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Subject: Anonymous FTP: Sitelist Part 08 of 23 [08/23]

This article was archived around: 13 Nov 1997 10:15:23 GMT

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oslo-nntp.eunet.no Admin : ftp-admin@norway.eu.net Organ : EUnet Norge AS, Oslo Server : http://www.eunet.no/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.eunet.no/ Comment: transfers are logged; successor of slembe.eunet.no Files : docs (CERT advisories, ORA, RFC, RIPE); GNU; languages (Perl, Tcl); Mac (Internet); MS-DOS (archivers, demodisk, ggdata, win3); networking (security, services, snmp); NT; text; Unix (4BSD, FreeBSD, mail, networking, news, shell, utilities); vendors (bnti, cascade, livingston, morningstar, sgi); X11R6 Site : ftp.eunet.ro Country: Romania GMT : +1 Date : 12-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : caesar.eunet.ro Admin : Organ : EUnet Romania (RO), Bucharest Server : WWW System : NeXTStep (NeXT 1.0) URL : ftp://ftp.eunet.ro/ Comment: probably still under construction (only 2 dirs, one of which (bbs) is empty) Files : WWW (.html files) Site : ftp.eunet.sk Country: Slovakia GMT : +1 Date : 22-May-94 Source : mail Alias : sk2eu.eunet.sk Admin : info@slovakia.eu.net Organ : EUnet Slovakia (SK), Bratislava Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.eunet.sk/ Comment: access is logged; max. 256 users (517 total); also available through gopher, WWW and FSP (2001); over 700Mb of software; Files : CD-ROM (NLUUG CD-ROM: best public SW); EUNet SK; Internet Talk Radio; Slackware; X11R6 Site : ftp.eur.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 16-May-94 Source : me Alias : hob-rgw.eur.nl Admin : Organ : Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Rotterdam, CC Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.eur.nl/ Comment: transfers are logged Files : archie; database.happiness; dosutils; gopher; PC NFS; Trumpet; Winsock Site : ftp.euronet.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : usenet Alias : ftp.euro.net Admin : ftp@euro.net Organ : EuroNet Internet, Amsterdam Server : http://www.euro.net/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.euronet.nl/ Comment: Files : Aminet; EuroNet; Mac (comms, info-mac, system, util); MS-DOS; MS-Windows (comms, ftp.winsite.com, support); Unix (Netscape) Site : ftp.europa.com Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : Alias : thetics.europa.com, europa.com Admin : admin@europa.com Organ : Europa Communications Inc., Portland, Oregon Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://europa.com/ Comment: Files : Amiga; database; Mac; MS-DOS (docs, SLIP-PPP, terminal, utils); MS-Windows (docs, SLIP-PPP, trumpet, utils, WinIPKit); OS/2 (docs, fixpak, SLIP-PPP, terminal, utils); outgoing (user public directories: Bax, DOORS, FDMGR, NU, RAR, sasidata, sf, telemate, tossftp); pierian Site : ftp.eves.com Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 26-Mar-96 Source : Alias : x1.eves.com Admin : root@eves.com Organ : Eves Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.eves.com/ Comment: Files : HTML (misc. stuff to be used in html documents); MASQ (IP masquerading for Linux, IP firewall); TSD (bwdev) Site : ftp.evitech.fi Country: Finland GMT : +2 Date : 30-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : cserver.evitech.fi Admin : Organ : Espoo/Vanta Institute of Technology, Espoo, Information Technology dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.evitech.fi/ Comment: Files : doc (Netdocs, RFCs); Linux (Slackware); Mac (Mosaic); MS-DOS (math, multimedia, util); Novell; Taik; Unix (HP-UX 9); WWW (doc, html, httpd, Lynx, Mosaic, Perl, rootitus) Site : ftp.execpc.com Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 15-Dec-94 Source : usenet Alias : earth.execpc.com Admin : help@execpc.com Organ : EXEC PC Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.execpc.com/ Comment: max. 30 users Files : A-Ware; custard; eberman; epic; hmh; info; Linux; Mac; magnesium; matric; meek; night-owl; Windows Site : ftp.expa.fnt.hvu.