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Subject: Anonymous FTP: Sitelist Part 15 of 23 [15/23]

This article was archived around: 13 Nov 1997 10:16:03 GMT

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TCL Site : ftp.uni-jena.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : hpux.rz.uni-jena.de, fsuj02.rz.uni-jena.de Admin : ftp-adm@rz.uni-jena.de Organ : Universitaet Jena (University of Jena), Jena, CC Server : fileserv@uni-jena.de, subject: 'get <file>' (no quotes), <file> is the complete pathname of the requested file, starting with ftp/, files are sent as shar-archives, big archives will be split System : URL : ftp://ftp.uni-jena.de/ Comment: Files : GNU; Linux; MS-DOS; TeX; Unix; X11 Site : ftp.uni-kl.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : admin Alias : Admin : ftpadm@uni-kl.de Organ : Universitaet Kaiserslautern (University of Kaiserslautern), Kaiserslautern Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uni-kl.de/ Comment: directories: /incoming/acorn: Upload directory, /pub/acorn; also other directories for: amiga, apple2, atari, bio(logy), game-solutions, informatik, linux, mac, novell, pc, sun-patches and unix; put uploads in the appropriate incoming directory with descriptive filename and e-mail the admin; 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GIF; GNU; graphics; mach; Mail; MS-DOS; MS Windows (ftp.winsite.com, papa.indstate.edu); net; programming; RFCs; shells; TeX; Unix; usenet; VMS; X Windows Site : ftp.uni-leipzig.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : server2.rz.uni-leipzig.de, ftp.rz.uni-leipzig.de Admin : Organ : Universitaet Leipzig (University of Leipzig), Leipzig Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.uni-leipzig.de/ Comment: max. 10 users Files : Site : ftp.uni-linz.ac.at Country: Austria GMT : +1 Date : 30-Oct-94 Source : Alias : alijku06.uni-linz.ac.at Admin : Organ : Johannes Kepler Universitaet (Johannes Kepler University), Linz Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uni-linz.ac.at/ Comment: Austrian sites only Files : Site : ftp.uni-lj.si Country: Slovenia GMT : +1 Date : 13-Aug-94 Source : me Alias : pomlad.uni-lj.si Admin : Organ : University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana Server : System : VMS (VMS, DEC VAX) URL : ftp://ftp.uni-lj.si/ Comment: default directory SOFT$:[ANONYMOUS] Files : Astro; PC-SOFT (ANU docs, en, gen, GIF, gopher, graphics, Linux, Mac, mgs, NCSA, OS/2, OS/2 beta, PC, riva, SCO, sesam, systems, TeX, text, Ultrasound, usenet news, ZyXel); Vlado; VMS (numerous files) Site : ftp.uni-mainz.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 24-Jan-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : gundel.zdv.uni-mainz.de Admin : ftpadmin@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de Organ : Universitaet Mainz (University of Mainz), Mainz Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uni-mainz.de/ Comment: transfers are logged; server can zip, zoo, tar, tar.z and tar.gz; successor of minnie.zdv.uni-mainz.de Files : amd; Amiga; Atari; Athena; batch; chaos; GNU; images (gif, jpg, NASA); internet (alex, archie, dos, gopher, hyper-g, isode, kermit, kurs, news, security, sendmail, wais, www); JOGUbits; Linux; Mac; misc (autostereogramme, ebooks, ZyXel); MS-DOS (antivirus, catalog, CIP, DOS, Novell, Windows); muwiinf; NetBSD; news-archive (alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus, comp.benchmarks, comp.lang.perl, comp.lang.tcl, comp.os.386bsd.announce, comp.os.386bsd.apps, comp.os.386bsd.bugs, comp.os.386bsd.development, comp.os.386bsd.misc, comp.os.386bsd.questions, comp.os.linux, comp.os.linux.admin, comp.os.linux.announce, comp.os.linux.development, comp.os.linux.help, comp.os.linux.misc, comp.os.research, comp.os.vms, comp.parallel, comp.parallel.pvm, comp.sources.misc, comp.sources.postscript, comp.sources.reviewed, comp.sources.unix, comp.sources.x, comp.sys.dec, comp.sys.hp, comp.sys.hp.apps, comp.sys.hp.hardware, comp.sys.hp.hpux, comp.sys.hp.misc, comp.sys.hp.mpe, comp.sys.sgi.admin, comp.sys.sgi.announce, comp.sys.sgi.apps, comp.sys.sgi.bugs, comp.sys.sgi.graphics, comp.sys.sgi.hardware, comp.sys.sgi.misc, comp.sys.sun.admin, comp.sys.sun.hardware, comp.unix.aix, comp.unix.bsd, comp.unix.osf.misc, comp.unix.osf.osf1, comp.unix.solaris, comp.unix.ultrix, de.comp.os.linux, gnu.emacs.sources, jogu.announce, jogu.bull, jogu.linux, jogu.net, jogu.talk, jogu.vms, stgt.general, stgt.net, stgt.uni-s.general, stgt.uni-s.rus, vmsnet.sources, vmsnet.sources.d, vmsnet.sysmgt); OS/2; SCO; security; Tcl/Tk; TeX; X11 Site : ftp.uni-mannheim.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : darum.uni-mannheim.de, warum.uni-mannheim.de Admin : ftpadm@rz.uni-mannheim.de Organ : Universitaet Mannheim (University of Mannheim), Mannheim, CC Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.uni-mannheim.de/ Comment: Files : XFree86 (mirror of ftp.xfree86.org, source and some binaries) Site : ftp.uni-marburg.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : bunsen.hrz.uni-marburg.de, rsrz01.hrz.uni-marburg.de Admin : weisel@hrz.uni-marburg.de (Jutta Weisel) Organ : Universitaet Marburg (University of Marburg), Marburg, CC Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.uni-marburg.de/ Comment: Files : mirrors: McAfee (ftp.mcafee.com), MS-Windows (ftp.winsite.com), Novlib, simtel (ftp.simtel.net) Site : ftp.uni-muenster.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : von-neumann.uni-muenster.de, switek.uni-muenster.de, von-neum.uni-muenster.de Admin : bjarne@math.uni-muenster.de Organ : Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet, Muenster Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uni-muenster.de/ Comment: Local access restrictions on some files (see README); Open 24 hours; old ftp-list [delete] Files : 386-BSD; BSD-Manuals; BSD-Networking; Atari; Amiga; CommonLisp-Std; ct; DCF77; editors; f2c; Fractals; ftp-list; games; graphics; HP; Kerberos; languages; linguistik; Linux; Mac; math; micros; mods; Monty Python; MS-DOS; MUEZ; net; news; Novell; OS/2; PLZ; RFCs; rtf2LaTeX; Scheme 7.0; scm; share; sounds; springer-tex; Sun; TCP/IP; TeX; Unix; WI; Windows3; X11R5; X11R6 Site : ftp.uni-oldenburg.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 29-Jun-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : aix01.hrz.uni-oldenburg.de Admin : ftpadmins@hrz1.pcnet.uni-oldenburg.de Organ : Universitaet Oldenburg (University of Oldenburg), Oldenburg, CC Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uni-oldenburg.de/ Comment: Files : AIX; Amiga; Aminet; antivir; Atari; bibliothek (library); billboard; cipsoft; dicom; GNU; Linux; lude; magazine; monoculus; MS-DOS; networking; Novell; optimare; OS/2; simtel; solar; telecom; TeX; toolbox; Unix; X11 Site : ftp.uni-paderborn.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 10-Nov-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : gigaserv.uni-paderborn.de, athene.uni-paderborn.de Admin : ftp@uni-paderborn.de (Thomas Thissen) Organ : Universitaet Paderborn (University of Paderborn), Paderborn Server : ftp-mail@uni-paderborn.de, mail-server@uni-paderborn.de System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uni-paderborn.de/ Comment: Open 24 hours; limit of 20 users Files : Aminet; Atari; doc (csl, FAQ); elrad; German C!T and iX Magazin; infosystems; Mac; mirrors: FreeBSD, Linux (sunsite.unc.edu), MS-DOS (ftp.simtel.net), MS-Windows (ftp.winsite.com), net, NetBSD, news, Novell, OS/2 (ftp-os2.cdrom.com), pc-demos, pc-games (ftp.uml.edu), Qdeck, Tcl (unix/tcl from ftp.cs.berkeley.edu); Unix (MuPAD); X11 Site : ftp.uni-passau.