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Subject: DOOM Cheat Codes. . . . . . . . . (98/02/10)

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Doom/Doom II/etc Cheat Codes. Last Change: 10/Feb/1998 PC, Mac, Linux, NEXT, QNX, SGI, SUN PSX, Jaguar, 32X, Saturn, SNES, N64 & 3DO This document is Copyright (C) 1994-1998, by Ian Mapleson (mapleson@gamers.org) This file describes the various cheat codes for Doom, Doom II, etc. and how to use them. The information given here is a good overview, but if you want _extremely_ detailed information on, for example, exactly how the cheats work, special cases, side effects, etc., then please see Ledmeister's DoomCode file: http://members.aol.com/ledmeister/doomcode.htm Introductory Notes and Cheats Overview: - Many cheats are common to several platforms (eg. most PC cheats will work on Mac versions of Doom); but there are exceptions, so make sure you read the information that is relevant to your platform. Some platforms, especially consoles, do not have certain cheats implemented at all. SNES Doom is the most extreme example since it has no cheats whatsoever, though one can take advantage of useful bugs in the SNES version. - If you have heard a rumour of a 'flying' code, forget it. There is no such cheat code. - The term 'toggle' means a cheat code which, if repeatedly typed, will turn the desired cheat effect on and off like a switch. Games console users should proceed to Part 2. Users of all other platforms should read Part 1. For answers to further questions about the contents of this file, or anything else Doom-related, either read and/or post to rec.games.computer.doom.help, read rec.games.computer.doom.announce, or email me (please ask on the newsgroups and/or consult my DHS WWW site before emailing me). PART 1: Standard Cheats for PC/MAC/LINUX/NEXT/QNX/SGI/SUN Systems Cheat codes are activated by typing a sequence of keys at the keyboard at any time during normal play, although some cheats won't do anything unless you're in a particular situation, eg. viewing the map or participating in a multiplayer game. An incorrectly or incompletely typed cheat code will have no effect. For most cheats, there is no need to hold down a key such as Alt, or Control (the exception being the multiplater/map cheat), and there is no need to press Return. The only cheats that work in Nightmare mode are iddt and idclev (see below for what they do). In any other skill level, all the cheats work; however, the following is effectively the same as Nightmare mode with cheats, where ## is the level number: doom -fast -respawn -skill 4 -warp ## The Map Cheat (for pre-v1.666 versions of Doom _only_) There is a map cheat that allows you to see the positions of other players during Deathmatch play. Go into map mode, hold down Alt and type tiddt three times. Note that using this cheat during a Deathmatch game will likely lose you the odd friend or two if they find out, especially if you're playing someone you've never met via modem. This information is included here for completeness. Note that this deathmatch cheat does NOT work in versions of Doom that are v1.9 or later; it is the _only_ multiplayer cheat code that there has ever been in Doom. ---< Doom I Cheats >--- If you think you have found a cheat called 'idf', 'idg', 'idm' or 'idc', I'm afraid there are no such cheats - it is easy to mistake single-letter commands for cheats, probably whilst being in map mode. See the 'Other Commands' list below for details. iddqd - God mode (can't be harmed by anything). Well, this isn't entirely true. There are several instances in which it doesn't help. Firstly, if you are on a teleport pad and another human player teleports to where you are then you die (great way of getting a frag in Deathmatch games, actually); normally, monsters will die if they try the same thing, but this isn't true for Doom II level 30. Second, you can be harmed if you are in area that is specifically set to overide God mode (eg. the last room in DoomI/E1M8). However, for 99.9% of the time, it effectively makes you invulnerable. If your health is less than 100%, then it is boosted to 100%. idkfa - Maximum ammo, armour and weapons. This cheat is more effective if you've found a backpack (carrying