operator (call 19 33 961): 21.30 FF/min Some useful information about Cellular phones in Lebanon: [by Wadih "Eddi" Rmaili, update by Kimmo Ketolainen] 1- Can I use my GSM-phone with my SIM-card in other country ? If you have a GSM-phone , you can use it in every other country who has a valid GSM-Network, in one condition, that your home GSM-operator has a contract with the GSM-operator(s) in this country. You don't need to change your SIM-card(chip card), your phone will automatically find an available GSM-network(s) that you can use. You can use your GSM-phone in about 80 countries, check http://www.gsmworld.com/ Lebanon valid contracts with the other operators in Europe, and around the wrold. 2- Do all the GSM phones work in the GSM-networks in Lebanon ? Most GSM-phones use a frequency band around 900 MHz, but some countries has began to use another additional frequency band to the 900 MHz,to support more customers, because the 900 MHz band is almost full. The new band is 1800 MHz (1,8 GHz). PCS system, mainly in North America and some other countries uses the Band of 1900 MHz. Are you going to send a GSM-phone to Lebanon , you have to choose a 900 MHz GSM-phone. The 1800 MHz phones are not supported. Nevertheless you can check for roaming to be able to use your card on a 900 MHz phone in Lebanon. 3- How much did a GSM-phone cost in Lebanon ? Note: The price comparison contained here is out of date, it remains in the FAQ just for the historical sake. It is to be noted that most of European operators offers reduction on GSM phones, of course under teh condition of subscribing with them for a year or so, this kind of reductions is not applied in Lebanon (I guess because there is no marketing need for that !) The most popular GSM phones in Lebanon. Ericsson GH337 = 900$. Ericsson GF337 (the same as GH337,better design) = 950$ - 1000$. Nokia 2110 = 1000$. Philips 747 (same phone as Nokia 2110) = 950$. Motorola 7200(7500 = 800$. Motorola 8200 = 1200$. Other Phones Nokia 2010 Motorola 5200 Sharp TGQ400 (the same as Ericsson GH337), Siemens S3+, Alcatel HB200,HB100 Orbitel. 4- How much did a GSM phone cost in Sweden ? (May 1995 =min),(June 1995=max) Motorola 5200 = 900 kr(min) - 5000 kr(max) = 125$ - 700$ Motorola 7200 = 1100 kr(min) - 6000 kr(max) = 155$ - 850$ Motorola 8200 = 5000 kr(min) - 10000kr(max) = 690$ - 1400$ Motorola Flare = 2000 kr(min) - 5000 kr(max) = 280$ - 700$ Ericsson GH337 = 4000 kr(min) - 9500 kr(max) = 555$ - 1300$ Ericsson GF337 = 5000 kr(min) - 10500kr(max) = 690$ - 1450$ Ericsson GH198 = 2000 kr(min) - 6500 kr(max) = 280$ - 900$ Sharp TQG400 = 3000 kr(min) - 10000kr(max) = 420$ - 1400$ Nokia 2110 = 3000 kr(min) - 9000 kr(max) = 420$ - 1250$ Nokia 2010 = 1400 kr(min) - 5000 kr(max) = 200$ - 700$ Siemens S3 = 1000 kr(min) - 5000 kr(max) = 140$ - 700$ Siemens S3+ = 1500 kr(min) - 6500 kr(max) = 215$ - 900$ The prices depends on which operator and your 12 months contract with him to use his network and the kick back they pay to the stores. The offer was only under May. Now the prices are back to normal(max). This price war will be back in August/September. And so do I. My favorites phones : 1- Ericsson GF337/GH337. 2-Nokia 2110. 3- Motorola 8200. 4- Ericsson GH198. 5- Motorola 7200. ---- France Telecom announced that it has [will ?] have a program in which subscribers can designate three numbers which they call usually, you pay 15 FF per two months and you have 15% of discount on the calls made to these destination. it might be of intreset but i did not check the exact info yet stay tuned. There was a couple of announcement on sc.lebanon about other operators who offers the rate of $1.33/mn any day any time, the announcer claimed that calls are billed in 6 seconds increments. The same kind of systems can be used also outside the US, by using a "callback" company. It's useful if you want to call another country. The "callback" company gives you a trigger number in the US, when you call this number it rings without any answer (so the call is not billed by the local operator) then you hang up. The system calls you back on a pre-determined number and gives a US dial tone which you can use to call where you want. The rates of calling France is $0.41 (from the US, since it's the system who calls you) added to the $1.33 (US --> Lebanon) it ends up to $1.74 plus usually 20 cents => $1.94 or sometimes $1.86 approx 9.0 FF which is good compared to the above rates (73% and 52% of the rates of France Telecom) specially that it's at any time any day, it makes a difference. I received the following in my mailbox about Cyberlink and MCI: ------------- MCI (800-672-8054) lowest rate is $1.76 per minute excluding a possible 20% discount to three numbers for calls made between 5pm and 8am US time. There is a $3 per month charge for this and calls outside this period cost $2.33/min. --> Update (09/95) Cyberlink (800-963-8437, fax 612-378-7514) offers $1.33 per minute flat rate (any time, any number, 6 sec billing) without monthly charges or minimums or switching carriers. People in France can email to phone4less@aol.com or leave their address/faxnumber at 05-910807. Cyberlink provides this service and