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Subject: Big Folks Online Resources Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About On-Line Resources for Big Folks This document contains information about on-line resources for fat people (other than clothing sources, organizations, and publications -- these are covered in other FAQs). If you don't find what you're looking for here, try one of the related FAQs (see question F1 for a complete list). ============================================================ Updated October 00 ============================================================ Contents SECTION A: FAQ about on-line resources for big folks A1) What mailing lists are available for big folks? A2) What other on-line resources are available for big folks? A3) Are there any Web sites relevant to big folks? SECTION B: Information about this FAQ B1) Are there other related FAQs? B2) Posting information B3) Contributors ============================================================ ============================================================ SECTION A: FAQ about on-line resources for big folks A1) What mailing lists are available for big folks? Avalanche UK Subscription address: http://www.thegrapevine.co.uk/Avalanche/avalanche.htm Mailing list associated with the Avalance UK web site at http://www.thegrapevine.co.uk/Avalanche/avalanche.htm Check out the philosophy for the list on the web site before joining. Bella Online Magazine: Empowerment for BBWs... http://www.bella-mag.com Big Beautiful Teen Women Subscription address: http://www.egroups.com/list/bbtw/info.html It is about time that America realized that being overweight is not neccesarily caused by overeating. If you need to talk to someone that understands, then join this group. This group is for 13-19 year old females. Big Moms Subscription address: big_moms_list-request@butler.hpl.hp.com Message body: SUBSCRIBE (your email address) The Big Moms Mailing List is for discussion of anything regarding being a big mom -- social issues, fertility issues, gestational diabetes, doing activities with your kids, etc. This list is primarily for large moms, (be they tall or obese or both), large pregnant moms to be, and large women who want to be moms, although supportive folk that don't fit into neat categories are welcome. Note: This is not a diet-free list; be sure to use clear subject headers for any discussion of dieting/non-dieting issues. Big Sistas List Subscription address: majordomo@list.pitt.edu Message body: subscribe fatbabes (your@address.here) For African-American Women of Size. Broadly Speaking Subscription address: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/broadly-speaking or For big women who reject the dieting mentality and are looking to share views, give support, and generally network and raise consciouisness. Clothing Exchange Subscription address: For folks who would like to trade or give away clothes, any style or size. Plus sized women and men are encouraged to join. Fat Acceptance Subscription address: majordomo@world.std.com Message body: subscribe fat-acceptance General discussion list devoted to fat acceptance, run by NAAFA (but you do not need to be a NAAFA member to join). FatButch Subscription address: http://www.queernet.org/lists/fatbutch.htm For butches who identify themselves as fat, are positive OR negative about that, and wish to talk about issues that are unique to us. Supporters are also welcome. This list is open to butch women, butch females, butchy, daddies, sirs, masculine females, ftm's, gender bending, gender questioning, genderqueer, transgendered, and their supporters. Sex, BDSM positive. Fat and Fit Subscription address: listproc@listserv.oit.unc.edu Message body: SUBSCRIBE FATANDFIT (your real name) Or subscribe on the web: Go to http://listserv.unc.edu/ In the Search box, type fatandfit Click "Join fatandfit" Fill out the form with your email address and name (and other options if you like), and click Save. List for fat people who want to discuss fitness and healthy eating without the demonization of fat that exists on most diet and exercise lists. Discussion of weight loss for the sake of health is allowed, but it is not assumed you want to lose weight. Fat and Healthy Subscription address: FatAndHealthy-subscribe@onelist.com Mailing list based on being fat and healthy, BBWs, size-acceptance, and just about anything else you'd like to chat about (not just strictly related to "fat talk"). fa-diab Subscription address: majordomo@pmw.org Message body: subscribe fa-diab {your email address} For diabetics, hypoglycemics, family members of diabetics, friends of diabetics, diabetic professionals, folks concerned about