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : ftp.cetis.hvu.nl Alias : snap.expa.fnt.hvu.nl Admin : root@snap.expa.fnt.hvu.nl Organ : Hogeschool van Utrecht (Utrecht Polytechnical Institute), Utrecht Server : System : Unix (Linux) URL : ftp://ftp.expa.fnt.hvu.nl/ Comment: Files : ameraal; cdrom; graphics; hunt; inun; jobs; Linux (some FAQs, Oberon); MS-DOS (dsfree, minuarc, misc utils, sio); network; pba (fuzzy, interet); projects; sdt; unpo; Site : ftp.farallon.com Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : mail Alias : Admin : amy@farallon.com (Amy Roberts) Organ : Farallon Computing Inc., Alameda, California Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.farallon.com/ Comment: see index.txt for details; technical inquiries to techsports@farallon.com Files : Farallon product info, updates, drivers Site : ftp.fcs.uga.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 15-Feb-95 Source : usenet Alias : hestia.fcs.uga.edu Admin : helpdesk@fcs.uga.edu Organ : University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, College of Family and Consumer Sciences Server : System : Netware (Novell Netware, PC fileserver) URL : ftp://ftp.fcs.uga.edu/ Comment: default directory: /SYS/PUBLIC/FTP Files : MS-DOS (Mark Hazen's Virus Suite package [where?], misc. antivirus software [old!]); Novell (netcb, rms, rmsites); OS/2 (nsuite); skate; Windows (winsock) Site : ftp.fct.unl.pt Country: Portugal GMT : 0 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : Alias : zen.fct.unl.pt Admin : admin@fct.unl.pt Organ : UNL, , FCT Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fct.unl.pt/ Comment: server supports compression on the fly; max. 2 users Files : adm; AIX; Atari; DEC; di; docs; eps; FCT; FCT airphotos; games; GNU; humor; languages; Linux; lpnmr; Mac; MS-DOS; MS-Windows; mw; net; news; NeXT; packages; people; Portugal; px; research; sys; tao-pub; TeX; util; weather; X; zen-pub Site : ftp.fcu.edu.tw Country: Taiwan GMT : +8 Date : 01-Oct-96 Source : docs Alias : Admin : ftpadm@ftp.fcu.edu.tw, jychen@fcu.edu.tw Organ : Feng-Chia University, Taichung, CC, Network Lab Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1.3_U1, Sun SPARCStation 10/51) URL : ftp://ftp.fcu.edu.tw/ Comment: max. 100 users; 32Mb RAM; 6GB disk; 8CD-ROMs; FDDI link Files : CAI; CD-ROM; docs; FCU campus info; Mac; NeXT; PC; TeX: TVgame; Unix; WCTHPC; X Site : ftp.fdn.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 15-Dec-94 Source : ftp.informatik.uni-muenchen.de Alias : ftp.fdn.org, leia.fdn.org Admin : archive-admin@fdn.org Organ : French Data Network, Paris Server : System : Unix (NeXTStep 3.2) URL : ftp://ftp.fdn.fr/ Comment: max. 5 users; transfers are logged; aliases for many directories, try 'cd mac' in any directory Files : Mac; NeXT (mirror of ftp.informatik.uni-muenchen.de) Site : ftp.fdu.