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Subject: sci.chem.electrochem Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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******************************************************************************* Frequently Asked Questions SCI.CHEM.ELECTROCHEM/ELETQM-L November 13, 2000. This file was replaced by three separate files for ease of transmission. However, due to an ongoing reorganization and consequent long delay times at the MIT FAQ-server service, this action has been pending since 5/8/2000. In the meantime: The latest version of these FAQ files is available through anonymous ftp to: ftp://electrochem.cwru.edu then click (change directory): pub and estir, Filenames: faq-1.txt, faq-2.txt, and faq-3.txt Essentially the same material is also available on WWW at the Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource (ESTIR) with URL of: http://electrochem.cwru.edu/estir/ ******************************************************************************* CONTENTS PART 1 (1.) Charter of SCI.CHEM.ELECTROCHEM (2.) SCI.CHEM.ELECTROCHEM available as the E-Mail list ELETQM-L (3.) (4.) (5.) Electrochemistry handbooks, data collections, bibliographies (6.) English language electrochemistry journals PART 2 (7.) On-line-available, public-domain databases (bibliographies, software, physical/chemical data, general information, etc, etc.) (8.) Electrochemical nomenclature, standards, etc. (9.) Scientific/technical societies (or divisions/sections thereof) with primary interest in electrochemistry PART 3 (10.) Closely related WWW sites, newsgroups, mailing lists, and FAQ files (11.) Upcoming electrochemistry meetings (12.) Popular science information ********************************************************************************