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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- A frequently occuring question on soc.culture.magyar (and on mailing lists related to Hungary) is how to get connected to the net in Hungary. This document by John Horvath gives a comprehensive overview of the situation. (Notice that I - Zoli Fekete, keeper of hungarian-faq - - handle the distribution of this article, but the content is maintained by its author; for contact information see the end of this post or use its 'Reply-to:' address!) Commercial On-Line Services in Hungary: an overview Revised: Wed 04-03-96 0. ELLA 1. CompuServe 2. EUnet 3. DataNet 4. ProNet 5. iSYS Hungary 6. Internet Hungary 7. Magnet 8. MATAV 9. Commerical WWW Servers 10. Hungarian BBS lisitng --------------------------------------------------------- 0. ELLA <blurb> This was the very first e-mail system Hungarians had access to. It's a home-grown central mailbox system that individual users, universities and research institutions can connect to. It used to be a closed system in where e-mail access was possible via a gateway. Since last summer, however, ELLA has been put on the HELKA server of the National Information Infrastructure Development Program (Hungarian acronym: NIIF) in an effort to modernize the system. Unlike most public e-mail systems, the address syntax is based on both the user's mailbox number as well as part of a user's name. A sample address is as follows: h [postbox number] [first three letters of the user's name] @ella.hu. Example: a person called Horvath Janos with a mailbox number of 444 would quote his address as h444hor@ella.hu. This is only necessary for users not on ELLA. ELLA users can just type in the mailbox number (in the aforemntioned example, just 444 is necessary). ELLA is available in Hungarian and English, and there is a possibility of obtaining an off-line reader called BUTELLA. The program has some limitations: maximum connection speed is 9600 and modem access only works from COM1 and COM2. Since ELLA is sponsored by the NIIF, most higher educational institutions and libraries have ELLA, making it a very accessible and affordable (i.e. free) connection for students and teachers. <specifics> Contact: PLEASE Kft. (more specific information on pricing will be =09 forthcoming) Postmaster: h1006pos@ella.hu. Method of Connection: The system can be accessed by either a modem or a dedicated X25 line, up to a speed of 9600. <notes> On-line phonebook: telnet hugbox.sztaki.hu 203 For ELLA users, addresses within the same system can be searched either by name, number, or institution. Within ELLA, there are possibilities of sending messages encoded (ideal for non-ASCII characters and small programs), express, and registered. Registered messages sent to an ELLA address sends a receipt only when the other person has actually read it; to other addresses, receipts are sent only when the other system (not the user) has received the message. The maximum size that a message can be sent is 64K. 1. CompuServe <blurb> Since September 1993, the US-based CompuServe, the world's largest commercial online service, has had a local dial-in node in Budapest. Subsequent to a transfer of the franchise from the bankrupt Microsystem to Middle Europe Networks, backed by Esther Dyson's EDventure Holdings, the node went down for about six months but resumed service in February, 1995. The basic connect charge for the service is relatively expensive ($7/hour by day, $4/hr by night @ 2400 bps or slower; $16/hr by day, $12/hr by night @ 9600 bps, the fastest the node supports), on top of other value-added connect charges that apply. Nonetheless, the local office reports about 1,600 subscribers by November, 1995, far more than any other local online service. In addition to CompuServe's myriad online resources -- dozens of databases, news, travel reservation, shopping, games, computer customer service, and hundreds of professional and hobby discussion forums -- there are a few areas of specialized Hungarian information, as well. Chief among these is the new (October, 1995) Hungary Forum (GO HUNGARY). There, Magyars both in Hungary and abroad, as well as many curious non-Hungarians, engage in long-winded discussions about life in general and a few specifics. There is an attached library with a growing cache of uploaded files including financial information, news reports, specially Magyarized software utilities, maps, etc. The Travel Forum (GO TRAVSIG) also has an Eastern Europe section, where tourists and travel buffs exchange advice on trips not only through Hungary but the entire region. A search of the library with key-word "Hungary" yields a dozen-odd travel logs of visits to the country. <specifics> Method of connection: switched phone lines + 2400-9600 bps modem. Services: Email, some 2000 databases, 60 magazines and journals, encyclopeadias, wire news, home shopping, airline and hotel reservations etc. There is also use of the Internet services (telnet, ftp, WWW, Usenet) at no extra charge. Prices: $9.95 USD per month. This includes 5 free hours of connect time (for new subscribers, the very first month has 10 free hours of connect time). If you exceed the five hours, you are then charged accordingly, the minimum charge being $2.95 per hour. You can't carry over unused connect time to the next month; you start afresh with another five hours. The rates for connection charges are as follows: At 2400 baud from 8.00 am. to 7.00 pm. 7$/hour, nighttime 4$/hour. On a higher speed from 8.00 am. to 7.00 pm. 16$/hour, nighttime 12$/hour. =20 Compuserve now offers a "Super Value Plan": for a monthly fee is 24.95$, you receive 20 hours of free connect time. Contact: Middle Europe Network Kft./CompuServe Hungary Budapest 1022 Beg u. 3-5. Tel: (36-1) 175-6483 or (36-1) 212-4612, 212-0639 Fax: (06-1) 175-6483 Email: 71333.2633@compuserve.com <notes> Although you may access "free" services within Compuserve and stay within your five hour limit, you must also calculate on the following extra costs: local phone charges and an additional "network usage" charge. This "network usage charge" is applicable to all Compuserve users who connect through a Compuserve access phone number outside the US and Canada. You can circumvent this network usage charge if you connect to Compuserve from the Internet (i.e. telnet compuserve.com); however, under such circumstances you can only use Compuserve in terminal emulation mode, thus restricting some of the things you can do (such as uploading or downloading files). One advantage of Compuserve is that its list of access phone numbers is truly global, making it possible to keep in touch from almost anywhere in the world. 