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Subject: comp.sys.hp48 FAQ : 4 of 4 - Best Programs and Where to Get Them

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 post44 13.1. Best Programs and Where to Get Them List This list is designed to help HP48 users locate useful, well written programs for their HP48, selected by HP48 users who send in recommendations for their favourite programs. Compatibility is noted by either SX (SX only), GX (GX only), SX/GX (SX and GX), or SX?/GX (Works on GX, not sure about SX). Most of the sites below require Internet access. However CompuServe has a modest HP48 archive in the HP handhelds forum. Type "go HPHAND" to access the forum. HP48 specific files can be found in DL 3. America Online also has an HP area you can access using "Keyword PDA". Note that for most FTP sites, any programs in uploads directories are subject to movement into their appropriate directories (i.e. games or utilities), or removal by the archive maintainer. There is also the possibility that the program might have a slightly different name than the one given below, especially if newer versions are available. If information has changed that you know of, let me know so I can update the list. I have also released my personal HP48 archive, which is updated occassionally. It should contain all of the following programs, as well as lots of others. More information can be obtained at: <http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/archive/> Applications o StringWriter (SX/GX): This is a replacement editor by Jean-Yves Avenard. It offers such features as cut, copy, paste as well as a choice of fonts. Available at http://www.epita.fr/~avenar_j/ o ChemLab (SX/GX): A very fast, efficient, and complete periodic table from Arnold Moy. Available at <http://www.geog.ubc.ca/~amoy/> o EXAL (SX/GX): Great spreadsheet program by Al Arduengo. Available at <http://lonestar.texas.net/~exal/> o GxTools (GX): GxTools is in effect a "Toolbar" for your G/GX consisting of many useful utilities. Put together by Jack Levy and available at <http://www- personal.engin.umich.edu/~levyj/hp48.html> o HP-Writer (GX): This editor by Paquot Christophe is small, fast, and uses UFL FNT2 but still has all the important features. The current version is available at <http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lab/1930/>. o MiniWriter (SX/GX): Small, fast, FNT1 text editor by Jean Yves Avenard. Available at http://www.epita.fr/~avenar_j/ o Organizer (SX/GX): Organizer is a library designed to act as a Personal Information Manager, or PIM. The goal is to create a high-speed, easy to use, compact, yet fully functional PIM for the HP48. Organizer includes a calendar, appointment scheduler, annual events, TODOs, and a phone manager. Also by Jack Levy and at <http://www-personal.engin.umich.edu/~levyj/hp48.html> o Remote-BG (SX/GX): Use your HP48 as a remote control! This is the best of the remote control programs and has the ability to learn new codes. By Bjorn Gahm, available at <ftp://nada.kth.se/home/d89-bga/hp/files/posted/rem34bg.zip> o Scribe (SX/GX): Scribe is a library which will function as a Database or Rolodex. It is designed to hold a large amount of information in such a manner that it is easy to retrieve, quick to find, and transparent in usage. Another great program from Jack Levy at <http://www- personal.engin.umich.edu/~levyj/hp48.html> Documents o AUR Information (GX): Information on the Advanced User Reference Manual compiled by Adrian Drury. Available at <http://www.contrib.andrew.cmu.edu/~drury/hp48gaur/> o FAQ (SX/GX): Contains valuable answers to Frequency Asked Questions. Read it! The latest version is available at <http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/faq/>. o GX Programming Tips (SX/GX): This document by Doug Cannon briefly describes how to write code that runs on both SX and GX. Available at <ftp://ftp.cis.com/pub/hp48g/programming/gxtips.zip> o