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Subject: Econ. Resources on the Internet [7 of 20]

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Resources for Economists on the Internet, Vol. 4, No. 2, September, 1999 Editor: Bill Goffe <Bill.Goffe@usm.edu> Editorial Assistant: Elise Braden <elise@econlit.org> Part 7 of 20 This guide, sponsored by the American Economic Association, lists more than 1,000 resources on the Internet of interest to academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics. Almost all resources are also described. Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE) is a copyrighted work of the American Economic Association (the "AEA"). Permission to make digital, electronic or hard copies of part or all of RFE for personal or classroom use, Usenet distribution, or mailing lists is granted, provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or direct commercial advantage and that whole copies show the following notice: "Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE), Copyright 1999 American Economic Association" Otherwise the AEA owns the exclusive right to print, publish, distribute, reproduce, sell, prepare derivative works, transmit, download, or otherwise transfer copies of RFE. Copyrights of components of this work owned by others than the AEA must be honored and attributed to the rightful owner. Abstracting and short quotes are permitted. To copy otherwise or to republish otherwise, including on web pages, in whole or in part requires prior specific permission. Permissions may be requested from the American Economic Association, 2014 Broadway, Suite 305, Nashville, TN 37203, or via E-mail: aeainfo@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu. RFE is provided without any express or implied warranty. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For distribution via Usenet, this FAQ is split into 20 parts as large files don't travel well on Usenet. For other locations of this guide, see the section titled "1.5 Where to Obtain This Guide" in part 2. 4.0 Forecasting & Consulting 4.1 Conference Board ["Leading Economic Indicators" and non-govt. data] This organization "is the world's leading business research and membership organization with 2,800 companies and other enterprises in 63 counties." For data, of particular note are their "Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators," which are composite indexes of macro variables that lead the business cycle, coincide with it, or lag behind it. The most recent release is available here, as are their values from 1959. There is also information on how the series are put together. They also offer the "Business Cycle Indicators" database, which has some 250 macro variables "that have proven to be most useful in determining current conditions and predicting the future direction of the economy." About half the sources are private. Data is updated several times a month, and is in both spreadsheet and ASCII formats. It costs $250 a year for individuals, and site licenses and educational discounts are available. # http://www.tcb-indicators.org 4.2 First Union's Economic Information [large bank's economic commentaries] This bank, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is the sixth largest bank holding company in the U.S. Their economics department offers extensive commentary on most features of the regional, U.S., and international economy. This includes an analysis of that week's economic releases, weekly commentaries of the national and international economy, and forecasts for the next few quarters. # http://firstunion.com/econews/ 4.3 Bank of America Economics and Financial Reports [large bank's economic commentaries] This department of Bank of America offers "Weekly U.S. Economic Briefing" (which focuses on the latest statistical releases with some emphasis on the likely impact on the bond market), a monthly survey of Wall Street Economists (which offers summaries of their publication "Economics Illustrated"), and various reports on topical macro issues. They offer similar information on the global economy. # http://www.bankamerica.com/econ_indicator/econ_indicator.html 4.4 Cents Financial Journal [commentary from many Wall Street economists] This electronic journal features commentary from some of the finest analysts of the financial industry. Most of the commentary focuses on various economic issues, and most is written by economists. The breadth is surprising and is updated daily. While many will find it useful, it is designed for students. # http://www.lp-llc.com/cents/ 4.5 Congressional Budget Office [short and long-term forecasts] This agency's primary mission is to provide economic and budget analyses to Congress. Part of this mission is their "Current Economic Projections," which offers both short-range (18-24 month) and long-range macro forecasts. Note that the latter do not include cyclical fluctuations. More information on this office can be found in the entry "Congressional Budget Office (CBO)" on them. # http://www.cbo.gov/ 4.6 The Dismal Scientist [macro and regional data with analysis plus