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Subject: Official Alt.eo FAQ v0.1.2

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Archive-name: humor/evil-overlords Disclaimer: Approval for *.answers is based on form, not content Posting-Frequency: weekly Last-modified: Nov 23 2002 Version: 0.1.2 Copyright: (c) 2001-2002 Brent Garber Maintainer: Brent Garber overlord_q@hotmail.com aka OverlordQ aka Evil Overlord
The Official Alt.eo FAQ v0.1.2 (Updated 23 Nov 2002) Originally created by OverlordQ Updated and maintained also by Evil Overlord -------------------------------------------------- Introduction -------------------------------------------------- This FAQ is an attempt to answer most of the questions of alt.eo At the time of writing, the AE FAQ is at version 0.1.2, updated on 11-23-02. All references to the AE FAQ apply to that version only. You should read this first before posting a question to AE. It is not intended to answer every question about the topic of AE. This FAQ will be posted to the AE newsgroup approximately every 7-14 days. -------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS -------------------------------------------------- [1] The Newsgroup [1.1] What is the alt.eo newsgroup? What is it for? [1.2] I've got a question! I'm going to post it now! [1.3] What about binaries in alt.eo? [1.4] I didn't follow these rules and i got yelled at, why!? [2] The FAQ's [2.1] Evil Overlord List [2.1.1] Where is it? [2.1.2] Who wrote it? [3] Misc. [3.1] Credits [3.2] Copyright [3.3] Comments ===================================== AE FAQ ===================================== [1] The Newsgroup [1.1] What is the alt.eo newgroup? What is it for? This is the main group for discussion and question about Evil Overlords, and the like [1.2] I've got a question! I'm going to post it now! HOLD UP THERE Junior Overlord! Do the following before posting the question: 1) Try to look it up yourself, it's not that hard, www.google.com will help. 2) Read the FAQ's! 3) Lurk [1.3] What about binaries in alt.eo? NOPE NADA! If you post binaries in alt.eo expect to be flamed, and punished to the fullest extent. [1.4] I didn't follow these rules and i got yelled at, why!? Well, you didn't follow the rules, there are reasons the rules are there. [2] The FAQ's [2.1] Evil Overlord List The Evil Overlord List is a compiled list of things an Evil Overlord should do if he/she takes over the world/universe/etc. [2.1.1] Where is it? You can find it at: http://minievil.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html [2.1.2] Who wrote it? The first 100 entried were made by the creator, Peter Anspach. Anything past that, were submitted by aspiring Evil Overlords. [3] Misc. [3.1] Credits Credit for this FAQ must go to the people in alt.eo and the creator himself: OverlordQ Credit for the Evil Overlord List must go to Peter Anspach. [3.2] Copyright Copyright 2001-2002 Brent Garber, all rights reserved. Republished, modified and updated by Brent Garber with explicit authorization from himself. This FAQ may be posted to any newsgroup, ftp or web site, as long as it is posted unaltered and in its entirety. This FAQ may not be distributed for financial gain. [3.3] Comments Please forward all FAQ corrections, additions and suggestions to: overlord_q@hotmail.com