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 04-Jan-95 Source : usenet Alias : Admin : Organ : Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fdu.edu/ Comment: patches for Taylor UUCP Files : Site : ftp.fedworld.gov Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 23-May-94 Source : Alias : fedworld.gov Admin : kroyer@fedworld.gov [guess this works] Organ : FedWorld Server : System : PC fileserver (Novell Netware) URL : ftp://ftp.fedworld.gov/ Comment: access is ReadOnly; in MAIN you will find the file ALLFILES; *.LST files give info about directories; max. 20 minutes; also through BBS at 703-321-8020 (USA) Files : a-dr-cmt; cals; cim; comments; commerce; ctn; d-rule; healthact; healthrpt; jobs; media; nafta; nii; npr; ntis; ota-pres; p-dr-cmt; patent; results; ruleinfo; s-cmts; s-draft; sat-images; sca; teltrend; whitehouse Site : ftp.fee.vutbr.cz Country: Czech Republic GMT : +1 Date : 23-Aug-94 Source : ftp.xfree86.org Alias : boco.fee.vutbr.cz Admin : FTP-ADM@fee.vutbr.cz Organ : Technical University of Brno, Brno, Faculty of EE and CS Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fee.vutbr.cz/ Comment: max. 10 users; several mirrors: garbo.uwasa.fi, Simtel Software Repository (temporarily removed) and others Files : bible; books; docs; GNU; Hyper-G; languages; MS-DOS (Borland, Buttonware, games, Garbo, McAfee, Novell, Pmail, Qdeck, Share, Simtel, TCP/IP); networking (mirror of ftp.uu.net/networking: AppleTalk, applic, archival, athena, cisco, fax, gopher, ident, info-service, IP, isis, Lynx, mail, news, OSI, RPC, serial, terms, UUCP, uumap, wais, WWW, x25); sources; systems (FreeBSD, Linux, mach, NetBSD, SCO, Unixware); usenet (comp.sources.(d,games,misc, postscript,unix,x)); X; X11; X11R5; X11R6; XFree86 (mirror of ftp.xfree86.org) Site : ftp.fenk.wau.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 16-May-94 Source : .nl ftp-l Alias : metten.fenk.wau.nl Admin : service@fenk.wau.nl Organ : Landbouw Universiteit Wageningen (Wageningen Agricultural University), Wageningen, Physical & Colloid Chemistry dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fenk.wau.nl/ Comment: transfers are logged; gopher: ftp.fenk.wau.nl; max. 60 users Files : International Association of Colloid and Interface (IACI) scientists info; mirrors: info-mac.stanford.edu, jagubox.gsfc.nasa.gov (Mac); Linux (Slackware); Molecular Modelling progs bases on the Scheutjens-Fleer theory; pceudora; popper; Simula/simed; Sun-fixes; verman Site : ftp.fh-aalen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : ftp.rz.fh-aalen.de, noc.rz.fh-aalen.de Admin : ftp-adm@fh-aalen.de Organ : Fachhochschule Aalen (Aalen Polytechnical Institute), Aalen, CC dept. Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.fh-aalen.de/ Comment: Files : Site : ftp.fh-konstanz.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : rz-uxazs.fh-konstanz.de Admin : Organ : Fachhochschule Konstanz (Konstanz Polytechnical Institute), Konstanz Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.fh-konstanz.de/ Comment: Files : Site : ftp.fh-lippe.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : pollux.noc.fh-lippe.de, uhura.noc.fh-lippe.de Admin : ftp-adm@ftp.fh-lippe.de Organ : Fachhochschule Lippe (Lippe Polytechnical Institute), Lippe/Lemgo, NOC Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.fh-lippe.de/ Comment: Files : Site : ftp.fh-wolfenbuettel.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : thorin.rz.fh-wolfenbuettel.de Admin : ftp-admin@fh-wolfenbuettel.de Organ : Fachhochschule Wolfenbuettel (Wolfenbuettel Polytechnical Institute), Wolfenbuettel Server : gopher.fh-wolfenbuettel.de, listserv@fh-wolfenbuettel.de, http://www.fh-wolfenbuettel.de/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fh-wolfenbuettel.de/ Comment: Files : alliance; archiver; Atari; audio; doc (Filter, Lyrics, O'Reilly, Posix, SCSI); games; gametool; ghostscript; graphics; Khoros; infosys; languages; Linux (Linus, Slackware, SLS, sunsite.unc.edu, tsx-11.mit.edu); LPMUD; lyrics; magazine; MS-DOS; nethack; Netrek; network; Oberon; parallel; shells; Simulation; Sun; TeX; Terminal; TinyMUD; tools; Unix (games, PVM); WWW-FHWF; X11 (contrib, misc and more misc) Site : ftp.fht-mannheim.