general commentary] This site, part of "Regional Financial Associates," a consulting firm, bills itself as "The Best Free Lunch on the Web." On the macro side, they offer not only current releases of many macro series, but also analysis of each release, and analyses of the economy in general on a monthly basis. They do the same for regional data. They offer nearly 130 series on the states, and 60 on 257 metropolitan areas. In a nice twist, you can sort states and metropolitan areas by these series (surprisingly interesting). They also offer analyses in the "Thoughts" section; current sections include the Asian crisis, financial markets, industry analysis, regional, and the U.S. economy. There are also macro and regional forecasts, and finally, there is a useful dictionary and calendar of data releases. # http://www.dismal.com/ 4.7 DRI/McGraw-Hill [leading firm] This very well-known consulting and forecasting firm offers a number of services on-line. For economic information, they offer a weekly summary of the U.S. economy, the international economy, and financial markets; they also offer news releases with economic analyses, and an economic statistics release calendar. You can also read about their consulting services, their numerous and extensive databases, and their economic "services" (based upon their U.S., regional, and sectoral models). Many of their client services are located on-line. # http://www.dri.mcgraw-hill.com/ 4.8 Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI) [headed by Geoffrey Moore] This organization is headed by Geoffrey Moore, who of course has devoted his career to business cycle analysis (for instance, he was one of the developers of the Leading Economic Indices). Analysis and development continues here with new methods and techniques, and forecasting continues (notably, his group forecasted the 1990-91 recession, and the 1998 Japanese downturn, which many missed). This firm offers two publications to its customers: "U.S. Cyclical Outlook" and "International Cyclical Outlook" (which covers 14 countries, including the G-7). Back issues are freely available here for non-customers. They also offer business cycle turning points for the U.S. and all other countries covered by ECRI, as well as historical data for the ECRI Weekly Leading Index (published in "Business Week"). The firm also offers training to governments and the development of private indicators. # http://www.businesscycle.com/ 4.9 FAIRMODEL [well-known domestic and international model] This well-known macroeconometric model is now available on the Internet. Virtually all the features of the stand-alone package are now accessible to any user free of charge. This includes the ability to "forecast, do policy analysis, and examine historical episodes." Data and forecasts can be both graphed and put into tables (which can be downloaded). It appears the model itself can be downloaded, and thus adapted for your own use. Both Fortran and EViews versions are available. The U.S. version of the model is rather complex (131 equations in all; 101 identities and 30 stochastic equations), it is highly recommended that users read the manual before using it. Extensive documentation (in fact, much material similar to "Testing Macroeconometric Models," Ray Fair, Harvard University Press, 1994) is available. One can also read about the latest forecasts of the model. To use FAIRMODEL, you must have a browser that supports Java and frames. In addition, the multicountry (MC) model is available as well. It covers the U.S. and 32 other countries. In all, there are some 4,000 variables, not counting the trade share variables (which can be downloaded). It is thought to be "one of the largest computational problems that has so far been offered on the Internet." # http://fairmodel.econ.yale.edu/ 4.10 The Financial Forecast Center [focus on financial data] This site uses neural networks to generate forecasts of financial and economic data. Besides many stock market indices, they also forecast various interest rate series (the Prime Rate, Fed Funds Rate, 90 Day T-Bills, 10 Year T-Bonds, and 30 Year Mortgage Rates). They also offer a CPI forecast. Short-term forecasts are freely available, while access to long-term forecasts require a subscription. # http://www.neatideas.com/economics/ 4.11 Foster Associates [macro, regional, and electrical forecasts (much freely available)] This 40-year-old economic consulting firm provides information and analyses for the the U.S. economy, states, metro areas, and the natural gas and electricity industries. These reports are freely available. The "Economic Insight/Macro edition" "offers insight into current macroeconomic conditions, business cycle developments, and long term economic trends and issues. It surveys both real and financial sectors of the U.S. economy and provides a quarterly GDP forecast with detailed explanations of forecast assumptions and risks." This material is updated weekly, monthly, and quarterly. They also offer detailed analyses of the current economy. "The State and Metro area editions of the Foster Forecast provide economic analysis