2. EUnet <blurb> <specifics> Method of connection: switched phone lines + 2400 -28800bps modem; leased (digital) lines; X.25; ISDN Services: full Internet; electronic mail; ftp-mail; EUnet News; program library; EUnet Traveller; Emil, a Hungarian-language email program for PC's on the net. Prices: Email only: 4000 Ft/month + 1000 Ft/MB (first MB is free). Full Internet for a single computer (SLIP/PPP): 4000 Ft/month + 500 Ft/hour (first hour is free). Full Internet for a whole network (SLIP/PPP): 10,000 Ft/month + 1000 Ft/hou= r. Leased lines or X.25: 10 000 Ft/month + flat rate according to bandwidth. Contact: EUnet Hungary , Hollo Krisztina, 1035 Budapest Miklos ter 1. Tel: (06-1) 269-8281 Fax: (06-1) 269-8288 Email: info@eunet.hu <notes> 3. DataNet <blurb> DataNet is the SprintNet service provider for Hungary. Their SprintNet connections are dual 64Kb lines, one to Vienna and the other to Washington, D.C., and they provide an Internet link via a direct 128K satellite connection to New York, as well as a direct 64Kb link into the Hungarian network. They have a network of Cisco routers which enables them to provide IP network connectivity services on a dial and dedicated basis. DataNet offers services in Budapest, Mislolc, Szeged, Debreden and Gyor. They provide a direct Interactive Internet service on both a dial and dedicated basis. Since they have their own server, they are also able to run a local Internet mail service. Furthermore, being the service provider for SprintNet, they also offer Worldwide SprintNet connectivity (X.25) and Worldwide SprintMail Email (X.400) services. <specifics> Prices: DataNet has two billing options. Both options are for a full Interactive Internet service and includes IP address, SHELL/SLIP/PPP and Email. There is no registeration fee. Billing Package "A" =09Monthly fee: 4,000 HUF (includes one free hour connect time) =09Connect fee: 800 HUF =09Mail Storage: First 2MB free, each additional MB is 500 HUF Billing Package "B" =09Monthly fee: 15,000 HUF =09Connect fee: 500 HUF =09Mail Storage: First 2MB free, each additional MB is 500 HUF Contact: Graur Tamas Budapest, 1023 Zsigmond ter 10. Tel: 269-7373 Fax: 269-7022 Email: gtamas@datanet.hu <notes> They are continuing to install more sites in Hungary, with the aim of eventually covering all 19 regions on a continual basis. Also, users of other Internet service providers who move their service over to DataNet will have not have to pay the monthly fee for the first month. 4. ProNet <blurb> <specifics> Prices: No sign-on fee. Graduated pricing: $35 for 5 hours, $75 for 20 hours of connection. Contact: Robert D Line Budapest, 1053 Magyar utca 11. Tel: 266-7039 Fax: 118-4365 Email: rline@pronet.hu <notes> 5. iSYS Hungary <blurb> iSYS Hungary is a full service Internet provider based in Budapest and a PIPEX partner, which means they are part of a group of companies providing Internet access throughout Europe. They currently run a 64kbps digital leased line to Unipalm Pipex, in London, as well as a 128kbps connection to the Hungarian backbone (HBONE), offering high-speed access to other Hungarian servers and users of the Internet. By the end of this year, iSYS hopes to upgrade their leased line to 128kbps. They are also currenly installing another 64kbps line to Washington, which is planned to be operational before the end of this year. By summer 1996, iSYS hopes to have their continent-wide roaming service running; this would allow you to use the Internet from anywhere in Europe, but pay only one bill in Hungary. Customers using the EasyCall pager service can now receive email messages from the Internet. This service is a joint development of EasyCall Kft and iSYS Hungary Kft. <specifics> Prices: Prices are based on fixed rates, which means they don't charge according to the number of users on your network, the time spent online, or the amount of data they send. The following are prices for iSYS Hungary's most popular Internet accounts. For a complete price list, you can send a blank email message to <prices@isys.hu> or contact a human sales representative at <sales@isys.hu>. 28.8k LAN access - 39,200 HUF/month 14.4k LAN access - 34,125 HUF/month * a mailbox for every user on your network * no extra charges for time and traffic * 3 MB of server space for WWW or FTP * 25% discount on the Instant Internet LAN bridge (see notes) 14.4k limited access - 9,975 HUF/month * full Internet access from 7 pm to 7 am and all holidays and weekends * no extra charges for time and traffic * 1 MB of server space for WWW or FTP Contact: Edward Schmidt Budapest, 1051 Sas utca 9. Tel: 266-6090 Fax: 266-6131 Email: edward@isys.hu <notes> Instant Internet <ii@isys.hu> - ---------------- The Performance Technology Instant Internet box offers hassle-free dial-up and dedicated LAN Internet access at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. The Instant Internet box contains a 14.4k US Robotics modem (the 28.8k version will be available soon), so no additional hardware is necessary for dial-up access. If necessary, a simple and inexpensive single-port router connects to the Instant Internet unit to provide hassle-free dedicated connectivity. The Instant Internet unit can be easily installed onto your Ethernet, and provides full Internet access on-demand to all LAN users. Instant Internet uses your native LAN protocol (such as Novell's IPX), and therefore requires no configuration on any machine on the network. Instant Internet also offers unbeatable security for your network data. 6. Internet Hungary <blurb> <specifics> [this info may be seriously outdated] Method of connection: Switched or leased phone lines + 2400-16800 bps modem; VSAT; X.25 planned. Services: Full Internet as well as email. Prices: Email only: 1200 [3500????] Ft/month SLIP: 6000 Ft/month + 500 Ft/hour UUCP: 6000 Ft/month + 500 Ft/MB, leased line: 8000 Ft/month + 500-1000 Ft/hour. Prices do not include VAT. Contact: ODIN Informacios Szolgaltato Kft., Molnar Erzsebet. Tel/fax: (06-1) 216-5609 Email: mary@odin.net <notes> Odin Kft. has been providing email and SLIP services since 1994. It merged with Microsystem Telecom in the spring of 1995, and changed its name to Internet Hungary. 