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : forwiss.uni-passau.de, ftp.fmi.uni-passau.de, ftp.forwiss.uni-passau.de Admin : archive@forwiss.uni-passau.de Organ : Universitaet Passau (Passau University), Passau Server : System : Unix (DEC-server 5810) URL : ftp://ftp.uni-passau.de/ Comment: max. 10 users; available through WWW as http://www.fmi.uni-passau.de/forwiss/archive/uebersicht.html Files : Amiga; aminet; docs; IBM PC; Linux; Mac; MS-DOS; Unix Site : ftp.uni-regensburg.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : mail Alias : rrzs3.rz.uni-regensburg.de Admin : ftp@rzi.ngate.uni-regensburg.de Organ : Universitaet Regensburg (Regensburg University), Regensburg, CC Server : gopher, http://ftp.uni-regensburg.de/ news:ftp.uni-regensburg.de System : Unix (Sun IPC, SunOS 4.1.3) URL : ftp://ftp.uni-regensburg.de/ Comment: this machine also runs news, gopher and an experimental WWW server Files : Amiga; Atari; docs; GNU; MS-DOS; NetBSD Amiga; OS/2; Unix; Windows (ftp.winsite.com) Site : ftp.uni-siegen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : si-nic.hrz.uni-siegen.de, carlo.hrz.uni-siegen.de Admin : ftpadmin@hrz.uni-siegen.de Organ : Universitaet Siegen (University of Siegen), Siegen, CC Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.uni-siegen.de/ Comment: Files : NeXT (mirror of ftp.informatik.uni-muenchen.de) Site : ftp.uni-stuttgart.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Jun-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : info2.uni-stuttgart.de, ftp.rus.uni-stuttgart.de, info2.rus.uni-stuttgart.de Admin : ftp@rus.uni-stuttgart.de Organ : Universitaet Stuttgart (University of Stuttgart), Stuttgart Server : ftpmail@ftp.uni-stuttgart.de, gopher.uni-stuttgart.de System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uni-stuttgart.de/ Comment: max. 70 users; successor of rusmv1.rus.uni-stuttgart.de, rusinfo.rus.uni-stuttgart.de, ftp.rus.uni-stuttgart.de; uploads to /incoming/<dirname> and send mail to the responsible person mentioned in the /incoming/README file or the admin Files : AFS to archive.umich.edu; Amiga; Atari; audio; bibliography; comm; doc; graphics; info; Linux (sunsite.unc.edu); math (Fortran); org; parallelrechner; programming; rus; sci-fi; systems [?]; Tex (mirrored on ftp.uni-bielefeld.de); Textprocessing; Unix; VAX/VMS; Windows (ftp.winsite.com); X11; X-Windows; XFree86 (mirror of ftp.xfree86.org) Site : ftp.uni-trier.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : rzftp.uni-trier.de, rzbsdi01.uni-trier.de Admin : ftpadmin@ftp.uni-trier.de Organ : Universitaet Trier (University of Trier), Trier, CC Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.uni-trier.de/ Comment: Files : Atari; benchmark; journals; Mac; OS/2; OS9; PC; RFCs; security; Unix; Usenet; VMS Site : ftp.uni-tuebingen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 19-Feb-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : softserv.zdv.uni-tuebingen.de Admin : ftpadm@ftp.uni-tuebingen.de Organ : Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet Tuebingen (University of Tuebingen), Tuebingen, Zentrum fuer Datenverarbeitung Server : http://www.uni-tuebingen.de/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uni-tuebingen.de/ Comment: server can (de)compress and tar Files : GNU; i386; Linux (mirror ftp.cdrom.com (Slackware), ftp.uni-clausthal.de (SLT), ftp.uni-erlangen.de, ftp.funet.fi (kernel), sunsite.unc.edu); parallel; simtel [empty]; sources; sw (software project of the BelWue and the ZDV); WWW; X11; ZDV (afs, fa, mst, tcsh, tuba, ufa) Site : ftp.unibo.