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Subject: Clothing for Big Folks: U.S. (FAQ) Part 2/3

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Clothing for Big Folks: U.S., Part 2 This is part 2 of the document about clothing for fat people in the U.S. It contains companies whose names begin with L-Z. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try one of the related FAQs (see question B1 for a complete list). To look for stores in a particular state, try using your browser's or word-processor's search feature to search on the state name. There is a supersize-clothing subset of this FAQ available at http://www.cat-and-dragon.com/~stef/Fatfaqs/super.html ============================================================ Updated March 2001 Information about manufacturers of clothing/shoes/glasses, wedding attire, patterns for making your own clothing, U.S./European size conversion info, and clothing for big kids had been split off into a new FAQ: Clothing for Big Folks: U.S., Part 3. ============================================================ Contents SECTION A: FAQ about clothing for big folks in the U.S., Part 2 A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? Part 2: Companies beginning with letters L-Z SECTION B: Information about this FAQ B1) Are there other related FAQs? B2) Posting information B3) Contributors ============================================================ ============================================================ SECTION A: FAQ about clothing for big folks in the U.S. A1) Where can I find clothing and shoes? Part 2: Companies beginning with the letters L-Z This question contains an alphabetized list of large-size clothing/shoes retailers beginning with the letters L-Z. Each retailer is associated with various keywords: Type of store [catalog] Catalog store [internet] Web store [chain] Retail chain store [single] Retail single store. [state name] follows. [consignment] Sells some clothes on consignment [overseas] Will ship overseas [misc] Other lists of clothing resources Whom they make clothing for [women] [men] [unisex] [children] [maternity] Maternity and/or nursing clothing and/or bras. What sizes they make Note: All of the outlets make midsize clothing (1X-3X, women's sizes 16-28), except as noted in the listings. Not all outlets make clothing in all sizes in that range, however. [supersize] 4X or 5X or bigger, women's size 30 and up [petite] Petite women's sizes [tall] Tall women's sizes [custom] Does custom work Type of clothing [accessories] Jewelry, belts [casual] Slacks, nice shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses [career] Suits [costumes] Halloween and other holiday costumes [evening] Evening dresses, evening suits [lingerie] Lingerie, including bras, underwear, sleepwear [outdoors] Jackets, coats, other cold weather gear [shoes] Shoes and boots in large sizes and/or wide widths [sportswear] T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, shorts [swimwear] Bathing suits (men or women) [uniforms] Nurses' uniforms, etc. [wedding] Wedding and wedding-party dresses L'Atmosphere 20 E 14th Street New York, NY 10011 212 620 0822 Another $10 store with a large section of extra size and plus clothing. Most clothes are $5 and $10. Examples of "finds" are hooded ponchos in 3x for $10, a white eyelet long sleeved blouse size 3x for $6 and both a rayon and a demim A line jumper for $10. This is part of a 15 store chain in NYC. Always pleasant surprizes when you come in. LL Bean [internet][catalog][overseas][men][women][casual][sportswear][outdoors][shoes] Freeport, ME 04033 Phone: (800) 221-4221 Web site: http://www.llbean.com/ Women's sizes to 20 (as of Mar 00, a very small selection of women's items go to 3X). Men's pants to 46 in some styles (inseam sometimes to 36), shirts and jackets to XXL Tall in some styles. Shoes in wider sizes. Great quality. Service varies. Some clothing runs small, especially pants/tops, not so much outerwear, which is cut for layering. Labyrinth Clothing [catalog][internet][single][Georgia][women][custom][casual][career] [accessories] Jorgi Shipley 1228 Franklin Marietta, GA 30067 Phone: 770-818-0151 Email: info@labyrinthclothing.com Web: www.labyrinthclothing.com Small line of loose, flowing basics in high quality fabrics. Very reasonable prices. Seasonal colors. Custom sizing. Lady Dare -- "For the Distinctive Woman sizes 14-32" [single][North Carolina][women][supersize][casual] MP14, Outer Banks Mall P.O. Box 441 Nags Head, NC Phone: 919-441-7461 This is a fairly small store, but they had some unusual clothes there, such as a batiked summer dress. Good quality, kinda high prices. They don't have a catalog, but they have a mailing list and they will notify you if they get something in that you might be interested in. Lady Grace Intimate Apparel [chain][catalog][women][supersize][custom][lingerie][maternity] 61 Exchange St. PO Box 128 Malden, MA 02148 Phone: (800) 922-0504 Email: ladygrace5@aol.com Web site: www.ladygrace.com/ Bras and maternity bras to 52-I, bustiers, panties to 9X, girdles. Stores are located on East Coast of US. Send email with name, mailing address, and daytime telephone number for free catalog. Their website has bras that aren't in the catalog. They are good about returns (you don't owe any postage for your first exchange). Mar01 Land's End [catalog][internet][women][men][casual][swimwear][sportswear] 1 Land's End Ln. Dodgeville, WI 53595 Phone: (800) 356-4444 Email: mailbox@landsend.com Web site: http://www.landsend.com Land's End offers an increasing percentage of their clothing styles in larger sizes (men's to 3X, women's to 26 except bathing suits to 24). Items in larger sizes are not listed in all their catalogs but are available in a separate department on the web site. Some shoes in wide widths. Quality is good, prices inexpensive to moderate. Phone service is good (service reps have all the clothing measurements on screen). Web site has a staggering array of sales with great prices, but it can be difficult to find what you're looking for. Shipping is fast. I've heard rumors that they offer some clothing in sizes up to 5X but only over the phone. This clothing may only be available if you are ordering a quantity of specially printed items. Mar01 Lane Bryant Catalog [catalog][women][men][supersize][casual][career][sportswear][evening] [swimwear][lingerie] PO Box 8301 Indianapolis, IN 46283-8301 Phone orders: (800) 477-7070 Customer service: (800) 477-7030 The catalog is not affiliated with the retail stores. Misses' sizes 14-20, women's sizes 36-60. They have strapless and soft-cup bras. They have swimsuits. They use thin models. Clothing varies in quality (for example, buttons sometimes come off easily) and fashion consciousness. If you read the catalog carefully and avoid certain fabrics (such as rayon, which tends to shrink) you can find a few fashionable good quality things. Clothing sizes are usually accurate. Some have praised their silk blouses and Hunter's Run denim leggings. Good sales. Good about taking things back. One person complained that a sales clerk gave her wrong information about a backordered item. "I know it's common to pooh-pooh the Lane Bryant and Roaman's catalogs, but the fact is that they *are* the most affordable clothing source for women up to the smaller end of supersize." Dresses and suits are less commonly offered in larger sizes. Lane Bryant Stores [chain][women][casual][career][evening][lingerie][outdoors] Web site: http://www.veneziajeans.com/ Mall store owned by The Limited. Not affiliated with the Lane Bryant catalog. Trendy clothing. Not cheap unless you buy on sale. Sizes to 28 or 32. Some people have problems with the quality and fit, others are happy with their clothing. Selections and sizes vary a lot by location -- not every store gets every kind of item -- e.g., one branch told me they were not offering swimsuits but the branch at a nearby mall would be. They use mid-size