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Subject: Kool-Aid FAQ v7.0

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Welcome to the alt.drinks.kool-aid FAQ, version 7.0! This FAQ is supposed to be posted roughly every 2 weeks. It can also be found on the World Wide Web at: http://www.cs.ruu.nl/wais/html/na-dir/food/kool-aid-faq.html http://www.lib.ox.ac.uk/internet/news/faq/alt.drinks.kool-aid.html http://www.misslink.net/donovan/koolafaq.html http://www.augsburg.edu/~dawsons/ka/ka-faq.txt It can be obtained by anonymous FTP at: rtfm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/news.answers/food/kool-aid-faq It can be mailed to your mail box automatically by sending a message to: mail-server@rtfm.MIT.EDU And including the following command in the body of the message: send usenet/news.answers/food/kool-aid-faq You could also try getting it by contacting Paul Dawson-Schmidt directly at dawsons@augsburg.edu or dawsons@visi.com. + Kraft's official Kool-Aid site can be accessed at: + http://www.kraftfoods.com/kool-aid/kool-aid.html?&B=3D5&L=3D1 History of the alt.drinks.kool-aid FAQ: ----------------------------------------- 1.0 Feb. 11/95 -The original and VERY short version of the FAQ, created by Kevin Whalen 2.0 Feb. 16/95 -Version 2.0 included many changes and additions including the history of Kool-Aid. 3.0 Feb. 24/95 -This version included the results of the latest poll as well as the web site where the FAQ is located. Other changes were made to the format. 3.1 Mar. 30/95 -Includes a new section on Kool-Aid around the world, and the poem of the month! 3.2 ??? -The subscribers and traders lists were removed and were now posted as Kool-People and Kool-Traders. 3.3 June 22/95 -Some new Kool-Aid links and more info about foreign Kool-Aid are a couple of the additions. 3.4 Oct 3/95 -Recipe for Toasted Kool-Aid added. Kool-Traders list eliminated; Kool-People list back in FAQ. 3.5 Oct 21/95 -Rob Buisson takes over from the esteemed Kevin Whalen (Kaptain Kool) as keeper of the FAQ. The Kool-People list eliminated, New poll results are included. 4.0 Jan 29/96 -News of a new flavor (Slammin' Strawberry-Kiwi) and the demise of Sharkleberry Fin are included, as well a Wacky Warehouse section is added to the FAQ. 4.1 Feb 6/96 -Section on Jim Jones added. New poll results included. 4.2 Feb 29/96 -Section on Super-fruity Kool-Aid added. 4.3 Mar 29/96 -First posting to alt.answers and news.answers, making the Kool-Aid FAQ an "official" usenet FAQ. 4.4 Jun 14/96 -Section on Sugar added to the FAQ. 4.5 Aug 23/96 -subsection on Cyclamate sweetened Kool-Aid added 5.0 Oct 4/96 -Kool-Aid in the media section added, prompted by a sudden Kool-Aid media blitz. 5.1 Oct 18/96 -Kool-Aid video game description added. 5.2 Dec 27/96 -Kool-Aid Recipe Section and Kool-Aid Non-Alcoholic Mix sections added. 6.0 Sep 8/97 -News of the Annual "Kool-Aid Days" festival, along with detailed descriptions of Kool-Aid in Russia and Brazil, and an updated flavor list are all added after the FAQ takes a four month sabbatical. Kool-Aid Comic Info is also added. 6.1 Apr 19/98 -Rob Buisson (long live the Temple of Orange!) hands over the FAQ to Paul Dawson-Schmidt. There are some minor (very minor, really) changes. 6.2 Aug 1/98 -Additions to how to make Kool-Aid, and Kool-Aid recipes. The recent poll replaced the old one. Some product updates. Media section updated. + 7.0 Mar 13/99 -The additions of new products and new forms of + selling Kool-Aid. Updates on recipes of all kinds, + links, current and discontinued flavors. Also, the + entire FAQ in a more regulated format and the new + info is marked with a '+ ' at the start of each + line. (Thanks Donovan!) A Tribute to alt.drinks.kool-aid: ----------------------------------- "Wow! "I don't actually drink KA (or I haven't regularly, I think I'm gonna start) but I was cruising the infohighway and your newsgroup looked kinda kooky so I decided to check it out...WOW! This is the nicest, giddiest, neatest newsgroup I've ever read! People on UseNet are usually so quick to anger...I think they just post when they need to vent for whatever reason. In any case, UseNet is almost NEVER a nice, relaxed type atmosphere. This group is a glorious exception. Is it the KA that does it to y'all?..maybe I oughta try some... "Kudos!" -from a net surfer who stumbled across our wonderful group. ___ ____ _ ____ _ _ | |/ / | | / \ (_) | | | ' / ___ ___ | | ___ / _ \ _ __| | | < / _ \ / _ \| | |___| / (_) \ | |/ _` | | . \| (_) | (_) | | / ____ \ | | (_) | |___|\___\\___/ \___/|_| /___/ \___\|_|\__,_| ___ `. \ \_) ____ _,..OOO......\...OOO-...._ ___ .` '_.-( 9``````````P )--...) `. ` (( ` || __ || ` )) ` ( ) |<` ````---__|| ( ) ` ` ||) ,xx xx. //)__` ` `-____-` ,/ O` O` //,'_ )`-____-` ,/ ,, // |// / (( // ( (._ _,) (_) -OH YEAH! \ \````/ / \ ^--^ / \_ _____ __/ | | | | ( ) ( ) ,--'~'\ /'~'--, (_______) (_______)dwb _____ _ ___ _ | ___|/ \ / _ \ | |___ | |_ / _ \ | | | ||// __| | _|/ ___ \| |_| | \__ \ |_| /_/ \_\\__\_\ |___/ Index: -------- I. Where does Kool-Aid come from? II. What about flavors? III. How do you prepare Kool-Aid? IV. What is the most popular flavor? V. What does that code on the package mean? VI. Can I dye my hair with Kool-Aid? VII What can you tell me about sugar and other Kool-Aid sweeteners? VIII. What else can I do with Kool-Aid? IX. Are there any Kool-Aid food recipes? X. What can you tell me about the Kool-Aid Man Atari 2600 video game? XI. What can you tell me about Marvel Kool-Aid Man Comics? XII What is the "Kool-Aid Fan-Fic"? XIII. Does anyone else mix Kool-Aid flavors together? XIV. Can I "recapture" lost flavors through Kool-Aid mixing? XV. What are some good non-alcoholic Kool-Aid mixes? XVI. What are some good Kool-Aid and alcohol mixes? XVII. How can I get flavors that aren't sold in my area? XVIII. How do I get in touch with the good folks at Kool-Aid? XIX. Where else do they sell Kool-Aid? (Kool-Aid around the world) XX. What kind of Kool-Aid was consumed at Jonestown Guyana? XXI. What is "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test?" XXII. What is the Wacky Warehouse? XXIII. Is there a difference between regular and super-fruity Kool-Aid? XXIV. When has Kool-Aid been featured in the media? XXV. What is "Kool-Aid Days" XXVI. Where else can I find Kool-Aid on the 'net? I. Where does Kool-Aid come from? ----------------------------------- The following was posted by Ron Gregory, who obtained it from Kraft General Foods. Additions were made by Lynn Wiegard, Jane Murray and Doug Adcock. "When he was just 11, Edwin Perkins had the idea of becoming a businessman. He sent for a pamphlet called 'How To Become a Manufacturer.' It must have inspired him, for some 20 years later he was running a 125-product line business out of Hastings, Nebraska. The line ran the gamut from perfumes and toothpaste to flavorings and household products. But the most popular item was a small bottle of flavored syrup called Fruit Smack." "This soft drink syrup was expensive to market because transportation and glass breakage added heavily to the costs of manufacturing and advertising. So in 1927 Perkins decided to remove the water and bottle and offer the concentrated beverage powder in convenient envelopes." "He also changed the name to Kool-Ade. The name was soon altered again, to the now familiar Kool-Aid. This attempt at changing the name ran into difficulty, as in 1914 a Lewis, Iowa based Drug Store owner and Chemist named Jake Ross invented and patented a little known lemon flavored drink, which he called "Kool-Aid". Perkins bought the patent off of Ross, and the current incarnation of Kool-Aid was founded." "A few years later the company moved to Chicago and discontinued all other products to turn its attention entirely to Kool-Aid instant soft drink mix. By 1939, the Perkins Chicago factory was doubled and additional employees were hired." "In 1953 the Perkins Products Company became part of General Foods Corporation. About that time, print ads for Kool-Aid mixes showed the soft drink in a large pitcher with a design drawn on the surface condensation -- a heart, a 5-cent symbol or a smiling face. The smile became the favorite, and from 1954 it was used on pitchers in all advertising. It was also in 1954 that Kool-Aid began being produced and distributed in Canada. When presweetened Kool-Aid came out in 1964, the package carried an illustration of the now well-known rounded pitcher with the smiling face. At that time both the shape and the smile were registered." "As the demand for Kool-Aid increased, additions have been made to the original line of six flavors. There are flavored mixes to be dissolved with sugar in water and ice. There are also sugar- sweetened mixes, available in packages and canisters. Kool-Aid sugar free mixes, sweetened with NutraSweet, come in both packages and canisters. And now we have Kool-Aid Koolers, ready-to-drink juice drinks, in convenient 8.5 ounce containers." The six original flavors were Grape, Lemon Lime, Cherry, Orange, Raspberry, and Strawberry. A slightly different version of this story is available at: http://www.greasyspoon.com/koolaid/story.html It was provided by Doug Adcock (douga@ntrnet.net) and comes from a 1950's Kool-Aid tour pamphlet. + Here is what The Kraft Homepage has to say about Edwin Perkins: + KOOL-AID was invented in Hastings, Nebraska by an enterprising young + chemist named Edwin Perkins. As a child, Perkins developed many + flavoring extracts and perfumes. Later, this led to his own + mail-order company, which eventually resulted in modern-day + KOOL-AID. + Here is what The Kraft Homepage has to say about the pre Kool-Aid era: + The forerunner to KOOL-AID was Fruit Smack, which was sold via mail + order in the 1920s in six flavors: Grape, Cherry, Raspberry, Orange, + Root Beer, and Lemon. + The original spelling of KOOL-AID was Kool-Ade, but the name was soon + changed to its popular modern-day spelling. II. What about flavors? -------------------------- + Here is what The Kraft Homepage has to say about flavors: + The seven original KOOL-AID flavors were: Cherry, Lemon-Lime, Grape, + Orange, Root Beer, Strawberry, and Raspberry. Not all current flavors are available in all areas. Pina-Pineapple, for example, seemed to have limited availability in the US and was not found in Canada at all. Flavors marked US are only available in the United States. There are also flavors marked "Mexico" and "Canada" Flavors that are unmarked indicate that the flavor is available in all three countries. Special thanks to Ron Gregory, Lynn Wiegard and Dr. Christopher Hollinshed, for providing the discontinued flavors, as well as Kevin Whalen, Gary Boltralik and Christine Jean Lee for their invaluable contributions. Lynn Wiegard is also responsible for the seasonal flavor list. Thanks to Donovan for the new flavors as well as the flavors coming in different forms. Current Flavors: ------------------ Black Cherry (US) Blastin' Berry Cherry (US) + Blue Raspberry (US - Kool-Aid Splash) Cherry (US, Canada, Russia, Philippines, Venezuela) Cola (Mexico) Frutas {Punch} (Mexico) Grape (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, Venezuela) Grape Berry Splash (US, Canada) + Grape Berry Punch (US - Kool-Aid Splash) Guarana (Brazil) Ice Blue Island Twist (US) + Kiwi Strawberry (US - Kool-Aid Splash) Kolita (Venezuela) Lemonade (US, Canada, Russia) Lemonade Sparkle (Philippines) + Lemonade Tea (US) Lemon-Lime (US, Canada) + Mandarina Tangerine (US) Man-O-Mangoberry (US, Canada) Oh-Yeah Orange-Pineapple (US, Canada) Orange (US, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Columbia, Philippines) Orange Enerjooz (Philippines) Pina-Pineapple (Mexico?) Pineapple (Philippines) Pink Lemonade (US) Pink Swimmingo (Canada, Philippines) (AKA Watermelon-Cherry in the US) Purplesaurus Rex (Canada) Raspberry (RUSSIA) Roarin' Raspberry Cranberry (US, Canada) Rock-a-dile Red (Canada) Slammin' Strawberry-Kiwi (US, Canada) Soarin' Strawberry-Lemonade (US) Strawberry (all known places) + Strawberry Tea (US) Tropical Punch (all known places) Watermelon (US - Kool-Aid Splash) Watermelon-Cherry (US) (AKA Pink Swimmingo in Canada) + Wildberry Tea (US) NOTE: "Frutas" is Spanish for "Fruit". This could also mean "Punch". Also, Pina-Pineapple is available in Mexico under the name "Pina" which translated into English is "Pineapple". Lastly, "Guarana" is the name of a plant found in Brazil. Presumably, that flavor tastes like that plant. + Other current edible forms of Kool-Aid: Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) + --------------------------------------- + "Bursts" are small plastic bottles that can only be opened by twisting + the tops off and cannot be recapped. These are usually sold in shrink + wrapped 6-packs. The bottles actually have written on them, "not for + individual sale." The bottles are also 6.75 FL OZ or 200 ml. They + presently come in the US as Blastin' Berry Cherry, Cherry, Grape, + Great Bluedini, Kickin' Kiwi-Lime, Slammin' Strawberry-Kiwi, and + Tropical Punch. + "Slushies" (US) or "Barbotines" (Canada) are a sealed foiled pouch that + has to be mixed and made in the freezer and is not ready to drink. + When prepared, they are just like the slush drinks. The pouches are + NET WT 5 oz or 141 g and supposedly are 4 servings. "Yeah Right!" They + presently come in the US as Cherry Freeze, Grape Frost, and Lemonade + Ice. They presently come in Canada as Arctic Orange (Orange Arctique), + Frosted Grape (Raisin Givre'), and Polar Punch (Punch Polaire). + "Spashes" are plastic bottles that have a sports bottle top that can be + drank through and recapped or you can pop off the entire top. The + bottles are also 16 FL OZ or 473 ml. They presently come in the US as + Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape Berry Punch, Kiwi Strawberry, Tropical + Punch, and Watermelon. *The only form available in the Blue Raspberry, + Kiwi Strawberry, and Watermelon flavors at this time in the US* + "Kool-Pops" are frozen flavored ice in long thin plastic bars(strips). + They come in variety packs of 24 bars per box. Just put the bars in + the freezer and after some impatient waiting you'll have instant + Kool-Aid popsicles. The present US flavors in each box are Blastin' + Berry Cherry, Blue Tropical Punch, Grape, and Orange. They originally + were released in 1989 and have changed flavors and box art. Discontinued Flavors: ----------------------- The flavors below are, sadly, no longer being produced. Apple Berry Blue (Ice Blue Island Twist is apparently the same thing) Bunch Berry Cherry Cracker Golden Nectar (late 1957) Great Bluedini (US, Philippines) + Incrediberry (US, Canada) + Kickin' Kiwi-Lime (mid 1998) Mountainberry Punch (Sweetened only packet in Canada, regular in US) + Pina-Pineapple (mid 98) Pink Lemonade (Canada only) Rainbow Punch Red Fruit Rootbeer (1955-57) Sharkleberry Fin Strawberry Falls Punch Strawberry Split (sweetened packet only, Canada) Sunshine Punch Surfin' Berry Punch Tangerine (circa 1971) Seasonal Flavors: ------------------- HALLOWEEN FALVOURS: The packets say "Ghoul-Aid", instead of "Kool-Aid" in the US, and "Hallowe'en Kool" instead of "Kool-Aid" in Canada. Eerie Orange (CAN) Scary Black Cherry (CAN) Scary Blackberry (US) Kraft has finally confirmed that Hallowe'en Kools are now a *permanent* item, and they should be available from now on, each year, from Oct 1 - Nov 5. There are no plans to expand the Hallowe'en Kool flavor lineup. Mexican Flavor Information: Gary Boltralik (Boltralg@AEPCO.com) ----------------------------- All the KA sold in Mexico (per the person who bought it for me) comes in boxes of 5 packs. This includes the Cola flavor. I have a Cola box containing only the Cola flavor. If Cola was sold as a promotional flavor at one point, it would appear to be a current flavor now. Reason's for Discontinuation of Flavors: Lynn M Wiegard (prex@golden.net) ------------------------------------------ According to K/GF, a lot of flavors are discontinued because they are too similar to existing flavors. After all, every flavor available in a grocery store takes up about 1-1/2 feet of shelf space. Grocery chains may not be into devoting more space to something like SFP when they already carry Strawberry. Thus, even before the flavor hits the shelves (i.e. before any consumer input), a decision about the success of the flavor has already been made :-( I think that may be the case with a lot of the berry KA's that have been discontinued over time. Sometimes, too, it's not even the grocer's decision, but that of the wholesaler who sells to the grocer. And K/GF has no control over all these decisions. If there is a flavor that you *know* is still produced, but missing from the shelves of your grocery, rattle the chains at the buying office for your store. Sadly, this may get you Lime or Strawberry, hard to find in parts--but will not bring back SFP, Bluedini, P. Rex, or anything else that has been *discontinued*. K/GF will probably not resurrect any flavor deemed "too similar", simply because of the concerns related to getting it on the shelf. The blue stuff--well, that's a different story [note the post re: safety concerns]. I personally think a lot of the discontinued flavors fell victim in the war for shelf space, without fault to the consumer or K/GF. Resurrecting Flavors: Jaye (jaelithe@earthlink.net) ----------------------- The young woman I spoke to told me that if they get enough complaints about a flavor being killed off, they will resurrect it. So tell everyone who loves raspberry (or any other discontinued flavor) Kool-Aid to call 1-800-367-9225 (in the USA) or 1-800-268-7808 (In Canada) between 9am-4pm EST and complain politely. ***Notes on the discontinuation of Berry Blue and Great Bluedini: Several sources have indicated that Berry Blue was discontinued because of parental concerns that those flavors looked too much like toxic substances, and could encourage kids to poison themselves. Berry Blue was discontinued because it allegedly looked too much like windshield washer fluid. Great Bluedini was similarly discontinued because it looked too much like anti-freeze. Berry Blue is back with a new name: ------------------------------------- Just wanted to point out: Berry Blue is "back" as a US Island Twist flavor, a blue raspberry lemonade called Ice Blue Island Twist! I asked Kraft up here if there were any plans to bring the flavor to Canada, and they said they want to wait and see how it does. -George Eggleston (jester@txdirect.net) & Lynn Weigard (prex@golden.net) Specialty Package Info: ------------------------- 4 point Nickelodeon Kool-Aid was Manufactured in 1986, featuring a header that says "Join the Biscuits 'N Gravy Birthday Bunch", and the cartoon Character "Stick Stickly on the front. -Jane Sitton-Logan (hammer@mail.startext.net) Bugs Bunny was featured on Cyclamate Sweetened Kool-Aid in the early 1970's. + Subway (the sub sandwich chain) came out with the regular Cherry Flavor + with The Flintstones art on the package in December 1, 1998 though + January 4, 1999. -Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) The sweetened box--sort of like Tang's format: ------------------------------------------------ Size: 5-1/2" x 7-1/2" x 1-1/2" Contents: 2 x 1.5L pre-sweetened pouches Description: Box is full color with puzzles on rear. Pouches are one-color on white, and show the "Smiling Pitcher" Date: 1991 Other Discontinued Kool-Aid Products: --------------------------------------- In the last years of the Perkins era of KA (40's-50's) the following items were on the market: Kool-Aid Soda [bottled] Kool-Aid Bubble Gum Kool-Aid Ice Cream Mix Kool-Aid Shake Mix -Lynn Wiegard (prex@golden.net) + "Koolers" and "Sport Koolers" were juice boxes in 3-packs. The + Koolers came in 6-packs also. Sport Koolers were taller and thinner + than the regular Koolers. They originally were released in 1989. + You could only get them with points in the beginning. 3-packs were + 5 points and the 6-packs were 10 points. They came in Cherry, Grape, + Lemonade, Mountain Berry Punch, Orange, Purplesaurus Rex, Rainbow + Punch, Strawberry, and Tropical Punch. + -Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) III. How do you prepare Kool-Aid? ------------------------------------ This section is devoted to the technique involved in mixing up our favorite beverage. Send in your method and I'll stick it in. A. First, I grab one of those empty two quart ocean spray cranberry juice bottle (or any other kind with that shape). Then I dump in the Kool stuff, then the sugar, then put in water (I recommend Reverse Osmosis water, because it doesn't add any nasty flavor to the perfection of Kool-Aid) almost to the top. Then I do a little shaky dance until it's bubbly at the top, and pop it in the fridge. Or, if I'm really thirsty, I just chug that warm Kool-Aid out of the bottle. mmmmmmmmmmmm, good. -MUZAK B. I make Kool-Aid in the sacred traditions of my ancestors. First I get my one gallon jug (ocean spray), then I add about two cups of sugar (never measure, always estimate) next I fill the bottle two thirds of the way full. After replacing the lid I shake the bottle until all of the sugar is dissolved. Then I remove the lid and add Kool-Aid, one packet at a time. You may want to add more sugar at this point. If you are up for a very special treat, add a teaspoon of salt....yes salt. Salt makes the flavor more intense. Let it sit for one hour, and enjoy.....and hey, if you squint it looks purple. -Peter White C. 1. Start with a pitcher that still has the last droplets of your last batch of Kool-Aid. (If you are not in possession of said pitcher then put a tiny bit of water into your dry pitcher before you continue) 2. Add the Kool-Aid powder 3. Add the sugar 4. Fill the pitcher 1/3 of the way full with *warm* water. (Yes this means you might wanna stick it into the fridge prior to drinking, but were talking just tap water warm, not hot) 5. Stir, shake, etc to mix up the sugar, Kool-Aid powder and water. 6. Then add the rest of the water (preferably as cold and pure (ie: not from the tap) as possible). 7. [optional:] Place in fridge to cool 8. Chug away... -by Andy D. Here is the way I make Kool-Aid, -One plastic Happy Face Pitcher -two-thirds cup of sugar -one packet of the Kool-Aid (flavor of choice) *Add the Kool-Aid and the sugar, and shake it like you were sauteing it. Mixing the Flavor and the sugar equally. *Then add a little bit of Hot tap water to make a syrupy mixture. *Fill with icy cold water and Ice cubes, just to above the eyebrows. As you pour it to drink the ice gets stuck in the spout and the Kool-Aid trickles out around it making it nice and chilled. *Enjoy. -Jennifer, Ruler of Rex E. I'm now in my mid-40's but when I was a kid (back in the 50's), my dad always made the Kool-Aid in our house. 1For many years I didn't know why Kool-Aid at any of my friends houses always tasted so bland and different. I had always helped him make it, but I was probably around 10 years old before I finally asked my him why ours tasted so different. I'd never noticed before that we weren't making it according to the package directions. It's funny, but I've never run across anyone since either that made it like we did. But I think anyone who tries it may NEVER go back to the original method. So here it is: "Frank B. Anderson's Secret Kool-Aid Recipe." Take whatever 2-qt contain you usually use to make your Kool-Aid, and whatever flavor of unsweetened Kool-Aid you prefer. (If you do use a pre-sweetened version, you should be able to figure out how to substitute.) Start by adding 4 Cups of tepid to warm water into your container. Then, add your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid to your regular amount of sugar (we always used 1 Cup) and mix (this keeps the Kool-Aid from clumping). Slowly pour the mixture into the container of water while stirring, and/or shake well until at least most of the sugar is dissolved. Now for the secret ingredient!! Add 2 Cups of your favorite brand of Ginger Ale (if you like Diet Ginger Ale, that's fine too). NOTE: do not start with the ginger ale because adding the sugar mix to it will foam up and possibly overflow!! Then, fill the container to the 2 qt. level with ice and refrigerate at least an hour before serving. If you're in a rush, here's what we used to do. Instead of topping off the container with ice, fill your glasses with ice and pour the Kool-Aid mix over the ice as is. Note: the only flavors I didn't like as well with this recipe was the old Root Beer flavor (long since discontinued) and any of the Lemonade flavors. But feel free to experiment, you may like it. Additional Note: As an "Adult Drink" my dad also used to substitute 1 Cup of Water with a cup of Gin. His favorite flavors for this was either Cherry or Lemon-Lime. But remember too, this was back in the 50's and early 60's before many of the newer flavors existed, so again feel free to experiment here too. I Hope everyone Enjoys this recipe as much as I have almost my entire life!! -Robert B. Anderson F. I use a 1-gallon jug. Upon drinking the last bit of skim milk, *immediately* rinse the jug three times, filling it 1/3 full with water each time, shaking it, and then dumping it. By this time the water from the tap should be sufficiently cold. Fill the jug 1/3 full a fourth time, but do not dump. Instead, insert a small funnel in the top. Into the funnel pour the contents of exactly two packets of Kool-Aid, any flavor(s). Follow that with 1-1/2 cups of granulated white sucrose. Then fill each empty packet with water three times and pour that into the funnel. Pour a little more water through the funnel until no more color is present in the funnel. Remove the funnel and place it in a handy location for next time. Cap off the jug and shake it vigorously until everything is thoroughly dissolved. Open it. If both KA packets were Lemonade or Lemon-Lime, add a swish of lemon juice at this point. Now, fill the jug almost to the top with water, cap, and shake just a bit more. Pour into 32oz cup over ice; put the jug containing the rest of it in the fridge. Drink. -Jonadab's Way + G. CLUPMS! I for one, hate em'. Even though they go away with time, + here's my immediate solution: + 1. Start with half water in the container + 2. Add all your sugar next + 3. then add your Kool-Aid + Doing it like this coats the bottom and sides with the sugar. This + keeps the Kool-Aid powder from clumping on the bottom. + -Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) IV. What is the most popular flavor? -------------------------------------- Most Recent Poll: David Smith (fgsmith@mindspring.com) ------------------- Subject: POLL RESULTS! Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 15:46:22 -0700 [ed. note - I've heavily edited this so that it takes up less space] + Here is where the original posting of this poll comes from: + http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Park/2070/poll.htm Since I haven't gotten a ballot in about 2 weeks, the poll is over and here are the results! I'll post how the voting was broken down. Favorite Flavor 1st 2nd 3rd Total ------------------------------------------------------- Sharkleberry Fin 2 0 1 7 Kiwi Lime 1 1 0 5 Cherry 0 1 1 3 Orange 1 0 0 3 Orange Pineapple 1 0 0 3 Purplesaurus Rex 0 1 1 3 Rock-A-Dile Red 1 0 0 3 Tropical Punch 1 0 0 3 Grape 0 1 0 2 Mountain Berry Punch 0 1 0 2 Rainbow Punch 0 1 0 2 Strawberry Kiwi 0 1 0 2 Blastin Berry Cherry 0 0 1 1 Grape Berry 0 0 1 1 Ice Blue 0 0 1 1 Pink Swimmingo 0 0 1 1 * I guess we need to tell Kraft that Sharkelberry is still tops! Favorite Color 1st 2nd 3rd Total ------------------------------------------------ Red 3 1 1 12 Green 3 0 1 10 Orange 1 2 0 7 Purple 0 2 0 4 Blue 0 2 0 4 Pink 0 0 3 3 * Was there any doubt? Red Kool-Aid is king! Favorite Island Twist 1st 2nd 3rd Total ------------------------------------------------------- Strawberry Kiwi 2 1 3 11 Kiwi Lime 2 2 0 10 Orange Pineapple 2 0 0 6 Man-O-Mango-Berry 1 1 0 5 Ice Blue 0 2 0 4 * I guess Kiwi is popular on the net. I too miss Kiwi Lime. Favorite Mountain Twist 1st 2nd 3rd Total --------------------------------------------------------- Blastin Berry Cherry 1 2 0 7 Raspberry Cranberry 2 0 1 7 Strawberry Lemonade 1 1 1 6 Grape Berry Splash 1 1 0 5 * I don't care too much for Raspberry/Cranberry but I guess some people do. Most Missed Flavor 1st 2nd 3rd Total ------------------------------------------------------- Mountain Berry Punch 1 3 0 9 Purplesaurus Rex 2 1 1 9 Sharkleberry Fin 3 0 0 9 Rock-a-dile Red 1 0 0 3 Apple 0 1 0 2 Rainbow Punch 0 1 0 2 Strawberry Falls Punch 0 0 1 1 Sunshine Punch 0 0 1 1 Kiwi Lime 0 0 1 1 Great Bluedini 0 0 1 1 Surfin Berry Punch 0 0 1 1 * I agree totally with this voting as I sorely miss Purplesaurus and Mountain Berry Punch. Most Hated Flavor 1st 2nd 3rd Total ------------------------------------------------------- Grape 1 1 1 6 Lemon-Lime 1 1 0 5 Raspberry Cranberry 1 1 0 5 Orange Pineapple 1 0 1 4 Rock-a-dile Red 1 0 1 4 Lemonade 1 0 0 3 Orange 0 1 1 3 Pina-Pineapple 1 0 0 3 Cherry 0 1 0 2 Great Bluedini 0 1 0 2 Strawberry Kiwi 0 1 0 2 Black Cherry 0 0 1 1 Grape Berry Splash 0 0 1 1 * I've never understood why the net hates grape that much. Best Cover Art 1st 2nd 3rd Total ------------------------------------------------------- Cherry Cracker 1 2 0 7 Mountain Berry Punch 1 1 0 5 Ice Blue 1 0 0 3 Orange 1 0 0 3 Pink Swimmingo 0 1 1 3 Scary Blackberry 1 0 0 3 Strawberry Falls 1 0 0 3 Lemonade 0 1 0 2 Berry Blue 0 0 1 1 Great Bluedini 0 0 1 1 Incrediberry 0 0 1 1 * I must agree, Cherry Cracker has some killer package art and I am glad people remember it. Thanks for all who voted and we'll do this next year! Lastly, it should be noted that the favorite flavor of Kool-Aid of inventor, Edwin Perkins, was Raspberry (now discontinued). This is according to his great nephew, Stephen Spady (sspady@microsoft.com). Poll in 1987: Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) --------------- + This poll gave no choices and allowed a free form to fill out their + responses. It was the last question in the poll. The question was + given to 16 males and 29 females from the ages of 13 to 48. There were + 5 people that did not respond to this question. The poll was posted + in a poetry site and you can see the results here: + http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/6558/respons1.html#top + The question was: "What is or was your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid:" + And.....the results were as follows: + 10 Cherry + 7 Tropical Punch + 3 Grape + 2 Black Cherry + 2 Kickin' Kiwi-Lime + 2 Lime + 2 Orange + 2 Purplesaurus Rex + 2 Strawberry + 2 Strawberry-Kiwi + 1 Great Bluedini + 1 Lemon-Lime + 1 Mountain Berry Punch + 1 Pineapple + 1 Root Beer + 1 Sharkleberry Fin + *We see very different results from the romantically inclined.* + Here is what The Kraft Homepage has to say about favorite flavors: + There are 18 flavors of KOOL-AID powdered soft drink mix currently + available. The most popular flavors are: + 1. Tropical Punch + 2. Lemonade + 3. Cherry + 4. Grape + 5. Black Cherry V. What does that code on the package mean? ---------------------------------------------- The first four NUMBERS in the code indicate the date. The first indicates the year (ie. 4 for 1994, 0 for 1990 etc). The next three numbers are the day of the year it was produced (ie. 001 for Jan 1 up to 365 for Dec 31). The letter indicates place of production. In the US, Chicago is represented by A, EV is for Evanston, Illinois, and M for Modesto, California. In Canada CO stands for Cobourg Ontario. -Ron Gregory & Bernard Marrocco VI. Can I dye my hair with Kool-Aid? --------------------------------------- Several methods of using Kool-Aid to dye hair have been proposed. Method # 1: ------------- In a large bowl (a little bigger than your head) put in hot water and Kool-Aid. The longer your hair the more packets you need: for shoulder length try 3. Dunk your head in the bowl, and with a cup and a friend work on pouring the K.A. all through your hair. Once it is totally covered and saturated squeeze out the excess and blow dry. Let it sit on your hair for a day. (Beware: it can be VERY messy, and during the day it is on your hair it might smear on your clothes....be careful! Bleach seems to take the stain of off hands and counter tops.) -by Jodie Zwart Method # 2: ------------- 1. Decide what color you want your hair to be. Remember that the color of your hair will affect the way the color turns out. If you have really light blonde hair, it will be about the same color as the drink, but the darker your hair is, the duller it will end up being. And if you're a redhead like me, greens and blues just don't work very well...they usually turn brown. I've got reddish blond hair, and I used one package of Rock-O-Dile Red and one of Orange. Now my hair looks kinda like it's on fire. 2. Get as many packages of unsweetened Kool-Aid as you feel necessary. My hair is pretty thick, and reaches most of the way to my waist, and I got pretty good results with only two packages. And don't forget that you can mix different flavors to get new colors. One package of Berry Blue and one of Lemon Lime turned my brothers light blond hair an amazing shade of turquoise. 3. Boil enough water to completely soak the part of your hair that you want to dye. It has to be really hot, so don't plan on dyeing too close to your head. This is another reason you might want to pick a color that will look OK with your natural color (or, in my case the color your hair happens to be at the moment). Just make sure you're using less water than you would if you were making Kool-Aid to drink. I used six cups of water for each package of Kool-Aid, instead of eight. My brother only used four, but I don't think it made too much of a difference. 4. Dissolve the Kool-Aid in the water 5. Dunk your hair in the dye (careful...it's hot...don't get your face too close to the dye...or any part of yourself other than your hair for that matter). Let your hair soak in the dye for at least five minutes, then you might want to dry off some of the dye with a towel. 6. Let your hair dry (it will drip dye all over the place...I usually go outside) but I don't recommend using a hair dryer...it won't leave your hair very healthy-looking. 7. As soon as your hair is dry, you can wash it to rinse out some of the extra dye, so that it doesn't get all over your shirt. But if you rinse the dye out before it dries, it might all wash off, leaving your hair the same color as when you started. Now is also a good time to use a good conditioner, because the hot dye can dry out your hair pretty badly. Unfortunately, so far I don't know how long the dye will last...at least a week, fading just a little bit each day. The color runs a little for the first few days, and after that it's only noticeable when you wash your hair. Rock-O-Dile Red mixed with Orange on dark reddish blond hair gives a very bright red, which looks a little like fire if you only dye the ends and a few streaks of your hair. Berry Blue mixed with Lemon-Lime on light blond hair gives an intense blue-green. Grape on black hair gives purple highlights when the light hits it the right way. -Kym Britnell (britnell@idirect.com) Method # 3: ------------- Take the packet of dry Kool-Aid and pour it into a paper cup. Add a squirt of conditioner and about 3 drops of water. Mix it so it is kind of thick. Wet the part of your hair that you want to dye, put it on (cover your hands because it stains really badly) and wrap said hair in Saran Wrap. Leave it in for 10 mins, and rinse lightly. Blow-dry and style as usual :) -Mindy Sue Method # 4: ------------- Just a spoonful of vinegar added to the Kool-Aid solution helps the color stay in longer, and wrapping your head in plastic wrap and then a towel or something and sleeping overnight with the Kool-Aid in works well. As a brunette, I have trouble getting my hair to "take," but my best friend, a light blonde since birth, used less Kool-Aid than I, and only as "streaks" which we painted onto her head with a basting brush for turkeys and stuff, yet pink and blue strands were still found in her hair up to four or five months later! An Asian friend of mine also dyed her hair with absolutely no success. Know your hair type. As for the staining effects of the Kool-Aid, I highly recommend that you designate a towel as your Kool-Aid towel, and keep the rainbow-colored thing around through all your trials of hair color, as a sort of trophy of your accomplishments, and a colorful history of your explorations. Those blue scouring pads work to get the stains off skin relatively quickly with only a little removal of skin (hey, it was either that or a blue forehead!) But I have recently found that baking powder (good ole Arm and Hammer) provides all the scouring power that you could want without the pain. In hardship, I used baking soda-toothpaste, which worked so well and so quickly, that it made my head spin. Vaseline, as always, is a good idea to rub onto your forehead and ears, to keep those runs from staining your skin. WARNING: The strong and pungent flavor of the Kool-Aid you use will remain as a scent in your hair for several days, and while pleasant, it might earn you a nickname (i.e. Strawberry-Jill) from your dormmates for the rest of the year. :) -Jill Boughey (athene@uclink4.berkeley.edu) A web page that has information on dying is 'The Grateful Dyed' at: http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~wymer/dyekool.htm VII. What can you tell me about Sugar and other Kool-Aid sweeteners? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-sweetened Kool-Aid contains 21 grams of sugar in a 250 milliliter serving. If it tastes too sweet for you, you can always add more water, or buy unsweetened Kool-Aid and just add less sugar than they suggest. Or there's Sugar Free Kool-Aid with NutraSweet. You might not realize it but sugar is a major ingredient in lots of popular drinks: * Chocolate Milk has 23 grams of sugar. * Pops like 7-Up, Coke or Pepsi contain about 25 grams per 250 milliliters. * Orange juice from frozen concentrate has 26 grams of sugar. * Iced tea mixes have about 26 grams of sugar. * Cranberry cocktail has 34 grams of sugar. Milk, on the other hand, has less sugar than Kool-Aid at about 11 or 12 grams. There are also artificially sweetened diet drinks without sugar. -(The Street Cents Homepage) SUBSTITUTES FOR SUGAR: ------------------------ Vanilla Frosting: _tree_ (tree_bg@usa.pipeline.com) ------------------- I once tried vanilla frosting and cherry koolaid, and that tasted pretty good... Brown Sugar, Honey: Paul Dawson-Schmidt (dawsons@visi.com) --------------------- The only things that I've tried other than white sugar are brown sugar and honey. The honey didn't work very well because it was hard to dissolve. I suspect that if I'd heated up some water and then dissolved the honey in there it would have worked ok, but that seems like too much effort, and the honey has a really strong flavor anyway. The brown sugar worked just like regular white sugar and it tasted the same. The only difference was that the Kool-Aid was a bit browner. It was rather unpleasant looking for the Pina-Pineapple, but it might look good on some other flavors. Cyclamates and presweetened Kool-Aid: Bruce Lee (brucel@microsoft.com) --------------------------------------- I remember finding an OLD pack of Kool-Aid in my parents cabinet (c. 1984) dating from the early 1970's (c. 1971). It was labeled as 'pre-sweetened' Kool-Aid, was lemon-lime flavor, and had Warner Brothers' "Bugs Bunny" character holding a pitcher of Kool-Aid on the front package art. The interesting thing was the size of the packet - it was the SAME size as a packet of traditional unsweetened Kool-Aid!! Yes, no triple-thick, double-sized packet... just one small slim envelope containing lemon-lime elixir, and the sweetener of death. The Sweetener in Question was Cyclamate. The contents tasted GREAT!! Sweeter by far than the later pre-sweetened Kool-Aid, and with no saccharin aftertaste. It made me yearn for the days of Cyclamates, and their cancer causing side-effects. It is unknown how long Kool-Aid was sold in the Cyclamate Pre-sweetened form. My brother thinks it was either a promotional trial (hence the "Bugs Bunny" caricature on the packet), or was discontinued once the bad press on the carcinogenic effects of cyclamates reached a fever pitch (about the time the Red M&M's were pulled because of fears of the Red Dye). VIII. What else can I do with Kool-Aid? ------------------------------------------ Kool Klothes Dye: Jill Boughey (athene@uclink4.berkeley.edu) ------------------- I tye-dyed a large sheet with several flavors of koolaid for a wonderful pattern of colors which I proudly display on my wall. Two years after dying, the sheet still faintly smells of that wonderful koolaid-touch. 1) Sheets good for dyeing can be found cheaply at your local thrift stores, they always have extra bed sheets for only a few bucks, and the lighter the color the sheet, the more koolaid you will see. I suggest an un-patterned, white or light pastel sheet. 