diabetics, etc., who are also fat-accepting. Fat-girls New address: fat-girls@angus.mystery.com now. Subscription address: to come Message body: to come List for fat women and fat-accepting non-fat women, especially those with body image issues. A supportive and safe place to talk about issues affecting fat women. A digest version is available. FatGrrlSex Subscription address: http://www.queernet.org/lists/fgs.html Discussion for fat women who have sex with other women. Fat-positive, queer oriented, pro-sex and pro-kink. Social and educational forum about general sexual expression, BDSM, leather, fetishes, and role play. Membership limited to adult women/females (bi, straight/heterosexual, lesbian, butch, femme, queer, transgendered, transsexual) who have a positive interest in this type of sexual expression with other women. Fat Sex Subscription address: lists@rotunda.com Message body: subscribe fat_sex (your email address) Fat Sex is a mailing list for discussing sexual issues pertaining to fat folks and those who find them attractive. All are welcome to subscribe, but discussion pertaining to feeding or weight gain as it applies to sexuality are specifically off-topic on this list. Fatdykes Subscription address: fatdykes-request@apocalypse.org Message body: subscribe (your email address) A place for fat lesbians and allies to discuss topics related to our lives as fat lesbians, from a pro-fat, pro-lesbian perspective. This list is for women only and is open to fat-positive, pro-lesbian women of any size, orientation, or birth gender. Full and Fabulous Subscription address: http://www.quiltropolis.com/NewMailinglists.htm Fat-friendly sewing list. To join, follow instructions on web page. NAAFA Subscription address: majordomo@world.std.com Message body: subscribe naafa-members Mailing list for NAAFA members. Your subscription may take a while to process because they will check your membership status before they add you. Overweight and Pregnant Support Subscription addresses: rsw@pinelandpress.com Message subject: OPSS Message body: Your email address, your first name and last name, and a brief description of why you would like to join. The Overweight & Pregnant Support (OPSS) mailing list is for discussion of weight and pregnancy among women of size. Women who are trying to get pregnant are also welcome to join. This list grew out of a list called OASIS (Overweight and Seeking Infertility Support). (For more information about OASIS, write rsw@pinelandpress.com using the subject line OASIS.) Poly Pagan BBW Subscription address: http://www.onelist.com/community/PolyPaganBBW For those who are Polyamorous, Pagan, and BBW (big beautiful women), Fat Admirers, or Big Handsome men. Intended for discussion of anything that relates to these three concepts, including, but not limited to such things as relationships, finding ritual clothes that fit us, our sexuality as poly pagans, etc. This is not a list for diet discussion. Weight loss discussion is acceptable, but no fad diets, please. sa-sleepapnea Subscription address: http://www.egroups.com/group/sa-sleepapnea For size-accepting discussion of sleep apnea and related issues -- diagnosis, treatment, maintenance, and so on. All types of apnea will be considered on-topic. Weight loss as a treatment will be strongly discouraged. sew-abundant Subscription address: majordomo@fern.com or kay@fern.com Message body: subscribe sew-abundant@fern.com We mostly talk about sewing, but also about other aspects of our lives. Superfriends Subscription address: crusader@eden.com Message body: Explain why you'd like to join. Superfriends is for the Supersized and their admirers. Based on a vote the Superfriends took, the Superfriends define "supersized" as those weighing 300 pounds or more. The function of the mailing list is to be a support network for the Supersized and their admirers. Supersize Lesbians (SSL) Subscription/info address: http://www.onelist.com/subscribe/SupersizeLesbians For "supersize" lesbians and the women who love them. "Supersize" in this context means approximately 300lbs or larger, although the list will accept women of all sizes, sexual orientations or birth gender. SSL is a women-only list. Not a dieting group. Zoftig Zone Subscription/info address: http://www.eskimo.com/~leiba/zz/ZZ-FAQ.html Discussion list for people of size, their friends and allies. Relatively high traffic. ============================================================ A2) What other on-line resources are available for big folks? These channels are for fat folks and supporters: #bbw (web site: http://www.momi.com/bbws/) #BBW-SuperSize (web site: http://www.ideasign.com/wench/) IRC undernet #big-folks #big-friends #fatdykes (queer-friendly women only) #BBWwBRAINS #SizeAcceptance Try /server us.undernet.org. EFnet has the following channels: #Big & Sexy #gaychub (gay-friendly, fat-friendly) #bearcave (for large and/or furry gay men and their admirers) Try /server irc-2.mit.edu. dal.net has several big folks chat rooms, including: #bbw-teens room for the 17 and under crowd #Big-FolksCafe, with a 24/7 bot. #BBW-Forum meets each week to discuss relevant topics. ============================================================ A3) Are there any web sites relevant to big folks? About-Face: Combatting Negative and Distorted Imagery of Women http://www.about-face.org About Fat Acceptance by Stef http://www.cat-and-dragon.com/~stef/fat.html Above Average: web-based resource for big people http://www.aboveaverage.org Abundance Magazine Women's Board http://abundancemagazine.com/wboard/config.cgi AHELP (Association for the Health Enrichment of Large People) http://www.usit.com/ahelp/ Atlanta BBW Bash '98 (non-profit event) http://www.highworld.net/bbwatlanta/ Bariatric Rehab (info about wheelchairs and other medical equipment for big folks) http://www.bariatricrehab.com/index.shtml BBWSweetie's Matchmaking Page http://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/9980/ Bear Creek Paperworks - The Paper Doll Book Story... Bella (Bijan ads featuring a supersize nude model) http://www.bijan.com/bella.htm big and tall list (of men's clothing resources) Big Beautiful Dolls full-figured 12" fashion dolls http://www.bigbeautifuldolls.com Big Ladies and Other Goddesses - series of notecards by Anna P. Oneglia http://www.seabrightpress.com/Art/pages/oneglia.html Big Picture BBS Home Page http://www.bigpictures.com Big and Tall -- mostly clothing sites http://www.webmagnet.com/links_bandt_short.html Big Stuff - super sized seating in the [San Francisco] Bay Area http://members.aol.com/jeannec56/page/bigstuff.htm Bite Me! online publication for frustrated fat people http://www.babyfresh.net/biteme/ Blossom Fuller (cartoon about a BBW) http://members.aol.com/KShaskan/BL.htm BodyPositive body acceptance site by psychologist Debby Burgard http://www.bodypositive.com/ http://www.catay.com/cat/index.html Century Project (nude photos of real girls and women of all ages) http://century.conknet.com/menu.htm Convaquip -- convalescent aids for fat people http://www.convaquip.com/ Dimensions Magazine http://pencomputing.com/dim/ Doug Edwards' Weight Issues page http://GoZips.uakron.edu/~dje/WEIGHT.HTM eBay auction site (some large-size clothing) http://www.ebay.com/ Emma Plus http://www.webmaker.co.uk/emmaplus/ Extra Special Singlez (free personal ad site) http://www.lrgsinglez.com fa-diab mailing list fat-accepting resources for diabetics http://users.telerama.com/~moose/fa-diab.html Fat and Fit Web Page http://members.aol.com/hzdee/fitfat.html Fat Chick's Valentines (e-cards) http://www.catay.com/valentine/index.html Fat Girl 'Zine http://www.fatgirl.org/ Fat Men Society of Androscoggin County, Maine, 1870 http://www.rootsweb.com/~meandrhs/society/fatmen/1870.html Fat Person's Home Page by Joe Obrin http://www.io.com/~joeobrin/fat.html Fat!So? 'zine http://www.fatso.com/ FIRST DO NO HARM Information for Health Professionals about Weight http://www.msu.edu/user/burkejoy/ "Freedom from Tyranny" http://www.uidaho.edu/~bjcraw/freedom.htm Generous Net personal ads, size acceptance, fat acceptance http://generous.net Gothic Goddess (size postive erotica) http://www.gothic-goddess.com Home Page of Charles Van Dyke (Chairman of the Board of NAAFA) http://home.earthlink.net/~cvandyke/ IC-WD BBS message service (personal ads for BBW/Ms) http://www.ic-wd.com/bbs/ Jellyroll's Home Page http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/2833 http://www.pinelandpress.com/bbw/infertilityfaq.html Large & Lovely Connections, radio show on WTRR, 1400 AM in central Florida. http://www.largeandlovely.com Large Encounters, Inc. http://www.large-encounters.com Largesse, the Network for Size Esteem http://www.fatso.com/fatgirl/largesse/ Les Toil Big Beautiful Pin-Up Gallery http://lestoil.net/bbpg/ Livin' and Lovin' Large in Fort Wayne, IN HTTP://members.aol.com/LIVNLOVNLG/ Loving You Large Support Network http://www.lovingyoularge.com MaryMc's Fat Acceptance Stuff http://www.wolfenet.com/~marymc/fatacc.htm NAAFA Michigan http://ic.net/~karle/naafa/naafa.html NAAFA National http://naafa.org/ NAAFA New England http://pages.prodigy.com/MA/necnaafa/necnaafa.html NAAFA Super Sig http://www.pencomputing.com/dim/dimtext/SuperSIG/info.html Nedhera's "a few personal notes from me" page http://community-1.webtv.net/femmegrl2/Afewpersonalnotes/ Dr. Paul Ernsberger's page about his research on yo-yo dieting