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Subject: Anonymous FTP: Sitelist Part 5 of 23 [05/23]

This article was archived around: 13 Nov 1997 10:15:08 GMT

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max. 10 users Files : apw; beer; disclosure; hvucis (MS-DOS, PCTCPIP, Winsock, Winsockapps); ivo; koos (humor (answeringmachines, beavis, bedroom, beerman, beerwmn, bofh, borg, bugs, compsong, confuse, disclaimer, doctor, evolprog, funeral, gnu, hacker, internetsong, jargon, lovestory, mantajokes, microsoft, nerd, olympics, pentium, realprog, robhfrtc, simple, startrek, swearing, sysadm, technolife, weefsnitje, win95, wizardry, YKWYBHTLW), irc pictures, Linux (mostly assorted network utils), maxutils, netcb, pictures (coffee, garf), sintirc); PGP; simtel CD-ROM on-line (/pub/msdos) Site : ftp.cevis.uni-bremen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : forte.mathematik.uni-bremen.de, ftp-cevis.mathematik.uni-bremen.de Admin : ftp-bugs@forte.mathematik.uni-bremen.de Organ : Universitaet Bremen (University of Bremen), Bremen, Centre for Complex Systems and Visualization (CeVis) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cevis.uni-bremen.de/ Comment: Files : docs; GNU; Mac; MS-DOS; OS/2; SGI; Unix; WWW Site : ftp.cfi.org Country: USA GMT : -7 Date : 15-Nov-95 Source : ftp.hitachi-sk.co.jp Alias : austin.cfi.org Admin : sysadm@cfi.org Organ : CAD Framework Initiative, Austin, Texas Server : http://www.cfi.org/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cfi.org/ Comment: parts mirrored on ftp.hitachi-sk.co.jp Files : CFI; dctsc; local software; OMF; tech interest Site : ftp.cfi.waseda.ac.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 14-Dec-94 Source : rtfm Alias : Admin : ftp-admin@waseda.ac.jp Organ : Waseda University, Waseda Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cfi.waseda.ac.jp/ Comment: Problem: timeout; directory: /pub3/bsd-sources/NET2/var/games/phantasia; max. 1000 users [no kidding!]; uses gzip instead of compress; Files : fj; GNU; junet-DB; kermit; KHOROS; kterm; languages; IRC; Mac; Mach; MS-DOS; NetBSD-current; network; news; newsreader; RFCs; security; TeX; Waseda; X11R5 Site : ftp.cg.tuwien.ac.at Country: Austria GMT : +1 Date : 14-Nov-95 Source : Alias : schnoferl.cg.tuwien.ac.at Admin : admin@cg.tuwien.ac.at Organ : Technische Universitaet Wien (Vienna University of Technology), Vienna, Institut fuer Computergraphik (Computergraphics Institute), Abteilung fuer Visualisierung und Animation (Visualisation and Animation dept.) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cg.tuwien.ac.at/ Comment: Files : ad2; cg; GNU; Linux; Mac; MS-DOS; network; OS/2; sem; SGI; tech-reports; thesis; Unix; Usenet; vegadisk; vis Site : ftp.che.utexas.edu Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 04-Feb-94 Source : mail Alias : june.che.utexas.edu Admin : remark@che.utexas.edu Organ : University of Texas - Austin, Austin, Texas, Chemical Engineering dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.che.utexas.edu/ Comment: Do not use june.che.utexas.edu as it may change! It's listed only to be complete Files : Octave; GNU sources; Fortran numerical libraries Site : ftp.chem.ruu.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 29-May-95 Source : me Alias : faculty.chem.ruu.nl Admin : Organ : Rijks Universiteit Utrecht (Utrecht University), Utrecht, Chemistry dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.chem.ruu.nl/ Comment: Files : Dirax; hooft (prudent ascent); Lakin (z_shoot); milou (cheat); vaneyck (egromos, Elink, Etest, PCGromos, PCLink, PCTest); verwer (p87test) Site : ftp.chemietechnik.uni-dortmund.