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Subject: Hungarian email pointer (Version: 0.90, Last-modified: 1995/11/21)

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Archive-name: hungarian/pointer Soc-culture-magyar-archive-name: pointer Bit-listserv-hungary-archive-name: pointer Version: 0.90 (beta) Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1995/11/21 URL: http://hix.mit.edu/hungarian-faq/hungarian-faq-pointer
This document summarizes network-related resources of Hungarian interest, which are accessible via email. Some of the most readily available sources of information can be found in the archives of periodical information postings to Usenet; these documents are commonly known as FAQs (from Frequently Asked/Answered Questions). Knowing the name of the file you can retrieve it by sending email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the command "send usenet/news.answers/<ARCHIVE-NAME>" in the message (without the quotes, and with substituting the actual name for <ARCHIVE-NAME> in the pattern shown above) - for example, to get the document described below, use send usenet/news.answers/hungarian-faq To learn more about the RTFM server just send the command "help" to it - it will provide step-by-step intstructions on how to use the archives, on retrieving indexes and so on. "Hungarian electronic resources FAQ" is a comprehensive collection dealing with email, FTP, WWW and other Internet tools; its archive name is 'hungarian-faq' (and the mail-server command to get it is shown in the example above). If you only have direct access to email then, in order to use the other tools, you'll need the methods described in "Accessing The Internet By E-Mail" (Archive-name: internet-services/access-via-email). To get a general introduction to Usenet (with some guides to Internet as well - and explanation of how they are different, too) see "Welcome to news.newusers.questions!" (Archive-name: news-newusers-intro). For a guide to finding someone's e-mail addresses, see the "FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses" (Archive-name: finding-addresses). Do notice that it's usually inappropriate to send such blanket requests to mailing lists; the search tools available give much better chance to locate addresses sought than posted queries in any case! An overview of commercial on-line services in Hungary is available by John Horvath <jhorv@mars.iif.hu> (Archive-name: hungarian/comm-providers). The hungarian-faq describes several email lists related to Hungary; only a brief summary is shown here. Please keep in mind that subscription requests (and other administrative communications) should be directed to the server address, NOT to the lists themselves. Server: listserv@gwuvm.gwu.edu List: hungary@gwuvm.gwu.edu (the HUNGARY LISTSERV list) Server: HOL-request@hungary.yak.net List: HOL (Hungary Online) Server: hungary-report-Request@hungary.yak.net List: hungary-report Server: listserv@ubvm.cc.buffalo.edu Lists: OMRI-L (Open Media Research Institute Daily Digest) MIDEUR-L (Middle European discussion list) Server: cet-online-request@eunet.cz List: cet-online (Central Europe Today On-Line; email cet-info@eunet.cz) Server: listserv@aearn.aco.net List: CERRO-L (Central European Regional Research Organization) Server: email to help@hix.com (Hollosi Information Exchange) Lists: HIX is a collection of several separate lists, including - MOZAIK, a collection of news items in English - various discussion forums in Hungarian language - SCM and HUNGROUPS, which are email-accessible archives of the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.magyar and the hun.* national hierarchy, respectively; to get a directory listing of these archives (as well as that of other HIX lists), send email to senddoc@hix.com with "arch" in the 'Subject:' line. Note that the SENDDOC utility takes its parameter from the 'Subject:' of the message (unlike many other servers, like the ones described previously, which use the body)! Note that this document is available on the <http://hix.mit.edu/hungarian-faq/> homepage for the "Hungarian electronic resources FAQ" at the HIX WWW-server. The latter also provides access for the full FAQ via 'finger hungarian-faq@hix.mit.edu', and for this brief pointer you are reading via 'finger hungarian-faq-pointer@hix.mit.edu' (notice that you will likely need to redirect the output to a pager or a file in order to read it). The Usenet archive name for this document is hungarian/pointer . -- Zoli fekete@bc.edu, keeper of <http://hix.mit.edu/hungarian-faq/> <'finger hungarian-faq-pointer@hix.mit.edu'> NOTE: spamsters and bulk emailers see 'X-Policy*:' in the header for the charges to be imposed for net abuse!