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This is part 4 of the ASCII version of the FAQ list for soc.culture.german. Find the WWW version at <http://www.watzmann.net/scg/index.html>. The FAQ is posted on the first of every month. Table of Contents for Part 4 ============================= 13. Books 13.1 ISB Numbers on the Net 13.2 What German Dictionaries are Available? (Deutsch-Deutsch!) 13.3 Which Books do German kids read? 13.4 German Literature Online 13.5 Mail Ordering Books 13.5.1 Page comments 14. Audio / Video 14.1 Different Video Norms! 14.1.1 Do it yourself 14.1.2 Commercial conversion 14.2 Movies 14.2.1 Dubbing?! 14.2.2 Contacts 14.3 Mail Ordering 14.3.1 Audio / Music 14.3.2 Video Tapes 14.3.3 Page comments 15. Foreign Affairs; Consulates / Embassies 15.1 General Remarks on the Embassies 15.2 Foreign Embassies in the FRG 15.3 German Embassies and Consulates General 15.4 Other Foreign Affairs Institutions 15.5 Goethe Institutes 15.5.1 Page comments 16. Educational System 16.1 Schools 16.1.1 The structure of the German school system 16.1.2 Vacations 16.1.3 International Schools in Germany 16.1.4 German Schools Abroad 16.1.5 Summer Schools for German Abroad 16.2 Universities 16.2.1 Statistics 16.2.2 Listings, Rankings Listings Rankings 16.2.3 Studying at a German University; Exchange Programs Exchange programs and organizations 16.2.4 Finding the Right One... (On-Line) 16.3 Volkshochschulen 16.4 Education-Relevant Addresses 16.4.1 Page comments 17. Economy; Industry; Working in Germany 17.1 News, Overviews, Briefs, Stock Data and other Databases 17.1.1 On-Line 17.1.2 Other 17.2 DIN, ISO 17.3 Economy Research Institutes 17.4 Bundesstelle fuer Aussenhandelsinformation (BfAI) 17.5 Looking for Individual Jobs 17.5.1 Some Addresses 17.6 Chambers of Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer) 17.7 What is the minimum wage in Germany ? 17.7.1 Page comments 13. Books In Germany, the price for a book is set by the publisher and all retail stores are required to sell the book at that price, a regulation that is under heavy attack from the European Union right now. As a consequence, there is little point in shopping around for a good bargain on a book. The only books that you can buy at a discount in Germany are damaged books, even though it often takes an expert to see what exactly the damage is. The Preisbindung, as this practice is called in German, means in particular that the only differences in price between `online booksellers' come from their differing fees for shipping and handling, not the books themselves.1999-04 Bookstores will usually order books published in Germany for you if they don't have them in stock. This is free of charge and usually very fast: the ordered book will often be at your local book store the day after you order it, and almost always within three days after the order. Foreign books take longer to order, sometimes several weeks. 13.1. ISB Numbers on the Net You can find all the books in print in Germany at Verzeichnis lieferbarer Buecher <http://www.vlb.de/>, a site maintained by the association of German booksellers. You can also try the search engines of any of the `online booksellers'; their search results usually contain the ISBN, among other things. 13.2. What German Dictionaries are Available? (Deutsch-Deutsch!) o Der Brockhaus in einem Band: US$39.95 (US) o Wahrig (Bertelsmann) US$48.95 o Wahrig DTV Woerterbuch (paperback) US$21.95 o Deutsches Woerterbuch von H. Paul (Niemayer) US$68.95 o Duden deutsches Universalwoerterbuch US$49.95 o Knaurs grosses Woerterbuch der deutschen Sprache US$45.95 13.3. Which Books do German kids read? Bring up any of these book titles in conversation with a German under the age of 50, or anybody over 50 whith kids, and you have a sure-fire way to go down the road to nostalgia ... o by Ottfried Preussler o Raeuber Hotzenplotz o Die kleine Hexe o Das kleine Gespenst o Der starke Wanja o Krabat o Der kleine Wassermann o by Max Kruse o Urmel aus dem Eis (and more Urmel books) o by Michael Ende o Jim Knopf und Lukas, der Lokomotivfuehrer o Jim Knopf und die Wilde 13 o Die unendliche Geschichte o Momo o Der satanarchaeoluegenialalkohoellische Wunschpunsch o by Erich Kaestner o Das fliegende Klassenzimmer o Emil und die Detektive o Puenktchen und Anton o der kleine Mann o by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg <http://www.AngelaSommer- Bodenburg.com> o Der kleine Vampir 13.4. German Literature Online The German Branch <http://www.gutenberg.aol.de/> of the Project Gutenberg <http://www.gutenberg.net/> has now gone far beyond offering just fairy tales. The Project Gutenberg <http://www.gutenberg.net/> is dedicated to bringing works of literature whose copyright has expired into electronic form. A very nice website dedicated to German literature is Oliver Gassner's carpe <http://www.carpe.com>. It contains the Literatur und Buecher im Cyberspace <http://www.carpe.com/lubic/> link list and Olivers Links zur Literatur <http://www.carpe.com/lit/>. For the scholarly minded, there's the German Studies Web <http://gort.ucsd.edu/rsonn/wessger.html>, coordinated by Reinhart Sonnenburg. 