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Subject: Anonymous FTP: Sitelist Part 09 of 23 [09/23]

This article was archived around: 13 Nov 1997 10:15:31 GMT

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Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fys.ruu.nl/ Comment: uploads only by user community and relations of physics and astronomy dept.; transfers are logged Files : astronomy; fyilib; magazijn; vanbeijeren; vtools Site : ftp.fzi.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : gate.fzi.de Admin : ftpadm@fzi.de Organ : FZI, Karlsruhe Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fzi.de/ Comment: directory: /pub/OBST; server can (un)compress, gzip and tar; uploads in /pub/*/incoming, please notify <subdirectory-owner>@fzi.de of your uploads; accessible via gopher through gopher.fzi.de; all filetransfers are logged Files : OBST Site : ftp.gatech.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 11-Mar-94 Source : Alias : merlin.gatech.edu Admin : root@ftp.gatech.edu Organ : Georgia Institute of Technology (GATECH), Atlanta, Georgia, School of Literature Communications and Culture (LCC) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.gatech.edu/ Comment: "Mastering the Internet" presentation in /pub/SHARE79 [which isn't there ... strange] Files : AI; 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hold; Slackware Site : ftp.genome.ad.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 19-Feb-95 Source : me Alias : hitac.genome.ad.jp Admin : Organ : Genome Research Network Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.genome.ad.jp/ Comment: genome data base oriented info [and a mirror?] Files : db; docs; GDB; HGC; NCBI; tools Site : ftp.geo.vu.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : me Alias : charon.geo.vu.nl Admin : Organ : Vrije Universiteit (Free University), Amsterdam Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.geo.vu.nl/ Comment: dir does not work, use ls Files : FreeBSD files; sattelite data (pub/data/satelite Site : ftp.geod.emr.ca Country: Canada GMT : -5 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : me Alias : gdim.geod.emr.ca Admin : mathieu@geod.emr.ca Organ : Natural Resources Canada (Energy, Mines and Resources Canada and Forestry Canada), Ottawa, Ontario, Geodetic Survey Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.geod.emr.ca/ Comment: Files : docs; GSD; Linux (mail); Mac; MS-DOS (4DOS, archive, communications, editors, games, GNU, infosystems, internettools, McAfee, Perl, pictures, security, sysutils, Tcl, Textutils, Unixlike, USNO, viewers); 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Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hitachi-sk.co.jp/ Comment: transfers are logged; max. 10 users; mirrors parts of: bash.cc.keio.ac.jp, cert.org, ftp.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp, ftp.cfi.org, ftp.fujixerox.co.jp, ftp.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp, ftp.sda.com, ftp.sigmath.osaka-u.ac.jp, ftp.u-tokyo.ac.jp, nic.ad.jp, pine.kuee.kyoto-u.ac.jp, scslwide.sony.co.jp, utsun.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp, wuarchive.wustl.edu Files : 386BSD (Compaq, PC98); 4.3BSD-Reno; CAP; CERT; database; demacs; doc (IEN, RFCs); emacs-lisp; font; FreeBSD; gambit; GNU; haskell (MacGopher); Info-Mac; IntelligentPad; MIME; MS-DOS; MS-Windows; mule (multi-lingual enhancement to GNU Emacs); NetBSD; news; Novell; OSI; PCTE (portable common tool environment); penpoint; SunRPC; X11R5/R6 (core, contrib) Site : ftp.hitachi.co.