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Subject: Anonymous FTP: Sitelist Part 7 of 23 [07/23]

This article was archived around: 13 Nov 1997 10:15:17 GMT

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Site : ftp.datafellows.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : rtfm Alias : Admin : ftpmaster@datafellows.com Organ : Datafellows Server : http://www.datafellows.com/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.datafellows.com/ Comment: see also http://www.europe.datafellows.com Files : Datafellows (F-Prot demo, technical bulletins, Vineyard demo (Mac) some misc anti-virus utilities) Site : ftp.datafellows.fi Country: Finland GMT : +2 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : rtfm Alias : info.datafellows.fi, wavu.datafellows.fi, ftp.europe.datafellows.com, europe.datafellows.com Admin : ftpmaster@datafellows.com Organ : Datafellows Ltd Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.datafellows.fi/ Comment: Files : Datafellows (F-Prot demo, technical bulletins, Vineyard demo (Mac)) Site : ftp.dataplex.net Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 19-Feb-95 Source : usenet Alias : eel.dataplex.net Admin : rkw@dataplex.net (Richard Wackerbarth) Organ : The Digital Dataplex, Austin, Texas Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dataplex.net/ Comment: Files : mirrors: FreeBSD (ftp.freebsd.org), GNU (prep.ai.mit.edu), Mac (sumex-aim.stanford.edu), MS-DOS (garbo.uwasa.fi), MS-Windows (ftp.winsite.com) Site : ftp.datasrv.co.il Country: Israel GMT : +2 Date : 30-Oct-94 Source : rtfm Alias : jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il Admin : schilo@jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il Organ : DataServ, Jeruzalem Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.datasrv.co.il/ Comment: downloads are logged; mirroring not permitted without permission of the operator Files : Datasrv customer support: Linux, PC, Unix utis; Hebrew and Jewish software; InVirCible /pub/usr/netz; networking; security Site : ftp.dcc.uchile.cl Country: Chili GMT : -3 Date : 10-Sep-94 Source : usenet Alias : tortel.dcc.uchile.cl Admin : Organ : Universidad de Chile (University of Chili), DCC Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dcc.uchile.cl/ Comment: Files : chile; dccinfo; edo; GNU; gopher; graphics; Internet; Lang; lib; Linux (docs, Slackware, TinyX); Mac; MUD; network; news; PC (4dos, antivirus, binaries, comm, games, graph, lang, latex, mac, network, os2, pov, sound, uucp, vga, win); pictures [empty]; redinfo; security [only some zip stuff]; Sinclair (almost all there is on ftp.ijs.si); Sparc; Sun; TeX; Unix; VLDB; X11 Site : ftp.dcs.ed.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 15-Dec-94 Source : rtfm Alias : colonsay.dcs.ed.ac.uk Admin : support@dcs.ed.ac.uk Organ : University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, CS dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dcs.ed.ac.uk/ Comment: all transactions are logged; max. 10 users; server can tar and compress on the fly Files : Acorn; BBC; bind; cao; cap; fonts; graphics; ident; ifip; ladm; lego; Mac; netutils; pic; POP; Postscript utils; rasmol; RFCs; TeX; Tk; TolkLang; utils; VLSI-CAD; X11R5 Site : ftp.dcs.gla.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 11-Mar-94 Source : Alias : vanuata.dcs.gla.ac.uk Admin : support@dcs.gla.ac.uk Organ : University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, CS dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dcs.gla.ac.uk/ Comment: access is allowed all day; available through gopher.dcs.gla.ac.uk and www.dcs.gla.ac.uk Files : actress; Ansible; Avalanche; BCS; fide; flare; gist; glasgow-fp; haskell; hug94; iii; imis; Linux; Mac; merill; mail; NASA; news; pj-lester book; recipes; src; SF archives; theory; triangle; types Site : ftp.dcs.kcl.