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 15-May-94 Source : Alias : Admin : Organ : University of Bologna, Bologna Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.unibo.it/ Comment: Files : Site : ftp.unibw-muenchen.de Country: Germany GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : .de ftp-l Alias : archsrv.rz.unibw-muenchen.de Admin : ftpadmin@ftp.unibw-muenchen.de Organ : University of the Federal Armed Forces, Muenchen Server : System : URL : ftp://ftp.unibw-muenchen.de/ Comment: Files : Motif; papers Site : ftp.unicamp.br Country: Brazil GMT : -3 Date : 29-Jun-95 Source : mail Alias : cesar.unicamp.br Admin : Organ : Universidad de Campinas (University of Campinas), Sao Paulo Server : gopher System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.unicamp.br/ Comment: successor of ccsun.unicamp.br, obelix.unicamp.br Files : ahand; AIX; backup; ccuec; cdrom; communications; condor; cso; databases; djgpp; docs; e-books; education; fapesp; ftpd; FreeBSD; GNU (mirror of prep.ai.mit.edu); gopher; gzip; humor; iicm; images; internet; irpf95; kerberos; kerberos-mit; khoros; languages; Linux; listproc; lpf; Mac; mail; mathtools; medicine; multimedia; music; news.software; Novell; OS/2; PC; postmodern; prlaser; ProTeM; RFCs; security; shells; simtel; simulation; Sun; systems (DOS, Windows, OS/2, Macintosh, Unix software);; TCP/IP; TeX; Unix; UUNET; WAIS; WWW browsers (lynx, mosaic, netscape); X11 Site : ftp.unige.ch Country: Switzerland GMT : +1 Date : 15-Dec-94 Source : usenet Alias : un2sun1.unige.ch Admin : hugen@divsun.unige.ch Organ : University of Geneva, Geneva, Services Informatique (CC) Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.unige.ch/ Comment: max. 25 users; transfers are logged Files : docs; Mac; MS-DOS; Novell; PGP; piaget; RFCs; security; soft; UNIGE; Unix Site : ftp.unige.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 15-May-94 Source : me Alias : sun.unige.it Admin : Organ : University of Genoa, Genoa Server : System : Unix (SunOS 4.1) URL : ftp://ftp.unige.it/ Comment: Files : graphics; InfoTools; PC; security; util Site : ftp.uninova.pt Country: Portugal GMT : 0 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : Alias : cupido.uninova.pt Admin : ari@uninova.pt, Joao.Paulo.Pimentao@uninova.pt Organ : Universidade de Nova (University of Nova), Nova Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uninova.pt/ Comment: max. 2 users; Client apps for mail, news, www on Mac/MS-Windows Files : Linux (mirror, Slackware); mail; news; tk; utils; w3soft (cgi, doc, Mac, mirrors (docs, icons), misc, Oracle, PCWin (client, html-editors, mapedit, misc, postscript, server, tcpip), Perl, Unix, WAIS) Site : ftp.uniovi.es Country: Spain GMT : +1 Date : 10-Sep-94 Source : admin Alias : telva.ccu.uniovi.es, hp400.ccu.uniovi.es Admin : nuevos@hp400.ccu.uniovi.es Organ : Universitat de Oviedo (University of Oviedo), Oviedo, Math dept., LabCAD Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.uniovi.es/ Comment: transfers are logged Files : benchmarks; compress; ftp-list; GNU; graphics; hp-ux; libLUG(/uniovi/mathdept/src); Linux; Mac; mirror (cdrom: ada, aix, aix2, assemb, cxx, dce, encina, fortran, graph, graph2, hardware, nav, pascal, prog, uiprog, update); misc; MS-DOS; network; neural; others; sysadm ;TeX Site : ftp.unipd.