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Subject: Internet access in New Zealand FAQ

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Internet Access in New Zealand FAQ ---------------------------------- Maintained by Simon Lyall <simon@darkmere.gen.nz) Contents: Section 0.1: Notes on this Edition. Section 0.2: Changes since last Edition. Section 1.0: Overview of this FAQ. Section 1.1: Where can I get a copy of this FAQ? Section 1.2: Other FAQs to do with Internet and New Zealand. Section 2.0: Structure of the Internet in New Zealand. Section 3.0: What public access sites are there in my area? Section 3.1: National providers. Section 3.2: Auckland Area. Section 3.4: Waikato and Upper North Island. Section 3.5: Central and Lower North Island. Section 3.6: Wellington Area. Section 3.7: The South Island. Section 4.0: What sort of Internet access do other people have? Section 4.1: What sort of access do University Students have? Section 4.2: What sort of access do School Pupils have? Section 4.3: Government on the Internet. Section 4.4: Public Access Terminals and Cyber Cafe's. Section 5.0: What's involved in actually getting on the Internet? Section 6.0: What can I do once I'm on the Internet? Section 7.0: How can I find out more about the Internet? Section 8.0: Disclaimer and Credits. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 0.1: Notes on this Edition. Just a note that this is the last edition of this FAQ that I will be sending out. I have found another person who is will to keep things going and hopefully things will work out for him and he'll have time to update those bits I haven't. Anyway I would like to very much thank all the people who have contributed to the FAQ in one way or another over the last 3 years, certainly you input has been great and hopefully the FAQ has been useful for a few. Simon Lyall ex-maintainer. PS: Im not sure when the next edition will be out, their are a few things still to sort out in the transfer over. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 0.2: Changes since last Edition. Section 3.2: Removed: i-max.co.nz Section 3.2: Updated: win.co.nz Section 3.2: Updated: netbyte.co.nz Section 3.2: Updated: igrin.co.nz Section 3.7: Updated: deepsouth.co.nz Section 3.7: Updated: esi.co.nz Section 3.5: Updated: reap.org.nz Section 3.3: Updated: midland.co.nz Section 3.3: Updated: wave.co.nz Section 3.1: Updated: ihug.co.nz Section 3.7: Updated: canterbury.ac.nz Section 3.6: Updated: wn.planet.gen.nz Section 3.1: Updated: PlaNet FreeNZ national entry. Section 3.2: Updated: iprolink.co.nz Section 3.2: Updated: nznet.gen.nz ---------------------------- Subject: Section 1.0: Overview of this FAQ. This is a compilation of information about Internet access in New Zealand. It contains an overview of the Internet in New Zealand, where to get more information about the Internet and a list of organisations offering Internet access to the public. This FAQ will be reposted monthly, changes will be marked in "Section 0.2". If you have information on sites not listed here or any corrections or constructive comments to make, please mail me. I am very happy to accept pieces from other people to go into this FAQ and I will endeavour to include and answer any actual FAQ's that come to my attention. This FAQ is Copyright Simon Lyall 1994 - 1997. This FAQ may be reproduced and distributed electronically or in hardcopy as long as this is done for free and it is kept intact. Please contact me if you wish to distribute this FAQ in any other manner. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 1.1: Where can I get a copy of this FAQ? This FAQ is updated and published each month at around the middle of the month, however each edition may take a while to get to some places. As a rule the best place to check is Usenet or rtfm.mit.edu. The FAQ can be obtained via the following methods. Please Email me if there are any errors. Usenet ====== I post the FAQ to the following groups at around the middle of each month, all other places obtain their copy from this post. nz.net.announce, nz.net.admin nz.general, soc.culture.new-zealand, alt.internet.access.wanted, alt.answers, soc.answers, news.answers. The FAQ is posted under the subject "Internet access in New Zealand FAQ" FTP === The FAQ may be obtained from rtfm and it's mirrors in several places (one for every newsgroup plus a couple of others), here is one of the easiest to find: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/nz.general/Internet_access_in_New_Zealand_FAQ The following sites also mirror rtfm, in most cases this FAQ will be under it's archive name of "internet-access/new-zealand". ftp://ftp.uu.net:/usenet ftp://ftp.funet.fi:/pub/doc/rtfm ftp://ftp.univ-lyon1.fr:/pub/faq-by-newsgroup ftp://ftp.Germany.EU.net:/pub/newsarchive/news.answers ftp://ftp.sunet.se:/pub/usenet ftp://ftp.switch.ch:/info_service/usenet/periodic-postings The following New Zealand site also carries the FAQ, please only use this site if you are within New Zealand. ftp://ftp.dosli.govt.nz/pub/lists/ FSP === src.doc.ic.ac.uk port 21 ftp.Germany.EU.net, port 2001 E-MAIL ====== Please don't ask me to send you a copy of this FAQ, I pay for email and I have a policy of not sending the FAQ to *anyone* (including people who archive it). If you wish to obtain a copy via email you can send mail to rtfm's email server as follows. To: mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu Leave Subject blank, and enter only this line in the body of the note: send usenet/news.answers/internet-access/new-zealand GOPHER ====== cc1.kuleuven.ac.be port 70 jupiter.sun.csd.unb.ca port 70 gopher.insa-lyon.fr, port 70 gopher.Germany.EU.net, port 70. World Wide Web ============== Here are a couple of URLs for the FAQ on the Web, The Ohio State one is especially interesting since the FAQ is HTMLized and split into parts with indexing etc. Please don't use the Actrix one unless you are within New Zealand, it costs them money to send it to you, so if you require the whole FAQ in one piece please use one of the URLs given in the FTP section above instead. http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/internet-access/new-zealand/faq.html http://actrix.gen.nz/general/internet.faq ( Updated by hand ) FREQ ==== In order to make to FAQ more accessible to people who are not already on the Internet I am attempting to make it available to people on FidoNet and other similar networks. Currently it is available for FREQ access at the following BBS, however I am keen to have other BBSs around New Zealand also make this available. Please note that these two methods of distrbution are in their early stages so site information may be incomplete or have errors and it may also take some time for each site to get each edition of the FAQ. Christchurch: 3:770/220@Fidonet with the magic name NZINTFAQ Tokoroa: 3:774/950@Fidonet with the magic name NZINTFAQ BBS === The file can also be down-loaded from the following places. * (04) 475 9172, The Laundry, Wellington. ( Not sure on file name, sorry) * (+647) 886 0910, Hill Billys BBS IFNA 3:774/950, Internet Q&A area. * Arrow BBS, IFNA 3:772/185, Auckland. The FAQ is sometimes also forwarded to the fidonet echo NZ_INTERNET. Thank-you to all the people who are making copies of this FAQ available in various places, If you are aware of any others or wish to do so yourself then please contact me. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 1.2: Other FAQs to do with Internet and New Zealand. Several other people post FAQs relating to New Zealand and the Internet. The following is a list of those I am aware of, if anyone else has any others they wish to add then could they please contact me. Several off these FAQs are available from: http://www.dosli.govt.nz/lists The soc.culture.new-zealand FAQ =============================== Phil Stuart-Jones <phil@hyphen.equinox.gen.nz> maintains this FAQ which is basicly about everything and anything to do with New Zealand and it's people/culture. Phil's FAQ is available via ftp from ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/new-zealand-faq as well as a couple of other places. Read the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.new-zealand to find out other places where to get it and to find general discussion about New Zealand (watch out for the "soc.culture.new-zealand FAQ reminder" post by Phil which gives more info about his FAQ). Please do not Email Phil asking for a copy or for information about New Zealand as he pays for his Email and does not have the time nor money to answer requests. FAQ: The nz.* Usenet Hierarchy. =============================== Simon Lyall <simon@darkmere.gen.nz> posts this guide to the nz or New Zealand newsgroups every month. It contains a list of current nz.* groups as well as directions on how to create new groups and access the groups from outside New Zealand. Network Connected Organisations in New Zealand ============================================== At the start of each month Mark Davies <mark@comp.vuw.ac.nz> posts a automaticly generated list of all organisations who are registered in the DNS as having a *.nz name. Only the top level domain for each organisation is listed so some smaller sites (usually BBS's) that do not have full names registered may not be listed. The list is posted to nz.general and nz.net.announce along with a diff from the previous month and is available at: http://www.comp.vuw.ac.nz/~mark/netsites.html Christchurch ISP lists ====================== http://www.ccc.govt.nz/Library/Internet_ChCh.html http://www.mac.co.nz/remote.dir/connect.htm ---------------------------- Subject: Section 2.0: Structure of the Internet in New Zealand Reviewing this section I have found that everything in it was pretty much out of date. I would welcome any contribution to this section. Someone sent me some information but I appear to have lost this, could you please contact me again. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 3.0: What public access sites are there in my area? This section lists public access sites. It is organized by regions: Section 3.1: National providers. Section 3.2: Auckland Area. Section 3.4: Waikato and Upper North Island. Section 3.5: Central and Lower North Island. Section 3.6: Wellington Area. Section 3.7: The South Island. I may re-arrange these regions as needed. If your site is not listed or you know of other sites (especially those offering full ip access or outside the main cities) not mentioned then please get the manager(s) to contact me about being included. Please Note: In order to prevent this FAQ from becoming too long and unwieldy, I have decided that in regions where there are many sites offering a range of Internet access I will only list those sites that offer full Internet connections or are otherwise special. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 3.1: National providers. This part is intended for organisations that provide Internet access in more than one region. This can be by various means including pacnet, 0800 and 0900 numbers or co-ordination of a number of regional sites. If access is through a series of local sites you should also see the entry for the site in your region. Could any National provider please contact me about getting an entry in this area. CLEAR NET ========= Organisation --> CLEAR Net Site name -----> www.clear.net.nz Location ------> Nationwide - local access (15 points of presence), 0800 access Dialins -------> 33K6 V.34+ digital modems System --------> Fault tolerant Sun Sparc servers Link ----------> Fault tolerant redundant links direct to USA Services ------> Domain registration, Mail-hosting Usenet --------> Full feed Charges -------> Pricing information at Charges -------> http://www.clear.net.nz/common/services/pricing.html Features ------> Connection pack for Win3.1, Win95 and Macintosh Features ------> Local Calling access from 15 cities and towns around NZ. Features ------> Nationwide access through 0800 number Features ------> Have as many User IDs for your family, or company, as you like. Features ------> Your access is charged to you CLEAR account. Features ------> 7 day 24 hour helpdesk service. Comments ------> Look at our homepage at http://www.clear.net.nz/ Contact Email -> Sales: account@clear.net.nz Contact Email -> Support: help@clear.net.nz Contact Voice -> 0800 888 800 residential, 0800 555 500 business Contact Fax ---> 0800 777 432 Contact Postal-> CLEAR Commmunications Contact Postal-> Private Bag 92143 Contact Postal-> Auckland Last Update ---> 20 Feb 1997 COMPUSERVE PACIFIC ================== Columbus, Ohio based CompuServe is the world's leading commercial online Information service, including Databases, Email, File Transfer, Special Interest Groups on every subject with Commercial worldwide support for leading computer applications. In addition, CompuServe has several hundred servers on Internet to allow an easy "on ramp". CompuServe's CIM front end software provides point and click Internet Email, Newsgroups, FTP. WWW access is via CompuServe with no Slip/PPP account needed, using Microsoft Explorer or Netscape (or any browser of choice). CompuServe allows "global roaming" with local POP's in 500 cities over 170 countries Home Page Wizard software to build and publish your own Web Page to 5 MB in size free of charge. CompuServe won both the TUANZ and PC World Awards for NZ's "Best online Service Provider" in 1995. The main reason for this appears to be that the combination of orderliness of an online service mixed with easy Internet access makes it an easier adventure for people new to "online". Access in New Zealand through Pacific area Licencees, Fujitsu: Access is now 33.6 in all Sites Network is COMPUSERVE. Script is the standard default in CIM s/w. 9.6/14.4/28.8/33.6 bps AUCKLAND 09 357 6642 WELLINGTON 04 473 7949 CHRISTCHURCH 03 338 9387 HAMILTON 07 838 9966 DUNEDIN 03 477 8839 PACNET: 1745 all sites PACNET REVERSE CHARGE NOW AVAILABLE..ring or email for Script to go into CompuServe's CIM s/w. Extra cost 16c/min over CompuServe rates TELNET: to compuserve.com Login as "CIS" and "HELP" COSTS: NEW PRICING FROM APRIL 1ST Super Value Plan: $39.50 per month for 10 hours (ie. $3.95/hr equiv.) Extra hours $3.95 Standard Pricing Plan: $17.00 per month for 2 hours (ie $8.50/hr equiv ) Extra hours $5.50 Education Pricing Plan ( open to registered and chartered educational institutions ) : $25.00 per month for 20 hours (ie. $1.25/hr equiv) Extra hours $5.50 New Members get their first 5 hours online FREE (except Premium Services) NO JOINING OR REGISTRATION FEE Please note, there is no longer any distinction CompuServe and Internet or "Time of Day" pricing. No megabyte download charge...so for the sake of comparison, solid downloading at 28.8 can bring around 9 meg, a mix of browsing and download about 6 meg CONTACT INFOMATION. Sales:0800 442 374. Service Helpdesk: 0800 446 113 (answered in Sydney) 9am to 9pm weekdays: (best times 9 to 11am, also 7 to 9pm) And Saturdays 10am to 2pm Also call them for latest information on access speeds and locations. New Zealand Marketing Manager Colin Wallis voice: 04 495 0769 Email: colin_nz@cis.compuserve.com WWW Address: http://www.compuserve.com (but please note pricing and other details are shown as per USA and may differ in NZ) Also, http://www.compuserve.com.au IBM Global Network ================== IBM New Zealand Ltd offers the IBM Global Network solution for Internet Access. Facilities include World Wide Web, Gopher, NewsReader for 22,750 Usenet Newsgroups, Email, FTP, Telnet etc via SLIP access. Access software is included for WARP and Warp Connect in the free Bonus Pack, or Windows free for download from http://www.ibm.net. We provide scripts for other platforms. (Call 0800-801-809 for details). Billing is simple via credit card, and registration is child's play. Credit card details are transmitted over IBM's secure network. IBM provides local dial access from 840+ points of presence on the IBM Global Network in 46 countries - soon to include China and India. Each account can have up to 5 additional userids for no extra charge. You can also have an e-mail alias up to 32 characters long. You can make all these changes yourself, online, via the User Services area at www.ibm.net. You register via a toll free call. Subsequent access is via local phone calls in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. You need no script, as the connection uses intelligent handshaking for both registration and subsequent calls with the IBM Dialer. Phone numbers are already imbedded in the WARP and Internet Connection for Windows software, but are included here for your information: Registration only 0800 105-765 Speed Auckland 09 356-3984 14,400 bps + compression 09 359-8488 33,600 bps + compression Wellington 04 576-5998 14,400 bps + compression 04 576-8324 33,600 bps + compression Christchurch 03 372-8954 28,800 bps + compression TBA 33,600 bps + compression COSTS (All prices INCLUDE GST) First 3 hours free Registration (valid world-wide) Free (Until Jan '97) Option 1: 5 hour commitment per month $12 per month Excess rate after commitment period $2.50 per hour Option 2: 20 hour commitment per month $45 per month Excess rate after commitment period $2.25 per hour Option 3: 50 hour commitment per month $90 per month Excess rate after commitment period $1.50 per hour Data transfer rates no volume charges We now have business Internet pricing, allowing companies/businesses to have *any* number of user-ids - invoiced locally monthly. Business rates available on request. Contact Steve Withers swithers@vnet.ibm.com or (04) 576-5818 for more info. ACCESS FACILITIES IBM has a pool of 106 modems available to callers to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch access numbers. Two physically separate frame relay links connect the customers on a 512Kb link from Auckland and 512Kb from Wellington via Sydney, directly to US-based servers over IBM's ATM network. Statistics show that the IBM Global Network rarely experiences a situation where all lines in the pool are busy. Users transfer data typically at 6 - 8 MB per hour, with maximum 8 MB per hour for compressed data. The IBM Global Network also maintains multiple ATM backbone paths from Sydney to USA and Asia/Pacific countries to ensure high reliability and availability for its access offerings. All backbone operations are duplexed by design to avoid having any single point of failure. IBM New Zealand also offers Internet Leased line services as well as industrial strength content hosting. We will also soon be offering our Net.Commerce Internet business platform - with the SET (Secure Electronic Transactions) functions up and running early in 1997. For more info, contact: Steve Withers (04) 576-5818 Nick Romaniuk (09) 358-8880 Network Contact Email bowden@vnet.ibm.com (Terry Bowden) Marketing Contact Email swithers@vnet.ibm.com (Steve Withers) Contact Email--> jimbo@vnet.ibm.com (James Kyd - Internet/IGN Product Manager) Contact WWW ---> http://www.ibm.co.nz/newzeal.html Contact Voice -> 0800-801-809 (Direct Response Marketing) 0800-733-222 (Technical Support) Free technical support can also be obtained online via http://www.ibm.net/helpdesk.html You should get a response via e-mail or phone within 24 hours. THE INTERNET GROUP ================== Organisation --> The Internet Group Site name -----> ihug.co.nz & es.co.nz Location ------> North Island: 108 Newton Rd, Auckland Location ------> South Island: 50 Filleul St, Dunedin; 160 Manchester St, Chch. Area Serviced -> Whangarei, Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Area Serviced -> Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown, Balclutha, Oamaru, Area Serviced -> Timaru, Alexandra, Sydney Dialins -------> 1000's of lines served by Ascend 4400's and 28.8 Kbps modems System --------> SPARC 420 Quad CPU SMP server's, Silicon Graphics System --------> Challenge + Indy's Link ----------> 8 Mb International multigateway. Services ------> slip, ppp, limited shell for Web pages. Usenet --------> Full feed, access to 30,000 News Groups Charges -------> See price list at http://www.ihug.co.nz/ Flat fee available. Features ------> Banner power with over 17,000 hits per day. Features ------> Each ad recieves 5,000+ visuals per week!!! Other Services-> Free 6 day help service Other Services-> KALI & Quake Servers Comments ------> SECURE WEB SERVER only $499.00 per annum Comments ------> ISDN made easy Contact Email -> North Island: timwood@ihug.co.nz; South Island: sales@es.co.nz Contact Voice -> North Island: 09-3585067 or 0800-22 22 25; Contact Voice -> South Island: 03-4777474 or 0800-66 66 68 Contact Fax ---> North Island: 09-3584112; South Island: 03-4777030 Contact Modem -> 09-3581332 Contact Postal-> P.O.Box 7281 Wellesly St, Auckland; P.O.Box 5677 Dunedin Last Update ---> 19 May 1997 PlaNet (New Zealand) ==================== The PlaNet (NZ) Trust can provide Internet connectivity to about 90% of New Zealand without toll or Pacnet charges. There are PlaNet operations in: PLACE CONTACT PERSON PHONE E-MAIL --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wellington Peter Hall-Jones 04-4997250 peter@wgtn.planet.co.nz Christchurch Robert Hunt 03-3485822 roberth@chch.planet.org.nz Dunedin Brett/Adam Shand 03-4790303 bretts@otago.planet.org.nz Palm North Alan Brown 025-480204 alan@manawatu.planet.org.nz Wanganui Dave and Sarah 06-3453092 dave.pate@wanganui.planet.org.nz Taupo Gregg Sheehan 06-3786223 gregg@reap.org.nz Rotorua Tim Morgan 07-3489042 tim@rotorua.planet.co.nz Nelson Chris O'Donoghue 03-5267805 chris@nelson.planet.org.nz Auckland 025-428153 peter@planet.apc.org * If you are interested in setting up a PlaNet (NZ) operation in your area, contact national@wgtn.planet.co.nz. We offer PPP, Slip, BBS and UUCP access (with some regional exceptions). We