has been in business since 1986. It has a billing volume of more than $100 million. You can get business references from Dunn (rating company). Calls are charged to a credit card. Most creditcards offer extra protection for unauthorized charges or in case you have disputes with the merchant. ------------- ******************************************************************************* 6. What are the airlines servicing Beirut ? Most European and Arab airlines are now flying to Lebanon. *Some* are: MEA(obviously), Air-France, Swiss-air, Austrian Airways, Alitalia, Sabena, Royal Jordanian, Egypt Air. Britsh Airways, recently annouced that it will resume its flights to beirut by December 1994. BA is the last Europeen airlines to resum flights to beirut. State Department of the US banned MEA from operating from its NY offices, and travel from the US with MEA has become very difficult. Here is a related UPI article: Subject: Lebanese air-carrier chief urges lifting U.S. embargo Date: Mon, 24 May 93 13:17:16 PDT BEIRUT, Lebanon (UPI) -- The president of the Lebanese national air carrier, Middle East Airlines, said Monday that a U.S. order to suspend MEA activities in the United States has left tens of thousands of Lebanese stranded there and caused millions of dollars in losses. MEA President Abdel Hamid Fakhoury called on the U.S. Administration to exempt his company from a U.S. embargo imposed on Lebanon following the hijacking of a TWA airliner in 1985. Accordingly, MEA flights to New York and back to Beirut were suspended while all other carriers were prevented from selling tickets from its U.S. offices for destinations in Lebanon. Fakhoury said MEA abided by the embargo but its U.S. offices ``continued to issue tickets, with the knowledge of the U.S. officials, placing either Damascus or Cyprus as destination countries.'' ``But we were surprised last month of a new U.S. order to cease immediately all commercial activities, which left tens of thousands of Lebanese trapped there and inflicting losses estimated at $15 million,'' Fakhoury said. The new order was apparently in retaliation to a decision by the Lebanese Military Court on April stating that the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Beirut was covered by a general amnesty law. The Lebanese Parliament approved the amnesty law as part of a national reconciliation drive to end the Lebanese civil war. The U.S. expressed dissatisfaction with the Military Court decision and accused MEA of violating the embargo imposed during the administration of President Ronald Reagan. A month later, the Lebanese Supreme Court overruled the Military Court decision concerning the U.S. Embassy bombing in which at least six people were accused of involvement. A suicide bomber drove through the gate of the U.S. Embassy in the Muslim sector of Beirut on April 1983, killing 63 people and wounding 123 others. activities in the U.S. as peace and security were restored in the country. He said contacts with U.S. officials have so far failed to alter the order and called for launching a campaign ``to save the company and allow the Lebanese residents in the U.S. to visit their homeland.'' The following is a summary of an article which appeared in Middle East International (MEI - No. 450, p. 9-10); The background is that Lebanese investigators had recently identified 15 suspects in the 1991 truck bombing of the US embassy in Beirut, and the US government was anxious to see them prosecuted. However, on April 24, Beirut's military court ruled that the suspects were included in the general amnesty covering "political" war crimes approved by the Lebanese parliament in 1991. The US was incensed that the court's ruling would render them immune from prosecution, and warned Lebanese leaders that the prospect of normalizing relations with the US, which seemed likely following Secretary of State Christopher's March visit to Beirut, were no longer realistic. The impact on travel stems from the fact that Middle East Airlines (MEA), which had hoped that it for the way it had issued tickets to Beirut (actually entered on tth connecting flights to or from Europe. Although technically a violation of the US travel ban, this subterfuge had been used without objection for many years. Suddenly, MEA was told to stop selling tickets or doing any other business, and warned that it was subject to fines of $1000 per day for the entire period during which it had sold such tickets. The Beirut government is having a second look at the amnesty law, and may find a way out of the difficulty, but until it does so, it may be impossible to get tickets to Beirut in the US, and MEA is threatened with millions of dollars of fines, an amount which MEI characterized as "potentially crippling". The Lebanese Supreme Court has already reversed the earlier ruling making the suspects once again not covered by the General Amnesty law but the US has yet to relax its position with regard to MEA operations in the United States. ******************************************************************************* 7. Where can I find tickets for Lebanon at a good price ? Travel Agency Number(s) Contact person(s), Name location, (if available) and/or comments (if supplied) _______________________________________________________________________________ Admiral : (800) 822 2727 (located in Marietta GA) (ask for Hassan Ramadan) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Travel: (800) 344 7060 (ask for Matthew) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atlantis : (212) 972 5540 TEL 141 East 44th Street #702 (212) 972 5543 FAX NYC, NY 10017 (800) 543 9362 (Alitalia and British Airways) ($ 1100 round trip ticket from San Francisco to Beirut bought in Christmas 92/93). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Blue Mediterranean Travel : (213) 876 5601 (deals mainly with Alitalia, recommended for its good prices). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Char Tours: (800) 323 4444 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Corporate : (800) 532 8455 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Farra Travel: (213) 463 9211 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golden Arch: (800) 749 2724 (may be out of business ?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haddad Travel: (213) 466 4662 (experienced but beware) update: 1-617-354-3399 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Int'l Travel & 3601-E Chain Bridge Road Trade, Inc. : FairFax, Virginia 22030 1-800-248-8462 (Example of price, for a ticket (703) 385-0340 Jul-Aug 1996, through Switzerland, FAX: (703) 385 0343 San Francisco <-> Zurich (RT) $875 [American Airlines] Zurich<->Beirut (RT) $555 [MEA] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lotus : (800) 344 2220 (located in Los Angeles area) (deals mostly with ALIA, the Royal Jordanian Airlines, can get relatively good prices if you are willing to endure traveling on ALIA) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Modern Travel Co. Contact: Edward Abouzeid (617) 323-0073 241 Grove Street FAX: (617) 323-1654 West Roxbury, MA 02132 Deals only with tickets from/to the East Coast of the US (Boston, NY, D.C). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mill-Run Tours:(800) 645 5786 (Ask for Jean Zodo. She's Lebanese, and she has been very helpful). They are located in Chicago, IL.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oxford Travel & (ask for Sami Silfani) Tours : (800) 245 7264 TEL (located in the Atlanta area) (404) 266 8783 FAX (Sami was quite informed and worked hard to get the cheapest fare possible. Strongly recommended by myself (Basil). Example of a fare: $ 1080 U.S., round trip on Air France from Cleveland, travel date: April 13, 1993). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Service Plus Travel (ask for Dolly Tarabay) at 1-800-256-2865 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sharif Travel: (714) 635 0837 (could be the same as the reference that shows up later as Moursi Sharif - other reference has an 800 number - Recommended as super nice and cheap) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunship : (800) 344 9428 (deals mainly with British Airways) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TMA travel, (ask for Salim) at (313) 584-3260 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Travel All(??):(800) 621 4795 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Travel Corner: (800) 843 3214 (from outside Atlanta) or (404) 952 4044 (Atlanta) or (404) 924 4207 (Atlanta) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This is just FYI for those interested in getting tickets overseas that Lina Makhlouf, formerly of travel corner in Atlanta, has opened her own travel agency and can now be reached at 1-800-810-0081. She received the prize as the most recommended travel agent." Update: Lina Makhlouf got married and moved to Knoxville TN, her married name is Lina Makhlouf Shatara (sp?) and her new number is 1-800-235-0571 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Travel Nework: (201) 628 7071 TEL 1581 Route 23 South (201) 628 7827 FAX Waynes, NJ 07470 (Ask for Ms. Peggy Healy) (tell her Tommy's sister recommended!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vista Int'l : (800) 228 4782 (located in West Virginia ??) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- World Express Travel: (ask for Annie - she is from Lebanon). (800) 942 4992 TEL (located in Houston, Texas) (713) 556 5700 TEL (713) 556 0895 FAX _______________________________________________________________________________ No name given for travel agency: (ask for Garbiz Askanian) (212) 685 4499 (gave the best deal to someone) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No name given for travel agency: (617) 354 3399 (ask for Malek Haddad) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No name given for travel agency: (800) 426 8831 (ask for Hala) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No name given for travel agency: (202) 625 0770 (ask for Marwan or Maha) (located in the Washington DC area) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No name given for travel agency: (514) 398 0771 TEL (ask for Pierre or Nathalie) (514) 398 0795 FAX (located in Montreal-Canada) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No