capacity is doubled with a backpack). idfa - Same as idkfa, but you don't get the colour keys. Note: for Doom I, this cheat only works for v1.666 or later. idspispopd - Walk through walls ('zero clipping', they call it). You can't activate teleporters, pick up things, etc., when this mode is on, though you can still press switches. However, it can be difficult to fight monsters because their gun blasts, etc., can knock you through a wall (not true for v1.8 or later). See below for the equivalent Doom II code. idbehold - Toggle selected special power-up, depending on the next key pressed, which can be one of: S, V, I, R, A or L. Details: Power-Up Type Duration for which the effect lasts ------------- ----------------------------------- S - Berserk Strength The rest of the current level (***) V - Invulnerability 30 seconds I - Invisibility, 60 seconds R - Radiation Suit, 60 seconds A - Allmap (computer map) The rest of the current level L - Light Amplifiers. 120 seconds (***) The screen initially turns a reddish hue for 30 seconds, but the actual beserk strength effect lasts for the rest of the level. idclev - followed by episode number and level number, (or map number in DOOM II), this will warp you to that episode and level (or map). Note that using this cheat will cancel any use of the '-nomonsters' command line option. In Doom II, the number given must always be two digits; thus, for levels 1 to 9, use 01, 02, 03, etc. idmypos - show current co-ordinates and angle of view in hex notation. This is not an easy code to use as the notation takes some getting used to. It's usually easier to give/follow verbal descriptions when discussing map locations; however, most help files include idmypos info. idchoppers - this code gives you the chainsaw. Press '1' to use it. See below for details of how to use the chainsaw/fist when you also have a berserker box. Map Cheats (ie. map mode only, normally accessed by pressing the TAB key): iddt - type once: show entire map, type twice: show all monsters as well, type a third time: back to normal. ---< Doom II Cheats >--- Most cheats are exactly the same as Doom I, except for the following extras: idmus - followed by 2 digits making a number from 01 to 35. Switches music to that from a different level (for numbers up to 32). 33 gives 'interlude' music (for when you beat levels 6, 11, 30, 31 and 32), 34 gives title screen music and 35 gives you the interlude music for when you beat any level not covered by IDMUS33. Note that an invalid number will crash the game so type carefully. idclip - this replaces the idspispopd cheat in Doom I and has the same effect. Other Commands ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The following are NOT cheats, just normal commands (many people type id followed by one of the letters below and think it's a cheat. It's not; eg. there is no idf cheat): f - toggle follow mode. Used only when in Automap mode (ie. after pressing TAB). When off, you can move the map around with the mouse/arrow keys/ trackball/whatever. When on, the mouse/arrow keys, etc. will move YOU around, not the map and the white arrow which represents you stays in the center of the screen. + and - keys: Zoom into and out of the map respectively. g - display grid over map. m - mark a position on the map. c - clear map marks. 0 - toggle between zoomed and full map view. Chainsaw/Fist toggling: If you have *not* found a berserker box, then: - if you don't have a chainsaw, pressing 1 gives a hand. - if you do have a chainsaw, pressing 1 gives the chainsaw. If you *have* found a berserker box, then: - if you don't have a chainsaw, pressing 1 gives a beserked fist. - if you DO have a chainsaw, you can toggle between beserked fist and chainsaw by repeatedly pressing 1. Also, even though the red colour fades, the berserk effect lasts for the whole of the current level you're on. Shotgun Toggling (Doom II only): If you haven't found a combat shotgun but do have an ordinary shotgun, pressing 3 gives you the ordinary shotgun. If you _have_ found a combat shotgun, then pressing 3 whilst on a non-shotgun weapon will default to the combat shotgun - press 3 again to get the ordinary shotgun. This default behaviour can sometimes be annoying, so get used to