7. Magnet <blurb> MagNet is primarily an Internet e-mail provider, that is, a low-cost, easy-to-use email service. There are no surcharges, connect-time charges, or per message charges. MagNet offers a no-charge database that is especially useful for Hungary's English-speaking community (especially Budapest's expatriate community) which contains information indispensible for those living and working in the country: the full English language text of legislation concerning work and residence permits; a guide to Hungarian income tax for expats; primers on obtaining AFA (sales tax) refunds; a lists of hospitals, clinics and English-speaking doctors; a list of all embassies in Budapest and their phone numbers; and foreign exchange rates for 20 currencies for each day since January 1st, 1992. Files are updated and new files are added regularly. MagNet can be used with a minimum of online connection time. Although it is is possible to read and write e-mail while online, it is possible (and recommended) to use an off-line reader whereby messages can be prepared beforehand and then uploaded, and at the same time download any messages that might be waiting. In this way, only a minute or two is spent online (freeing up the line for other subscribers) which reduces costs. Although there are no connect time charges on Magnet, you must nevertheless pay the usual telephone company charges for your calls. <specifics> Services: Internet email. Prices: * 1,200 HUF per month for up to 100 KB of Internet messages (a full page of text is about 2kb) * 1,700 HUF per month for 100 kb - 250 kb (most of our users are in this category) * 2,000 HUF per month for 250 kb - 1 megabyte, and 1000 fts per additional half megabyte. Local usage (e-mail between MagNet users) is unlimited and free. Contact: Fred Leber Tel: (1) 251-5245 Email: fred.leber@magnet.hu <notes> Magnet provides a software program called MOMS (MagNet Offline Mail System), or users can use another offline program if they prefer. MOMS automatically compresses and decompresses your messages, transmitting a full page of text in approximately a half second. 8. MATAV <blurb> MATAV is the acronym of the Hungarian Telecommunications Company and has recently made plans to become a commercial online service provider. Upon completion of the national digital backbone network, the Managed Leased Line and the ISDN networks is expected to soon appear. In this way MATAV hopes to be able to introduce the Internet and the other value added services (such as X.400, EDI, multimedia) on the basis of the existing data transmission services (such as X.25) and the planned modern leased line, Frame Relay and ATM services. MATAV intends to become "the service provider of the service providers", i.e. the service provider of the existing and the future Hungarian Internet providers through the maintenance of a high speed international access and the peering exchange keeping the national traffic within the borders of Hungary. At the same time, the end users will also be able to buy full Internet service from MATAV. The appearance of MATAV as a commercial online service provider has raised concerns among those in the business. Being the nation's primary telephone company, it clearly has an unfair advantage on the market. In many ways, the "bullying" tactics of MATAV mirrors that of Microsoft; considering that Bill Gates held consultive talks with MATAV officials during his visit to Hungary in 1995, there is no doubt that MATAV picked up a few pointers from the chairman of Microsoft. <specifics> Services: MATAV has a broad and detailed outline of the services it hopes to be able to provide. Direct Internet service - ----------------------- There are three options for this type of service. The first one is where a user will get a TCP/IP shell access point at his service access point. The user may have his own IP address or address range, available from MATAV upon request. TCP/IP access will be on a "guaranteed" band width. The requested band width must be at least 64 kbps or a multiplication of that width by an integer number, within the current maximum capacity. MATAV guarantees that the band widths rented by the users will not exceed the prevailing international band width by more than 10 per cent. The router set up at the customer premises would be connected to the router of MATAV installed at the corresponding premises of the company through the use of digital leased line service (leased line, managed leased line, X.25, etc.). The second alternative is the possibility of using national and international TCP/IP access on an average band width. A user of this service rents international TCP/IP access from MATAV on a band width of his choice. The requested band width can not be smaller than 64 kbps. MATAV's router would direct incoming traffic within the specified band width to the international or the national backbone network. MATAV agrees extend capacity when the average utilization of the line connecting the router and the backbones exceeds 65 per cent. In this way, the outgoing band width may be considerably smaller than the sum of the incoming (sold) band widths, however, when the utilization is relatively levelled off or when the initial traffic is smaller, sufficient response times can be guaranteed. For this service, the router set up at the customer premises is connected to the router of MATAV installed at the corresponding premises of the company through the use of leased data transmission service. Finally, there is the option of TCP/IP access on a switched line. In this case, the user of purchases non-permanent TCP/IP access from MATAV on a band width and in the form of access determined by his demands. The workstation of the user is connected