2) Especially if your sheet is white, it is recommended that you base-dye the sheet with either yellow (my favorite) or a VERY DILUTED concentration of another color dye. Let the sheet saturate itself in the color, and then squeeze the extra water out. 3) Grasp a place on your sheet where you want to be the center of the dye. (You can have more than one center) pull it into a type of rope, twisting and knotting that section up until it has a lot of wrinkles. Bind it tightly into this shape with a rubber band. Do the same to other areas, until you have the sheet pretty darn twisted up. Start with your lighter colors of koolaid first, dipping more of your knot into the dye and letting it sit long enough for the dye to move it's way into the fabric, but not to completely saturate it. Squeeze the fabric to get rid of extra water, then dip less of it into a darker color. Repeat as desired all over the different knotted sections. 4) Let the knots stay in for a few hours, maybe overnight, then unwrap the still-wet sheet and lay it on the grass. THE DYE WILL RUN until the sheet dries, so no carpet or tables here! I have never washed my sheet, so I'm not sure how permanent the dye is in water, but for a great-smelling, beautiful wall covering, this is the way to go. 5) Two to Three packets of Koolaid recommended for each regular sized bowls of dye. 6) Have fun! (Use baking powder to remove any color from the hands. Don't use Tupperware bowls for the dye, they will absorb the color!) Kool-Aid Play Dough: (Ellen Davis' WWW page) ---------------------- 1 cup flour 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 package unsweetened Kool-Aid 1/4 cup salt 2 tablespoons cream of tartar 1 cup water Mix flour, salt, cream of tartar and Kool-Aid in a medium pot Add water and oil. Stir over medium heat 3 to 5 minutes. When mixture forms a ball in pot, remove. Knead until smooth. Put in a plastic bag and refrigerate. Kool Sugar Rush: Jill Boughey (athene@uclink4.berkeley.edu) ------------------ For that great-tasting sugar rush, try a packet of koolaid and a cup or more of sugar (depending on how much tartness you like) in a sealed plastic baggie for a great sugar rush that turns your tongue red (or purple, or blue) and gets you really hyped for a party. Really popular among high school and junior high kids! Probably not mother-approved. Dyeing Wool: Robert Matthews -------------- What I use KA for, like many of my fellow knitters, is dyeing wool. It makes a really great dye, with bright colors that hang around, as long as you don't leave them lying in the sun for a long time. Grape is the best; it gives a brilliant, fresh-looking purple that ordinary chemical dyes just can't seem to manage. Sharon (huston@why.net) has suggested The Knitting Network's site: http://www.fearless.net/knit/dyeing.html It is a good place to get information on dyeing all sorts of fibers with Kool-Aid. Dyeing Fish: Steve Schaefer (schaef@interpac.net) -------------- Many years ago I fished commercially for salmon in Alaska. King Salmon have two flesh colors, a deep orange and quite rarely white. The two flesh colors tasted the same but we received only a fraction of the price for the white fleshed variety. So a friend found that he could dye the incision on the belly of the white fleshed fish to a deep orange color (with orange Kool-Aid of course) thereby increasing the value of his catch. Bubbling Kool-Aid: The Merry Prankster -------------------- Here is something neat-o to try with Kool-Aid. Take any flavor of Kool-Aid and put it in a clear glass with some dry ice. It looks really swanky. It bubbles and make a little fog. So try it. Dry ice isn't too expensive. Especially if you share it with a bunch of people!!!!!!! Hot Kool-Aid: Keith (kgunders@isd.net) --------------- Have you ever tried HOT Kool-Aid? Try it before you dismiss it. It's better than you might think. Just put a cup in the microwave for about 2 minutes (depending on microwave). The reds seem to taste best hot, but others aren't too bad either. Kool-paint: (tba@vcn.bc.ca) ------------- Put a packet of Kool-Aid in a bowl and then put in just enough water to dissolve it and you can use it as a kool paint. I have some interesting designs painted on my walls. Now I can look at Kool-Aid anytime I want! Woo! Industrial Uses of Kool-Aid: Jim Dukat (jimduk@sierra.net) ------------------------------ I have another unusual use for Kool-Aid. I work as an engineer on US flag merchant ships. We use Kool-Aid mixed into the control water system of the auto-shooting fuel purification centrifuges. It is a cheap, excellent, mild acid that helps to keep scale from forming in the solenoid valves and control orifices. The consensus is that Grape works best. Along similar lines - I have also seen Kool-Aid used in ultraviolet water purifiers aboard ships to keep scale off the internal quartz tubes. It is usually charged into the offline standby unit. Dishwasher Cleaner: Bobby KY (bobbyky@aol.com) --------------------- I heard a few years ago from a gal who manages an apartment complex, that they occasionally use orange Kool-Aid to clean the apartment dishwashers. You know how hard water stains and soap gunk can accumulate in the dishwasher? She suggested that a package or 2 run through the regular long wash cycle will make the inside of the washer sparkling clean. The Citric Acid helps break down the stains. Removing rust and chlorine: (monkey1@kode.net) ----------------------------- As far as uses for KA go, my family has used Lemon KA since I was a kid in the shower. It removes that funky green tint from chlorine in pools, and also will get rid of rust discoloration if your well water is less than perfect. You only need a little bit of the KA, and mix it with some shampoo in your hand. Shampoo it into your hair, then rinse. I sometimes let it sit on my hair before rinsing to give it time to work, and I also re-wash my hair with plain shampoo to get everything out. We keep a packet of Lemon KA in the shower if we are swimming a lot. Just one note though: it is the citric acid in the KA that makes it work, and the same thing that can make your eyes & scalp sting. Just try not to get too much in your eyes, and it will go away as soon as you rinse. Shower Head/Kool-Aid Prank: (D. Rogers' Homepage) ----------------------------- This is a simple prank. All you have to do is mix up a batch of Kool-Aid, remove the shower head from your shower and poor in the Kool-Aid into the shower head. NOTE: Make sure you are not the next one to take a shower. Removing Kool-Aid Stains: Jenbib & momsonline.com --------------------------- To remove Kool-Aid stains from the counter top, scrub the stains with baking soda and/or automatic dishwashing detergent. Erasing the Kool-Aid Mustache: Taylor3 & momsonline.com -------------------------------- A dab of toothpaste on a wet washcloth will remove the "Kool-Aid mustache" every time. + Dyeing Wooden Photo Frames: Pinja (pinja@snafu.muncca.fi) + --------------------------- + I just wanted to share this with everyone :) + Apart from drinking Kool-Aid (which I, nowadays, enjoy totally + unsweetened!), I have been dyeing wooden photo frames with Kool-Aid! + I just make extra strong Kool-Aid in a bowl and put the frames in it, + and let them "steep" overnight. So far the results have been great! + I have used strawberry and tropical punch both. Strawberry gave the + frames nice red color but tropical punch gave pinkish color. I wonder + what green or blue Kool-Aid would look like. + Oh yes, one more thing - I forgot to put the lid over the bowl and the + result? Our kitchen countertop is full of little paw marks. + Apparently, one of my cats had dipped his paw into Kool-Aid and walked + around sigh. + Thank God for baking soda! :-) IX. Are there any Kool-Aid Food Recipes? ------------------------------------------- Striped KA Cubes: Kaptain Kool ------------------- By pouring thin layers of KA into an ice cube tray and freezing after each layer has been added, you can create striped Kool-Cubes!! Reports of up to four distinct layers have been heard. Popsicles: (found by Robert Buisson) ------------ 1 pkg. Kool-Aid 1 pkg. Jell-O 1/2 - 1 C sugar 2 C boiling water 2 C cold water Mix and pour in molds and freeze. Kool-Aid Cookies: Thersa ------------------- 1 cup sugar 1 cup flour 1 egg The other stuff you usually add to cookies like baking powder and salt and stuff. 19 packs koolaid 1 box ground up vitamins 1 container protein powder/ this way you will not die of malnutrition :) Mix and bake and stuff. :) Toasted Kool-Aid: Joe Kool (jamoross@twics.com) ------------------- 1 Packet Kool-Aid Unsweetened Drink Mix Powder 1 Cup Sugar 2 Quarts Water 1 Tablespoon Margarine or Butter (softened) 2 Slices Bread 1. Place margarine and two teaspoons sugar in a very small mixing bowl or custard dish and set aside. 2. Place remaining sugar and Kool-Aid powder in a large plastic or glass pitcher and blend thoroughly (keep dry!). 3. Add one teaspoon of Kool-Aid & sugar mixture from pitcher to small bowl from step 1 and blend until smooth. (This is easiest if the margarine is very soft.) It'll be grainy, that's OK. 4. Spread onto bread and bake in pre-heated oven at 450F (230C) for about 5 minutes. Or, broil in toaster-oven on high for about 1 and a half to 2 minutes until very bubbly on top. 5. While the feature item is baking (or broiling), add water to the pitcher and stir to dissolve. Place in fridge for later :-) 6. Remove Toasted Kool-Aid from oven and kool briefly before serving. Makes two slices. Sour BANG! Kids: (MJcandies@pmg.stu.rpi.edu) ------------------ A microwave. Some sour-patch kids! Some Kool-Aid mix, we used grape. A plate, we recommend ceramic and not paper! Spread a layer of Kool-Aid mix on the plate. Make sure you put enough on or else you'll have to scrape your kids off your plate. Place some sour-patch kids on top of the Kool-Aid mix. Sprinkle plenty of Kool-Aid mix on top of the sour-patch kids. Alright, now your ready to nuke your kids! Place the plate in the microwave. Microwave on high for about 45 secs. to about 1:30 depending on how many kids you have. We recommend that you watch the microwave process, and shutting off the microwave when you see the Kool-Aid melt into your kids. Note: If you over cook your kids they become hard and crispy, but they are still edible. Don't throw your crunchy kids in the toilet! The more you nuke your kids the bigger the bang of sourness, try to find a good balance of crunchiness and bang. Eat! Place in mouth and chew. Oh yeah, you should probably cool your kids first. At first you will taste the Kool-Aid mix, but don't swallow yet, it's not over! Pretty soon the Kool-Aid wears off and then BANG! your kids turn sour! Kool-Aid Rice Krispies Squares: Robert Stave (stave@why.net) --------------------------------- XAMER (xamer@aol.com) Here is a colorful dessert to make for Christmas. Make Rice Krispie treats according to the instructions on the Rice Krispie box, except multiply the recipe by 1.5 on all ingredients. Mix in your favorite KA into the marshmallow creme. If you don't increase the recipe by 1.5, it will be sour. I was looking in my Sunday paper and noticed an ad for Rice Krispies. They suggest that you add a pack of Kool-Aid to your batch of Rice Krispy treats for fruity flavor and wacky color. Kool-Aid Sandwiches: Fransciso Toro ---------------------- I told my girlfriend about all ye friendly folks on a.d.ka and she chuckled and told me that when she was a little kid in Elementary School (2nd Grade about) she used to come home from school every day while her mom was still at work and make herself Kool-Aid Sandwiches. This is not a joke! She used to dump the sweetened powder between two slices of Wonder Bread and munch away. It was years before her mom figured out that's where all the Kool-Aid she'd buy was going! In honor of this reminiscence we went and made a Kool-Aid Sandwich. It's, ah, interesting. Makes sort of a novel dessert. Kool-Whip: John Nielson ------------ I found that it mixes very nicely with Cool Whip. You may have to add a bit of sugar (sweeten to taste.) Part of the exploratory process is to discover for yourself the ratio of Cool Whip to sugar to KA. It should reflect your personal preferences. Color is not important, but do not substitute any actual dairy whipped cream, as this treat must have a certain amount of unnaturalness about it. It's great for dipping Twinkies into. Homemade Frozen Pops: (From the Berkeley Recipe Archive) ----------------------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v7.07 1 Kool-Aid, unsweetened, pack. 1 Jelly Powder, package 3/4 c Granulated Sugar 2 c Boiling Water 2 c Cold Water Servings: 18 In a 2-quart glass measure, combine the Kool-Aid, jelly powder and sugar. Add hot water and stir until sugar is dissolved. Stir in cold water. Pour into pop molds and freeze. Makes about 18. Kool Snow Slushy: Rock-a-dial Rachel ------------------- When I was a kid, My sisters and I would get a bowl of snow, then sprinkle pre-sweetened Kool-Aid on it then eat it with a spoon. You may think this sounds gross, but damn, was it good. Kinda like a snow cone. Try it this winter. (If you have snow where you live). Kool Ice Cream: Russell Hansen (rhansen@powerup.com.au) ----------------- Mix Ice Cream powder (this was done in Australia, I am unsure of the availability of such powder elsewhere), with 600 milliliters of whipped cream, and add one packet of your favorite flavor. A few hours later, you will have Kool-Aid Flavor Ice Cream (It works very well with Incrediberry, so says Russell). Kool Ice Cream - Part II: Michael S. Cooper (mscooper@airmail.net) --------------------------- 1 8 oz. tub of Cool Whip (or some other whipped topping) 1 4 oz. box of Junket Ice Cream Mix (Vanilla) 1 packet of unsweetened Kool-Aid (your choice) Cool Whip - $1.25 US Ice Cream Mix $1.00 US Kool-Aid $.25 US Total: $2.50 