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Subject: DOOM "Thy Flesh Consumed" Secrets (96/09/06)

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List compiled by Paul Falstad (pjf@cts.com), last updated September 6, 1996 An HTML version of this document is available on the web at "http://doomgate.gamers.org/games/udoom/secrets/"; it includes maps to help you finish the levels and find all the secrets. [1] SECRETS LIST ================ All the official secret areas in the fourth episode of the Ultimate Doom (Thy Flesh Consumed) are numbered and listed below, along with the sector number, IDMYPOS coordinates, and decimal coordinates. "Official" secrets are those which are counted towards the "Secrets" total on the end level screen. Some non-secret areas which are hard to find are also listed, but are not numbered. The information listed below is for version 1.9 of the Ultimate Doom. Also, there is a list of changes made in the first three episodes of Doom between Ultimate Doom and the old registered version of Doom. E4M1: Hell Beneath 1 69 <ff7e0000,fe670000> ( -130, -409) The room just south of the starting room has a pool of slime with a walkway all around it. On the west side of the walkway is a door. To the left of the door is a small niche behind the walkway; you can see if it you look on the floor while standing on the walkway. Jump down into the slime and hit the space bar on the south end of the west walkway. This will lower a lift, revealing a niche with a badly needed rocket launcher and some rockets. Inside the niche is a secret door on the south side. This leads to a room with two teleporters (#1). The left teleporter takes you to the ledge northeast of the acid pool; the right teleporter takes you to the ledge northwest of it. 2 30 < 3280000,ff640000> ( 808, -156) The room behind the red door has a wall in the middle of the room, with a path on either side of it. On the north end of the wall is a small niche with a red torch. Hit the space bar on the niche, then get the hell out of that room. This will lower the wall, revealing id's excellent taste in music, and making it easier for you to kill the imps behind the wall. Unfortunately, it will also let four barons loose. When they reach the door, they'll teleport to the west side of the acid pool. Also, don't walk on top of the newly lowered wall (#2) until you've killed all the monsters, or you'll cause a wall to be raised up all around you, trapping you inside with the barons. There is a switch inside to lower the wall, however. In order to get credit for the secret, be sure to walk around slowly on the lowered wall without walking on the letters. (The letters are not the secret.) E4M2: Perfect Hatred 1 70 <fd960000, 6100000> ( -618, 1552) On the west side of the map, you will eventually find a teleporter with three blue health potions right in front of it. To the left of the teleporter is a secret door leading to a small room with a beserk pack and some ammo (#1). In the northeast corner of this room is another secret door, which leads to the north end of the teleporter. Enter the teleporter from this end, and you will go to a room with blue armor and a box of rockets. 2 74 <ff340000, 6bc0000> ( -204, 1724) 3 17 <fe440000, 3cc0000> ( -444, 972) When you get to the area with the cyberdemon, don't bother trying to kill him. Just walk north a little bit and pick up one of the radiation suits or boxes of rockets. This will open the door to the north, revealing some cacodemons. Run back south to get away from the cyberdemon (either go down the steps, or jump into the slime). At this point, a teleporter will be revealed in the center of the map, to the north of the yellow key switch, between two sets of steps. Enter the teleporter, you will land on top of the cyberdemon, killing him instantly; there you will find a BFG (#2). Hit the space bar on the ledge to the west to get out. When you do this, you will lower the ledge, and also lower a lift in the slime to the southwest. Jump down and run southwest to a small opening, where you will find a switch that takes you to the secret level (#3). If you drop down into the slime right between the two staircases at the start, you will get a radiation suit. If you walk into the north part of the slime pool by going northeast as far as possible and then west and south, you will find a supercharger. Then, go to the southeast corner of the slime pool; there you will find a staircase leading up to an area behind your starting point; there you will find some goodies and monsters. In the room with the yellow key, there is an area to the south where some barons were hiding. On the east end of this area is a hidden door to a switch which raises a platform in the middle of the map. This platform doesn't have anything on it, but it makes it easier to avoid falling into the slime. The ledge high up in the east area north of the blue key has nothing in it but a cacodemon. You can't get up there. E4M3: Sever the Wicked (max secrets: 90%) 1 71 <fd970000,fdda0000> ( -617, -550) West of the starting ledge is a staircase leading down. South of that is a staircase leading up, which leads to a door. Just before you reach the door, a secret door opens behind you revealing an area with some imps, and some other goodies including blue armor (#1). 