to the special port ensuring SLIP/PPP network algorithm of the equipment set up at the premises of MATAV through a switched line (telephone, ISDN, packet switched network). The user may use the services offered by Internet on his own computer with the assistance of the special client software, which is capable of accepting Internet services, displaying the data in an appropriate format and forwarding the responses and the commands of the user to the network. Indirect Internet service - ------------------------- For this type of service, the user gets a standard terminal shell accessible by a terminal emulation software. The user won't have his own IP address. Internet server provisions - -------------------------- Internet specific services available on the server(s) will be set up at the appropriate MATAV premises. These include E-Mail, Shell client programs (telnet, ftp, news, gopher) as well as FTP, gopher, news server, WWW, and a name server. TCP/IP peering exchanges - ------------------------ MATAV plans to establish one or more exchanges which guarantees that those Hungarian Internet service providers who use this service can interchange domestic traffic among one another. In this way, it plans to keep the domestic IP traffic within Hungary. Since this service offers mutual advantages to the users (MATAV being is one of them), it can be used practically free of charge. The only condition is that the users must agree to those conditions of connection which the first users (MATAV being is one of them) defined at the start. Users will be able to establish their own router in the peering exchange of MATAV, to which the router set up at its premises is connected through leased line data transmission service. The respective interface of the router in the exchange is connected to the neutral ethernet (data transmission ring) segment of the exchange. The user is not capable of providing direct services from this router. Prices: the following are the planned prices for all of MATAV's prospective services. General note: prices do not include network access fees. Leased lines etc, are charged as usual. Access through PSTN is charged as a local phone call. Guaranteed bandwidth internatinal access: 600 000 Ft/month/64kbs 1100 000 Ft/month/128kbs Peering: 5.000 HUF/month Average bandwidth national and international TCP/IP access: Two packages A: pay as you go: low monthly fee + traffic fee B: a higher monthly fee, no traffic fee ___________________________________________________________________________= ___ A | B - -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----- | month | traffic | monthly fee | traffic | interface fee | | | - -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----- 64 kbs | 40.000 Ft | 600 MB/mo 60 Ft/Mb | 95.000 Ft | - | | over 600 M: 30 Ft/Mb | | - -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----- 128 kbs | 60.000 Ft | 1500 MB/mo 60 Ft/Mb | 195.000 Ft | - | | over 1500 : 30 Ft/Mb | | - -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----- 512 kbs | 100.000 Ft | 4500 Mb/mo 60 Ft/Mb | 595.000 Ft | - | | over 4500 : 30 Ft/Mb | | - -------------------------------------------------------------------------= ----- 2 Mbs | 130.000 Ft | 10000 Mb/mo 60 Ft/Mb | 995.000 Ft | - | | over 10000 30 Ft/Mb | | ___________________________________________________________________________= ___ Individual mail e.g kovacs.xywz@mail.matav.hu : 800 Ft/mo, 120 Ft/hour access fee + disk space: 500 Ft/MB/mo over 500 KB Group E-mail, e.g. (*)@vallalat.hu 6000 Ft/mo, 120 Ft/hour access fee + disk space: 100 Ft/MB/day over 500 KB Full Internet service: Shell and/or SLIP/PPP access (IP address assigned dynamically), e-mail, and the ususal set: www, gopher, telnet, ftp. Charged by connection time in blocks as follows: _____________________________________________________ | Monthly | Included |+ hourly | | fee | free hours | fee | | | | Ft | - ----------------------------------------------------- 1 MatavNet | 2000 Ft/mo | 1 | 240 | HOUR | | | | - ----------------------------------------------------- 1 MatavNet | 4000 Ft/mo | max. 24 and | | DAY | | close | | | | or extra hours | | | | for | 120 | - ----------------------------------------------------- 1 MatavNet |10000 Ft/mo | max. 168 and | | WEEK | | close vagy a | | | | or extra hours | | | | | 75 | - ----------------------------------------------------- 1 MatavNet |30000 Ft/mo | max 744 | - | MONTH | | | | _____________________________________________________ + fee for extra disk space used on Matav's server (in case of shell access) The first 1.5 MB disk is free, and 500 Ft/MB/mo over 1.5 MB. We charge what is the best for the customer. - -------------------------------------------------------------------------= -- Domain name registration: Primary registration: 5000 Ft/mo Secondary registration: 3000 Ft/mo WWW presence server 3000 Ft/MB/mo, Discount over 400 MB WWW editing: 1500 Ft / page (5KB), without pictures Graphics, data and database organization charged on a case by case basi= s. For further information, please mail to: www-info@www.matav.hu Email server (Setup and maintenance of automatically answering e-mail address up to 5 addresses with 1 MB disk space.) 4000 Ft/mo +500 Ft/MB for extra disk space. Contact: Service manager: Janos Gereb Email: gereb.janos@matav.hu MATAV HTI Marketing Department for Business Communication 1052 Budapest, Varoshaz utca 18. II. em. 29. 