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : plato.chemietechnik.uni-dortmund.de Admin : Organ : Universitaet Dortmund (University of Dortmund), Dortmund Chemistry dept. Server : System : Unix (Ultrix 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.chemietechnik.uni-dortmund.de/ Comment: Files : Atari; draft; fisher; games; inl; Linux; MS-DOS; MUD related files (mirror gs69.sp.cs.cmu.edu); Netrek; networking Site : ftp.chey.com Country: USA GMT : Date : 10-Sep-94 Source : usenet Alias : cheyenne.chey.com Admin : joey@chey.com [?] Organ : Cheyenne Software Server : WWW: www.chey.com System : Netware (Novell Netware, PC fileserver) URL : ftp://ftp.chey.com/ Comment: patch and release files from Cheyenne Software; release files have been encrypted with a password when zipped; updates are in the 'updates' directory; product info is in the 'informat.ion' directory Files : Cheyenne Software products and info Site : ftp.chorus.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 06-Jan-94 Source : old ftp-list Alias : opera.chorus.fr Admin : sysadm@chorus.fr Organ : Chorus Systems Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.chorus.fr/ Comment: don't forget to change to BINARY mode to retrieve archive files Files : CHORUS technical reports Site : ftp.chpc.utexas.edu Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 11-Mar-94 Source : rtfm Alias : almach.chpc.utexas.edu Admin : Organ : University of Texas - Austin, Austin, Texas Server : System : Unix (System V Release 4.0) URL : ftp://ftp.chpc.utexas.edu/ Comment: Files : bib; bib_ascii; compmed94; Gaia; ipsc; qcpg; svg_images Site : ftp.ci.uminho.pt Country: Portugal GMT : 0 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : Alias : orpheu.ci.uminho.pt Admin : archive@ci.uminho.pt Organ : Universidade de Minho (University of Minho), Minho, Centro de Informatica (CS dept.) Server : System : Unix (DG/UX) URL : ftp://ftp.ci.uminho.pt/ Comment: default directory: /var/archive/var/ftp Files : doc (books, CAF, comics, humor, internet-guides, magazine, manuals, misc, papers, tutorials, txt.files, zines); drivers; glitch; gnu; lang (cpp, ghost, java, oracle, ox, perl, prolog, tcl, tk, tkperl); linux (HowTo, iBCS, LDP, logos, ppp, Slackware, tools); msdos (2m, archivers, awk, bench, borland, clipper, comm, decode, delphi, diskutil, djgcc, drivers, editors, emacs, exe.packs, ext2fs, games, gnu, graphics, lex, mail, mathcopr, news, nguides, raytrace, shell, sound, tex, unix4dos, virus, xwindows, yacc); net (aliweb, archie, bind, dig, ftp, gopher, hypermail, hytelnet, irc, listserver, mail, minuet, moo, netfind, news, offline, packet, pop3, popper, route, samba, slip, stat, wais, whois, winsock, www, yp); parcium; plan9; security; sound; top500; unix; util; VHDL-Cookbook; vr; win95 Site : ftp.ci.tuwien.ac.at Country: Austria GMT : +1 Date : 14-Nov-96 Source : usenet Alias : fangorn.ci.tuwien.ac.at Admin : sysadmin@ci.tuwien.ac.at Organ : Technische Universitaet Wien (Vienna University of Technology), Vienna, Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.ci.tuwien.ac.at/ Comment: Files : apps; export (octave); mirror (ics.uci, statlib); nnue; texmf Site : ftp.cibit.hvu.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : ftp.cetis.hvu.nl Alias : obelix.cibit.hvu.nl Admin : root@obelix.cibit.hvu.nl Organ : Hogeschool van Utrecht (Utrecht Polytechnical Institute), Utrecht Server : http://www.cibit.hvu.nl/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cibit.hvu.nl/ Comment: Files : Mac: CU-SeeMe, FTP, Gopher, HTTPServer, Help-Applications, IRC, InterSLIP, Telnet, WWW Site : ftp.cic.net Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : mail Alias : cedar.cic.net Admin : ftp@cic.net, pauls@cic.net (Electronic Journals Project) Organ : CICNet Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan Server : gopher System : Unix (SunOS 4.1.3, SPARCstation 10/30) URL : ftp://ftp.cic.net/ Comment: journals are in /pub/nircomm/gopher/e-serials Files : CICnet; e-serials; events; great lakes; hunt; Linkway (K-12, see /pub/software/pc/Linkway); Nearly 600 different electronic journals; nircomm; scitech; weather; zynrgy Site : ftp.cica.indiana.