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Subject: alt.internet.media-coverage Charter & FAQ [2/2]

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_ _ _ _ __ __ __ ___ ___ ____ _______________ ____ ___ ___ __ __ __ _ _ _ _ | | _ _ _ _ __ __ __ _|_ ALT.INTERNET.MEDIA-COVERAGE _|_ __ __ __ _ _ _ _ | CHARTER & FAQ | _ _ _ _ __ __ __ _|_ ___ ____ _______________ ____ ___ _|_ __ __ __ _ _ _ _ Segment II of Release 9508.01 TABLE OF CONTENTS (SEGMENT TWO): III. Other 'net resources 1. Related newsgroups & mailing lists A. About journalism and/or the media B. Not actually related (but look like they could be) C. Assorted interesting groups & lists 2. World Wide Web, Gopher, FTP A. Sites with lists of other sites B. Assorted interesting sites _ _ _ _ __ __ __ ___ ___ ____ _______________ ____ ___ ___ __ __ __ _ _ _ _ III. Other 'net resources Though alt.internet.media-coverage is a great resource for journalists, its main purpose is and will always be for anybody, non-journalists and journalists alike, to discuss how the 'net is portrayed by major media. P. Fehrmann has listed most if not all of the Journalism resources avaliable on the Internet at: gopher://una.hh.lib.umich.edu/00/inetdirsstacks/journ%3afehrmann Many other newsgroups, mailing lists, and 'net sites deal with related issues. Here's just a sampling of the best.... III.1. Newsgroups and mailing lists Not all related newsgroups and mailing lists are listed here, but I hope to have all of 'em later on. If you are a devotee of a group which is not listed here, but should be, please EMail <jdfalk@cais.com> with a short blurb so I can include it here. III.1.A. About journalism and the media alt.cable-tv.re-regulate This group attracts cable television industry people who are primarily interested in keeping up-to-date on federal and state regulation and consumers who have views to air about the cable television industry. -- Cgbg@aol.com alt.journalism.gonzo A newsgroup about gonzo journalism in general and Hunter S. Thompson in particular. Our net motto should be: "When the net gets weird, the pros turn here". -- Kevin M. McGrath <kmcgrath@pipeline.com> alt.journalism.objective alt.journalism.objective is a Usenet newsgroup for grassroots news and feature reporting. The single goal is to showcase high- quality, minimally-biased journalism written by anyone on the Internet. Articles can be on any subject that a newspaper or magazine might carry. Daily news is preferred. -- Jeff Chan <chan@shell.portal.com> alt.journalism.students The alt.journalism.students newsgroup is meant to be a forum for the discussion of issues of special importance to journalism students. These issues include, but are not limited to: journalism programs, student papers, broadcasts, writing, internships, professors, journalistic techniques and points of law. The newsgroup invites participation from students around the world and of all ages -- high school, undergraduate and graduate students alike. -- Kevin Thom <kthom@chat.carleton.ca> alt.radio.networks.cbc Discusses the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio networks. The newsgroup has only existed since roughly the beginning of December, and consequently discussion has been minimal so far. -- Peter K. Taylor <ptaylor@Canada.Sun.com> Of particular note is that the CBC is getting involved in the Internet in a big way. Many of their shows have e-mail addresses, and other things like WWW sites and sound files are coming on-line as well. -- Colin R. Leech <ag414@freenet.carleton.ca> alt.radio.digital Gateway for the RADIO-L mailing list (see below.) alt.radio.networks.npr Discussions regarding National Public Radio (U.S.) it's programming, politics, trends, and the underlying issues thereof. Mostly literate discussions with relatively few diatribes. -- Skip Winitsky <skipwin@ritz.mordor.com> rec.radio.broadcasting A moderated newsgroup dedicated to radio professionals, para-professionals and others interested in broadcast radio. We cover almost every radio-related topic under the sun, from the technical to formatics to who is who. Rec.radio.broadcasting also has an email digest called AIRWAVES RADIO JOURNAL. For more information, send email to info@airwaves.com and request our FAQ. -- <rrb@deja-vu.aiss.uiuc.edu> For more information, the newsgroup's official Web site is: WWW http://radio.aiss.uiuc.edu/~rrb/ RADIO-L@UMINN1 (BITNET) RADIO-L@vm1.spcs.umn.edu (Internet) The RADIO-L discussion list is a forum for addressing the issues involved in the transition to a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) standard in the United States and other countries. Discussion regarding the relative technological merits of various DAB proposals, as well as the social and economic implications of a transition to DAB, is welcome and encouraged on this list. -- Ron Stone <ston0030@gold.tc.umn.edu> For more information, the RADIO-L FAQ is archived at: WWW ftp://vm1.spcs.umn.edu/radio-l.601/FAQ FTP vm1.spcs.umn.edu /radio-l.601/FAQ III.1.B. Not actually related (but look like they could be) The following newsgroups and mailing lists look (going just by the name) as if they could well be related to the media. However, they are most emphatically not for that purpose. aus.radio (Australia) This group has nothing to do with the media. It's charter is for 'AMATEUR RADIO' and related topics, which falls into more of a hobby/pasttime concept. This group is often misused for media related topics, but that's not