1431 Budapest, Pf. 159 Tel: (1) 266-3977 Fax: (1) 266-5846 Email: matavnet-info@www.matav.hu Error reporting: (1) 117-5415 <notes> Although not the sole telecommunications company in Hungary (you have other, smaller, local companies such as BakonyTel, which serves the Bakony area of Hungary), MATAV nonetheless provides the vast majority of telecommunication services within Hungary. Consequently, MATAV has been in the center of a huge political debate concerning its role as a commercial online provider. A new government decree expected to take effect soon may restrain Hungarian telecommunications giant Matav from dominating the Internet market. The draft decree allows government ministries to enforce a 1993 law regulating Matav's activities outside of its traditional telephone services. CompuServe Hungary along with other local internet providers complained in January that Matav could price others unfairly out of the market because it could subsidize its Internet service through its main telecommunications activities. The group earlier threatened to file a complaint with the Office of Economic Competition but has not yet done so. 8. Commercial WWW Servers <blurb> The following servers are registered commercial WWW servers in Hungary, all of them located in Budapest. * EUnet Hungary * Hungarian Privatization and State Holding Co. (APV) * SzKI Ltd. * ICON Ltd. * IQSOFT Co. * iSYS Hungary * Services in Hungary Ltd. * XCO Systems Ltd. * Integrated Business Information Systems Ltd. (IBIS) Contact: More information concerning these servers as well as other telnet, ftp, WWW servers, etc. can be found in the Hungarian Homepage at the following URL: http://www.fsz.bme.he/hungary/homepage.html 9. Hungarian BBSs <blurb> A BBS (Bulletin Board System) is a way of obtaining information and useful files/programs via modem. In Hungary, BBS operators range from companies to individuals. Most have systems that operate in both English and Hungarian. Modem speed varies generally from 2400 to 28800. One of the main functions of a BBS is the ability to leave messages for others who access the same BBS. It is possible to send messages to another BBS via one of many BBS mail networks. Depending on the type of network, messages can be sent either locally, nationally or internationally. For more information concerning e-mail via a particular BBS, contact the Sysop. Unfortunately, not every BBS has this e-mail option. <specifics> Hungarian BBS List Since the following list would require a column width of 170 characters, it has been broken up into 3 separate parts: the first contains connection information (telephone numbers, days and times); the second is technical information (Sysop, voice phone numbers, type of modem and speed, and how many lines available); the third has information concerning mail services available and the date when the information for the particular BBS was updated. There is also a separation between BBS numbers in Budapest and those in rural areas. Part #1: NB: All days are daily unless otherwise stated Budapest - -------- Name =09=09=09 Telephone=09 Time=09 Days A & M=09=09=09=09 1-290-6660=09 07:00-18:00 (Mon-Fri) Adventurers BBS =09=09 1-284-2285=09 22:00-10:00 Amiga Dreamland 1-138-0446 ? AT DAT BBS 1. line 1-201-2692 00:00-24:00 AT DAT BBS 2. line=09=09 1-201-4931=09 00:00-24:00 Atis BBS 1-257-7808 22:00-05:00 AT&T BBS 1-270-9591 00:00-24:00 AXION BBS=09=09=09 1-219-1753=09 00:00-24:00 Baba Yaga's Hut 1-111-3424 21:00-12:00 (Weekends:2= 1-9) BedRock 1-156-6088 20:00-12:00 Bitland BBS=09=09=09 1-270-2964=09 18:00-09:00 (Weekends:0-24) BitStar BBS=09=09=09 1-202-5276=09 22:00-06:30 + 9-13 Black Box Budapest BBS 1-212-0760 00:00-24:00 BTA Online BBS 1-342-0912 00:00-24:00 Budapest II. BBS 1-266-2292 00:00-24:00 CAMEL BBS=09=09=09 1-189-3789=09 22:00-06:00 Central Cavern BBS=09=09 1-118-8178=09 00:00-24:00 Checkpoints=09=09=09 1-133-3817=09 22:00-08:00 CT BBS=09=09=09=09 1-270-2963=09 18:00-09:00 (Weekends:0-24) Dekoder BBS 1-302-3174 22:00-06:00 Digital Reality 1-291-3675 22:00-06:00 Don's BBS 1-246-1389 07:30-14:30 (Mon-Fri) Electric Eye BBS 1-251-0822 22:00-07:00 (Weekdays:1= 0-14) Family BBS=09=09=09 1-267-5201=09 00:00-24:00 FLaTLine BBS=09=09=09 1-175-0015=09 22:00-06:00 Fonya BBS=09=09=09 1-261-4414=09 22:00-06:00 (Weekends:22-9) Full House BBS=09=09=09 1-180-1538=09 22:00-07:00 (Weekends:22-11) H.A.E. BBS 1-140-1088 22:00-05:00 HALLY BBS 1-160-0311 21:00-06:00 HiT SPACE BBS 1-252-0196 22:00-06:00 HTE BBS 1-153-3058 09:00-16:00 (Mon-Fri) = 14400 V42b ......... 951127 Home Of Secret 1-204-5228 22:00-06:00 IDG Online BBS 1-156-0691 00:00-24:00 iLL CoMMuNiCaTiON BBS 1-176-4173 22:00-23:30 Imagine BBS 1-292-2892 22:00-05:00 Info Borze Business Center 1-292-0144 00:00-24:00 iNSANITY 1-165-3943 22:00-07:00 iNSANITY 2 1-306-8900 22:00-06:00 IPOSZ COMPINFO 1-269-2580 00:00-24:00 Iridium BBS=09=09=09 1-269-2585=09 00:00-24:00 Kozossegi Adattar=09=09 1-212-0111=09 00:00-24:00 Krammer School BBS=09=09 1-284-4863=09 19:00-06:00 Levi's BBS 1-420-6770 23:00-05:00 Lucyfair&Marcipain BBS=09=09 1-168-9543=09 22:00-05:00 Madhouse BBS 1-215-6234 20:00-15:00 Mamro's BBS 1-188-8423 23:00-07:00 Med-In-Fo 1-149-8733 00:00-24:00 Microtel BBS=09=09=09 1-268-2181=09 00:00-24:00 MYSTICAL BBS=09=09=09 1-284-7876=09 22:00-06:00 NHRT BBS=09=09=09 1-251-2664=09 18:00-08:00 (Weekends:0-24) Oplab BBS=09=09=09 1-166-8809=09 21:00-16:00 (Weekends:21-10) Pangea BBS 1-189-3643 20:00-05:00 (Weekends:2= 0-12) PC-I BBS 1-284-2068 21:00-07:00 (Weekends:1= 8-12) Pelso BBS 1-270-6001 22:00-09:00 PictoDrome 1-120-3507 24:00-06:00 Picur BBS 1-221-0769 22:00-06:00 Pink Panther 1-252-8088 08:00-16:00 (Mon-Fri) Pleasure Dome=09=09=09 1-219-4124=09 18:00-07:00 (Weekends:0-24) Progi BBS=09=09=09 1-186-7880=09 22:00-06:00 RealBBS 1-250-3492 22:00-06:00 Roon's BBS 1-166-0971 06:00-22:00 Royal BBS 1-290-1412 00:00-24:00 SCiBBS 1-167-0394 22:00-06:00 Segmentation Fault BBS=09=09 1-165-2792=09 07:00-21:00 Shark BBS=09=09=09 1-133-1602=09 22:00-06:00 Skandar BBS 1-165-9315 22:00-06:00 (Mon-Fri) Tele-PC 1-113-9813 00:00-24:00 Telectronic BBS 1-214-1952 08:00-17:00 (Mon-Fri) The Jade BBS 1-215-6932 22:00-07:00 The LAST Chance BBS=09=09 1-165-0536=09 00:00-24:00 TwT BBS 1-287-2315 00:00-24:00 Virnet BBS 1.line=09=09 1-115-4402=09 00:00-24:00 Virnet BBS 2.line=09=09 1-175-5896=09 00:00-24:00 Vizlepcso BBS=09=09=09 1-382-7730=09 00:00-24:00 Wildfire BBS=09=09=09 1-156-3770=09 22:30-07:00 Windows Club BBS=09=09 1-258-1435=09 00:00-24:00 Rural Areas - ----------- Apocalyptic Raids BBS 62-479-359 22:00-07:00 Artur BBS-MOLINet 1. 56-424-033/1697 00:00-24:00 (Weekends:0= -24) Artur BBS-MOLINet 2.=09=09 56-424-033/1696 17:00-07:00 (Weekends:0-24) Artur BBS-MOLINet 3.=09=09 56-424-033/1698 17:00-07:00 (Weekends:0-24) ASTROBASE BBS=09=09=09 79-324-600=09 00:00-24:00 Atom Service 1. 