name given for travel agency: (800) 332 5302 (ask for Moursi Sharif) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No name given for travel agency: (212) 370 5353 (ask for Ali Srour) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No name given for travel agency: (904) 763 2933 (located in Florida) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No name given for travel agency: (305) 856 3434 _______________________________________________________________________________ Negative Recommendations _______________________________________________________________________________ D'International: (located in West Roxbury, Ma.) Travel agent is a Lebanese person. She booked flight on non-existing flight from Paris to Boston. The traveler had to pay a $ 100.00 penaly, and agent did not reimburse him even though she had made the mistake. Traveler also found out she had done the same thing with several other people. _______________________________________________________________________________ for 800 number directory call 1 (800) 555 1212 In France the following Travel Agency has been recommended as giving good prices for travel to Lebanon: Nouvelle Frontiere with prices ranging from 3000 to 3500 F.F., round trip, Paris-Beirut for Summer of '93 travel. No phone number was given, it is assumed that the agency is listed in the phone directory. (I was not able to get the phone number of this agency since the directory says that there is a nouvelle frontiere but their numbers are on the red list) ******************************************************************************* 8. What are the e-mail and Telnet IP addresses for sites in Lebanon? --> new info: The American University of Beirut, which is the .lb domain administrator, keeps a track of subscribed Internet providers and networks in Lebanon. I try here to list infos as perceived on SCL. You can always check AUB's web site at: http://www.aub.ac.lb/ During Jan 1996 a provider was annouced on SCL they are IncoNet, and they call their program NetHopper. For more info check http://www.inco.com.lb/ Lateset info on Data management posted to SCL end of nov 1995: 1- Yes, you can have an Internet access right from home. 2- Yes, we set up personal and public accounts. 3- You need a local telephone line, a computer and a modem. 4- We have different rates it depends on the service you choose: SERVICE MONTHLY FREE ADDITIONAL DESCRIPTION FEE BYTES CHARGES --------------------------------------------------------- local Int. Hour Kch. E-MAIL Local&Intl E-mail $15 Unlimited 1Mbyte $7 $0.02 ------------------------------------------------------ BASIC Local&Intl E-mail and local web $25 Unlimited 1Mbyte $7 $0.02 --------------------------------------------------------- GLOBAL Local & Intl E-mail and www $50 Unlimited 10Mbytes $7 $0.02 -------------------------------------------------------- 5- The quality of the connection is good, we use dial up at 9600bps. We hope that the above is statisfactory, and that we will hear from you very soon. If you need additional information do not hesitate to e-mail us at: data@dm.net.lb Humm the table above is unclear ? As you are aware now we have 3 types of services: e-mail (local/international), local web (includes e-mail), and global includes e-mail and local. Subscription is $15,25,50 per month for the above services. Now, to make things simple, we have one hourly charge $7, for any of the services. We do offer bundle prepaid hours for users for any of the 3 services mentioned above. The bundles are: for 10 hours $6/hr and $5.5/hr for 20 hrs. This translates in the following: If a user choses e-mail and buys prepay 10 hrs he will pay $15+60 = $75. If a user chooses global and a 20 hours bundle and logs during the month for 23 hrs. (He will get e-mail, local web and www), he will pay $50 + (20x5.5=$110)+3x5.5=$16.5=$176.5 if my computation is correct! For now, there is a limitation per month, on Kb for the International: 1MB on e-mail, and 10MB on global. i.e if a user logs in for 2 hrs and downloads 10MB during this time and logs again and dowloads 2 mb, he will be charges for each additional KCh above 10Mb $0.02 per Kch. As far as the connection is concerned our user access Data Management at 9.6kbps. (We have nothing to hide!)PTT lines do support this speed. If you need any other info pls do not hesitate to e-mail us. Data Management sal - http://www.dm.net.lb Phone/Fax: 961-1-334 881/331621/219670 ****************************************************** ****************************************************** This is how you can reach Data Manaement: ADDRESS: ========= Data Management Borj Al Ghaza, Fouad Chehab Avenue Tabaris, Beirut, Lebanon E-MAIL: ======= data@dm.net.leb TELEPHONE & FAX: ================ 961-1-334881 961-1-331621 961-1-219670 -------- We received the following info recently [10 Jul 95]: Please find below BIGnet Startup & operating fees : $ 20.- Startup fee (Includes Software, user manual, 60' free connect) Local Service: -------------- Plan 1 - $ 10.- per 60' of connection time (no monthly fixed) Plan 2 - $ 15.