are also the NZ member network for the Association of Progressive Communications, an international federation of networks with a list of conferences which rivals Usenet (and is almost totally flame free!). NOTE: The PlaNet (NZ) Trust shares a Charter with the PlaNet FREENZ network, but otherwise we are completely separate entities. What is the APC?? ================= The Association for Progressive Communications is an international federation of with more than 40 partner networks. PlaNet (NZ) is the New Zealand member. Collectively the APC provides the world's major alternative to Usenet conferences. For a list of conferences contact chris@wgtn.planet.co.nz. What else does PlaNet offer? ============================ * Standardisation of services and rates for groups interested in networking nationwide * User-defined national conferences and/or mailing lists (for public or private use) * Public Terminals! * Software installation, configuration and user support * Internet tuition services * World Wide Web home page creation * Comprehensive desktop publishing services * Discount rates on modems, hardware and disks For more information contact your closest local operator or support@wgtn.planet.co.nz PlaNet FreeNZ ============== Independent Internet Cooperative supplying local-call access (Whangarei, Keri Keri, Dargaville, Kaikohe, Auckland(3), Warkworth, Hamilton(2), Tauranga, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Kapiti Coast, Masterton, Wellington, Blenheim, Christchurch) to all internet services, including Usenet, web page hosting, DDS and ISDN. We can also help you set up as an Internet provider in your area and connect into our low-cost national and international network capacity. Infopack and sub form available on request from.. Email: support@pl.net FreePhone: 0800-TO-SURF (0800-867-873) Fax: (09) 818-3141 Tel: (09) 813-0088 Guest Dial-up BBS: (09) 818-9978 Post: PO Box 6594, Auckland 1. WWW: http://pl.net FTP: ftp://ftp.ak.planet.gen.nz/pub <<<< DirectEX (Directory Express) <<<< ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Searchable, classified, free (to use and be part of) online business directory. Email your free text listing today to listings@directex.co.nz Include Name of Business; Description of Products and Services; Contact Details (postal, tel, fax, email, url). URL = http://pl.net/directex ..or go to the above URL and fill out the online entry form ---------------------------- Subject: Section 3.2: Auckland. Organisation --> CyberNet Ltd. Site name -----> cybernet.co.nz Location ------> Auckland, New Zealand. Dialins -------> V.34 + 33k6bps lines + ISDN System --------> SPARC, NT Servers, Cisco Access Servers Link ----------> 256kbps Frame Relay Clear. Services ------> WWW Storage, Email, PPP, ISDN, Leased Lines. Usenet --------> 5GB Pentium News Server - 7000+ Newsgroups. Charges -------> From $19.95 per month incl first 7 Hours Free. Other Services-> World Wide Web Virtual Hosting - No Hit charges. Other Services-> Auckland CBD - 128kbps Links from $499 per month Comments ------> Reliable System with 99.9% Uptime. Try out CyberNet at Comments ------> the Livewire or the Auckland Public Library. Contact Email -> info@cybernet.co.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.cybernet.co.nz/ Contact Voice -> 09-912-7500 Contact Fax ---> 09-912-7501 Contact Modem -> For customers only. Contact Postal-> Cybernet Ltd, PO Box 90-690, Contact Postal-> Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland. Last Update ---> 9 Dec 1996 Organisation --> Internet Company of New Zealand (ICONZ). Site name -----> iconz.co.nz Location ------> Auckland, New Zealand Dialins -------> 500 lines. System --------> Sun including SPARCstations II,20 and NT Server Link ----------> 768K to Waikato. Services ------> Unix Shell, PPP, UUCP,ISDN, Leased lines. Services ------> Microwave. Usenet --------> Waikato NZ News Feed and full MCI feed. Charges -------> Contact sales@iconz.co.nz or Charges -------> see http://www.iconz.co.nz/products/prices.html Features ------> File areas, Own national backbone, 0800 Help support Features ------> National service Other Services-> Hardware/software sales, Internet Connectivity consultation, Other Services-> Unix consulting, full commercial web service http design, Other Services-> WWW page hosting, training, modem sales. Comments ------> Part of the Iconz group, National Internet Provider, Comments ------> Local dialups nationwide - Auck, Rotorua, Palmerston North, Comments ------> Tauranga, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Napier, Dunedin Contact Email -> Operations Manager : Lynn Harden <lynn@iconz.co.nz>, Contact Email -> General Manager : Hugh McKellar <hugh@iconz.co.nz> Contact Email -> Misc: <help@iconz.co.nz> Contact Voice -> 0800 THE NET (0800 843 638) or Help Desk (09) 358-3051 Contact Fax ---> (09) 300-3122 Contact WWW ---> http://iconz.co.nz/ Contact Modem -> (09) 303 2900 Akl (04) 473 6633 Budget/Cruiser accounts Contact Modem -> (09) 366 7799 Akl (04) 473 6888 Smart Net/Enterprise accts Contact Modem -> (07) 574 8610 Tga, (06)835 9031 Nap, (06) 356 1439 PNorth Contact Modem -> (03) 548 8292 Nels,(07) 349 2122 Rot,(03) 338 3008 Chch Contact Modem -> Dunedin (03) 474 0698 and Hamilton to be advised shortly. Contact Postal-> Internet Company of New Zealand, PO Box 6721, Auckland. Last Update ---> 18 Apr 1997 Organisation --> Internet Group Northland Site name -----> igrin.co.nz Location ------> 25 Manse St, Whangarei, NZ Area Serviced -> Whangarei / Kerikeri / Dargaville / Kaitaia free calling areas Dialins -------> 80 System --------> Axil 85Mhz R4000 based Sun clone, SunOS Link ----------> 256K with data compression to Planet Auckland Services ------> PPP, uucp (mail only) , 24 hr leased / dedicated lines & Services ------> radio links Usenet --------> Own server - newsource.igrin.co.nz Charges -------> Flat rate $38 + gst/mth OR OR $20.00 + gst/mth for 20hrs/mth Contact Email -> frank@igrin.co.nz Contact Voice -> 09-430-3540 Contact Fax ---> 09-430-3775 WWW page ------> http://www.igrin.co.nz/ Contact Modem -> 09-430-3120 (Whangarei) , 09-407-6450 (Kerikeri) Contact Modem -> 09-439-3018 (Dargaville) , 09-407-6450 (Kaitaia) Contact Postal-> PO Box 5002 Regent, Whangarei Last Update ---> 18 May 97 Organisation --> InterNet Connectivity Associates Ltd Site name -----> inca.co.nz Location ------> Auckland Area Serviced -> Auckland Region Dialins -------> 14 28.8k lines , Leased Line Access System --------> Axil 235 Link ----------> Leased Line to Crown Research Institute Services ------> Terminal Emulation, SLIP, PPP, E-Mail Usenet --------> Full Charges -------> Contact admin@inca.co.nz Features ------> Selection of Shareware software available on host. Other Services-> Pre-configured installation diskettes. WWW page storage and Other Services-> consultancy. Training & Installation. After hours Support Other Services-> line. Contact Email -> admin@inca.co.nz Contact Voice -> (09) 358 1757 Contact Fax ---> (09) 846 7320 Contact Modem -> (09) 358 3536 Contact Postal-> InterNet Connectivity Associates Ltd, Contact Postal-> PO Box 56515, Dominion Road, Auckland. Last Update ---> 11 Oct 1995 Organisation --> Internet ProLink NZ Limited Site name -----> iprolink.co.nz Location ------> Downtown Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch Dialins -------> 100+ lines, 56k modems available System --------> Fault tolerant IBM Risc System/6000 workstations Link ----------> ProNet nation-wide, high-performance, secure backbone. Services ------> World-Wide Web interface to all services, easy setup Usenet --------> Full feed Charges -------> Email info@iprolink.co.nz for current prices. Features ------> Plug and play installation, ISDN access at no additional Features ------> charge. Other Services-> ISDN and leased circuits, firewall and network security, Other Services-> WWW publishing (automated US mirroring), commerce servers. Other Services-> Secure networks for intranets. Comments ------> Nationwide access. Comments ------> See our Web page at http://www.iprolink.co.nz/ Contact Email -> Sales: sales@iprolink.co.nz Contact Email -> Support: support@iprolink.co.nz Contact Voice -> 0800 IPROLINK (0800 477-654) Contact Fax ---> (09) 302-3332 Contact Modem -> 302-2507 (Auckland online registration) Contact Modem -> 801-6662 (Wellington online registration) Contact Modem -> 377-7608 (Christchurch online registration) Contact Postal-> Internet ProLink NZ Ltd Contact Postal-> PO Box 91235, Contact Postal-> Auckland Last Update ---> 20 May 97 Organisation --> Netbyte Internet Ltd Site name -----> netbyte.co.nz Location ------> Level 2, 62 Queen St, Auckland Area Serviced -> Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch for Corporate Area Serviced -> Customers. Dialins -------> 33.6k modems, ISDN and Leased circuit options System --------> Sun Server/Solaris 2.5, Linux, Windows NT System --------> Netscape Enterprise Server, Sybase SQL Server, RealAudio System --------> Server, Borderware Firewall Server Link ----------> Big. Services ------> email, smtp and uucp integration, ppp only, training, Services ------> consulting Usenet --------> Full Usenet Feed Charges -------> email enquires@netbyte.co.nz Features ------> Licensed Netscape Vendor, Web site Other Services-> Web Site design and build, Web hosting and server Management, Other Services-> Web Server statistics analyis and reporting, Web Server - Other Services-> Database Integration, Security and Commerce products. Comments ------> Network Connectivity Contact Email -> enquires@netbyte.co.nz Contact Voice -> 64-9-309-4638 Contact Fax ---> 64-9-309-4631 WWW page ------> http://www.netbyte.co.nz Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 1268 Shortland Street Auckland Last Update ---> 18 May 1997 Organisation --> NetGate Communications Ltd Site name -----> netgate.co.nz Location ------> Auckland Area Serviced -> Auckland Dialins -------> All V.34 (28k8) 5:1 user:modem ratio System --------> Linux & Mac servers (FirstClass) Link ----------> 128k ISDN to Victoria Link via Ak Uni. Services ------> PPP, Pop mail, Webserver, FirstClass BBS. Usenet --------> Full (provided via Victoria Link Auckland news server). Charges -------> $20/month or $40/month plus data beyond free allocation. Charges -------> $20 setup fees, no time charges. Features ------> GUI BBS interface for Mac & Win3.x & Win95 users. Features ------> Special forums for medical practitioners. Features ------> Special area where users can create their own public forums. Other Services-> Onsite setup/training in Internet connection/use. Comments ------> FirstClass network connection to NZ sites and overseas. Contact Email -> info@netgate.co.nz Contact Voice -> 09 302 3001 - info via automated attendant. Contact Fax ---> 09 309 7455 WWW page ------> www.netgate.co.nz Contact Modem -> 09 443 7636 or 302 1180 (BBS direct line - FC or vt100/ansi) Contact Postal-> PO Box 56-454, Dominion Road, AUCKLAND 1030 Last Update ---> 2 Apr 97 Organisation --> NZNET Internet Services Ltd Site name -----> nznet.gen.nz. Location ------> 11A Piermark Drive, North Harbour Industrial Estate, Location ------> Auckland, New Zealand - Also Wellington & Hamilton. Dialins -------> Lines in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton. System --------> Ascend Max 4000 with ISDN and Analog phone lines. System --------> Cisco 4000 router, Term Servers, News Servers, System --------> Kali Server, Quake Server. Link ----------> WDDS cct capable of 2MB, 120 ISDN channels available Services ------> Dial up PPP accounts for WWW, FTP, Mail, News, IRC. Services ------> Internet Connectivity - Leased Line, ISDN, Microwave. Services ------> Domain Registration, Virtual Webs, IT Consultancy. Usenet --------> Full News Feed Charges -------> Personal Flatrate Account $29 per month (30 hours free access) Charges -------> Highuser Flatrate Account $49 per month (80 hours free access) Charges -------> Visit our web pages for full pricing schedules. Prices ex GST. Features ------> Friendly staff - **NO BUSY SIGNALS** - Good Transfer Rates. Features ------> Local phone lines in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton. Features ------> Multi-player game servers - Kali & Quake. Contact Email -> info@nznet.gen.