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Subject: Big Folks Exercise and Fitness Resources FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Exercise and Fitness Resources for Big Folks This document contains information about exercise and fitness equipment and clothing for fat people. To make it clear, this is not a missive from the lifestyle police trying to get all fat people to exercise, but a source of information for the fat folks who do want to exercise. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try one of the related FAQs (see question B1 for a complete list). In particular, try the Sports and Activities FAQ for information about specific exercises. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Recent Changes Added a supplier of kayaks for big folks. Added a dance class for women in the Oakland area Added a fit and fat web page. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents SECTION A: FAQ about exercise and fitness for fat people A1) What home exercise equipment is suitable for fat folks? A2) What exercise videos are there available for fat folks? A3) Are there are books about fatness and fitness that don't think the two words are mutually exclusive? A4) Where can I get sports clothing and equipment from? A4-1) in Australia A4-2) in Canada A4-3) in the UK A4-4) in the USA A5) Are there any organizations, people, workshops or classes concerned with fitness for fat folks? A5-1) in Canada A5-2) in the UK A5-3) in the USA A6) Are there any helpful scientific references about fitness? A7) Are there any online resources about exercising for plus-sizes? SECTION B: Information about this FAQ B1) Are there other related FAQs? B2) Posting information B3) Availability of the FAQ B4) Contributors -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION A: FAQ about exercise and fitness for fat people A1) What home exercise equipment is suitable for fat folks? Check out the manufacturer's rating. Some pieces of equipment are only built to handle people up to 210lbs. Some people like Nordic-Trac ski machines, because they're easy on the knees, adjustable pace, doesn't take up much space, and you can do other things at the same time. It's also quiet, and seems solid. One recommended one is the NordicTrak WalkFit 5000, which has 6 inclinations, no motor, and folds down. Approximate price $800. Some people like the Cardio-Glide (similar to a health rider), because it is no impact (easy on the joints), not putting a strain on the knees, a gentle full-body workout, and has adjustable resistance. Some prefer the Aerobic Rider (similar to the Health Rider), as it doesn't have a piston like the Cardio-Glide, and it has been suggested that the piston gives out a little quicker for heavy people, although some people (over 350lbs) have not had this problem at all. A new exercise device is the elliptical crosstrainer. It's a no-impact aerobic device that's sort of like a cross between a ski machine, a stairmaster, and a bicycle (without a seat). A recommendation from one person is that it is sturdy enough to accomodate someone who is 300lbs, and they found it comfortable to use, even though they find walking to be hard on the hips and back. Another recommendation (from someone over 350lbs) is the ProForm CrossWalk. -------------------------------------------------------------------- A2) What exercise videos are there available for fat folks? Some videos available are the following, with various different emphases: "Big On Fitness" 53-minute exercise and fitness video for large women. Has aerobic exercises to tone legs and stomach, while increasing muscle tone. Suitable for any fitness level. Exercises are led by large instructors. Available from: West Com Productions 1925 Bailey Hill Road Eugene, OR, 97405 US or Harriet Carter Dept. 34 North Wales, PA, 19455 US or I.Y. Murphy Productions ($19.95) Box 148222 Chicago, IL 60614 US "Chair Dancing" - Jodi Stolove US tel 800-551-4FUN another important resource for those who have knee problems, difficulty in standing or exercising on their feet "Gentle Yoga with Naomi" Naomi Judith Offner, MA 4815 Quebrada Circle Carlsbad, CA 92009 US tel 800-655-6668 fax 619-943-1081 "Getting Started Right" - Jan Thompson Showcase Productions US tel 214-653-8352 designed specifically for plus-size women. "Great Changes" - Idrea Lippman featuring Carnie Wilson "In Grand Form" - Jodi Sandler In