it if you're a Doom II Deathmatch fan. ---< PART 2: CONSOLE CHEAT COMMANDS >--- The available cheats for the Jaguar and 32X are a restricted set of the cheats available for the PC version (for instance, there is no equivalent of the idspispopd cheat). For Jaguar and Sega 32X, the keys you should actually press for the various cheats are shown within single quote marks (''). For all other consoles, I am using the notation found in Ledmeister's DoomCode file, so examine his file if you need exact details of which symbol means which key. N64 Doom ^^^^^^^^ The normal way to gain access to cheats in N64 Doom is to complete map 32. To bypass this: - pause the game, - select Options, - select Password, - enter: B1RR 9BJ5 68X? ZVK? The game will begin anew at the 'Bring it On!' skill level. Hereafter, the pause menu will have the Features option available, unless you reset or turn off the console. Features menu details: The 'Warp to Level' option gives access to levels 1 to 27, or one can re-warp to any current level. The invincibility option doesn't work on map 32. The health boost and weapons cannot be toggled off. For further and complete details of how the N64 Doom cheats work, please see Ledmeister's DoomCode file. Pass codes for maps 28 to 32: Map Be Gentle! Bring It On! I Own Doom! Watch Me Die! 28 SF289BFT6?LL?BK? SK2R9BFS6?L38BK? SP189BFR6?ML6BK? ST1R9BFQ6?M34BK? 29 SY089BFP6?NL2BK? S20R9BFN6?N30BK? S6Z89BFM6?PLYBK? S?ZR9BFL6?P3WBK? 30 TFY89BFK6?QLTBK? TKYR9BFJ6?Q3RBK? TPX89BFH6?RLPBK? TTXR9BFG6?R3MBK? 31 TYW89BFF6?SLKBK? T2WR9BFD6?S3HBK? T6V89BFC6?TLFBK? T?VR9BFB6?T3CBK? 32 VBT89BD?6?VK9VK? VGTR9BD96?V27VK? VLS89BD86?WK5VK? VQSR9BD76?W23VK? PSX (PlayStation) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ T=Triangle, S=Square, D is down on the directional pad, U is Up, R1, R2, L1 and L2 are the "shoulder" buttons on the top edge of the controller (L = Left hand side, R = Right hand side), etc. D L2 S R1 R L1 L O: Toggle invincibility on/off X T L1 U D R2 L L: All 3 keys & weapons, full ammo, 200% armour R L R2 R1 T L1 O X: Bring up Map Level Warp menu (maps 1 to 54) T T L2 R2 L2 R2 R1 S: Toggle possession of Computer Area Map item T T L2 R2 L2 R2 R1 O: Toggle object indicators in the Automap L1 R2 L2 R1 R T X R: Toggle X-ray vision on/off Pass codes for maps 55 to 59: Map I Am a Wimp Not Too Rough Hurt Me Plenty Ultra Violence 55 V6PMPPMPPP Z6TRTTRTTT 36FCFFCFFF 76KHKKHKKK 56 B779779777 G735335333 L7Z1ZZ1ZZZ Q7VXVVXVVV 57 V7QSQQSQQQ Z7LNLLNLLL 37GJGGJGGG 77BDBBDBBB 58 B88!88!888 G846446444 L802002000 Q8WYWWYWWW 59 V8RTRRTRRR Z8MPMMPMMM 38HKHHKHHH 78CFCCFCCC Note: PSX systems can vary in their pass code allocation. Some players may find the above codes to be ineffective. JAGUAR ^^^^^^ Invincibility: Tap Pause once to pause the game, then hold * while you tap pause again. All keys, weapons and full ammunition: Tap pause, hold # while you tap pause again. For the following cheats, the best way to activate them is to pause the game (tap Pause), then hold down the other number/letter buttons together first and keep them held down while you then tap Pause again. Select any level: 1 to 9 : 'Pause' and a number between '1' and '9'. 10 : 'Pause' and 'A'. 11 to 19 : 'Pause', 'A' and a number between '1' and '9'. 20 : 'Pause' and 'B'. 21 to 24 : 'Pause', 'B' and a number between '1' and '4'. SEGA 32X ^^^^^^^^ NOTE: The 32X cheats can _only_ be performed with a six button joypad. You may need to press the 4-button cheat combination(s) several times, while the game remains paused, in order to get the code entered correctly; the game is very intolerant (the 4 buttons MUST be pressed at almost exactly the same time or the code won't work). The best way is to pause the game, move the skull cursor away from the EXIT option to something less critical like Sound or Music, then hit the desired button combination 10 times or so. When you unpause, the code will likely have been accepted. Invincibility : Press 'Pause' while playing the game, then press 'Up', 'X', 'Z' and 'Mode' simultaneously. All keys, weapons and full ammunition : Press 'Pause' while playing the game, then press 'Up', 'A', 'C' and 'Mode' simultaneously. As far as I know, there is no equivalent select-any-level cheat for the 32X, although