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Subject: Clothing for Big Folks: Canada (FAQ)

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Canada FAQ about Clothing for Big Folks in Canada This document contains information about clothing for fat people in Canada. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try one of the related FAQs (see question B1 for a complete list). ============================================================ Updated May 01 ============================================================ Contents SECTION A: FAQ about clothing for big folks in Canada A1) Where can I find clothing for women? Part 1) Clothing catalogs and retail stores for women Part 2) Wedding dresses A2) Where can I find clothing for men? A3) Where can I find shoes? A4) Where can I find sewing/knitting patterns? SECTION B: Information about this FAQ B1) Are there other related FAQs? B2) Posting information B3) Contributors ============================================================ ============================================================ SECTION A: FAQ about clothing for big folks in Canada A1) Where can I find clothing for women? A1) Part 1) Clothing catalogs /retail stores for women Above Average Lingerie Ltd. 115 E. 1st Street North Vancouver, BC V7L 1B2 Phone: (604) 988-0445 URL: http://www.bc-biz.com/aboveaverage/ Contact: Debbie Dickie or Dawn Neubauer Bras, lingerie, etc. Addition-Elle Found in malls across Canada. Dressy and casual clothes, some lingerie. Reported reasonably priced, but one person wrote, "they are far too costly for the quality and almost never stock dresses in cotton, rayon, silk or tencel." A.E. & Co. Sport Affiliated with Addition-Elle (above). Can be found in most large malls. Casual, young clothing, like jeans, T-shirts, sweats, etc. in wonderful colors. ...And Everything Nice: Fashions for the Fully Figured Woman 567 Main St., Mahone Bay Nova Scotia, Canada B0J 2E0 Phone: (902) 624-8463 FAX: (902) 624-9089 (Canada), (508) 867-8861 (U.S.) Contact: Dell Lombardelli. The store is open from March to December The Bay Chain. Better Half Fashions 312 - 2nd Avenue North Saskatoon, Sask., Canada S7K 2B9 Phone: (306) 382-5908 Fax: (306) 382-6069 Web site: http://www.betterhalf.com Owner: Ellen Skorski Carries sizes 18 - 40w. "The clothing is attractive and the prices seem very reasonable. They use real plus size ladies." Big and Beautiful Fashions Ltd. 13034 NW 82nd St. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5E 2T5 Phone: (403) 475-6429 Fax: (403) 473-9464 Coordinates, day and evening dresses, jackets and coats. Sizes 18-24 and 46-52. Lingerie and undergarments. Bras 38D to 46H. Bodacious Consignment (14+) Lorna Ketler & Barb Wilkins 225 East Broadway Vancouver, BC V5T 1W4 Phone: (604) 874-2811 Web: www.bodacious.ca Casual and career wear, lingerie & accessories. Fun, funky and sexy clothing in sizes 14-28 featuring local Vancouver designers (LAVA and Good & Plenty designs). Low to medium priced "We provide a warm, friendly, one-on-one shopping experience in a boutique-like atmosphere." Coldwater Creek Phone: 800-510-2808 (Canada) 800-510-2808 (US) Web site:http://www.coldwater-creek.com> Casual, elegant, comfortable clothing. Most clothing to 3X. Also jewelry, shoes (neither in large sizes), housewares. They do not use large models. Cotton Ginny Plus 40 Samor Rd. Toronto, Ontario, M6A 9Z9 Found in malls across Canada. All cotton clothes, casual: everything from shorts and T-shirts to dresses, jeans and jackets. Good tights that last a long time and are opaque enough. Reasonably priced. They do not manufacture all of their items in all sizes (sometimes they will stop the sizing at plus large, instead of plus extra-large, which is the equivalent of about a 26 or 28). Use the address to get on their mailing list. Country Originals 111 Brantford St. Spruce Grove Alberta, Canada T7X 1B5 Phone: (403)962.1844 Fax :(403)962.6662 Email: cowgirls@telusplanet.net Web site: http://www.telusplanet.net/public/cowgirls/ Western wedding gowns from a Canadian manufacturer in all sizes. Enell Inc. P.O. Box 808 317 Second St. Havre, Montana, USA 59501 Phone from Canada: (800) 633-2443 Email: 7enell@3rivers.net Web site: www.gomontana.com/sportsbra.html Sports bras to 50DDD/52DD. $49. They look very sturdy and supportive. Front closure, back support, wide straps. Full Figure Fashions 2105 NE Edmonton Tr. Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 3M4 Phone: (403) 203-1343 Imogene's 379 Dundas St. Woodstock, ON Phone: 519-537-6244 Sizes to 8x. Kaliyana Artwear 4107 St-Denis Street Montréal (Quebec) phone: (514) 844.0633 and Sussex Drive Ottawa (Ontario) phone: (613) 562.3676 fax: (613) 236.8683 "Very chic and somewhat unconventional, boho clothing shop ... Lovely batik garments, the type you would see media and arty women wearing. It isn't cheap but a reasonable price for the quality. They say they run from 8-22, but many garments would fit larger or smaller women." Oct 99 Laura II (or Laura Plus) Found in malls across Canada. Sizes 14-24 Love Your Peaches Clothing Co. See the U.S. Clothing FAQ Part 2 Lingerie Elegance Web site: http://www.pluslingerie.com Design and manufacture tasteful lingerie in sizes Large through 5X. Located in Canada, but do business mainly in the US. Sell via mail order catalogue, online catalogue and some wholesale. Mark's Work Warehouse Chain. Mixed reviews. Apparently different stores have different selections of large-size clothing. Women's clothing seems to go up to about size 20. Some stores have pants up to size 60, and others stop at 48. Some of their men's pants seem to be cut weird for men, and weirder for women. Some of their clothing may run small. They also have belts, T-shirts, cotton casual shirts. They may be able to order things in larger sizes for you. Mahvish Design Vancouver Nargus Khabazha and Margurite E. Lam Phone 604-986-3807 Fax 604-980-4437 Plus sized fashion design, pattern, grading and alteration. The prices are quite good. Good fabrics and quality work. Call for current address. Nadia Plus 101A-1124 Lonsdale Ave N Vancouver, BC, Canada V7L 3J5 Catalogue $2 Nova Scotia Quilts (Halls Harbour Handcrafts and Quilt Studio) janet@novascotiaquilts.com http://www.novascotiaquilts.com One of a kind quilts and hand knitted sweaters, originally designed to any size. (Web site under construction.) Jan 00 Peaches Plus 152 St. Andrew St. W Fergus, Ontario, Canada N1M 1N5 Phone: 519-787-0101 Sizes 16 to 52. Business clothes, dressy stuff, and smart casual clothes. Reasonable prices. Penningtons Wearhouse (Formerly Penningtons Plus-Size Superstore) Vancouver, Richmond BC, Victoria, Toronto Found in malls across Canada. Dressy, business, and casual clothing; lingerie, bathing suits, etc. Somewhat expensive. Pennington's have been reported as opening more stores lately. Their sales people are reported to be friendly and their clothes have become trendier. They also have a selection of lingerie and accessories. "We could not believe the change!!! They had *great* stuff...in every style, up to size 32 and reasonably priced!!!" (Jun 00) Plus Figure Models 1263 Bay St. Toronto, Ontario, Canada MDR 2C1 Phone: (416) 961-9464, (416) 961-6709 Pretty Plus Nicole St Jacques (Owner/Designer) Phone/fax: (705) 692-0688 Email: info@prettyplus.net Web: http://www.prettyplus.net Carries Bromani line of jeans and casual pants, sizes 18-34 (38-54). Plus size models on web site. No secure online ordering. PSS Plus Sizes, Plus Savings Found in malls in BC. Subsidiary of Field's department stores. Inexpensive casual clothes. Reitmans Some of its mall locations carry sizes 14-24. The clothing is reasonably priced. Ritsi Plus Westmount (Montreal), Quebec Upmarket store. Beautiful clothes and sometimes you can get some good deals. They usually have the clothes that are featured in MODE magazine. Rubenesque 1751 Avenue Road Toronto Phone: 416-787-8893 Women's clothing, mostly consignment, from the basic t-shirt to formal wear. All consignment clothes must be freshly laundered, less then 3 years old and in fantastic condition!! We also carry purses, shoes, scarves and fashion accessories. SAAN Web site: http://www.SAAN.CA Chain store. Carries Cherie brand pantyhose sizes 1x to 5x in a range of colours. Also carry Ladies Plus size clothing. Sears Department and catalog store. They sell some large-size clothes. Suzanne Bell's Fashions, sizes 16-60. 5794 Victoria Drive Vancouver, BC, Canada V5P 3W7 Phone: (604) 324-7394, (800) 668-1887 (inside Canada only) Fax: (604) 325-7772 Web: http://www.suzannebellsfashions.com Contact: Suzanne Bell Active wear and casual clothing in large and super sizes. Sizes 16-60; specialize in supersizes. Manufactures extensive line called Suzanne Bell Collection up to size 60. Carry many large size lines from the USA and Canada. Oct 99 Toni Plus Mall store in Toronto area, possibly other areas as well. Wonderful store that carries designer career and casual wear, sizes 14-24. A lot of clothing that they carry is by an excellent Canadian designer, Brian Bailey. Trenchco 28 Oxford Cresent Mount Pearl, NF Canada A1N 2X7 Phone: 877-747-0911 Email: trenchco@inet.ca Web: http://www.inet.ca/trenchco/ These people sell custom trenchcoats, made to the measurements you send them. They've developed some really cool-looking patterns based on the movie "The Matrix" for ankle-length trenchcoats, and the prices are quite reasonable for custom stuff. Looks like they've got patterns from "The Raven" and "Blade Runner" too. -- 