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 11-Jul-94 Source : mail Alias : helium.dcs.kcl.ac.uk Admin : neil@dcs.kcl.ac.uk (Neil Faulks) Organ : King's College, London, Dept. of CS (DCS) Server : no e-mail server System : Unix (System V Release 4.0) URL : ftp://ftp.dcs.kcl.ac.uk/ Comment: Files : achin; alg-learn; jucompiling; mail; tech-reports Site : ftp.dd.dk Country: Denmark GMT : +1 Date : 25-Jan-95 Source : usenet Alias : chico.dd.dk Admin : ftp-admin@dd.dk Organ : Damgaard Internation A/S Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dd.dk/ Comment: primarily for DIAS authorized distributors but pub open to anybody; all use of the server is logged; hosts that do not resolve or enter a wrong e-mailaddress are rejected Files : CASE; GNU (mirror of prep.ai.mit.edu); IBM (OS/2: 2.1 servpack, cset++, dataglance, epm, ews, info, misc, mwave, netdoor, os2beta, os2fixes, tcpip, visualgen, wsurf [from software.watson.ibm.com?]; Linux (Slackware); MS-Windows (Visual Basic); SCO (mirror of ftp.celestial.com); XAL; ZyXEL (csie-mirror, faxutil, info, rom, voiceutil) Site : ftp.delftgeot.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 16-May-94 Source : me Alias : dg-sv1.delftgeot.nl Admin : ftpadmin@ftp.delftgeot.nl Organ : Grondmechanica Delft, Delft Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.delftgeot.nl/ Comment: Files : books; gzip; modems; SGI Site : ftp.delmarva.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 19-Feb-94 Source : mail Alias : Admin : postmaster@delmarva.com Organ : Delmarva Power & Light Co., Newark, Delaware Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1.3, Sun IPC) URL : ftp://ftp.delmarva.com/ Comment: transfers are logged; serves as a mailreflector for the Association of Banyan Users International (ABUI.ORG) Files : archive for security documents in Postscript form; some Banyan VINES software and documents; Help Desk Management System (HDMS); radio; raid-documents; Raptor Systems firewall systems documents and mail list; SCO; security documents; Sun; wellfleet-mibs Site : ftp.demon.co.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 31-Aug-95 Source : mail Alias : disabuse.demon.co.uk Admin : Organ : Demon Internet, London Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/ Comment: Files : 4.3BSD; ACCU (/pub/cug); Amiga; Antivirus (comprehensive across all platforms); Archimedes; Atari; books; commercial demos; CP/M; CUG; Dialup IP, PGP and Usenet software; doc; games; GNU; ham-radio; KA9Q; images; Mac; mail; MS-DOS (simtel); news; NetBSD (mirror of sun-lamp.cs.berkeley.edu); NeXt; NT; OS/2; perl; PGP; pick; PPP; roundhill; SCO; SLIP; Sun; trumphurst; Unix; Xenix; XWindows; XFree86 (mirror of ftp.xfree86.org) Site : ftp.demos.su Country: Russia GMT : +2 Date : 25-Jan-95 Source : ftp.cnit.nsk.su Alias : surplus.demos.su Admin : Organ : Demos Server : mailserv@ftp.demo.su [?] System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.demos.su/ Comment: Files : arcers; astrology; books; databases; demo; Demos; esperanto; graph; hosts (fantom); languages; Mac; maps; math; MS-DOS; music; net; news; RFCs; servers [old ftp-list]; Unix Site : ftp.denet.dk Country: Denmark GMT : +1 Date : 31-Aug-95 Source : mail Alias : Admin : ftp@ftp.denet.dk Organ : Danish Computing Centre for Research & Education (UNI-C) and DIKU Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.denet.dk/ Comment: Open 24 hours; max. 50 users; transfers are logged; server can (un)compress and tar Files : Denet (docs, para, X.400); IEN; info2000; infosys; mirrors a number of archives including dictionaries, GNU, ISODE, Linux (kernel, Slackware, SLS), RFCs, security (CERT, CIAC, papers, tools), SNMP (btng, cmu-snmp, faq, isode-snmp, mib, misc, mit-snmp, monet, nocol, rfc, simple-times, smic, snacc, snm-agents, tcl_snmp, ut-snmp, xsnmp), Unix (amd, mail, mirror, news, pine, qddb, rdist, tcl, tcpdump, tcsh, zsh), X11; UNI-C Site : ftp.desy.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : x4u2.desy.de Admin : root@x4u.desy.de Organ : Deutsche Elektronen Synchotron (German Electro-Synchotron, DESY), Hamburg Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.desy.de/ Comment: Files : Site : ftp.dfki.uni-sb.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : com-serv.dfki.uni-sb.de Admin : support@dfki.uni-sb.de Organ : Universitaet des Saarlandes (University of the Saarland), Saerbruecken, DFKI Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.dfki.uni-sb/ Comment: Files : AMD; KI Zeitung (newspaper); fbps; registry; VM; XXX Site : ftp.dfn.