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.nznet.gen.nz Contact Voice -> (09) 415-0058 Auckland, 0800-481-155 Wellington & Hamilton Contact Fax ---> (09) 415-0040 Auckland, 0800-481-122 Wellington & Hamilton Contact Modem -> (09) 414-0300 (upto 33.6Kbps Analog & 64K ISDN) Contact Postal-> NZNET Internet Services Ltd, P.O. Box 101-069, Contact Postal-> North Shore Mail Centre, Auckland. Last Update ---> 21 May 97 Organisation --> PlaNet FREENZ North Shore Site name -----> ns.planet.gen.nz Location ------> Devonport Area Serviced -> Auckland free dialing area/ North Shore Dialins -------> Line Ratio of 10:1 System --------> SUN SPARC's 10, 1+ and Linux servers Link ----------> 64k speed line to KCCS Services ------> Web Hosting, Secure Server, Front Page extensions, Dial Services ------> up PPP. Usenet --------> Half feed Charges -------> Dial in accounts from $.85c per hour incl some data. Charges -------> Subscription, Time or Traffic based accounts available. Charges -------> Web Sites from $20 a month. Features ------> Other Services-> Comments ------> Part of the National PlaNet FreeNZ network. Contact Email -> fionam@ns.planet.gen.nz Contact Voice -> Ph (09) 4458-474 Contact Fax ---> Ph (09) 4460-927 WWW page ------> http://ns.planet.gen.nz Contact Modem -> (09) 445-8751 Contact Postal-> 9 Hastings Pde, Devonport, Auckland Last Update ---> 15 Mar 97 Organisation --> SineSurf Ltd Site name -----> sinesurf.co.nz Location ------> Auckland, New Zealand. Dialins -------> V.34 28,800bps all lines + ISDN Dialins -------> Line Ratio never to exceed 10:1 System --------> Linux Servers and Cisco Routers Link ----------> 176kbps MDDS to Waikato Services ------> WWW Storage, Email, PPP, ISDN, Leased Lines. Usenet --------> Full Feed, 7000+ Newsgroups. Charges -------> One Single Account - $35.00 Inc GST Charges -------> *No* Additional Charges Other Services-> World Wide Web Virtual Hosting and Design. Comments ------> SineSurf is an Internet Access Provider NOT a Service Provider Comments ------> Our policy is simple, No Newbies, No Help Desk, Flat Rate Comments ------> with No Additional Data or Time Charges. Nothing but Net. Contact Email -> rtfm@sinesurft.co.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.sinesurf.co.nz/ Contact Voice -> +64-9-376-4461 Contact Fax ---> +64-9-376-1464 Contact Postal-> Use the Web Site Silly - That's why it's there ! Last Update ---> 24 Oct 1996 Organisation --> Web World Ltd (since 1994) Site Name -----> ww.co.nz ( Location ------> Auckland, New Zealand Dialins -------> 8 customer per line ratio, 28.8k + 33.6k System --------> Pentium-based Unix/NT network & CISCO routers Link ----------> 128k compresssed DDS to KCCS, plus 64k on-demand ISDN Services ------> Full Internet access, all services, no restrictions Services ------> Ask for our "Full Service Home Installs" Services ------> PROFESSIONAL SERVICE WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH Usenet --------> Feed from MCI through KCCS Cooperative Charges -------> Data charged accounts: rental from $8.89 per month Charges -------> Data charged: from NZ $0.42/MB, Int'l from $0.80/MB -or- Charges -------> A range of time charged accounts $1.29 per hour or LESS Features ------> Our Loyalty Rebate Scheme earns you free Internet access Features ------> Free web pages with each retail account. Features ------> Windows 95 customers our speciality. Other Services-> Experts in Web site design, programming and hosting. Other Services-> Check out our sister co: http://www.marketing.co.nz/ Other Services-> We have been involved with the 'net since 1989! Comments ------> We are primarily Internet Business specialists Comments ------> $25 Web Sites, Cheap Domain Name registrations Comments ------> Soon: "Life-time" e-mail addresses. Contact Email -> service@ww.co.nz (Heather Campbell) Contact WWW ---> http://www.ww.co.nz and http://www.marketing.co.nz Contact Voice -> 09-278-2966 Contact Fax ---> 09-278-5699 Contact Modem -> 09-634-1040 (28.8) 09-634-5964 (33.6) Contact Postal-> PO Box 62 528, Central Park, Auckland Last Update ---> 16 Mar 97 Organisation --> Web InterNet Site name -----> win.co.nz Location ------> Auckland, New Zealand Area Serviced -> Auckland Toll Free Area Dialins -------> 33K6 System --------> Unix Based Link ----------> 64k with 128k bursts. Services ------> Dial Up, Web Design Usenet --------> Full Charges -------> $ 30 for 25 hours, $ 1.30 / hour or $55 flat rate. Features ------> Excellent Connect Rate, fast speeds Other Services-> E-Mail to fax gateway, consultancy. Comments ------> For Small Companies and individuals who want SERVICE. Contact Email -> davidgo@win.co.nz Contact Voice -> 09-418-2667 Contact Fax ---> 09-419-1689 WWW page ------> www.win.co.nz Contact Modem -> 09-360-8526 Contact Postal-> 42 Barlow Place, Birkenhead, Auckland Last Update ---> 17 May 1997 ---------------------------- Subject: Section 3.4: Waikato and Upper North Island. Organisation --> Midland Internet Limited. Site name -----> midland.co.nz. Location ------> Hamilton/Auckland. Area Serviced -> Hamilton, & Auckland. Dialins -------> 50 lines all V.34 28k8 bps. System --------> Axil 220, 4 x Cisco 2511 16port TermServ System---------> 7 NT 4.0 servers, 3 Linux Servers Link ----------> 2 MegaBit Radio to Waikato University. Link ----------> 256 K link to Auckland. Services ------> PPP/SLIP, Leased circuits, ISDN ,2 Mb Radio Network (Hamilton) Usenet --------> 10000+ News groups Charges -------> Standard Rate $ 45.00 inc GST, All you can Eat! Charges -------> Silver - Time based @ $ 2.40 inc GST per Hour (No Rental) Charges -------> Gold - Volume based @ $ 0.95 inc GST per Mb (No Rental) Features ------> Totally NT based ISP, lots of features with all accounts Features ------> Have new accounts connected within 3hours! Other Services-> Network installation, NT and Novell Other Services-> Unix consulting.WWW Development, Site Security Auditing Comments ------> Experience with Novell/NT <-> Internet integration. Comments ------> ISDN, Firewall integration. Contact Email -> helpdesk@midland.co.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.midland.co.nz/ Contact Voice -> 0800 ON-LINE (66-5463) Contact Modem -> 07 839-6993 (40 lines stepping) Contact Modem -> 09 366 6808 (10 lines stepping, more adding) Contact Postal-> Midland Internet Limited, PO Box 19255, Hamilton. Last Update ---> 19 May 97 Organisation --> Wave Internet Services, a division of CSE (NZ) Ltd. Site name -----> wave.co.nz Location ------> Hamilton Area Serviced -> Hamilton,Waikato,Tauranga,Thames,Coromandel, Area Serviced -> Whakatane,Auckland,Rotorua Dialins -------> 250 x 28.8VFc/V.34 System --------> Sun Clone(s) running as an application server Link ----------> 2Mb/s link to Waikato Uni. Services ------> EMail, Slip, PPP, FTP, Leased/Permanent connections. Usenet --------> Most groups except alt.binaries. Others can be requested. Charges -------> Economy $25 setup, $5/hour Charges -------> Standard (6pm-8am) $50 setup, $30/Mth Max of 30 hours/mth Charges -------> Premium $100 setup,$60/Mth, Free Virtual Hosted Web, FTP Features ------> See Other Services Other Services-> Specialists in Automation/Process control, esp. MMI, Other Services-> Informix, and Allen Bradley PLC/Automation Comments ------> Time restrictions on Standard account applies from Mon-Fri. Comments ------> Up to the minute traffic usage available! NO DATA CHARGES. Contact Email -> info@wave.co.nz Contact Voice -> +64-7-839-1291 or 0800-80-9283 Contact Fax ---> +64-7-838-0977 Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 935, Waikato Mail Centre Last Update ---> 15 Jan 1997 ---------------------------- Subject: Section 3.5: Central and Lower North Island. Organisation --> Manawatu Internet Services Ltd. / PlaNet (NZ) Manawatu Site name -----> manawatu.gen.nz, manawatu.planet.org.nz Location ------> Palmerston North Area Serviced -> Manawatu, Rangitikei, Horowhenua, Sth Hawkes Bay, Tararua Dialins -------> 30 28k8 lines. (PN) Dialins -------> 30 28k8 lines. (PN group 2) Dialins -------> 10 28k8 lines. (Levin) Dialins -------> 5 28k8 lines. (Levin Group 2) System --------> Sun SLC, Various Unix PCs Link ----------> 128k leased line to Massey Uni. Link ----------> 128k to Waikato Uni via Pronet Link ----------> 128k from Waikato Uni to USA Services ------> PPP, SLIP, leased lines, 2 BBS packages, UUCP Usenet --------> Full + APC, PlaNet. Charges -------> from $11.25/month PPP, $5.63 uucp. $6.67/month bbs Charges -------> limited free access news/mail access via BBS systems Charges -------> Contact office for full details. Features ------> IRC and text-based WWW browser for paid bbs users. Features ------> multiuser online chat (local) for all bbs users. Other Services-> Modem + book sales, Consulting, Training (any ISP) Comments ------> Onsite configuration for Mac, Win3, Win95, OS/2, Amiga Comments ------> Software available (unsupported) for DOS, Acorn, Unix Contact Email -> info@manawatu.gen.