models in their advertising. A saleswoman at a Lane Bryant store wrote that she is grateful they offer jobs to plus-size women when most retail stores will not, and she finds the attitude at Lane Bryant fat-positive. Jan 00: One woman wrote "My perception is that they are...not carrying as wide a size range as they used to. At least in Utah I rarely see sizes over 26 any more." Large Lovely Lady [catalog] [wedding] [supersize] [evening] [career] PO Box 4385 Chatsworth, CA 91312-4385 Phone: (818) 709-0950 Catalog $2 Laughing Sisters [catalog][custom][women][supersize][lingerie][maternity] 4514 Manitou Way San Diego CA 92117 Phone: 858.272.1976 Email: laughingsisters@yahoo.com Web: http://www.laughingsisters.com Free catalog They make and sell unusually high quality 100% cotton nightgowns of their own design, old-fashioned, extremely full, and graciously gathered with set-in sleeves. Sizes to super and custom. Well-constructed and high-quality. They also make flannel or summerweight cotton nightgowns for nursing women, with two openings concealed in deep pleats in gathers at the yoke. "The owner is an amusing woman to speak with. She sells her gowns in two sizes, Small and Medium. Medium is for about 24-36+, which she said she named Medium because that's her size and it's her company. She also will custom-size as necessary." Lebow Brothers Clothing for Men and Boys [single][Massachusetts][catalog][internet][men][children] 178 Linden Street Diehl's Plaza Wellesley, MA 02181 Phone: (617) 431-7194, (800) 814-2229 Web site: http://www.tiac.net/users/lebow/ Lightstone's [single][California][men][supersize] 1696 Valencia San Francisco, CA Phone: (415) 282-1243 Men's work clothing to 6X or so. Pricey, but very good quality. Lillian Lavergne Designs [catalog][women][supersize][lingerie] 7401 Lunar Dr. Austin, TX 78745 Phone: (800) 416-0063 Slips and camisoles in sizes XS to 10X. Prices around $40. Linda's Classic Woman [single][Michigan][women] 139 E. Chicago Blvd. Tecumseh, MI Phone: (517)423-7155 Classic women's clothing Lingerie at Large [single][California][catalog][internet][women][lingerie][sportswear][swimwear] 161 Carousel Mall San Bernadino Ca 92401 Phone: 909-885-5611 Fax: 909-624-2288 Email: michelle@lingerieatlarge.com Web site: http://lingerieatlarge.com/ Catalog $5 (comes with $5 coupon) Sizes to 4X (a few items to 5X). Also sells Danskin Plus. The web site uses large models. Bras to 52DDD. Longline bras and bridal corselettes. Half-slips, camisoles, bra liners, teddy and bra extenders, and strapless bras, teddies, baby dolls, garterbelts, gowns, open bust and glow in the dark teddies. Long Elegant Legs [catalog][women][tall] PO Box 1290 Somerville, NJ 08876 Phone orders: (800) 344-2225 Customer service: (800) 344-2235 Fax: (908) 359-0691 Clothes for tall women, up to size 22. Lord & Taylor [chain][women] Department store. Web site: http://www.mayco.com/may/Stores/lt_contact.html (lists phone numbers of stores) Good plus-size department. Love Your Peaches Clothing Company [catalog][Internet][supersize][women][evening][swimwear] Phone: 888-274-7499 Email: janelle@loveyourpeaches.com Web site: http://www.loveyourpeaches.com Luxurious fabrics. Sizes to 6X. Small, appealing online and print catalog. Pricy. "I've fallen in love with a silk and velvet lace jacket which I probably won't be able to resist much longer." Jackets reported generously cut. One piece and two piece mix-n-match swimwear. "When my bikini top arrived, it didn't fit right. We took some digital photos, sent them off to her, and she made me a new one. When I put the new one on, it *fell* into place. It's just so perfectly made that I can't believe it. And now she has my size and pattern on file, and can make other things to fit me just as perfectly." Loving Woman Lingerie and More [single][California][catalog][supersize][lingerie] 425 Broadway Millbrae, CA 94030 Phone: (415) 652-7980 Lucy [single][New York][women][outdoors][sportswear] 1109 second Ave, between 58th and 59th streets new york, new york 10022 Phone: 212-758-8216 Fax: 212-758-8673 Web site: www.lucy.com Workout wear for women in a variety of sizes, reportedly reasonably priced. Currently only one retail location, with more planned in 2001. No web ordering but you can sign up to be notified when Lucy opens more retail stores. Mar01 MTF Geriatrics [catalog][women][casual] PO Box 320 Ellis, KS 67637 Phone: (913) 726-4807 Dresses, slips/camisoles, skirts, blouses -- clothing for folks with disabilities. Macy's [chain][women][evening][career][lingerie] Web site: http://www.macys.com Department store. Plus-size clothes in Macy's Woman section. Pricey, evening/career focus. Recommended that you get a "Personal Shopper," who can help if you have problems. Sizes up to 24. Jockey For Her underwear to size 12 or 13. Madame X Lingerie [catalog][women][lingerie] 3023 N. Clark St., Suite 271R Chicago, IL 60657 Catalog $5 Lingerie to 4X (24). Magical Creations Boutique [single][Oregon][supersize][casual][evening] 4232 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR Phone: (503) 288-5450 Plus and supersize designer samples, wearable art, ethnic. "Really cool clothing...a bit more expensive, but they are apparently worth it and the clothes they do are gorgeous." Magic Makers Costumes, Inc. [catalog][internet][single][West Virginia][overseas][women][men][unisex] [children][supersize][costumes] 545 Fourth Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701 Phone: 800-233-5810, (304)525-5333 Fax: (304)525-1041 Web: http://www.magicmakers.com Some of their rental/purchase costumes come in large sizes. Costumes list relevant chest/bust/waist measurements. Making It Big [single][California][internet][catalog][women][supersize][petite][tall][casual] [career][evening][sportswear][lingerie][swimwear] 501 Aaron St Cotati, CA 94931-3062 Phone: 707-795-1995 Fax: 707-795-4874 Email: mib@bigwomen.com Web site: http://www.bigwomen.com Cottons, linens, and rayons, dyed to order, high quality. Mostly solid colors with an ever increasing percentage of overdyed prints and rayon prints. Moderate prices. They make all their own garments in the U.S. Some petites, talls. They use large and supersize models. Service is good, they are receptive to customer comments and Canadian-friendly. Some folks complain that they frequently discontinue styles. Some folks complain that they don't update their styles fast enough. They have 2 or 3 sales a year in Berkeley, in a rented hall. Marianne Plus [chain][women][casual] Mall store. Funky clothes at reasonable prices. Cool urban fashion. Marian's Full Figure Designs [catalog][women][casual][sportswear] 385 W. Marigold Altadena, CA 91001 Phone: (213) 681-5845 Catalog $2 (refunded with first order) Tops, shirts, stirrup pants. Marilyn's [catalog][women][lingerie] PO Box 1117 Santa Maria, CA 93456 Phone: (800) 462-4447 Lingerie in sizes 1X-4X. A little pricey. Marshall's [chain][women][men] Discount store. Hit or miss, but sometimes they have good stuff. Marshall Field's [chain] Department store. Sizes to 24-28. Not bad in price if you hit a sale. Quality and selection varies by location. Maryland Square [catalog][internet][women][shoes] Chippewa Falls, WI 54729-1567 Phone 800 274 7196 Web www.marylandsquare.com Women's shoes. Secure online ordering. Wide range of sizes, styles. Massey's [catalog][women][shoes] 601 Twelfth St. PO Box 10088 Lynchburg, VA 24506-0088 Phone: (800) 4-MASSEY Women's shoes up to size 14 in a variety of widths. MaxMara [single][California][women] San Francisco, CA Limited selection of larger clothes (sizes 12-22). If their style matches yours, you'll be in heaven. McB's Shoes [catalog][shoes] 715 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone: (415) 546-9444, (415) 957-9988 Sizes 6-13, AAAAA-EE. MegWear [catalog][internet][women][custom][supersize][casual][evening][lingerie] 341 Main Street, Suite 13 West Haven, CT 06516 Phone: 203-937-8118, 888-909-2384 Email: megwear@megwear.com