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This is the text version of the web page: /empire/uesugi/html/NEWS.html -=[ EMPIRE NEWS ]=- "All the news that fits, we print." Vol.5 No.4, 1 July 1998 published monthly ==Table of Contents== 1 What's New? 2 New Games Starting Up 3 Current Games 4 Clients and Player Tools 5 Server and Deity Information 6 This Month's Winners 7 This Newsletter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ==What's New?== Current Games The tourney moves on the the third round! Polar Bear Blitz A new three-day half-hour update blitz is at empire.woods.net. Low Key Monthly Game Low Key Game Returns WinACE Client 1.1 for 32 bit Windows All you windows-based players have your client now. Emp_Client 2.7 Released A potential trojan horse security hole has been plugged. Empire Wolfpack Server updated to 4.0.16 Bug fixes here and there. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ==New Games== No new games are taking registration ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ==Current Games== Current Long-Term Games (http://www.empire.net/~wolfpack/whereplay.html) The tourney began the third and final round. South Pacific II is also progressing. Current Blitzes (http://www.empire.net/~wolfpack/whereplay.html) For the most up-to-date information on available blitzes, see the Empire page above. Here are the five blitzes confirmed operational at press time: (any others out there?) Blitz Name Host Port Comments Vampire 6667 Wolfpack code 4.0.14 ( Resets 6:00 am EST Cheetah empire.net 6667 Wolfpack code 4.0.14 ( Resets Sunday, 6:00 EST Low Key gobblernet.dyndns.com 7776 Back Up! ( Wolfpack code 4.0.16 Tanith atlantis.uwyo.edu 6665 Wolfpack code 4.0.14 ( Seems to be disabled Polar Bear empire.woods.net 2345 A new blitz! ( Wolfpack code 4.0.14 Polar Bear Blitz Makes Its Debut The Polar Bear is a three-day blitz with updates every half hour. Resets are 11am, Alaskan Time, on Mondays and Thursdays. "Low Key" Game Returns On the first of every month, this game with daily updates will reset. Anyone interested in playing should connect right away, using one of countries 1 to 10. We missed it the last two months, so dive in for July! Cheetah blitz The cheetah blitz at empire.net was changed to a weekly blitz. The server resets at 6:00pm EST on Sunday and updates once an hour. Results are posted to rec.games.empire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ==Clients== WinACE Client 1.1 for 32 bit Windows Jim Simons has uploaded version 1.1 of his Windows Empire Client to the Wolfpack Client Page (http://www.empire.net/~wolfpack/clients.html). The new version has some command line fixes and a new color scheme. Emp_Client 2.7 Released The standard wolfpack empire client has been updated to version 2.7, and can be accessed from the Wolfpack Client Page (http://www.empire.net/~wolfpack/clients.html). This fixes a potential problem in redirection and command execution. John Yockey coded the fix and Steve McClure provided the WIN32 binary. Empire Game Announcement List Everybody who's not signed up with Pat Loney should do so RIGHT NOW. New game announcements will be sent to this list. To subscribe, send e-mail to "overlord@empire.net" with "add myname@myaddress" in the body. (Please substitute your e-mail address. Pat says some people are not.) Deities with new games should notify Pat so he can broadcast to the list. Are there still deities out there? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ==Server== Wolfpack Server Release 4.0.16 The as-yet unnamed members of the Wolfpack Empire Server Team made available a new release, available from the Wolfpack Server Home Page at empire.net (http://www.empire.net/~wolfpack/). Inquiries, bug-reports and comments can also be sent to "wolfpack@empire.net". Changes to Empire 4.0.16 - Fri Jun 12 08:52:06 EDT 1998 * Added patches sent in by Steve McClure, Sverker Wiberg and Curtis Larsen. They are described with other changes below. * Fixed bugs in the following commands that allowed two cooperating countries to create infinite numbers of any commodity and/or cash at any time (race conditions in the server): build, board, deliver, designate, distribute, explore, fuel, improve, load, ltend, mobquota, move, name, order, reset, sail, sell, set, tend, territory, test, threshold, torpedo, transport, unload * Fixed bug in board command giving out too much information about a non-owned sector when it shouldn't be. * Fixed bug in board command when firing on a sector in defense before checking mobility. * Fixed bug in rangeedit allowing plane(s) to possibly be stored wrong. * Fixed bug in launch allowing plane to possibly be stored wrong after launch. * Fixed bug in lrangeedit allowing land unit(s) to possibly be stored wrong. * Fixed bug in morale allowing land unit(s) to possibly be stored wrong. * Fixed bug in arm/disarm allowing a plane to possibly be stored wrong. * Fixed bug in loan sometimes not writing database correctly. * Fixed bug in collect. * Fixed bug in dropping mines from land units. * Fixed crashing bug in sector_strength routine when oceans take collateral damage. * Fixed bug in transport possibly decrementing too much mobility when moving a nuke. * Fixed some little warning type messages building with gcc -Wall. * Fixed problem compiling lwp threads with glibc6 under Linux. * Changed flash so that players can always flash deities. * Changed players command to always show deities and visitor countries that are logged on, and only show allied countries for normal player countries. * Fixed bug in anti command not stopping sectors when they revolt. * Fixed bug in set_coastal function not counting bridge spans as water based sectors (after all, the land is still a coastal sector, even if next to a bridge span.) * "flash" and "players" is re-enabled for visitor accounts. * Fixed bug in bleeding of technology and research to other players. * Fixed bug in explore not spreading plague correctly. * Fixed bug in move not spreading plague correctly. * Fixed bug in deliver not spreading plague correctly. * Fixed bug in distribute not spreading plague. * Included "postresults" script in the scripts directory which can be used to auto-post daily power chart/announcements to rec.games.empire. * Updated Plague.t * Updated Innards.t * Removed OVCONFIG from build.conf, and patched doconfig to match. * doconfig is only run if needed * emp_client and emp_server are only linked if needed * Added list of disabled options to the version command. * Fixed bug in survey allowing you to see hidden variables. * Re-enabled escort missions due to above bug fix most likely the problem. * Changed one instance of "restrict" to "restricted" in bestpath.c. For some reason, this was causing a problem on one of the Linux builds (??). * Added "show sector capabilities" functionality (this didn't exist before.) * Fixed bug in neweff not reporting stopped sectors. It now (correctly) reports them as not changing eff. How to Run a Game (ftp://www.empire.net/pub/empire/deity/docs/how_to_run_a_game.txt) Before making a game announcement to rec.games.empire, please read and heed this document. Also, be sure to mail "overlord@empire.net" to get a game announced on Pat Loney's mailing list. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ==This Month's Winners== No games ended since the last Empire News. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ==This Newsletter== Mark Ballinger is responsible for the Empire News and the Empire FAQ. If you have suggestions, corrections or announcements, please email me at uesugi@empire.net. Mark Ballinger (Uesugi)