94-323-016 22:00-04:00 Auto-Info BBS 1. line 62-421-084 00:00-24:00 Auto-Info BBS 2. line=09=09 62-325-929=09 00:00-24:00 Balaton BBS 83-318-402 22:00-08:00 BBSzolnok 56-422-189 00:00-24:00 BitBusters BBS 62-491-098 23:00-07:00 BRAiN CORE BBS 72-461-045 22:00-06:00 Bubble BBS=09=09=09 62-346-299=09 16:00-07:00 (Weekends:0-24) Church of House 52-438-191 22:00-13:00 (Weekends:2= 2-6) DANDY BBS 29-385-652 00:00-24:00 DevilSoft BBS 42-316-878 22:00-14:00 Dune II BBS 76-492-351 00:00-24:00 Electric Ladyland=09=09 62-483-370=09 00:00-10:00 Epsylon BBS=09=09=09 72-352-297=09 08:00-12:00 +20-23 Eszterhazi BBS=09=09=09 36-412-661=09 00:00-24:00 GoodLine BBS=09=09=09 96-364-135=09 22:00-05:00 Gyongyosi BBS=09=09=09 37-319-064=09 22:00-05:00 (Weekends:0-24) Gyongyosi II. BBS=09=09 37-374-157=09 22:00-05:00 HAMLET BBS=09=09=09 46-337-045=09 22:30-06:00 (except Saturday) HAJDUCOM BBS=09=09=09 52-414-720=09 22:00-07:00 HowEver BBS 37-378-440 22:00-07:00 (Fri,Sat,Su= n) Hydra BBS 23-358-370 22:00-07:00 IOSTREAM BBS=09=09=09 35-314-862=09 00:00-24:00 ISZV BBS=09=09=09 62-486-189=09 08:00-16:00 + 18:00-06:00 KoalaLand 23-354-776 21:45-06:00 LifeForce WHQ=09=09=09 52-414-251=09 00:00-14:00 (Weekends:0-8) Logistic Info Service 79-321-840 00:00-24:00 Monor City BBS 29-414-782 00:00-24:00 MTC BBS 46-???-??? 00:00-24:00 MEGAPEX BBS=09=09=09 37-311-570=09 17:30-08:00 (Sunday:0-24) NaPalM CliNiC=09=09=09 36-429-755=09 22:00-05:00 P.C.Software BBS=09=09 94-311-331=09 22:00-05:00 RaveLand=09=09=09 46-339-873=09 00:00-24:00 Rozmar BBS=09=09=09 23-381-204=09 20:00-10:00 Savaria BBS=09=09=09 94-327-878=09 08:00-16:00 (Mon-Fri) Szeged BBS 1. 62-486-189 00:00-24:00 Szeged BBS 2. 62-475-796 00:00-24:00 Szeged BBS 3. 62-475-796 00:00-24:00 Szeged BBS 4. 62-487-465 00:00-24:00 TelComTec 1. line 46-324-222 00:00-24:00 TelComTec 2. line=09=09 46-324-077=09 00:00-24:00 The Final Frontier BBS=09=09 52-362-763=09 21:00-12:00 The Next Generation BBS =09 96-414-576=09 22:00-06-00 TITASZ EPL 1. line=09=09 56-379-616=09 00:00-24:00 TITASZ EPL 2. line=09=09 56-420-411/7382 00:00-24:00 TITASZ EPL 3. line=09=09 56-420-411/7233 00:00-24:00 TPBBS Pecs 72-333-437 06:00-22:00 Vertigo OS/2 BBS 46-344-956 22:00-12:00 Veszprem BBS 88-326-203 21:00-06:00 World Contact BBS 1. line 76-492-103 00:00-24:00 World Contact BBS 2. line=09 76-492-105=09 00:00-24:00 3 Dome 22-340-760 22:30-05:30 Part #2: Budapest - -------- Name=09=09 Sysop=09=09 Voice Phone Modem (lines) A & M=09=09 Marki Attila=09 (1) 261-2199/1308 14400 V42b Adventurers BBS Ra Wen=09=09=09=09 19200 ZyXEL Amiga Dreamland Tom a Hawk AT DAT BBS 1. line Jacinth 14400 V42b AT DAT BBS 2. line Jacinth=09=09=09=09 14400 V42b Atis BBS Atis needs VT100/PPP emulation 28800 V34 V.F= C AT&T BBS Andrew Hor=A0nyi 28800 V34 V= .FC AXION BBS=09 Molnar & Marton=09=09=09 14000 Baba Yaga's Hut Iolo 19200 ZyXEL BedRock =09 Slapic=09=09=09=09 28800 V34 V.FC Bitland BBS=09 Cpt. Nemo=09=09=09 28800 V.FC. MNP10 BitStar BBS=09 Fabian Balazs=09=09=09 14400 Black Box Budapest BBS Visnitz Tamas, Teglasi G.=09 28800 V34 BTA Online BBS Path Geza 28800 Budapest II. BBS Jeszenszky Sandor (1)186-8858 2400-28800 (1= 0) CAMEL BBS=09 Dundy=09=09=09=09 28800 V42bis V32 Central Cavern BBS Szinte Bal=A0zs=09=09=09 28800 V34 V.FC Checkpoints=09 Fogarasi Zoltan=09=09=09 14400 V42bis CT BBS=09=09 Lencses Gabor=09 (1)270-2822/1448 28800 V.FC Dekoder BBS Steve 14400 V42b Dekoder II BBS Hagyma 14400 V42b Digital Reality Zsoltie 14400 V42b Don's BBS Don Georgio 14400 V42b Electric Eye BBS Nagy Csaba 28800 V34 V.F= C Family BBS=09=09=09=09=09=09 14400 V42b FLaTLine BBS=09 DinDi=09=09=09=09 28800 V.FC Fonya BBS=09 Fonya=09=09=09=09 14400 V42b Full House BBS=09 Horanyi Endre=09=09=09 28800 V42bis H.A.E. BBS Senna 14400 V42b HALLY BBS Sebestyen Gabor 28800 V42b HiT SPACE BBS Davidovics Adam 28800 HTE BBS 14400 V42b Home Of Secret ATi 14400 V42b IDG Online BBS Bognar Akos 21600 HST iLL CoMMuNiCaTiON BBS HuRRiCaNe=09=09=09 14400 V42b Imagine BBS Guy Mariano 14400 V42b Info Borze Business Center (1)290-3464 16800 ZyXEL iNSANITY X-Ray 28800 V34 V.F= C iNSANITY 2 Kunci 14400 V42b IPOSZ COMPINFO Rossu Laszlo (1)180-8202 2400 MNP5 Iridium BBS=09 Rossu Laszlo=09 (1)180-8202 14400 Kozossegi Adattar Huszerl J=A2zsef=09 (1)201-5728 14400 MNP5 Krammer School BBS Gint=09=09=09=09 14400 V42b Levi's BBS Szab=A2 Levente 14400 V42b Lucyfair&Marcipain BBS Lucyfair =09=09=09 14400 V42b Madhouse BBS=09 Munchausen=09=09=09 14400 V42b Mamro's BBS Mamrovits Laszlo 14400 V42bis Med-In-Fo Dr. Netuddki 19200 ZyXEL Microtel BBS=09 Szoszi=09=09 (1)268-2481 14400 V42bis (5) MYSTICAL BBS=09 Shadow (DECOR)=09=09=09 14400 V42b NHRT BBS=09 Kalpagos-Szabo Tamas=09=09 19200 ZyXEL Oplab BBS=09 Osgyany Pal=09=09=09 14400 V42bis Pangea BBS=09 Gawain=09=09 (1)169-4647 14400 V42b PC-I BBS Mr. Gabo 14400 V42b Pelso BBS Gordos Arpad 28800 V42bis PictoDrome Jacinth 14400 V42bis Picur BBS Misu 14400 V42b Pink Panther Red Fox 14400 Pleasure Dome=09 Deville=09=09=09=09 28800 V42bis Progi BBS=09 McSaba=09=09=09=09 14400 V42bis RealBBS Koszegi Peter 14400 V42b Roon's BBS Path Daniel 2400 Royal BBS Fenyvessy Bela (20)343-343 28800 V42bis SCiBBS=09=09 Varga Istvan (the Rival) =09 14400 V42b Segmentation Fault BBS Korossy Balazs=09=09=09 14400 V42bis Shark BBS=09 Bozoky Zolt=A0n=09=09=09 14400 V42b Skandar BBS Benya 14400 V42b Tele-PC 14400 V42b Telectronic BBS Szs-soft =09=09=09 19200 ZyXEL The Jade BBS=09 Bohanek Oliver=09=09=09 16800 USR The LAST Chance BBS Csaba Xen=09=09=09 19200 ZyXEL The UlTiMaTe BBS AteE=09=09=09=09 28800 V.FC TwT BBS SePY 14400 V42b Virnet BBS 1.line Kis Janos=09 (1)116-8896 14400 V42b Virnet BBS 2.line Kis Janos=09 (1)116-8896 2400 Vizlepcso BBS=09 Sacyka=09=09=09=09 19200 ZyXEL Wildfire BBS=09 Dino=09=09=09=09 14400 V42bis Windows Club BBS Hodosi Gabor=09=09=09 14400 USR Rural Areas - ----------- Apocalyptic Raids BBS Kovacs Geza 14400 V42b Artur BBS-MOLINet 1. Egyed Gyorgy - Artur (56)424-033 14400 V42bis Artur BBS-MOLINet 2. Egyed Gyorgy - Artur (56)424-033 14400 V42bis Artur BBS-MOLINet 3. Egyed Gyorgy - Artur (56)424-033 14400 V42bis ASTROBASE BBS Jager Zoltan, Tepliczky Istvan 14400 V42bis Atom Service 1. AtomAti 14400 V42b Auto-Info BBS 1. (62)317-349 14400 V42bis Auto-Info BBS 2.