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Subject: Scrabble FAQ - Club and Tournament Supplement

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MARYLAND Unofficial Club BOWIE, MD Collegiate dictionary; no-risk challenge; 3- & 4-person games 1st and 3rd Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM Bowie City Hall 2614 Kenhill Dr Bowie, MD 20715 Donald Sauter (301) 577-5589 <mailto:iz710@freenet.cwru.edu> MINNESOTA Unofficial Club CAMBRIDGE, MN 2nd Tuesday 5:00 PM during school year Bonnie Boese (612) 689-7012 <mailto:boesebo@cc.cc.mn.us> OHIO Unofficial Club CINCINNATI, OH Cafe Vienna 1141 Saint Gregory St Cincinnati, OH 45202 (513) 621-6655 Call for information (513) 431-6433 CANADA Unofficial Club WEST VANCOUVER, BC Thursdays @ 7:30 PM St David's United Church 1525 Taylor Way & Hwy 1 West Vancouver BC V7S 1N5 Unofficial Club ABBOTSFORD, B.C. Call for information Margie (604) 853-4620 Unofficial Club BARRIE, ONTARIO Call for information Barrie Scrabble Club (705) 733-8015 Unofficial Club HAMILTON, ONTARIO Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM seniors' club Sackville Hill Seniors' Rec Ctr 780 Upper Wentworth St Hamilton ON L9A 4V5 Barry Spinner (905) 528-3776 <mailto:spinner@western.wave.ca> Unofficial Club SUDBURY, ONTARIO Wednesdays @ 6:00 PM St Andrew's United Church 111 Larch St, 3rd fl Boardroom or 4th fl Youth Lounge Sudbury ON P3E 4T5 (705) 674-0721 Joe MacDougall (705) 522-3214 <mailto:s1300103@nickel.laurentian.ca> Derrick Berta (705) 522-8269 <mailto:scrabblesudbury@hotmail.com> A4. Upcoming North American tournaments Please see the improved official NSA tournament listing, which <http://www.scrabble-assoc.com/tourneys/calendar.htm>, which finally is a workable substitute for this one, maintained on Usenet since 1993 and the Web since 1994. This will be used for supplemental information, since corporate strictures keep the NSA site from linking to outside sites. Players must be members of NSA to play in their second and succeeding tournaments. A player whose rating is within 100 point of its cutoff generally may play in a higher division, subject to the needs of the tournament. Feb 19-21, Phoenix, AZ <http://www.primenet.com/~jaygee/PSCT0200.HTM> Feb 25-27, Atlanta, GA <http://home.earthlink.net/~cseales/atltourney.htm> Mar 31-Apr 2, Boston area, MA <http://www.thirdisland.com/tourneys/> May 29-Jun 5, Italy <http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/rgb5/italy2000.html> Aug 5-8, Providence, RI <http://www.scrabble-assoc.com/tourneys/2000/nsc/> A5. Contacts for major Scrabble organizations worldwide English Language Bob Jackman Australian Scrabble Players Association PO Box 28 Lindfield 2070 NSW Australia Tel: 02 9416 9881 Fax: 02 9416 9479 <mailto:rjackman@ozemail.com.au> Shiraz Amith Bahrain Scrabble League P.O. Box 20725 Bahrain Tel: 629561 <mailto:shirazad@batelco.com.bh> Mr Roy Kietzman Bahrain Scrabble League P.O. Box 10721 Manama Bahrain Lorton Graham Claybury St John Barbados Florence Maxwell Bermuda Scrabble Club P.O. Box HM 767 Hamilton HM CX Tel: 238-3727 evenings Fax: 238-3728 <mailto:fmaxwell@ibl.bm> David Ndombe P.O. Box 577 Douala Cameroon Dubai Scrabble League 815733 Amirali Ali Mohammed 666953 Sydney Saldanha Michel Charlemagne 20 Rue Vautier 94340 Joinville le Pont France +33 48 83 31 09 C. M. Placca Scrabble Association of Ghana P.O. Box 1684 Accra Ghana Ulric Harris Guyana Association of Scrabble Players c/o 2799 South Ruimveldt Park Georgetown Guyana Henry Chiu Scrabble Players Association of Hong Kong c/o Flat B506 15 Tsat Tsz Mui Road North Point Hong Kong Mr V.R. Damaraj Secretary Zygo Scrabble 9-1-38, 226-A YMCA Complex Sardar Patel Road Secunderabad 