Web site: http://www.megwear.com/ Line of avant garde clothing for people who want to make a statement. "Wild," "daring," "retro" clothing such as leopard print halters and "shrugs," bloomers. Sizes larger than XL are made to order. Mid-sized models. Owner Meg Giannotti writes: "I do use mid-size 12-16 and smaller models 6-10 for the web and brochure. This is not meant to exclude anyone. It's just those are the samples and model that I had available. Anything that anyone sees can be made to order. At this time we do not accept M/C Visa (soon however). We will try our hardest to accommodate any of our customers. Thank-you again for the mention." ModeStyle.com [internet][women] Web: http://www.modestyle.com Online site associated with Mode magazine, featuring clothes you can find in the magazine. Sizes to 24. Clothes tend to be expensive. Modern Woman [chain][women][supersize][casual][career][evening][lingerie] This store has been subsumed by Catherine's (see the US Clothing FAQ part 1). More To Hug [catalog][single][California][internet][women][lingerie][evening] [casual][career] Phone: (800) 850-8525 Web site: http://www.vcnet.com/moretohug/ Stores in Thousand Oaks and Camarillo, CA. More To Love, Too [single][Kentucky][women][supersize][casual][career][evening] Breckenridge Lane South in the Hikes Point area Louisville, KY Sizes from 14 to 36 and can special order anything from a size 3 up to 8x Muldoon's Men's Shop [catalog][internet][single][Wisconsin][men][women][supersize][casual] [career][sportswear][outerwear][lingerie] 1506 South Hastings Way Eau Claire WI 54701, USA Phone: 1-800-942-0783 and (715) 832-3502 Fax: (715) 832-6798 Email: jmuldoon@muldoons.com Web site: http://www.muldoons.com/ Large range of sizes. Reasonable prices. US shipping is free for orders over $100. They also ship to Canada. Lot of variety and colors. They are very nice on the phone. They hem slacks no extra charge. Short, regular, and long-rise trousers, waist sizes from 28 to 80 inches, shirt sizes from 14 1/2 to 24 1/2 inch neck, sleeve lengths from 32 to 40 inches, outerwear from small to 8X big (74-76 inch chest) and talls to 5X. Suits and sport coats from size 34 Extra Short to 60 Long (Extra Longs up to size 54) are in stock; can order up to size 72 Portly Long and 60 Extra Long in suits and sport coats. Sweatshirt and sweatpants up to size 10X Big and 6X Tall. Myles Ahead [catalog][single][Florida][women][supersize][tall] 6652 NW 57 St. Tamarac, FL 33321 Phone: 888-MylesAhead, (305) 724-0500 Fax: (305) 724-7177 Web site: http://www.mylesahead.com When the web site URL changed, I got several notes about it -- this company clearly has a lot of fans! NAAFA Feminist SIG [catalog][unisex] Lynn Meletiche 2065 First Ave. #19-D Dept. RM New York, NY 10029 Phone: (212) 721-8259 Large-size hospital gowns (allow 4-6 weeks for delivery). Nakazawa's [single][New York][women][casual][evening] 132 Thompson St NY, NY 10012 Phone: 212-505-7768 Nancy Lawrence [single][Minnesota][women] Edina, Minnesota Phone: (612) 925-9305 Pricey boutique, sizes 14-26. Nancy's Choice [catalog][shoes] Indianapolis, IN 46201 Misses' sizes 10-20, women's sizes 36-46, also shoes. National Wholesale Co. [catalog][women][lingerie][casual] 400 National Blvd. Lexington, NC 27294 Phone: 910-249-0211 (orders only), 910-249-4202 Fax: 910-249-9326 Pantyhose by the dozen at reasonable prices. Several queen-size styles. Non-run pantyhose in large (up to 200 lbs). Naturally Yours [catalog][women][sportswear] PO Box 86481 Portland, OR 97286 3405 SE 63rd St. Portland, OR 97206 Phone: (503) 777-1027 Leggings in sizes 1X-4X. Neel Gagan [internet][custom][women][casual][evening] Phone: (888) 464 4685, (603) 437 4715 Email: info@gagan.com Web site: http://www.gagan.com Custom-made options for women to design and create their own wardrobe. Offer a number of silk fabrics and colors and embroideries. Traditionally Indian clothes tend to be loose fitting and comfortable without looking big and unattractive. Visit the Design it Yourself section of the site. New Attitude [single][Hawaii][supersize] 1289 Kilauea Ave. Hilo, HI Phone: (808) 935-6055 Clothing "with an island attitude." Sizes 14-34. They ship. New Look [catalog][women][tall] Phone: (800) 998-1985 Tall and BBW. New Mode [chain][women][casual] One incarnation is in the Plaza Camino Real Mall in Carlsbad CA Hip, trendy clothing to size 22. Newport News [catalog][women][casual] Avon Lane Hampton, VA 23630-1244 Phone: (800) 688-2830, (804) 827-9000 (customer service) Formerly Avon Fashions. Casual clothes. Some of their stuff goes up to size 16, 18, 20, 2X. Nicole Summers [catalog] [career] [casual] [evening] PO Box 3003 Winterbrook Way Meridith, NH 03253-3003 Phone: 800-642-6786 Sizes to 26 Nordstrom [catalog][chain][women][career][casual][shoes] Catalog info: PO Box 91018 Seattle WA 98111-9118 Phone: (800) 285-5800, (206) 215-7100 (outside US and Canada) Fax: (800) 285-7288, (208) 215-7288 (outside US and Canada) TDD: (800) 285-7344 Email: npta@nordstrom-pta.com Web site: http://www.nordstrom-pta.com Department store is upscale, service oriented. Plus-size clothes in Encore department. This is a *great* place to find large shoes, especially for women. They will move heaven and earth to find a fit! They have a new plus-size catalog that uses large models. Nordstromshoes.com You can put in your size, the width, and the type of shoe you're looking for. The search engine will return all styles that fit that description. Not A Small World [single][California][consignment][career][casual][sportswear] [evening][lingerie][accessories][swimwear] Monica Francisco 1527 Cypress Street Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone: (925) 933-7592 Fax: (925) 933-7592 Email: monica@notasmallworld.com Plus size only consignment shop, sizes 14-4X. Designer labels. Layaways and 24-hour approvals. Consignment split 50/50. Ocean Ray Wetsuits [internet][custom][supersize][swimwear] Phone: 800-645-5554 Web site: http://www.oceanray.com/ Wet suits, custom sizing. Web site has very complete price list, including custom suits for people 350 pounds or more. Oddessy Martial Arts and Medieval Supply Center [single][Missouri][internet][unisex][supersize][sportswear] Phone: 1-800-ODDESSY (1-800-633-3779) Email: info@oddessy.com Web site: http://www.oddessy.com Large martial arts uniforms, including Karate gis up to size 12 (equivalent to men's 5X). Also Japanese swords and knives, medieval swords, Karate, Kung Fu, and Tae Kwon Do training equipment, aids and safety gear, and numerous other martial arts and medieval related products and literature. Web site uses some large models. The supersize uniforms are quite expensive. Oh! Susanna [catalog][women][supersize][sportswear] 206 Culver St Chatta, TN 37415 Phone: (615) 874-0792 Shorts, sweats, T-shirts in 5X to 8X. Old Pueblo Traders [catalog] [casual] [petite] [women] [lingerie] [shoes] Palo Verde at 34th St PO Box 27800 Tucson, AZ 85726-7800 Phone: (520) 747-5000 Catalog $2 One Angry Girl Designs [catalog][internet][overseas][unisex][supersize][sportswear] PO Box 400674 North Cambridge MA 02140 oneangrygirl@hotmail.com Web: http://www.oneangrygirl.net/ Wonderful shirts (small through 6XL) with feminist and size-accepting slogans such as "Practice Guilt-free food consumption." and "Start a revolution - stop hating your body". Not all shirts come in all sizes, and larger sizes cost more. Also bumper stickers including the pot-bellied "Bud the Silver Naked Trucker". Orchard Corset Discount Center [internet][single][New York][overseas][women][lingerie][costume] Orchard Corset Center 157 Orchard Street New York, NY 10002 Phone: 877-2OR-CHARD; (212) 674-0786 Email: orchard@bway.net Web site: http://www.bway.net/orchard_bras/ Many kinds and brands of lingerie, sizes to 54-I. Also theatrical, costume and period items. "They've been in business about 70 years and pride themselves on being able to fit just about anyone." But: "I was VERY