=09=09=09 (62)317-349 28800 V.FC Balaton BBS Jancsekity Ferenc 28800 V34 BBSzolnok Petro Erno (56)420-444/54 28800 V32 V.F= C BitBusters BBS 14400 V42b BRAiN CORE BBS Craft 28800 V34 V.F= C Bubble BBS Hevesi Zoltan (62)346-299 9600 V42bis Church of House MaDBoY and Raveman 28800 V34 V.F= C DANDY BBS Sarkozi Akos (29)385-664 14400 V42bis DevilSoft BBS Mr. D.S. 14400 V42b Dune II BBS Bat 28800 V34 V.F= C Electric Ladyland G=82za=09=09=09=09 14400 V42b Epsylon BBS=09 Nemeth Gabor=09=09=09 2400 Eszterhazi BBS=09 Koczka Ferenc=09 (36)410-466/49 2400 GoodLine BBS=09 PSoftD=09=09=09=09 14400 V42b Gyongyosi BBS=09 Geczi Zoltan=09=09=09 14000 Gyongyosi II. BBS Kaulics Kornel=09 (37)374-014/205 2400 HAMLET BBS=09 Vivien=09=09=09=09 14400 HAJDUCOM BBS=09 Kulcs=A0r =8Fd=A0m=09=09=09 19200 ZyXEL HowEver BBS KeViN 14400 MNP5 Hydra BBS Mondhur 28800 V34 IOSTREAM BBS=09 Szabo Zoltan=09 (35)311-419 14400 V42bis ISZV BBS=09=09=09=09=09=09 14400 KoalaLand St Stofi / KHQ 28800 V34 LifeForce WHQ=09 Crown & Grin=09=09=09 28800 ZyXEL Logistic Info Service Sziranyi Janos (79)322-027 14400 V42b M T C BBS John Vencel (46)310-507 14400 V42bis MEGAPEX BBS=09 Toth Janos=09 (37)317-393 28800 Monor City BBS Pasztor Erno NaPalM CliNiC Voros Zolt=A0n 14400 V42b P.C.Software BBS Poczik Csaba=09 (30)466-519 28800 V42bis RaveLand=09 Rave Ace =09=09=09 28800 V34 V.FC Rozmar BBS=09 Banhegyi Balazs=09 (20)414-606 28800 V42bis/HS= T Savaria BBS Buki Laszlo 14400 Szeged BBS 1. Tallosy Benjamin 28800 Szeged BBS 2. Tallosy Benjamin 28800 Szeged BBS 3. Tallosy Benjamin ? Szeged BBS 4. Tallosy Benjamin ? TelComTec 1. line Antal Ervin (10 lines) 9600 V42b TelComTec 2. line Antal Ervin=09 (2 lines=09 9600 MNP5 The Final Frontier BBS Phoenix=09=09=09=09 28800 V34 V.FC The Next Generation (TR) of TNG=09=09=09 28800 V34 V.FC TITASZ EPL 1. line Turcsanyi Janos=09=09=09 19200 ZyXEL TITASZ EPL 2. line Turcsanyi Janos=09=09=09 19200 ZyXEL TITASZ EPL 3. line Turcsanyi Janos=09 (4 lines)=09 2400 TPBBS P=E9cs Farkas Otto (72)313-711/139 2400 V42b Vertigo OS/2 BBS Pal Ferenc (Frankie) (46)321-633/26 19200 ZyXEL Veszprem BBS Wizard & Max 16800 ZyXEL World Contact BBS 1. line 2400 MNP5 World Contact BBS 2. line=09=09=09=09 2400 MNP5 3 Dome Santa Claus 14400 V42b Part #3: Legend for the BBS Mail Networks 1 =3D FidoNet 2 =3D HappyNet 3 =3D FreeNet 4 =3D VirNet 5 =3D OS2Net 6 =3D ZyxelNet 7 =3D GamesNet 8 =3D BreNet 9 =3D RetteNet Budapest - -------- Name Mail network Test date =09=09=09=09123456789 A & M ......... 950831 Adventurers BBS ......... 960331 Amiga Dreamland 960331 AT DAT BBS 1. line XX..X.X.. 960331 AT DAT BBS 2. line XX..X.X.. 960130 Atis BBS ......... 960331 AT&T BBS ......... 960331 AXION BBS ......... 960331 Baba Yaga's Hut XX.X.XX.. 960331 BedRock XX..X.... 960331 Bitland BBS XX....... 960331 BitStar BBS XX....... ?????? Black Box Budapest BBS ......... 960331 Budapest II. BBS X........ 960331 CAMEL BBS X.XX..... 960331 Central Cavern BBS X........ 960331 Checkpoints X.X...... 960331 CT BBS .X.X.XX.. 960331 Dekoder BBS ......... 960331 Dekoder II BBS ......... 960331 Digital Reality ......... 960331 Don's BBS ......... 960320 Electric Eye BBS XX....... 960331 Family BBS ......... 960331 FLaTLine BBS ......... 960331 Fonya BBS ......... 960331 Full House BBS ......... 960331 H.A.E. BBS ......... 960331 HALLY BBS ......... 960130 HiT SPACE BBS ......... 960331 HTE BBS ......... 951127 Home Of Secret ......... 960331 IDG Online BBS ......... 960331 iLL CoMMuNiCaTiON BBS ......... 960110 Imagine BBS ......... 960130 Info Borze Business Center ......... 960331 iNSANITY ......... 960130 iNSANITY 2 ......... 960331 IRIDIUM-IPOSZ BBS 1. ......... 960331 IRIDIUM-IPOSZ BBS 2. ......... 960229 Kozossegi Adattar ......... 960331 Krammer School BBS ......... 960331 Levi's BBS ......... 960331 LITTLE BBS ......... 960331 Lucyfair&Marcipain BBS ......... 960331 Madhouse BBS X........ 960331 Mamro's BBS ......... ?????? Med-In-Fo ......... 960331 Media T-Error BBS ......... 960229 Microtel BBS .X....... 960331 Mixim BBS 1. ......... 960331 Mixim BBS 2. ......... 960331 M=9DSTiC=92L BBS XXXXXXXXX 960331 NHRT BBS X........ 960331 Oplab BBS X..X..... 960331 Pangea BBS ......... 960130 PC/DC ......... 960331 PC-I BBS ......... 960229 Pelso BBS ......... 960130 PictoDrome XXX.X.X.. 960331 Picur BBS ......... 960331 Pink Panther ......... ?????? Pleasure Dome XXXX...X. 960331 PowerCut Zone BBS ......... 960331 Progi BBz ......... 960331 Real BBS ......... 960331 Roon's BBS ......... 960217 Royal BBS XXXXX.X.X 960331 SCiBBS ......... 960331 Segmentation Fault BBS ......... 960130 Shark BBS ......... 960331 Skandar BBS ......... 960229 Solaria BBS ......... 960331 Tele-PC ......... 960331 Telectronic BBS ..X...... 960130 The Jade BBS XXXXX.X.. 960331 The LAST Chance BBS XX....... 960401 TwT BBS ......... 960130 Virnet BBS 1. line X..X..... 960331 Virnet BBS 2. line X..X..... 960331 Vizlepcso BBS XX....... 960331 Wildfire BBS X.....X.. 960331 Windows Club BBS X.X....X. 960331 Rural Areas - ----------- Name Mail network Test date 123456789 Apocalyptic Raids BBS X........ 960331 Artur BBS-MOLINet 1. X........ 950713 Artur BBS-MOLINet 2. ......... Artur BBS-MOLINet 3. ......... ASTROBASE BBS ......... 960331 Atom Service 1. ......... 960121 Auto-Info BBS 1. line ......... 960331 Auto-Info BBS 2. line ......... 960331 Auto-Info BBS 3. line ......... 960229 Balaton BBS X........ 960331 BBS Csaba BBSzolnok X..X..... 960331 BitBusters BBS X.......X 960331 BRAiN CORE BBS X.X.....X 960229 Bubble BBS X..X..... 960229 Church of House X.......X 960331 DANDY BBS ......... 960331 DevilSoft BBS ......... 960229 Dune ][ BBS ......... 960229 Electric Ladyland X........ 951015 Epsylon BBS ......... Eszterh=E1zi BBS ......... NemJel Free Energy BBS ......... 960229 GoodLine BBS X.X.....X 960229 Gyongyosi BBS X........ 960229 HAMLET BBS X........ 960229 HAJDUCOM BBS ......... 960331 HowEver BBS ......... 960331 Hydra BBS XXXXX.X.X 960229 IOSTREAM BBS X...X.... 960331 KoalaLand X........ 960302 LifeForce WHQ XX.XXX... 960229 Logistic Info Service ......... 951202 MTC BBS X.......X MEGAPEX BBS ......... 960331 Monor City BBS ......... 960331 NaPalM CliNiC X........ 960331 P.C.Software BBS X........ 960331 RaveLand ......... 960229 Rozm=E1r BBS XXXX.X... 960222 Savaria BBS X........ 950119 Southern Point BBS ......... 960229 Szeged BBS 1. ......... 960229 Szeged BBS 2. ......... 960229 Szeged BBS 3. ......... Szeged BBS 4. ......... TelComTec 1. line ......... 