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.manawatu.gen.nz Contact Voice -> 06 356 1590 (9am-5pm), after hours support available. Contact Fax ---> 06 356 1425 Contact Modem -> 06 357 9245 (Palm Nth, 31 lines) Contact Modem -> 06 367 9944 (Levin, 10 lines) Contact Postal-> P.O.Box 678, Palmerston North Last Update ---> 10 Sept 1996 Organisation --> Taranaki NetSource Site name -----> netsource.co.nz Location ------> New Plymouth Area Serviced -> New Plymouth, Hawera Dialins -------> Less than 10 users per modem. Link ----------> Frame relay circuits between NP, Hawera, NZIX & Pronet Services ------> Dialup PPP, UUCP, ISDN, Leased lines, Virtual WEB Servers Usenet --------> As per Actrix (feed from Actrix) Charges -------> From $0.60/hr and $0.63/Mb, full details see WWW page Other Services-> Training, consulting, on-site installation Comments ------> Only ISP providing local dialin to Hawera area Contact Email -> info@netsource.co.nz Contact WWW --> http://www.netsource.co.nz Contact Voice -> 06 759 4638, 021 687 687 Contact Fax ---> 06 759 4329 Contact Postal-> PO Box 205, New Plymouth Last Update ---> 6 Jan 1997 Organisation --> Ram Management Limited Site Name -----> ramhb.co.nz Location ------> Hawkes Bay - Napier Area Serviced -> Hawkes Bay Dialins -------> 16 Lines (UCD) all with Ellcon v34 28.8k System --------> Cisco 2511, 486-66DX 4.8 Gig HD, 32 Meg Ram, Linux Link ----------> 128k Synchronous Link to Waikato Services ------> Shell, PPP Access, Email, UUCP, WWW Usenet --------> All feeds from Waikato (except a.s.* & a.b.p.e*) Charges -------> $20.00/Month Shell+PPP Access int $2.50/$1.00 Charges -------> Nat $1.80/$0.75 Peak/Off Peak Charges -------> All Prices EXCLUDE GST. - Contact us for full list. Features ------> Home Pages, WWW Publishing Other Services > Supply Software, Modems and consultancy for setting up. Comments ------> Providing Independent Internet Access for Hawkes Bay Area. Comments ------> Encouraging local Institutions, Businesses and other service Comments ------> providors to connect to our feed and run their own domains. Contact Email -> rossco@ramhb.co.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.ramhb.co.nz Contact Voice -> 06 8433 212 - Ross Allan Contact Fax ---> 06 8434 873 Contact Modem -> 06 8430 430 (16 Lines UCD) v34 28.8k. Contact Postal-> Ram Management Limited, 7 Menin Road, Onekawa, Napier Last Update ---> 11 Sept 1996 Organisation --> Central Plateau REAP Inc Organisation --> (Rural Education Activities Programme) Site Name -----> reap.org.nz Location ------> Taupo Area Serviced -> Central Plateau (Taupo, Turangi, Rangitaiki) Dialins -------> 16 Lines 28k8 System --------> Cisco 2511, Silicon Graphics Indy, 1Gig HD, 64MB RAM Link ----------> 64k Synchronous Link to Waikato Services ------> PPP, Email, WWW Usenet --------> Available Charges -------> $2.50/hour flat rate Charges -------> Free initial setup if needed. Prices include GST Features ------> Home Pages (URL to http://www.reap.org.nz/) Other Services > Supply Software, and consultancy for setting up. Comments ------> REAP is an incorporated society providing complementary Comments ------> and supplementary education opportunities for the Comments ------> Central Plateau Contact EMail -> gregg@reap.org.nz Contact Voice -> 07 378 6223 Gregg Sheehan Contact Fax ---> 07 378 0569 Contact Modem -> 07 377 6258 (16 Lines) Contact Postal-> Central Plateau REAP, PO Box 1000, TAUPO Last Update ---> 19 May 97 Organisation --> Taranaki Internet Providers Site name -----> taranaki.ac.nz Location ------> New Plymouth Area Serviced -> Taranaki Dialins -------> 9 x 28.8, 17 x 33.6 System --------> Sun Sparcstation with 5.5G, Pentium 100, Pentium 133 Link ----------> 256K leased line to Waikato Services ------> ppp, uucp, leased line, shell accounts (email and news). Usenet --------> Full, sex groups censored Charges -------> 6 different charging schemes, ranging from a time based Charges -------> scheme ($3.50 / hour) to a Volume and time based scheme at Charges -------> $0.60c / hour + $0.65 / Mb, details on application. Other Services-> Permanent connections Contact Email -> tiphelp@taranaki.ac.nz Contact WWW --> http://tipnet.taranaki.ac.nz Contact Voice -> 06-7576653 Contact Fax ---> 06-7576699 Contact Modem -> 06-7598220 Contact Postal-> Computer Services Manager, Contact Postal-> Private Bag 2030, New Plymouth Last Update ---> 11 Nov 1996 ---------------------------- Subject: Section 3.6: Wellington Area. Organisation --> Actrix Networks Limited Site name -----> atlantis.actrix.gen.nz Location ------> Wellington Dialins -------> 133 Dialup lines modems lines, 60 ISDN channels System --------> Several Sun systems and PC Servers Link ----------> Pronet. Services ------> Dialup PPP/SLIP, UUCP, ISDN, Leased lines, WEB Server Usenet --------> UseNet (no alt.binaries and sex groups), Clarinet Charges -------> $14 / month for PPP subscription. Charges -------> $1.45 to $2.50 per Mbyte depending on type of Account. Features ------> $60 pa for E-mail only account, Extensive other Services Features ------> FTP, Gopher, WWW, E-mail, Telnet Features ------> Shareware File Library. Other Services-> Training and consulting. Leased Lines. E-mail Other Services-> WEB development, hosting, management and marketing. Comments ------> New Zealand's first commercial Service. Comments ------> discuss your internet requirements. Contact Email -> info@actrix.gen.nz Contavt WWW ---> http://www.actrix.gen.nz Contact Voice -> Business (04) 801-5225 Contact Fax ---> (04) 801-5335 Contact Modem -> (04) 801-6622 Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 11-410, Wellington Last Update ---> 9 Jan 1996. Organisation --> Internet Company of NZ Site name -----> central.co.nz Location ------> Wellington Area Serviced -> Wgtn, Napier, PNth, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin Dialins -------> Wellington - 64 lines @ V34 Dialins -------> Napier - 12 lines @ V34 Dialins -------> Palmerston North - 12 lines @ V34 Dialins -------> Nelson - 12 lines @ V34 System --------> Sun Sparcstations running SunOS Link ----------> 512K to ICONZ in Auckland. Services ------> UUCP, Shell, PPP, leased line Internet access Usenet --------> Full feed Charges -------> Contact us to discuss options, starting from $10 per month Features ------> Reciprocal arrangements for logging in to your Features ------> account from remote sites, eg Auckland, Christchurch Other Services-> Training, support, boxed solutions for your Other Services-> commercial Internet requirements. Other Services-> Training, support, WWW Pages, ftp archives etc... Comments ------> Part of ICONZ, NZ's largest Internet Access Provider. Contact Email -> help@iconz.co.nz Contact Voice -> 495-2960 or 0800-843-638 (The Net) Contact Fax ---> 04-499-9573 Contact Modem -> 04-473-6633 (private) Contact Modem -> 04-473-6888 (commercial) Contact Modem -> 03-548-8292 (Nelson) Contact Modem -> 06-835-9031 (Napier) Contact Modem -> 06-356-1439 (Palmerston North) Contact Modem -> 03-338-3008 (Christchurch) Contact Modem -> 03-474-0698 (Dunedin) Contact Postal-> PO Box 1309, Wellington Last Update ---> 23 Oct 1996 Organisation --> PlaNet FreeNZ (Wn), Wellington InterNet Services. Site name -----> wn.planet.gen.nz Location ------> Wellington Area Serviced -> Wellington Dialins -------> 16 Lines Stepping, 28.8K V34/VFC 33.6K USR X2 System --------> Sun SPARC station SLC 2GB, IBM 486 4GB (Linux) Link ----------> 64K DDS to to KC Computer Services Services ------> email, Shell, uucp feeds, slip, PPP, IRC Services ------> MDDS & DDS links. Virtual Web Sites. Usenet --------> Full Feed Charges -------> $70 to 382pa (GST Inc) Time and Data FreeZones Apply Features ------> Guest Login for New Users Other Services-> Software & Documentation Support Other Services-> 7 day help line Comments ------> Contact Email -> info@wn.planet.gen.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.wn.planet.gen.nz Contact Voice -> 04 479 1542 Contact Fax ---> 04 479 6542 Contact Modem -> 04 479 4242 Contact Postal-> P O Box 11113, Manners Street, Wellington. Last Update ---> 20 May 97 Organisation --> NetLink Site name -----> netlink.co.nz Location ------> Wellington Area Serviced -> Nationwide Dialins -------> Nodes in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin System --------> Unix Link ----------> 2 Mbps Frame Relay Services ------> Leased line connections 28.8kbps to 2 Mbps. Services ------> Corporate dialin at 28.8kbps. Web page hosting and design. Usenet --------> Handled by NewZnet Support Group Charges -------> http://www.netlink.co.nz/prices/ Features ------> High bandwidth, helpdesk, web and ftp space with Features ------> dialup accounts. Other Services-> Consulting on WWW, IP security, e-mail. Comments ------> Wholesaler of Internet services to business Contact Email -> info@netlink.co.nz Contact Voice -> (04) 495-5021, 0800 655 465 Contact Fax ---> (04) 495-5197 Contact Postal-> PO Box 1762, Wellington Last Update ---> 25 Oct 1996 ---------------------------- Subject: Section 3.7: The South Island. Organisation --> The Black Albatross (University of Otago Computer Science Organisation --> Applied Research Centre) Site name -----> albatross.co.nz Location ------> Dunedin Area Serviced -> Dunedin Dialins -------> 5 lines all 33,600 bps Dialins -------> Guaranteed user to modem ratio of 5:1 or better System --------> Linux. OPENSTEP, HP/UX, NT, Cisco routers. Link ----------> 256 kbps to the NZIX via Clear Communications Services ------> PPP, permanent leased connections Usenet --------> Over 4000 groups from the University of Otago Charges -------> $400 inc GST per year, all you can eat Charges -------> Special prices for non-profit organisations - POA Features ------> One Personal WWW page free to clients Other Services-> Design development and hosting of commercial WWW sites Other Services-> Database backending of web sites Contact Email -> albatross@csarc.otago.ac.nz Contact Voice -> (3) 479 8347 Contact Mobile-> 0-21 353-994 Contact Fax ---> (3) 479 8529 Contact WWW ---> http://www.csarc.otago.ac.nz:800/ Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 56, Dunedin Last Update ---> 16 Apr 1997 Organisation --> University of Canterbury Site name -----> canterbury.ac.nz Location ------> Christchurch Area Serviced -> Christchurch - Staff, students, and alumni members. Dialins -------> 48 28k8 modems. Link ----------> 704kbs link to NZIX Services ------> Email, shell (VMS), SLIP and PPP access to WWW, FTP and Services ------> Telnet Usenet --------> Full feed except for binaries and alt.sex groups Charges -------> $2/MB international peak, plus 2cents/min connect time. Charges -------> Discount for staff and students. Charges -------> Other charges and discounts apply - please ask. Contact Email -> Helpdesk@csc.canterbury.ac.nz Contact Voice -> 03 364 2060 Contact Fax ---> 03 364 2332 WWW page ------> http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/ Contact Postal-> Computer Services Centre, Contact Postal-> University of Canterbury, Contact Postal-> Private Bag 4800, Christchurch Last Update ---> 19 May 97 Organisation --> Cave Rock Internet Site name -----> caverock.co.nz Location ------> Christchurch Area Serviced -> Canterbury Dialins -------> 13 x 28k8; 1 x 14k4 System --------> Linux (Intel) Link ----------> 128k to Netlink/Victoria Services ------> email,shell,uucp,slip,ppp Usenet --------> full Charges -------> ranging from $10/mnth to $25/mnth + corporate acct Features ------> Quake