13.5. Mail Ordering Books The FU Berlin maintains a list of German publishing companies and bookstores <http://www.chemie.fu-berlin.de/outerspace/verlage.html>, including many mail-order bookstores. Some of the more popular mail-order bookstores are o Amazon.de <http://www.amazon.de/>, the German branch of amazon.com <http://www.amazon.com/> o Bertelsmann Online <http://www.bol.de/>, the online store of the largest German publishing company, o Buch.de <http://www.buch.de/>, Aachener Buchversand o Buecher.de <http://www.buecher.de/> Here is a list of bookstores and publishing companies, both in Germany and abroad, that somehow deal with German books: Der Buchwurm PO Box 268, Templeton, CA 93465, tel +1(805)238-2353, fax +1(805)238-9523 German Books, Music Tapes, CD's, Journal Subscriptions, etc. 1994-6 Mary S. Rosenberg, Inc. 1841 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, tel +1(212)307-7733, fax +1(718)857-7163 Mail order, but no credit cards! However, checks do not need to clear your bank before they send merchandise. 1994-6 Schoenhof's Foreign Books 76A Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, tel +1(617)547-8855, fax +1(617)547-8551 Accepts Visa, MC, and AMEX. French, German, Italian, and Spanish books 1994-6 Adler's Foreign Books, Inc. 8220 N. Christiana Ave, Skokie, Illinois 60076, tel +1(800)ADLERS-1 Accepts major credit cards, no current catalogue! 1994-6 Buch-Bruecke 96 Sweet Road, Ballston Lake, NY 12019, tel/fax +1(518)399-6516 They have a very good selection of German language books, videos, cassette tapes, CD's, and magazines, at reasonable prices. A catalog is available. 1994-7 International Book Import Service, Inc. 2995 Wall Triana Highway, Suite B4, Huntsville, Alabama 35824-1532, tel +1(800)277-IBIS fax +1(205)464-0071 1996-03 1995-4 Continental Book Company 80-00 Cooper Avenue, Bldg. #29, Glendale, NY 11385 1994-6 Mail order Kaiser Postfach 401209, 80712 Muenchen, Germany, tel +49(89)362001 Mail order bookstore in Germany. Delivery worldwide at German domestic prices. Monthly newsletters. 1994-6 ATS (Associated Technical Services) 855 Bloomfield Ave., Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 Technical Dictionaries 1994-6 2001 Ferdinand-Porsche-Str. 39, Postfach 61 06 37, 60348 Frankfurt/Main, tel +49(69)4208000, fax +49(69)415004 Kantstr. 41, 10625 Berlin 12, tel +49(30)3125017 They deliver only to European countries. A Bill will be included on delivery. The value of an order to abroad must be above 50 DM. Only books are delivered abroad, no CD's, tapes or records. 1994-6 Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft Hindenburgstrasse 40, Postfach 11 15 53, 64230 Darmstadt, Germany, tel +49(6151)33080, fax +49 6151 314128 1994-6 Carl Hanser Verlag Postfach 86 04 20, 81631 Muenchen Take major credit cars, and offer books from BASIC programming to Object-Oriented methods. Nice little catalog - these are the distinctive bright red books with blue trim. 1994-6 Die Weisse Rose Rozengracht 166, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, tel +31(20)638-3959, Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10-18, Sat 11-17 1994-6 Deutsches Komitee fuer elektronische Buecher (German Electronic Book Committee GEBC), Bertelsmann Electronic Publishing, fax +49(89)43189-737 1994-7 Bibliographisches Institut <http://www.bifab.de/> Makers of Der Duden <http://www.duden.de>, Meyer's Lexikon <http://www.meyer.bifab.de> and Brockhaus <http://www.brockhaus.de>. Looks like they have a corner on the German encyclopedia market. Langenscheidt KG Langenscheidt <http://www.langenscheidt.de> publishes everything about learning languages, from dictionaries to Teach yourself elementary Martian in seven days. Book publishers, fiction and non-fiction Some of the biggest German publishing companies are Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag (dtv) <http://www.dtv.de/>, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag <http://www.s-fischer.de/>, Suhrkamp Verlag <http://www.suhrkamp.de/>, Verlag Philipp Reclam jun. <http://www.reclam.de/>, Verlag R.Piper <http://www.piper.de/>. The Diogenes Verlag AG does not seem to have a webpage. Their last known address was Sprecherstrasse 8, CH-8032 Zuerich. 13.5.1. Page comments View/add comments <http://www.watzmann.net/comments/list.php?page_id=17> 14. Audio / Video How to convert between Norms, how to get tapes, etc. 14.1. Different Video Norms! PAL videotapes (as used in Germany) will not display properly using an NTSC (used in, eg, USA) based VCR and vice-versa. There are services where video conversion from any to any other can be made for a fee (VHS, VHS-C and 8 mm types of cassettes.) This will allow playback of videotapes made overseas using US TV's and VCR's (PAL, SECAM -> NTSC) and vice-versa (NTSC -> PAL, SECAM, etc ...) It is also not too expensive to get a VCR which is able to play NTSC and PAL tapes. Only a few VCR's are able to record and play VHS tapes in NTSC and PAL (e.g. Panasonic AG-W1, about DM 5000). Cheaper VCR's are able to play different formats (NTSC, PAL, SECAM). 