2 124 <fad60000,f7ab0000> (-1322, -2133) 3 125 <fad60000,f8560000> (-1322, -1962) 4 127 <fa800000,fa580000> (-1408, -1448) 5 128 <fa800000,fa780000> (-1408, -1416) 6 129 <fa800000,fa980000> (-1408, -1384) 7 130 <fa800000,fab80000> (-1408, -1352) 8 131 <fa800000,fad80000> (-1408, -1320) 9 132 <fa800000,faf80000> (-1408, -1288) 10 133 <fa800000,f92c0000> (-1408, -1748) 11 134 <fa800000,f9d80000> (-1408, -1576) 12 136 <fa800000,f9f80000> (-1408, -1544) 13 137 <fa800000,fa180000> (-1408, -1512) 14 138 <fa800000,fa380000> (-1408, -1480) 15 147 <fa800000,fb180000> (-1408, -1256) 16 148 <fa800000,fb380000> (-1408, -1224) 17 149 <fa800000,fb580000> (-1408, -1192) 18 150 <fa800000,fb780000> (-1408, -1160) 19 151 <fa800000,fb980000> (-1408, -1128) 20 152 <fa800000,fbbc0000> (-1408, -1092) 21 154 <fbd40000,fc540000> (-1068, -940) 22 155 <fac00000,fbf00000> (-1344, -1040) (This is not as cool as it looks. For some reason, they made a whole bunch of adjacent sectors secret.) In the area south of the red skull key, there is an area to the west with two torches and a switch. The switch is supposed to open the door to that room, but I haven't been able to get that door to that room to close. The sectors containing the torches are secrets (#2, #3) but I was not able to get close enough to the torches to get credit for those sectors. Hit the space bar on the north wall to reveal a whole bunch of secret sectors (#4-22), consisting of a staircase up to a room with a supercharger and some other goodies. West of the switch is another secret door with takes you to a teleporter back to your starting point. If you walk straight east from your starting point and jump down, you will get partial invisibility and a berserk pack. E4M4: Unruly Evil 1 29 <fbb80000,fb300000> (-1096, -1232) 2 20 <fc580000,fba80000> ( -936, -1112) The first door leads to a room with a lift leading up to a ledge with some monsters on it. The northwest corner of this ledge has a small green torch in a niche. Hit the space bar on this niche to lower a lift, revealing an area to the northwest with a berserk pack (#1) and a teleporter to the south end of the map. The lift will also reveal an area to the north with a rocket launcher (#2) and a teleporter which takes you behind the door east of the ledge room. In the southeast corner of the map is an area with some lava, an invulnerability sphere, and twelve square platforms. Hit the space bar on the north side of the northeast platform to lower it; this will allow you to get on and walk over the platforms to the small room to the southwest, where there is health. The second from the left in the middle row of platforms also has a switch on the north side; however, you can only hit it from the south. So, take the lift up, and jump over to this platform, face north, and hit the space bar; this opens a door to the north, which reveals a teleporter that takes you to secret #2. You can also trigger the switch by standing on the west side of the platform, aiming northeast, and hitting the space bar. E4M5: They Will Repent 1 76 < 8c0000,feb20000> ( 140, -334) The room with the red skull key has a red door in the southwest corner. Behind this door you will find a room with a secret door in the southeast corner; open it to reveal some health (#1). 