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Subject: Pointer to Elm FAQ

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Hi all. Here is the pointer to Elm FAQ file. Please, RTFM and the FAQs before asking how to append a signature to your mail, or how to compile Elm on IBM AIX. Frequently Asked Questions Elm 2.4 [24] Piero Serini - piero@free.it (C) Piero Serini 1993,1994,1995 - All Rights Reserved This is an unofficial Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) list about Elm. Syd Weinstein kindly checked this, but he is not responsible for the errors in the answers, which are my fault, unless otherwise specified. I do NOT claim to be a member of the Elm Development Group. 0.0 Organization and availability This FAQ is posted monthly, around the 15th, on news.answers, comp.answers and comp.mail.elm. It is available: - from the above USENET groups - from all the USENET archives - ftp://ftp.free.it/pub/elm/Elm-FAQ.Z - ftp://ftp.cs.ruu.nl/pub/NEWS.ANSWERS/elm/FAQ (ftp.cs.ruu.nl is - mail request from cs.ruu.nl: send mail to mail-server@cs.ruu.nl with the following commands in the message body: send NEWS.ANSWERS/elm/FAQ end A file containing instructions on how to buid and install Elm un- der Next is on the same sites in .../Next.Z. A context diff file containing the differences between this FAQ and the previous release is posted on comp.mail.elm and is avail- able from the same sites in the file Elm/diffs.Z. This FAQ is NOT reposted if modified, until the next issue date. I will modify the ftp file only. I suggest using ftp to get the latest version of this document. This FAQ refers to latest patchlevel I put my hands on. Ques- tions about a specific patchlevel are kept if of common interest. Actually, all relevant questions concerning PL 21 are kept in this file, as many users still run PL 21. This FAQ consists of six parts: 0.* Organization. (0.1 Copyright) 1.* Operational Questions (and answers). 2.* Installation Questions (and answers). 3.* Filter Questions (and answers). This part is maintained by Jan Djarv (Jan.Djarv@sa.erisoft.se) 4.* Bugs list. 5.* Archivers, what they archive, how to download. At the end of this file you can also find: - Copyright Notice - Warranty Disclaimer - Publishing Notes 0.1 Copyright This FAQ is Copyright (C) 1993,1994,1995 by Piero Serini. All Rights are reserved. Please check the full Copyright notice, Warranty disclaimer and Publishing notes at the end of this document.