US Since Cool Whip is usually partially frozen at the store, you need to thaw it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before using. Empty the Cool Whip into a two-quart plastic bowl that you have a lid for. Pour about a fourth of the ice cream mix into the Cool Whip and stir briskly. I use a wire whip because it helps fold the ingredients better. Continue adding the ice cream mix a fourth at a time until it is all mixed in. Then start adding the Kool-Aid the same way. If you dump it all in at once, it will be a lot harder to mix and maintain the color throughout the ice cream. After you finish mixing all the ingredients, you can either eat it as is, or return it to the freezer (with the lid on) for a couple of hours so it will stiffen up. Note: This stuff does not get to the consistency of ice cream, but you may be able to scoop it with a wet scoop if you wish. Those of you who do not have access to Junket may contact me at (mscooper@airmail.net). I have a source for it. Easy Snow Cones: (The Kraft Homepage) ----------------- 1 envelope KOOL-AID Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, any flavor 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup cold water 8 cups finely crushed ice Note: Or use 3/4 cup KOOL-AID Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Mix, any flavor; omit sugar. PLACE soft drink mix and sugar in small plastic or glass bowl. Add cold water; stir to dissolve. For each serving, pour about 1 tablespoon soft drink mixture over 1 cup ice. Banana Yogurt Smoothie: (The Kraft Homepage) ------------------------- 3 cups cold milk 2 containers (8 oz. each) Vanilla Yogurt 1 medium banana, sliced 1 envelope KOOL-AID Sugar Sweetened Soft Drink Mix, any flavor Ice MIX milk, yogurt, banana and soft drink mix in blender container; cover. Blend about 30 seconds or until smooth. Serve over ice. Colorful Frosting: (The Kraft Homepage) -------------------- Serves: Makes 2 1/2 cups. 4 1/2 cups powdered sugar 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine, softened 4 Tbsp. milk 2 Tbsp. KOOL-AID Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Mix, any flavor BEAT sugar, butter, milk and soft drink mix in large bowl with electric mixer on low speed until well blended and smooth. Use immediately. Halloween Cupcakes: (The Kraft Homepage) --------------------- Serves: 24 1 pkg. (2-layer size) white cake mix or cake mix with pudding in the mix 1/4 cup KOOL-AID Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Mix, Orange Flavor. PREPARE and bake cake mix as directed on package for cupcakes, adding soft drink mix before beating. Frost cooled cupcakes with Colorful Frosting made with orange flavor soft drink mix. Decorate with Halloween candies or sprinkle with additional soft drink mix, if desired. Halloween Crispy Treats: (The Kraft Homepage) -------------------------- Serves: Makes 24. 3 Tbsp. butter or margarine 1 pkg. (10 1/2 oz.) miniature marshmallows 1/2 cup KOOL-AID Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink Mix, Orange or Grape 7 cups POST ALPHA-BITS Frosted Letter Oat and Corn Cereal NOTE: POST HONEYCOMB Brand Sweetened Corn and Oat Cereal may be substituted for POST ALPHA-BITS Cereal. LINE 13x9-inch pan with foil; lightly grease foil. MICROWAVE butter in large microwavable bowl on HIGH 45 seconds or until melted. Add marshmallows and soft drink mix; mix to coat. Microwave on HIGH 1 1/2 minutes or until marshmallows are melted and smooth, stirring after 45 seconds. Add cereal; mix to coat well. PRESS firmly into prepared pan. Cool. Cut into squares. Store in airtight container. Oh Yeah Xmas Cookie Icing: Rob Stave (stave@why.net) ---------------------------- 1 Cup Confectioners Sugar. 1 teaspoon Water. Mix and add water until you have a good thick paste. Add a pinch of your favorite Kool-Aid to color your icing. For red, I used fruit punch but now I think pink lemonade would have been more appropriate (the fruitiness was a bit overwhelming). Kool Cherry Coke: Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) ------------------- Half a glass of Cherry Kool-Aid Half a glass of Coke Mix (Stir no James Bond'ing here) ;) Kool-Aid Slushies: Steve Woolley -------------------- I missed the original message, but the subject provoked me to inform you fellow Kool-Aiders about my secret slush recipe. It is the only way to drink Kool-Aid (in my view). So, here it is. First of all you'll need a blender. (mine holds about 7 cups I think) Put in two cups of cold water, one cup of sugar (of course, you can't measure it exactly or it would be ruined) add whatever flavor or mixture of flavors of kool-aid to it and mix it. Then, fill it the rest of the way (or at least most of the way to the top) with ice. Finally, blend that puppy! (hopefully you have a powerful blender) Then once it is done chopping the ice, pour it into your pitcher and drink it all. If you do it as often as myself, soon you'll be immune to the headache that it gives you. Also, it can be done in a matter of minutes rather than hours. X. What can you tell me about the Kool-Aid Man Atari 2600 video game? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Below is a description and detailed instruction of the Kool-Aid video + game. This info came from a web page that is no longer in operation. + The following URL was where it originated: + http://www.sponsor.net/~gchancel/2600Stuff/2600Docs/Kool-Aid_Man KOOL-AID MAN (M-Network) INSTRUCTIONS (1 Player vs. Computer) Help Kool-Aid Man in a battle with the Thirsties! Those insatiable Thirsties are stealing the water out of your swimming pool. You want to catch tem when they stop to dip their straws in the pool. Also, help Kool- Aid Man gobble up Kool-Aid ingredients in order to keep the Thirsties from bouncing Kool-Aid Man around the backyard. For your Atari 2600 Game System. Kool-Aid and Kool-Aid Man are trademarks of General Foods Corporation. Copyright 1983 General Foods Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Atari is a trademark of Atari Inc. THE GAME [Screen Shot: Score (black number top center of screen), Time (red number below score), Kool-Aid Man (a pitcher), Backyard Walls (vertical multi-colored barriers on left and right sides of screen), Pool (blue area at bottom of screen), Thirsties With Straws (bomb/apple shaped with eyes looking left and right), Thirsties Without Straws (bomb/apple shaped with eyes facing forward and sucking water out of the pool) and Water Ingredient(large floating "W").] You can move Kool-Aid Man anywhere in your backyard. Make him catch the Thirsties by colliding with them when they stop to drink the water out of your swimming pool. For every Thirstie he catches, you add a hundred points to your score. However, the Thirsties are pretty tough customers! When they're not standing still, drinking the water out of your swimming pool, they're moving across the screen, trying to bounce Kool-Aid Man around the yard. So you best dodge them as they come after you. If a Thirstie hits Kool-Aid Man, you'll lose control of him temporarily. You can aid Kool-Aid Man by making him gobble up the Water (W's), Sugar (S's) and Kool-Aid (K's) which occasionally pass through the yard. He gobbles them up by catching them on the run. These ingredients make Kool-Aid Man temporarily unaffected by the moving Thirsties. This means he can move about without being knocked around by them. That's when you can really catch the other Thirsties who have stopped to steal your water. If the Thirsties steal all the water from your pool before you catch every one of them, the game is over. If you catch them all before that happens, you WIN and automatically move on to the next level of difficulty. CONTROLLERS Use your Left Joystick Controller to move Kool-Aid Man. (The Right Joystick is not used in this game.) Be sure your controller cable is securely plugged into the back of the game console. Hold the controller with the word "top" facing the top of the T.V. screen. - Push joystick LEFT to move Kool-Aid Man LEFT. - Push joystick RIGHT to move Kool-Aid Man RIGHT. - Push joystick FORWARD to move Kool-Aid Man UP. - Push joystick BACK to move Kool-Aid Man DOWN. Note: The red button is not used in this game! DIFFICULTY SWITCHES The switch on the RIGHT sets the level of difficulty. In the A position, the Thirsties move at a faster speed. In the B position, the Thirsties move at a normal speed. The switch on the LEFT is used to freeze the action of the game by sliding it to the A position. Position B is used to return the game to action from the point at which it was stopped. (Always begin with the switch in position B.) ACTION! Get ready to join Kool-Aid Man in battling the Thirsties! To start the game, press the Reset Switch on the console. Be ready!!! The game starts right after Kool-Aid Man breaks through the wall of the yard. When Kool-Aid Man appears on the screen with the Thirsties, push the Left Joystick in any of the four directions available. Controlling Kool-Aid Man: Push your Joystick Controller in the direction you want Kool-Aid Man to go. Don't let Kool-Aid Man bump into the walls or the water in the pool. If you do, you'll lose control of him temporarily. Dodge the Thirsties as they pass horizontally across the screen. If you don't, you will bounce Kool-Aid Man around the yard, and you will temporarily lose control of him. When a Thirstie stops and dunks its straw in the pool, make Kool-Aid Man bump into it. The Thirstie will disappear from the yard, and you'll add a hundred points to your score on the screen. The Kool-Aid Ingredients: You will notice W's, S'S and K's passing horizontally across the screen. They stand for Water, Sugar and Kool-Aid. Try to make Kool-Aid Man catch them if you can. He will gobble them up and music will play. This will keep Kool-Aid Man temporarily unaffected by the Thirsties. That means he gets bigger, and the moving Thirsties can't bounce him around. It's the best time to catch as many stationary Thirsties as you can. But when the music stops, Kool-Aid Man will shrink back to his normal size and can be knocked around by the Thirsties once again. Every time Kool-Aid Man gobbles up an ingredient, a little water is added back to the swimming pool. This amounts to slowing down the clock, so you have more time to catch the Thirsties. SCORING Your score at the top-center of the screen will increase by 100 points for every Thirstie you catch. Timing: There are 30 Thirsties trying to drink the water out of your pool. If you catch every one of them before they drink all the water, you WIN and automatically move on to the next level of difficulty. If the Thirsties drink all the water out of your swimming pool before you catch every one of them, the game is over. Bonus Points: Bonus points are awarded for the time left on the clock at the end of each round. So, catch all the Thirsties as fast as you can for the best score possible! WINNING TIPS When Kool-Aid Man gets bounced around by the Thirsties, relax! It will only last a few seconds. Just be ready to take over when he settles down. Go after every Ingredient you can. While you're unaffected by the moving Thirsties, you can catch a lot of other Thirsties who are stealing the water out of your pool. XI. What can you tell me about Marvel Kool-Aid Man Comics? ------------------------------------------------------------ Marvel published about a half a dozen Kool-Aid Comics in the 80's. They're basically just big Kool-Aid ads, but are mildly amusing to browse through. Around six different comics were made in the series. For more information about the rarity of the comic series and the cost of obtaining a set, see your nearest Comic Book retailer. -Terry Wiegard (wiegard@idirect.com) + Here are the titles: + 1. 'The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man' - As he Battles the Thirsties in + Outer Space and on the Baseball Field. 1983 + 2. 'The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man' No. 2 - As he Battles the + Thirsties Through Time and on a Camping Adventure. 1984 + 3. 'The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man' No. 3 - ??? 1985 + 4. 'The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man' No. 4 - Is Scorch to Hot to + Handle? 1987 + 5. 'The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man' No. 5 - Wacky Warehouse, Grand + Opening. 1988 + 6. 'The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man' No. 6 - Wacky Warehouse, New + Flavor Formula. 1989 + -Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) XII. What is the Kool-Aid Fan-Fic? ------------------------------------- Kool-Aid Fan-Fic is a fictional(?) story of the adventures of Kool-Aid Man and his struggle against the evils of Flavor-Aid Fella. It was written by Chris M. Ackney, aka GREEN GUY. Chapter 1. It All Began on a Nice Quiet Day... Chapter 2. Flavor-Aid Fella on a Rampage! Chapter 3. Kool-Aid Man, Timmy, and the Flavor-Aid Death Machine. Chapter 4. Kool-Aid goes Film Noire. Chapter 5. Gumshoe Kool-Aid These are now available on the web at the Kool-Aid Archive: http://www.greasyspoon.com/koolaid/kaff.html XIII. Does anyone else mix Kool-Aid flavors together? -------------------------------------------------------- Many KA drinkers enjoy creating their own special blends of Kool-Aid. A list of favorite mixes follows....submit your favorite!! 