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : ftp.rz.fht-mannheim.de, roxi.rz.fht-mannheim.de, aix01.rz.fht-mannheim.de Admin : mrex@aix01.rz.fht-mannheim.de (Martin Rex), duz@rz.fth-mannheim.de (Dirk Zoller) Organ : Fachhochschule der Technik Mannheim (Mannheim Polytechnical Institute), Mannheim Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.fht-mannheim.de/ Comment: Files : 386BSD (from ftp.uni-stuttgart.de); AIX PC; BSD 4.3 src; Emtex PC; Linux; MS-DOS (Simtel-20); MS-DOS games (from ftp.urz.uni-heidelberg.de); OS/2 (comp.binaries.os2); PasTeX (Amiga, from ftp.uni-passau.de); RS6000; Trumpet; Site : ftp.fi.upm.es Country: Spain GMT : +1 Date : 08-Jun-94 Source : me Alias : asterix.fi.upm.es Admin : root@asterix.fi.upm.es Organ : Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Telematica dept. (DIT) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fi.upm.es/ Comment: Files : aix; amiga; archie; docs; faculty; gopher; MS-DOS; news; OS/2; suit; Unix; VMS; X11 Site : ftp.fibr.net Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : usenet Alias : midway.fibr.net, ftp.cuteftp.com Admin : Organ : FIBR Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fibr.net/ Comment: Files : cuteftp; internic (DNS, templates); microsoft (IE); software (Linux, Mac, MS-Windows, MS-Windows95, MS-Windows NT) Site : ftp.fibronics.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : wega.fibronics.de Admin : kunz@fibronics.de Organ : Fibronics GmbH, Dietzenbach Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fibronics.de/ Comment: Files : FreeBSD; Linux; MS-DOS; MS-Windows; Software for Fibronics products Site : ftp.fidonet.org Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 15-May-94 Source : usenet Alias : zeus.ieee.org Admin : Organ : IEEE Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fidonet.org/ Comment: uploads directory disabled due to hacking attempts; connections from systems without reverse-nameservice will no longer be honored Files : fidonet; gopherservers; hatch; InterNIC; MS-DOS; RFCs; Sunfixes; Unix; UUCPmaps Site : ftp.firstnet.net Country: USA GMT : Date : 29-Nov-94 Source : usenet Alias : zen.firstnet.net Admin : Organ : FirstNet Information Services Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.firstnet.net/ Comment: Files : FirstNet info; games; Windows Site : ftp.flashnet.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 05-May-97 Source : admin Alias : Admin : ftpadmin@flashnet.it Organ : Flashnet S.p.A., Rome, Internet Dept. Server : http://serviceftp.flashnet.it/ System : Unix (Linux, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.flashnet.it/ Comment: Pentium 120, 64Mb RAM, 30Gb disk; max. 100 users Files : mirrors: papa.indstate.edu, ftp.mcafee.com, ftp.simtel.net, avalon.viewpoint.com, ftp.diamondmm.com, ftp.matrox.com, ftp.cirrus.com, java.blackdown.org, prep.ai.mit.edu, ftp.wdc.com, ftp.idsoftware.com, ftp.creaf.com, ftp.microprose.com, sumex-aim.stanford.edu, ftp.debian.org, ftp.macromedia.com, ftp.povray.org Site : ftp.fletcher.tufts.