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 19-Feb-95 Source : usenet Alias : hitwide.hitachi.co.jp Admin : ftp-admin@hitwide.hitachi.co.jp Organ : Hitachi Co., Ibaraki Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hitachi.co.jp/ Comment: transfers are logged; max. 10 users Files : GNU (from s.u-tokyo.ac.jp); HP-UX; Linux; Mac (InfoMac, from ftp.u-tokyo.ac.jp); music (lute); net (CF, conferencing, CU-SeeMe, IRC, net-research, news, PPP, security, sendmail, tis-firewalls, WIDE-sendmail, WWW, wwwstat); NetBSD (from ftp.iij.ad.jp); netinfo (IETF, internet-drafts, jepg-IP, jpnic, jpnic-pub, RFC); TeX (from ftp.iij.ad.jp); X (from ftp.x.org) Site : ftp.hk.super.net Country: Hong Kong GMT : +8 Date : 23-Nov-95 Source : admin Alias : ssp.shk.super.net, hk.super.net Admin : ftp-admin@hk.super.net Organ : Hong Kong SuperNet, HKUST, Sai Kung Server : gopher.hk.super.net System : Unix (BSDI) URL : ftp://ftp.hk.super.net/ Comment: max. 120 users; transfers are logged; server can (de)compress, g(un)zip and tar Files : mirrors of AutoDesk, Creative, FAQs, FreeBSD, Games (ftp.uml.edu), Info-MAC (sumex-aim.stanford.edu), GNU (prep.ai,mit.edu), Linux Slackware (ftp.cdrom.com), Mcafee Antivirus (ftp.mcafee.com), MS-DOS (ftp.simtel.net), MS-Windows (ftp.winsite.com), Newton, Omega (ftp.wiwi.uni-frankfurt.de), OS2 (ftp-os2.nmsu.edu), RFCs Site : ftp.hkstar.com Country: Hong Kong GMT : +8 Date : 10-Nov-95 Source : ftp.simtel.net Alias : tomahawk.hkstar.com Admin : Organ : HKStar Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hkstar.com/ Comment: Files : cguide; forms; Garbo; kit; NT-script; pkzip; simtel Site : ftp.hmc.edu Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 15-Dec-94 Source : usenet Alias : anubis.hmc.edu Admin : Organ : Harvey Mudd College, , Academic Computing Center Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hmc.edu/ Comment: file transfers are logged; directories maintained by students, staff or faculty members; read the README files per directory Files : CODEE; CUSP; Enchefferizer (alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork); csound; deckmaster; diplomacy; drugs; Emacs; games; infosystems; Internet; interpedia; Mac; Mac; packages; Perl; PostScript; Saturn; science; sgml; Solaris; Swat90; WWW Site : ftp.hobby.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : me Alias : hgatenl.hobby.nl Admin : Organ : HobbyNet (HCC), Utrecht Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hobby.nl/ Comment: Files : 68000; 6805; 6809; C++; docs; HobbyNet; MS-DOS; MS-Windows (ftp.winsite.com mirror); Newton; start pakketten (Amiga, Linux, MS-Windows, OS/2); Unix Site : ftp.hookup.net Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 25-Jan-95 Source : usenet Alias : vertex.tor.hookup.net Admin : Organ : Hookup Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hookup.net/ Comment: Files : acrobat; BSD; Hookup info; Internet.info [mostly old, incl. old ftp-list]; Mac (network utils); misc (GIFs, slip); MS-DOS (network utils); MS-Windows (apps, faq, viewers, winsock); MSK; SCO; Unix Site : ftp.hq.eso.org Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : mail Alias : serv2.hq.eso.org Admin : ftp-admin@eso.org Organ : European Southern Observatory (ESO), Garching Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hq.eso.org/ Comment: All transfers are logged; open 24 hours; for incoming files, generate a directory under /incoming and put files there. incoming files will be deleted after 30 days; MIDAS beta-test sites, log in as beta-midas (passwords from cguira@eso.org (Carlos Guirao) or resy@eso.org (Resy de Ruijsscher)); MIDAS users, log in as midas (passwords from resy@eso.org) Files : Astronomical images; ESO Preprints (some); FITS documents/testfiles; MIDAS (astronomical image processing) files; NTT; SAO; Star Catalogs; StyleGuide; TeX DVI drivers Site : ftp.hq.nasa.gov Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 15-May-94 Source : mail Alias : hq.nasa.gov, x500.hq.nasa.gov Admin : ftp-admin@ftp.hq.nasa.gov Organ : NASA - HQ, Washington D.C., D.C. Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.hq.nasa.gov/ Comment: all transfers are logged Files : NASA financial management manual, HQ documents, HQ phonebook; qdsa; RFP; travel.rates Site : ftp.hrz.uni-giessen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : sun1.hrz.uni-giessen.de, word.hrz.uni-giessen.de, ftp.uni-giessen.de Admin : Organ : Universitaet Giessen (University of Giessen), Giessen, CC Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.hrz.uni-giessen.de/ Comment: Files : Site : ftp.hrz.uni-kassel.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : hrz-ws26.hrz.uni-kassel.de Admin : ah@hrz-serv7.hrz.uni-kassel.de (Andreas Heitmann) Organ : Universitaet Kassel (University of Kassel), Kassel, CC Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.hrz.uni-kassel.de/ Comment: Files : Site : ftp.hsrc.ac.za Country: South Africa GMT : +2 Date : 30-Sep-95 Source : ftp.und.ac.za Alias : wolfgang.hsrc.ac.za Admin : root@hsrc.ac.za Organ : Human Sciences Research Council Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hsrc.ac.za/ Comment: transfers are logged; descriptive ls/dir command Files : census; comet (Shoemaker-Levy 9 (SL9) pictures); FAQs; GNU; mirrors: 3COM (ftp.3com.com/pub/adapters/drivers), Borland (ftp.borland.com/pub), CD-ROM (ftp.cdrom.com), ftp.sun.ac.za/pub, Intel (ftp.intel.com), Microsoft (ftp.microsoft.com), MS-Windows (ftp.winsite.com), Novell (ftp.novell.com), OS/2 (software.watson.ibm.com), TeX (sunsite.unc.edu/TeX), WU-archive (ftp.wustl.edu); RFCs Site : ftp.htwm.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : scooby.htwm.de, minic.htwm.de Admin : pubadmin@htwm.de Organ : HTW Mittweida, Mittweide, CC Server : gopher://gopher.htwm.de/ http://www.htwm.de/ news:news.htwm.de System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.htwm.de/ Comment: also available through gopher, www Files : HP-UX; HP external; misc Site : ftp.hudsonet.com Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 16-May-96 Source : Alias : vishnu.hudsonet.com Admin : staff@hudsonet.com Organ : Hudsonet Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ronin.hudsonet.com/ Comment: Files : FreeBSD (2.0.5); Linux (Slackware) Site : ftp.huji.ac.il Country: Israel GMT : +2 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : me Alias : cs.huji.ac.il Admin : system@cs.huji.ac.il Organ : Hebrew University, Jerusalem, CS dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.huji.ac.il/ Comment: (de)compression and g(un)zip on the fly; max. 15 users; local aliases Files : archie; Athena; backups; bind; Brazil; BSDI; cert; cisco; doc; emet; graphics; HDF; htmlguides; ICPR; il-cmf; khoros; languages (C++, Lisp, Perl); Linux; math; mime; mirrors (GNU, Tcl, X11R5/R6, X11R5-contrib); MS-DOS; network; postgres; rdist; rec.martial-arts FAQ and pics; rp; security; SGI; Sun; telematics; TeX; WWW Site : ftp.hungry.com Country: USA GMT : Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : usenet Alias : agony.hungry.com Admin : Organ : Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hungry.com/ Comment: Files : hungry (icbd, java, lesstif, phaser_chess, viewkit, xmortal, xword); onstation Site : ftp.hyperion.com Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : usenet Alias : audi.hyperion.com Admin : ftp-admin@hyperion.com Organ : Hyperion Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.hyperion.com/ Comment: Babylon5 mirrored on ftp.uml.edu, ftp.asta.uni-essen.de, ftp.ctrl-c.liu.se, econ-www.newcastle.edu.au; WorkMan mirrored on ftp.x.org; Lois/Clark mirrored on ftp.best.com, ftp.uml.edu Files : Atari; Babylon5; funkster; gems; Hindu; Intervista; Planet9; TV; uncgi; WorkMan Site : ftp.hzeeland.