Grand Form Enterprises, Ltd., #5-1272 Emery Place, No. Vancouver, BC V7J 1R3, Canada a 40 minute workout with warm-up, low impact aerobics, stretching and cool-down. $19.95 "The Larger Woman's Workout" - Idrea Lippman Great Changes US tel 818-769-4626 a total workout for plus-size women includes warm-up, low impact aerobics and floor work for muscle strength and flexibility "Look Who's Walking" Orchid Leaf Productions, P.O. Box 72, Flint, MI 48501 US a fun, easy, beneficial exercise video designed especially for the large size person. $29.95 "Rhythm Walking" Sports Music Inc., Box 767364, Roswell, GA 30076 US 3 different paces for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Tony Little - 3-video series A program which you slowly build up, at your own pace. It works primarily to firm and tone muscles (including back muscles.) He stresses thinness and firmness, so if that's going to bother you, stay away from the tape. "Sweating to the Oldies" - Richard Simmons A good workout, with warmup and cooldown time. Timed segments for you to take your pulse. Low impact. Folks of all sizes exercise along with Richard. There isn't any "lose that fat" talk during the workout. (There is a little at the end, but it's easy to skip.) "The Wave" Gabrielle Roth a video concerned with dance movement, not specifically for large people (and the dancers are not large) but the purpose is to get people to feel the music and to feel their own bodies Women At Large This chain of exercise facilities (see section A5) also have a workout video Kelly Bliss Work It Out, Inc. US tel 610-459-5011 offers customized workout videos suited to your life, your body, your needs. She spends time in person and with a lengthy evaluation form to design a program that you'll get the most from. 20 minutes to an hour (your choice in length). Yoga for Large People Video Mara Nesbitt, Licensed Massage Therapist PO Box 19141 Portland OR 97219 US WWW: http://www.tsw.com.au/mgt/yogavideo/ Email: nesbitt@hevanet.com Has a yoga video (90 mins) with stretching, breathing and relaxing. VHS format, cost $30, plus $5 shipping/handling ($10 overseas). Send a check to the above address, with your name and address. -------------------------------------------------------------------- A3) Are there are books about fatness and fitness that don't think the two words are mutually exclusive? Mark Lewis: "The Roly Polys : fit, fat and fruity" with a foreword by Les Dawson The Roly Polys are a British dance troupe, all middle aged and older, and beautifully plump. Publisher: W.H. Allen, London, 1986 ISBN/ISSN: 0491031750 Pat Lyons and Debby Burgard: "Great Shape: The First Fitness Guide for Large Women" Excellent, excellent, excellent. They talk about fitness and movement as a right. They talk about barriers that keep people (particularly fat women) from exercising. Probably also applicable to men. Covers everything from bicycling to martial arts. Everything you need to get started. Publisher: Bull Publishing $14.95, US (800) 676-2855 -------------------------------------------------------------------- A4) Where can I get sports clothing and equipment from? For leisure wear, you might also check in the appropriate clothing FAQ. You may be able to make your own sports clothing, if you are handy with a needle. McCalls have some swimsuit patterns that go up to size 24, A4-1) in Australia Bathers for Big Girls at http://www1.tpgi.com.au/users/big_girls/ Swimwear from bust sizes 38" to 62", made to your own measurements. A4-2) in Canada Cabela's 812 13th Ave. Sidney, NE 69160 USA 1-800-237-4444 (U.S. or Canada) Gortex parkas and pants up to at least 5XL. Many other items up to 3XL in both big and tall sizes. Reasonable prices. [checked 4/7/95] Louis Garneau a Canadian manufacturer of cycling clothing. They have a variety of upperbody wear up to XXL, but this is reportedly somewhat undersized Sugoi Vancouver, BC They make shorts, jackets, vests in sizes up to XXL. Distributed via various retail outlets. Suzanne Bell 5794 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC V5P 3W7 tel 1-604-324-7394 fax 1-604-325-7772 Contact: Suzanne Bell Active wear and casual clothing in large and super sizes. A4-3) in the UK All Woman c/o 8 Penketh Avenue, Bewsey, Warrington Cheshire WA5 5AU tel. 01925 244710 Large swimsuits for ladies sizes 18-36+, prices start from 16.99 S.A.E. for details Evans national chain of shops They