1 Black Cherry:1 Great Bluedini (Jodie Zwart) 1 Cherry:1/2 Orange:1/2 lemonade (Kaptain Kool) 1 Grape:1 Orange (Adam, Guru of the GRAPE) 1 Grape:1 Pink Swimmingo (jimij) 1 Orange:1 Pink Swimmingo....for special occasions (jimij) 1 Cherry:1 Grape (jimij) 1 Grape:1 Raspberry (jimij) 1 Grape:1 Strawberry (jimij) 2 Incrediberry:1 Pink Lemonade (unknown) ....said to taste like Berry Blue?? 1 PS-Rex:1 Black Cherry (MudGuy) 1 Lemonade:1 Black Cherry (MudGuy) 1/4 Incrediberry:1/4 Lemon-Lime:1/2 Black Cherry (MudGuy) 1/4 Cherry:3/4 PS-Rex w/1.5 c sugar (MudGuy) 1 PS-Rex:1 Orange.....a true MUD! (MudGuy) In one gallon jug:2 c sugar: 2 Great Bluedini: (Peter White) 1 Incrediberry:1 PS-Rex:1 Lemon-Lime:1 Black Cherry 1 Any flavor:1 Lemonade (Kaptain Kool) 3 1/2 c sugar:3 Great Bluedini:1 PS-Rex (Jon Ippel) + 1 Ice Blue:1 Cherry:less than 1 quart of water (Stu the Hillbilly + 3/4 cup sugar Drummer Girl) RIVER WATER: Dave Freidkin (freidkin@doitnow.com) -------------- My wife Sunny came up with a great combination called RIVER WATER. You make it with one packet of Lemon-Lime and one packet of Watermelon- Cherry, and of course, 2 cups of sugar. Makes a gallon of funky brown water, like the result of a vacation in Mexico, but it tastes great! XIV. Can I "recapture" lost flavors through Kool-Aid mixing? --------------------------------------------------------------- In my many experiences with K-A, I have found mixes that taste like some of the discontinued flavors. Purplesaurus Rex: Olanin (fskml@aurora.alaska.edu) ------------------- 1.5 scoops Grape 2.5 scoops Lemonade Sunshine Punch: Olanin (fskml@aurora.alaska.edu) ----------------- 2 Scoops Orange 2 Scoops Lemonade Sharkleberry Fin: Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) ------------------- 1/2 tsp of Lemonade(unsweetened) 1/2 tsp of Orange(unsweetened) 1/2 tsp of Strawberry(unsweetened) 1 Cup of sugar(use the full cup of sugar on this, or it will be tart) 1/2 gallon of water as usual Scary Blackberry(?): (Michael S. Cooper <mscooper@flash.net>) ----------------------- Just a note to let you all know I mixed up my own Scary Blackberry tonight, just a little different than the recipe given by Kraft. I actually mixed grape, cherry, and tropical punch and three (3!) cups of sugar together in a three quart pitcher (That's double-strength, guys!) and then diluted it accordingly into my storage pitchers. For the record, I can't say it tastes exactly like Scary Blackberry, because I've never had any. We don't seem to get it down here in Dallas, or Texas for that matter. I will say that it tastes *exactly* like a mix of those three flavors, with the tropical punch flavor being most dominant. The color, however, is a great Halloween blood reddish-purple. Cheap Imitations of lost flavors: ------------------------------------ There are also cheap imitations of lost Kool-Aid Flavors still available on the market. Susan Hoover (71061.2052@CompuServe.COM) Drink Aid (an American imitationsof Kool-Aid) has the following flavors which approximate discontinued flavors: Kangablue Brew - this is Great Bluedini in disguise; it even starts out green and changes to blue Purple Mania - this is a grape / lemonade mix; Its their version of Purplesaurus Rex? Boppin' Redbird - god knows; this is a red drink that tastes kind of like raspberry-cherry-fruit punch (Rock-a-dile Red) XV. What are some good non-alcoholic Kool-Aid mixes? ------------------------------------------------------- Blood Kool-Aid: Amy Mundhenk (amundhen@Phoenix.kent.edu) ----------------- 1 Package Cherry Sugar-Free 1 Package regular grape 1 cup sugar 1 Dr. Pepper Water to make 1 Gallon Mix the Kool-Aid and sugar with the Dr.Pepper. Add water. The results look remarkably like blood and taste like killer pixy sticks. This recipe was invented by my friend D.M. who is one of those "more vampyric than thou" types. Kool Milk Shakes: Russell Hansen (rhansen@powerup.com.au) ------------------- First select your favorite Kool-Aid flavor. Take 1/4 tsp of Kool-Aid powder, 300mls of milk, and 4-5 scoops of ice-cream. It makes a wonderful treat... Kool Koffee: Mats Fjellner (d94-mfj@nada.kth.se) -------------- 1 red Philips Cafe DUO coffee machine with built-in re-usable filter. 1 packet of Oh-Yeah Orange Pineapple. Lofbergs Lila (Swedish brand) coffee Step 1: Pour a small amount of coffee into the filter, and pour a very thin layer of Kool-Aid on the coffee. Step 2: Repeat step 1, until you've used the whole packet of Kool-Aid. Step 3: Turn on the coffee machine. Step 4: Wait anxiously. Well, what can I say about the taste? I can imagine this is what the coffee they serve in hell must taste like. I guess this is the reason you never hear about people mixing Kool-Aid with coffee. If anyone's done it before me, they probably freaked out & got locked up in a cuckoo's nest somewhere. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS! Unless you're an experienced Kool-Aid user & you know what you're doing. Lemonade with an Orange: Mark Atkins -------------------------- Use one orange for each packet of lemonade KA. Make KA as usual. Fill container about halfway. Slice orange, and place slices in KA. Since the ends of the orange will be mostly peel, I squeeze that to get the juice into the KA, then toss the peel. Fill container to top, then place in the cooler. It needs to sit awhile to let everything mix. I let it set overnight. After you drink your KA, you have tasty oranges to eat. KOOL-AID FRUIT PUNCH: Paul Lindberg ----------------------- 2 packets UNsweetened red Koolaid mix 2 2-liter bottles soda 1 can frozen lemonade concentrate 1 can frozen pineapple juice concentrate sugar, as needed Make up the koolaid ahead of time, by dissolving in a small amount on water (as little as possible). Don't add sugar! Cool this mixture. With everything cold, mix it all together, just before the party. You can add sherbert to keep it cold, or make ice cubes, or an ice cube ring, using the koolaid mixture. You probably won't need to add any sugar to this, as the soda, lemonade, and pineapple juice should contain plenty. Super Kool-Aid: Brian O'Shea (bwoshea@uiuc.edu) ----------------- Here's the Recipe for Brian O'Shea's Super Kool-Aid! "So good it crunches!" Still legal in 13 states - and Puerto Rico! (Approval pending in Canada) 12 oz pre-mixed Fruit Punch Kool-Aid (the stuff with the sugar already in it) 2 packages unsweetened Kool-Aid (I recommend Pink Lemonade and Cherry) 2 1/2 pounds sugar (approx. 1 kilogram) Note: Better more than less! Water Put the sugar, sweetened, and unsweetened Kool-Aid packages into a two-quart container. Add lots of ice, add water to two-quart line, and shake. Serve! For more entertaining results, add one dose of a commercial caffeine supplement such as Vivarin per 8-oz serving and shake until fully dissolved. Notes: This is best taken when you don't have to get up early - hyperactivity is a common side-effect. Santa's Punch: (santaklaus.com) ---------------- 1 quart pineapple juice 1 pkg (2 qt) lime Kool-Aid 1 qt lime sherbet 2 qts ginger ale Preparation Mix Kool-Aid in punch bowl. Add pineapple juice. Just before serving, add sherbet by spoonfuls. Add ginger ale. For red punch, use raspberry Kool-Aid and sherbet. WITCHES BREW: (E Breausr's homepage) --------------- MAKE ONLY AT FULL MOON 1 half gallon lime Kool-Aid 1 quart ginger ail 1 half gallon raspberry shurbet Mix Kool-Aid and ginger ail Stir clockwise 3 times Add sherbet at full moon only Let sherbet melt Drink very carefully Banana Orange-Pineapple Shake: (The Kraft Homepage) -------------------------------- Serves: 5 1/2 cup water 1 envelope (2-quart size) OH YEAH ORANGE-PINEAPPLE KOOL-AID 2 cups cold milk 2 cups vanilla ice cream 1 ripe banana, cut into chunks PLACE water and soft drink mix in blender container; cover. BLEND until dissolved. Add milk, vanilla ice cream and banana; cover. BLEND on high speed 30 seconds or until smooth. Serve immediately. Fruity Kiwi Lime Punch: (The Kraft Homepage) ------------------------- Prep time 5 mins. 1 pkg Kiwi Lime Kool-Aid (unsweetened) 1 1/2 Cups cold water 1/2 cup chilled orange juice 2 tbsp sweetened lime juice 4 cups crushed ice MEASURE drink mix to 2-quart line on package cap. DO NOT OVERFILL OR MOUND. Pour into blender container. Add water, orange juice and lime juice; cover. Blend on high speed until drink mix is dissolved. Add ice; blend until smooth. Banana Pineapple Frosted: (The Kraft Homepage) --------------------------- 1/2 cup water 1 envelope KOOL-AID Pina-Pineapple Flavor, unsweetened 2 cups cold milk 1 pint (2 cups) vanilla ice cream 1 banana (optional), sliced Note: Or use KOOL-AID unsweetened Soft Drink Mix and add 3/4 cup sugar. PLACE water and soft drink mix in blender; cover. Blend until dissolved. Add milk, ice cream and banana; cover. Blend 30 seconds or until smooth. Serve at once. Makes 5 servings. Ghoulish Kool-Aid Punch: -------------------------- Combine 1 envelope unsweetened grape Kool-Aid, 1 envelope unsweetened orange Kool-Aid, 2 cups sugar and 3 quarts ice water. To Serve: Stir in 1 liter chilled ginger ale. To make a truly scary punch, fill a clean, food-safe rubber glove full of water and freeze carefully. Peel once frozen and float the ice in the punch. -(http://www.byerlys.com/bbag/Oct1996/living.html)**no longer active** Goblin-Gulp Punch Showcase: (The Kraft Homepage) ----------------------------- 1 envelope of KOOL-AID Cherry Flavor Unsweetened 1 envelope of KOOL-AID Grape Flavor Unsweetened 1 envelope KOOL-AID Raspberry Flavor Unsweetened 2 3/4 cups sugar 4 1/2 quarts cold water Ice cubes PLACE soft drink mixes and sugar in large punch bowl. Add water; stir to dissolve. Serve over ice cubes. + Dishwasher Punch: (amarufre@aol.com) + ----------------- + 1 can pineapple juice + 1/2 QT. apple juice + 1 pack grape Kool-Aid + 2 packs grape berry punch Kool-Aid + 1 pack Tropical Punch Kool-Aid + 1 1/2 packs Strawberry Kool-Aid + 11 QTS water + 1 red food coloring + Make sure all Kool-Aid is pre-sweetened (or add appropriate sugar.) + Mix all dry together. Add water and juices. Stir well. Add food + coloring until it looks drinkable. Without food coloring, it should + look like it's name. + Grape Ice Cream - 1962: Jaguar (jbaker@inreach.com) + ----------------------- + 1 package grape Kool Aid + 2/3 cup sugar + 1 can evaporated milk + Put everything in a bowl, add mixer beaters to the bowl, and put in + freezer until ice crystals start to form around the edges. Put beaters + in mixer and mix on high speed until mixture is very thick--kind of + like whip cream. Put bowl back in freezer (sans beaters) until frozen. + Eat. I've tried other flavors, but grape just seems to be the best. + Kids Summer Punch: Jaguar (jbaker@inreach.com) + ------------------ + 1 can frozen lemonade + 1 package Kool Aid (usually red) + 1 cup sugar + 2 quarts plus four juice cans water + Mix everything together. Make sure some of it spills on the floor so + you get that proper summery feel when you walk across the floor + barefoot. If it isn't too awfully hot this will last 3 kids one day. XVI. What are some good Kool-Aid and Alcohol mixes? ------------------------------------------------------ This section is for your favorite alcoholic beverages involving Kool-Aid. Dead Puppy: Ken Meredith (ummered0@cc.umanitoba.ca) ------------- Gin + Grape Kool-Aid T-Bomb: (Tequila Home Page) --------- 1 packet Lemon-Lime Kool-Aid same portion Tequila 1 bottle Corona Beer Shaker: (Tequila Home Page) --------- 1 1/2 oz Tequila 3 oz pineapple juice 1/2 oz Lemonade Kool-Aid 1/2 tsp grenadine Antifreeze: Pink Lloyd ------------- 32 Oz. Kiwi-Lime Kool-Aid 2 Oz. Vodka Merry Bloody Forest: unknown ---------------------- 1 Part Raspberry Kool-Aid 1 part Orange Juice 1 Part Vodka Smurf Piss: unknown ------------- 2 parts Berry Blue Kool-Aid 2 parts Mountain Dew soda 1 Part Grain Alcohol Swamp Water #2: unknown ----------------- 1 Part Orange Juice 1 Part Berry Blue Kool-Aid 1 Part Southern Comfort PS Rex-Rum: Jennifer, Ruler of Rex ------------- My personal favorite mix is a little PS Rex and about two oz. Spiced Rum. Makes a fascinating treat. If you make a whole batch you can put it in the freezer and make slushies. It's great for those parties where you wanna try a little something different. Velvet Crush: Travis W Fisher --------------- If you have ever heard of the band Soul Coughing, they mention an alcoholic drink called a Velvet Crush. It is described simply as "Kool-Aid and Gin" Kool-Aid Daiquiri: KellyAnn (71534.1735@CompuServe.COM) -------------------- Dissolve 1 cup sugar in 1 pint hot water Add Kool-Aid powder (Black Cherry is recommended) blend well and cool. Add a few ounces of this concentrate to a blender full of ice and rum, blend and voila! The "Vodka-Kiwi-Lime Effect": IoKA ------------------------------- I added vodka to kiwi-lime Kool-Aid once, and it turned clear green (as opposed to its normal semi-cloudy appearance). GLOWING BLUEDINI-EVERCLEAR: Tirza ----------------------------- Adding Everclear to great Bluedini and then putting it into one of those frosted glass Flintstones cups that McDonald's used to sell creates one of most aesthetically pleasing beverages that anyone could ever want. It glows kind of like the core of a nuclear reactor. Blue Slushy: Larry Pasakarnis (RoloVincent@compuserve.com) -------------- I did this for the following drink. Ttake a large rectangular Tupperware container and mix up your Kool-Aid in it. Add Everclear to this mixture and add more flavor and sugar to taste. Once completed place the container in the freezer. Let sit until frozen. Mine usually does not freeze solid do to the amount of Everclear I add this makes it easy to break the block up with a knife into a slushy mixture. After this place the block of BLUE into a cooler and add more Kool-Aid and Everclear. Quantities are dependent on containers and your alcoholic ability. PURPLE PANTIE PULLDOWNS: Norbert -------------------------- 1 package grape 1 package lemonade 2 cups sugar .5 liters of Vodka Squishy: Brian Mathis (gentry@mail.csh.rit.edu) ---------- 1. Fill a blender all the way with ice. 2. Pour water into the blender so its about half full. 3. Put in as much vodka (devil's springs) as you like. 2 shots for you wusses 3 shots ok 4 shots nice and strong 4. Dump in your favorite Kool-Aid(tm) flavor, use enough for about 1.5 quarts of Kool-Aid(tm). 