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 30-Apr-95 Source : me Alias : miepmiep.hzeeland.nl Admin : eddy@hzeeland.nl (Eddy van Loo) Organ : Hogeschool Zeeland (Zeeland College), Vlissingen, HTS-E Server : System : Unix (HP-UX, HP9000/735) URL : ftp://ftp.hzeeland.nl/ Comment: do not use outside of HZ-net (hzeeland.nl) until they've upgraded their link (9K6 now); see also bbs-ftp.hzeeland.nl; max. 2 users Files : GNU (ftp.eu.net:/gnu); gopher (ftp.surfnet.nl: /mirror-archive/software/gopher); hamradio (ucsd.edu:/hamradio); linux (ftp.switch.ch:/mirror/linux/sunsite/{distributions/{Slackware, SLS},X11}; MS-DOS (/mirror/msdos); NetBSD; SCO-archive (ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk:/packages/unix/sco-archive); space (archive.afit.army.mil:/pub/space); Surfnet (ftp.surfnet.nl: /surfnet/{info,publications}; Win3 (/mirror/win3); WWW Site : ftp.ia.pw.edu.pl Country: Poland GMT : +1 Date : 14-Dec-94 Source : me Alias : csd.ia.pw.edu.pl Admin : Organ : Technical University of Warsaw, Warsaw, CS dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ia.pw.edu.pl/ Comment: Problem: I/O error on network device Files : Site : ftp.iaehv.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 25-Jan-95 Source : me Alias : iaehv.iaehv.nl Admin : ftp@ftp.iaehv.nl Organ : Internet Access Eindhoven, Eindhoven Server : http://www.iaehv.nl/ System : Unix (FreeBSD, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.iaehv.nl/ Comment: [rest of pub/users needs to be checked] Files : NLnet material (FAQ and ftp list); Rnf; several public user directories in /pub/users: perry (Integral Dutch Course and some modem AT code docs) Site : ftp.iastate.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 30-Oct-94 Source : old ftp-list Alias : net-1.iastate.edu Admin : ftp@iastate.edu Organ : Iowa State University, , Iowa Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.iastate.edu/ Comment: Open 24 hours; all transfers are logged Files : 386BSD; abc; afs-kerb; condor; console; crash; IRC; ITR (Internet Talk Radio); Linux; lyrics; Mac; NetBSD; Netinfo; news; NT; PC; Utah-raster; Vax; Wylber; mirrors galore and ftp.uwp.edu (lyrics); XFree86 (mirror of ftp.xfree86.org under consideration) Site : ftp.ibm.net Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 24-Jan-95 Source : mail Alias : ftp01.ny.us.ibm.net Admin : Organ : IBM, New York, New York Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ibm.net/ Comment: OS/2 related files Files : Advantis ; fixes; games (simdemo, trickle); gen-info (some network related docs, some old); NewsReader; PPP; warpcom; WebExplorer Site : ftp.ibp.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : cao-vlsi.ibp.fr Alias : pascal.ibp.fr, ftp.jussieu.fr, gopher.jussieu.fr Admin : ftpmaint@ibp.fr Organ : University Pierre et Marie Curie - MASI Lab., Paris, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS), Institut Blaise Pascal (Blaise Pascal Institute, IBP)/Centre de Calcul Recherche (CCR) Jussieu Server : gopher.jussieu.fr System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ibp.fr/ Comment: max. 100 users; index files: new-last-month, new-this-week; transfers are logged Files : amstrad; Annex; AppleTalk; CERT; CMU src; distributed_systems; docs; emacs; faces; FreeBSD; ghost; gnat; GNU; IBP info; ID games; ispell; languages; lesstif; Linux; lyx; Mac; Mach; meteo; MIDI; Minix; NetBSD; networking; OpenBSD; parallel; PC; Perl; pvs; Python; RFCs; sfca95; simtel; Sun; Tcl/Tk (ftp.cs.berkeley.edu); TeX; Unix; vsta; WWW; X11 Site : ftp.icce.rug.