you can always start up the game on any of the first 15 levels (out of 17). Level 17 ("Military Base" equivalent) is only accessible through the secret exit on level 3. Level 16 (equivalent to the PC's "Fortress of Mystery") is only accessible through the level 15 exit, but it'll only load if you've played the other levels in order and haven't used any cheats. Using cheats will deny access to levels 16 and 17. SEGA SATURN ^^^^^^^^^^^ Cheat codes can only be activated while the game is paused: B B C L B B C R: Toggle possession of Computer Area Map item B B C R B B C L: Toggle object indicators in the Automap B Y X TL TR C X Z: All keys & weapons, full ammo, 200% armour D Y X TR R TL L B: Toggle invincibility (when on, health is 100%) R L Z TR Z TL Z C: Bring up Map Level Warp menu (maps 1 to 54) To use the Warp menu, scroll through the map list using the Left and Right buttons until the desired map is displayed, then press B, C or X to load the map, or press Pause to cancel the Warp menu and return to the current map. Passcodes for maps 55 to 59: Map I Am a Wimp Not Too Rough Hurt Me Plenty Ultra Violence 55 V6PMPPMPPP Z6TRTTRTTT 36FCFFCFFF 76KHKKHKKK 56 B779779777 G735335333 L7Z1ZZ1ZZZ Q7VXVVXVVV 57 V7QSQQSQQQ Z7LNLLNLLL 37GJGGJGGG 77BDBBDBBB 58 B88!88!888 G846446444 L802002000 Q8WYWWYWWW 59 V8RTRRTRRR Z8MPMMPMMM 38HKHHKHHH 78CFCCFCCC SNES ^^^^ Regrettably, the SNES version of Doom contains NO cheats at all. This will be a dissapointment to many players, but apparently there just wasn't enough room to include them in the game. However, there's a useful bug that can be exploited: get a chainsaw and use up your weapons' ammo. The game gets confused and gives you the next highest weapon from the one you just exhausted. You can't get a BFG this way though; plus, any weapon you obtain this way will only come with default ammo and will vanish if you then switch to another weapon. For the boosted-health code, you have to remember not to pick up any health before you've been hurt, otherwise you die. Galoob's Game Genie codes: BDEA-B053 + 62EA-B953: Start new games with 8464% health CBD3-B17F: Alter 1st-person view to "infrared" or "heat-vision" mode D7CF-F953: Start Episode 2 or 3 on any skill level E3EA-B153: Start the game with 254 bullets 3DO ^^^ If you have invincibility turned on and your health is over 100%, then turning it off will lower your health to 100%. Cheats (Note: S = Left-Shift, E = Right-Shift): A L A B A R A C A: All 3 keys & weapons (500 ammo), 200% armour S E E A L L U A C: Toggle possession of Computer Area Map item S E E R U B B L E: Toggle object indicators in the Automap S U C C E D A L L: Allows player to start a new game on any map U R A B A D A S S: Toggle invincibility (health is 100% when toggled) U R S U R R E A L: Add 2 screen sizes to the Options menu's slider bar APPENDIX A: Acknowledgements Cheats originally published and made known by ep104@cus.cam.ac.uk (Elias 'CaveMan' Papavassilopoulos). Thanks to dasve1@mdw011.cc.monash.edu.au for idbehold cheat code details. Jag and 32X console cheats initially obtained from the UK's "Solutions" magazine, Issue 1 (special on Doom & Doom II). Thanks to Mamunia (mamunia@teleport.com) for the info on IDMUS for Doom II. Thanks to Erick "Nintendo Guru" Baker (erickbaker@usa.pipeline.com) for the info on the SNES Doom cheat bug. Thanks to Ledmeister@aol.com (the quiet hero :) for the more accurate info on the console cheats and all the PSX, 3DO and N64 cheats. Some of the text in this file is straight from his DoomCode file which has an enormous amount of info (so if you want to know everything about the cheats, see his file). Thanks to Genesis Krzyzaniak (genesisk@eden.com) for the 'nightmare mode with cheats' info. ---( End of Cheats List )--- Ian. Doom Help Service (DHS): http://doomgate.gamers.org/dhs/ SGI/N64/Future Technology: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/2321/ BSc Dissertation: http://doomgate.gamers.org/dhs/diss/ CyberSurvival: http://www.007eleven.com/ SGI Network Admin, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England, PR1 2HE. mapleson@gamers.org | Tel: (+44 -0) 1772 893297, Fax: (+44 -0) 1772 892913 "There is no magic, only stuff." - Nakor, "The King's Buccaneer" (R.E. Feist)