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : deneb.dfn.de Admin : hostmaster@dfn.de Organ : Deutsches Forschungs Netzwerk (German Research Network), Berlin Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.dfn.de/ Comment: Files : DFN and OSI docs; isode; pp; RFCs; X11R5 Site : ftp.dfv.rwth-aachen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : striper.dfv.rwth-aachen.de, thorin.dfv.rwth-aachen.de Admin : ftp-adm@dfv.rwth-aachen.de Organ : RWTH Aachen, Aachen Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.dfv.rwth-aachen.de/ Comment: Files : Linux (sunsite.unc.edu) Site : ftp.dhp.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 11-Nov-96 Source : Alias : dhp.com Admin : Organ : DataHaven Project, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Server : http://www.dhp.com/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dhp.com/ Comment: max. 15 users Files : bgc (Bubble Gum Crisis (Moderated by WIPEOUT@DHP.COM)); c64 (Commodore 64 Archive (Moderated by ROTOX@DHP.COM)); crypto (Cryptographic releated information/utilities); info (Information about the DHP); linux (Stuff for linux, include shadow/skey merge); lists (Local mailing list archives); neogeo (NeoGeo archive. (See also /pub/lists/neogeo)); zines (Electronic Zines (Text-Files, G-Files, Etc)) Site : ftp.di.fc.ul.pt Country: Portugal GMT : 0 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : usenet Alias : master.di.fc.ul.pt, muttley.fc.ul.pt Admin : roque@di.fc.ul.pt Organ : Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon), Lisbon, CS dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.di.fc.ul.pt/ Comment: Files : antivirus; cadeiras; doc; FAQ; games; net; papers; programming; systems Site : ftp.difi.unipi.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 17-Apr-94 Source : usenet Alias : ipifidpt.difi.unipi.it Admin : ftp@ipifidpt.difi.unipi.it Organ : University of Pisa, Pisa, Physics dept. Server : System : Unix (IBM RISC 6000/950E) URL : ftp://ftp.difi.unipi.it/ Comment: Open 24 hours; max. 10 users Files : 386ix; gated; graphics; Khoros; kinet; Linux; Mac; Mosaic; mpeg; NetEC; preprints; Rexx; RS6000; TeX Site : ftp.digex.net Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 25-Apr-97 Source : usenet Alias : Admin : Organ : Digital Express Group Inc. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.digex.net/ Comment: public userdirs under /pub/access, contact username@access.digex.net for info Files : access; acy; cnj; database; FreeBSD; gnu; gnuish; IDSoftware; Linux; NetBSD; networking; printers; RFCs; security; shells; SunOS patches; X Site : ftp.digibd.com Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 22-Nov-96 Source : usenet Alias : gw.digibd.com, gw.dgii.com, ftp.dgii.com Admin : keng@digibd.com Organ : Digi International Server : http://www.digibd.com/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.digibd.com/ Comment: max. 60 users Files : Digiboard (digifax, digiline: drivers, isdn); pub: HP4laser (lp model for autohandling of PCL/PostScript jobs), SCO-ports, uiarchive (archive of the defunct Unix International effort), unixware, WWW Site : ftp.digifix.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 31-Aug-95 Source : rtfm Alias : digifix.digifix.com Admin : sanguish@digifix.com (Scott Anguish) Organ : Digifix Server : http://ftp.digifix.com/ System : Unix (NeXTStep, NeXT) URL : ftp://ftp.digifix.com/ Comment: max. 100 users Files : binaries; documents; drivers; mailinglist-archives; newsletters; NeXT: NeXT-In-Line, comp.sys.next.announce archives; source; submissions; vendors Site : ftp.diku.dk Country: Denmark GMT : +1 Date : 31-Aug-95 Source : mail Alias : Admin : ftpadm@diku.dk Organ : University of Copenhagen (DIKU), Copenhagen, CS dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.diku.dk/ Comment: Open 24 hours; max. 50 users; transfers are logged; server can (un)compress and tar Files : DIKU; mirrors of a number of archives: elisp, GNU, languages (edml, gofer, ml, scm, sml), Linux (kernel, Slackware), MIBs, music (bass, digitech-rp-1, guitar, guitar-lessons, jazz-primer, music-gems), news.answers, Sun-patches Site : ftp.dit.upm.es Country: Spain GMT : +1 Date : 16-Mar-94 Source : admin Alias : sanson.dit.upm.es Admin : jmanas@dit.upm.es (Jose A. Manas), postmaster@dit.upm.es Organ : Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Telematica dept. (DIT) Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1.3, Sun 4/470) URL : ftp://ftp.dit.upm.es/ Comment: access allowed all day; max. 26 users; transfers are logged; server understands compress and tar; some loose files in /pub Files : LOTOS papers and tools; MS-DOS; vhdl Site : ftp.dk.net Country: Denmark GMT : +1 Date : 25-Apr-97 Source : Alias : ftp.dknet.dk, ratatosk.dk.net Admin : sysadm@dknet.dk Organ : DKnet/EUnet Denmark Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dk.net/ Comment: max. 50 users Files : archiving; dknet; g1; gnu; kh; mac; md; msdos; mirrors (coast.cs.purdue.edu, ftp.amug.org, ftp.apache.org, ftp.cdrom.com, ftp.eu.net, ftp.eunet.fi, ftp.funet.fi, ftp.ripe.net, ftp.tucows.com, ftp.vix.com, ftp.x.org, newton.uiowa.edu, prep.ai.mit.edu, src.doc.ic.ac.uk); netscape; network; nic; pcunix; pda; pdc; prosa; tdc; trend; tucows; win3; X11 Site : ftp.dkfz-heidelberg.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : sunserver.embnet.dkfz-heidelberg.de Admin : Organ : DKFZ, Heidelberg Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.dkfz-heidelberg.de/ Comment: Files : Atlas; docs; embnet; gdb; igd; Linux; MS-DOS; MS-Windows (ftp.winsite.com); PostScript; UTS Site : ftp.dkrz.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : info.dkrz.de, prince.dkrz-hamburg.de, ftp.dkrz-hamburg.de Admin : rudat@dkrz-hamburg.dbp.de, rudat@dkrz.d400.de Organ : German Climate Computer Centre, Hamburg Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.dkrz.de/ Comment: Files : meteo-images Site : ftp.dmu.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 30-Apr-95 Source : me Alias : helios.dmu.ac.uk Admin : support@dmu.ac.uk Organ : DeMontfort University, Leicester Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dmu.ac.uk/ Comment: max. 20 users; link of 8Kb/s so limit big downloads to non-business hours; everything you do is logged Files : clb_comp; cms (cph, imaging, moo, tattoo, VR); netcomm (docs, Linux, Mac, MS-DOS, Solaris 1.x, Solaris 2.x, src); pharmacy (addresses, drug-info, mednews, meetings, net-info, pme, posts, pse, schools, software, usenet-smp, www); sun (dmu) Site : ftp.dns.pt Country: Portugal GMT : 0 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : ftp.ua.pt Alias : ns.dns.pt Admin : ftp@dns.pt Organ : Fundacao Nacional para o Desenvolvimento dos Meios Nacionais de Calculo Scientifico (FCCN), DNS-PT Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dns.pt/ Comment: transfers are logged Files : DNS (from ftp.uu.net/networking/ip/dns); docs (aups, current-ietf-docs, ddn-news, earn, ebone, fyi, guides, iab, ien, iesg, ietf, internet-drafts, maps, netinfo, nren, nsf, protocols, rare, rfc, ripe, scc, zones); ftp-list [old!]; MS-DOS; NTP; Portugal (dns, gov, puug, rccn); security (FIRST, NIST, cert_advisories, clippings, cops, crypto, docs, firewalls, info, network_tools, papers, ssphwg, tech_tips, tools, vendors, virus-l); services; utils Site : ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 10-Sep-94 Source : rtfm Alias : phoenix.doc.ic.ac.uk, src.doc.ic.ac.uk, sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk, ftp.uk.freebsd.org Admin : wizards@doc.ic.ac.uk Organ : Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, Dept. of Computing, SunSITE Northern Europe Server : ftpmail@doc.ic.ac.uk System : Unix (Solaris 2.3, SparcServer 1000, 6 CPUs, 30Gb diskspace) URL : ftp://ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk/ Comment: directory: /computing/systems/ibmpc; max. 300 users; extra features include: ls -sf:package (searches for 'package'); read README, README.ftp, README.layout, README.mac-users, README.uploads Files : Aminet; biology; faces; geology; GNU; IAFA-SITEINFO; info; literary; media; mirrors: simtel (/pub/packages/simtel20), games from ftp.uml.edu (/computing/systems/ibmpc/msdos-games/Games), MS-Windows from ftp.winsite.com; politics; RFCs; Sun; Tcl/Tk (packages/tcl from ftp.cs.berkeley.edu); TeX from ftp.tex.ac.uk; UKUUG; Unix; Usenet; weather Site : ftp.doe.carleton.ca Country: Canada GMT : -5 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : usenet Alias : ro.doe.carleton.ca Admin : Organ : Carleton University, Ottawa, Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.doe.carleton.ca/ Comment: misc. user dirs Files : cdc; concurrent; device; dfs; ieee; msdos (internet, utilities); papers; remind3.0; rpipe; rsm; scrabble; snelgar; VLSI circuits Site : ftp.dolphinics.no Country: Norway GMT : +1 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : Alias : www.dolphinics.no Admin : Organ : Dolphin ICS Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dolphinics.no/ Comment: Files : fdmod; mew; Sun; Unix; vsc Site : ftp.dpt.