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 10-Jul-94 Source : old ftp-list Alias : cica; winftp.cica.indiana.edu Admin : ftp-admin@cica.indiana.edu (Michael Regoli) Organ : Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, Centre for Innovative Computing Applications (CICA) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cica.indiana.edu/ Comment: Open 24 hours; successor of sprite.cica.indiana.edu; max. 65 users; superseded by ftp.winsite.com!!!! Files : Unix; MSDOS; NeXT updates; MS Windows 3.x archive now on ftp.winsite.com which is mirrorred around the world, so use those mirrors! Site : ftp.cin.net Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 12-Nov-96 Source : Alias : neptune.cin.net Admin : ftpmaster@cin.net Organ : CIN Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cin.net/ Comment: max. 20 users Files : CIN; drivers (Panasonic); Internet (docs); programming; systems (dos, linux, mac, unix, windows) Site : ftp.cinenet.net Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 10-Nov-96 Source : usenet Alias : hollywood.cinenet.net Admin : support@cinenet.net Organ : Cinenet Communications Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cinenet.net/ Comment: Files : networking (news); slip/ppp (Mac, PC); tia; widescreen Site : ftp.cis.com Country: USA GMT : -7 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : usenet Alias : aix.cis.com Admin : Organ : Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cis.com/ Comment: Files : 2ps; AIX; HP48G; SCO; wpk; some user dirs Site : ftp.cis.ksu.edu Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : rtfm Alias : orion.cis.ksu.edu Admin : ftp@cis.ksu.edu Organ : Kansas State University, , Kansas, Dept. of Computing & Information Sciences (CIS) Server : mailserver@cis.ksu.edu System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cis.ksu.edu/ Comment: Open 24 hours; 20 maximum connections; your login will be terminated after 6 hours without further notice Files : alt.startrek.creative; Angband; CIS; Empire; Frame User Network files (FUN); Linux; mirrors; Moria; Netrek; NetBSD; PC games; pictures; projects; Sparcsounds (2001+2010, birds, cartoons, DrWho, intros, misc, monty python, screams, sound effects, StarTrek); tech-reports; vtmovies Site : ftp.cis.nctu.edu.tw Country: Taiwan GMT : +8 Date : 18-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : Admin : gis83504@cis.nctu.edu.tw Organ : National Chiao Tung University, Hsin Chu, Computer and Information Sciences dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cis.nctu.edu.tw/ Comment: directories: /pub/msdos, /pub/win3; support keyword file searching; when files are updated, you can be mailed a notice (check 00README.FUN) Files : 0packet (several packages); 3D-Object; ASCII-art; CIS (local info); Chinese; Documents (information on different packages, formats (graphics and sound), Chinese Unix Guide, RFCs, security); Games; Languages (Perl, TCL); MIDI; Mac; MS-DOS (antivirus, arcers, chinese, diskutils, docs, graphics, info, network, sysinfo, utility; MS-Windows; Packages; Pictures; Vendors (JPSoft: 4DOS, 4OS2, 4NT, 4TeX); X11 Site : ftp.cis.ohio-state.edu Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 29-Jun-95 Source : old ftp-list Alias : archive.cis.ohio-state.edu, saqqara.cis.ohio-state.edu, tut.cis.ohio-state.edu Admin : Organ : Ohio State University, , Ohio, CIS Server : www.cis.ohio-state.edu System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cis.ohio-state.edu/ Comment: index in files-modified-last-week.Z; ftp-pun-message; rearranged since last check Files : algebra; anish; att7300; chameleon; clp; communication; comp.sources.