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 16-May-94 Source : .nl ftp-l Alias : obelix.icce.rug.nl Admin : E.J.Vens@icce.rug.nl (Erik-Jan Vens) Organ : Rijks Universiteit Groningen (RUG, University of Groningen), Groningen, ICCE Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.icce.rug.nl/ Comment: directory: pub/erikjan; notify the admin if you leave something in incoming/ Files : 4tex (TeX for 4dos); Adobe (Fonts); AI stuff (/pub/peter); Atari; dictionaries; fonts (PostScript); Ghostscript; MIDI2TeX; Site : ftp.iclnet.org Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 18-Aug-94 Source : mail Alias : iclnet93.iclnet.org Admin : root@iclnet93.iclnet.org Organ : ICL Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.iclnet.org/ Comment: Files : astronomy; bench; calculators; cccoalition; cdrom; cisco; clm; cygnus; database; docs; facdialogue; games; GNU; graphics; InterVarsity; mail; math; multimedia; music; network; news; NeWS; postscript; programming; rainet; resources; RFCs; security; shells; simulation; Solaris; Sun; SunOS-patches; sysadmin; text; UCB; X11; XView Site : ftp.icm.edu.pl Country: Poland GMT : +1 Date : 10-Nov-95 Source : ftp.simtel.net Alias : sunsite.icm.edu.pl Admin : info@icm.edu.pl Organ : Uniwersytet Warszawaski (Warsaw University), Warsaw, Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Modelowania Matematycznego i Komputerowego (Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling) Server : telnet://archie.icm.edu.pl/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.icm.edu.pl/ Comment: ftplist.html [?] Files : CERT; CTAN; delphi; fbp; FreeBSD; gifs; GNU; ICM; Java; Linux; Mac; matlab; MS-DOS (ftp.simtel.net); MS-Windows (ftp.winsite.com); netlib; NT; pics; RFCs; security; Sun; TeX; Unix; Usenet; WWW; X11 Site : ftp.icot.or.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 11-Mar-94 Source : me Alias : Admin : net-admin@icot.or.jp Organ : ICOT Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.icot.or.jp/ Comment: /pub appears empty [!] Files : Site : ftp.ics.es.osaka-u.ac.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 26-Mar-96 Source : yebisu.ics.es.osaka-u.ac.jp Alias : Admin : Organ : Osaka University, Osaka, Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ics.es.osaka-u.ac.jp/ Comment: successor of yebisu.ics.es.osaka-u.ac.jp Files : Site : ftp.ics.forth.gr Country: Greece GMT : +2 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : mail Alias : estia.ics.forth.gr Admin : psikos@csi.forth.gr (P. Psikos) Organ : Foundation of Research and Technology (FORTH), Heraklion, Crete, Institute of Computer Science (ICS), Server : System : Unix (System V Release 4.0) URL : ftp://ftp.ics.forth.gr/ Comment: max. 10 foreign users; read /CAPTIVE-README for further information and /README for special features; max. bandwidth allocated differs Files : CERN-HTTPD; ercim; greek (FAQ, fonts, PC-drivers, soc.culture.greek); httpd; lydia; PC; pub (audio, conferencing, EDI, HOMER, IPNG, lang, MBONE, pager, ROOMS, Sun-dist, WWW); tech-reports Site : ftp.ics.uci.edu Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 15-Nov-95 Source : old ftp-list Alias : ics.uci.edu Admin : support@ics.uci.edu Organ : University of California - Irvine, Irvine, California, Information & CS dept. (ICS) Server : archive-server@ics.uci.edu with subject "help" System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ics.uci.edu/ Comment: server can tar and (de)compress, see README for more info; transfers are logged; parts mirrored on ftp.foretune.co.jp; misc user public directories under /pub Files : arcadia; GNU; honig; Internet (e-mail, ifip); ISODE; pub (adaptive, anime, answer-garden, antenor, atm, cadlab-releases, cadlab-trs, classweb-code, CSP-repository, dbox, dos-virus, et, hls-book, ibl, Mac, machine learning (databases, papers, programs), mentoring workshop, mh, ml-list, mrose, origins); Sun; TeX; Unix; Usenet Site : ftp.icsi.berkeley.edu Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 