500 003 Andhra Pradesh, India +91-40-830760 Mohan Chunkath Chennai Scrabble Club 50, Defence Colony Chennai 600 032 +91-44-2345106 <mailto:mchunkat@md2.vsnl.net.in> <http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Park/1840/> Steve Goldberg Ramot 418/17 Jerusalem Israel 97225 +972-2-677-6085, work +972-2-586-6868, home <mailto:steve@hadassah.org.il> <http://www.actcom.co.il/~sig/> Eric T. Ohtawa SYU Creation Co. Ltd. 5-5-5 Arakawa Arakawa-Ku Tokyo 116 Japan Dixon Assesa Chairman Kenya Amateur Scrabble Association P.O. Box 21908 HSE. 762236 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: 331828 Karl Khoshnaw (Kurdistan) 22 Everett Road Manchester, M20 3DQ U.K. Gerry R. Perez c/o Hassan's Optician Co Wataniya Tower Fahad Al-Salem St P.O. Box 1139 Safat 13012 Kuwait Tel: 2458027, fax: 2421815 Rehan Kaleem Kuwait Scrabble Club PO Box 9252 Ahmadi 61003 Kuwait James W. Flomo, National Chairman National Scrabble Association of Liberia West African Exams Council PO Box 2883 Sinkor Monrovia Liberia Haji A. Majid Jaafar (tel/fax: 03-2929 845) Vice President Malasian Scrabble Association c/o Office of the Deputy Minister of Defence 5th Floor Wisma Pertahanan Jalan Padang Tembak 50634 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel: +60 3 2355 040, fax +60 3 2910 131 Mohammad Ali Ismail Vice President Malasian Scrabble Association c/o Radio Rediffusion SDN BHD 19th Floor, Bangunan Amdb 1 Jalan Lumut 50400 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Tel: +60 3 4481 101; +60 3 4419 988; +60 3 4449 880 Handphones: 6012-2106229; 6019-3113215 Fax: +60 3 4439 988 <mailto:mhmdali@pc.jaring.my> Joseph F. Micallef c/o Grand Hotel Les Lapins Ta' Xbiex, Malta <mailto:jayeff@global.net.mt> <http://www.global.net.mt/~scrabmalta/> Mr Mario Seychelle Malta Scrabble Club 36 Triq G Borg Olivier Rabat RBT 02 Malta Jeff Grant Waipatu Settlement Rd RD2 Hastings New Zealand John Foster, President New Zealand Association of Scrabble Players P.O. Box 99-402 Newmarket, Auckland New Zealand Tel: (09) 827-0060 <mailto:jethrosnaf@xtra.co.nz> Glenda Foster Layout Editor, New Zealand Scrabble Magazine 317 Maungaraki Rd Lower Hutt New Zealand Tel: 64-4-5870093 <mailto:fostergb@ihug.co.nz> <http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~fostergb/scrabble.htm> Larry Ojoko Scrabble Association of Nigeria PO Box 1430 Yaba, Lagos Nigeria Louis P. Fernandes President <mailto:fernanlp@gto.net.om> Sonny Hemachandra General Secretary PO Box 1727 Seeb, 111 Muscat, Oman Nadeem Omar Pakistan Scrabble Association Beach Luxury Hotel Maluvi Tamizzudin Khan Road Karachi - 0227 Pakistan National Scrabble Association of Philippines, Inc Rosario B Lambino 2-H Gatdula Bldg 2 Katarungan St Mandaluyong 1500 Metro Manila Philippines Henry J. Estrella Mabuhay Educational Center Inc 3 Agno St Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines Candido Filio President, Diliman Scrabble Club 4 Matimtiman St Teacher's Village Diliman, Quezon City Philippines 1101 (0632) 922-2855 Armando "Bing" Lao 1034 Sikatuna Bliss I Sikatuna Village Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines Butch Maniego Publicist Scrabble Players Association of the Philippines, Inc. (SCAPI) <mailto:bmaniego@cnl.net> Judith Britten Qatar Scrabble League P.O. Box 1854 Doha, Qatar Tel: 892090 off. 362738 res. Asad ul-Haq Qatar Scrabble League P.O. Box 57 Doha, Qatar Tel: 411846 / 335233 off. 861475 res. <mailto:a2191982@qatar.net.qa> Lucian Manescu Comisia Centrala de Scrabble Anglofon Federatia Romana de Scrabble str. Cismelei nr. 17 bl. 1A, sc. B, ap. 53 Constanta, 8700 Romania Dan Laurentiu Sandu, Presidente Comisia Centrala de Scrabble Anglofon Federatia Romana de Scrabble