960331 TelComTec 2. line ......... 960331 The DaMNeD HouSe BBS The Final Frontier BBS X........ 960229 The Next Generation BBS ..X.....X 960331 TITASZ EPL 1. line ......... 950831 TITASZ EPL 2. line ......... TITASZ EPL 3. line ......... TPBBS Pecs X..X..... 960131 Vertigo OS/2 BBS X...X.... 960331 Veszprem BBS ......... 960331 World Contact BBS 1. ......... 960331 World Contact BBS 2. ......... 960331 3 Dome ......... 960331 =20 =20 The following is a brief summary of the BBS mail networks and those who belong to them: BRENET ~~~~~~ Alex's X BBS 137:3601/5 PRO BBS =09 137:3601/11 Windows Club BBS 137:3601/7271 FIDONET ~~~~~~~ Fidonet is one of the world's largest BBS mail networks. There are separate international and Hungarian parts: the international part is in English and the Hungarian part is in Hungarian; the following are only the Hungarian members. Within this network private and commercial (i.e. business) e-mail is not allowed. Alex's X BBS 2:371/40 Amiga Dreamland 2:371/6 AT DAT BBS=09 2:371/43 Baba Yaga's Hut 2:371/3 BedRock =09 2:371/20 BEIG BBS=09 2:371/34 Bitland BBS=09 2:371/11 BitStar BBS=09 2:371/7 Budapest II. BBS 2:371/1 CAMEL BBS=09 2:371/33 Central Cavern BBS 2:371/39 Checkpoints=09 2:371/32 Electric Eye BBS 2:371/38 Hydra BBS 2:371/47 Madhouse BBS 2:371/48 Mike's House BBS 2:371/37.2 MYSTiCAL BBS=09 2:371/42 NHRT BBS=09 2:371/35 Oplab BBS=09 2:371/15 2:371/0 Budapest Net coordinator Pesti BBS=09 2:371/17 PictoDrome=09 2:371/8 Pleasure Dome=09 2:371/27 PRO BBS 2:371/46 Royal BBS 2:371/36 The Jade BBS=09 2:371/44 The LAST Chance BBS 2:371/50 Ultravox BBS=09 2:371/28 Virnet BBS=09 2:371/9 Virnet BBS=09 2:371/22 Vizlepcso BBS=09 2:371/4 Wildfire BBS=09 2:371/41 Windows Club BBS 2:371/31 Apocaliptyc Raids 2:370/38 Balaton BBS 2:372/19 BBSopron 2:372/12 BBSzolnok=09 2:370/1 2:37/0 Hungarian region coordinator =09=09=09 2:370/0=09Tisza Net coordinator BRAiN CORE BBS=09 2:372/15 Bubble BBS=09 2:370/16 Electric Ladyland 2:370/36 GoodLine BBS=09 2:372/17 Gyongyosi BBS=09 2:370/26 HAMLET BBS=09 2:370/20 Human Target=09 2:370/34 IOSTREAM BBS=09 2:370/28 KoalaLand 2:371/47.7 Let me think BBS 2:370/17 LifeForce WHQ=09 2:370/15 Mordor Home BBS 2:372/13 MTC BBS =09 2:370/13 NaPalM CliNiC=09 2:370/35 Pocsai's Board 2:370/6 PTBBS Pecs 2:372/4 P.C.Software BBS 2:372/11 RGB's Home BBS 2:370/22 Rozmar BBS=09 2:371/29 Savaria BBS=09 2:372/5 Study & Games BBS 2:370/26.1 The Final Frontier 2:370/33 Vertigo OS/2 BBS 2:370/25 FREENET ~~~~~~~ FreeNet is a Hungarian mail network that can be used under certain terms and conditions. Alex's X BBS 136:3601/5 Checkpoints=09 136:3601/4 Hydra BBS 136:3601/18 PictoDrome 136:3601/7 Pleasure Dome 136:3601/27 PRO BBS =09 136:3601/11 Royal BBS 136:3646/8 Telectronic BBS 136:3601/9 Windows Club BBS 136:3601/2 Rozmar BBS=09 136:3601/66 BRAiN CORE BBS=09 136:3672/2 GoodLine BBS=09 136:3696/1 TNG BBS =09 136:3696/1.4 GAMESNET ~~~~~~~~ An English language mail network about games. AT DAT BBS 100:7010/43 Baba Yaga's Hut 100:7010/3 CT BBS 100:7010/42 Hydra BBS 100:7010/5 PictoDrome 100:7010/8 Royal BBS 100:7010/36 Wildfire BBS 100:7010/41 Let me think BBS 100:7010/1 100:7010/0 100:7000/0 HAPPYNET ~~~~~~~~ HappyNet is a Hungarian network in both English and Hungarian. In this network you are free to write anything, with the exception of one thing: don't write anything that will put someone in a bad mood. Amiga Dreamland 149:361/6 AT DAT BBS 149:361/201 Baba Yaga's Hut 149:361/3 BedRock =09 149:361/23 BEIG BBS=09 149:361/13 Bitland BBS=09 149:361/93 BitStar BBS=09 149:361/7 CenTerC BBS=09 149:361/21 CT BBS=09=09 149:361/42 DTB BBS =09 149:361/18 Electric Eye BBS 149:361/32 Hydra BBS 149:361/25 Microtel BBS 149:361/19 Mike's House BBS 149:361/37.2 Pesti BBS=09 149:361/20 PictoDrome=09 149:361/1 Pleasure Dome=09 149:361/27 Royal BBS 149:361/36 The LAST Chance BBS 149:361/50 Vizlepcso BBS=09 149:361/4 Johnny's Home BBS 149:361/67 Let me think BBS 149:361/17 LifeForce WHQ=09 149:361/666 RGB's Home BBS 149:361/22 Rozmar BBS=09 149:361/66 OS2NET ~~~~~~ OS2Net is a network concerned with OS/2, in where members exchange messages and files about OS/2. The language used is English. Amiga Dreamland 81:436/7 AT DAT BBS 81:436/12 Hydra BBS 81:436/16 PictoDrome 81:436/6 Royal BBS 81:436/36 LifeForce WHQ=09 81:436/3 Vertigo OS/2 BBS 81:436/1 81:436/0 RETTENET ~~~~~~~~ A Hungarian language network. BRAiN CORE 72:3672/2, 72 Twilight S. BBS 72:3672/1 Vision BBS 72:3672/4 Togo WorkStation 72:3601/2 Hydra BBS 72:3601/4 BedRock 72:3601/5 Bitland BBS 72:3601/6 Mystical BBS 72:3601/8 THS BBS 72:3646/1 MTC Mail-Only 72:3646/2 QJU's Privte Board 72:3646/3 Royal BBS 72:3646/36 Church of House 72:3652/1 BitBusters BBS 72:3662/1 GoodLine BBS 72:3696/1 The Next Gen. BBS 72:3696/2 SIVIC's World BBS 72:3696/1.1 SZUNET ~~~~~~ A Hungarian language network. =20 Home of Secret 36:1/1 ProgiBBz 36:1/2 Decoder'z System 36:1/3 Picur BBS 36:1/4 PC-I BBS 36:1/5 H.A.E. BBS 36:1/6 VIRNET ~~~~~~ Virnet is an international mail network. The central theme of the network is computer viruses and the language used is English. Because of the subject matter, users on the network are subject to strict conditions. Baba Yaga's Hut 9:361/109 CT BBS=09=09 9:361/118 Hydra BBS 9:361/140 Oplab BBS 9:361/110 Pleasure Dome=09 9:361/125 Royal BBS 9:361/139 Virnet BBS 9:361/102 BBSzolnok 9:361/101 9:361/0 Hungarian regional coordinator Bubble BBS=09 9:361/107 LifeForce WHQ=09 9:361/103 Rozmar BBS=09 9:361/121 ZYXELNET ~~~~~~~~ ZyxelNet is an international mail network of Zyxel modem users. The language used is English. Baba Yaga's Hut 16:1600/3 CT BBS=09=09 16:1600/42 LifeForce WHQ=09 16:1600/665 Rozmar BBS=09 16:1600/66 <notes> - ------------------------------------------------------------------- This FAQ file is maintained by John Horvath and is revised quarterly; feedback, comments, and suggestions are most welcome and should be addressed to jhorv@helka.iif.hu. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQB1AwUBMc3PTzF5HDDpzOB1AQFuDwL/Q2+nPeTaJO+Muuicu4TXAJrOXNpsGXtA M3Vp+1Lky8LMzrnoGGKNJfntMODXVwWs6h46no5aqI1ot21hGyf37jpCStfFCL6A gKUsO90lsItpg9iMpO/R3updHc5fK5jq =3DCLjE -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----