sell leggings, t-shirts, even cycle shorts. Good range of swimwear Triumph International Arkwright Road, Groundwell, Swindon Wiltshire SN2 5BE tel. 01793 722200 Underwear and swimwear manufacturer offering extensive selection of styles from A to H cup A4-4) in the USA 1824 Arnott Mason Corporation P.O. Box 293 Clifton, VA 22024 tel 703-503-2916 fax 703-425-1243 Women's riding clothes in big sizes --- breeches, riding sweats, stretch jeans, Kentucky jods, t-shirts, sweatshirts; semi-custom boots; half chaps and full chaps. Anne Terrie Designs 129-T Derby Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030 tel 800-774-6898. Send $3 for a brochure Back to Basics II for plus sizes 1107 West Main St., #201 Durham, NC 27701 tel 1-919-477-5669 fax 1-919-477-6476 Small catalog of simple cotton and cotton-blend clothes and underwear. Bike shorts, leggings, T-shirts, tights, socks, underwear. Reasonable prices. Sizes 1X-4X. The Big, the Bad & the Beautiful 19225 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356 tel 1-818-345-3593 fax 1-818-345-1033 tel 1-800-347-3593 Catalog $2. (Credited to first order.) Sizes 14-32+. They also do custom work for a nominal fee. Among other things, they sell bike shorts and lingerie. Big Stitches Swimwear 2423 Douglas St. San Pablo, CA 94806 tel 1-510-237-3978 Send self-adressed envelope. Custom made large-size bathing suits. Will make extremely large sizes as well. Basic suit is about $70. Special fabrics, extra features $20 more. And they also make bicycle shorts. Body by Rubens tel 1-800-935-0355 Reputed to have large-size bicycle shorts for women. Brookstone Hard to Find Tools 5 Vose Farm Road Petersborough, NH 03460-0803 USA (800) 926-7000 Unfortunately they no longer sell the seat that looks like two rectangles (anyone know where those can be obtained?) but they do sell a gel-filled bicycle seat cover that fits standard seats. By Ro! Designs 26221 Governor Avenue, Harbor City, CA 90710 tel (310) 534-3877 Rosaria Vitale (large size herself) designs swimwear. Write for a catalogue. Cabela's 812 13th Ave. Sidney, NE 69160 1-800-237-4444 (U.S. or Canada) Gortex parkas and pants up to at least 5XL. Many other items up to 3XL in both big and tall sizes. Reasonable prices. [checked 4/7/95] Cannondale tel 1-800-BIKE-USA they make bicycles, oft recommended by big folks they also make shorts and jerseys; the jerseys are reputedly too short to fully cover the abdomen The Dehner Company, Inc. 3614 Martha St. Omaha, NE 68105 tel 402-342-7788 fax 402-342-5444 Custom boots for riding, Trooper boots, Wellingtons, chukkas, laced or strap tank boots, and oxfords. Excellent quality. Boots are all custom and can be ordered to fit any size foot or leg. Also have a nice style of riding boot with buckles down the side instead of pulling straight on --- great if you have arthritic ankles that don't flex well. Everyone I've talked to who has custom Dehner boots says that they will last forever. They aren't cheap, but are well worth the price. Danskin Plus tel 1-800-288-6749 Their regular catalog has some stuff up to size 4X -- bike shorts, leggings, sweatshirts, sweatpants, long and short-sleeved T-shirts, jackets, and sports bras (up to DD). Their outlet stores also carry items up to 4X. Excel Sports Science tel 800-922-9544 They have a catalogue which includes such items as buoyancy belts, water exercise dumbells, zero impact footwear for added aquatic resistance Extra Emphasis tel 800-539-0030 A mail order company, good for sports bras Fit To Be Tried 4754 East Grant, Tuscon, AZ 85712 tel 800-669-6409 $2 catalog. Active wear up to 4X. They sell bicycle shorts. Gilda Marx tel 800-825-BODY a full collection of bodywear including solid and printed leotards, bike shorts, bra tops, T-shirts, leggings, etc. in cotton/Lycra and nylon/Lycra combinations. Sizes are 1x-3x which fits up to size 24 Bright colours, prices from about $27-$54. Call the above number for retail locations. Hanover House tel 717-633-3377 sells a special wider seat for bicycles. Also sells sheepskin covers for this seat Hot Off the Tour tel 1-800-878-8189 Sportswear catalog. They specialize in golf wear, but some of their stuff may also be applicable to tennis and other sports. They are pricey (polo shirt $68, twill shorts $56). JC Penney They have some swimsuits up to size 24/26, and one in size 28-32. Try the regular catalogue, and/or the size 16 and up catalogue. Junonia tel 1-800-JUNONIA http://www.junonia.com/ they have sportswear in sizes 14 to 32, including clothes for aeorbics, tennis, golf, bicycling, walking Just Big Sportswear 4700 Rozzelles Ferry Rd. Charlotte, NC 28216 1-804-391-3000 T-shirts up to 10XL. Also sweats, dorm shirts, and hooded T-shirts. Just My Size P.O. Box 748 Rural Hill, NC 27098-0748 tel 1-800-522-9567 (orders) tel 1-800-522-0889 (customer service) tel 1-910-635-3447 (orders) though they "don't ship to Canada" They sell lingerie - Bali, Playtex, JMS and possibly other brands (up to 46DDD or so). 