2 151 < 2400000, 4e80000> ( 576, 1256) To the left of the yellow door is another door which leads to a teleporter; this teleporter takes you to the yellow key. To the left of the teleporter is a hidden door with a berserk pack behind it (#2). The room with the red key has a column in the southeast corner which is really a lift. There is a box of rockets on top of it. The room on the south side of the blue door has a supercharger, in the lava pit to the north; you may miss it if you're going too fast when you jump down the first step. The exit room has an invulnerability in the southeast corner, in the slime. To get the BFG in that room, go to the room to the south, and go up the steps and stand in front of the window to the west. Now just jump down onto the ledge to the west of the exit switch. It's a tricky jump, but it's possible. Now walk carefully along the ledge to the east, and cross over to the ledge which the BFG is sitting on. Remember that saving your game when standing on a narrow ledge does not always work; use the automap to make sure that you're standing exactly on the ledge, and not slightly off to the side, before saving; otherwise, you'll fall off when you reload that game. E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly 1 78 < de0000, 3ec0000> ( 222, 1004) East of the starting area is a tower with an acid moat around it. To the north and south are a series of small niches. On the north side, the second niche from the east has a hidden passage behind it; just walk through the back wall. There you'll find some goodies (#1) including a plasma rifle. 2 132 < 33c0000, c0000> ( 828, 12) Once you drop into the moat and enter the castle, you'll find a small outcropping to the south with a radiation suit and a red torch. The south wall has a secret door here (#2) which leads to a small room with a blur artifact. The northwest wall of this room has a lift which leads to a supercharger. 3 55 < 4780000, 5050000> ( 1144, 1285) Once you drop into the moat and enter the castle, you'll find a small outcropping to the north with a radiation suit and a red torch. The north wall has a secret door here which leads to a series of passages. One passage leads to some boxes of rockets, and a ledge which lets you drop into the slime. Another passage leads to a baron of hell, and a switch which will lower the yellow key. A third passage (#3) leads to a lava pit with some cacodemons and a radiation suit. It may make more sense to reach this secret another way. To do this, get to the yellow key; notice that there are a series of windows surrounding it with gratings covering them. You can walk through the grating on the far right, allowing you to drop into the slime. There's a radiation suit just to the south of you. The other side of the pit has a secret door to secret #3 flanked by glowing skull platforms. When you first drop into the slime pit, you should go to the tower near the center of the pit. Lower the lift on the west side of the tower, go up the lift and take the teleporter. This will allow you to get the blue key. Then take the north side of the teleporter. This will allow you to get the yellow key and another radiation suit. Then take the east side. This will allow you to get the red key. Once you hit the switch behind the red door, and take the teleporter back out of the lava pit, you will be able to walk through the window to the south to get a BFG which is on a ledge. There is also a teleporter there, but don't take it yet, unless you want to face the cyberdemon at close range. Instead, get a radiation suit if possible (there are two of them in the lava pit with the red door) and walk over to the southwest ledge, where you originally started. In the south wall you will find a passage leading south to a ledge over an area with some monsters. Jump down off the ledge and kill the monsters. Then get the invulnerability artifact and take the passage north into the lava pit. Now run north to the tower and take the south lift up to the teleporter. This will take you to where the cyberdemon is. If you're still invulnerable, you can easily take him out with a BFG. E4M7: And Hell Followed (max secrets: 50%) 1 262 < 100000,fa2c0000> ( 16, -1492) 2 263 < 440000,fa400000> ( 68, -1472) 3 264 < 640000,fa400000> ( 100, -1472) 4 250 < 1c00000,fbb80000> ( 448, -1096) In the south part of the map, behind one of the yellow key doors, you will find an area with a picture of a demon on the floor. In ultra-violence mode, there will be a BFG on the south side of the room. If you make any noise in this room, a cyberdemon (or a baron, in lower skill levels) will teleport in, so don't shoot anything until you get the BFG; at that point some bars will rise up on the north and south side of the room; these just hinder your movement a bit, and block the cyberdemon's rockets. The south end of the room has a secret door leading to a small room (#1) with various goodies. In ultra-violence mode, you'll get invulnerability a soul sphere, and a rocket launcher; otherwise, you'll have to be content with a few medikits. To the east of this room is a secret door (#2) which leads to another secret room (#3) with an invulnerability sphere. I wasn't able to get credit for either #2 or #3; #2 is too small, and #3's floor is too high for me to enter. Hit the switch on the