unhappy with Orchard Corset Center. I ordered panties from them over the phone. I said a size 17. When they arrived they were a size 13. I returned them immediately, but they refused to credit my account." Original Jo's [catalog][women][supersize][sportswear] 8766 Wicklow Lane Dublin, CA 94568-1149 Phone: (800) 352-9156 T-shirts decorated with sayings or pictures, sizes 1X-8X. PS Plus Sizes Plus Savings [chain][women][supersize][casual][career][lingerie] This store has been subsumed by Catherine's (see US Clothing FAQ part 1). Pango Pango Swimwear [catalog][women][custom][swimwear] 1905 E. Atlantic Boulevard Pompano Beach, FL 33060-6562 Phone: (305) 786-0255 Really skimpy, really sleazy swimsuits, mostly bikinis. Bottoms up to XXL (45"-47" hips). Tops have cup sizes AA to F, and they make the band to your measurements. They do special requests. Paradise on a Hanger [catalog][unisex][supersize][casual] 4389 F Road Crawford, CO 81415-9732 Phone: 800-921-3050 in the USA, 970-921-3050 elsewhere Email: hotshirts@hotshirts.com Web site: http://www.hotshirts.com Mail-order Hawaiian shirt company. Almost all shirts up to 2X, most to 4X, and many to 7X (men's sizes). Shirts average $50-60 US and come from several different makers. One of the owners is a big man. Mar01 Paula Sanders Plus Size and Super Size Custom Clothing [internet][single][women][supersize][custom][casual][career][evening] [wedding][accessories] Web site: http://www.paulasanders.com Custom clothing: Send email describing what you have in mind. "I have spoken to Paula several times and she appears to be very customer service oriented and eager to please her clients." Site also offers ready-made accessories and hats, a gallery of art images featuring large women, and *The Big Girls Blue Book*, a resource guide for plus and supersize women. Payless Shoes [chain][women][men][shoes] Inexpensive shoes. Wide sizes. Peacock Clothes [single][California][women][supersize] 311 Town & Country Village Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Phone: (408) 730-0941 Carries XL-XXXL (28 can fit up to 500lbs or more). Reasonable prices. Some people think quality is good, a few disagree. One comment: "Deborah always produces high quality merchandise, and the price reflects the quality. Deborah makes anything you want. She provides polite advice, but if you insist you need a green and yellow sequined rain slicker with pink poodles and purple dinosaurs, that's what you'll get." Peggy Lutz Plus [catalog][internet][single][California][custom][petite][tall] [supersize][women][casual][career][evening][lingerie] 7650 Bell Road Windsor, CA 95492 Phone: (707) 837-1897 Fax: (707) 837-1899 Email: peg@peglutz.com Web page: www.plus-size.com Catalog w/ fabric swatches $5 (refundable upon order). Elegant designs and high-quality interesting fabrics. Good selection of sizes. Expensive. Catalog and web site use plus size models and older models. "Peggy's designs get more beautiful and refined every year, and she has an intuitive sense of what looks good on plus-size bodies." "The dress fit as if it were made *exactly* for me. Another good thing about Peggy: almost all her styles can be cut to fit all body types." In Summer 2000 there were a lot of complaints about this company. Summary: she was reluctant to take back or fix mail-ordered clothing that didn't fit properly or was otherwise not as ordered; she sometimes didn't respond to email or phone contact. In Feb 2001, Peg Lutz took the time to phone me and respond to the criticisms (which no other manufacturer/designer has done). A summary of her comments: she has learned her business on the job and views mistakes as challenges and opportunities for improvement. During times of sudden high demand it may be difficult for her to respond quickly to everyone since she offers very personalized service to each client. With regard to fit, her standard patterns fit a wide range of bodies but sometimes alterations are necessary. Her return policy: all shipped items are returnable, unworn, within two weeks and are subject to a 10% restocking fee for clothing purchased off the rack and a 15% cut charge for clothing made for you. She is working on a digitized pattern system that will offer more customization options for lower prices. Phoenix Pryor, Oklahoma. Phone: 918.825.6152. Wholesale supplier of large-size t-shirts. Marilyn Wann: "I like them the best of all the t-shirt companies I've used for FAT!SO?. They recently instituted a $200 minimum for orders." Phoenix Big and Tall Has merged with Repp Big & Tall (listed below). Plus Active Wear Co. [catalog][women][supersize][sportswear] P.O. Box 337 3216 Kirkwood Hwy Wilmington, DE 19808 Phone: 877 994 5353 Fax: 877 633 9439 Email: plusactive@earthlink.net T-shirts to 9X, leggings to 8X, denim shirts, walking shorts up to 3X, palm weights, exercise videos, casual clothing, AquaJogger swimwear. Prices are lower than Junonia's. Email to request free catalog. Oct 99 Plus Shop [catalog][internet][overseas][women][supersize][custom] [casual][evening][swimwear][lingerie][accessories] Michele 6846 Reseda Blvd. #121 Reseda,CA 91335 Phone (818) 345-2245 Fax (818) 345-1050 Email Mail@plusshop.com Web www.plusshop.com Owned, operated and designed by BBWs. Private label swimwear, French lingerie, silk ballgowns, casual, activewear, sleepwear, jewelry, size-related books, and an outlet department for one-of-a-kind bargains. New items added on a weekly basis. Sizes 1x to 6x. Custom work available on some items. All swimwear is designed from your individual body measurements. Ship anywhere in the world. Site is mirrored in French language: http://www.plusshop.com/fr/indexfr.htm. Plus Size Outlet 104 Greensprings Highway Birmingham, AL 35209 Phone: (205) 916-0144 or (205) 916-0078 Web www.plussizeoutlet.com/ Free shipping with your first order in the continental U.S. Sizes 1X-10X. Ship anywhere. Mostly they carry casual wear up to a size 10x; they have a great t-dress. Some career wear, beaded clothing up to 4x, "foundations," and coats, sometimes as closeouts from Lane Bryant and other stores. Good prices and quality. Family-owned business. Plus Woman [catalog][custom][women][supersize][tall][petite][casual][career] [sportswear][uniforms] 60 Laurel Haven Fairview, NC 28730 Phone: 800-628-5525, 704-628-3562 Email: pluswoman2@aol.com Web site: http://www.pluswoman.com Each season they put out a catalog with a selection of fabrics (including cotton, Tencel, rayon, linen-rayon, and cotton-polyester blends, solids and prints) and a selection of separates. You can get most of the separates in any fabric and you can specify inseam, length; sleeve length; neckline type, and so on. "They have wonderful interview clothing. Blazers that fit and are not polyester! in supersizes!" They also carry scrubs, and casual clothing and sportswear from other manufacturers. Sizes 1X-9X (83" bust, 90" hip). They do custom work with a one-time $10 pattern fee. Good quality. Good customer service and prompt delivery. "They have given me excellent service when I wanted an unusual length or other special detailing." Attractive supersize and midsize models. They will send you fabric swatches. Mar01 Poley's Big & Tall [internet][catalog][men][supersize][casual][outdoors] Email: poleyk@rcinet.com Web site: http://www.poleys.com Men's clothes up to 4XT and 8X. Prairie Rose Lingerie [catalog][women][lingerie] New addresses: Vendredi Enterprises 1030 E. El Camino Real #314 Sunnyvale, CA 94087 PO Box 70817 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Phone: 408-739-4192 Fax: 408-739-4192 Catalog $10 (refunded with $50 order) Lingerie in sizes 40-46, variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. Large-size models. Pretty Plus Nicole St Jacques (Owner/Designer) Phone/fax: (705) 692-0688 Email: info@prettyplus.net Web: http://www.prettyplus.net Carries Bromani line of jeans and casual pants, sizes 18-34 (38-54). Canadian company, but accepts orders from US customers. Pretty Plus Plus [single][New York][women][consignment] Madison Ave, around 90th St. Manhattan, NY Phone: (212) 427-4724 Consignment store with good large-size clothing. Pretty Woman Plus [single][Illinois][women] Peoria, IL Good quality, somewhat expensive. Primadonna [single][North Carolina][women][casual] Durham, NC Ethnic clothes up to size 24 or so. PrimaDonna [single][California][women][accessories][casual][career] [evening][lingerie][outdoors][shoes] 2020 South Bascom Avenue, #C Campbell, CA 95008 Phone: (408) 377-3370 Fax: (408) 377-7090 Email: florab@msn.com Consignment store. Carry assortment of large-size catalogues. Will look for a particular item for a customer and call them if it comes in. Consignor is paid 50% of the sale price for new items (with their original tags) and 40% on "gently used" items. 