server Other Services-> modem sales, web design & consultancy Comments ------> our aim is to provide good friendly service Contact Email -> accounts@caverock.co.nz Contact Voice -> (03) 366 4242 Contact Fax ---> (03) 366 5478 WWW page ------> http://www.caverock.co.nz/ Contact Modem -> (03) 366 3208 Contact Postal-> PO Box 22488, High St, Chch 8001 Last Update ---> 15 Mar 97 Organisation --> Deep South Networks Ltd Site name -----> deepsouth.co.nz Location ------> Dunedin Area Serviced -> Otago and Southland Dialins -------> 20+ lines all 33,600 bps System --------> Linux and Windows NT. Cisco routers. Link ----------> 128 kbps to the NZIX plus 128 kbps redundant to the Clear IX. Services ------> SLIP, PPP, UUCP and permanent leased connections Usenet --------> 15,000+ groups from NewZnet and Clear. Charges -------> $39.95 to join, which includes customised software. Charges -------> $2.98 per hour; no minimums. Features ------> Personal WWW pages free to clients Other Services-> Complete internetworking consultancy services in-house Other Services-> Design, development and virtual hosting of WWW sites Contact Email -> admin@deepsouth.co.nz Contact Voice -> (3) 479 2078 Contact Mobile-> 0-25 323 675 (24 hours) Contact Fax ---> (3) 477 0928 Contact WWW ---> http://www.deepsouth.co.nz/ Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 5358, Dunedin Last Update ---> 18 May 97 Organisation --> EARTHLIGHT COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED Site Name -----> earthlight.co.nz Location ------> Dunedin, New Zealand Area Serviced -> Otago and Central Otago Dialins -------> 22 * 33,600 System --------> Sun SPARC and several Linux boxes Link ----------> 128k frame relay to NZIX via CLEAR Services ------> Dial-up: PPP, UUCP, Email Only and UNIX menu. Services ------> Virtual Hosting for web and email (use your own domain name). Usenet --------> 10,000+ News Groups Charges -------> Personal Accounts (PPP): $120/year or $35/quarter Charges -------> plus $3/hour. There is a $40 setup fee. Charges -------> For commercial and special accounts please inquire for details. Features ------> Full Internet access for any computer. Features ------> Flat rate email only accounts (Windows or Mac only). Features ------> Never get busy signals and always get fast downloads. Other Services-> Server installation for leased line or dial-on-demand links, Other Services-> so you can provide email and net access for your entire LAN. Other Services-> Net terminals for public use (Windows and Mac). Comments ------> We think the Internet is for everybody. We love to teach Comments ------> and particularly those who are scared of computers and Comments ------> computing! 5 Public terminals. Internet lessons. Contact Email -> support@earthlight.co.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.earthlight.co.nz/ Contact Voice -> (03) 479 0303, 0800 CONNECT (Otago) Contact Fax ---> (03) 477 5463 Contact Modem -> (03) 479 0352 Contact Postal-> PO Box 5301 Dunedin New Zealand Last Update ---> 15 Apr 1997 Organisation --> Eastern Southland Internet Site name -----> esi.co.nz Location ------> Gore Area Serviced -> Gore free calling area Dialins -------> 8 lines, 28,800 bps and 33,600 bps System --------> Linux; Cisco routers. Link ----------> 64 kbps to the NZIX Services ------> SLIP, PPP, UUCP and permanent leased connections Usenet --------> 15,000+ groups from NewZnet and Clear. Charges -------> Please contact us for connection pricing Charges -------> $2.98 per hour; no minimums. Charges -------> Prices for other services upon application Features ------> Personal and business WWW hosting Other Services-> Situated at Clive Wilson Computers (Gore) Ltd. Sales, Other Services-> service and installation of all PC hardware and software. Contact Email -> admin@esi.co.nz Contact WWW ---> http://www.esi.co.nz/ Contact Voice -> (3) 208 1988 Contact Mobile-> 0-25 322 124 (24 hours) Contact Fax ---> (3) 208 1989 Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 143, Gore Last Update ---> 18 May 97 Organisation --> NetAccess Site name -----> netaccess.co.nz Location ------> Christchurch. Area Serviced -> South Island Dialins -------> 70 33.6kbs V.everything System --------> Linux, NT , Mac OS Link ----------> 128k DDS to Telstra, 48k MDDS to University of Canterbury Services ------> PPP, SLIP, UUCP, Web pages. Services ------> Leased Line and ISDN options Usenet --------> Full feed from University. Charges -------> From $10per month Charges -------> Contact info@netaccess.co.nz for more details Features ------> Associated Web Consultancy business. Comments ------> We supply all required software for all platforms Contact Email -> info@netaccess.co.nz Contact Voice -> 03-348-8747 Contact Fax ---> 03-343-2895 Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 6232, Christchurch Last Update ---> 16 Apr 1997 Organisation --> South Net Ltd Site name -----> southnet.co.nz Location ------> Invercargill Area Serviced -> Southland Dialins -------> 25 modems, 28.8 and 33.6 k System --------> Pentiums and WWW Virtuals domain servers Link ----------> 128K Framerelay to NZIX Services ------> Full Internet access using SLIP and PPP. Usenet --------> Over 3500 groups from the University of Otago. Charges -------> $2.25 GST Inc. Per Hour 24-hours. (50% off between Charges -------> midnight and 8am, 7 days) Features ------> WWW local information server. Features ------> Add *your* home page to the Web! Other Services-> WWW advertising for businesses. Other Services-> Sales of modems and other hardware by prior arrangement. Comments ------> Believed to be the world's southernmost Internet provider! Contact Email -> marc@southnet.co.nz Contact Voice -> 03-215-6163(day) Contact Voice -> 025-345-222 Contact Fax ---> (3) 236-0909 fax Contact Modem -> Available to registered users only. Contact Postal-> PO Box 504, Invercargill Last Update ---> 11 Feb 97 Organisation --> Wizkid Internet Limited Site name -----> wizkid.co.nz Location ------> Christchurch Area Serviced -> Christchurch and Greater Christchurch area (ie. Rangiora) Dialins -------> 8:1 or less modem:users ratio All modems at 33.6Kb/s. System --------> Windows NT and Unix Network Link ----------> Leased line to Waikato University, Satellite Dish Link ----------> installed for high speed access to US provider. Services ------> PPP, email, web, PC, mac and unix dialin Usenet --------> full (including binaries and sex) available with ID Charges -------> $15 per month plus competitive data charges Charges -------> call for details Chch (03) 3373808 Charges -------> or email INFO@WIZKID.CO.NZ Features ------> Business Pages, satellite dish access Other Services-> Hardware/software sales, consulting Comments ------> Member of NZ MX5 club and chch web page Contact Email -> info@wizkid.co.nz Contact Voice -> (03) 3373808 Contact Fax ---> (03) 3373808 WWW page ------> www.wizkid.co.nz Contact Postal-> 71B Kidson Terrace, Christchurch Last Update ---> 1 Nov 1996 ---------------------------- Subject: Section 4.0: What sort of Internet access do other people have? This section covers access to the Internet by people other than those getting on via commercial providers. Section 4.1: What sort of access do University Students have? Section 4.2: What sort of access do School Pupils have? Section 4.3: Central Government on the Internet. Section 4.4: Public Access Terminals. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 4.1: What sort of access do University Students have? This is an rough guide to what sort of access is given to students at the various universities, For exact information you should contact the postmaster at the University. I would very much appreciate any updates/corrections to this Information. Auckland University (auckland.ac.nz) ==================================== * General. User pays (everthing except Usenet) through prepaid accounts. [ I am not sure how this effects the various depts below ] * Faculty of Commerce. Usenet news for all students plus email to local sites. * Arts Faculty Full Email and other services to graduates. Other students Usenet and ability to communicate other campus machines only. Charges picked up by the department. * Computer Science Department The Computer Science department provides unrestricted access to Usenet & Email to all students (graduate and undergraduate). WWW and ftp are restricted to NZ sites only. Students contribute a one-off fee of $5 per paper. * Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Undergrads - Can read and post news (though most of them don't know it) No external email access except for Year 4 students. Postgrads - Full access (email, ftp, www all sites, shell accounts on main unix machine) Traffic charges (billed to the department by the computer centre) are deducted from each students "Network Credits" account which covers both IP charges and laser printing. We get around (depends on whether you are ME or PhD student) $5 credited each month. In theory $1.50 of this was for IP charges but its up to the individual how much goes on printing and how much on traffic. There is no official provision for personally paying for more credits. * School of Architecture, Property, Planning All students get FULL internet access at cost. That is, a personal email address, access to NEWS, WWW, FTP. No distinction is made between NZ or international, graduates or undergraduates. Access is through UNIX shell, Eudora, NetScape. The University of Waikato (waikato.ac.nz) ========================================= * General. In 1995 all students will have access to Email and Usenet News on a user-pays basis, other access is dependant on the student's department. Massey University (massey.ac.nz) ================================ * Internal Students Massey University has e-mail available to it internal students on a user pays basis. Any internal student can register for e-mail access with Massey University's Computing Services department. Some departments automatically provide their post graduate students with e-mail addresses and access to other network services on the campus network. For more information, internal students should contact reception at Computing Services. * Extramural Students Massey University has a large extramural programme with over 19,000 students. Massey's Centre for University Exramural Studies (CUES) in conjunction with Computing Services is operating a dial-up service for extramural students. Registration with the service costs $50 (a one-off charge) which buys students a user pack - which includes software for mail and library access, userguides, an e-mail address on Massey's system, 0800 telephone support support, and a $25 usage credit (to cover Pacnet call access). This software is available in Windows, MS-DOS and Macintosh versions. The software is preconfigured to call in via Pacnet. Once the initial usage credit runs out, students can simply purchase additional