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 15-Nov-95 Source : ftp.eni.co.jp Alias : Admin : webmaster@dpt.com, support@dpt.com Organ : DPT Server : http:/www.dpt.com/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp / Comment: SCSI RAID Technology drivers, firmware images and utilities; parts mirrored on ftp.eni.co.jp Files : techsup: configuration, firmware, Mac, MS-DOS, MS-Windows NT, Netware, Unix, utils Site : ftp.drsolomon.com Country: GMT : Date : 31-Aug-95 Source : rtfm Alias : chip.drsolomon.com, ftp.sands.com, drebbin.sands.com Admin : webmaster@drsolomon.com Organ : S&S International Ltd. Server : http://www.drsolomon.com/ System : NT (Windows NT, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.drsolomon.com/ Comment: logged in as IUSR_TAZ Files : Solomon's Antivirus Toolkit, Audit; papers and info on viruses Site : ftp.dstc.edu.au Country: Australia GMT : +10 Date : 16-May-96 Source : usenet Alias : ledge.dstc.edu.au Admin : ftp@dstc.edu.au Organ : DSTC/University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland Server : System : Unix (DECstation 5000/200) URL : ftp://ftp.dstc.edu.au/ Comment: max. 16 users; tranfers are logged; don't open multiple connections Files : Apache; bind; Electronic Arts games; Eudora; etext; FreeBSD; GamesDomain games; GNU; ID games; IF; Java; Linux (Debian, kernel, Redhat, sunsite); Minerva; Minix; NetBSD; netman; Netscape; Newton; Python; Romulus; rtfm; SAGE; samba; TclTk Site : ftp.dungeon.com Country: GMT : Date : 19-Feb-95 Source : me Alias : Admin : root@ftp.dungeon.com Organ : Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.dungeon.com/ Comment: Files : Amiga (AmiTCP, networking); cartoons [empty]; cd1 (cdrom, OS/2, windows); dungeon (Amiga, docs, Mac, MS-DOS, news, Windows, WWW); homeo; Linux (MOO, sunsite.unc.edu); MS-DOS (antivirus, BBS, comms, diskutils, dtp, games, genutils, graphics, IDgames, programming, ray-tracing, sound, StarTrek, vendor [?], win); music (BTL, cathyden, MODs); nap Site : ftp.dur.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 23-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : deneb.dur.ac.uk Admin : Organ : Durham University, Durham Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.dur.ac.uk/ Comment: Files : animations; audio; cba; docs; emu; GKC; gothic; graphics; MS-DOS; papers; pascal_runtime; postscript; povray; quantum; rsynth; sendmail; tech-reports; TOS Site : ftp.duth.gr Country: Greece GMT : +2 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : ftp.winsite.com Alias : demokritos.cc.duth.gr Admin : ftpadm@ftp.duth.gr Organ : Democritus University of Thrace, Server : http://www.duth.gr/~ftpadm System : Unix (OSF/1, DEC Alpha 7000) URL : ftp://ftp.duth.gr/ Comment: max. 20 users; 5Gb disk Files : demos; docs; mirrors (GNU, Linux Slackware, McAfee, simtel, Winsite, Unix); Netscape Site : ftp.dynas.se Country: Sweden GMT : +1 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : Alias : dumbo.dynas.se Admin : ftp-admin@dynas.se Organ : DynaSoft Server : System : Unix URL : ftp:// / Comment: transfers are logged Files : obTcl Site : ftp.e-technik.tu-muenchen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 30-Sep-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : ftp.regent.e-technik.tu-muenchen.de, recycle.regent.e-technik.tu-muenchen.de reseq.regent.e-technik.tu-muenchen.de redyn.regent.e-technik.tu-muenchen.de Admin : ftp@e-technik.tu-muenchen.de Organ : Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Munich University of Technology) EE dept., Munich Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.e-technik.tu-muenchen.de/ Comment: see /README for more info Files : comp (database, devices, doc (ORA (ftp.ora.com), iX magazine (ftp.uni-paderborn.de), RFCs (nic.ddn.mil), GNU (prep.ai.mit.edu), graphics, infosys, networking (mail: zmailer MTA (ftp.funet.fi) newsreaders: ftp.eu.net, updates and info for ZyXEL modems: ftp.zyxel.com), OS (FreeBSD: ref.tfs.com, ftp.cdrom.com, ftp.freebsd.org), BSDI: ftp.bsdi.com, CT