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Subject: rec.games.roguelike.announce Posting Guidelines

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Last-modified: 2018-01-01 Posted-by: postfaq 1.17 (Perl 5.24.1) Archive-name: games/roguelike/announce URL: https://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/faqs/rgra.html Posting-frequency: monthly
rec.games.roguelike.announce is a moderated newsgroup for informational posts and announcements about any roguelike game, including (but not limited to) Rogue, Nethack, Moria, Angband, and Adom. Since it is a moderated group, all postings will be sent to a moderator for approval before posting; this means that posts won't show up immediately after you post them. Please allow a day or two for your post to show up. The charter for the group is: | rec.games.roguelike.announce is a forum for postings of FAQ lists, | announcements of new patches and versions of existing games, postings of | small "official" patches, and announcements of new rogue-style | games. Every posting to this group would be cross-posted to the most | appropriate other rec.games.roguelike group, and follows-up would be | directed to that group. The moderator could, at his/her discretion, | change the subject line of postings (esp. to add the word [SPOILERS] | where appropriate). Announcements of new web sites related to roguelike games are also appropriate and welcome. Most posts to rec.games.roguelike.announce will be crossposted to two newsgroups, it and the other most appropriate group in the rec.games.roguelike.* hierarchy. Followups will be directed to that other group as mentioned in the charter. Please choose your crossposting appropriately to save work for the moderator. Any post containing spoilers should note that in the subject header with a tag of "[SPOILERS]". Please also try to ensure that no spoilers occur in the first screen of text and that the body of the article also warns about spoilers. All postings to rec.games.roguelike.announce except for apparent spam will either be approved or will receive a response explaining why they were not approved. Note, however, that if you munge your e-mail address in a way that the moderator cannot decipher it, there may be no way for the response to reach you. If you post to the group and neither receive a response nor see your post show up within about three days, please contact the moderator to see if there's a problem. It's possible that your site doesn't have the group correctly configured. This newsgroup is also available as a mailing list. If you wish to receive all messages to the newsgroup as e-mail messages, go to: <https://lists.eyrie.org/mailman/listinfo/roguelike-announce> to subscribe. The content of the mailing list and newsgroup will be the same, and all messages sent to the mailing list will be treated as submissions for the newsgroup. An archive of all messages to rec.games.roguelike.announce starting from January 2010 is available at: <https://lists.eyrie.org/pipermail/roguelike-announce/> Also from the charter: | The moderator will at all times be free to appoint a backup-moderator | and/or a replacement if he or she must leave the post. Such an | appointment must be announced on rec.games.roguelike.announce. If it | becomes necessary to replace the moderator, this could be done with a | public vote, announced on news.announce.newgroups (and crossposted to | all the rec.games.roguelike groups). A two-thirds vote would be | necessary to replace the moderator. [It is possible that the moderator | of news.announce.newgroups, group-advice, and such people will come up | with an "official" way to replace a moderator; in such a case, their | approved method would take precedence over this one.] The current moderator of this group is Russ Allbery <eagle@eyrie.org>. The contact address for the group, to which any problem reports or questions should be sent, is rgra-request@eyrie.org. If you are having problems posting directly to the group, you can instead e-mail your post to the submission address at rgra@eyrie.org. If you are maintaining a FAQ for any group in the rec.games.roguelike.* hierarchy and would like to get pre-approval for posting it to rec.games.roguelike.announce, please contact the moderator.