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 06-Jan-94 Source : mail Alias : jade.tufts.edu (old), emerald.tufts.edu (new) Admin : Organ : Tufts University, , , Computing and Communications Services Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fletcher.tufts.edu/ Comment: Files : encore multimax; Unix Site : ftp.flinders.oz.au Country: Australia GMT : +10 Date : 18-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : pippin.cc.flinders.oz.au Admin : Organ : Flinders University Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.flinders.oz.au/ Comment: also ftp.flinders.edu.au Files : Mac: CMET, Disinfectant, Fonts, Graphics, Netware, Network, Updates, Utilities; PC: CMET, Fonts, Graphics, Netware, Network, Updates, Utilities Site : ftp.fnal.gov Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : me Alias : fsgm01.fnal.gov Admin : Organ : Fermi National Accelerator Laboratories, Chicago, Illinois Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fnal.gov/ Comment: (de)compression and tar on the fly Files : admin; AIX; cps; declared; FermiTools; frc; histoscope; html; generic Unix; HP-UX; IRIX; juke; murmur_kit; nedit; OSF/1; plot_widgets; spuds; SunOS; VxWorks; Unix KITS (registered users only) Site : ftp.fokus.gmd.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 11-Nov-97 Source : usenet Alias : nimbus.fokus.gmd.de Admin : ftpmaster@fokus.gmd.de Organ : Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung (Society for Mathematics and Informationprocessing), FOKUS (Research Institute for Open Communication Systems), Berlin Server : http://www.fokus.gmd.de/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fokus.gmd.de/ Comment: Files : acts; Adobe; atc; berkom; cooperations; cost; dfn; docs; esprit; freewais; freeware; ghost; Internet-drafts; ISO; Linux (docs, iX-Terminal-ELF, isdn, java, kernel, misc, slackware, slackware-3.0.Extensions, slackware-3.1, woven); Mac; minos; mirror; mtl; nthp; oks; ovma; PC; race; RFCs; Solaris; step; Sun; Tcl; Unix; Usenet (comp.os.linux.announce, comp.os.linux.answers, de.comp.os.linux, de.etc.lists); vst; Web; wu-ftpd; xanim Site : ftp.fonorola.net Country: Canada GMT : Date : 22-May-94 Source : mail Alias : nic.fonorola.net Admin : Organ : Fonorola Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fonorola.net/ Comment: Files : ca-domain; Fonorola; Internet Business Journal; Internet information; Mac Gopher servers; networking; training; Usenet; Veronica; WAIS-sources Site : ftp.fore.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 15-Nov-95 Source : ftp.eni.co.jp Alias : Admin : tsacts@fore.com Organ : FORE Systems Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fore.com/ Comment: parts mirrored on ftp.eni.co.jp Files : API examples; docs (ATM RFCs, IETF, IP Multicast, man pages, papers, spans, white papers; FORE info (PDF files, text files); shareware (PDF readers); SNMP (ami mib, lax, laxmib, mibs, RFC, RFC mibs, tools); utils Site : ftp.foretune.co.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 15-Nov-95 Source : ftp.fujixerox.co.jp Alias : lizard.foretune.co.jp Admin : ftpadmin@foretune.co.jp Organ : Foretune Server : System : Unix (BSD/386, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.foretune.co.jp/ Comment: parts mirrored on ftp.fujixerox.co.jp Files : 386BSD; BSD/386 archive; communication; docs; elisp archive mirror; FAQs; fonts; GNU; games; graphics; info; Japanese modified elvis, Perl; lang; library; Mac; Mach; mailinglists; mirror (bsdi.com, export.lcs.mit.edu, ftp.acns.nwu.edu, ftp.apple.com, ftp.bsdi.com, ftp.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp, ftp.winsite.com, ftp.cme.nist.gov, ftp.cs.pdx.edu, ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp, ftp.cs.widener.edu, ftp.demon.co.uk, ftp.dit.co.jp, ftp.ecei.tohoku.ac.jp, ftp.greatcircle.com, ftp.ics.osaka-u.ac.jp, ftp.iij.ad.jp, ftp.kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp, ftp.lysator.liu.se, ftp.maths.tcd.ie, ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu, ftp.novell.com, ftp.sra.co.jp, ftp.tohoku.ac.jp, ftp.uu.net, gatekeeper.pa.dec.com, labrea.stanford.edu, moe.ipl.