1/01 Under and Above Inc 2nd Floor, 779 Bank Street Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 3V5 Phone: (613) 230-3611 Fax: (613) 230-8848 Contact: Lucie Goyette, Proprietor Undergarments, lingerie, nightwear, and hosiery. Very nice. They do alterations. Undyworld Winnipeg Phone: 888-303-UNDY Web site: http://www.undyworld.mb.ca Mail order, Telephone orders, and on-line sales. Line of underwear called E2U (Ergonimically Engineered Underwear) in a variety of styles and colours to fit men up to waist size 56, also custom sizes. Unique design helps prevent binding, wedging and chafing. Low price guarantee. Walmart Has recently come to Halifax, BC, and perhaps elsewhere. Plus-size jeans at Walmart are reported to come in larger sizes, and each size is sized larger, than at Kmart or Zellers. "They do have a few nice things in their plus section but a lot of the stuff is ugly." Weekend Edition Plus Mall store in Ontario and BC. Sports clothes -- pants, tops. Winners Chain of 'designer discount' places. Their stock turns over really quickly so it can be a bit "iffy" as to finding a particular piece, but their prices are great! YOU*NIQUE As of Dec 1997: RR#3, Emily Township Lot 2 Concession 14 Lindsay, ON, K9V 4R3 Canada Phone: (705) 793-3566, (800) 663-9102 Fax: (705) 793 3565 khenley@ptbo.igs.net One person reported they do not sell clothing. Zellers Plus-size lingerie section. Somewhat tacky. ============================================================ A1) Part 2) Wedding dresses You can probably buy a wedding dress in a regular bridal store. Many stores carry large sizes, and almost all stores can order them. But stores may have only a limited selection of sizes in stock for you to try on, so you may have to use your imagination to figure out how the dress would look on you. Sometimes putting your arms through the dress and holding it in front of you will give you an idea. It's common for women of all sizes to need the dress tailored once it arrives. If the dress is too small, they can split the side seam of the bodice and sew in a few inches of extra fabric. This is hardly noticeable, even when you are looking for it. They may be able to use lace trim that matches the rest of the dress to make it even less obvious. Almost all bridesmaids' dresses go to at least size 24, and some go larger. Many bridesmaids' dresses are formal and can be ordered in white or off-white, so they may work as a wedding dress. Many advertisers in bridal magazines list the sizes they make. The bridal book _Bridal Bargains_ by Denise and Alan Fields also lists the sizes that various manufacturers make. The U.S. Clothing FAQ includes a list of some manufacturers who make large-size wedding dresses. I'm not sure how much of it applies to Canada, but you may want to check it out. ============================================================ A2) Where can I find clothing for men? George Richards Chain. Gilbert's Big & Tall King Street Hamilton, Ontario Phone: 800-563-5265 Web: http://www.bigtallx-tall.com "Stock moves quickly. Clothing is generally hip, staff is helpful. Not especially cheap." Family business for 47 years. Clothes manufactured in North America. Provides tailoring. Work wear, lounge wear, casual, formal. To sizes 78'' inch waist and chest, Shirts to 24'' Neck and 40'' sleeve lengths. 01/01 Kornblum's Downtown, Owen Sound, Ontario All sizes of shoes, accessories, and clothing, tuxedos, work pants, and western wear. Free same-day alterations on purchases. Mail order. Reasonable prices. Custom orders/custom work. M. H. Grover 4741 Wellington Street Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4G-1X2 514-769-3771 Mansour's Mens Wear Catalogue and retail. 27 Church St. Amherst, NS, Canada B4H 3A7 Phone: (800) 929-3992, (902) 667-8577 Email: nstn4704@fox.nstn.ca Web site: http://fox.nstn.ca/~nstn4704/store/index.html Men's dress, casual, and workwear. Sizes up to 70 waist, and sometime larger. Mark's Work Warehouse Chain. Mixed reviews. Apparently different stores have different selections of large-size clothing. Women's clothing seems to go up to about size 20. Some stores have pants up to size 60, and others stop at 48. Some of their men's pants seem to be cut weird for men, and weirder for women. Some of their clothing may run small. They also have belts, T-shirts, cotton casual shirts. They may be able to order things in larger sizes for you. Moore's Mens Clothing Stores Chain. Good service, reasonable prices, alterations. Mr. Big & Tall Chain. ============================================================ A3) Where can I find shoes? Lori-Alexander 7999 Boul. Les Galeries D'Anjou Anjou, Quebec, Canada H1M 1W9 Phone: (800) 648-4735 Fax: (514) 355-5407 Catalog $2. Boots up to size 13W with