software listings ftp.uni-paderborn.de), DES for *BSD (braae.ru.ac.za), IRC (cs-ftp.bu.edu), Linux (LST: ftp.uni-erlangen.de, sunsite.unc.edu, tsx-11.mit.edu), NetBSD (ftp.iastate.edu), NetBSD for Mac (cray-ymp.acm.stuorg.vt.edu)), platforms (Amiga Aminet: (ftp.uni-paderborn.de; 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gifs (screen captures of crusader, cybermage, space hulk 3do, super wing, system shock, wing3 3do, wing commander III, wings of glory); movies; patches; press releases Site : ftp.earn.net Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 21-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : loire.earn.net Admin : ftpadmin@earn.net Organ : European Academic Research Network (EARN) Server : gopher.earn.net; gophermail through gopher@earn.net (send mail with 'help' (not quotes) for instructions) System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.earn.net/ Comment: server can compress and tar Files : cnre; docs; earnest; general EARN info; gophermail; listserv archives; nethelp; networking info; networking services; nsc; tools Site : ftp.earthlink.net Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 10-Dec-94 Source : usenet Alias : moon.earthlink.net Admin : support@earthlink.net Organ : Earthlink Network, Los Angeles, California Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.earthlink.net Comment: Files : Earthlink info; Software: Amiga, ISDN (Windrider), Mac (net related utils, PC (AWE32, CTHUGHA, DOS_SLIP, games, ghostview, mstcpip, mosaic, netscape, offlinereaders, tiskwin (mirror of ftp.halcyon.com), , PGP, SGI (ESPModeller); Constitution (legal and gov files) Site : ftp.eas.asu.edu Country: USA GMT : -7 Date : 16-May-96 Source : Alias : www.eas.asu.edu Admin : Organ : Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.eas.asu.edu/ Comment: transfers are logged; max. 30 users Files : centers; class; cse; escdocs; neurolab; packages (cif2ps, netscape, perl, sendmail, spice, tcl); PC (OS/2 (misc. net utils), Windows (exceed, whttpd, winsock), Windows95 (misc. net utils)); POP (clients, servers); RDBI; RSIM; Unix (BSDI, Linux (slackware), Solaris) Site : ftp.easy.re.kr Country: South Korea GMT : +8 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : ftp.winsite.com Alias : ns.easy.re.kr, ftp.kr.freebsd.org Admin : ftpadm@easy.re.kr Organ : EASY Research Institute Server : System : Unix (FreeBSD, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.easy.re.kr/ Comment: transfers are logged; max. 100 users Files : Site : ftp.eb.ele.tue.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 16-May-96 Source : old ftp-list Alias : green.eb.ele.tue.nl, eba.eb.ele.tue.nl Admin : Organ : Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (Eindhoven University of Technology), Eindhoven, Digital Systems Group Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.eb.ele.tue.nl/ Comment: misc. user public directories Files : alex (presskit); looymans (columns, juke, jvmapper, mfm, netwavecd, playcmf, sbmix, scopedma, wavelink, wavesynth); vanvught (OS/2: nrcscsi, os2acad); verschue (eb86.des, idass, sdlc) Site : ftp.ebtech.net Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : me Alias : bootes.ebtech.net Admin : Organ : Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ebtech.net/ Comment: Files : AnakhaMUX; antivirus; applications; bookmarks; compression; docs; html; Mac; megalomania; modeminfo [!]; ms-internet; ogsl; OS/2; PC; search; subspace; telix; Windows95; winsock Site : ftp.ece.concordia.ca Country: Canada GMT : -5 Date : 10-Nov-95 Source : usenet Alias : holly.ece.concordia.ca Admin : ftpmgr@ece.concordia.ca Organ : Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Electrical and Computer Engineering dept./Engineering and CS Students Association Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ece.concordia.ca/ Comment: Files : eng; HP calc; info; ISODE-8; math; OS (Amiga, Linux, Mac, MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.1, OS/2, Sun, Ultrix, Unix); simulator; soft-dev; sysadm (Sendmail) Site : ftp.ecel.uwa.edu.au Country: Australia GMT : +8 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : docs Alias : rand.gp3.ecel.uwa.edu.au Admin : Organ : University of Western Australia, , , Server : gopher System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.ecel.uwa.edu.au/ Comment: Files : Mac; OS/2; Perl (scripts); Unix Site : ftp.ecn.bgu.edu Country: USA GMT : Date : 31-Aug-95 Source : magazine Alias : uxa.ecn.bgu.edu Admin : mflll@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (Laurence L. Leff, alt.binaries.pictures.fine-art archive) Organ : Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois, CS dept. Server : System : Unix (System V Release 4.0) URL : ftp://ftp.ecn.bgu.edu/ Comment: Files : archive; cs-research; ecn; eiu; fine-art (alt.binaries.pictures. fine-art.