credits. The service is available to them for as long as they want it (even if they are no longer a student). There are currently several hundred Massey extramural students online, including those linking from other Internet sites. E-mail is being used increasing as a means to provide support to extramural students. A large number of mailing lists are operated to facilitate class discussions and online study groups - this allows any extramural student on the Internet to chat with other classmates via e-mail (particularly handy for remote or overseas-based students). Students can use e-mail to communicate with many course staff, and we are currently running a small experiment using e-mail for sending in assignments. Course advice and a slowly increasing number of other services are also currently available through e-mail. Library catalogue access is now available, and can be used for ordering library books. The current dial-up is limited to simple e-mail, and we do not have SLIP/PPP access generally available. However, extramural students are encouraged to get online through whichever means they prefer. Information and advice is made available about getting connected through other service providers and gaining access to other Internet facilities (such as FTP, Gopher, WWW etc). For more information, extramural students should contact Andrew Chambers, the Computer Mediated Communications Consultant at CUES: Phone: 06 350 5379 Fax: 06 350 5625 E-mail: massemail@massey.ac.nz Victoria University of Wellington (vuw.ac.nz) ============================================= * General User-pays access provided to students by Student Access Network Systems (SANS), Graduate students may have access paid for by their dept. The University of Canterbury (canterbury.ac.nz) =============================================== * General Dial Up Access available to all students, as is SLIP. Telnet, ftp and WWW are all available via proxy gateways. Off peak traffic (after 8pm) is charged at 80% off. * Senior Undergraduates Some departments (notably Science and Engineering departments and Economics) give their students accounts on the main university servers and departmental computers in their fourth year or even earlier, when they need computational facilities to complete research projects. Whether the accounts carry full Internet access seems to depend at least in part on the academics responsible for the relevant courses. * Graduate Students Graduate students in some departments are given accounts with full Internet access to enable them to use telnet and email and ftp. Ftp is no longer directly available to many users because of accounting considerations but they can use the lynx WWW browser instead. Lincoln University. (lincoln.ac.nz) =================================== * General ALL undergraduates at Lincoln have access to e-mail and the Internet. They have full e-mail rights - on campus, and off campus both nationally and internationally. They also have access to a large number of newsgroups, not all however as some are restricted by the admin for various reasons. They do NOT have off campus telnet and ftp rights. WWW will be up and running soon for undergrads but they will only have access to NZ sites. ALL these facilites are provided free to ALL students at the present time. All undergraduates have access to public labs, accessible 24 hours, where all workstations should allow them to access these facilities. The official policy currently held by the University is that the ratio of workstations to students should be 1:13 which is high by NZ standards, especially since this is for ALL students not just certain faculties. So there are plenty of machines to be found. Postgrads have full e-mail, no restrictions on newsgroups, ftp and telnet off campus, and will have access to WWW (whether or not this will be just NZ I'm not sure). The University of Otago. (otago.ac.nz) ====================================== Up until recently free access was available to most facilities for most students. However due to the cost and overloading that resulted a newer policy is in the process of being set up. [ Note: 'I' in this piece is the person who sent in the material not the FAQ maintainer] * General Email access is available to all students for a small fee (~$5). I believe that some 4000 students (and maybe staff?) have accounts through this particular system and it is starting to get overstretched. FTP access is available through Netscape browsers to NZ only sites. No 'put' facility exists for these users. As yet I am uncertain whether access to UseNet will be provided. It is not available through the web browser. UseNet groups are censored (.sex groups mainly). Some leakage of postings seems to occur but it is hard to tell at what level. WWW is available for NZ only sites. Some undergraduate students may be able to get international access for specific courses. I suspect that registration will be 'buyable' to aquire offshore access in the near future. Telnet does not appear to be available off-campus. * Departmental Various departments will have the ability to register their machines to allow offshore/offcampus access. This will primarily effect www and telnet access. The departmental charging scheme will be released in the near future at which point decisions as to charging students will be possible. * Graduate Students: Graduate Students in some departments are given UNIX accounts with full Internet access. Some departments issue accounts to graduate students as a matter of course, others are more restrictive. One can assume that graduates will have more ready access to registered machines (and thus the www) than undergraduates. With the return of departmental Network charging the wide-spread access of graduates to the Internet is likely to be restricted, or at the very least curtailed. In many instances, restraint is now being called for. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 4.2: What sort of access do School Pupils have? An increasing number of Schools are getting on the Internet in various ways. Please contact me if you would like some information about you schools's activities listed here. The following URL's may also be helpful: http://www2.waikato.ac.nz/education/WeNET/sch/home.html http://www.actrix.gen.nz/biz/cwa/nzed.html Diocesan School for Girls, Auckland. ==================================== We have a 28.8k leased-line connection to the internet which we use to provide Email, News, and WWW access for staff across our Novell network. We are currently investigating how best to provide access for students. Pasadena Intermediate School, Auckland. ======================================= First State Primary to have a Web site accessable 24hrs day. Link via an isdn connection and ACE Router. All pupils have Access to E-Mail and Approved WWW Sites at any time during the School day. Staff have Unlimited and Unrestricted Access as required. Internet Access from any Computer anywhere in the School. (Inc All Classrooms, Library, Comp Suite, Office.) Soon to Start ftp Access for Pupils/Staff to access School Directories from home, and Staff Internet Access from Home via the Schools connection. Riccarton High School. Christchurch, NZ ======================================== Any student at Riccarton High can gain access to e-mail and news by filling out a form and getting their parents to sign it. We have a 28.8k leased line to the University of Canterbury, connecting via an ACE Router to our NetWare file server, winston.riccarton.school.nz. Students with e-mail access have their own unique addresses, and mail is delivered via a Mercury mail server to their NetWare addresses. Due to difficulties in charging, most students currently do not have full access to the Internet, although some class teachers grant access to their students to use the world wide web for educational use. Soon some new software will be installed that allows charging based on IP packets, and then access will probably be open to anyone. For more information, mail Phillip Pearson on phil@farpoint.gen.nz or Steve Fergusson on sf@riccarton.school.nz. Shirley Boys High School. Christchurch, NZ ========================================== All students at Shirley CAN have access to e-mail, with their own personal address. Not all have taken up the offer as we insist they do a training course before we allow them access. A large percentage of Staff also have e-mail addresses and are regular users. Newsgroups, a limited selection, are soon to be available for both staff and students and we are working on having a WWW server available. Access to these services will be limited due to suitability of material and cost. Staff and Students can currently make use of other Internet Services, Telnet, FTP, WWW, Newsgroups etc. through our Learning Resource Centre. Enquiries should be directed to deavollp@shirley.school.nz ---------------------------- Subject: Section 4.3: Central Government on the Internet. Currently there is very little government presence on the Internet in New Zealand, however a Homepage on the World Wide Web is being run by Victoria University for the government and several departments have some access. The New Zealand Government Homepage is at: http://www.govt.nz The online `Blue Pages' which give WWW addresses of over 30 Govt departments and email address of even more are available at: http://www.gwr.govt.nz I would very much appreciate anymore information on the government's presence that people might have. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 4.4: Public Access Terminals and Cyber Cafe's. The following places provide terminals for the general public to access the Internet. In most areas they are provided by the PlaNet organisation and you should contact root at the PlaNet representive in the area. Auckland ======== Auckland Central Library Cyberculture, Karangahape Rd, Auckland 1. Mangere Bridge Library Mangere Central Library Mangere East Library Highland Park Library Pakuranga Dargaville Public Library Hamilton ======== The Hamilton Public library provide 2 full access terminals. Cost is $6 for first 1/2 hour and $4 for each subsequent half hour. You can print material or save it to a library purchased disk. Assistance is offered by Reference staff. We also offer free access to newsgroups (read & post). We have one terminal dedicated to free newsgroup access. We provide as full a feed as we can (less the alt.sex *.erotica etc) - around 4,700 newsgroups. We have WWW pages (Intranet access only at the moment - but soon hope to launch these to the wider community). Bookings for tutorials (free introductory tutorials 3 times per week) can be made at the reference desk or by phoning (07) 838 6827. Palmerston North ================ Surfside Internet Cafe is located at 406 Main St.