C.P. 72-130; sector 3; cod 74600 Bucharest, Romania Tel: 673.36.46 <mailto:dan@ldbt.sfos.ro> Stefan Pall Romanian Scrabble Federation Calea Calarasi nr. 32 AP. 1 7097 Bucharest - sect 3 O.P. 20 Rumania Abdul Majeed Khan PO Box 3266 Riyadh 11471 Saudi Arabia Michael Holmes Seychelles Scrabble Association c/o PO Box 56 Victoria Mahe Seychelles Mr. Tan Kiat Ann General Secretary Singapore Scrabble Association 10 Anson Road International Plaza #16-16 Singapore <mailto:tkalhyjo@singnet.com.sg> Larry Benjamin P.O. Box 891189 Lyndhurst Tvl. 2106 South Africa <mailto:161larry@cosmos.wits.ac.za> Trevor Duke 405 Majestic Gate 38 Empire Rd Parktown, Johannesburg South Africa Mrs. Anita Kassel S.A.N.S.P.A. 'Joanne' 6 Safari Road Thornton Cape Town 7460 South Africa <mailto:ctbmg@iafrica.com> Claire Tait <mailto:murrcat@iafrica.com> Missaka Warusawitharana 11 De Silva Rd Kaluboloila Sri Lanka <mailto:mwarusaw@artsci.wustl.edu> Ms Shiela M Amalean Scrabble League of Sri Lanka 46a Skelton Road Columbo 5 Sri Lanka Amnuay Ploysangngam Director, Thailand Crossword Club 645/1 Petchburi Rd Phayathai Bangkok 10400 Thailand +66 2 254-9607, +66 2 252-8147, fax +66 2 252-8147 <mailto:crosword@ksc.th.com> <http://kkucc1.kku.ac.th/~crosskku/> Robin John 23 Schneider Gardens Petit Valley Trinidad and Tobago Ms. Margarida de Souza Secretary Trinidad & Tobago Scrabble Ass. 75 Luis Street Woodbrook Trinidad and Tobago Mr Amirali Alimohammed Dubai Scrabble League PO Box 9031 Dubai United Arab Emirates Diane Pratesi Postal Scrabble Club 33 Amberley Rd Leyton London, E10 7ER United Kingdom Belgian Federation Belge de Scrabble Boulevard Saint-Lazare 4 Boite 16 1210 Bruxelles +32 2 219 15 87 fax +32 2 223 04 82 Verhe Monique, Voorzitter Brugse Scrabble Club Peter Benoitlaan 5 8200 Brugge 319761 De Wulf Lieve, Secretaris Brugse Scrabble Club Lorreinenhoek 34 8310 Brugge 360680 Czech Jakub A. Tesinsky Board Games Club Paluba Graficka 30 150 00 Prague 5 Czech Republic +42 2 57 31 41 81 <mailto:gorn@karlin.mff.cuni.cz> <http://www.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~gorn/paluba/scrabble/> Scrabble - Domovska' stra'nka <http://www.cem.cz/zabava/Scrabble/> Dutch (Duplicate play) Bertrand De Bouvere, Voorzitter Graaf d'Ursellaan 16/31 8301 Knokke-Heist 050-51.16.37 Rudi Ailliet, Public Relations Nederlandstalig Scrabble-Verbond Oude Pittemstr. 2 8700 Tielt 051-40.37.29 <mailto:alfabet@unicall.be> <http://uc2.unicall.be/alfabet/> Scrabble Bond Nederland <http://home.pi.net/~sbnl/scrabble.htm> French (Duplicate play) Please refer to the extensive listing at the Montpellier Scrabble site, <http://herakles.mnet.fr/scrabble/clubs/clubs.html>. Romania Federatia Românã de Scrabble Str. Vasile Conta 16, sector 2 70139 Bucuresti, Romania Fax: +40 1 210.01.61 <mailto:frsc@fcmail.com> <http://underworld.fortunecity.com/boardgame/34/> Polish Polska Federacja Scrabble Dabrowskiego 4/18 05-820 Piastow Poland Tel, fax: +48 22 723 22 20 <mailto:pfs@pfs.org.pl> <http://www.pfs.org.pl/~pfs/> <http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Arcade/7724/english.htm> Russian Julia Kazakova Elixir Toys distributor for Mattel Toys (095) 258 4477 <mailto:jkazakova@impex.msk.ru> <http://impex.msk.ru/scrabble.htm> Spanish Club Scrabble Buenos Aires, 60 Pral. 1* 08036 Barcelona Tel: 93/410 36 06 Fax: 93/439 55 27 <http://www.acoisa.es/scrabble/> Swedish Svenska Scrabbleförbundet c/o Per Starbäck Tiundagatan 49, 2tr SE-752 30 Uppsala Sweden 018-50 13 24 <mailto:starback@ling.uu.se> <http://stp.ling.uu.se/~starback/scrabble/> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Steven Alexander <mailto:stevena+faq@teleport.com> <http://www.teleport.com/~stevena/scrabble/faq.html>