14.1.1. Do it yourself With these setups you can transfer from NTSC to/from PAL at reasonable cost. Don't expect studio quality though: o Akai VS R110EM is a three system unit - PAL, NTSC, SECAM , costs about US$200 mailorder (smile video, nyc). o AKAI VSX-560, *HiFi-Stereo*, tuner, features include NTSC playback on PAL TV, US$500 (mailorder from 47th St Photo) o AIWA MG360S also 3 systems, costs about US$450 (mail order, j/R music world, nyc, +1(800)221-8180) o Another VCR that is reasonably priced is sold by Radio-Shack. The VCR is available through special order only; and not all Radio Shack employees know that this machine even exists. If they don't, have them look in the current catalog for #16-706. The cost is US$600. (You'll need a second VCR for conversions.) 1994-3 14.1.2. Commercial conversion Mind Logic <http://www.best.com/~jdulaney/convserv.html> They charge US$18 for the first two hours of conversion. They also put together a technical overview of the subject. <http://www.best.com/~jdulaney/faq.html> 1996-04 Hamilton-Smith Merrill, Ia, USA, hamsmith@pionet.net, tel +1(712)938-2507 1996-04 International Video Conversion 520 Harvest Lane, Raleigh, NC 27606-2217, tel +1(919)233-8689 Fees: US$25 + 5 S&H, Price of a High Grade Cassette Included, 2hrs or less. Delivery: Mailed back the next day, express shipping at request. Payment: Check, Cash or Money Order mailed with tape. sasjrm@unx.sas.com does it for US$5 per hour + US$3 for the blank tape. Formats: NTSC, PAL, NPAL, MPAL, SECAM, MSECAM Soffel VDO 2250 Monroe St #263, Santa Clara, CA 95050, tel +1(408)985-2098 US$20 per tape (up to 2h, each add. hour US$10). Tape, S&H included. Mail only, next day shipping, overnight available. Check, cash, money order. Does: NTSC (8mm, Hi8, VHS) -> PAL (VHS) Video Conversion tel +1(614)833-6872/NTSC http://www.videoconversion.com/ Price: $9.99 + S/H for one VHS tape containing up to 3 hours of material Local shops Give your local shops a try! I found a Camera Shop that does PAL <-> NTCS conversions; a bit expensive, though (US$20/h). But if you need something the very next day... 1994-1 14.2. Movies 14.2.1. Dubbing?! American (and other foreign) films are almost always dubbed into German when they're released in Germany. Frequently, the title of the movie is changed, as well, so that it makes more sense in the German language. It is a recurring subject for discussion in soc.culture.german whether this is desirable or despicable. Before judging an issue like this, please consider the market forces at work; the point is that dubbing costs more than mere subtitles. Why do they do it anyway, then? Obviously there is a sizable and steady demand which absorbs the added cost! If you feel that dubbing should be abolished, then, please, also provide an insight in how you believe this presently existing preference can be redirected! 1996-03 14.2.2. Contacts Producer's Masterguide <http://www.producers.masterguide.com> (email producers@masterguide.com) is an international production manual for film, broadcast-tv, commercials, videotape & cable industries since 1980. 1996-03 14.3. Mail Ordering 14.3.1. Audio / Music Some places where to get a hold of the latest from the charts; (did you know that modern match makers hold as an utmost important compatibilty criterion what the couple thinks about Volksmusik?) o Euroexport Intl Music Mktg; Austin, TX, USA; +1-800-872-2966 1996-1 o `See the entry' on Der Buchwurm in the Books section. 1996-01 14.3.2. Video Tapes For conversion of videotapes (NTSC <-> PAL) see subject `Audio / Video Tapes' German Language Video Center 7625-27 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, Indiana 46226, tel +1(317)547-1257 Free catalogue; hundreds of movies; prompt and courteous service. The movies cost US$10.50 to rent for 30 days (includes shipping time to and from you, so it's realistically about 2 1/2 weeks), with a US$20 initial deposit (refundable when you decide you don't want to rent any more videos from them). 1995-3 The Olivia and Hill Press PO Box 7396, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107, tel +1(313)663-0235, fax +1(313)663-6590 Selection of German-language cassette recordings of novels, plays, and radio plays, e.g. Duerrenmatt's Der Richter und sein Henker. Free catalogue. Schau ins Land PO Box 158067, Nashville, TN 37215-8067, tel +1(800)824-0829 Monthly audio magazine of news, stories, music, etc. Comes with a written transcription including a vocabulary glossary. Approx. US$120/yr. in the US. 14.3.3. Page comments View/add comments <http://watzmann.net/comments/list.php?page_id=18> 15. Foreign Affairs; Consulates / Embassies Some basic background; lots of addresses. Federal Republic of Germany is abbreviated as FRG. 15.1. General Remarks on the Embassies The German Consulates are very helpful in getting information about anything concerning Germany (travel, politics, laws ...) They're very thorough and supply lots of information in response to requests. Among other things: o info about quarantine questions (importing pets) o all German phonebooks available o business/government directories o registries of names and contact addresses of German citizens in foreign countries (one has to register oneself upon arrival) They also sponsor the German Information Center <http://www.germany-info.org/> (address in the `Newspapers section'). For background and general information on Germany the German Embassies will send anyone a complimentary copy of the booklet Facts about Germany. There is a list of all embassies/consulates in the US. You get it