and performance measures for all 50 states and over 350 metro areas in the U.S., including relative income and wage levels, employment growth and volatility, and employment, income, and location quotients by major industry." The state and metro area information is updated annually. Detailed analyses, population, income, and employment forecasts are available for a fee for all states, counties and metro areas. Currently only examples from some areas are available. Other areas will be added in the future. (David Carrier kindly looked over this entry.) # http://www.foster-fa.com/ 4.12 Forecasting Center of the Jerome Levy Economics Institute [background on their fee-based services] The Levy Institute Forecasting Center focuses on current trends and future forecasts of the U.S. economy. The site offers information on the Forecasting Center and the Levy Institute of Bard College; an explanation of the profit perspective; and information on staff, internships, and fellowships. Subscriptions to the "Levy Institute Forecast" are available for $295 (one year) or $565 (2 years) and some special academic rates do apply. Information on subscribing is provided. Some recent press releases are available free-of-charge. # http://www.forecast.levy.org/ 4.13 Macroeconomic Advisers, LLC [well regarded firm] Macroeconomic Advisers was founded in 1982 as Laurence H. Meyer & Associates, Ltd. by Laurence Meyer, Joel Prakken and Chris Varvares. Laurence Meyer left the firm in June of 1996 to assume a seat on the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors. Macroeconomic Advisers (MA) is a privately owned corporation that specializes in macroeconomic forecasting and policy analysis. MA built, maintains and supports the Washington University Macroeconometric model of the United States Economy (WUMM), the first sophisticated macro model available on personal computers, and now available in our new WUMMSIM for Windows software. At this site they offer a fairly detailed description of their model (including graphs of its response to shocks). They also describe their services, list their press releases and coming events, a "Reading Room" with their studies and offer a special area to their subscribers. This includes a weekly economic commentary, "Fast Facts" (analyses of recent events), and material for updating and using their model. Finally, there is a discussion area. # http://www.macroadvisers.com/ + 4.14 McKibbin Software Group + + [advanced algorithms] + + This organization, with offices in Texas and Australia, "was formed + in 1993 with the goal of making available the latest developments in + numerical algorithms for research and policy analysis." These include + "DYNGAME" for dynamic rational expectation, Fair-Taylor for nonlinear + rational expectations, and CELLVISION a "full-featured spreadsheet + editing and graphics for GAUSS." The models include MSG2, a dynamic + optimizing CGE model, co-authored with Jeff Sachs; G-CUBED for "the + current policy debate on environmental policy and international trade + with a focus on global warming policies" (but useful for other topics + too); and G-Cubed, ASIA PACIFIC which specializes on that region. + They can be ordered on-line. + + The site also contains the many papers that use these tools. Finally, + there is information on training and support for these products. + + # http://www.msgpl.com.au/msgpl/msghome.htm 4.15 Morgan Stanley Global Economic Forum [daily commentary] This is a regular service to Morgan Stanley customers. It also offers a daily view on economic affairs and events around the world to general readers. On each business day, a number of issues are discussed. Back issues are available as well in the "Archives." # http://www.ms.com/GEFaccess/index.html 4.16 Regional Economic Models (REMI) [extensive regional models] This organization specializes in regional models. They are said to have special expertise in this area. This site details their expertise, gives examples of their work, and lists upcoming seminars. # http://www.remi.com/ 4.17 Regional Financial Associates [full integration of regional model into macro model] This rapidly growing firm, founded in 1990, analyzes both the U.S. macroeconomy and regional economies. Like others, they use large macroeconometric models, but theirs is said to be unique as it fully integrates local and regional data into the model (causation runs both from and to the regional sector). The implications for regional analysis are obvious. They offer a number of services to their clients, including analysis at the regional and national levels, and forecasts. All this can be delivered over the net. Some information is available to non-subscribers. # http://www.rfa.com/ 4.18 Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network [macro and international charts and analysis] Ed Yardeni is chief economist of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (North America). His site offers a wealth of analysis and data (much of the later in a very convenient form). It includes "Weekly Economic Analyses" ("explore the latest economic and financial controversies") and "Weekly Economic Briefings" ("focus on a key issue each week"). The most recent versions are restricted to customers of his firm. He also offers "Topical Studies," which cover most any economic topic. Other material of interest includes macro forecasts of Deutsch Morgan Grenfell, stock market valuation information, many "Chart Rooms" with data from markets, the U.S., and the global economy (they are remarkably insightful and well chosen). Other areas of interest include "Slide Shows" (of financial and economic charts), a section on monetary and fiscal policy, and demography and marketing. In the "Center for CyberEconomics," the interplay between economics and computing is examined. The current focus is the Year 2000 computer problem, which Yardeni thinks has a better than even chance of causing a recession in 2000. Finally, there is a area of links to useful Internet tools and sites. Almost all the data and analysis is in PDF format. # http://www.yardeni.com/ 4.19 WEFA Group [leading forecasting and consulting firm] This company has a staff of more than 200 economists, econometricians, researchers, database specialists and support staff who maintain databases, prepare forecasts for more than 90 countries and conduct specialized client studies. They offer four general types of services: (i) forecasts with a focus from an industry to the globe, (ii) data -- more than two million time series are available to their customers, (iii) software for managing these time series in many different ways, and (iv) consulting for clients. As one would expect, they have a considerable effort devoted to the U.S. economy, and one can sample their work here. Their site offers a great variety of information on themselves and their products. This includes details on their U.S. macro products, their services for various industries, Latin America, foreign exchange, decision support and data software, and corporate information on themselves. In short, they offer a wealth of services for anyone interested in economic issues and decision support services. WEFA is an outgrowth of Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates, which was founded in 1963 by Lawrence R. Klein. It merged with Chase Econometrics in 1987, and in 1994 it was acquired by Bain Capital, and in 1997 by Primark, a global economic and financial information company. (Pat Rocco kindly contributed to this summary.) # http://www.wefa.com/ + 4.20 Wells Fargo Economic Reports + + [financial market and foreign exchange focus] + + This bank's economic department offers two wide-ranging reports: + "Financial Market Strategies" and "Foreign Exchange Report." The + former examines factors that might influence the bond, currency, and + equities markets; it is surprisingly wide-ranging. The latter clearly + has an international focus. + + # http://wellsfargo.com/econ/ 4.21 DIA Agency Inc. [general equilibrium models] This firms specializes in general equilibrium models. They offer two versions of a U.S. GEModel that can be downloaded from their site (further, the model is not U.S. specific). They also offer a number of support and educational materials, a list of fees, and information about their consulting services. # http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/DiaAgency/diaagenc.htm 4.22 Bank of Hawaii Economic Research Center [Pacific conditions] This site offers a number of analyses and reports of both Hawaii and a number of other Pacific islands. There is substantial data as well, and you can even tailor data requests. # http://www.boh.com/econ/ 4.23 The Brattle Group [world-wide consulting] This consulting group provides services to world-wide corporations and law firms. The firm specializes in the areas of environmental compliance and liabilities, financial and regulatory economics, litigation, and utility companies. This site provides information on these areas of expertise and practice; staff members; job opportunities; and publications, including newsletters that can be downloaded. # http://www.brattle.com 4.24 Charles River Associates Auction Consulting [assistance with auctions] Charles River Associates (CRA), a consulting firm, has partnered with Market Design Inc. (MDI), and they specialize in providing auction design and implementation to government and business clients participating in auctions in telecommunications, electricity, mineral rights, and other industries. The company also offers bidder support and strategies, auction software, and training for both auctioneers and bidders. This site provides information on the CRA auction team, projects of the firm, and selected auction publications. # http://www.crai.com/auction.htm 4.25 Green Interest Rate Swap Management [help with interest rate swaps] This company advises on interest rate swaps. To quote, "We do an in-depth analysis of your debt portfolio and advise as to alternative transactions. We also facilitate closings and administer documentation." Thus, while quite specialized, they do offer a very useful service. # http://home.earthlink.net/~green/ 4.26 Market Design Inc. (MDI) [assistance with auctions] "Market Design Inc. offers