10-Feb-94 Source : admin Alias : icsia.icsi.berkeley.edu Admin : ftp@icsi.berkeley.edu Organ : University of California - Berkeley, Berkeley, California, International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) Server : ftpmail@icsi.berkeley.edu (send help) System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.icsi.berkeley.edu/ Comment: supports (un)compression, directory tarring and reget; special directory listing with explanation of dirs: handy! (use -username@host to suppress); replaces icsic.berkeley.edu Files : Emacs lisp code; FTP client program; FTP mail help; ICSI: AI group docs and software, Computing Systems newsletter, finger, Speech group, technical reports & papers, Theory group; pmake/customs; RAP docs; Sather language (home); Tenet group docs and software Site : ftp.ict.pwr.wroc.pl Country: Poland GMT : +1 Date : 30-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : asic.ict.pwr.wroc.pl Admin : admin@asic.pwr.wroc.pl Organ : PWR, Wroclaw, Institute of Technical Cybernetics Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ict.pwr.wroc.pl/ Comment: max. 5 users; server can gzip and tar; please use during off-peak hours; Files : FAQs; GNU; humor; Linux; MS-DOS; nettools; RFCs; security; Sun; X11 Site : ftp.ida.liu.se Country: Sweden GMT : +1 Date : 15-Dec-94 Source : me Alias : informatix.ida.liu.se, curofix.ida.liu.se Admin : ftpadm@ida.liu.se Organ : Linnkoping University, Linnkoping, CS dept. 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Mac (compression, ftp, gopher, irc, mail, multimedia, news, talk, telnet, virus, web); Windows Site : ftp.indirect.com Country: USA GMT : -7 Date : 10-Nov-95 Source : mail Alias : Admin : ftpadmin@indirect.com Organ : Internet Direct, Phoenix, Arizona Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1.3) URL : ftp://ftp.indirect.com/ Comment: experimental server Files : aci; admin; cr; drc; ics; information about the 'Greencard' posting; mm; software (depot, hamradio, Linux, Mac, MS-DOS, MUD, Netscape, offline, OS/2, OS/2 Warp, pics, Role Playing Game material: (Cyberpunk 2020, cyberpunk genre, engines, general RPG material, miniature and strategic gaming, FUDGE, SORD, NUELOW, Circa7000, Call of Cthulhu related files, clients, servers etc.), slip, telix, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT Site : ftp.inesca.pt Country: Portugal GMT : 0 Date : 25-Jan-95 Source : Alias : inesca.inesca.pt Admin : pjf@inesca.pt Organ : INESC (Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores), Aveiro Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.inesca.pt/ Comment: Postscript versions of research reports, preprints and papers written by people at the EE dept. of INESC Aveiro Files : CML (from cml.rice.edu); 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Pinho, Paulo J. Ferreira, Tomas Oliveira e Silva; tomografia (Alunos de APDS) Site : ftp.inf.tu-dresden.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : irz301.inf.tu-dresden.de Admin : ftp@ftp.inf.tu-dresden.de Organ : Technische Universitaet Dresden (Dresden Institute of Technology), Dresden, CS dept. Server : ftpmail@irz.inf.tu-dresden.de, mail-server@irz.inf.tu-dresden.de System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.inf.tu-dresden.de/ Comment: requires an RFC822 compliant address as a password; up/downloads are logged; max. non-local 1 user at high traffic time, 4 users at saturday, sunday or 18:00-06:00 MET; (de)compress, tar on the fly; online site index: quote site index <grep_expression> Files : Acorn; AlphaCD; Amiga; Atari; doc; fun; GNU; graphics; hamradio; infosystems; lang; Linux; magazine; MS-DOS; news; OS/2; projects; statistics; TeX; TUD info; Unix; Usenet; Windows NT; Windows; X11; ZX Spectrum