100% cotton panties up to size 12. And pantyhose. And pettipants (split slips). And Hanes Her Way sweatpants/shirts. And lycra shorts up to 3x. Also have inexpensive casual clothes up to about 4X. They use large models and also disabled models. King Size P.O. Box 8385 Indianapolis, IN 46283-8385 tel 1-800-846-1600 Large-size rain gear that is more-or-less unisex. They also sell extra-large umbrellas, ties, and fanny packs. Leggings Plus tel 201-962-4678 http://www.nji.com/~leggings/ leggings, bike shorts and t-shirts, from 1X-4X Nashbar tel 800-627-4227 bikes, supplies and accessories Northwest Kayaks http://www.nwkayaks.com/ they have a model called Cadence designed for the larger kayaker, which can support up to 455lbs Oddessy tel/fax 1-800-ODDESSY (1-800-633-3779) or at http://www.oddessy.com/ suppliers of knives, swords, weapons, uniforms and training equipment; the uniforms go up to size 12 (men's size 5X) Performance Bicycles tel 800-727-2453 bikes, supplies and accessories; also some clothing Richman Cotton Clothing Company 2631 Piner Rd Santa Rosa, CA 95401 tel 1-707-575-8924 tel 1-800-992-8924 fax 1-707-575-8924 All-cotton, dyed-on-the-premises clothing in sizes from infant to 3X. Shirts, skirts, dresses, long johns, cotton/lycra bike shorts, and leggings. Reasonable prices. Sexy Fat Boys http://wahoo.netrunner.net/~fatboys/ casual sportswear for big men sizes from 1x to 6x Suits Me Swimwear 2377 Deltona Blvd. Spring Hill, FL 34606 tel (904) 666-1485 They make an unusual design of tie-on wraparound swimsuit. Sizes are children's (up to 60lbs), teen's (60-120lbs), adult (120-250lbs) and plus size (250lbs +) Speigal chain of "For you" retail stores throughout the US including: Pentagon City Mall in Arlington, Virginia Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland Potomac Mills Outlet in Dale City, Virginia they stock bathing suits in large sizes at reasonable prices Terry tel 1-800-BUY-TERY They make bicycle saddles for women. Ask your local bike store, or ring the above number to either find your local dealer, or they can sell you one via mail WalkUSA 6310 Nancy Ridge Drive, #101 San Diego, CA 92121 tel 800-445-2209 Ring for a catalogue which includes women's and men's walking clothing and activewear in sizes to 2XL -------------------------------------------------------------------- A5) Are there any organizations, people, workshops or classes concerned with fitness for fat folks? A5-1) in Canada In Grand Form Jodi Sandler #5-1272 Emery Place North Vancouver, BC Canada, V7J 1R3 tel./fax (604) 984-9435 (24 hour voice mail) (office hours are Mon-Fri 9-5) Jodi holds several fitness classes, and a jazz dance class. These are designed for "size-plus and deconditioned adults", and are recommended as great fun; Jodi is a good motivator for body movements. A5-2) in the UK Fat And Fit Group Health Action Annie Lee 1 Pink Lane Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE1 SDW A5-3) in the USA African-Carribean Rhythms and Moves Dimond Recreation Center 3860 Hanly Rd. Oakland A low impact aerobics class aimed at the forty-plus or plus-sized woman; if you enjoy dancing, check it out! Debby Burgard c/o Bull Publishing Co POB 208 Palo Alto, CA 94302-0208 Co-author of _Great Shape, A Fitness Guide for Large Women_ (1990). Teaches exercise classes and gives workshops on health and fitness for large women. Donna R. Pittman, MA Family Therapy Center 340 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Suite 267 Houston, TX 77060 Phone: 713-591-1721 "Heavy, Healthy & Happy" exercise and support group. Double XX Riders 3256 West Country Road 72 Fort Collins, CO 80524 A small organization of full-figured horse riders who are dedicated to helping and encouraging other full-figured riders through a monthly newsletter. Offers tips on where to find clothes and tack that