from the Department of State. Its title is Foreign Consular Offices in the United States and it contains addresses, names of the staff and phone numbers. You might find the booklet in most public libraries. For quite a lot more embassies and consulates (etc.,) besides those related to the FRG, try globescope's embassy page! <http://www.embpage.org> 1996-10 15.2. Foreign Embassies in the FRG Botschaft der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika Deichmanns Aue 29, 53170 Bonn, tel +49(228)339-1/-2053, fax +49(228)332712, Amtsbezirk: Nordrhein-Westfalen There are a number of other consular instutions in the FRG ... in case you live elsewhere you might need to contact Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Leibzig, or Stuttgart. Let me know -- I'll get you the address, too. Konsulat der Ungarischen Republik General-Vollmann-Strasse 2, 8???? Muenchen, +49(89)911032, 1997-06 Die Botschaft des Staates Israel in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland" Simrockalle 2, 53173 Bonn, tel +49(228)823-0, fax +49(228)361916, fax +49(228)356093, email botschaft@israel.de Generalkonsulat des Staates Israel in Berlin Schinkelstrasse 10, 14193 Berlin, tel +49(30)893220-3/-4/-5, fax +49(30)8928908, email konsulat@israel.de 1995-11 Botschaft von Singapur, Suedstr.133, 53175 Bonn, tel +49(228)9510314 1996-11 15.3. German Embassies and Consulates General The Auswaertige Amt <http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/> (Ministry of Foreign Affairs <> provides a list of the German embassies <http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/7_aw_amt/3/7-3Adr.htm>. For english speakers, there is a page in English <http://www.auswaertiges- amt.de/1_fremsp/english/Index2.htm> that lists the embassies in English speaking countries. And one for in Spanish <http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/1_fremsp/spanish/Index2.htm> for Spanish speaking countries. The German Information Center <http://www.germany-info.org/> maintains a list with the addresses of the German embassy in Washington, D.C. <http://www.germany-info.org/newcontent/index_ge.html> and of the German consulates in the United States <http://www.germany- info.org/newcontent/gc/consulate_home.html>. Some German embassies have their own web pages: Argentina <http://www.embalemana.com.ar/>, Austria <http://www.deubowien.at>, Canada <http://www.GermanEmbassyOttawa.org/>, Chile <http://www.embajadadealemania.cl/>, Denmark <http://www.tyske- ambassade.dk/>, Egypt <http://www.german-embassy.org.eg>, Finland <http://www.germanembassy.fi/>, Ghana <http://members.aol.com/GhanaGeEmb>, Rep. de Guinee <http://www.zyan.com/botschaft-conakry/>, India <http://www.germanembassy-india.org/>, Israel <http://www.germanemb.org.il/>, Japan <http://www.germanembassy- japan.org>, Mexico <http://www.embajada-alemana.org.mx>, Namibia <http://www.german-embassy.org/>, Norway <http://home.c2i.net/germanembassy/start.htm>, Paraguay <http://www.pla.net.py/embalem/>, Russia <http://www.germany.org.ru>, Singapore <http://www.germany.org.sg/>, Slovakia <http://www.germanembassy.sk>, Spain <http://www.embajada- alemania.es/>, Switzerland <http://missions.itu.int/~germany/willkommen>, Thailand <http://www.german-embassy.or.th/>, United Kingdom <http://www.german- embassy.org.uk>, United States of America <http://www.germany- info.org>. 15.4. Other Foreign Affairs Institutions Auswaertiges Amt Postfach 1148, 53001 Bonn, Adenauerallee 99-103, 53113 Bonn, tel (0228)17-0, fax (0228)17-3402 www http://www.auswaertiges- amt.government.de/ Coordinator Prof. Dr. Werner Weidenfeld Koordinator fuer die deutsch- amerikanische zwischengesellschaftliche, kultur- und informationspolitische Zusammenarbeit, Auswaertiges Amt, Postfach 1148, 53001 Bonn, tel (0228)17-26611-28701-2678, fax (0228)17-3402 United States Information Agency German Country Affairs Offlcer 301 4th Street, S.W., Washington, DC 20547 USA, tel +1(202)619-5940, fax +1(202)619-6821 Deutsch-Amerikanische Parlamentariergruppe im 12. Deutschen Bundestag" Referat PB 3, Sekretariat der Parlamentariergruppen, Bundeshaus, 53113 Bonn, tel (0228)16-7466/3588/2444/3879, fax (0228)16-85124 The Congressional Study Group on Germany Suite 422, 1755 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20036 USA, tel +1(202)332-3532, fax +1(202)543-7145 15.5. Goethe Institutes The various Goethe Institutes <http://www.goethe.de/> (English page <http://www.goethe.de/eindex.htm/>) are funded by the German government to provide an opportunity for people outside Germany to become acquainted with German culture and learn German. They offer: German classes <http://www.goethe.de/z/demindex.htm> of which readers of soc.culture.german report that they are intense but really make you learn. library services <http://www.goethe.de/z/30/eniindex.htm> that are open to all, including getting material via interlibrary loan or fax. The services used to be free, but some locations seem to charge for them. The Goethe Institut in Manchester, England, for example, introduced an annual fee of GBP 10 in September 1999. exhibitions <http://www.goethe.de/a/deausst.htm> My favorite still is Vee have vays to make you laugh - German humor. This page <http://www.goethe.de/a/enwindex.htm> contains a list of all Gothe institutes world-wide, including websites, mailing addresses and everything else you need to get in touch with your friendly neighborhood Goethe Institut. 