north side of the room, then go east and then south to a small room (#4) with blue armor, health, and ammo. There are two switches in here which simply open the two yellow doors. E4M8: Unto The Cruel 1 10 < 10d0000,feb00000> ( 269, -336) Just to the southwest of your starting point is a small niche with a twitching corpse hanging in it (this is the second niche from the west). Hit the space bar on it to reveal a small area (#1) with some ammo and a blur artifact. There's an area to the south with blue armor on a pedestal. To the west is a building with a lift going down. The lift leads to a hallway with a pedestal at the east end. Behind this pedestal is a secret door leading to a teleporter, which takes you to a ledge with some ammo. The room with the spiderdemon has a secret door just to the right of the entrance. It contains a teleporter which leads to a room with a supercharger. E4M9: Fear (You get to this level via E4M2.) 1 53 <fde00000,fb640000> ( -544, -1180) There are two rather dark rooms (one on the west side and one on the east side) which have a door on the north end and lifts on the west, east, and south ends. They also have a series of small silver columns. In the west room, go up one of the lifts and go near the south door. To the left of the door is a secret door to a room containing a berserker (#1). 2 234 < a00000, 8f00000> ( 160, 2288) Just to the south of the exit switch is a secret door to a small room containing a backpack (#2). The yellow key is in the moat to the east of the starting room. It's sitting on a narrow ledge, which you can jump onto from the north. There's a plasma gun on a similar ledge to the west of the starting room. [2] MONSTER COUNTS ================== This list is for Ultra-Violence, single-player mode only. ------------------------------------------------------------ Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total ------------------------------------------------------------ Human . . 9 . 26 . 6 14 18 73 Sargeant 20 10 59 12 13 28 28 48 13 231 Imp 29 18 42 33 16 31 44 13 29 255 Demon . 8 7 3 10 2 6 7 11 54 Spectre 9 10 15 5 4 12 3 7 4 69 Lost soul . 15 10 . 17 7 7 14 11 81 Cacodemon . 17 1 7 3 20 6 5 8 67 Baron of Hell 5 12 7 . 1 3 3 11 2 44 Spider-demon . . . . . . . 1 . 1 Cyber-demon . 1 . . . 1 1 . . 3 ------------------------------------------------------------ Total 63 91 150 60 90 104 104 120 96 878 ------------------------------------------------------------ [3] ITEM COUNTS =============== This chart shows where the following items appear in the game, and how many times they occur in each level. This chart is for Ultra-Violence single-player mode only. SG = Shotgun, CG = Chaingun, RK = Rocket Launcher, PL = Plasma, BF = BFG9000 CS = Chainsaw, BZ = Berzerk Pack, A1 = Security Armor, A2 = Combat armor BP = Backpack, RS = Radiation Suit, MP = Map, LA = Light Amplification SS = Supercharge, BA = Invisibility, IA = Invulnerability CC = Crushing Ceiling, T1 = One way Teleporter, T2 = Two way Teleporter pair SG CG RK PL BF CS BZ A1 A2 BP RS MP LA SS BA IA CC T1 T2 TOT E4M1: 1 1 1 . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . 1 10 . 15 E4M2: 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 . 3 . . 1 . . . 3 . 16 E4M3: 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 2 1 . . 1 2 1 1 2 1 18 E4M4: 1 1 1 . . . 1 . . . . . . 1 1 1 . 7 . 14 E4M5: . 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . 2 . . 1 . 1 . 2 1 13 E4M6: . 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . 1 6 . . 1 1 1 . 5 . 20 E4M7: 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 4 1 . 2 1 2 4 4 1 32 E4M8: 1 1 2 2 1 . 1 . 2 1 2 . 1 3 1 . . 3 2 23 E4M9: 1 1 2 1 . . 1 . 1 1 . . . . . . . 9 . 17 Tot : 7 8 13 8 5 3 8 5 7 6 18 1 1 10 6 6 6 45 5 168 [4] CHANGES TO FIRST THREE EPISODES =================================== Except for the new episode, E1M1 is the only level that changed in Ultimate Doom. The changes are: 1. There's a new switch on the pillar to the right of the staircase which leads to the green armor. It's on the north side of the pillar. It opens a door leading to the central area with the blue armor in the acid pit. Walking through this door opens another door which allows you to enter the central area from the room to the north (the room behind the first door). 2. There are some new items in multiplayer mode. In the northwest corner of the starting room is a shotgun behind some barrels. And south of the staircase which leads to the green armor is a berserk pack (skills 1-3 only). -- Paul Falstad, pjf@cts.com, 805-966-4935, http://www.ttinet.com/pjf/ work: pf@software.com, 805-882-2470, http://www.software.com