(along from the convention centre) on the square in Palmerston North. Our telephone number is 356 9571 and our URL is http://www.ecafe.co.nz Current opening hours: Monday 11am - 6 pm; Tuesday - Friday 11am - 8 pm; closed on weekends charges: $7 / 15 mins on-line tutorials: $7 / 15 mins and $12 / 30mins Students / Seniors / Beneficiaries: $8 / 30 mins and $15 / 1 hour on-line ( the same reduced charges apply for everyone! all day Mondays and Tuesdays ) e-mail account: $5 one-off set-up fee + $5 for up to 30 mins gift-vouchers available: $10 / 30mins We have all sorts of coffees....latte,cappucino,espresso etc. Otherwise we have other hot drinks, cold drinks, cake, and some savories. Wellington ========== Internet Public Access Terminals (IPAT) Terminals allow unrestricted access to the Internet. 3 Locations: Downtown Wellington Backpackers, 28 Waterloo Quay. Trekkers Hotel, 213 Cuba St. YHA Wellington, Wakefield St. Usage cost: Yes, terminals are coin operated. Contact: Andrew Court, (021) 648-045, Email acourt@voyager.co.nz Net Arena Computers Terminal allows unrestricted access to the Internet. Location: 110 Cuba St. Hours 10am to 10pm Mon - Sat, 11am to 8pm Sundays. Usage cost: Yes, contact Net Arena for details. Contact: (04) 385-2240, Email acs@netlink.co.nz or acs@xtra.co.nz Christchurch ============ See: http://www.ccc.govt.nz/Library/Internet_ChCh.html#RTFToC3 http://www.ccc.govt.nz/Library/Access_FAQ.html ---------------------------- Subject: Section 5.0: What's involved in actually getting on the Internet? Individual Users ================ Hardware - A Modem of some description. Basically the faster your modem can go the better. A good modem should cost you less than $200 while a second hand or slightly slower on should be available for less than $100. Don't get anything slower than 14.4Kbps and 28.8Kbps or faster is best. With the general increase in power of most PCs over the last couple of years almost all newer machines will have no problem using the full range of Internet applications. Certainly you should have no problem with anything more powerful than a 486-DX33 with 8MB of RAM. Software - Shell accounts are becoming increasingly rarer as most ISPs move to PPP only. However if you are using one you will find that a simple terminal program that comes with your operating system or modem is all you will need. PPP/SLIP software is available for MS-Windows, Mac, Amiga, MS-DOS , OS/2 and Unix platforms. Many of the best software is free or shareware. You should think very carefully before you pay money for such software. When you join an ISP they will usually supply you with the software you need, however many ISps will only support Microsoft Windows software. Companies ========= Introduction - Small companies can just choose to have an account similar to those for individuals with a provider. If that is the case then hardware/software requirements will be similar to those given for private users. Larger companies may wish to be directly connected via leased circuits which may require a large investment in software, hardware and training. Hardware - Some form of gateway machine is usually needed to provide a link between a company's internal network and the Internet. This machine would usually run some form of Unix and provide route, firewall and protocol translation while acting as a mail, news server etc. For small to medium size companies a 486 level PC running one of the free Unixes would probably be sufficient. Software - This is very dependent on what your internal network runs along with what level of access you are planning to give to your employees. In many cases software is available free but there are also many commercial packages available. You should check with your provider to see who they recommend. Leased Circuits - This gives your company a continuous connection (via your provider) with the Internet. At the cheapest level a leased phone line costs $2000-$3000 to set up and as little as $100 a month to run. This can provide a throughput of 33,500 bit per second. Faster options such as ISDN and microwave are also available in some areas but the cost of these options both in hardware and line rental (if applicable) rises sharply as bandwidth increases. World Wide Web Presence - Almost all ISPs offer some sort of Web Page hosting. If you simply require a couple of pages then they will usually be included in the price of your account. More complicated arrangements may cost many thousands of dollars per month in traffic, hosting other fees as well as many man-hours in maintaining them. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 6.0: What can I do once I'm on the Internet? The Internet is the result of connecting together a large number of university, research, and commercial networks. It's history's first major global computer network. Originally it evolved out of a desire for researchers to communicate with each other and exchange data more conveniently. Electronic mail remains one of the major uses of the Internet today - anyone on the network can send electronic mail to anyone else quickly and conveniently. A logical extension of this idea is "Usenet news", which allows people to discuss publicly topics of interest with people all over the world who have similar interests. There are over five thousand such discussion groups now (although few sites carry them all) , with something to interest everyone. Both these services are "offline" services - in other words you send a message and other people read it later. The alternative is programs that type directly to other people's screens. The "online" equivalent of mail is "talk" which allows you to chat with a friend, typing directly to each other's screens. News' equivalent is "IRC" or Internet Relay Chat which allows people to enter discussion groups on various topics and send messages to each other. People looking for software or information have various ways of accessing it. "ftp" and "fsp" are ways of getting files from computers anywhere in the world, with many places providing areas with gigabytes of files. The problem with these is finding what you're looking for amongst the millions of computers around the world. One solution is "Archie", which can be used to search a list of ftp sites for whatever you're interested in. Other alternatives are "gopher" and "World Wide Web" (or "WWW") which provide a user-friendly way to browse through the plethora of databases and ftp sites on the net. "gopher" is an application that organises access to Internet resources. It provides passage into other computers ( where these allow you to do this ), for browsing and searching documents. It can also link to resources and databases, such as Usenet, on-line library catalogues, and others. It is usually a fairly easy way to find things on the 'Net' and to retrieve information, such as FAQs. Many games and bulletin boards are also accessible via the Internet, including the very popular MUDs, or "Multi-User Dimension"s. These allow people to wander around a simulated environment, interacting as if they were physically in the same place. There are plenty of other things to do on the Internet - just finding out about them could easily become a career in itself! There's so many interesting things out there that it's impossible to list them all but exploring the possibilities is half the fun. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 7.0: How can I find out more about the Internet? Usenet ====== * news.announce.newusers There are a series of introductory texts posted to this group every week. reading these could save you a lot of time and trouble as you are getting started. * alt.internet.access.wanted If you want to find out if you can receive in a particular area try posting here and asking. * news.answers Currently all 'official' FAQs are posted to this newsgroup (including this one). Also all FAQs in this group are available via ftp from ftp://rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/news.answers/ Other FAQs ========== * FAQ: International E-mail accessibility. ftp://rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/news.answers/mail/country-codes * Summary list of Internet access providers in the UK. ftp://archie.au/usenet/FAQs/alt.internet.access.wanted/Summary_list_of_Internet_access_providers_in_the_UK * Network Access in Australia FAQ ftp://archie.au/usenet/FAQs/alt.internet.access.wanted/Network_Access_in_Australia_FAQ This FAQ may be slightly out of date, try also the list by Hankin Chick kept at - http://netspace.net.au/~hankin/ispmenu.htm * The Unofficial Internet Book List ftp://rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/news.answers/internet-services/book-list Books ===== There are hundreds of books on the Internet currently available, most of them fairly good. The "Unofficial Internet Book List"(see above) lists most of these with prices and short reviews of many. Usually it is best to buy a book that is as recent as possible since the Internet rapidly changes and books over a year or two old are almost certainly out of date in places. * New Zealand Internet books If anyone is aware of any good books on the Internet from a New Zealand perspective I would be happy to list them. ---------------------------- Subject: Section 8.0: Disclaimer and Credits. DISCLAIMER: The 'Internet Access in New Zealand FAQ' is a private project done for purely informational reasons. It has no affiliation with any group or entity. Please note that information contained in this FAQ does not necessarily reflect the opinions of myself or any company or organisation I am connected with and vice versa. While I endeavour to keep the FAQ as up-to-date and error free as possible I can accept no responsibility for any errors in it, I will however do my best to correct any errors as soon as I become aware of them. Especially note that I only make minimum effort to check the validity of entries sent to me by various organisations for inclusion in Section 3. If you feel these are inaccurate you should point this out to the Managers of the site, on Usenet or make a complaint to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. CREDITS: I would especially like to thank Zik Saleeba <zik@cs.monash.edu.au>, the keeper of the 'Network Access in Australia FAQ' for permission to use material from his FAQ in this one. Big thanks to Don Neal for much of the information on the structure of the New Zealand Internet and also to Bryce Farmilo, Ray Brownrigg and many others for their input as well as to the various providers for their information. Additional to the above the following have also sent me information: John Hamer, Alan Marston, Justine Lee, Gary Elmes, Manfred Marriott, Richard Vowles, Marcus Robins, Colin Jackson, Douglas Davey, tim@ben.dciem.dnd.ca, David King, Peter, Lyndon Watson, David Zanetti, Tony Sutorius, David Dix, Craig J Rodger, Craig Johnston and many others who I have missed. Thanks also for moral support at various times from: CJS, OSS, HJF, RV, SB, LN, and many others. The End.