5. Fill the rest of the way with water. 6. Blend until there are no ice chunks left. 7. Pour into your favorite serving container and enjoy. 8. After you've got a few in ya, send us E-mail. Slarty Bartfast: Amy Mundhenk (amundhen@kent.edu) ------------------ 1/2 Grape Kool-Aid 1/2 Southern Comfort KA and Jack Daniels: Andrew Loftus (skii@prairienet.org) ---------------------- Jack Daniels and Black Cherry or Fruit Punch makes a wonderfully smooth drink. Mr. Daniels knew what he was doing when he distilled the best whiskey. Enjoy! Windex: Curtis R. Anderson (gleepy@intelligencia.com) --------- Find Berry Blue, and mix it with Alcohol. It's a tasty treat that looks like window cleaner. KILLER KONKUSSION KOOLER: (E Morey's Homepage) --------------------------- 1 cup of Everclear 1/2 cup of Captain Morgan's Puerto Rican Spicy Rum 1+ cups of sugar 1 scoop of lemonade mix 1 packet of Kool-Aid mix (any flavor) 2 quarts of water Blue Houdini: (McDermot's homepage) --------------- 6 gallons of Great Bluedini Kool-Aid mix powder 1 gallon of water 1 gallon of ice 1 bottle of Peach Schnapps 1 bottle of Southern Comfort Serve in large Gatorade cooler or small trash can. Best Trash Can punch made! + Saturday Nite Refreshment: Jaguar (jbaker@inreach.com) + -------------------------- + Mix Lime Kool-Aid + Add Vodka. XVII. How can I get flavors that aren't sold in my area? ----------------------------------------------------------- Alt.drinks.kool-aid is an excellent aid in acquiring those rare flavors and old packets of Kool-Aid. Just post a message with what you are looking for. You may have to be persistent, but the payoff can be quite good. Many have acquired several discontinued flavors in this way. + You can also consult the Kool-Traders list. It contains a list of people + who want to trade Kool-Aid. For more info, check the Kool-Traders + list: http://members.tripod.com/~NightGarden/katrade.htm or e-mail + Walter Klimczak (klimczak@mindspring.com). + Use online auctions! EBay is a great one. Go to this url as an example: + http://www.ebay.com/ and try putting this in the search including the + parentheses: (kool-aid, koolaid, kool-ade, koolade) + -Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) + -Paul Dawson-Schmidt (dawsons@visi.com) + The other places that you may find fun and useful in your search is: + Close-out store like Big Lots, dollar stores like Dollar General, your + family & friends (you would be very surprised), ask your neighbors + (the older ones usually have some rare packets sitting on the shelves, + REALLY!), grocery stores in small towns, and any convenient stores. + -Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) + -Paul Dawson-Schmidt (dawsons@visi.com) XVIII. How do I get in touch with the good folks at Kool-Aid? ---------------------------------------------------------------- By phone: USA 1-800-367-9225 Canada 1-800-268-7808 By mail: in the USA Kraft General Foods, Inc. Box RK-BC West Plains, NY 10625 USA in Canada Kraft General Foods Canada, Inc. Don Mills, Ontario. M3C 3J5 CANADA + By e-mail: http://www.kraftfoods.com/kool-aid/html/talk/ka_email.html + and then follow the e-mail link. The e-mail goes to Kraft, + the makers of Kool-Aid. XIX. Where else do they sell Kool-Aid? (Kool-Aid around the world) --------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a hard question to answer. Research in this area is ongoing. Naturally, it is available in the US and Canada. Ron Gregory has acquired a single serving packet from somewhere in the Middle East. It has Arabic writing (maybe) on it, but the origin is unknown. It is also available in Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, The Philippines, Russia, and Japan, where packets are naturally printed in different languages, and in some cases, have different flavors then are available in North America. The following is an excerpt from a brochure Ron Gregory got from Kraft: *********************************************************************** The Kraft General Foods Inc. (KGFI) international markets are Middle East and Africa: ------------------------- Best selling products across the area include Tang powdered beverage, Kraft cheddar cheese in the famous "blue can," cream cheese spread, mayonnaise, Maxwell House coffee, Jell-O desserts and Vitalite margarine. Our largest area markets are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain, with aggressive development plans to expand sales in Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. Asia/Pacific: --------------- KGFI's Asia/Pacific region, headquartered in Hong Kong, includes countries in varying stages of development: from westernized Australia and New Zealand, and highly industrialized Japan and South Korea, to such emerging economies as those of India, Thailand, Indonesia and the People's Republic of China.... Our present operations are most extensive in Australia, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. Although coffee and cheese are our key categories in the region, the product portfolio varies markedly from country to country. In the Philippines, we have a commanding position in the cheese market and are strongly represented in the powdered beverage category, with our Tang and Kool-Aid brands. [tiny photo of "Kool-Aid Juicers Strawberry Drink Mix" all in English. very colorful picture of strawberries as background. Of course there are two Tang items... a packet and a jar :-(] Kool-Aid was only mentioned in the Philippines section... French: --------- Here are the French versions of Kool-Aid flavors. They are not necessarily literal translations, but are the names as they appear on the packets, in Canada. English Translation French --------------------- ------ Cherry Cerise Orange Orange Lemon-Lime Citron-Limette Strawberry Fraise Tropical Punch Punch Tropical Lemonade Limonade Grape Raisin Incrediberry Magicolore Pink Swimmingo Flambant Rose Purplesaurus Rex MauvoSaurus Rex Rock-a-dile Red Rock-o-dile Rouge Sharkleberry Fin Requin' Drole Orange-Pineapple Orange-Ananas Mango-Berry Baies-Mangue Kiwi-Lime Kiwi-Limette Strawberry-Kiwi Fraise-Kiwi Berry Blue Baies Bleu Scary Black Berry Cerise Noire Terrifiant Eerie Orange Orange Hantee Apple Pomme Rainbow Punch Punch Arc-en-ciel Mexican: Gary Boltralik (BOLTRALG@aepco.com) ---------- Mexican flavor English Translation ---------------- ------------------- Cola Cola Fresa Strawberry Frutas Fruit Frutas Tropical Tropical Fruit (Tropical Punch) Naranja Orange Pina Pineapple Uva Grape RUSSIA: Gary Boltralik (BOLTRALG@aepco.com) --------- Kraft made six flavors that were printed in dual language, English-Russian packs. They come only sugar sweetened, are about 13cm X 13cm and make 1 liter(not the usual 2L or 2 Quarts). I got a English-Russian dictionary and tried my hand at a translation of the Cyrillic language. There really isn't a one to one match of characters since the Russian language has 33 characters. The best you can do is to give somewhat of an English phonetic interpretation of what the Russian characters sound like. I compared my translation to one Matt Coon did and they are similar enough that I feel the translation is close. Of course an exact translation from a native Russian speaker would be best, however, since I don't have that, here are the Russian flavors with translation. English Russian --------- ------- Strawberry Klubinka Orange Apelsin Raspberry Malina Cherry Vishnya Tropical Punch Tropicheskiye Fruktui Lemonade Limon (actually lemonade translates just a little different as Limon means Lemon not Lemonade) Note: The 'i' in the above words is pronounced like ee in see. Venezuela: Lynn Weigard ------------ Venezuela English Translation ----------- ------------------- Cereza Cherry Fresa Strawberry Kolita Cola Champagne Tropical Tropical Punch Uva Grape "Kolita" is a kid's flavor--like a cola, but brilliant red. Brazil: Gary Boltralik --------- I now have a set of five Brazilian Kool-Aids. I don't know if there are more than five flavors, but the person shopping for me bought everyone sold. The packets are all sugar sweetened, make 1 liter and are in Portuguese. Gee, another language I don't know. After quite a bit of browsing all the Portuguese dictionaries I could find both on the Internet and local library, I am ready to take a stab at translation. The flavors are as follows: Brazil English Translation -------- ------------------- Laranja Orange Morango Strawberry Uva Grape Guarana OK, this isn't a fruit flavor. I finally found out that this is a Brazilian plant. A Spanish dictionary listed it as a "refreshing drink" made from the seeds of the plant. I guess it would be like a Mexican Cola or a Rootbeer in that its a "plant" flavor rather than fruit. Frutas Vermelhas The Tropical Punch equivalent. Frutas means Fruit (duh). Now Vermelhas, well, it is an adjective that describes something as red. It doesn't necessarily mean something is the color red. Kind of like China having a Red Army. The Army itself is not the color red but it is called red. That's how Vermelhas describes Frutas, literally as Red Fruit. So it could be viewed as Punch, anybody's guess really. The packs have Ki-Suco Wacky as there title instead of Kool-Aid. + In Portuguese Kool-Aid is called Ki-Suco. + As you may know, "suco" is "juice". + "Ki" has the same sound of "que", in Portuguese. This means it's + something like "what a" in English. + The translation of "Que suco!" would be something like, + "What a juice!" + - Paula Casellato Carnasciali (humberto@nhi.lead.org.br) The Philippines: (From the Kool-Aid Koolectors Home Page) ------------------ Flavors: Cherry, Grape, Great Bluedini, Lemonade Sparkle, Orange, Orange Enerjooz, Pineapple, Pink Swimmingo, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, perhaps others. Notes: Pouches are constructed of something similar to Mylar and bare surprising resemblance to soggy North American coffee packages. No full-package mix instructions are listed, but the bag claims to make approximately 11 200ml (6.4 fl. oz) servings on an as-needed basis. Filipino Kool-Aid, contains real juice...news that will perhaps come as a mild disappointment to the true Kool-Aid aficionado. Equally disheartening, Filipino Kool-Aid contains a stunning array of 17 "essential vitamins and minerals"...especially, my bags seem to note, beta carotene. The Orange tastes a bit too suspiciously like Tang, a drink that does serious business in the Philippines. Pouch backs feature puzzles or games. Shown, right, the complex maze on the back of the pouch of Great Bluedini, Kool-Aid Juicer. The following inspiring text appears to the top right of the maze: "This is Kool! Hey! Meet the new Kool-Aid Magic. Yo check this out. Color changes quick. New Kool-Aid...Great Bluedini, Super Fruity Blue, Yummy-yummy Kool! Kool-Aid Great Bluedini. Yo It's Kool." Sigh, maybe I really am too old for this stuff. There are two known sweetened pouch designs: * Early: Packets feature roughly rendered designs that are at times equivalent to the US Super-Fruity (SF) and Pre-Super-Fruity (PSF) design series. Filipino pouches features some new designs and/or color schemes. * Late (Current): Photographic-styled pouches show Kool-Aid, bountifully pouring forth from fresh fruit into a small fountain glass. Columbian Packet Profile: (From the Kool-Aid Koolectors Page) --------------------------- (Known) Flavors: Strawberry(Fresa), Orange (Naranja). Notes: A small number of packets that somehow made it to the store shelves of Michigan are all that there is to show here for Columbian Kool-Aid. The bilingual Spanish and English packets are composed of stiff, glossy, unfoiled paper and were produced in Columbia by Columbina General Foods S.A. Because of the older-style GF logo on the packets, we suspect they date back to 1983. Kool-Aid in Great Britain: Keri Rains ---------------------------- Thanks to Keri, who supplied us with the location of England's underground supply of "black market" Kool-Aid... I am American, but I'm studying in Manchester, England this year. No one here knows what Kool-Aid even is, let alone where I could buy some, so my mom has been mailing some to me every week. However, when browsing through Affleck's Palace (a big building with stalls where they sell stuff, like a market sort of thing), I found a guy who was selling individual packets for 50p, which is about 75 American cents! It is robbery, but the guy has to have friends in the US mail him the Kool-Aid every month, so the costs are bound to be high. + According to our newsgroup friends in Great Britain...Affleck's Palace + is no longer a place you can buy Kool-Aid. (mid 1998) Sweden: Mats Fjellner (d94-mfj@nada.kth.se) --------- Kool-Aid is not sold in Stores in Sweden, but a dealer from the United States sends "all the Kool-Aid that they need". Mats Fjelner and his friends celebrate Kool-Aid periodically (about once a month) by holding a festival, known as the "Lappis Kool-Aid Festival". They have been holding this festival since 1995. The Festival is named after the area of Sweden where it is held. Norway: Cato Hognestad Jensen (catjense@sn.no) --------- I know that you can get Kool-Aid from the NATO store here in Stavanger, but they aren't allowed to give any or sell any. If they do, they can get deported from Norway. A kid last year got a fin on 120 US Dollars for doing it, and his dad a NATO person got put on probation for 1 year, if anything like that happens again they will get deported. Japan: Lynn Wiegard (prex@golden.net) -------- Kool-Aid has started a Trial run in Japan. If you have anymore info on the Japanese sale of Kool-Aid, please inform Paul Dawson-Schmidt (dawsons@visi.com), or post to