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Subject: Hungarian WWW information FAQ (Version: 0.22, Last-modified: 1996/10/27)

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URL: <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/web> Version: 0.22 Soc-culture-magyar-archive-name: web Posting-Frequency: every ten days Archive-name: hungarian/web Last-modified: 1996/10/27
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hungarian electronic resources FAQ 3. Interactive services 3.1 What's available on the World Wide Web The following is the chapter recently removed from the main body of the hungarian-faq. This is not yet completely re-edited for stand-alone format, nor completing a collection of all important links has been attempted. For more comprehensive WWW directories see, for example: <http://www.hungary.com/hudir/>, <http://www.hungary.com/hudir/> or <http://www.fsz.bme.hu/hungary/homepage.html>. This version 0.2 contains some aditional links not shown in 0.1,=20 see the HTML listing appended near the end of this document! - ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: 3. INTERACTIVE SERVICES If you are using Hungarian interactive services from abroad (or vice versa): please note that interactive Internet connections like WWW may be very slow, even timing out during peak hours - try times of lower network load when the response time is usually reasonable. - ------------------------------ Subject: 3.1 What's available on the World Wide Web This document you are reading now is hosted at <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/hungarian-faq/web>, and its directory has a few other documents and several links to other sites of interest. The Hungarian Home Page is at <http://www.fsz.bme.hu/hungary/homepage.html> with links to the registered Hungarian www servers, including - the Prime Minister's Office: <http://www.meh.hu> (overseas users please notice that the use of the <http://www.hungary.com/meh/> mirror is requested to cut down transatlantic traffic!) - a weather forecast page (this is updated daily, and includes weather forecasts, meteorological maps, and METEOSAT satellite images; this page is in Hungarian) - home pages of Hungarian cities (currently Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc, Pecs, Szeged), and of educational and other institutions=20 - a comprehensive list of Hungarian telnet services (e.g. library=20 databases), gopher and ftp sites (3.2). The content of almost all the= =20 Hungarian FTP sites is indexed and can be searched. The Hungary Online Directory (HUDIR) is at <http://www.hungary.com/hudir/> featuring a hierarchical database of Hungarian online content worldwide. Currently it has links in excess of 2500. HIX has a WWW server in the USA: the URL is <http://www.hix.com>. To check out fresh content, see <http://www.hix.com/friss2/>, which gives you a comprehensive table of content for new material arrived in the last 24 hours (which is typically in the order of 100-150 pages). Besides back issues of its email journals, and a plethora of other files in Hungarian and English, it offers an on-line English-Hungarian, Hungarian-English dictionary (<http://www.hix.com/hix/szotar/> - its European mirror is at <http://tpri6l.gsi.de/szotar.html>), and various home pages and pointers to other sources. Partial mirrors located in Hungary are <http://www.eunet.hu/eunet/hix/> (for the Magyar Narancs archive), and <http://hal9000.elte.hu/hix/> (for some pictures, and searching the Radir database - see below). Hungary.Network - The GateWWWay to Hungary at <http://www.hungary.com/> has a number of government, commercial and organizational users listed. TourInform is at <http://www.hungary.com/tourinform/> is the service of the Hungarian Tourism Service, the official promotion agency of the Hungarian Tourist Board. They offer practical information, maps, broshures and even tours on video casette. The Open Media Research Institute has a WWW server, available at <http://www.omri.cz>. Available at this Web site are all back issues of the Daily Digest, tables of contents for Transition, OMRI's bi-weekly analytical journal, and information about OMRI's activities and staff. The World Wide Web server of Central Europe Today is at the URL <http://www.eunet.cz>. Find back issues of the Hungary Report on the World Wide Web at=20 <http://www.yak.net/hungary-report/> or <http://www.isys.hu/hol>.=20 The Hungary-Online archive is available from=20 <http://www.yak.net/hungary-online/> or <http://www.isys.hu/hrep>=20 as well. There is a growing Hungarian resource directory at <http://mineral.umd.edu/hir/>. [The same server also hosts a "Hungarian Electronic Resources FAQ"<http://mineral.umd.edu/faq/>.] There is a"Foreign Languages for Travellers"collection of essential Hungarian expressions with English, German and French explanation, complete with sound at <http://insti.physics.sunysb.edu/~mmartin/languages/hungarian/hungarian.htm= l>. The American Association of Young Hungarians (AAYH) has its homepage at <http://www.aayh.org/>. A Hungarian church in Chicago has info at <http://users.aol.com/MikeC16958/>. The Gyorgy Bessenyei Teachers Training College (Nyiregyhaza) offers=20 some 3000 pages worth of database for Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county=20 (Eastern Hungary) as well as other goodies and general Internet help, in both Hungarian and English: <http://www.bgytf.hu/>. See also section 2.3 above, which covers <http://www.siliconvalley.com/> and refers to other links as well. The following is a somewhat random working list, in HTML format, of webpages of interest recently announced (which I haven't yet had the time to check out or incorporate with further description): <A HREF=3D"http://www.fsz.bme.hu/wn/"> "What's new in Hungary?" =09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://users.deltanet.com/~kingavp/"> "KINGA'S COOL HUNGARIAN LINKS" =09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://mason.gmu.edu/~achassel/index.html"> "Historical Text Archive, Hungarian Images and Historical Background"> =09= </A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://members.aol.com/kfa4kuvasz/index.htm"> "Kuvasz Fanciers of