consulting services in the design of auction markets. Our principals are academic experts in economic theory and game theory, and have advised governments and firms worldwide on setting up electronic markets for telecommunications, electricity, mineral rights, and 'stranded assets.'" This site lists members of the firm, and provides downloadable technical papers and reports. MDI is also involved in designing auction rules tailored to particular auction sales. Along with Charles River Associates, they create software which enables clients to implement their designs. Some projects include spectrum auctions in Australia, Mexico, Canada, and for the FCC; California Power Exchange; Standard Offer Service Auction Design and Implementation; Universal Service Auctions; and designs for New Zealand. They are also involved in giving strategic advice to bidders in spectrum auctions; and in spectrum license valuations. However, they do not advise bidders and sellers in the same auction. # http://www.market-design.com/ 4.27 Regional Economic Research, Inc. (RER) [energy consulting] This research and consulting firm provides services to utility companies and corporate clients and government agencies interested in energy. The forecasting section of this site focuses on energy and business forecasting, while the market information area provides market research and energy studies, as well as several energy analysis software packages. Customized software and business solutions are also available. Utility restructuring services, workshop sessions, and user group information is available on this site. Finally, eight software packages for the energy industry are highlighted. # http://www.rer.com 4.28 STA Research [futures and options analysis] This company, as part of its futures and options trading for clients, makes available a variety of current data and short term forecasts (when available) for many economic and agricultural variables. It is organized by economic and agricultural data that will be released in the U.S. and other countries in both the coming week and month. One portion, the "Weekly Economic Report Outlook," is available via a mailing list. It is described in the mailing list section. # http://stafutures.com/ # Information: <staresearch@syncentral.com> 4.29 Damage Valuation Associates This firm "brings you the latest information on valuation of environmental damages from the courts, from government agencies, from the academic literature, and from unpublished studies." Besides on-line information, they have an electronic newsletter that publishes this information. Their consulting business "specializes in evaluating the economic and financial impacts of environmental hazards and real estate development projects." # http://www.damagevaluation.com/ 4.30 Econ One This site explains this firm's litigation goals, their expertise in regulation, and their consulting arrangements with both corporate and government clients. Speeches, papers, and articles can be ordered on-line. Information on clients, staff, job opportunities, and news about the firm is available on this site. # http://www.econone.com 4.31 Economists Incorporated This firm, based in both Washington and London, "has participated in path breaking and high profile antitrust, commercial litigation, and regulatory matters." They have a staff of more than 30 economists who have extensive experience in almost all areas of commerce. They also employ nearly 20 research associates. # http://www.ei.com/ 4.32 Fishkind & Associates This firm, based in Orlando, Florida, provides litigation support and a model of the Florida economy. # http://www.fishkind.com/ + 4.33 Micronomics, Inc. + + This consulting firm, based in both Los Angeles and Washington, D. C. + , claims expertise in intellectual property valuation, mergers and + acquisitions, antitrust law, health care, database management, and + market research. The firm is "a leading provider of litigation + support services, economic analysis and expert testimony" to many of + the country's top law firms. They also specialize in intellectual + property, forecasting, financial analysis, and risk management and + are available to provide this knowledge to the business consulting + community. Publications and employment opportunities can be found at + this site. + + # http://www.micronomics.com 4.34 Spectrumeconomics This firm "specializes in litigation support and economic analysis of business enterprises." Here you can read about their work, personnel, papers, sample reports, and speeches. # http://www.spectrumeconomics.com/ 4.35 Triangle Economics Research This consulting firm specializes in environmental economics. They have a particular focus on damage assessment and health valuation. You can read about their staff and organization, their work, and read their working papers. # http://www.ter.com/ 4.36 Alphametrics [financial trading and economics consulting] This firm specializes in consulting for firms that have needs in financial trading and economics (such as risk management with their FXAT system). Economic consulting includes "the development of