2 sales per year. QVC [catalog][women][accessories] QVC (one of the home shopping television channels) offers high-quality clothing at (usually) good prices. The Forgotten Woman (see retail for women) hosts shows on QVC, as does August Max Woman. Other names sold include Le Chute, DVFurstenberg, etc. About 90% of the clothing lines they sell include plus sizes (to 3X/26-28). They deliver within 5 working days and have a "no questions asked" 30-day money-back return. They also have large-size models working right alongside thin models. On the jewelry end of things, they usually offer rings up to size 10, and they occasionally have the longer bracelets. Queen of Hearts [catalog][women] 19 Merrick Ave. Merrick, NY 11566 Phone: (516) 377-1357 Catalogue $5 Sizes 14-22/24 Rainy County Knit Wear [catalog][custom][women][unisex][casual] PO Box 7852 Everett, WA 98201-0852 Phone: (206) 653-7189 Custom-made sweaters. RealSize.com [catalog][internet][women][petite][tall][casual][career][evening][swimwear] [accessories] Phone: 877 900 7325 (toll free) Web site: http://www.realsize.com Mid-size clothing from several designers including Delta Burke. Some items to size 28/3X. Prices very reasonable. Also watches, exercise videos. Nov 99 Regalia [catalog][women][lingerie] 3740 East 34th St. Tuscon, AZ 85713-5305 Phone orders: (800) 362-8420 Customer service: (602) 748-8600 Catalog $1 Bras up to sizes F & G. Connected with Intimate Appeal. Rennar Boutique [catalog][internet][single][New Jersey][women][supersize][custom] [casual][career][evening][wedding][accessories] 800 Broadway Bayonne, NJ 07002 Phone: (201) 823-3043 Email: Rennar@rennar.com Web: www.rennar.com Wide range of clothing - casual chic, day-to-evening, formalwear. Sizes to 8/10X. Price range $70-$400. They make to order and do adjustments. They will work with you by photos/swatches, and over the phone. "Ask for Keith or Dianne." They're praised for their dedication to their customers. Ship to the U.S. and Canada. In business for 20 years. Supersize models on web site. Online ordering (you submit order and they phone you to confirm order and arrange payment). Mar 00 Repp Ltd. Big & Tall [catalog][internet][men][tall][supersize][career][casual][shoes][sportswear][swimwear] 1492 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway Alpharetta, Georgia 30201 Phone: 800-690-REPP Fax: 800-225-6072 Web site: http://www.reppbynet.com/ Brand name men's careerwear and sportswear. Most items to size 4XT and 6X; some items to 8X. Some shoes to size 16 EEEE. Most items on the expensive side. Secure online ordering. Dec 99 Ripley Custom Shirtmaker [catalog][single][Louisiana][internet][men][custom][casual][evening] 222 City Park Avenue New Orleans, LA 70119 Phone: (504) 488-2288 Fax: (214) 941-3340 Web site: http://www.ripleyshirts.com Manufacturer of upscale men's custom shirts (dress and western style). You send them $5 and they send you a "Shirting Packet." It contains measuring instructions, a tape measure, 100+ fabric samples and a brochure illustrating different pocket designs, cuffs, collars, etc. The $5 can be credited to your first order. Roaman's [catalog][women][outdoors][swimwear][casual][career][sportswear][lingerie] [uniforms] PO Box 8360 Indianapolis, IN 46283-8360 Phone: (800) 274-7130 (24 hour ordering) Sister company of Lane Bryant catalog. Also seems affiliated with the Sears catalog. Women's sizes 38-60. Most items are relatively inexpensive. Some unattractive pieces. Some random sexy pieces. Cute casuals. Nice coats. Swimsuits. Scrubs. Rochester's Big & Tall Clothing [chain][men][career] There's a store in San Francisco, 1-415-982-6455. They sell, among other things, suits. Rocky Mountain Clothing [catalog][women][casual] Phone: (800) 688-4449 Call to find a location in your area where they sell this company's jeans and blouses. Currently sizes up to 26, soon up to 30. Roselyn [single][California][catalog][women][supersize][career][evening][lingerie] [sportswear][casual] 347 14th St. Oakland, CA 94612 Phone: (510) 444-7472 Fax (510) 444-4754 Dresses, suits, lingerie, girdles and bustiers, gowns, hosiery, Danskin. Plus and supersizes. Ross [chain][women] Discount store (Midwest and West Coast) with selection of large sizes, 14-28. Selection can be spotty. Ross Unlimited [single][Georgia][women][custom][supersize][lingerie][casual] 366 Flat Shoals Ave., SE Atlanta, GA 30316 Phone: (404) 522-4083 If they don't have your size, they will custom-make clothing for you (such as jeans) if you purchase at least six of the item. Supersize underwear. Royal Resources Vendredi Enterprises New address: 1030 E. El Camino Real #314 Sunnyvale, CA 94087 POBox 70817 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 Phone: 408-739-4192 Fax: 408-739-4192 Information and source directory for large folks. Information on clothing, shoes, and much more. This is not a catalog, but a book -- cost is $29.95. Royal Woman [catalog][women][casual] 14 East 38th St. 14th floor New York NY 10016 Catalog $2. Women's sizes 14-46 in natural silks and cotton. Capes, dresses, blouses, sweaters, sleepwear. Ruthie's Big Galz Boutique [single][California][women] 1307 First St. Napa, CA 94559 Phone: (707) 255-7737, (800) 655-7738 Fax: (707) 255-8789 Saks Fifth Avenue "Salon Z" [chain][women][lingerie] Beautiful silk and cotton nightwear. "Pricey, definitely, but they carry *quality* - Tomatsu, Jones, etc. And they have good sales." Sandie's Boutique [catalog][internet][single][consignment][overseas][women][supersize][petite] [tall][outdoors][casual][career][evening][swimwear][lingerie][accessories] [sportswear][shoes][coats][wedding][costumes] Email: zaftig2k@aol.com Web: http://www.zaftig-2000.com/sandie/ "Gently used" items, close-outs, costumes, lingerie accessories. Also original designs in a variety of fabrics. Sizes 16-40+ (1X-8X). To order a consignment item, send email and follow up with payment within 7 days. Refund for store credit only. Supersize models used in original designs section. Consignment items displayed on hangers. July 00 Sara's Shoes [catalog][custom][unisex][shoes] 5638 County Rd., #102 Guffey, CO 80820 Shoes, boots, and sandals made to your foot, ankle, and calf measurements. Very casual styles, Birkenstock-type foot shape. High-quality materials and work, very comfortable and durable. Prices run about $125-$250. May take several months to receive the finished shoes. Sassy Scrubs [catalog][internet][single][New York][overseas][misc][women][men][unisex] [maternity][petite][tall][custom][uniforms] Peggy Piontkowski or Christie White 102 Church Street, North Syracuse, NY 13212 Phone: 315/458-6404 Fax: 315/458-6440 Email: info@sassyscrubs.com Web: http://www.sassyscrubs.com Designer scrub wear (uniforms) for men and women, including maternity styles. Sizes from XS thru 4XL with custom options for length (tall or short). Price range: $20 - $50. Ship anywhere. "We are a 10 year old US woman owned manufacturing company and we cater to the unusual - maternity, custom length pants and tops, printed lab coats, many specialty prints for peds, vets, men, foods, etc." Sav-On Surplus [single][California][men][supersize][outdoors][casual] Hawthorne St. Lawndale, CA Men's camping, outdoors, and regular clothes up to size 8X. Reasonable prices. Says Who? [single][California][catalog][supersize][women][casual][career][evening] [sportswear] Two locations: 3903 Piedmont Ave. Oakland, CA 94611 Phone: (510) 547-5181 and 539 Bryant St. Palo Alto, CA 94301 Phone: (415) 324-3511 Email: sayswho@sayswho.com Web site: http://www.sayswho.com Catalog $1. Very nice clothes. Somewhat expensive. Mostly simple and casual. Some swimsuits. They are adding size 0 and size 5X to their lineup. Seams to Fit [single][California][women][consignment] 6527 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609 Phone: (510) 428-9463 Big dressing rooms. Responsible and honest. Great clothes, both consignment and new. Affiliated with Says Who? (see above). Searagz [catalog][internet][women][swimwear] Phone: 1-877-248-9567 Fax: 1-407-469-4766 Email: info@SeaRagz.com Web: www.searagz.com Swimwear, $79.95 for a three piece set (shorts, bra & top). Pieces may also be purchased separately. Secure online ordering. Midsize models. Sizes for tops and shorts to 48" bust, 58" hips (sizes for bras to 48" bust). Sears [catalog][chain][men][women][supersize][shoes] Phone: 800-948-8800 (catalog ordering) Web site: http://www.sears.com/ Clothing very similar to that in Roamans catalog. Several free specialty catalogs. Regular catalog sizes to women's 24, plus catalog sizes to women's 56 or men's 8X. Big and wide shoes. Apparel in stores goes to women's size 24. Mails within US only (but there is also a Sears Canada -- phone 800-267-3277 in Canada for more information). Semi Q Fashions [women][evening] Phone: (213) 623-9713 Sensual Adventures [single][women][supersize][lingerie] 8967 Taft Street Pembroke Pines, Fl 33024 Phone: 954-704-4114 Fax 954-704-4113 Thigh-high stockings, cat suits in many colors to 4x, pantyhose to 5-6x, one-piece garter belt and stockings. Owner Alma will respond to customer requests. Serendipity [single][Indiana][women] Indianapolis, IN Sheer Mahogany [catalog][women][lingerie] 3870 Crenshaw Blvd, #781 Los Angeles, CA 90008 Catalog $6. Lingerie up to 5X. Silhouettes [catalog][internet][women][petite][supersize][evening][casual][lingerie] [accessories][shoes] 340 Poplar St. Hanover, PA 17333-0069 and 5 Avery Row Roanoke, VA 24012-8567 Phone: (800) 852-2822 Web site: http://www.silhouettes.com Most items to 26, some items to 34 (their sizing runs roomy). Some petites. Moderate prices (a little more than Lane Bryant/Roaman's, less than small catalog companies such as Making It Big). Good variety of stylish, young clothes. They use thin models (one person noted that Lands End models are larger). Most are pleased with the clothing quality. Their customer service and return policy is reported good. Secure online ordering. Some folks have been complaining about the fact that some items only come in sizes up to 3X. If you have an opinion about this, email them! July 00 Silver Lining [single][Georgia][women][supersize][lingerie][wedding][sportswear] Buckhead Court, 3872 Roswell Road Atlanta, Georgia 30342 Phone: (404) 237-9911, (888) 237-9911 Fax: (404) 237-8385 Web site: http://www.silverliningplus.com/ "They carry very nice things, and they're extremely helpful. They carry "foundation wear" and a great selection of bras in a wide range of sizes, as well as sexy lingerie (I understand they're pretty popular with Atlanta's TV population for that) and some exercise/cruisewear. They've recently added wedding gowns, as well. They've special-ordered items for me in the past--in fact, they went to some trouble to track down the precise color stockings I needed in the right size. The hosiery on their web page goes up to 7X. Most of the lingerie I've found in their store goes up to a 4X. Both owners are BBWs." Sizes Unlimited See The Avenue in part 1. Sizes Woman See The Avenue in part 1. The Smart Saver [catalog][women][lingerie] PO Box 105 Wasco, IL 60183-0105 Bras up to size 48DD. Reasonably priced. Smart Size See The Avenue in part 1. Softspots [catalog][women][shoes][lingerie] Phone: 800-735-4994 Comfortable well made shoes in a wide range of sizes. Expensive but long lasting. They also have a few clothing articles that are plus sized and things like back supports and support hose. SoHo Woman on the Park [single][New York][women] 32 West 40th Street New York, NY 10018 Located in Manhattan. Carries sizes from 14 to 26. The clothes are reported to be "beautiful and unusual," "one-of-a-kind... non-restricting and in luscious fabrics that are especially designed and lot-dyed by the owner, Penny Healey." Spiegel [catalog][women][men][career][evening][casual][coats][lingerie] PO 182555 Columbus, OH 43218-2555 Automated order line: 800-448-7070 (must be current customer) New customer satisfaction: 800-474-5555 Order questions: 800-706-7600 Catalog requests: 800-345-4500 Web site: http://www.spiegel.com They offer a line of midsize clothing for women called "For You." Their retail "For You" stores no longer exist. Some men's items to 2X. They use thin models. Spencer's Gifts [chain][unisex][costumes] Mall store. Halloween costumes in plus sizes. Stage Clothes USA [internet][women][lingerie] Web site: http://www.stageclothes.com/ Lingerie and sex toys for regular and plus-size women to 4X. Torso extenders (they snap onto the crotch area of a teddy and add 4"-6" length), choker extenders, and chain bra extenders. They use large models in the large-size section of their web site. Stan's King Size Men's Shop [single][California][men][supersize] 7428 University Ave. La Mesa, CA 91941 Phone: (619) 469-0336 Some very large sizes. Stormy Leather [single][California][men][women][lingerie] 1158 Howard Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone: (415) 626-1672 Web site: http://www.stormyleather.com/ Manufactures, wholesales, and retails fetish attire and sex toys. Leather, lingerie, and fetish wear in sizes to 6X (sizes run small -- 6x corresponds to 52-inch bust, 44-inch waist, and 54-inch hips). Dildo harnesses to 60-inch hip. Pricey and well made. A variety of other stores stock their merchandise; see their web site for more information. Stout Men's Shop (aka Big Men | Tall Men | Stout Men's Shop) [single][Massachusetts][catalog][internet][overseas][men][supersize][casual] [career][swimwear][accessories][sportswear][outerwear][shoes] 59 Temple Pl. Boston, MA Phone: 800-458-5650 or (617) 542-5397 Fax: 617-542-5762 Email: TallBig@aol.com Web site: http://www.bigmen.com/ "Specializes in shoes and clothing in large and hard-to-find sizes." Big selection. Very wide size range on many items (some by special order, some in stock) -- sweats to size 12X, suits to waist size 72, etc. Worldwide mail order. Online ordering. Stuarts Plus [chain][women] Mall store. Owned by the people who own Stuarts. Trendier and cheaper than Lane Bryant. Styleplus Catalogue [catalog][women][lingerie] 1201 North Dearborn Parkway Suite 134 Chicago, IL 60610 Phone: (800) 34-STILE Beautiful lingerie, photographed on large models. Sue Brett [catalog][women][sportswear][casual][lingerie][shoes] Dept. A Indianapolis, IN 46207 Sportswear, dresses, lingerie, shoes, in misses' 10-24, women's 34-52, and half sizes. Suits Me Swimwear [catalog][women][swimwear] 2377 Deltona Blvd. Spring Hill, FL 34606 Phone: (904) 666-1485 Bathing suits designed to fit all sizes of folks. Easy to put on and take off -- They are tie-on wraparound swimsuits that can be fastened either as a one-piece suit or as a bikini. Four sizes: up to 60 lbs, 60-120 lbs, 120-250 lbs, and 250+ lbs. Sula and the Snapdragon [single][Massachusetts][women] 393 Commercial Street Provincetown, MA 02657 Phone: (508) 487-7200 Nice clothes up to 3X. Suzanne Henri, Inc. [catalog][women][lingerie] PO Box 2399 Appomattox, VA 24522 Phone: (800) 634-2590 No-underwire bras in a wide range of sizes up to 60MM. They use their own sizing system. The bras are very