Library Info (SX/GX): Information on the structure and use of libraries. By Charlie Patton. Available on Goodies Disk 8. o ML Input (SX/GX): How to get keyboard input from ML. By Joe Ervin. Available on Goodies Disk 7. o RPLMAN.DOC (SX/GX): This document was written by HP and released without support to HP48 users. It describes how to program in System RPL. Available on Goodies Disk 4. o Saturn (SX/GX): Saturn Processor Reference guide by Matthew Mastracci. The URL is <http://www.ucalgary.ca/~mmastrac/saturn.doc> o SASM.DOC (SX/GX): Also from HP, this is the unsupported guide to machine language programming for the Saturn processor. Available on Goodies Disk 4. Games o Arkanoid (SX/GX): Breakout clone with editor - by "HP Mad". SX version available on Goodies Disk 8. There is also a GX version floating around, try <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/arkanoid.zip> o Boulder DasHP (SX): Classic game of Boulder Dash by David Presle "ORUS". Get the diamonds without getting smashed by falling rocks or running into enemies. Available on Goodies Disk 8. o Columns (SX/GX): Tetris-like game by Spartacus. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/columns.zip> o Columns II (GX): Columns with grey scale for GX only, again by Spartacus. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/columns2.zip> o Diamonds (SX/GX): Great game by Doug Cannon! Control bouncing ball to get the diamonds. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/diam20a.zip> o Hapaman (GX): PacMan clone by Davor Jadrijevic. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/hapaman.zip> o ICE Cube (SX/GX): Great action arcade game in four levels of grey scale by Lilian Pigallio. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/ice1_1.zip> o Jytris (SX/GX): One of the best tetris games including music, cartoons, bombs, and grey scale intro. Written by Laurent Jouanneau. Separate libraries are available for all HP48s (including minimized libraries for S and G). Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/jytris11.zip> o La Mine aux Diamants (SX/GX): Another Boulder Dash clone. By Lilian Pigallio. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/diamants.zip> o Lemmings (SX/GX): Save the lemmings from killing themselves! By C. de Dinechin. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/lemmings.zip> o LodRunner (GX): LodeRunner clone for the HP! By HPOWER, with improvements from Mika Heiskanen. Available at ftp.cis.com. o Phoenix (SX/GX): Phoenix clone by Davor Jadrijevic. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/phoenixg.zip> o Quick Reversi (SX): Fastest Reversi by Leon Pavlov. Quite smart! Available on Goodies Disk 8. o Tetris (SX/GX): Tetris clone - small, fast, great! By Detlef Mueller. Available at wuarchive.wustl.edu. o SCHIP (SX/GX): Video game interpreter for SCHIP designed games. By Erik Bryntse. SX version available on Goodies Disk 3. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/schip/> o Vaders (SX/GX): Space Invaders by Joe Ervin. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/vaders21.zip> o WarioHP Land (SX/GX): Adventure game similar to Mario Land. By Julien Meyer and available at <http://perso.club- internet.fr/meyert/wariohp/wariohp.zip> o Willy (SX/GX): Side scroller game by Mario Mikocevic. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/games/arcade/willy.zip> Graphics o 4 Colors (SX/GX): Utilities for making four shade greyscale graphics. By Lilian Pigallio and available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/graphics/grayscale/4colors.zip> o Claudia (SX/GX): Greyscale demo of Claudia Schiffer, the supermodel. By Mohamed Fatri. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/graphics/grayscale/schiffer.zip> Math o ALG48 (SX/GX): Very fast algebraic manipulation utilities by Mika Heiskanen and Claude-Nicolas Fiechter. Available at <http://www.cs.pitt.edu/~fiechter/hp48/> o CNTR (SX/GX): Discrete and continuous control systems design; Inverse Z and Laplace Transforms. By Cesar Crusius. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/math/symbolic/cntr300.zip> o Erable (SX/GX): Tons of powerful math utilities! By Bernard Parisse. This package is a successor to the ALGB package by the same author. The latest version is at <ftp://fourier.ujf- grenoble.fr/pub/hp48/erable.zip> o Math (SX/GX): Symbolic/numerical matrices and polynomials by Cesar Crusius. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/math/symbolic/math210.zip> o Matrix (SX/GX): Very fast matrix writer replacement by Arnold Moy. Handles real and complex matrices, and uses the UFL small font for its display. Available at <http://www.geog.ubc.ca/~amoy/> o MTools (SX/GX): MathTools by Jack Levy. Faster and friendly replacements for the HP's math functions. Available <http://www-personal.engin.umich.edu/~levyj/hp48.html> o QPI (SX/GX): Replaces ->Q, shows quotients, and functions of pi, radicals, LN and EXP. Very useful! The latest version can be found at <http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/> o SolveSys (GX): Solves systems of equations. By Sune Bredahl. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/math/symbolic/ssys402.zip> o STAT03 (GX): STAT03 is a collection of fairly fast statistical/matrix utilities. It contains 49 more or less useful commands. About 25% is written in ML. The author is Christian Meland, and it is available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/math/statistic/stat03.zip> PC o HP-IDE (Win32): HP-IDE is a SysRPL/ML IDE for Win32, making directory and library creating much easier to do (completely on your PC). Available at <http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~mmastrac/hp-ide/> o HP48 Explorer (Win32): This program runs in Windows 95 and helps simplify file transfers. It is available at <http://members.tripod.com/~nberry/hp48g/index.html> o HPShell (DOS): The HPShell is a development environment for HP48 programming on PC. It handles transfers as well as editing and character translation. Available at <http://www.kst.dit.ie/people/twellige/hpshell.html> o ROMDump Wizard (Win32): The best ROM dump program available. By Christoph Giesselink, and available at <http://privat.swol.de/ChristophGiesselink/> Programming o Jazz (SX/GX): This is best System RPL and Machine Language development library that runs right on your HP48! Written by Mika Heiskanen. The Jazz library provides commands for assembling, disassembling and debugging both System RPL and machine language. Both full and light versions are available at <http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/> o HP's Tools (DOS): Development tools for System RPL and libraries on the PC. On Goodies Disk 4. o GNU-Tools (Unix, DOS): A set of replacements for HP's development tools by Mario Mikocevic (Mozgy) which that not only runs on DOS, but also typical Unix systems such as Linux and Solaris. It is distributed in both source and binary form. Many of the larger HP48 programs like Jazz, Java, and the UFL were developed with GNU-Tools. It is available at: o <ftp://gnjilux.cc.fer.hr/pub/hp48/gtools/> o <http://www.zems.fer.hr/~mozgy/jwz/hp48.html> o <http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/> o SSS (SX/GX): The SysRPL Shell by Stefan Wolfrum provides an interface that helps you program in System RPL. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/programming/misc/sss22.zip> Utilities o BKUP (SX/GX): BKUP is written entirely in System RPL and is intended to make a backup of any port(s) the user specifies. By Bob Apodaca, available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/utils/memory/bkup46.zip> o FF (GX): This File Finder is designed for users with large directory structures. It accepts a string and will search your directories recursively for matches. By Jorge Costa and available at <http://alfa.ist.utl.pt/~l38861/> o FIXIT (SX/GX): This program by Mika Heiskanen and Joe Horn repairs "HPHP48-" bad downloads. Available in ASC format in the FAQ as well as on Goodies Disk 8. o FXRECV (GX): Fixes bug in X-Modem for G/GX. Not necessary for Rom R. By Cary McCallister. Available on Goodies Disk 9. o HP82240B Emulator: Allows you to emulate the HP82240B IR Printer. Written by Jarno Peschier and at <http://www.students.cs.ruu.nl/people/jpeschie/> o PCT (SX/GX): Both SX and GX versions are available of this file and library maintenance program. Available at the standard sites. Be sure to use the correct version for your machine! In particular the TREE.PCT file is an S/SX program that is a common cause of crashes on G/GX machines. o UFL (SX/GX): The Universal Font Library provides a centralized location for common fonts between programs. Also comes with a Font Maintenance Library (FMnt). Maintained by Andre Schoorl and available at <http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/ufl/> o USEND/URECV (SX/GX): Significantly faster IR file transfers! Approximately 4 to 6 times faster than SEND. By Dan Kirkland. Available at <ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/calculators/hp48g/comms/usnd3.dk> o STOFIX (GX): Fixes STO bug on Roms L and M. By Detlef Mueller. Available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/utils/memory/stofix.zip> Sound o Tricorder (SX/GX): This program will make your HP48 beep when it is held close to an object using the IR port. Great for amusing friends! Written by Steven Ourada, improved by Richard Steventon, and available at <http://www.hpcalc.org/utils/comms/wtrico.zip> Stack Replacements and Related Programs o EQStk (SX/GX): 7-line replacement stack intended for mathematics. View objects on the stack in their native form. By Mika Heiskanen. Available at <http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/> o Java (SX/GX): The totally improved 5-line stack environment! Includes lowercase menus, improved status area, on-stack algebraics, improved interactive stack, configurable font, scroller, fast ML routines and more. By Richard Steventon, Andre Schoorl (hey that's me!), and Will Laughlin. The latest released version (3.2a) is available at <http://www.engr.uvic.ca/~aschoorl/> o MetaKernel (GX): This is a total replacement for a lot of built in HP48 ROM code, including the stack, editor, equation writer, matrix writer, and picture environments. It also includes SysRPL and ML development tools. A lot of work has been put into it to make everything extremely fast. The MetaKernel requires a GX and is sold on a ROM card. Documentation is available in both French and English. The full version must be purchased from the authors, but a demo version is available at <http://www-miaif.ibp.fr/gerald/mk.html> 13.2. Other Web / FTP Sites o <http://www.hpcalc.org/> o <ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/calculators/> o <ftp://ftp.stud.fh-heilbronn.de/> o <ftp://ftp.cyberbox.de/pub/hp48/> o <ftp://ftp.cyberbox.de/pub/hp48/fileecho/> o <ftp://hplyot.obspm.fr/hp48/> o <ftp://wuarchive.wustl.edu/systems/hp/hp48/> o <ftp://ftp.ee.ualberta.ca/pub/HP48/> o <ftp://oak.oakland.edu/pub/ham/hp48/> o <ftp://ftp.polymer.uakron.edu/pub/hp48g/> o <ftp://nic.funet.fi/pub/misc/hp48g/> o <ftp://nada.kth.se/home/d89-bga/hp/> o <ftp://ftp.fht-mannheim.de/pub/hp48/> 13.3. FTP by Electronic Mail For those of you who don't have FTP access, you can FTP programs by mail. To do this, you send commands via e-mail message to the ftpmail server, and it then sends back the programs, usually in a uuencoded format by e-mail. For access to any ftp site, I recommend the sunsite ftpmail server. To get more information, send a mail message to <ftpmail@sunsite.unc.edu> with the contents of: help quit There are other FTP by mail servers like the sunsite server, but they are more heavily used, and take longer. 