it's charter. -- Rob Mayfield <mayfield@itd.adelaide.edu.au> triangle.radio (North Carolina, USA) The Triangle.Radio newsgroup is not a broadcast/media newsgroup. It is aimed at Amateur Radio operators in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill). Journalists looking for Amateur Radio tie-ins to local stories might find help on Triangle.Radio. Hams are frequently involved in emergency communication, public-service work, and we're an interesting hobby. BTW, I'm the North Carolina Public Information Coordinator for our national organization, the American Radio Relay League. -- Gary Pearce <kn4aq.gary@mms.raleigh.nc.us> III.1.C. Assorted interesting groups & lists alt.culture.usenet Basically for discussions of anthropology (or sociology, or even psychology) of the community sprung up around the usenet groups. Alas, it has started attracting so many idiotic crossposts from other, unrelated groups, that it now takes a killfile to get much worthwhile information from it. -- Jim Jewett <jimj@eecs.umich.edu> The alt.culture.usenet FAQ can be found at the URL: http://www.wpi.edu/~boigy/text/a.c.u.FAQ.current alt.culture.internet For the net in general. In theory, this would cover things like web pages, and leave usenet to the usenet group, but in practice, there tends to be an awful lot of overlap, and "clued->a.c.u; unclued->a.c.i" would be almost as accurate (but still not very) as a division based on the actual names. -- Jim Jewett <jimj@eecs.umich.edu> alt.usenet.kooks For discussing usenet's native kooks. Particularly mind-bending posts from other groups will often be reposted here. -- Jim Jewett <jimj@eecs.umich.edu> alt.usenet.surveys Where all the "I'm conducting a survey" posts _ought_ to go ... also the right place to discuss how to do net surveys right, though this discussion is sporadic. -- Jim Jewett <jimj@eecs.umich.edu> III.2. FTP/Gopher/WWW sites What with the veritable explosion of information avaliable mostly or only on the World Wide Web, most of this list is made up of WWW sites. Often, the same information is avaliable via FTP or Gopher from that same site. Here's how to tell: WWW http://www.example.org/amazingstuff/info.html might also be Gopher gopher.example.org and/or FTP ftp.example.org directory /pub/amazingstuff A little experimentation is usually the best (if not the only) way to figure it out. III.2.A. Sites with lists of other sites Electronic Newsstand WWW http://www.enews.com Gopher gopher.enews.com An amazing number of publications, from AGNI to Chrysler Power Magazine to Field & Stream to The Jewish Enquirer to Political Science Quarterly to Vibe to Yellow Silk. Also include information about subscribing to a number of electronic versions of paper media, such as NEWSDAY DIRECT and the L.A. Times Online. I.B.M.'s News Rack WWW http://www.ibm.net/menu09.html Though probably not originally meant for the public at large, "big blue" has provided a great service in this WWW page -- it includes links to just about every WWW or Gopher site set up by various publications and other forms of major media, as well as weather reports, public media-related sites, and much more. Yahoo at Stanford WWW http://akebono.stanford.edu/yahoo/News/ A very complete collection, including most if not all of the sites below and probably a number of others as well. Looks as if it probably has a very good graphical interface, but is still easily navigated by text-only browsers. America OnLine's News Hotlist WWW http://www.blue.aol.com/Hotlist/NewsHotlist.html Much like IBM's News Rack, America OnLine has compiled a lengthy listing of media-related sites, which is open to the general public as well as its own users. It is thought (but not confirmed) that eventually this will also include information previously only avaliable to paid subscribers of the system. III.2.B. Assorted interesting sites These sites are ones which may be of interest to journalists looking for more information on the 'net. Not all are guranteed to be useful, but they are certainly interesting. (Note that many, but not all, are also referenced in the text above.) History of the 'net ftp://umcc.umich.edu/pub/users/seraphim/doc/nethist8.txt List of USENET FAQs http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/FAQ-List.html Another list of FAQs http://www.cs.ruu.nl/cgi-bin/faqwais About FAQs http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/ faq/usenet/faqs/about-faqs/faq.html Finding & Writing FAQs http://www.best.com/~ii/internet/faqs.html Bible of USENET http://sunsite.unc.edu/usenet-b/home.html or FTP ftp.clark.net pub/usenet-b/info/bible-faq Newsgroup Archives ftp://ftp.neosoft.com/pub/users/claird/news.lists/newsgroup_archives.html List of Mailing Lists http://www.neosoft.com/internet/paml Copyright FAQ FTP ftp.netcom.com /pub/ca/carrolt/law/copyright/faq/ Copyright Law FAQ FTP charon.amdahl.com pub/misc.legal/Copyright-FAQ/ Hacker Jargon http://www.fwi.uva.nl/~mes/jargon/ List of Lists ftp://ftp.nisc.sri.com/netinfo/ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ ___ ___ ____ _______________ ____ ___ ___ __ __ __ _ _ _ _ This document is Copyright (c) 1995 by J.D. Falk and Tristan Louis, all rights reserved. Permission is granted for it to be reproduced electronically on any system connected to the various networks which make up the Internet, USENET, and FidoNet so long as it is reproduced in its entirety (either in two parts as here, or combined), unedited, and with this copyright notice intact.