comfortable to wear, and never ride up or cut into the shoulders. Syd & Sam [internet][women][supersize][petite][tall][casual][career][evening] [lingerie][sportswear] Web site: http://www.sydandsam.com/ Outlet store. Variety of sizes and manufacturers, including Onyx Night, We Be Bop. Some areas under construction. Nov 99 Sweet Cheeks [catalog][women][supersize] PO Box 7767 Redlands, CA 92375 Phone: (909) 792-7014 Fax: (909) 792-5060 Original fun fashions, sizes 1X-6X. Sweet Dreams Intimates [single][New York][women][supersize][lingerie][swimwear] 81 Route 111 Smithtown NY 11787 Phone: (516) 462-9097 Bras 34B to 60H. Swimwear to 26. Lingerie sizes 1X-6X. Sweeter Measures [catalog][women][custom][supersize][casual][uniforms][career] [sportswear][lingerie] PO Box 340 819 Front St Gibbon, NE 68840 Phone: (308) 468-5156 Catalog $2. Sizes up to 60 or 70 and custom. Some people find the quality good, some not so. May be a little pricey. They carry nurses' uniforms. They will custom-make clothing (for instance, a skirt to match a blouse or jacket they offer) -- their custom measurement guides are very complete. They offer an unconditional guarantee (but custom fitted items are not returnable) and will send fabric swatches. Owner: Nancy Kollars Sylene's [catalog][internet][overseas][women][supersize][lingerie] 2495 Brunswick Pike Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 Fax: 609-883-7083 Email: info@sylenes.com Web: http://www.sylenes.com Bras, panties, girdles, sexy lingerie, breast enhancers, mastectomy bras and prostheses. Bras from 32AA through 54i, and other sizes XS through 10X. Ship internationally and accept credit cards and international money orders. Sylvia's Swimwear [single][Washington][women][supersize][swimwear] Stores in Bellevue and Seattle. Tafford Uniforms [single][Pennsylvania][catalog][uniforms] Tafford Showroom 104 Park Drive Montgomeryville, PA Phone: 215-643-9666 ext. 241 -- The Scrub Shop 134 South 11th Street Philadelphia, PA Phone: 215-351-6222 Free catalog: 1-800-283-0065. Their sizes run to 6x (the 4x size is very generous), also sizes 4 to 32. They are primarily a catalog company but have two stores in which you receive 20% off the catalog price as well as a very cheap discontinued area of the store and various sales. The salespeople are very nice to deal with. Target [chain][men][casual][swimwear] Discount chain. Swimsuits up to about 24. Inexpensive. Reasonable selection of big and tall men's clothing (up to about XXXL and XXXLT). Texas Body Hangings * Office, Showroom, and Mail Order 2052 E. Hwy 84 Mt. Enterprise, TX 75681-0547 Phone: 1-800-642-8075 or (903)822-3000 * Retail Store 835 Decatur St. New Orleans, LA 70116 * Order Forms P.O. Box 547 Mt. Enterprise, TX 75681-0547 Email: bodyhang@sat.net Web site: http://www.bodyhangings.com/ Cloaks in wool flannel and velveteen. Some styles work for big folks. Ten Plus Shoes [catalog][internet][single][California][overseas][women][shoes] 13450 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 PH : 818 - 386 - 1001 FAX: 818 - 386 - 1025 Email: mail@tenplusshoes.com Web http://www.tenplusshoes.com/ Ladies shoes up to size 14 W (web store). Retail store also carries size 15 and very narrow and very wide sizes. Spike heels, fetish boots, sandals, casual shoes, pumps. Online ordering is not secure. The Big Page Web site: http://www.thebigpage.com/ "Big and tall men's one stop Internet shop." Links to a number of online retailers of big and/or tall men's clothing, shoes, and accessories. Thera-Swim [catalog][internet][single][overseas][women][custom][swimwear][sportswear] Rita Allured PMB 333 100 N. Dixieland Road Rogers, AR 72756 Phone: 877-603-7117 Fax: 877-603-7120 Web: http://www.theraswim.com Sizes to 26 in stock, larger sizes available upon request. Swim pants, shorts, bras, and tops (you can put the tops on over your own bra). Prices $30-$65. American-made of tricot (nylon/spandex) fabric. Modestly cut. Good for water exercise requiring extra warmth. Models of all sizes. Secure online ordering. July 00 Today's Proud Women Mail returned 4/97 Today's Woman [chain][women][casual][evening][lingerie][sportswear][swimwear] Chain of stores in Florida (mostly). They carry Exquisite Form bras, midsize clothing, and some accessories. Somewhat pricey, but the discount rack has bargains. Clothing ranges from sportswear to semi-formal. Swimsuits and a limited selection of lingerie. They use larger size models in their store advertisements. Two Sisters - Fashions for the Generous Figure [internet][women][petite][supersize][outdoors][casual][career] [evening][lingerie] Texas Phone: (800) 343-9559 Fax: (800) 343-9559 or (915) 580-7909 Email: twosisters@marshill.com Web site: http://www.marshill.com/twosisters/ Internet-only catalog. Clothing tends to be in polyester or poly blends and prints. Some clothing comes in petite sizes. Prices range from inexpensive to moderate. They use large-size models and give the model's height and the size she is wearing. Ulla Popken [internet][catalog][women][petite][career][casual] Towson Town Center, 4th floor 825 Dulaney Valley Road Towson, MD 21204 10610 Beaver Dam Hunt Valley, MD 21030 Phone: (410) 494-8108, (800) 245-8552 Fax: 410-329-1320 Web site: http://www.ullapopken.com/ Sophisticated designs including career clothes and classics. They make all their clothing themselves. They like viscose, rayon, and slinky fibers, but also offer some cottons and cotton blends. Sizes to 30/32. They give an indication of the fit for each garment: relaxed fit, slim fit, etc. Prices have come down some, too. "Quite impressed with their fit and very beautiful fabrics." "Many of their clothes have beautiful detailing that you can't see in the catalog pictures." One person complained that a swimsuit fell apart soon after she received it. In June 99 some people were complaining that every time they order, the items have been "discontinued" or the largest sizes are not available. Unique Feet [single][Alabama][women][men][unisex][shoes] 1725 Montgomery Highway Suite 117 Birmingham, AL 35244 Phone: 800-646-3338 Fax: 205-733-8843 Web: http://www.uniquefeet.com/ Women's shoes in sizes 4-14 and widths 4A-EE. Mens sizes 6-18, widths AA-EEEE. No online ordering. Urban Basics [single][Colorado][women][lingerie][casual][outdoors] The Seasons Mall Avon, CO Phone: (970) 845-7820 Now carries sizes 14-26. Seems to specialize in denim items. Valentina 29799 Northwestern Highway Apple Gate Square Southfield, MI 48034 Phone: 810-354-4560 Fax: 810-354-4012 "I have been shopping there since 1985. The boutique carries a large selection of stylish, quality fashions from sizes 14 to 34. One-of-a-kind fashions. Attention and service provided to customers is excellent. Layaway is available. Prices range from moderately expensive to excellent sales." Valley Department Store [single][California][men][women][supersize][accessories] 245 N. Euclid Ave. Ontario, CA 91762 Phone: (909) 984-8646 Large selection, friendly staff, clothing and accessories. Women's clothing in 16-18 to 30-32W. Men's clothing to 10X shirts, pants up to about 64. They have said that they will mail clothes. Value City [single][Illinois][men][women] Chicago area Carries large men's clothes up to 4X and women's clothes to about 24 or 26. Velvet Pear [catalog][internet][single][women][casual][career][evening] PO Box 74, Poultney, VT 05764 Email: velvetpear@abundancemagazine.com Web: http://abundancemagazine.com/velvetpear Designer clothing at sale prices. Free shipping. Refunds are merchandise credit only. Items are photographed on hangers, not on models. Some item information is sketchy; email for further details/measurements. July 00 Vermont Country Store [catalog][women][lingerie] PO Box 3000 Manchester Center, VT 05255-3000 Phone: (802) 362-2400 Web site: http://vermontcountrystore.com/vcs/vcs.htm Slips, chafe shields, mumus, robes, float dresses. Sizes vary; some items to 28, most smaller. Good prices, good