http://www.cwru.edu/med/nutrition/ernsberger.html http://babygrrl.com/phat/ A Place at the Table (art project remembering fat people who died due to fat phobia) http://www.seafattle.org/APATT/apatt.htm http://www.onlyreal.com Radiance Magazine http://www.radiancemagazine.com/ Riotgrrl's "Feed The Supermodel" animation page http://www.riotgrrl.com/feed.htm Rubenesque Romances http://www.rubenesque.com Rump Parliament http://web2.airmail.net/lmartin/ Sarah Wilcox: Behind the Mirror: An exhibition of photographs http://www.student-services.utoledo.edu/eberly-ctr SeattleBBW 19 month calendar www.geocities.com/bbwjade/seattlebbwcalendar.html SizeNet information forum http://www.sizenet.com SMASH! Negative Body Images in Women http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/1714 soc.support.fat-acceptance.moderated, soc.support.fat-acceptance, and alt.support.big-folks web site http://www.sover.net/~astarte/fa/ Teighlor's noncommercial web site devoted to boosting self-esteem in the size acceptance community http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/academy/6542 Ultimate Eye: Laugh (nude photograph) http://cesium.clock.org/~ambar/jsd/laugh.html Venus of Fat Activism poster http://www.law-nerd.org/fat.htm Wake Up! I'm Fat (picture of Camryn Manheim in a beauty queen pose) http://desires.com/1.2/perf/docs/camryn.html WeBeFat:Fat Acceptance Art by Janet Rotenberg "http://freespace.virgin.net/jm.rotenberg/index.htm The Whisper BBW/BHM Newsletter http://members.aol.com/thwhisper/index.html Yoga Video for Large People http://www.webrox.net/yogavideo ============================================================ ============================================================ SECTION B: Information about this FAQ B1) Are there other related FAQs? There is some overlap in the topics covered by the FAQs. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try the other FAQs. The latest version of the following FAQs can be found at: http://www.cat-and-dragon.com/~stef/Fatfaqs/ alt.support.big-folks newsgroup FAQ soc.support.fat-acceptance newsgroup FAQ soc.support.fat-acceptance.moderated newsgroup FAQ Clothing for Big Folks in Canada Clothing for Big Folks in the U.S. (parts 1 and 2) Organizations for Big Folks Online Resources for Big Folks Other Resources for Big Folks Publications for Big Folks Resources for Dealing With the Physical Aspects of Being Fat Size-acceptance The following FAQs can be found at: http://www.sover.net/~astarte/fa/faqs.html Big Folks and Fitness Big Folks and Health Big Folks and Sports Research on Big Folks The latest versions of following FAQs can be found at the following locations: Clothing for Big Folks in the U.K. at http://www.thegrapevine.co.uk/Avalanche/FAQ-UK.htm Clothing for Big Folks in Europe at http://www.thegrapevine.co.uk/Avalanche/FAQ-Europe.htm Plus-Size Pregnancy Website at http://www.teleport.com/~rvireday/plus/ You can also find (sometimes slightly older versions of) the above FAQs (except the plus-size pregnancy FAQs) at the following locations: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/fat-acceptance-faq/ (Note: The big-folks FAQ is listed separately at these locations.) You can also get FAQs from rtfm.mit.edu via anonymous FTP or via the mail archive server. For information about the mail server, send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the word "help" (without the quotes) in the body of the message. ============================================================ B2) Posting information This document is posted bi-weekly to alt.support.big-folks, soc.support.fat-acceptance, and soc.support.fat-acceptance.moderated. Stef Maruch (stef@cat-and-dragon.com) maintains this FAQ. ============================================================ B3) Contributors These are the people who contributed significant chunks to the FAQ: Sasha Wood (Sasha.Wood@cs.cmu.edu) Largesse (75773.717@compuserve.com) Also, lots and lots of other people (too many to credit) contributed information that appears herein, some via email and some on s.s.f-a or a.s.b-f. Thanks to them all. Suggestions for additions/improvements are always welcome. Send suggestions to Stef Maruch (stef@cat-and-dragon.com) ============================================================ Copyright 1995, 1996 by Stef Maruch (stef@cat-and-dragon.com) Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article in its entirety for non-commercial, educational use only, provided that this copyright notice is not removed or altered. No portion of this work may be sold, either by itself or as part of a larger work, without the express written permission of the author. This restriction covers all publication media, including electronic media.