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp, mojo.eng.umd.edu, nic.ad.jp, pmail.globalvillag.com, rascal.ics.utexas.edu, rusinfo.rus.uni-stuttgart.de, src.doc.ic.ac.uk, think.com, utsun.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp); MS-DOS; multimedia; network; OS/2; TeX; tools; X Site : ftp.forteinc.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : me Alias : freedom.interpath.net Admin : Organ : InterPath/Forte Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.forteinc.com/ Comment: Files : devcomp; findyn; Forte: dictionaries, FreeAgent (newsreader), trafdemo; fpoint; oup; SDU; sia; virtus; webpress; wg Site : ftp.forthnet.gr Country: Greece GMT : +2 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : mail Alias : kim.forthnet.gr Admin : ftp-maint@forthnet.gr Organ : Foundation for Research and Technology, Heraklion, Crete, NOC Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.forthnet.gr/ Comment: max. 60 foreign users; descriptive ls command; successor of ariadne.csi.forth.gr Files : Archie; Cisco; docs; Ebone; GNU; Gopher; Greek (FAQ, fonts, Mosaic, PC-drivers, soc.culture.greek); Isode; Mac; Mail; News; networking (dns, ftpd, mail, monster, osi, ppp, ripe, routing, slip, tip, tools, ttcp, uucp-x25, uupc); pub (GNU, guitar (mirror), infosystems, Linux, Mac, NetBSD, X); RFCs; RIPE; Sun; WAIS; WWW; X11 Site : ftp.fourmilab.ch Country: Switzerland GMT : +1 Date : 10-Nov-95 Source : usenet Alias : Admin : Organ : Fourmi Lab Server : http://www.fourmilab.ch/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fourmilab.ch/ Comment: [Preliminary entry: needs to be checked] Files : kelvin: secure voice conversation over the Internet through Netfone (Sun and SGI), Speak Freely (MS-Windows) Site : ftp.france.eu.net Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 22-May-94 Source : me Alias : ftp.fnet.fr, indus.fnet.fr, indus.france.eu.net Admin : Organ : EUNet FR/FNet Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.france.eu.net/ Comment: Files : AFUU-RESEAU; EUnet; Fnet; multimedia; PPP; Utopia Site : ftp.francenet.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 24-Jul-94 Source : mail Alias : adynaton.francenet.fr Admin : ftpmaint@francenet.fr (archive), info@francenet.fr (commercial info) Organ : FranceNet BBS Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.francenet.fr/ Comment: banners only in French; transfers are logged; max. 20 users Files : cdrom; gopher; htdocs; mirrors (DOS: reseau, windows3 (demo, drivers, programr), GNU); systems (Mac (TCP/IP), Unix (networking)); wincode Site : ftp.franken.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : Alias : chico.franken.de Admin : ftp-admin@ftp.franken.de Organ : KommunikationsNetz Franken e.V. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.franken.de/ Comment: Files : crypt; docs; FAQ; htdocs; imperium; info; isdn4linux; Mac; MS-DOS; people; programming; tools; Unix; win; WWW Site : ftp.frd.ac.za Country: South Africa GMT : +2 Date : 30-Sep-95 Source : usenet Alias : apies.frd.ac.za Admin : Organ : Foundation for Research and Development Server : gopher.frc.ac.za System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.frd.ac.za/ Comment: Files : MS-DOS Site : ftp.freebsd.org Country: USA GMT : Date : Source : ftp.io.org Alias : Admin : Organ : FreeBSD Project Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/ Comment: Files : Site : ftp.frontier.dk Country: Denmark GMT : +1 