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Subject: FAQ: How can I send a fax from the Internet?

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FAQ: How can I send a fax from the Internet? Version 1.8 - September 17 1998 Send comments & updates to Kevin Savetz - savetz@northcoast.com This document is copyright 1998 by Kevin M. Savetz. All rights reserved. More legal stuff is near the end of this file. If you know of an Internet fax service that is missing from this list, or information herein needs updating, please send e-mail to savetz@northcoast.com *** TABLE OF CONTENTS Can I send a fax from the Internet? Free services - International Destinations Free services - United States Destinations Free services - Canadian Destinations Commercial Services Faxing from the Desktop Other Internet/Fax Tricks For More Information About Faxing Legal Stuff Where to Find this Document *** CAN I SEND A FAX FROM THE INTERNET? Yes. There are many services that will let you use the Internet to send a fax. Some are free while others are pay services. Most services require that you can send and receive electronic mail, or that you have Web access. Some require that you install special software on your computer (these are listed in the "Faxing from the Desktop" section.) Other Internet services that are available include conversion of incoming faxes to e-mail. That is, when you receive a fax at a special number, the fax is scanned and sent to your e-mail address. Other commercial services include bulk faxing, and web page form input to fax. (These are not primary concerns of this document, but are noted for your convenience.) *** FREE SERVICES - International destinations +++ TPC.INT Remote Printing The TPC.INT "Remote Printing Experiment" is the grandfather of Internet faxing services. A group effort for the benefit of Internet users, the service is free. You can send faxes via e-mail or a Web form. You can send mail to many parts of the world but not everywhere. Check the current coverage list. A variety of companies, institutions and citizens around the world have joined the experiment. When an organization joins as a remote-fax server, it specifies what areas to which they are willing to send faxes. If any articipating fax organizations cover the area you wish to reach, your message is routed to the appropriate machine for faxation. Otherwise, you will receive a message informing you the fax couldn't be delivered. Check the coverage list first: http://www.tpc.int/fax_cover_auto.html tpccover@info.tpc.int To send a fax by e-mail, send a message To: remote-printer.info@phonenumber.iddd.tpc.int Where <info> contains information for the cover page. In <info>, "/" is turned into a line break and "_" is turned into a space. For example: To: remote-printer.Arlo_Cats/Room_123@12025551234.iddd.tpc.int Use the following addresses to obtain more information: Home page: http://www.tpc.int/ Frequently-Asked-Questions: tpcfaq@info.tpc.int or http://www.tpc.int/faq/tpcfaq.html Subscribe to mailing list: majordomo@aarnet.edu.au Body: subscribe tpc-rp Mailing list contributions: tpc-rp@aarnet.edu.au Administrative questions: tpcadmin@info.tpc.int [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Philippines For information on sending free faxes to the Philippines (Iligan city, Metro Cebu and Metro Manila) see: http://www.msuiit.edu.ph/fax.html [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Costa Rica This site lets you send free faxes to Costa Rica. You can send a fax anywhere in the country and check the delivery status .The web pages are in Spanish. http://www.nacion.co.cr/netinc/cortesia/fax.html [Verified 9/14/98] +++ Kuwait This service will send a fax to anywhere in Kuwait. Usage: To: fax@kuwait.net Subject: 7 digit phone number without punctuation Body: text of fax For help, visit http://www.kuwait.net/fax.help or send email To: fax@kuwait.net Subject: help [Verified 9/16/98] +++ Auckland, New Zealand This service lets you send a fax to Auckland, New Zealand (+64 9). For information or to send a fax, visit: http://www.faxmail.co.nz/ For a fee, the company also allows you to receive faxes via e-mail, send bulk faxes, and other services. [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Austria This Web-to-fax gateway covers commercial fax numbers in Austria. The entire site is in German. You need to search its directory of 150,000 businesses. If the business is in the database, you can send it a fax. If not, you can't. http://www.compnet.at/ [Verified 9/16/98] +++ Romania This e-mail-to-fax service allows you to send a fax anywhere in Romania. It appears to be a commercial service, but according to the web site "You may use this service free several times." To send a fax to Romania, send e-mail: To: 1234567@fax.kappa.ro (7-digit local fax number) Body: text of fax For more information: http://www1.kappa.ro/fax/eindex.html [Verified 9/14/98] +++ Equador Free faxes to Equador. Web page in Spanish: http://www2.lahora.com.ec/paginas/faxg.html [Verified 9/14/98] +++ Karachi, Pakistan Free faxes to Karachi, Pakistan: Send e-mail: To: fax@broadcast.net Subject: fax2444047 (the word "fax" & seven-digit fax number) Body: text of fax For more information: http://members.tripod.com/~faximpex/fax.htm For help via e-mail, send a message: To: faximpex@broadcast.net Subject: help [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Panama Free faxes to Panama. Web page in Spanish. http://www.prensa.com/cgi-bin/faxman.cgi [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Egypt Free faxes to Egypt. http://haneen.dyn.ml.org/fax/fax.html [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Israel Allows you to send faxes to businesses in Israel. You can only send faxes to businesses listed in their yellow pages directory. http://www.yellowpages.co.il/dapaz/info/efaxinfo.html [Verified 9/15/98] *** FREE SERVICES - United States destinations +++ Sacramento (1-916) This service is a feature of a Sacramento, California-based bulletin board system. You can use it to send faxes to areas that are a local call from Sacramento, including the California State Legislature. This service is run as a hobby and is connected to the Internet by UUCP, so it can take from 12 to 24 hours for your fax to be delivered or for the help files to reach you. It does not support multiple addressing: only one fax number per message. It also does not send a cover page, so be sure to start your message with a note directing it to someone's attention. It will truncate faxes longer than two pages (that's 132 lines.) To use this fax service, send e-mail To: faxline@sacto.com Subject: local (7 digit) phone number, without area code Body: <text of fax> For complete usage information, send e-mail To: request@sacto.com Subject: 052 For a list of some legislators' fax numbers in the Sacramento area, send e-mail: To: request@sacto.com Subject: 050 Information about this service is also available on the Web: http://www.calweb.com/~argek/fax/intro.html [Verified 9/15/98] +++ University of Minnesota (1-612) The University of Minnesota operates a fax gateway which allows students and staff to send faxes anywhere. If you don't go to UMinn, you may use the service to send faxes to folks at the University and exchanges local to the campus. The structure for e-mailing a fax is: To: /pn=John.Doe/dd.fax=234-5678/@fax.tc.umn.edu Put the recipient's name, with a period between the first and last names, after pn= and put the seven digit fax number after the characters dd.fax=. This name will be printed in the "To:" field on the fax cover page. The area code for the University of Minnesota is 612, so you don't need to supply an area code. For more information, send e-mail to ccs@maroon.tc.umn.edu. [Verified 6/21/97] +++ University of Illinois, Chicago (1-815) Lets you send a fax to the University of Illinois, Chicago campus. To send a fax, address mail to: Arlo_Cats18155551212@fax.uic.edu [Verified 6/21/97] +++ New York City (1-212) Interpage, a commercial fax service listed in the commercial section below, offers free faxing to any number in the New York City area or any U.S. toll-free number. http://www.interpage.net/wwwfax.html [Verified 9/17/98] *** FREE SERVICES - Canadian destinations +++ University of Calgary For faxes to Calgary, Canada. Usage is: To: John_Jones@5551234.fax.ucalgary.ca [Verified 6/21/97] +++ Winnipeg City (1-204) This service allows you to send a fax to Winnipeg City, Canada (area code 204.) To use, send e-mail To: fax@umanitoba.ca Body: FAXnumber: <local 7-digit fax number to dial> FAXto: <Receiver's name> FAXfrom: <sender's name> FAXcontact: <sender's phone number> FAXmemobegin <Optional memo text on the cover page, up to 20 lines> FAXmemoend <Whole fax body> [Verified 6/21/97] +++ Quebec and Montreal (1-514 and 1-450) For faxes to the 514 and 450 area codes. Usage is: To: John_Jones@555-1234.fax.cam.org (for 510 area code) To: John_Jones@450-555-1234.fax.cam.org (for 450 area code) For more information, see http://WWW.CAM.ORG/en/accsupp/most/email/fax.html [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Quebec City area (1-418) To send a fax by e-mail, send a message To: rp.info@phonenumber.fax.ulaval.ca Where <info> contains information for the cover page. In <info>, "/" is turned into a line break and "_" is turned into a space. Don't use "." and "@" in <info>. For example: To: rp.Arlo_Cats/Room_123@14185551234.fax.ulaval.ca For more information (in French): http://www.gel.ulaval.ca/Fax/manuel_fax.html [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Quebec (1-418) Send a fax anywhere in Québec city, 35 lines maximum. http://ns2.clic.net/fax.html [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Montreal (1-514). Send a fax anywhere in Montreal, free. Web page is in English and French. http://www.iti.qc.ca/iti/fax.htm [Verified 9/14/98] +++ Montreal (1-514). Send a fax anywhere in Montreal, free. Web page is in English