fit, helpful hints, and moral support. For info and copy of newsletter, sent large SAE. Judy Mahle Lutter Melpomene Institute 1010 University St St Paul, MN 55104 Phone: 612-642-1951 Institute for research on women's health issues. Sponsored a conference in 1989 for larger women called "Body Image, Health, and Fitness". Offers informational packet of literature. Lutter worte article for Women's Sports and Fitness Magazine in March, 1991 on fitness for larger women, title "Does Big Mean Bad?" Lucia Kim August, MA, MFCC 2550 Peralta Blvd #7 Fremont, CA 94536 Phone: 510-792-5588 Email: lkaugust@ccnet.com Dance/movement therapy for large women. Major Moves Naomi Puro 1-510-841-4741 Fitness in East SF Bay Area. Carol Squires (a large woman) assists in teaching this fitness class for large women, in Oakland, CA. Low impact with a high emphasis on moving for fun and increasing cardiovascular fitness. Email Carol at carolguy@netcom.com for more details. Making Waves They sponsor swims for fat women in the East Bay (Oakland, CA). The swim currently meets Sundays from 11am-1pm at the Albany High School pool, sliding scale from $3 - $5. You have to be a woman weighing 200 pounds or more. Contact Linda at (510) 526-6206. Mara Nesbitt, Licensed Massage Therapist P.O. Box 19141 Portland, OR 97219 Email: nesbitt@hevanet.com Yoga and massage for large women (also see videos section) Martha Koester, Ph.D. Big On Bikes 10015 Second Ave South Seattle, WA 98168 Phone: 206-762-6417 Email: eridani@scn.org Fat bicycling enthusiast and exercise expert with access to research on fat and exercise/fitness. Naomi Judith Offner, MA Gentle Yoga With Naomi 4815 Quebrada Circle Carlsbad, CA 92009 Phone: 800-655-6668 Fax: 619-943-1081 Yoga classes for people of all sizes and abilities. Video "Gentle Yoga with Naomi" (see videos section) Pat Lyons, RN, MA Kaiser Permanente Health Education 1950 Franklin, 17th Floor Oakland, CA 94612 Phone: 510-987-3107 Co-author of book "Great Shape". Believed to do other health and fitness education for fat folks. Patricia Forte Full-Body Fitness 300 Main St #4 West Haven, CT 06516 Phone: 203-933-6112 Created and teaches exercise program for fat women. Also does massage. Potbelly Cycling Association 45 Munson Road Pleasantville, NY 10570 Email: wb2vvs@execnet.com http://members.aol.com/Potbellyc/ The organization's purpose is to promote the idea that folks with potbellies can enjoy cycling, and to encourage other potbellied folks to try bicycling. It's NOT to lose weight by exercise, although I guess that may happen for some. Yearly membership $20, to people with potbellies and interest in cycling. Includes membership certificate and 4 newsletters per year. People who are potbelly deprived can only get "Athletic Supporter" membership, same price. The organization is big on fun and pun! Undeniably Me Cinder Ernst 1-415-738-1221 Fitness program for large women in the SF Bay Area. Theatre Workshop for Fat Women Conducted by 4 Big Girls in May 1995. 4 Big Girls PO Box 2134 Seattle, WA 98111 Use of movement, voice, and relaxation to explore self-esteem, personal power, sexuality, and body image. If interested, send a SASE to the address above. Women At Large Chain of exercise facilities for large women in the Pacific Northwest. Run by two large women who didn't really want to lose weight, but wanted to be in shape. Yoga for Round Bodies San Diego area contact BobbyeJoy, at Bforjoy@aol.com for details of current/future classes -------------------------------------------------------------------- A6) Are there any helpful scientific references about fitness? Yes. See the Research FAQ for several references. -------------------------------------------------------------------- A7) Are there any online resources about exercising for plus-sizes? There are a number of web pages available, and also a mailing list. Besides the web page of this FAQ, there are the following: the Sports and Activities FAQ, at http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/users/sharon.curtis/BF/sports_FAQ.html CFFF's page Moving Forward, at http://www.webcom.com/~cfffnews/fashionsource.html the BHealthy Gym, at http://tera.virtual-pc.com/bhealthy/public_html/ the Grand Style Women's Club has a Spa page with useful info, at http://www.grandstyle.com/spa.htm Dee's Fit and Fat web page, at http://members.aol.com/hzdee/fitfat.html There is a mailing list called Fat and