{3b1, unix}; cops; dlee; dspl; firearms; firewalls; GNU; hci; hcibib; holthouse; hpce; ICS; Internet Talk Radio (ITR); InterNIC; kbridge; Linux; lpf; Mac-Unix; neuroprose; papers; perl; postgres; postscript; RFCs; rsrg; rx7club; siggraph92; stat; style-guide; sysgen; TCL; tech-report; tensor; TeX; Usenix; W3browser; WWW; X11R5; X11R6; X-contrib; Xo; yagel Site : ftp.cis.ufl.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 30-Oct-94 Source : mail Alias : sand.cis.ufl.edu Admin : consult@cis.ufl.edu Organ : University of Florida, , Florida, Dept. of Computer & Information Sciences (CIS) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cis.ufl.edu/ Comment: successor of bikini.cis.ufl.edu, snoopy.cis.ufl.edu; directory: /pub/thoth; see README for possible features (.Z .gz on the fly) Files : boomerang; comp.simulation; docs; fed; fishwick; fract; games; gopher; HOGS; IA; IBM RT BSD patches; IBM RS6000 fixes; Jupiter; Marlais; Motif; MS-DOS; Netrek for several systems in /pub/thoth/paradise; NTU; pc-conference; pcph; perl (incl. comp.lang.perl, O'Reilly examples, source and Perl5 Alpha source code); ph; sag; simdigest; SLIP; smalltalk; smg; spp; succeed; Sun-patches; UF-wormark; UF Multi; UF thesis; UMF pack; xmpeg; xph Site : ftp.cis.upenn.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 10-Sep-94 Source : old ftp-list Alias : linc.cis.upenn.edu Admin : Organ : University of Pennsylvania, , Pennsylvania, Dept. of Computer & Information Sciences (CIS) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cis.upenn.edu/ Comment: directory: pub/NH3.1; limit large transfers to non-business hours (09:00-18:00); transfers are logged; uploaded files deleted within 14 days unless other arrangements have been made; server supports automatic tar and (de)compress; open 24 hours Files : almanac; anagram; archie; chapter; cliff94; cliff94papers; codas; DOP; EJC; graphics; grasp; httpd; ircs; Ivan; jana; Lolli; lprolog; meetings; muenster; Nethack; NH3.1; papers; pdis94; PSfig for ditroff; sigmod-pods; theory; TR; treebank; UNIPEN; UNIPEN-pub; Xtag; XV Site : ftp.cisco.com Country: USA GMT : Date : 06-Jan-94 Source : old ftp-list Alias : hubbub.cisco.com Admin : Organ : Cisco Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.cisco.com/ Comment: Files : Cisco utilities, information etc. Site : ftp.cistron.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : me Alias : enterprise.cistron.nl Admin : Organ : Cistron Internet Services, Alphen Server : gopher System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cistron.nl/ Comment: max. 10 users; server can limit bandwidth, use 'rstat' to find out what bandwidth you're allocated Files : books (db, gutenberg, obs, stevens); docs (atm, catalogs, cdrom, cisco, cistron, disks, faqs, html, humor, ibmpc, ieee, imr, internet, manpages, modem, music, netinfo, network, newbienewz, news, NLnet, processor, RFCs, RIPE, sat, security, Sun, text, unixhelp, Usenet, video); hacking (alt.2600, foon4all, nautilus, smartpc, videocrypt); hardware (NICs); os (FreeBSD, Linux, Mac, MS-DOS (antivirus, bootrom, cd-drivers, graphics, lan, network, programmer, ptt, telix, util, uucp), MS-WIndows, (ciao, comm, daemons, drivers, emulators, misc, mosaic, netscape, printer, screen-saver, tcpip32, trumpet, vrml, winsock-apps, winword), Unix); packages (GNU, Linux, sendmail); people (pub user directories); pictures (daily, hourly, monhtly); sound (misc. AU and wav files) Site : ftp.cityline.net Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 25-Apr-97 Source : Alias : jewel.mcs-hh.de,ftp.mcs-hh.de Admin : Organ : Cityline Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cityline.net/ Comment: Files : mirrors (IPv6 from ftp.inner.net, ftp.ul.pt); misc; radiusclient; security; sun patches; systems (Linux (network), Mac, Unix (gnu, network, Solaris binaries, X)) Site : ftp.cityscape.co.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : mail Alias : ns.cityscape.co.uk Admin : Organ : Cityscape Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.cityscape.co.uk/ Comment: Files : aif; Channel4; Cityscape; demo; docs; doh; e-mail; games; hello; ifanet; Interap; Internet stats; IP-gold; lovelink; Mac; mondex; MS-DOS; Pipex; plurabelle; Recall-It (finder & diary system for MS Windows); Usenet; Windows3 (mirror of ftp.winsite.com); winsock Site : ftp.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : mvmpc2.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de Admin : wualex1@mvmhp.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de (W. Alex) Organ : Universitaet Karlsruhe (University of Karlsruhe), Karlsruhe, Chemistry dept. Server : System : OS/2 (OS/2, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de/ Comment: directories: /pub/docs Files : C; Info Chemistry dept.; Internet info files: Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet, Zen and the Art of the Internet; IRC primer; Swedish; Unix; Site : ftp.cix.org Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 30-Oct-94 Source : me Alias : cix.org Admin : ftphelp@cix.org Organ : Commercial Internet eXchange Association, Falls Church, Virginia Server : gopher, www System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cix.org/ Comment: transactions are logged Files : archive: cix-announce,board,members,tech; CIX info; Netpages; WWW Site : ftp.cl.cam.ac.uk Country: UK GMT : 0 Date : 01-Oct-96 Source : usenet Alias : swan.cl.cam.ac.uk Admin : Organ : Cambridge University, Cambridge, CL Server : http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cl.cam.ac.uk/ Comment: some loose files in /pub (network related), the rest is in directories directly off the rootdirectory Files : acquilex; bitmaps; hol; hvg; IEEE-TSC-EECS; Linux; m; niftp; nltools; pegasus; portal; shoestring Site : ftp.clarinet.com Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 30-Aug-94 Source : usenet Alias : looking.clarinet.com Admin : Organ : ClariNet Communications Corp. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.clarinet.com/ Comment: Files : clarinet info (price info, Internet World, jokebooks, newsbytes, techwire, trnhelp); help (bbs, bbsadmin, bizarro, dilbert, graphics, newusers, tech, worldviews); SF anthology; sources (abe, arbit, dynafeed, nc, netrtf) Site : ftp.clark.net Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : usenet Alias : clarknet.clark.net, ftp.shelby.com Admin : report@clark.net Organ : Clarknet Internet Services Inc., Fairfax, Virginia Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.clark.net/ Comment: some user pub directories under /pub; transfers are logged; flight-sim moved to ftp.iup.edu Files : acw; ecs; gopher; graphics; html; icon; mirrors (cs910.cciw.ca, ftp.cdrom.com); pub (abaa-booknet, antic, apptek, Atari, Aztec, BlackMagic, ClarkNet info, cybersoft, czech, deaf.magazine, farpoint, farsight, flatline, fractal, ftp.css.itd.umich.edu, ftp.spies.com, gnray, gorbachev, inetref, journalism, lestat, lexicon, LiNK, media.sounds, milnet, networks, pathfind, TMC, VIE, WinFTP, robocop; sabotage, scherkofsky (First Class BBS settings: SoundNiche BBS), shelby, stanford, startrek, Universe mailinglist Archive, Usenet Bible, worldforum, www, xeno, yoda); systems (Amiga, Linux, MS-DOS, TI99) Site : ftp.clarkson.