and French. You can check the status of your fax as well. http://www.vif.com/run/fax/index.shtml [Verified 9/14/98] +++ Fax the Feds For Canadian citizens, lets you send a free fax to your Member of Parliament. This is basically a phone book interface to TPC.INT. http://www.net-efx.com/faxfeds/ [Verified 9/17/98] *** COMMERCIAL (PAY-FOR-USE) SERVICES +++ Faxaway Allows you to send faxes anywhere in the world, including many types of attachments. Fee depends on the destination country (US is 11 cents/minute, Germany is 35 cents/minute.) You can test the service by sending a free fax immediately. To do so, visit: http://www.faxaway.com/testdrive/testdrive.cgi?20100 For more information, e-mail: info@faxaway.com [Verified 9/17/98] +++ Digital Mail Offers e-mail-to-fax and fax-to-e-mail. Subscribers get a unique phone number that accepts voicemail and faxes. http://www.digitalmail.com/ [Verified 9/17/98] +++ FaxMate Provides e-mail-to-fax, fax-to-e-mail (documents arrive as graphic attachments), broadcast fax and fax-to-fax (routed over Internet). http://www.faxmate.com [Verified 9/14/98] +++ FaxSAV This company offers e-mail-to-fax as well as Internet faxing from desktop software, web page-to-fax, and fax broadcast services. Information about their e-mail-to-fax service is at: http://www.faxsav.com/faxsavinternet/html/faxmailer.html General information is at: http://www.faxsav.com/ [Verified 9/17/98] +++ GSIS Offers e-mail to fax, fax-to-e-mail, web-to-fax, and fax broadcast. http://www.gsisys.com/services.html [Verified 9/17/98] +++ HT-NET Send faxes from the web: service includes personal address book and spell checker. Provides delivery confirmation via e-mail. They also do broadcast faxing. You can also recieve faxes via a personal fax number (650 or 800 area code). You can view received faxes, including graphics, in your web browser. http://www.htnet.net [verified 9/14/98] +++ InterFax InterFax allows you to send faxes via e-mail within the US or internationally. Fax broadcasting is supported as well. For charges and further information, send e-mail to interfaxinfo@pan.com (automatic reply) or faxmaster@pan.com (human) [Verified 9/17/98] +++ Interpage Offers fax-to-e-mail, e-mail-to-fax, web-to-fax, graphical fax-to-web. http://www.interpage.net info@interpage.net or help@interpage.net or questions@interpage.net [Verified 9/17/98] +++ fax.co.uk United Kingdom E-mail-to-fax gateway to United Kingdom destinations. Offers services for sender or recipient to pay for delivery. For information: http://fax.co.uk/ info@fax.co.uk [Verified 9/17/98] +++ IndiaFax Calport (India) Send text or graphic (PCX format) faxes to India. For more information, e-mail: indiafax@calport.wa.com or support@calport.wa.com [verified 6/21/97] +++ Iranian and Armenian Post Office Does e-mail-to-fax and e-mail-to-postal mail to Iran and Armenia. Iran: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/irpost/ Armenia: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/armpost/ [verified 9/16/98] +++ ITnets E-mail-to-fax, fax from the desktop, fax-to-fax routed over Internet, fax broadcasting. http://www.itnets.com [verified 9/15/98] +++ Mailmail Worldwide web-to-fax service allows attachments. http://www.mailmail.com/ [verified 9/16/98] +++ NCI (Western Europe) This fax gateway allows customers to send faxes to most of the Western European countries, including the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium and many other countries. Accepts ASCII and WordPerfect 5.1 documents. For more information: http://www.nci.nl/ (Web site is in Dutch) Or send e-mail: To: info.fax@nci.nl [verified 9/14/98] +++ Syscom E-mail-to-fax gateway that specializes in broadcast faxing. http://www.syscom-corp.com [verified 9/16/98] +++ UniTerra UniTerra does worldwide e-mail to fax, fax-to-e-mail, web-to-fax, web page fax on demand and mass faxing. http://www.uniterra.com [verified 9/14/98] *** FAXING FROM THE DESKTOP These services allow you to send a fax using an application on your Internet-connected computer (rather than by accessing a Web page or sending e-mail, as with the services mentioned above.) All of the following services use the Internet to route the fax towards its destination. Some services simply send your fax from one central Internet server from faxation; others use the Internet to partially route the fax to save long distance charges. It usually works something like this: faxes are transmitted from the sender's desktop fax software to the a special server. The server routes faxes via an Internet connection to a remote server located in geographical proximity to the destination fax machine. From this remote server, the fax is sent to its target address using the local telephone system. +++ FaxFree This Windows 95 software allows users to send and receive faxes from one Windows 95 machine to another Windows 95 machine over the Internet. If you are in a corporate networking scheme, the software can route outgoing faxes to