15.5.1. Page comments View/add comments <http://www.watzmann.net/comments/list.php?page_id=19> 16. Educational System School examinations generally furnish no basis for evaluat- ing aptitude ... The true test of aptitude for a profession does not come until later in life. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845-1925) Look at the Bildungsseiten <http://www.dino-online.de/bildung.html> of DINO. They cover all major issues! 16.1. Schools You find many online schools at this gopher <gopher://klinfo.unix- ag.uni-kl.de:71/0D%20klinfo.unix-ag.uni- kl.de%209000%206740%20autonews> or in this WWW server. <http://klinfo.unix-ag.uni-kl.de:1962/klinfo.unix-ag.uni- kl.de/9000/6740.html> 1995-3 Quite a lot of information about German schools <http://www.wiso.gwdg.de/ifbg/go2d.htm> you find at the DINO <http://www.wiso.gwdg.de/ifbg/go.htm> pages of the IFBG of the U Goettingen. 1995-11 16.1.1. The structure of the German school system The public schools are subject to state laws, not federal, which is why there are considerable differences between states. The basic scheme of grammar school (years 1-4), secondary schools, level 1 (years 5-10), secondary schools, level 2 (years 11-13) is used throughout the country. The basic law gives people the right to self-fulfillment and the right to choose their occupation or profession, place of work, study or training according to their individual abilities. That is, every student can choose which school to attend (if she or he is fit to attend.) In Germany school attendance is compulsory for children of ages 7 to 18. At least nine years of this period they must attend a full-time school and then they choose either to continue the full-time schooling (Gymnasium) or attend a vocational school (Berufschule) parttime. Attendance at public schools is free of charge; textbooks and other supplies are usually provided for loan during the school year. By far the great majority of students choose public school training. There are private schools (notably the Waldorf schools), too. However, their number is very small. 1999-11 In 1995 there were just below 10 million students in Germany -- taught by 670,000 teachers in 43,200 schools. 1997-06 School type early 1950-ies late 1980-ies Hauptschule 80 32 Realschule 7 26 Gymnasium 12 32 Gesamtschule N/A 9 Attendance in major German school branches (Percent) 1997-06 16.1.2. Vacations Find an overview at FU Berlin. <http://userpage.chemie.fu- berlin.de/diverse/doc/ferien.html> 1996-04 16.1.3. International Schools in Germany John-F-Kennedy-Schule Teltower Damm 87-93 14167 Berlin tel (030)8072710 fax (030)8073377 International School of Duesseldorf e.V. Leuchtenberger Kirchweg 2 40489 Duessseldorf tel (0211)407056 fax (0211)4080774 Frankfurt International School An der Waldlust 15 61440 Oberursel tel (0617I)202-0 fax (06171)202-384 Hamburg International School Internationale Schule Hamburg Holmbrook 20 20605 Hamburg tel (040)8830010 fax (040)8811405 Europaeische Schule Karlsruhe Albert-Schweitzer-Strasse 1 76139 Karlsruhe-Waldtstadt tel (0721)683001 fax (0721)687233 Europaeische Schule Muenchen Elise-Aulinger-Strasse 21 81739 Muenchen tel (089)6372611 fax (089)6378418 Munich International School Percha-Schloss Buchhof 82319 Starnherg tel (08151)2606-0 fax (08151)2606-49 1995-10 16.1.4. German Schools Abroad The first German school abroad was founded in Osorno, Chile, in 1854; more than 100 years old are also the schools in Lima, Athens, Buenos Aires and Madrid. The number of German schools abroad is growing over recent years. Currently (1996) there are a total 139 schools with 1172 foreign- service teachers and 83,275 pupils. These schools may be broadly classified into three categories: German-language, bilingual and local-language. They are supported with approx. 1/3 of the federal cultural budget for foreign countries...some 330 million DM. The syllabusses of German foreign schools are at least partially identical to those in Germany, thus providing a qualification which is recognized in Germany. Children of German parents, who live temporarily abroad, can return to Germany and start a vocational training program or college without further difficulties. The bilingual character and bi-cultural educational objectives is of growing importance, too. The diplomas issued by German schools abroad are recognized in both countries. Schools Teachers Pupils Africa 4 24 520 America 5 46 1996 Asia/Australia 20 92 3230 Europe 13 116 3252 German-language: German educational objective 16.1.5. Summer Schools for German Abroad (Actually only in the US, so far...) German Institute of German Language and Culture Summer Sessions, Dept. GH, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-2010 USA, tel +1(805)893-7053 Schools Teachers Pupils Africa 7 135 5757 America 16 237 22615 Asia/Australia - - - Europe 27 412 8195 Bilingual: integrated teaching program; bi-cultural education objective Schools Teachers Pupils Africa 1 2 204 America 20 75 15193 Asia/Australia 2 - 428 Europe 24 33 11915 Local-language: additional German teaching; leads to German Diploma of Conference