- per month (Includes 300' of connection time) $ 2.5 per each additional 60' of connection time International Service (Access To CompuServe or Internet): --------------------------------------------------------- $20.- per month LL 1500 per 1' of connection time * A member who subscribes to the International service gets free access to the local service. Internet Mail ------------- LL 1,600.- 1st 2000 bytes LL 600,- Each additional 1000 bytes * Any BIGnet member may have access to the Internet Mail service without subscribing to the International Service. Charges are for Outgoing & Incoming messages. We might be changing our carriers which promises much cheaper connect rates to the Internet and other on-line services. At the moment this is what's available. -------- The American University of Beirut has Internet connectevity. AUB has now its own web server: http://www.aub.ac.lb/ You can find on it the information about AUB network and the LARN (Lebanese Academic and Research Network). Contact person for AUB for Internet matters is: Nabil Bukhaled <nabil@layla.aub.ac.lb>, Manager of Personal Computer Support Unit. Follows is relativaly "old" communication with Nabil Bukhaled [September 29th 1994] -------- The American University of Beirut link to the internet started to be fully operationaland stable early March 1994. Our internet link is still running on a 9.6kbps X.25 leased line (TCP/IP over X.25). AUBNET consist of 4 class C networks all located behind a firewall. Users on the AUBNETs are around 140 users at present and we are adding 20 to 30 user per month. AUBNET users can telnet, ftp, send/receive mail, nslookup, ping and finger to the internet. We are blocking the access to the internet news, gopher and mosaic. The restrictions are dictated by the link bandwidth limitations and the prohibitive communication cost. Accessing AUBNET from the internet is also blocked except for a number of research affiliated Universities. Ditto cost restriction. Our future plans are to upgrade our link from X.25 9.6kbps to a VSAT 64kbps leased line. We are also working on connecting other Universities and research institutions to the internet. The technical set up is ready but the legal part is still pending. The number of hosts on AUBNET is 80 at present, around mid October 1994 we excpect to have around 170 new hosts. i.e. AUB fiber optic backbone is scheduled to reach two major isolated clusters of LANs end of September 1994. By July 1994, all of the campus building will be on the net, around 450 hosts. ------- AUB had a help account but was obliged to disable it because of the high traffic rate. here what Nabil Bukhaled said about it: "Yes help@layla account was disabled 4 months ago, I beleive that I should reactivate this account. We do understand that Lebanese world wide are anxious to communicate with the mother land via the Internet and we are more than ready to answer their questions/requests. The message should be clear to them that AUB is paying dearly to keep this link." AUB is paying the traffic even if the user is unkown. In fact they pay the incoming/outgoing traffic. So a mail with an erronious destination will cost AUB twice. An advice is not try sending e-mails unless you are sure of your destination. AUB promissed to annouce any major changes in the situation of its net. Following is info on the X.25 net in Lebanon, it's rather old info so prices and other infos could be not that exact. If you know a newer info please feel free to forward to the FAQ maintainer ..... Through the X.25 network in Lebanon, one *can* access CompuServe, MCI-mail, AT&T mail and possibly Internet (that's how AUB is gaining access). Connection cost to the Lebanese X25 network: $600 Monthly fee for the Lebanese X25 network and the server in France: $50 The connection to France will be used until Internet will be available in Lebanon. Each 1024 characters to the states cost 2.1 F.F (around $0.39) plus around 500 Lebanese Pounds for X25. But no Telnet or ftp can be done. However the subscription offers you a 10,000 PC and Macintosh programs to down load. They are updated on a daily basis. There are Forums and debates in French. You can also access the NEWS of the INTERNET. You will have an Easy Link, Mercury Link, X400 , Telex address as well as the Usenet one. Also you can send faxes through the net....All in one subscription. It seems that the costs for now are rather expensive, unless they are borne by a business or a corporation. ******************************************************************************* 9. What are the phone numbers to call to get Lebanon news ? There is a mailing list called Leb-Net that sends digests to subscribers every two days on the average. It is usually quite thorough. To subscribe, send a short request to: Leb-Net@cumesa.mech.columbia.edu ******************************************************************************* end of part 1/5 _____________________________________________________________________ Alaa Dakroub | 'al-'arD waTanI wa al-'insAnyah 'usratI Sophia Antipolis | La terre est ma patrie et l'humanite' ma famille France | The earth is my fatherland and humanity my family | (Gibran Khalil Gibran) ------------------ http://www.eurecom.fr/~dakroub/ ------------------