policy, compilation of large-scale reports, quantitative analysis, data processing, modeling, packaged econometrics software (MODLER), and the development of bespoke economic information systems." They have offices around the world, and do a considerable amount of business in Europe. # http://www.Alphametrics.co.uk 4.37 Atlantica Associates [specializes in currency risk] This economic and financial organization provides personal and customized research support for its worldwide clients. Their expertise on currency risk is used in different ways, subject to clients' different internal business objectives. This site provides information on currency risk for twenty different countries, current research topics, and publications. # http://www.aainternational.org 4.38 BCS Consulting Enterprise [Canadian firm with many areas] This Canadian firm has a number of areas of expertise. They include "defence economics, economic and business forecasting, economic modeling and quantitative analysis (Including national and community level Input-Output models), program evaluation and management, peacekeeping and U.N. issues, regional and sectoral economics and socio-economic data analysis and management." They also assist small and home offices with information technology, including Intranet and Internet work. You can read about their various products here (such as impact analysis at national and local levels, and decision management algorithms) as well as read a list of their papers. # http://www.infomatch.com/~bsolomon/bcs1/bcs.htm 4.39 Cambridge International Forecasts [free and fee-based country studies] This organization of academics, statisticians and country experts prepares country studies that are updated monthly. One can purchase a all studies, a single study, or even part of one study (each is broken into 17 sections. In addition, there is a substantial amount of sample information. # http://www.camforecast.com/ 4.40 Centre for International Economics (CIE) [Australian firm] This private company, with offices in Canberra and Sydney, Australia, offers a wide variety of services to it customers, who are around the world. Their services range from trade policy analysis to economic model building to conferences to analysis of commodities and markets. Besides information on itself, they also have their publication on-line. # http://www.intecon.com.au 4.41 Conference Board of Canada [largest non-profit research group in Canada] This organization is said to be the largest non-profit economic research group in Canada. They offer many services: the "Consumer Confidence Index," the "Business Attitudes Index," and forecasts (including construction and housing and the provinces). They also offer various reports on the Canadian economy and both U.S. and Canadian data (the latter is CANSISIM). Some of the material is available to all, while material is available only to subscribers. # http://www2.conferenceboard.ca/weblinx/ + 4.42 Infometrics + + [New Zealand focus] + + This privately-owned, commercial-oriented, and business-focused New + Zealand consulting firm provides economic forecasts of both New + Zealand and overseas economies affecting New Zealand. They use a + variety of economic models. The company also presents up-to-date, + multi-media presentations for clients at conferences and seminars, as + well as customized publications and regular data updating services. + The online index includes the following areas: overseas economies, + New Zealand macro topics, business issues, New Zealand industries, + New Zealand regions, financial markets, consulting, on-line seminars, + weekly overview, economic terminology, customized data, portfolio + investments, and publications. An on-line subscription can cost + anywhere from $NZ 1,000 for individual areas to $NZ 15,000 for full + access to all of the website. The "Free Lunch" area has relevant + articles, debates, media releases, market rates, and column archives. + + # http://www.infometrics.co.nz/ 4.43 London Economics [large U.K. firm] This firm, "the largest and most successful independent economics consultancy in the UK," details itself here. They have a full-time staff of 70, and more than 40% of their business is from outside the U.K. (they also have offices in Melbourne and Boston). An area of special skills is "industries where regulatory or fiscal structure have a strong impact on performance." However, they are also quite wide-ranging: their services range includes litigation support, strategy, energy, water, and infrastructure. Finally, they publish an on-line newsletter, "Economics in Action" # http://www.londecon.co.uk/ 4.44 Lombard Street Research Ltd. [said to forecast well] This U.K. firm is said to have an excellent forecasting track record. It was founded in 1989 by Tim Congdon, who has long experience in forecasting the U.K. and other economies. Prof. Congdon heads up the U.K. service, while Brian Reading leads the international sector. A variety of service levels are available; this includes slightly dated material that is freely available (though one must register). Their customers include a number of firms