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : usenet Alias : freja.frontier.dk Admin : Organ : Frontier Server : System : NT (Windows NT, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.frontier.dk/ Comment: logged in as user IUSR_FREJA Files : docs; html; images; Linux; Microsoft; MSql; network; PC; Windows 3; Windows NT Site : ftp.frontiertech.com Country: USA GMT : Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : docs Alias : flash075.frontiertech.com, info.frontiertech.com, bbs.frontiertech.com Admin : Organ : Frontier Technology Server : System : NT (Windows NT, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.frontiertech.com/ Comment: Files : demo; drivers; FAQs; patches; sha; winsock Site : ftp.fsz.bme.hu Country: Hungary GMT : +1 Date : 14-Dec-94 Source : me Alias : fix.fsz.bme.hu Admin : ftpproblem@fsz.bme.hu Organ : Technical University of Budapest, Budapest, Process Control dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fsz.bme.hu/ Comment: Problem: Failed to get host information [not yet considered obsolete] max. 5 users; total 27 users; transfers are logged Files : Site : ftp.ftp.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 22-May-94 Source : admin Alias : talc.ftp.com Admin : ftp-server-admin@ftp.com Organ : FTP Software Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ftp.com/ Comment: successor of vax.ftp.com Files : FTP info & apps; FTPNUZ (/support/pubdom); packet drivers; Unix software; other network related programs Site : ftp.fu-berlin.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : pascal.zedat.fu-berlin.de Admin : ftp-adm@fu-berlin.de Organ : Freie Universitaet Berlin (Free University of Berlin), Berlin, Zentraleinrichtung fuer Datenverarbeitung (CC) Server : System : Unix (IRIX 5.2) URL : ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/ Comment: Open 24 hours; max. 300 users; supports on the fly (de)compression, g(un)zipping, and tarring of directories Files : Amiga; Atari; Deutsche Anonyme FTP-Server List; Documents: FAQs, FYI, RFCs, etc...; ftp-sites; GATeway Orientierungs Ratgeber (gator); maps; MSDOS: 4DOS, Telix, kermit, graphics, GNUish, mags, networks, emTeX; Official FTP server: FAS, AmigaElm, elk, plan; Postscript-maps; UUCP; Unix: GNU, graphics, mail, network, news, misc tools; X11R6 Site : ftp.fujitsu.co.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 15-Nov-95 Source : ftp.fujixerox.co.jp Alias : endeavor.fujitsu.co.jp Admin : Organ : Fujitsu Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fujitsu.co.jp/ Comment: parts mirrored on ftp.fujixerox.co.jp Files : archiver; ds90; elisp; FreeBSD; GNU; Infomosaic; IntelligentPad; internet; ISIS; JPNIC; Linux; Mac; Mosaic l10n+; MS-Windows 3; MS-Windows95; MS-Windows NT; mule; NetBSD; networking; PC; security; Sun-info; sunsite.unc.edu; umich; Usenet; video (CU-SeeMe); WAIS; winsock-l (papa.indstate.edu); WWW; X11; XFree86 Site : ftp.fujixerox.co.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 15-Nov-95 Source : ftp.hitachi-sk.co.jp Alias : fxwidegw.fujixerox.co.jp Admin : ftp-admin@fujixerox.co.jp Organ : Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd., Kawasaki, Kanagawa Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fujixerox.co.jp/ Comment: parts mirrored on ftp.hitachi-sk.co.jp; max. 10 users Files : DeleGate (etlport.etl.go.jp; FlexFax; FujiXerox; GNU (utsun.