{d,digitized,graphics} archive; gopher; gsu; micro; perl; ph; Sun-admin; Sun-fixes; wiu Site : ftp.ecn.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 16-May-94 Source : me Alias : ecnsun.ecn.nl Admin : bernards@ecn.nl (M.A. Bernards) Organ : Energie Centrum Nederland (Netherlands Energy Research Foundation, ECN), Petten, Group Networking and Computer Facility Management Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.ecn.nl/ Comment: Files : docs (FlexLM, Sun2OSF); ECN; RP-1; Sun-patches; Sun-source Site : ftp.ecrc.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : ecrc.de Admin : melvin@ecrc.de Organ : ECRC, Munich Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.ecrc.de/ Comment: please transfer files outside of normal business hours (08:00-16:00 CET); this server understands REGET Files : Site : ftp.ecs.soton.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 22-Sep-94 Source : me Alias : bright.ecs.soton.ac.uk Admin : Organ : University of Southampton, Southampton, ECS Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1)2 URL : ftp://ftp.ecs.soton.ac.uk/ Comment: Files : admin; benchmarks; digits; docs; eefl; elm; etet; Mac; misc; MS-DOS (demos (overlord), patches (ufo1-2)); netweek; news; occam; papers; pastpapers; PC; SGI; transputer; UC; Unix; X11 Site : ftp.ecst.csuchico.edu Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 30-Oct-94 Source : rtfm Alias : hairball.ecst.csuchico.edu [?], cscihp.ecst.csuchico.edu Admin : Organ : California State University - Chico, Chico, California Server : gopher System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ecst.csuchico.edu/ Comment: directory: /pub/netrek/src Files : atman; chemistry; crossfire; ctix; ems; geos; hotmetal; Mac; menu; model.horse; Mosaic; mtg; net; Netrek sources; online chemistry manual; PC; sca; stcpubscomp; thesis; warlock; zippy Site : ftp.ed.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 11-Mar-94 Source : Alias : pcserver2.ed.ac.uk Admin : ftpmaster@edinburgh.ac.uk Organ : University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ed.ac.uk/ Comment: points to other .ed.ac.uk ftp servers; uploads to /incoming, send mail to the admin when you upload something. You won't be able to see the file once you upload them; some other loose files in /pub Files : a2ps; courses; EdLAN; emwac [mirror of emwac.ed.ac.uk?]; GNU; IUSC; JIPS; lrtt; mail; mmaccess; maps; MFT; Motif FAQ; netdocs; PC-NFS; pdps; smrsh; Solaris; spooling; Sun: ecl, fixes, papers; UCSG; uniras; Unixhelp; whiteosi; X.400; X11 FAQ Site : ftp.ed.gov Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 10-Sep-94 Source : usenet Alias : gopher.ed.gov Admin : wwwadmin@inet.ed.gov Organ : US Dept. of Education, Washington D.C., D.C., Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) Server : gopher.ed.gov, www.ed.gov System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ed.gov/ Comment: also available through Gopher (gopher.ed.gov) and WWW (www.ed.gov) Files : ED_wide (Dept. of Education Initiatives and Legislation); OERI gopher; National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) gopher; WWW Site : ftp.edu.tw Country: Taiwan GMT : +8 Date : 29-Jun-95 Source : admin Alias : archive.edu.tw, nctuccca.edu.tw Admin : ftp-adm@nctuccca.edu.tw (ftp administration), hch@nctuccca.edu.tw (Chih-Hsien Huang), james@nctuccca.edu.tw (James Huang), postmaster@nctuccca.edu.tw (system administration), Organ : National Chiao Tung University, Campus Computer Communication Association, Taipei Server : ftpmail@ftp.edu.tw (local archive only) System : Unix (SunOS 4.1.3, Sun SPARC 10 Model 51) URL : ftp://ftp.edu.tw/ Comment: mirrors of over 100 sites; largest site in Asia; 13GB used; overseas users welcome; max. 200 