of Culture Ministers Yale Summer Institute fuer Sprachen Yale Summer Language Institute, P.O.Box 2145, Yale Station, New Haven, CT 06520 USA, tel +1(203)432-2430, fax +1(203)432-2434 Deutsche Sommerschule im Suedosten 263 Duaer Hall, University of Florida, Gainesviiie, FL 32611 USA, tel +1(904)392-2101 Sommerschule in the Nation's Capital Dept. of Germanic and Slavic Languages, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742 USA, tel +1(301)405-4091 Waldsee German Village Concordia Language Villages, Moorhead, MN 56560 USA, tel +1(218)299-4544, fax +1(218)299-3807, www http://www.cord.edu/dept/clv/Waldsee.html <http://www.cord.edu/dept/clv/Waldsee.html> 1996-11 Deutsche Sommerschule Taos University of New Mexico, Ortega Hall, Room 437-B, Albuquerque, NM 87131 USA, tel +1(505)277-5335, fax +1(505)277-9138 Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik Portland State University, P.O.Box 751, Portland, OR 97207 USA, tel +1(503)7254183, fax +1(503)725-4840 Deutsche Sommerschule an der Millersville University Department of Foreign Languages, Millersville University, Millersville, PA 17551 USA, tel +1(717)872-3526, fax +1(717)871-2003 Deutsche Sommerschule am Atlantik Department of Languages, University of Rhode Island, Building 129, Independence Hall, Kingston, RI 02881 USA, tel +1(401)7925911, fax +1(401)7924694 Deutsche Sommerschule in Middlebury 206 Sunderland Language Center, Middlebury Gollege, Middlebury, VT 05753 USA, tel +1(802)3883711, fax +1(802)388-1253 1995-10 16.2. Universities 16.2.1. Statistics Total number of students in the Federal Republic of Germany" in 1993: 1,875,200 Where students live. (Percentages, 1993 values) In their own apartments 40 With their parents, other relatives 21 In appartments with other students 20 In student halls of residence 13 In lodgings 6 1997-06 Most frequently chosen academic majors Business studies 127,641 Law 93,341 Medicine 88,000 Mechanical Engineering 85,889 Electrical engineering 79,678 Economics 67,748 German 66,543 Computer science 45,900 Civil engineering 43,176 Biology 41,380 Values are for 1993 Number of institutions of higher education Universities / Technical Universities 80 Theological Colleges 17 Polytechnic Universities 8 Teachers Colleges 8 Art Colleges/Music Colleges 45 Polytechnic Colleges 127 Civil Service Training Colleges 30 Values are for 1993 The largest student populations Berlin 150,000 Munich 105,000 Cologne 82,000 Values are for 1993 16.2.2. Listings, Rankings Listings The most accessible listing of the many German universities is probably found in The World of Learning, which should be in the reference section of the libraries of most universities in the English speaking world. It lists Universities, faculties, departments, affiliated organizations, as well as academic staff with respective general areas of specialization (e.g. structural mechanics). 1994-3 Rankings There are no rankings for German universities in the American sense of the word, with widely accepted institutionalized reference listings. Some news magazines have picked up the habit of running annual surveys (you figure out their models;-) The two most typically employed methods are inqueries on faculty level about the best other-than-your- own unversity (in their field of expertise) and on students level about the quality of their school as they perceive it. 1996-03 16.2.3. Studying at a German University; Exchange Programs Foreign students from a large number of countries who want to study after high school at a German university or Fachhochschule need to attend the Studienkolleg for two semesters and pass an examination. Tuition at a Studienkolleg is free. Information about Studienkollegs in Germany: Guenther Miklitz, Studienkolleg fuer auslaendische Studierende, an der Universitaet Bonn, email usa000@ibm.rhrz.uni- bonn.de 1994-11 Although the German educational system is quite different from the US system (no degree until a masters equivalent etc.,) it's still possible to obtain a German degree with non-German background. The place to contact is the Auslandsamt (foreign office) of the involved universities. Usually it is easier to just go with an organized program. Especially since these programs usually guarantee some sort of credit transfer which is (depending on your home university) hard to impossible to get otherwise. Some programs also include special classes (sometimes in English, sometimes German classes for foreigners...) which will otherwise not be offered -- German students are supposed to find their own way through the university jungle... The big advantage of going alone is the financial aspect. Education in Germany is basically free i.e. university students pay a nominal tuition of typically approximately US$30 a semester for their education (plus books, living expenses and the usual public transportation -- all of which amounts to an (estimated) US$600-900 a month, less in the eastern part of Germany.) Students in Germany typically live in (shared) apartments, dorm rooms are only available for about 3-8% of the students (these numbers being higher in the east). Getting a dorm room is often included in organized programs, I suppose it will be hard to find one, if you're on your own, but your can always try. (Getting a dorm room will probably save about US$100/month.) 