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp); images; Internet drafts (ds.internic.net) InterViews (sragw.sra.co.jp); MIME (etlport.etl.go.jp); mirrors not mentioned in the rest of this entry (bash.keio.ac.jp, cs.ucl.ac.uk, cs.uiuc.edu, ftp.aist-nara.ac.jp, ftp.ascii.co.jp, ftp.center.osaka-u.ac.jp ftp.cs.titech.ac.jp, ftp.cs.wisc.edu, ftp.foretune.co.jp, ftp.ics.uci.edu, ftp.lysator.liu.se, ftp.sra.co.jp, ftp.tis.com, info.cern.ch, lab4imgw.kuis.kyoto-u.ac, opcom.sun.ca, riksun.riken.go.jp, self.stanford.edu, sgi.com, sprite.berkeley.edu, xtel.co.uk; MS-DOS; Mosaic-l10n+ (ftp.fujitsu.co.jp); mule (etlport.etl.go.jp); NetBSD; OSI; product; RFCs (ftp.dit.co.jp); security; sendmail (ftp.cs.berkeley.edu); Tcl (sragw.sra.co.jp); TeX; Unix; Windows; X (ftp.iij.ad.jp); X11-i18n; Zaurus Site : ftp.funet.fi Country: Finland GMT : +2 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : rtfm Alias : nic.funet.fi, funic.funet.fi, hamsterix.funet.fi, hamster.funet.fi Admin : problems@ftp.funet.fi, msdos-adm@nic.funet.fi, msdos1@nic.funet.fi (Petri Hartoma) Organ : Finland University & Research Network (FUNET) NIC, Espoo Server : mailserver@ftp.funet.fi, gopher://gopher.funet.fi/, http://www.funet.fi/ System : Unix (DEC AXP3000/900) [planned for '95] URL : ftp://ftp.funet.fi/ Comment: transfers are logged with hostname and whatever you entered for password; max. 196 users; retrieval of top-level README possible before logon; read README.FILETYPES for information on the different filetypes; 320Mb memory, HSZ40 RAID controller; this site is severely overloaded [as popular as wuarchive now] number of allowed users is decreased; high network load causes errors: retry when you get an error, don't bother the admin; this is the new ftp.funet.fi archive; this site mirrors the following sites, USE THE ORIGINAL ONES IF THEY ARE CLOSER TO YOU NETWORKWISE!!!: cathouse.org, ftp.cis.ksu.edu, ftp.eunet.fi, ftp.freebsd.org, ftp.internic.net, ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu, ftp.netbsd.org, ftp.powertech.no, ftp.town.hall.org, ftp.uni-regensburg.de, ftp.voa.gov, ftp.w3.org, ftp.xfree86.org, hyperreal.com, lcs.mit.edu, nic.nordu.net, ftp.simtel.net, rtfm.mit.edu, src.doc.ic.ac.uk, stas.cnidr.org, sunsite.unc.edu Files : Amiga; Astro; Atari; cae; CBM; cryptography; Computer Underground Digest (CuD) archives; csc; culture; docs; dx; FUNET; GNU; graphics; ham-radio; IRC clients, GIFs of IRC and Relay people: pub/pics/gif/pics/people/misc; kermit; languages; lyhty; Mac; Mach; microprocs; Minix; MS-DOS; netinfo; networking; NeXT; org; OS/2; pictures; sci; security docs and apps; Simtel20 mirror (/pub/msdos/simtel-mirror); Sony NeWS OS software; sounds; sports; standards; Tao; Unix; VM; VMS; Windows, Windows NT (ftp.winsite.com); X11; XFree86 (mirror of ftp.xfree86.org under consideration) Site : ftp.fuw.edu.pl Country: Poland GMT : +1 Date : 18-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : ccfs1.fuw.edu.pl Admin : Organ : Fizyki Uniwersytetu Warsawskiego (Warsaw University), Warsaw, Physics dept. Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.fuw.edu.pl/ Comment: Files : arc+tar+compress; arj; cocos; documents; donosy; GNU; PC-DOS; pictures; polish-TeX; ptf; security; SGI; Unix; WAIS; weather; WWW; X11 Site : ftp.fwi.uva.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : me Alias : info.fwi.uva.nl Admin : Organ : Universiteit van Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam), Amsterdam, Faculteit Wiskunde en Informatice (FWI, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.fwi.uva.nl/ Comment: Files : comp (SCSI (doc, info, ping), sendmail, Slackware (1.x, 2.x), Solaris); conferences; educational (cryptanalyse); functional; ic3a; illc; pimentel; mathematics (edu, misc, packages, reports); programming-research (reports, specifications); scsi-doc; scsi info; scsi ping; sion; Solaris; theory