in the City and beyond. # http://www.lombard-st.co.uk + 4.45 McKibbin Software Group + + [advanced algorithms] + + This organization, with offices in Texas and Australia, "was formed + in 1993 with the goal of making available the latest developments in + numerical algorithms for research and policy analysis." These include + "DYNGAME" for dynamic rational expectation, Fair-Taylor for nonlinear + rational expectations, and CELLVISION a "full-featured spreadsheet + editing and graphics for GAUSS." The models include MSG2, a dynamic + optimizing CGE model, co-authored with Jeff Sachs; G-CUBED for "the + current policy debate on environmental policy and international trade + with a focus on global warming policies" (but useful for other topics + too); and G-Cubed, ASIA PACIFIC which specializes on that region. + They can be ordered on-line. + + The site also contains the many papers that use these tools. Finally, + there is information on training and support for these products. + + # http://www.msgpl.com.au/msgpl/msghome.htm 4.46 Olsen & Associates [financial market research and consulting] "(O&A) is a world leader in high-quality economic research in the field of financial markets. In particular, O&A specializes in the forecasting and historical analysis of foreign exchange rates, but soon also interest rates and market indices. We also provide trading models which give explicit recommendations for a number of currencies and specific trading profiles. O&A's innovation and research has led to cutting-edge forecasting and trading model technology and risk management products. "Over the past eight years with over 120 man-years of effort, O&A has developed and operated a real-time foreign exchange decision support system covering 84 currencies, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is the O&A Information System (OIS). The fully supported system offers price and volatility forecasts, historical analysis, and specific trading recommendations with user-friendly graphical interfaces." Some of their forecasts and analyses are available without paying a fee (though you must register). In addition, you can find just about any foreign exchange rate for a given day since January 1, 1990 (including, it seems, rates on the previous day). Obviously, this feature is very useful. But, perhaps of greater interest to researchers is the high frequency exchange rate data they sell for a quite reasonable fee. The dataset, called HFDF93, was originally made available for their "High Frequency Data in Finance" conference, held March, 1995. Specifically, it has data from "1. Exchange rate quotes for USD-DEM, USD-JPY and DEM-JPY; 2. Three month maturity interbank deposit rate quotes for USD, JPY and DEM; and 3. Money Market Headline News (text)." The data spans the year from Oct. 1, 1992 to Sept. 30, 1993, is 112 megabytes in size, and they charge $200 for this dataset (which allows them to cover some of their costs). Data is available on tapes (DAT or 8mm Exabyte) or via ftp. They can be contacted at the address given below. When requesting the data, one should include a short abstract of the proposed work. In addition, they have other data, and internal and published papers, that are publicly available. # http://www.olsen.ch/ # Information: <info@olsen.ch> 4.47 Oxford Economic Consulting [U.K. forecasting and consulting] This firm was formed "in 1981 by a group of academics and professional forecasters." It has partners in the U.S., China, and Europe. Its reach is large; its products include "PC-based models, regular reports, conferences, specialist reports and analysis of the international economy, and consultancy." As one would expect, they also prepare forecasts and large econometric models (demonstration software for their World model is available here). Currently, they offer their "World Economic Prospects Monthly Review" and the "Oxford Weekly UK Indicator" on-line. # http://www.oef.co.uk 4.48 Boye-Lord International This small firm carries "out research in international economic development, with strong links to trade and investment, private sector development, macroeconomics, agriculture, industry, econometrics and other quantitative methods in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe." Information on their services and projects can be found here. # http://www.boyelord.com/ 4.49 Economic Consulting Services Inc. (ECS) This firm deals with consulting on international trade issues. Their specific areas of expertise are (i) "International transfer pricing for tangible and intangible property," (ii) "Antidumping, countervailing duty, and other trade remedy actions," (iii) Trade representation and information services, customs rules and regulations, and international trade policy," and (iv) "Foreign and domestic market research and analysis." # http://www.economic-consulting.com/ 4.50 Klonic Morocco Consultants This consulting firm, based in Morocco, covers the gamut of economic and business consulting. They have a considerable amount of experience with a number of different firms and agencies from around the world. # http://www.acdim.co.ma/klonic/