1995-3 Exchange programs and organizations For students of subjects related to economy the AIESEC organization may be a valuable pointer! In Germany you can try, e.g., Deutsches Komitee der AIESEC e.V. Subbelrather Str. 247 50825 Koeln tel +49(221)551056 and most universities should be able to help locate local branches. For more information on the Ontario/Baden-Wuerttemberg Exchange <http://info.queensu.ca/exchange/index.html> program send an email to ontbw@post.queensu.ca to Ontario/Baden-Wuerttemberg University Student Exchange Kingston Hall, Room 400 A, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6, Canada; tel: +1-613-545-6924 fax: +1-613-545-6930 1996-02 A good general collection on the topics (also interesting for German students who want to study abroad) can be found at the gopher of U Kaiserslautern <gopher://klinfo.unix-ag.uni-kl.de/> 1996-04 16.2.4. Finding the Right One... (On-Line) There are several other files available: o Martin Schwartz <mailto:schwartz@cs.tu-berlin.de> maintains a list of all German universities, Fachhochschulen, Berufsakademien and other institutions of higher learning at this website <http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~schwartz/hochschulen.html> 1999-04 o Felix Holderied <http://www.holderied.de/> maintains a similar, more compact list <http://www.holderied.de/DeutscheHochschulen.html> 1999-04 o The virtual library <http://www.rz.uni- karlsruhe.de/Outerspace/VirtualLibrary/> at U Karlsruhe offers an impressive collection of pointers sorted by subject. Most of these point to university sources.1995-6 o This list <http://www.mit.edu/people/cdemello/de.html> of universities and the like, which by now is a bit dated, might also be quite useful to some folks. 1999-04 ok Also you should check the Zentralvergabestelle fuer Studienplaetze (ZVS) ZVS, Sonnenstrasse 171, 44137 Dortmund, Germany 1996-02 16.3. Volkshochschulen The Volkshochschulen <http://www.vhs.de/> are evening schools open to everybody. For a modest fee of some amount (from around DM 20 to maybe DM 200; depends much on the type of course you choose) they offer courses to further your professional background, to prepare for taking the Abitur examination, or for plain pleasure and hobby interests. Most Volkshochschulen also offer "Deutsch fuer Auslaender" (German for foreigners). 1999-11 16.4. Education-Relevant Addresses Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft <http://www.dfg.de/> Similar to the NSF in the USA. Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD <http://www.daad.de> 1999-04 The addresses of the branch offices of the DAAD <http://www.daad.de> can be found at this website <http://www2.daad.de/allgemein/en/aussenstellen/index.html>. The DAAD is o an organisation of the institutions of higher education and student bodies in the Federal Republic of Germany, founded in 1925, refounded in 1950 o an institution for the promotion of international academic exchanges o an intermediary for the implementation of foreign cultural and academic policy as well as for the educational co-operation with developing countries o the national agency for the EU programmes ERASMUS and LINGUA and German information service for COMETT and TEMPUS o the IAESTE National Committee for the exchange of student trainees (The above is an excerpt from http://www.geist.de/daad/info- E.html. ) 1996-09 Very important for foreign students who want to study in Germany and also for German students who want to study in another country. They also have an office in New York <http://www.daad.org> 1999-04 Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes <http://www.studiens- tiftung.de/> Mirbachstr. 7, 53173 Bonn 1, tel +49(228)354091 An important source of scholarships for German students abroad and in Germany, essentially a national honors society. Membership is by invitation only. 1999-04 An older, inofficial website <http://www.rz.tu-ilmenau.de/~stusti/> with inofficial materials. 1997-01 Fulbright-Kommission Theaterplatz 1a, PF 200555, 53177 Bonn (Bad Godesberg), Germany tel +49(228)363130 1995-4 Konferenz der Kultusminister Postfach 22 40, 53012 Bonn This is the place where they decide about transferability of foreign academic degrees. Maybe they answer questions. Any experience how helpful this address is? Representative of German Industry and Trade One Farragut Square South, Washington, DC. 20006, tel +1(202)347-0247 16.4.1. Page comments View/add comments <http://www.watzmann.net/comments/list.php?page_id=20> 17. Economy; Industry; Working in Germany The prospering of the economy is most closely intertwined with the fate of our democratic state. Ludwig Erhard (1897-1977) 17.1. News, Overviews, Briefs, Stock Data and other Databases 17.1.1. On-Line o Frankfurt Stock Quotes <http://www.deutsche-bank.de/cgi/aktien> (via Deutsche Bank) 1996-04 o Rainer Schulzes German Financial Pointers <http://elib.zib- berlin.de:88/~mail/finanz/German/finanz.html> 1996-04 o Teleserv's German Stock Quotes <http://www.teleserv.co.uk/stock/german/todate/index.htm> (from 1995 on) 1996-04 o The best databases <http://www.wirtschaftswoche.co.at/wirtschaftswoche/business.html> (by Wirtschaftswoche Oesterreich) 1996-02 o Library databases <http://www.laum.uni- hannover.de/iln/bibliotheken/wirtschaft.html> 1995-11 o Top 500 German companies <http://www-dw.gmd.de:80/cgi- bin/listfolder/faz/t500.html> 1996-02 o U Frankfurt server <http://www.wiwi.uni- frankfurt.de/AG/JWGI/data.htm> has a good collection of several pointers o Deutsche Aktienkurse <http://www.wiwi.uni- frankfurt.de/AG/JWGI/JWGIvt.html> 1995-11 o German Brief (FAZ) <http://www-dw.gmd.de/cgi- bin/listfolder/faz/gb9502.html> 1995-11 o DINO Wirtschaftsseite <http://www.dino-online.de/wirt.html> 1995-11 o BR - Geld <http://www.br-online.de/geld/> 1996-02 17.1.2. Other Wer gehoert wem?, a publication of Commerzbank describing most major German companies (i.e. nearly all AG's). Available at local branches of the Commerzbank for about DM 10. 