users; server supports on the fly g(un)zip; FSP available via port 21; Author FTP accounts available Files : Aminet; BSD; Chinese Apps (ifcss.org); Computing Languages; E-Text; ftp-list (documents/networking/guides/ftp-list); Images; GNU; Linux; MaasInfo files (documents/Internet/Maasinfo); Mac; mirrors: coombs.anu.edu.au, garbo.uwasa.fi (/PC/garbo), ftp.uml.edu (/Ulowell/msdos or /PC/uwp), ftp.winsite.com, Simtel Software Repository (/pub/mirrors/msdos); MS-DOS; MS-Windows; NCSA Apps; NCTU; Netlib; Next; OS/2; Packages; Sound; Statlib; Unix; Usenet; Vendors; VLSI; X-Windows; XFree86 (mirror of ftp.xfree86.org) Site : ftp.edv.agrar.tu-muenchen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : pollux.edv.agrar.tu-muenchen.de Admin : rottler@pollux.edv.agrar.tu-muenchen.de Organ : Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Munich Institute of Technology), Munich, DVS Weihenstephan at Freising Server : gopher://gopher.edv.agrar.tu-muenchen.de/ http://www.edv.agrar.tu-muenchen.de/ System : URL : ftp://ftp.edv.agrar.tu-muenchen.de/ Comment: available through Gopher and the WWW; during business hours max. 3 users Files : IDOLON imagemanipulationsystem; OS/2; Unix; Windows; X11 Site : ftp.ee.auth.gr Country: Greece GMT : +2 Date : 31-Aug-95 Source : admin Alias : egnatia.ee.auth.gr Admin : ftpadmin@egnatia.ee.auth.gr Organ : Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, EE dept. Server : fsp.ee.auth.gr (port 21), http://www.ee.auth.gr/ System : Unix (HP 720/900, HP-UX 9.05) URL : ftp://ftp.ee.auth.gr/ Comment: limited resources; uploads to incoming/* according to content of material (images, misc, MS-DOS, music, OS/2, Win3x, Win95), read README files first; max. 9 users Files : animations; games; images (Bablyon5, fantasy, formula1, misc, music, Startrek, Starwars); MS-DOS; MS-Windows; music (many songs in S3M/MTM/XM formats); NeXTStep; OS/2; Unix Site : ftp.ee.lbl.gov Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : old ftp-list Alias : ee.lbl.gov Admin : Organ : Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Berkeley, California Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.ee.lbl.gov/ Comment: Files : bpf; cbq; conferencing; dbridge; dexpire; dig; email; flex; glish; gpstime; hgrep; innreport; INPCB; kgdbtunnel; libpcap; libsmpw; monipm; mrmap; mrouted; mtrek; NNstat; NS; nslint; papers; pcapture; ppsclock; raster-pixrect; RAY; rtpqual; saytime; sigcomm; sounds; stdload; SunOS4.1; talks; tcpdump; tftpd; traceroute; www; X-games Site : ftp.ee.mu.oz.au Country: Australia GMT : +10 Date : 15-Dec-94 Source : magazine Alias : Admin : Organ : Melbourne University, Melbourne, EE dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ee.mu.oz.au/ Comment: Files : NetBSD1.0b; PeeCee; skey; spim Site : ftp.ee.pdx.edu Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 29-Sep-94 Source : usenet Alias : ursula.ee.pdx.edu Admin : cat@ee.pdx.edu Organ : Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, EE dept., Computer Action Team (CAT) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ee.pdx.edu/ Comment: max. 30 users Files : amanda; Amiga; bnb; books; fvwm; gaming; gopherfiles; MBONE; mirror [?]; mst3k; multicast; network-info; NRD535/535D control software (rec.radio.shortwave); plop94; rdist; security; train-sounds; wu-ftpd; zines Site : ftp.ee.sunysb.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 16-Jul-94 Source : me Alias : tweety.ee.sunysb.edu Admin : Organ : State University of New York - Stoney Brook, Stoney Brook, New York, EE dept. Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.ee.sunysb.edu/ Comment: TR directory appears to be empty; probably accessible via WW as well Files : graduate files; http; mailinglists Site : ftp.ee.ualberta.ca Country: Canada GMT : -7 Date : 29-Sep-94 Source : usenet Alias : wattson.ee.ualberta.ca Admin : ftpadmin@ee.ualberta.ca Organ : University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, EE dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ee.ualberta.ca/ Comment: disclaimer; warning to not upload 'bad' material; max. 30 users; the local weather is probably cold Files : ccts; cookbook: Circuit Cookbook (from bode.ee.ualberta.ca); drives; eegeneral; electrical; gopher; hev; HP48; Mac; Motorola; MS-DOS; music; OS; OS/2; spice; Unix; wuarchive