13.4. Bulletin Boards with HP48 Programs Official Hewlett Packard BBS (48) o Phone: (208) 344-1691 ; Corvallis, Oregon. o Second Node: (541) 715-3277 ; Speed: 9600 baud Foundations in Science (48/100) o Phone: (206) 562-7083 644-2723 ; Speed: 14.4 o Contact: <civan@eskimo.com> UAH ACCESS BBS (28/48/95/100) Phone: (205) 895-6152 ; U. Alabama Huntsville. The Ninth Bit BBS (48) o Phone: (405) 372-7204 ; Speed: 14.4 o Contact: <scott.wilkins@ninth.ucc.okstate.edu> Raiders of Lost Arg (48/95) o Phone: (416) 968-6633 ; Speed: 38400 N81 o Contact: <john.ricciuti@can.rem.com> NES BBX (48) Phone: (503) 640-4263 ; Goodies Disks in File Area 22 [(hp)]al BBS (48/95/100) o Phone: (612) 642-5906 ; Features: Usenet, E-Mail o Contact: <rab@lydia.mn.org> Electronic Design News BBS (48) Phone: (617) 558-4582 ; Features: Open to All Nybble's Byte (28/48/95/100/etc) o Phone: (708) 304-0666 ; Speed: 28.8 o Features: 24 hr. Usenet/Internet Terrapin Station (48) Phone: (708) 657-9543 48 Files BBS (48) o Phone: (801) 371-8760 ; Speed: 14.4 o Features: Over 3000 files The ONE BBS (48) Phone: +33-149-887-691 ; France. Cyberbox (48) o This German BBS has a filebase that contains about 1000 Files, 30MB. All are zipped, with descriptions. o Contact: Patrick.Werner@cyberbox.de o Phone: o Line 01-04 : +49-441-3990033 USR 2400-33600 o Line 05-06 : +49-441-9396977 ISDN X.75 o There is also full access to the filebase at <http://www.cyberbox.de/software/hp48/>. The start page for all file areas is <http://www.cyberbox.de/files/index.html> 13.5. HP Goodies Disks The HP Goodies Disks are a set of disks that are chock full of great HP48 files. They are collected by Joe Horn, and are available on the Internet. They contain all shareware/freeware files. Currently there are 11 disks. They can be obtained via anonymous ftp from the places listed below. In the listings above, they are referred to by "GD #". All the goodies disks have a file "fileinfo.src" which contains an index of all the files. I would recommend everybody looking through all these disks, as there is lots of great stuff on them! o <http://www.hpcalc.org/compilations/horn/> o <ftp://ftp.ee.ualberta.ca/pub/HP48/> o UAH BBS: (205) 895-6152 o CompuServe: go HPHAND ; DL 3 14. Contributors The maintainer thanks the following international contributors (covering a total of 16 countries) for their invaluable help in compiling this FAQ: U.S. and Canada: Dave Arnett, Allen Arnold, Diego Berge, Rich Brown, Doug Cannon, Andrew Chen, Dallan Christensen, James Cook, John Cutter, Andrew Dooley, Chuck Dinsmore, Jeff Dubin, Egan Ford, John Goerzen, Paul Hart, Dave Hicks, Joe Horn, David Johnson, Jack Levy, Keith Maddock, Scott Marlowe, Thomas De Matteis, John Meyers, David Moisan, Derrik Pates, David Peterson, Othniel Rawlins, Eric Rechlin, David Rice, Ray Richardson, Maynard Riley, Jake Schwartz, Jeremy Smith, Chris Spell, Lee Studley, Deborah Lynn Williams, Mark Wilson, Patrick Yagle. Jean-Francois Larin, Arnold Moy, Jeff Sketchley, Matt Willis, Ryan Youck. Europe: Rachid Benzaoui (France), Jorge Costa (Portugal), Yves Gadioux (France), Bjorn Gahm (Sweden), Maarten van den Hoek (Netherlands), Pieter-Bas IJdens (Netherlands), Peter Karp (Germany), Jens Kerle (Germany), Wlodek A C Mier-Jedrzejowicz (U.K.), Mario Mikocevic "Mozgy" (Croatia), Makoto Miyamoto (Germany), Bernard Parisse (France), Matthias Paul (Germany), Jarno Peschier (Netherlands), Lilian Pigallio (France), Rob Simpson (U.K.), Klaus Wolferts (Germany), Stefan Wolfrum (Germany), Stevens Wouter (Belguim), Matjaz Vencelj (Slovenia). Elsewhere: Guido Carvajal (Chile), Cesar Crusius (Brazil), Kevin Cheng (Australia), Antonio Pacheco (Venezuela), Alejandro Arrieta Rios (Chile), Richard Steventon (South Africa). -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGPfreeware 5.0i for non-commercial use Charset: noconv iQA/AwUBOPgDNehzXOws+qC7EQIgVwCffTaISNHajvktJjlV6RZaCMPpHGoAoIzq gwQEz+Bww90GAQ1MfXCHQ6wX =8tqe -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----