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 22-Mar-96 Source : ftp.winsite.com Alias : giotto.unipd.it Admin : Organ : University of Padova, Padova Server : http://www.unipd.it/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.unipd.it/ Comment: 14Gb disk Files : 3COM; Cirrus; HotJava; Linux (sunsite.unc.edu, Pluto (Italian docs)); Mac (Info-Mac); Microsoft; MS-DOS (games from ftp.funet.fi and subset of simtel); MS-Windows 3.x/95 (ftp.simtel.net, ftp.winsite.com); OS/2; OSF; PC Magazine utilities; RFCs; security (ftp.win.tue.nl); WWW (NIC WWW: Arena, CERN, EIT, Lynx, NCSA) Site : ftp.unipg.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 11-Mar-94 Source : usenet Alias : teseo.unipg.it Admin : ftpmgr@unipg.it Organ : University of Perugia, Perugia Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.unipg.it/ Comment: uploads to /upload, with appropriate .dsc (description) text file; max. 10 users; description of site in /pub/ROADMAP Files : doc; Framemaker; internet; Mac; MS-DOS; picture; statistics; statlib; Unix; TeX; MS-Windows 3 Site : ftp.unipi.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 24-Aug-94 Source : ftp.xfree86.org Alias : serra.unipi.it Admin : ftp-adm@unipi.it Organ : University of Pisa, Pisa, SERRA Network services, SerRA archive Server : System : Unix (AIX 3.2.4, IBM Risc6000 970/E) URL : ftp://ftp.unipi.it/ Comment: max. 40 users; server can tar, compress and gzip) Files : X; XFree86 (mirror of ftp.xfree86.org) Site : ftp.unipv.it Country: Italy GMT : +1 Date : 25-Jan-95 Source : Alias : gateway.unipv.it Admin : Organ : Server : System : Unix (Linux, PC) URL : ftp://ftp.unipv.it/ Comment: server can tar; Italian software in /pub/Local-Soft; transfers are logged Files : compress; crypt (krb, pgp); HP-UX; ILS; Italian; Linux (daily mirror from sunsite.unc.edu /pub/linux and hourly mirror of pub/linux/Incoming); MS-DOS (4DOS, ddj, gcc, net, programming); net (dnswalk, fsp, gopher, icmpinfo, ircII, lynx, ncftp, tcpdump, tin, wuftpd); security (cert, logdaemon, ntop, pident, portmap, srasrc, tcpwarppers) Site : ftp.univ-angers.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 10-Nov-95 Source : me Alias : moinefou.univ-angers.fr, lagaffe.univ-angers.fr Admin : ftpmaint@univ-angers.fr Organ : University d'Angers (University of Angers), Angers, L.E.R.I.A. Server : www, gopher System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.univ-angers.fr/ Comment: max. 100 users Files : FreeBSD; Gedor; GNU; Linux (mirror of sunsite.unc.edu, Slackware source); mail; MS-DOS (4DOS, archiver, arcutil, awk, bbs, compress, decode, djgpp, mcafee, NFS, perl, packetdriver, postscript, security, waffle, winsock, xwindows); Regina; RFCs; security; THE; Web; wf; X11 Site : ftp.univ-lille1.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 29-Jun-95 Source : Alias : graffiti.univ-lille1.fr Admin : ftpmaint@univ-lille1.fr Organ : Universite de Lille (University of Lille), Lille, CITI Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.univ-lille1.fr/ Comment: read LISEZ_MOI (README) files, mostly in French; g(un)zip available Files : docs; faqs; GNU; images; Mac; MPEG; PC; sounds; Unix; VMS; WWW; X Site : ftp.univ-lyon1.