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 10-Oct-96 Source : old ftp-list Alias : omnigate.clarkson.edu, grape.ecs.clarkson.edu Admin : root@omnigate.clarkson.edu Organ : Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.clarkson.edu/ Comment: some files moved to barnacle.erc.clarkson.edu; limit of 20 users [probably closed since site seems to have disappeared] Files : Annotated C++; aviator; broken connections; C++; comp.graphics; CUTCP; docs; encoders; FSF; gsstools; IETF; ISETL; KA9Q; lj2ps; marquis; MS-DOS, NCSA 2.2 TN; net; Novell; Opus BBS; packet drivers; scheme; simtel CD-ROM; TCL; TeX; UUPC Site : ftp.cle.ab.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 10-Nov-96 Source : usenet Alias : Admin : ftp-admin@cle.ab.com Organ : Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cle.ab.com/ Comment: Files : ftpcheck Site : ftp.cle.creaf.com Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 12-Nov-95 Source : usenet Alias : netra.creaf.com Admin : ftpadmin@creaf.com Organ : Creative Labs, Santa Clara, California Server : http://www.cle.creaf.com/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cle.creaf.com/ Comment: max. 20 users Files : Creative Labs related files (patches, pressreleases, utils for all platforms) Site : ftp.cli.com Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 11-Mar-94 Source : Alias : jingles.cli.com Admin : ftp@cli.com Organ : Computational Logic Inc. (CLI) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cli.com/ Comment: access all day; transfers are logged; some user pub directories under /pub Files : akcl; kcl; nqthm; pc-nqthm; wfs Site : ftp.cme.nist.gov Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 22-May-94 Source : durer.cme.nist.gov Alias : tribble.cme.nist.gov Admin : elib-admin@cme.nist.gov Organ : National Institute for Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cme.nist.gov/ Comment: successor of durer.cme.nist.gov Files : 8mm backup (Exabyte); ats; clue-contacts; cm; depot; expect; mei; Mosaic; msi; oiw; pptb; sdai; sendmail stdoview; step Site : ftp.cnam.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 29-Sep-94 Source : mail Alias : cnam.cnam.fr, asimov.cnam.fr Admin : ftp-admin@cnam.fr Organ : Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (National Conservatory of Arts and Professions, CNAM), Paris Server : www.cnam.fr, web.cnam.fr System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cnam.fr/ Comment: uploads to /incoming Files : ABU (French texts); Ada; Amiga; Astro (pictures); Atari; Boizumault (sources for the interpretation of Prolog); camlada (teaching excercises in CAML and ADA); CNAM (local literature); CNU (administrative stuff); Fractals (pictures); Gutenberg; Modulog; Network; RFCs; VMS Site : ftp.cnc.ac.n Country: China GMT : +10 Date : 29-Nov-94 Source : me Alias : osf.cnc.ac.cn Admin : Organ : China Network Center Server : gopher System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cnc.ac.cn/ Comment: Files : CASNet; directory lists; FAQs; FYI; info; networking; NIC; NOC; packages; RFCs; software-ifcss; STD; Tools Site : ftp.cnds.canon.co.jp Country: Japan GMT : +9 Date : 15-Nov-95 Source : ftp.eni.co.jp Alias : cnds.cnds.canon.co.jp Admin : Organ : Canon Corp. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cnds.canon.co.jp Comment: Files : contrib (NSProgramming); demo apps; Magic Capsule; Nextanswers; Products (OmniWeb, WritingDesk); SKIN; tools (MPEGPlay, Opener) Site : ftp.cni.org Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 14-May-94 Source : Alias : a.cni.org Admin : Organ : Coalition Server : gopher: gopher.cni.org; WWW: www.cni.org (under development) System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cni.org/ Comment: telnet: a.cni.org (login: brsuser) Files : ARL; CNIl Current cites; docs: CIMI, compriv, digitlibs, gils, Hugo Nebula, npr, oclc, scita; forums; FYI; LITA; MARBI; net-guides; NII; RFCs; other files in /pub/software Site : ftp.cnidr.org Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : rtfm Alias : kudzu.cnidr.org, jasmine.cnidr.org Admin : Organ : CNIDR Server : gopher System : Unix (NeXT 1.0, NeXTStep) URL : ftp://ftp.cnidr.org/ Comment: Files : admin (Perl, Satan); CNIDR info; K12; Mud (papers, software); NIDR tools; NREN50 Site : ftp.cnit.nsk.su Country: Russia GMT : +6 Date : 29-Jun-95 Source : mail Alias : iceman.cnit.nsk.su Admin : ftpmaster@ftp.cnit.nsk.su Organ : Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cnit.nsk.su/ Comment: files from ccphys.nsu.nsk.su; successor of orasrv.cnit.nsk.su; weekly backup on friday, filesystems are dismounted Files : archiver; ccphys.nsu.nsk.su (AD&D; adventure games; D&D; DDL; games; MUD; RPG; SSG; strategic/economic/role-playing engines and description languages to develop several types of software; wargames); CD; dataproc; ftpsites (partial mirrors of elvis.msk.su, ftp.cert.org, ftp.csn.net, ftp.demos.su, ftp.funet.fi, ftp.kiae.su, ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu, ftp.novell.de, ftp.ripe.net, ftp.uga.edu, garbo.uwasa.fi); games (Doom levels); GNU; GUI; HTML; Internet; IRC collection; mirrors of ftp.funet.fi Pascal archive, Pegasus software, teeri.oulu.fi; MS-DOS; MS-Windows; OS/2; Perl; PGP; pictures; RunNet; SCO (SLS and TLS); security; Sound; Textdoc; Unixware (updates and parts); WWW; X11 Site : ftp.cnr.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 10-Nov-95 Source : moder.zip Alias : cnuce_arch.cnr.it, cnuce-arch.cnr.it Admin : ftpadmin@cnuce_arch.cnr.it (Paolo Zini) Organ : Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerce (CNR, National Research Council), Pisa, CNUCE Server : gopher://gopher.cnuce.cnr.it/ System : Unix (SunOS, Sparc Server 10) URL : ftp://ftp.cnr.it/ Comment: Files : bitmovie; delaunay; EC Info; ftpd; GNU; ILC; Info-Mac (mirror of sumex-aim.stanford.edu); Lotosnews; Linux (sunsite.unc.edu); micros; MS-DOS mirrors Garbo, simtel; OS/2; POP; tp_cnuce; X Site : ftp.cns.vt.edu Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 04-Jan-94 Source : me Alias : morse.cns.vt.edu Admin : Organ : Virginia Technological Institute (VATECH), Blacksburgh, Virginia, CNS Server : System : Unix (Ultrix 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.cns.vt.edu/ Comment: Files : dnet (local); docs (NUPOP, RFC); InterText; netscape (Mac, Windows) Site : ftp.coast.net Country: USA GMT : -6 Date : 02-Sep-96 Source : usenet Alias : agis-detroit0.agis.net Admin : cctarch@coast.net Organ : Coast to Coast Telecommunications Inc., Clarkston, Michigan Server : http://www.coast.net/coast System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.coast.net/ Comment: Coast to Coast archive site Files : MS-DOS (4dos, ada, ai, animate, archiver, arcutil, asm_mag, asmutil, astrnomy, at, autocad, awk, bakernws, basic, batutil, bbs, bbsdoor, bbslist, bible, binedit, biology, bootutil, borland, c, cad, calculat, catalog, cdrom, celerity, chemstry, citadel, clipper, clock, cms_tape, compress, cpluspls, cron, crossasm, database, dbase, dbms_mag, ddjmag, debug, decode, deskaccs, deskjet, deskpub, desqview, dirutil, disasm, diskutil, dv_x, editor, educatin, eel, ega, electric, ems_prof, emulator, engineer, entertn, envutil, execomp, ezycom, falken, fido, filedocs, fileutil, finance, flowchrt, food, formgen, forth, fortran, fossil, freemacs, genealgy, geogrphy, geology, geos1x, geos2x, geosnews, gif, graph, graphics, gtsmusic, hamradio, handicap, hebrew, hercules, hypertxt, iconlang, info, infonet, install, io_util, irit, jdrbbs, ka9q, keyboard, lan, langtutr, laser, legal, linguist, litratur, logo, lotus123, mac, mapping, math, mathcopr, memutil, menu, mfg, microsft, misclang, modem, modula2, mormon, mouse, msjournl, music, naplps, ncsatlnt, netpage, network, neurlnet, nfs [rest was screwed up at the time]); 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Server : www.compaq.com System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.compaq.com/ Comment: most files from compaq.com were moved to this site Files : 386BSD; SCO; softpaq Site : ftp.computone.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 25-Jan-95 Source : usenet Alias : cton.computone.com Admin : Organ : Computone Corp. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.computone.com/ Comment: Files : Computone BBS; Computone drivers, product info, release notes; i2devkit; other: iserver, lpd, lynx, netcom, vic; v4devkit Site : ftp.concert.net Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 22-May-94 Source : old ftp-list Alias : dlist@ora.com; ncnoc.concert.net Admin : Organ : COmmunications for North Carolina Education, Research and Technology (Concert Net), , North Carolina Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.concert.net/ Comment: Files : local network (ConcertNet) info Site : ftp.conjelco.com Country: USA GMT : -5 Date : 04-Nov-94 Source : admin Alias : conjelco.com Admin : weinstock@conjelco.com (Charles B. Weinstock) Organ : ConJelCo general offices, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Server : WWW: http://www.conjelco.com System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.conjelco.com/ Comment: No restrictions Files : Book catalog, demos of software and information related to gambling Site : ftp.connectsoft.com Country: USA GMT : -8 Date : 23-Jul-95 Source : docs Alias : moby.connectsoft.com Admin : ftp@connectsoft.com Organ : ConnectSoft Server : http://www.connectsoft.com/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.connectsoft.com/ Comment: Files : EMC (E-Mail Connection); MCIsupp; PDP11 Site : ftp.cosy.sbg.ac.at Country: Austria GMT : +1 Date : 19-Feb-95 Source : mail Alias : dino.cosy.sbg.ac.at Admin : ftp-adm@cosy.sbg.ac.at Organ : University of Salzburg, Salzburg Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cosy.sbg.ac.at/ Comment: all file transfers are logged; US people: try sites closer first Files : Docs: OSI, RFC; e-journals; GNUstep; Mirrors: 386bsd, GNU, Inter-Drafts, X11, X386; people; pictures; sounds; trek; workgroups Site : ftp.cp.tn.tudelft.nl Country: Netherlands GMT : +1 Date : 19-Feb-95 Source : admin Alias : orion.cp.tn.tudelft.nl Admin : ftp@cp.tn.tudelft.nl Organ : Technische Universiteit Delft (Delft University of Technology), Delft, Physics dept., FI-CP Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.cp.tn.tudelft.nl/ Comment: valid domain in e-mail address is mandatory; 33Mb; user 'ftp' possible instead of 'anonymous'; Pratchett archive has been moved and is now available from lspace.cp.tn.tudelft.nl, ftp.pavilion.co.uk (/pub/pratchett, also for uploads), ftp.britain.eu.net (/pub/misc/pratchett), rincewind.mech.virginia.edu (/pub/pratchett), theory.lcs.mit.edu (/pub/pratchett) and death.socs.uts.edu.au (/Mirror/pratchett); Play by Mail archive moved to ftp.pbm.com (mirrored on ftp.egr.sri.com and ftp.funet.fi) Files : CP info and papers; MUDders