calves up to 24". Prices start at $125 for full-length leather boots. Nov 99: mail to above address returned. Does anyone know if this company is still in business? Payless This U.S. company has expanded into Canada and has opened a number of locations, including stores in Toronto and Victoria. ============================================================ A4) Where can I find sewing/knitting patterns? Big Knits ISBN: 0-7126-5097-0 Trafalgar Square Publishing North Pomfret, VT 05053. This book by Dawn French and Sylvie Soudan, and the companion volume _Great Big Knits_ contains knitting patterns for large-size women. Patterns range from very simple, classic designs, to very complex intarsias. They use large-size models. bras The rec.crafts.textiles.sewing newsgroup has a fantastic FAQ about underwire and regular bras. If you're interested in making your own bras and lingerie, check it out: http://www.funhouse.com/babs/FAQ.html The Busy Woman's Fitting Book Nancy Zieman and Robbie Fanning ISBN: 0-932086-10-1, $9.95 Nancy's Notions/Open Chain Publishing Provides instructions on how to alter patterns to fit you. dressmaker's dummies Dressmaker's dummies are available in plus sizes. Your local fabric shop may carry them or can order them. Excellence in sewing: Lingerie Secrets Jan Bones, designer/owner PH: 204-453-2462 Fax 204-237-0544 Email: jbones3@home.com Lingerie patterns (panties, camisole/nightie, night shirt, slip, boxers, wrap/robe). Lingerie sewing videos (panties, camisole/nightie). Each pattern includes a range of sizes, fitting bust sizes 32"-53" and hip sizes 35"-55". Patterns are $9 and videos are $18. Email for free catalogue with illustrations of the designs. Ship anywhere. ============================================================ ============================================================ SECTION B: Information about this FAQ B1) Are there other related FAQs? There is some overlap in the topics covered by the FAQs. If you don't find what you're looking for here, try the other FAQs. The latest version of the following FAQs can be found at: http://www.cat-and-dragon.com/~stef/Fatfaqs/ alt.support.big-folks newsgroup FAQ soc.support.fat-acceptance newsgroup FAQ soc.support.fat-acceptance.moderated newsgroup FAQ Clothing for Big Folks in Canada Clothing for Big Folks in the U.S. (parts 1 and 2) Organizations for Big Folks Online Resources for Big Folks Other Resources for Big Folks Publications for Big Folks Resources for Dealing With the Physical Aspects of Being Fat Size-acceptance The following FAQs can be found at: http://www.sover.net/~astarte/fa/faqs.html Big Folks and Fitness Big Folks and Health Big Folks and Sports Research on Big Folks The latest versions of following FAQs can be found at the following locations: Clothing for Big Folks in the U.K. at http://www.thegrapevine.co.uk/Avalanche/FAQ-UK.htm Clothing for Big Folks in Europe at http://www.thegrapevine.co.uk/Avalanche/FAQ-Europe.htm Plus-Size Pregnancy Website at http://www.teleport.com/~rvireday/plus/ You can also find (sometimes slightly older versions of) the above FAQs (except the plus-size pregnancy FAQs) at the following locations: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/fat-acceptance-faq/ (Note: The big-folks FAQ is listed separately at these locations.) You can also get FAQs from rtfm.mit.edu via anonymous FTP or via the mail archive server. For information about the mail server, send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the word "help" (without the quotes) in the body of the message. ============================================================ ============================================================ B2) Posting information This document is posted bi-weekly to alt.support.big-folks, soc.support.fat-acceptance, and soc.support.fat-acceptance.moderated. Stef Maruch (stef@cat-and-dragon.com) maintains this FAQ. ============================================================ B3) Contributors These are the people who contributed significant chunks to the FAQ: Sasha Wood (Sasha.Wood@cs.cmu.edu) Largesse (75773.717@compuserve.com) Bernadette Bosky (blb@panix.com) Suggestions for additions/improvements are always welcome. Send suggestions to Stef Maruch (stef@cat-and-dragon.com) ============================================================ Copyright 1995-1999 by Stef Maruch (stef@cat-and-dragon.com) Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article in its entirety for non-commercial, educational use only, provided that this copyright notice is not removed or altered. No portion of this work may be sold, either by itself or as part of a larger work, without the express written permission of the author. This restriction covers all publication media, including electronic media.