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 28-Mar-95 Source : admin Alias : cismsun.univ-lyon1.fr Admin : ftpmaint@cismsun.univ-lyon1.fr Organ : CISM - Universite Claude Bernard - Lyon I & INSA Lyon, Lyon Server : gopher://gopher.univ-lyon1.fr/ System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.univ-lyon1.fr/ Comment: Open 24 hours; Also accessible by Gopher at gopher.univ-lyon1.fr port 70; NFS mounts grasp.insa-lyon.fr archive disk; max. 10 users; mirrors description in HTML as pub/mirrors/README.html Files : CRU; doc; DOS; NIC FR; mail & news & networking utilities (Unix); mirrors following packages: GNU (prep.ai.mit.edu), RFCs/FYIs (ftp.internic.net), Cert Advisories (cert.org), Firewalls topics (ftp.greatcircle.com), Mosaic stuff (ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu), ELM (dsinc.dsi.com), list and mail-servers (various sources), INN (ftp.uu.net), CNews (ftp.uu.net), nntplink (math.ohio-state.edu), many newsreaders (ftp.uu.net), slurp (ftp.demon.co.uk), SSBA (ftp.enst.fr), wu-ftpd (ftp.wustl.edu), ftpmail & mirror (ftp.doc.ic.ac.uk), tcpr (ftp.alentec.com); Usenet stats; vendors; VMS; WAIS; win3; X11 Site : ftp.univ-orleans.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : me Alias : centre.univ-orleans.fr Admin : Organ : Universite d'Orleans (University of Orleans), Orleans, CITU Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.univ-orleans.fr/ Comment: Files : annuaire; audio; docs; Mac (internet, macppp, misc, mosaic, telnet); MS-DOS (antivirus, crypt, misc); news (tin); NQS; OS/2 (apps, basecsd, dbox, dns, nfs, tcp, tcpcsd); Pentium; physics; security; TeX; Unix; Web; Windows Site : ftp.univ-paris5.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 26-Mar-96 Source : Alias : descartes.math-info.univ-paris5.fr Admin : ftpmaint@math-info.univ-paris5.fr Organ : Universite de Paris V (University of Paris), Paris, Math & CS dept. Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.univ-paris5.fr/ Comment: transfers re logged; max. 10 users Files : Adaptatif; Image; Liap5; Mac; MathPsy; PC (some network programs); Sounds (Jarre (Chronologie), Strauss); Unix (GNU, image (MegaWave, sip-lab), network, signal, system, TeX); X11 Site : ftp.univ-reims.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 29-Mar-95 Source : me Alias : centre03.univ-reims.fr Admin : Organ : Universite de Reims (University of Reims), Reims Server : System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.univ-reims.fr/ Comment: very few files in the doc, Mac, PC, Unix dirs Files : bu (libraries); doc; Mac; PC; Unix Site : ftp.univ-rennes1.fr Country: France GMT : +1 Date : 29-Sep-94 Source : usenet Alias : feuresone.univ-rennes1.fr, ftp.cicb.fr, sir.univ-rennes1.fr Admin : ftpmaint@univ-rennes1.fr, ftpmaint@cicb.fr Organ : Universite de Rennes (University of Rennes), Rennes, Centre de Ressources en Informatique (CRI ex. CICB) Server : www.univ-rennes1.fr; gopher.univ-rennes1.fr System : Unix URL : ftp://ftp.univ-rennes1.fr/ Comment: directories: /pub/Images/ASTRO Files : Astro; CICB; CRU; docs; Gutenberg; images; listes-de-diffusion (diffusionlists?); Mac; PC; research; security; Space related images and animations; TeX; Unix; X11R5 Site : ftp.univie.ac.at Country: Austria GMT : +1 Date : 23-Aug-94 Source : usenet Alias : swdsrv.univie.ac.at Admin : manager@ftp.univie.ac.at Organ : Universitaet Wien (University of Vienna), Vienna, EDV Server : System : Unix (AIX 3.2.5, IBM RS/6000-340) URL : ftp://ftp.univie.ac.at/ Comment: max. 50 users; maintainers per directory: e.g. maintainer of the HP-UX directory: hpux-adm@ftp.univie.ac.at; swd.univie.ac.at is for authorized access only, not for anonymous use Files : Austria; docs; GNU; Mac; netinfo (aconet, docs, EARN, Europanet, FYI, IEN, IETF, infos, internet-drafts, ISO, networking, RFCs, zone-info); Novell; OS/2 (hobbes, servicepack-gr); packages (compression, GNU, grass, khoros, lapack, mathematica, network, oberon, octave, TeX, X11); 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