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Subject: The IRC Newsgroup FAQ - 15/04/02

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The IRC Newsgroup FAQ version 1.5 Table of Contents ----------------- - What is "The IRC Newsgroup FAQ" ? - Binaries & Formatting - What is an "Off Topic Posting" ? - What are the different groups for ? - How do I add a missing group ? - Newsgroup Charters - Note to the newcomer Q. What is the "IRC Newsgroup FAQ" ? ------------------------------------ A. The "IRC Newsgroup Frequently Asked Questions" purpose is to highlight the intended use of the available IRC groups within the alt.irc.* heirarchy. It is hoped a seperate FAQ will be posted here for IRC questions themselves in the future, for now a HTML version can be found at http://www.netway.com/~marci/IFAQ.html Binaries & Formatting ------------------------ Please do not post binaries (e.g pictures, compressed files, etc.) to any of the alt.irc.* newsgroups. If you need to post a file then post it to alt.binaries.* and make a reference to where the file can be found in the irc group you post to. Posting binaries to any newsgroup that is not intended to be used as a binary newsgroup is a violation of most ISPs' AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). HTML (HyperText Markup Language) documents are unwelcome, as are any attachments, multipart messages or other postings which cannot be considered as ordinary plain text postings. Q. What is an "Off topic posting" ? ----------------------------------- A. Each newsgroup has a specific purpose and you will have a much better chance of an answer if you ask in the correct one. Do not be upset or offended should someone point out that you have posted to the wrong newsgroup. Messages not related to IRC in general are normally considered "off-topic". Q. What are the different groups for ? or Q. Are there any other groups ? -------------------------------------- A. alt.irc This newsgroup is for general discussion of IRC and its related issues. Repeated adverts for the same servers/networks are generally not welcome. alt.irc.mirc Discussion about the IRC client mIRC. Their own FAQ may be found at http://www.mirc.net/aim-faq.html alt.irc.questions How-to questions for IRC (Internet Relay Chat) alt.irc.networks Adverts for IRC servers/networks alike. Adverts should be kept to 20 lines (or less) and should not be posted more than twice a month. alt.irc.servers Discussion of IRC server software. alt.irc.scripts For help in finding and using scripts for various IRC clients. There are many other groups in this hierarchy which are not listed here. For more information on these check for posted FAQ or ask in the group. Q. How do I add a missing group ? --------------------------------- A. If you do not have any of the groups listed above then email your newsmaster saying you wish to have a newsgroup added to the news feed. Newsgroup Charters ------------------ Each IRC newsgroup has its own focus, although that is not always recorded in a charter. The newsgroup name itself gives you the best indication of what the group is for and the descriptions above define generally what is and isn't considered acceptable. Adverts of any nature are frowned upon in all but alt.irc.networks Commercial adverts are considered off-topic in all of the alt.irc.* groups. Signatures should be prefixed with two hyphens and a space on a seperate line and should not exceed 4 lines. Note to newcomers ----------------- alt.irc is inhabited with a small group of surly people married to their home networks. If you advertise your new network here, you will probably be mercilessly flamed, and there's a chance that some of them will visit your network to ridicule you in person, allowing you to test out the /kill and /kline commands of your brand new O:line. Any suggestions, ideas or comments about this FAQ should be posted to alt.irc or e-mailed to -=-peas-=- <faq@piethief.co.uk> This document is archived at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/irc/irc-newsgroup-faq/ Disclaimer ---------- This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, the author/maintainer/contributors assume(s) no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.