alt.drinks.kool-aid. If you have friends in other countries, ask them if they sell Kool-Aid where they live. + Here is what The Kraft Homepage has to say about where Kool-Aid sales: + From its earliest days, KOOL-AID has been available in Latin America. + KOOL-AID began printing a Spanish version of its label shortly after + launching the product. KOOL-AID is also available in Canada, the + Caribbean, and Asia. + Based on per capita sales, KOOL-AID is most popular in Memphis, + Tennessee. The other top five cities are (in order) Little Rock, + St. Louis, Oklahoma City, and Jacksonville, Florida. (all in US) + Today, one glass of KOOL-AID - which cost less than a penny a glass + back in 1927 - is still a bargain, costing less than a nickel a + glass and beating the rate of inflation since 1947! + KOOL-AID is certainly an All-American favorite. So it's no surprise + that more KOOL-AID is sold the week right before and the week after + the 4th of July than any other period during the year. + More than 563 million gallons of KOOL-AID are consumed each year, + with more than 225 million gallons in the summer. In other words, + 17 gallons of KOOL-AID are consumed every second during the summer + season! + If all the envelopes of KOOL-AID sold in a year were laid end-to-end, + they would stretch 58,524 miles, which would wrap around the Earth's + equator twice - or between Los Angeles and New York more than 20 + times! XX. What kind of Kool-Aid was consumed at Jonestown Guyana? -------------------------------------------------------------- It is a popular misconception that 900 followers of cult leader Jim Jones committed suicide by drinking Grape Kool-Aid laced with cyanide at their commune in Jonestown Guyana in the late 1970's. This is not true. The followers of Jones actually drank cyanide laced Flavor-aid, a cheap imitation of Kool-Aid. The Flavor-aid flavor they consumed was grape. Therefore, Kool-Aid played no part in this tragedy. XXI. What is "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test?" -------------------------------------------------- "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" is a book about author Ken Kesey ("One + Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" etc.), the Merry Pranksters (the band to + later become The Greatful Dead), and assorted other "60s types" going around in a refurbished school bus and giving people Kool-Aid spiked with LSD to see how they react. This was in the real early days of the hippie culture, (1965-66) before LSD was criminalized (in late 1966). I daresay the publicity people at Kool-Aid were not very happy about having their product associated with such things. You won't find it in official company histories. "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" was written by Tom Wolfe ("The Right + Stuff") and published in 1968(first edition hardback). Apparently, Kesey et al. weren't too fond of Wolfe or the book. He seems to have hung around for a few days and then headed back for the big city, where they know how to look after guys in white suits. -David Jones (djones@eng.mc.xerox.com) -Mats Fjellner (d94-mfj@nada.kth.se) -Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) + This link will let you see the orginal dust jacket of this book: + Front cover and inside: + http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/6558/ekaatfnt.jpg + Back cover and inside: + http://www.geocities.com/Paris/LeftBank/6558/ekaatbck.jpg + Amazingly enough, it is back in print and available from Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN%3D0553264915/musicscapeinternA/002 -6409973-2995440 XXII. What is the Wacky Warehouse? Paul Dawson-Schmidt ------------------------------------- (dawsons@visi.com) The Wacky Warehouse is a trading post of sorts that rewards loyal Kool-Aid drinkers to mail in their Kool-Aid points for prizes. In the past, Kool-Aid watches, walkmans, t-shirts and smiling pitchers have been available. In 1995, the Warehouse changed the way it operates, and now only offers prizes on a periodic basis. If you want to find out what specifically is available you can call the Kool-Aid number and select the Wacky Warehouse part. The number is 1-800-367-9225 (in the US) or 1-800-268-7808 (in Canada). + There is also finally a website for the Wacky Warehouse at: + http://www.kraftfoods.com/kool-aid/html/wacky/ka_wacky_index.html You can also write the Wacky Warehouse in the US: WACKY WAREHOUSE P.O. Box 3328 Maple Plain, MN 55593-3328 Or in Canada: WACKY WAREHOUSE P.O. Box 5120 Paris, Ontario N3L 3W5 XXIII. Is there a difference between regular and super-fruity Kool-Aid? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, there is substantial debate about this. On December 27, 1994, in my kitchen in Winnipeg Manitoba, I conducted a taste test between Regular Orange and Super Fruity Orange. The next day I performed a similar test between regular and super-fruity Cherry. My conclusion was, that in both cases, there was no difference at all. However, others refuse to believe those results, and adamantly deny my claims. For those who don't remember, old Kool-Aid (Pre-1995) was not "super fruity". Late in 1994, Super Fruity Kool-Aid made its appearance on store shelves. Rob Buisson + I made similar taste tests and have found no difference what-so-ever. + I guess you will have to be your own judge. Calling Kraft on this, + they had no comment. Donovan (donovan@misslink.net) XXIV. When has Kool-Aid been featured in the Media? ------------------------------------------------------ Recently, Kool-Aid has received much attention from the media, mainly due to the hair dying craze. Here is a brief list of appearances the Kool-Aid has made in the media (this list is surely incomplete). + Here is what The Kraft Homepage has to say about the Kool-Aid Man: + KOOL-AID Man, originally known as the Pitcher Man crashed onto the + scene in 1975. + KOOL-AID Man traditionally wears a rainbow-striped shirt, jeans and + sneakers. But his wardrobe varies according to the occasion. For + example, he wears: + An open Hawaiian print shirt with a bathing suit and flip flops on + Island Twists flavors + Khaki walking shorts and hiking boots on Mega Mountain Twists + flavors + Army fatigues and boots on packages sold on military bases + Skis, earmuffs, goggles and mittens on new KOOL-AID KOOL-POPS and + A parka and snowboots for new frozen KOOL-AID SLUSHIES + The famed frosted KOOL-AID pitcher has been part of the company since + 1954. Three different messages appeared in the frosted pitcher ads + that summer: + One had 5=A2 drawn in the frost + Another had a heart and an arrow and + One had the smiling face that has endured until today. + Much thought went into the location of the handle on the KOOL-AID + pitcher. It was finally decided to place the handle on the right + side so that right-handers (which make up 90 percent of kids) would + be able to see the smile on the pitcher while pouring. + KOOL-AID has distributed more than 3 million plastic pitchers to + consumers since 1963. In addition, more than 1 million plastic + pitchers were handed out in supermarkets in April, 1998! + 1969 These links show Kool-Aid commercials by screen shots featuring: + The Monkees and Bugs Bunny: http://w3.one.net/~shlybluz/jmoore/monkees/pictures/monkees.koolaidb.html + The Monkees: http://w3.one.net/~shlybluz/jmoore/monkees/pictures/monkees.koolaida.html + 1980's: 2 commercials were made for Kool-Aid by an internet graphics + company called, Celefex: http://www.celefex.com/ + Here are the links to see a screen shot slide show of both of them: + http://www.celefex.com/celefex_work/tv_kool_1.html + http://www.celefex.com/celefex_work/tv_kool_2.html January, 1996: Article entitled "Never too old to be a Kool-Aid kid" appears in a 'Zine called "Avalanche". (The article is available online at The Kool-Aid Web Archive). April 17, 1996: A Canada Newswire article appears about a charitable project called "Kool-Aid for Kids" (available on-line via the Kool-Aid web archive). July, 1996: Article entitled "Kool-Aid Goes to Kids heads" appears in the Wall Street Journal. It also appears in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald on July 24. It is written by Yumiko Ono, and is available on line at the Kool-Aid Web Archive. July-August 1996: Not to be outdone, CBS News and the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel both interview Matt Mankins, (Creator of the Hey Kool-Aid Page) for stories about Kool-Aid hair dying. Data about when these stories appeared is incomplete. September 16, 1996: A mini-article entitled "Dye-namite fun" appears in Maclean's Magazine, on page 15. (The article is about kool hair-dye). October 1, 1996: An interview with Rob Buisson, Keeper of the Kool-Aid FAQ at that time, is featured on page 65 of "Internet Underground". It is in the October 1996 issue (Issue #11). The FAQ, the newsgroup and of course Kool-Aid are discussed. ShadZ (shadz@rocketmail.com) found this about Kool-Aid in an Archie Comic: IN: Betty #46 (Feb 1997) PUBLISHER: Archie Comics TITLE: To Dye For WRITER: Bill Golliher ARTISTS: Stan Goldberg & Mike Esposito PLOT: Veronica is showing off her expensive new hair-do. Betty is bummed because she can't afford to do anything new with her hair, until a 12-year-old skateboarder shares the secret of dying hair with Kool-Aid (referred to in the story as "Cool Juice"). Betty wows everyone at a party with her new pink hair (thanks to Radical Raccoon Rootin' Tootin' Raspberry flavor Cool Juice), but Jughead can smell her secret... (I'd better stop there before I give away the ending :-) ) May 22, 1998 (Reuters press release): Kool-Aid is declared Nebraska's official state drink to recognize the fact that it was invented in the state 61 years before. August 1998 (exact date unknown): An upcoming article on Kool-Aid Days (see the next section of the FAQ) that may or may not include part of an interview with Paul Dawson-Schmidt, Keeper of the Kool-Aid FAQ. If you know of any other media stories about Kool-Aid, please e-mail Paul Dawson-Schmidt with the details (dawsons@augsburg.edu or dawsons@visi.com). XXV. What is "Kool-Aid Days?" Todd Kirshenbaum (museum@tcgcs.com) -------------------------------- 1998: I work at The Hastings Museum in Hastings, Nebraska, USA...the home of Kool-Aid. We are planning the first ever Kool-Aid Days next August. It should be a lot of fun. Just in the planning stages right now, but if you want more info, feel free to contact me at the address below. Todd Kirshenbaum - museum@tcgcs.com - (402) 461-2399 [note - This was written for 1998. The First Annual Kool-Aid Days did take place at the Hastings Museum on August 15, 1998.] XXVI. Where else can I find Kool-Aid on the 'net? ---------------------------------------------------- + Kraft's NEW Official Kool-Aid Page: + http://www.kraftfoods.com/kool-aid/kool-aid.html?&B=3D5&L=3D1 + Kraft's OLD Official Kool-Aid Page: + http://www.kraftfoods.com/cgi-bin/product.cgi?PRODUCT_ID=3D25 + The Kool-Aid Trader's List: + http://members.tripod.com/~NightGarden/ngarden.htm + Walter Klimczak (klimczak@mindspring.com) is "The Keeper" of + The Kool-Aid Trader's List. His site has an excellant Photo + Archive of Kool-Aid packets and many other Kool-Aid stuff. If + you wanted to know what something looked like, you will probably + find it here. He also has a Koolectability Rating for each + packet that let's you know aproximately how hard a certain + packet is to acquire. Homepages with Kool-Aid as the main topic: -------------------------------------------- The Kool-Aid Web Archive http://www.greasyspoon.com/koolaid/index.html + Celefex - Kool-Aid Advertising Company http://www.celefex.com/ + The Kool-Aid Koollectors' Reference Guide http://www.golden.net/~prex/ + Super Fruity! http://members.xoom.com/koolaid + The Iceman's Kool-Aid Gallery + http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Park/2070/koolaid.html + Queen Kool-aid's Grape Kool-Aid Homepage + http://members.aol.com/MaGoOx789/index.html + The Unofficial Kool-Aid Homepage + http://www.geocities.com/MadisonAvenue/1295/ + Hey Kool-Aid Man Homepage http://users.why.net/stave/koolaid.html + Lappis Kool-Aid Festival + http://www.student.nada.kth.se/~d94-mfj/festmain.html + A Very Aritfical Homepage - Kool-Aid + http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~gizmo/koolaid/ Other places the Kool-Aid FAQ's are archived: ----------------------------------------------- version 4.3 "totally linked" http://www.flail.com/kafaq.html version 6.0 http://www.pasteur.fr/other/computer/FAQ/food/kool-aid-faq version 6.1 "linked" http://www.greasyspoon.com/koolaid/kafaq.html + version 7.0 "totally linked" + http://www.misslink.net/donovan/koolafaq.html FTP: ------ The Kool-Aid FAQ is available by FTP at: rftm.mit.edu:/pub/usenet/news.answers/food/kool-aid-faq Mail Server: -------------- The Kool-Aid FAQ is available through a mail server at: mail-server@rtfm.MIT.EDU To get the FAQ, just include the following message in the body of your e-mail: send usenet/news.answers/food/kool-aid-faq ********************************************************************** This FAQ was originally compiled by the one and only Kaptain Kool, AKA Kevin Whalen (whalenk@pfizer.com). It was taken over by Robert Buisson, who guided the FAQ to new heights, in October of 1995. Paul Dawson-Schmidt, the current FAQ maintainer, took control from Rob in April of 1998. Donovan deserves a hearty thanks for the formatting changes introduced in version 7.0 of the FAQ. ********************************************************************** Anyone who has anything to add to the FAQ or would like to have a copy mailed to them may feel free to e-mail Paul Dawson-Schmidt at dawsons@augsburg.edu or dawsons@visi.com (c) 1995 - 1999