quality. They also sell 100% cotton mid-thigh panties which do a good job of preventing chafing and protecting stockings. Vibrant Handknits USA [catalog][custom][women][casual] Historic Savage Mill 8600 Foundry St Savage, MD 20763 Phone: (800) 765-KNIT High-quality art sweaters in sizes 16-28. Will do custom work. Village East at Gottschalks [chain][women][casual][career][evening][lingerie] Most malls with Gottschalks have a Village East next door; it's their large women's department. Though the prices are a little steep, they have nice evening wear. Accessories but no shoes. Some undergarments (mostly slips) and granny nighties; no cute lingerie. Lots of separates. Vivian Young [catalog][women][lingerie] 9291 Greenwich Dr Huntington Beach, CA 92615-8333 Bras. Votta's Wearable Art [catalog][women][accessories] PO Box 243 Wilmington, IL 60481 Catalog $2 (refunded with first order) Large-size bangles and bracelets. W & M's Fantasy Fashions [catalog][single][Pennsylvania][women][lingerie][swimwear][casual] 5664 Sandylake-Polk Rd Sandylake, PA 16145 Phone: (412) 376-7057 Fax: (412) 458-7631 Email: cocoon@nauticom.net Catalog $3. Lingerie and clothing up to size 4X. WalkUSA [catalog][unisex][sportswear][outdoors] 6310 Nancy Ridge Drive, #101 San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: (800) 445-2209 Men's and women's walking shorts and activewear up to 2XL. Tell them you want larger sizes! WalMart [chain][women][men][casual][swimwear][sportswear] Some large size clothing up to 24 or 26, including lines by Richard Simmons and Kathie Lee. Large size t-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants. Inexpensive men's pants (cotton and polyester slacks, jeans) up to size 50. Swimwear to size 25. Everlast plus-size sports bras. July 00 WaterWear [catalog][single][New Hampshire][swimwear] Riverview Mill Wilton, NH 03086 Phone: (800) 321-SUIT Aquatic fitness wear, chlorine resistant fabric, sizes to 28. We Be Bop [catalog][internet][single][California][women][supersize][casual][evening] Two locations: 1903 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA 94115 Phone: (415) 771-7294 and 1380 10th St., Berkeley Web site: http://www.webebop.com Kicky hip loose clothes, beautiful prints, up to size 4X. We Be Bop items also carried in other plus-size stores. Web site features plus-size models and online ordering. You can also pre-order items from their next season's collection. Wedding Place [single][Indiana][women][wedding] Fort Wayne IN Boutique. One bride-to-be called them up to make an appointment and told them of her encounter with fatphobic salespeople at a local wedding chain. When she arrived for her appointment, a BBW saleswoman was waiting for her. She was very pleased with the service. WearGuard [catalog][internet][unisex][supersize][outdoors][casual] 141 Longwater Drive Norwell, MA 02061 Phone: (800) 388-3300 Fax: 800-436-3132 Web site: http://www.wearguard.com/ Work clothes, outdoors clothes, some casual clothing. Some of their stuff is available up to 5X. Westport Woman [chain][women][career][casual] Chain in California, possibly elsewhere. One in Folsom and one in Vacaville. Very nice clothes, from good blue jeans through handmade sweaters and good suits. Reasonable prices. Wide and Comfortable [single][Oregon][internet][unisex][supersize][custom][casual][outdoors] Roseann and Joe Hall 8021 SE Stark Street Portland, Oregon, 97215 Phone: (503) 261-9222 Email: widecomfy@aol.com or widecomf@teleport.com T-Shirts to 12X, Henley's three button tab shirts to 8X and 10X. Sweats to 8X right now, looking at a company that goes to 12X. Shorts to 10x. Tank tops to 8X, in both mens and womens styles. Jersey Pants & Baggy pants. Jeans & Stretch jeans to 66 inches. Twill work pants to 74 inch waist. Custom sewing. Willow Ridge [casual] [career] [catalog] [midsize] 421 Landmark Dr Wilmington, NC 28410 Phone: (800) 388-8555, (800) 388-2012 customer service Winged Elephant Designs [catalog][internet][custom][accessories] Web site: http://wingedelephant.martynet.org Original design jewelry in plus and custom sizes. Bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings, hairsticks. Online ordering via PayPal. "The jewelry is exactly as pictured on the web site. Marty's work is beautiful and extremely reasonably priced; she happily accommodates special requests." Winter Silks [catalog][men][women][unisex][lingerie][casual] 2700 Laura Ln. PO Box 620130 Middleton, WI 53562 Phone: (800) 648-7455 Email: webmaster@wintersilks.com Web site: http://www.wintersilks.com/ Silk long johns, shorts, robes, and so on. Some styles up to unisex (men's) 2X. A few styles up to women's 3X. Call and ask for more large sizes. Wishes, Wants and Needs Consignment and Bridal Boutique [single][Maryland][consignment][women][maternity][supersize][outdoors] [casual][career][evening][swimwear][lingerie][accessories][sportswear] [shoes][coats][wedding] Pat Miller 530 Eastern Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21221 Phone: 410-574-7998 Fax: 410-574-6629 Email: Wisheswantsandneed@aol.com or Tripmaker2@aol.com Consignment store. Regular clothing in sizes 14-30 plus, formal and bridal in all sizes, including children's. Inexpensive. Ships in US only. Accepts Paypal and credit cards. Accepts consignments from 5 states and has 3000 sq. ft show room. Owner is a plus size woman and her "goal is to make life easier for those of us who seem to be discriminated against because we do not fit the manufacturer's mold of average." Mar01 Wisotta Trader [catalog][men][women][shoes] Phone: 800-833-6421 They have a good variety of walking shoes, both men's and women's, in wide widths. Woman's World [chain][women][petite][casual][career] Mall store. They carry women's petites and sizes up to 26. WorkAbles for Women [catalog][women][outdoors] Oak Valley Clinton, PA 15026-0214 Phone: (800) 826-9317 Cold weather wear up to size 20W or 22W. Call and ask for larger sizes. They sell, among other things, long underwear, polar pants, wind pants, and wool pants with access panels so that using the bathroom in the wilderness does not require baring all. Worldesigns Incorporated [catalog][Internet][men][supersize][accessories] PO Box 355 New York City, NY 10024 http://members.aol.com/wdinyc Fanny packs 59"-92" and tailored cotton long-sleeved shirts (black, white or blue denim). X-chrom [internet][women][maternity][supersize][lingerie] Lisa Sorrentino Phone: (773) 385-9557 Email: active@X-Chrom.com Web: http://www.X-Chrom.com Sports bras, 34 styles in more than 50 sizes. Interactive guide. Maternity, mastectomy and plus-size options. Affiliated with Chicago retailer Vertel's. 24-hour shipping policy. XL Collection Plus [catalog][women] Box 20511 Rochester, NY 14602 $12.95 Fashion resource guide. XTC Leather of NY Limited [catalog][women][lingerie] 120 Nancy St., Unit E West Babylon, NY 11704 Phone: (516) 643-3030 Fax: (516) 643-3510 Web: www.xtcleather.com Leather lingerie in sizes up to 3X. They are a wholesale operation and will not sell to individuals. You might be able to call them to see if anyone near you carries their stuff. "Quality is mediocre- to pretty decent, BUT their large-size body template wears a B cup and so *all* of their plus stuff comes in 1X, 2X, 3X B. This (obviously) doesn't work well for those of us in 40Ds." Yoko Honda [catalog][women][supersize][casual] PO Box 35 New York, NY 10018 Phone: (212) 868-2050 Washable A-line dress/caftans in four colors. Zala Design [catalog][women][supersize][sportswear] Box 80018 Minneapolis, MN 55408 Phone: (612) 871-4809 Catalog $2 Leotards up to size 7X. ============================================================ ============================================================ SECTION B: Information about this FAQ B1) Are there other related FAQs? There is some overlap in the topics covered by the FAQs. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try the other FAQs. 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