ordinary fax machines for delivery. http://www.tacsystems.com/fax.htm [Verified 9/14/98] +++ eFax eFax is a desktop-to-fax application for Windows. Includes encryption, broadcasting, and scanner support. http://www.e-corp.com/products/efax/ [Verified 9/16/98] +++ FaxStorm FaxStorm is a desktop-to-fax application for Windows. It includes a contact manager, a fax scheduler, a cover page builder and an attachment manager. http://www.faxstorm.com [Verified 9/14/98] +++ GraphNet MPW Fax-from-the-desktop for the corporate environment. Windows. http://www.graphnet.com/ [Verified 9/16/98] +++ Tornado Electronic Messaging System TEMS software provides e-mail, fax, voice mail and paging from one mailbox. http://www.tems.com/ [Verified 9/14/98] +++ USWest FaxPower Outgoing and inbound fax from the Windows 95 desktop. http://www.uswest.com/faxpower/ [Verified 9/16/98] +++ JFAX Fax directly from your e-mail software or from your favorite applications to any fax machine in the world. You can also receive faxes and voice mail via e-mail: JFAX provides its users with a personal telephone number which diverts fax (digitized including graphics) and voicemail (converted to a digital file) to an e-mail account. Mac and Windows software is available. http://www.jfax.net [Verified 9/14/98] +++ Telebox Sends faxes worldwide using Windows. Can handle TIFF, JPEG, BMP and other graphics files as well as text. Free trial account available. Subscribers must prepay for $15 in transmission charges. For information: http://www.netbox.com/cpsinfo/telbox.htm neocom@telbox.coms [Verified 9/14/98] *** OTHER INTERNET/FAX TRICKS The following services do not fall under this document's primary focus (services that can send or receive faxes via the Internet) but are included because, well, people keep asking about them. +++ BCM Corporate fax-to-fax routed over the Internet. http://www.bcmfax.net [Verified 9/16/98] +++ Netoffice FaxWeb Allows you to retrieve your faxes and voicemail messages using the World Wide Web. For information, visit: http://www.faxweb.net [Verified 9/14/98] +++ PASSaFAX Corporate fax-to-fax routed over the Internet. http://www.vocaltec.com/radlinx/prod_paf.html [Verified 9/15/98] +++ Protofax Internet-to-fax server software. http://www.protonet.com [Verified 9/15/98] *** FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT FAXING For more information about Internet-to-fax gateways, and faxing info in general, check out the Usenet newsgroup alt.fax. For technical information about the data communications aspects of faxing, see the newsgroup comp.dcom.fax Also visit Michael Frost's review of Internet fax services, at: http://www.netpower.no/frost/fax/ Did you know that sending unsolicited advertisements via fax is illegal in the United States? (Per 47USC227): http://www.codemeta.com/tpc/usc47.txt *** LEGAL STUFF This document is copyright 1998 by Kevin M. Savetz. All rights reserved. All prices in US dollars, unless otherwise indicated. Permission for the following types of distribution is hereby granted, provided that this file is distributed intact, including the above copyright notice: - non-commercial distribution - posting to Internet archives, BBSs and online services - distribution by teachers, librarians and Internet trainers - inclusion on software/FAQ/Internet-oriented CD-ROMs Permission for commercial distribution may be obtained from the editor. SHARE THIS INFORMATION FREELY AND IN GOOD FAITH. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE MODIFIED VERSIONS OF THIS DOCUMENT. This document is always in transition. If you notice that something important is missing, or information herein needs updating, please contact the editor. The editor and contributors have developed this FAQ as a service to the Internet community. We hope you find it useful. This FAQ is purely a volunteer effort. Although every effort has been made to insure that answers are as accurate as possible, no guarantee is implied or intended. While the editor tries to keep this document current, remember that the Internet and its services are constantly changing, so don't be surprised if you happen across statements which are obsolete. If you do, please send corrections to the editor. Corrections, questions, and comments should be sent to Kevin Savetz at savetz@northcoast.com. Please indicate what version of this document to which you are referring. *** WHERE TO FIND THIS DOCUMENT On the World Wide Web http://www.savetz.com/fax/ You can receive it via anonymous FTP ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/internet-services/fax-faq This file is posted to the Usenet newsgroups alt.internet.services, alt.online-service, alt.bbs.internet, alt.fax, alt.answers, comp.dcom.fax, comp.mail.misc, comp.answers, and news.answers You can also retrieve this document via electronic mail: To: mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu Body: send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/fax-faq ###end of document###