1996-03 17.2. DIN, ISO For more on the work on standards by the Deutsches Institut fuer Normen check out their website <http://www.din.de>. To find out about the International Organisation for Standards have a look at ISO Online <http://www.iso.ch/>. A few ISO standards are available from this ftp-server <ftp://ftp.std.com/obi/Standards/ISO/> 17.3. Economy Research Institutes o DIW <http://www.diw-berlin.de/> Deutsches Institut fuer Wirtschaftsforschung 1996-02 o HWWA <http://www.hwwa.uni-hamburg.de/> Institut fuer Wirtschaftsforschung 1996-02 17.4. Bundesstelle fuer Aussenhandelsinformation (BfAI) Agrippastrasse 87-93 50676 Koeln, Postfach 100522, 50445 Koeln Tel.: (0221)2057-0 Fax: (0221)2057-212 1997-06 17.5. Looking for Individual Jobs For temporary stays it might be best to apply with one of the exchange programs. Contact the nearest `German consulate,' ask about the `DAAD' (German Academic Exchange Service). For academic positions, the traditional paper to consult is `Die Zeit' 1996-10 17.5.1. Some Addresses Zentralstelle fuer Arbeitsvermittlung Feuerbachstrasse 42-46, 60325 Frankfurt/Main, tel +49(69)71110, fax +49(69)7111555 This is an important address for people who want to work in Germany. Association for International Practical Training (AIPT) 217 American City Building, Columbia, MD 21044-3492, tel +1(301)997-2200 PUMA <http://www.bwl.uni-mannheim.de/Praktikum/> requests and offers of Practical training U Mannheim1996-02 Link collections The physics department at the U Bielefeld <http://www.physik.uni-bielefeld.de/links/jobs.html> and at the U Wuerzburg <http://cip.physik.uni-wuerzburg.de/jobs.html> maintain pages with links. 17.6. Chambers of Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer) The Chambers of Commerce maintain a list of the German companies in the respective countries along with their addresses which you can purchase. The price varies according to how detailed a list you wish to have. The German-American Chamber of Commerce 465 California Street, Suite 910, San Francisco, CA 94104, tel +1(415)392-2262 German-American Chamber of Commerce 104 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60603-5978, tel +1(312)782-8557; +1(312)641-6673 German-American Chamber of Commerce 909 Fannin Suite 3750, Suite 3418, Houston, TX 77010, tel +1(713)658-8230 German-American Chamber of Commerce 5220 Pacific Concourse Drive, Suite 280 Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA; tel +1(310)297-7979 telephone, fax +1(310)297-7966 telefax 1996-09 German-American Chamber of Commerce 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10103, tel +1(212)974-8830; +1(213)582-7788 German-American Chamber of Commerce Peachtree Center Harris Tower, 233 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 2701, Atlanta, GA 30303, tel +1(404)577-7228 Camera de Comercio Uruguayo-Alemana Zamala 1379 Piso 4, CC 1499, Montevideo, tel 405813 Deutsch-Paraguayanische Industrie- und Handelskammer Camera de la Industria y del Comercio, Juan O'Leary 409, Estrella Ed. Parapito Piso 2 Oficina 201, CC 201, Asuncion, tel 446594 Deutsch-Argentinische Industrie- und Handelskammer Camera de la Industria y del Comercio, Florida 547, Buenos Aires, tel 3939006, 3939007 17.7. What is the minimum wage in Germany ? There is no such thing as an overall minimum wage defined by law. There are special regulations and agreements with certain sectors, i.e., construction companies are obliged to pay their workers a minimum hourly wage per an agreement between unions and employers. The position of trade unions is stronger than in most other countries. Every industrial sector has its wage agreements and most companies pay accordingly. Wages for certain kind of work are described with much detail, this involves of course a minimum for the wage. Although there are no state-mandated minimum wages one can say that something similar exists. Everyone has a right to Sozialhilfe (social welfare) which is defined very well. No matter whether you are employed or not, you always have the right to a (very limited) income. If you work for less, you will get the rest from the local Sozialamt, the social welfare administration, run by the city or county government. Sozialhilfe for a family of four is rumored to be a little less than 2000 DM per month, excluding rent. The rent for a reasonable (and often subsidized) apartment is payed by the government on top of this. 17.7.1. Page comments View/add comments <http://www.watzmann.net/comments/list.php?page_id=21>