America" =09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.mkogy.hu/"> "Magyar Orsz=E1ggy=FBl=E9si Hivatal" =09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.nepszabadsag.hu/"> "Nepszabadsag Online"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.datanet.hu/szignum"> "Szignum Media Hirlevel"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.enet.hu/clients/bohemelet/"> "Bohemelet"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.hdsys.hu/"> "Az Apple Computer Magyarorszagon"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://silicon.terra.vein.hu/sci/intro.html"> "Utilapu Halozat - SCI Hungary"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.fornax.hu/napi/"> "Napi Gazdasag On-Line"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.mhirlap.hu/"> "Magyar Hirlap Ottlap"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.enet.hu/otherside"> "Other Side Magazin"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.bdtf.hu/konyvtar/sup/sup.html"> "A Savaria University Press Alapitvany honlapja"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://lingua.arts.klte.hu/summer/summer.htm"> "Debrecen Summer School"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.eunet.hu/median/ifered.html"> "Az elso magyar online internet-felmeres eredmenyei"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.enet.hu/jozsefattila"> "Jozsef Attila"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://WWW.iSYS.hu/remindme"> "RemindMe"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://WWW.iSYS.hu/nevnap/"> "Nevnap Emlekezteto"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://WWW.iSYS.hu/nameday/"> "Nameday Reminder"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.datanet.hu/primpress"> "Ujsag"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.datanet.hu/artnet/beauty/index"> "Virtualis Vilagszepe Valasztas 1996"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.fornax.hu/fmon/valuta/index.html"> "Valuta arfolyamok"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.fornax.hu/fmon/commod/batmenu.html"> "Budapesti Arutozsde napi statisztika"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.idg.hu/expo"> "Internet Expo Hungarian Pavilion"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.idg.hu/internetto/friss/netinform/"> "iNteRNeTTo, Budapest"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.kossuth.enet.hu/"> "Kossuth Radio"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://year1100.iif.hu/"> "Millecentenariumi rendezvenyek programfuzete"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.datanet.hu/szfold/szfold.htm"> "Szabad Fold hetilap"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.sch.bme.hu/~steve/e-mail.html"> "Kapcsolattartas e-mail utjan az Interneten"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.starkingnet.hu/bcc/internet_piac/"> "interNET PIAC"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.enet.hu/bpweek"> "Budapest Week"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.spiderweb.hu/jurix/jurix.html"> "Jurix jogszabalygyujtemeny a halon"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.iqsoft.hu/pages/h_hmj.html"> "HMJ - Magyar Gazdasagi Jogszabalyok Haromnyelvu gyujtemenye"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.inf.bme.hu/esatt_indis/docs_hu/rtdhun/hmj_e.html"> "HMJ - Hungarian Economic Rules of Law"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.tiszanet.hu/mszp/"> "MSZP Szeged"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.htbt.hu/"> "H.T.BT. Honlap"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.mav.hu/"> "A MAV Rt. www szervere"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.mav.hu/"> "Hungarian State Railways Co."=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.mek.iif.hu/"> "Magyar Elektronikus Konyvtar (Web felulettel)"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.uni-miskolc.hu:8080/SZOTAR"> "Angol-magyar, magyar-angol szotar"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.ikm.hu/"> "Ipari, Kereskedelmi es Idegenforgalmi Miniszterium"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.bankonekt.hu/translat/mfe.htm"> "Magyarorszagi Forditoirodak Egyesulete"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.bankonekt.hu/translat/mfe.htm"> "Association of Hungarian Translation Companies"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.InterWare.hu/"> "Szolgaltatasok az InterWare-nel"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.InterWare.hu/index.us.html"> "Services at InterWare"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://www.enet.hu/emiquint/"> "EMI Quint"=09</A> <P> <A HREF=3D"http://emc.elte.hu/~ve/index.html"> "Vilagegyetem - Egyetemistak es foiskolasok ketheti lapja"=09</A> <P> - ------------------------------ This work as a collection is copyright (1990-96) Zoli Fekete, and parts are copyright of their respective authors. Please do not redistribute substantial portions without contacting the maintainer. Since February 14, 1996 this document is authenticated=20 by my secure public-key encrypted electronic signature=20 (see <http://www.ifi.uio.no/pgp> for details),=20 the public key for which is shown in the WWW link=20 <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/pgp-key.asc>=20 and is also attached to the end of the text available via 'finger magyar@world.std.com'! Unauthorized publishing in off-line media - such as printed, CD-ROM or=20 magnetic databases - is explicitly prohibited! =20 URL: <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/web> Version: 0.2 Soc-culture-magyar-archive-name: web Posting-Frequency: every ten days Archive-name: hungarian/web Last-modified: 1996/10/26 - -- Zoli fekete@bc.edu, keeper of <http://www.hix.com/hungarian-faq/> <'finger hungarian-faq-pointer@www.hix.com'>=20 SELLERS BEWARE: I will never buy anything from companies associated with inappropriate online advertising (unsolicited commercial email, excessive multiposting etc), and discourage others from doing so too! -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQB1AwUBMnQCpjF5HDDpzOB1AQEsywL/Qrv1JjW/TRnLz5BLtQW9PvFbPeuuj7Bn EJvdhcFLq19E7a+sZDq4k7iWuFujxNI/HdxQCh5BxOib9T3YHRhrve+H60glh1Yc 8j7RLfErGtq6hKD4dk01/mQxgOXnd65Y =3DBntL -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----