Fit. Subscription address: listproc@listserv.oit.unc.edu Message body: SUBSCRIBE FATANDFIT (your name) Fat and Fit is a mailing list devoted to discussing health and fitness issues, within a size-accepting atmosphere. -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION B: Information about this FAQ B1) Are there other related FAQs? Yes. The list of them below can be found from the following page: http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/users/sharon.curtis/BF/SSFA/faqs.html fat-acceptance-faq/clothing/canada information about clothing for large people in Canada fat-acceptance-faq/clothing/europe information about clothing for large people in Europe (excluding the United Kingdom) fat-acceptance-faq/clothing/uk information about clothing for large people in the UK fat-acceptance-faq/clothing/us information about clothing for large people in the U.S. fat-acceptance-faq/health information about health issues affecting large people fat-acceptance-faq/research information about research concerning large people fat-acceptance-faq/maternity information about large-size maternity resources fat-acceptance-faq/sports information about resources for sports and activities for large people fat-acceptance-faq/organizations information about organizations for large people fat-acceptance-faq/resources information about resources for large people (that aren't covered in the other resources FAQs) fat-acceptance-faq/physical information about resources for dealing with the physical aspects of being large fat-acceptance-faq/publications information about publications for large people fat-acceptance-faq/size-acceptance information about size-acceptance big-folks-faq general information file for alt.support.big-folks There is some overlap in the topics covered by the FAQs. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try the other FAQs. -------------------------------------------------------------------- B2) Posting information This document is posted monthly to news.answers and alt.answers and posted bi-weekly to soc.support.fat-acceptance and alt.support.big-folks. Sharon Curtis (sharon@comlab.ox.ac.uk) maintains this FAQ. -------------------------------------------------------------------- B3) Availability of the FAQ All FAQs posted to news.answers are archived at rtfm.mit.edu and its mirror sites. You can get any of these FAQs from rtfm.mit.edu via anonymous FTP or via the mail archive server. (To get information about the mail server, send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the body of the message containing the word "help", without the quotes.) FAQs posted to news.answers are also available on the Web from: http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/top.html http://www.cs.ruu.nl/cgi-bin/faqwais You can find old version of the fitness FAQ at the following URLs: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/fat-acceptance-faq/fitness http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/fat-acceptance-faq/fitness/faq.html http://www.cs.ruu.nl/wais/html/na-dir/fat-acceptance-faq/fitness.html although the latest version specifically adapted for HTML and maintained by the maintainer can be found at http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/users/sharon.curtis/BF/fitres_FAQ.html -------------------------------------------------------------------- B4) Contributors These are the people who contribute significant chunks to the FAQ. Sharon Curtis (Sharon.Curtis@comlab.ox.ac.uk) Sasha Wood (Sasha.Wood@cs.cmu.edu) Helen Lovisek (bh868@TorFree.Net) Also, lots and lots of other people (too many to credit) contributed information that appears herein, some via email and some on s.s.f-a or a.s.b-f. Thanks to them all. Suggestions for additions/improvements are always welcome. Copyright 1995 by Sharon Curtis (Sharon.Curtis@comlab.ox.ac.uk). Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article in its entirety for non-commercial use provided that this copyright notice is not removed or altered. No portion of this work may be sold, either by itself or as part of a larger work, without the express written permission of the author; this restriction covers all publication media, including (but not limited to) CD-ROM. -- http://www.comlab.ox.ac.uk/oucl/users/sharon.curtis/ v 3.12 GM/CS d s:++ a-< C++ U+ p L !E W++ N++ o+ K w-- O? M-- V-- PS? PE? 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