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Subject: Econ. Resources on the Internet [11 of 20]

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Resources for Economists on the Internet, Vol. 4, No. 2, September, 1999 Editor: Bill Goffe <Bill.Goffe@usm.edu> Editorial Assistant: Elise Braden <elise@econlit.org> Part 11 of 20 This guide, sponsored by the American Economic Association, lists more than 1,000 resources on the Internet of interest to academic and practicing economists, and those interested in economics. Almost all resources are also described. Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE) is a copyrighted work of the American Economic Association (the "AEA"). Permission to make digital, electronic or hard copies of part or all of RFE for personal or classroom use, Usenet distribution, or mailing lists is granted, provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or direct commercial advantage and that whole copies show the following notice: "Resources for Economists on the Internet (RFE), Copyright 1999 American Economic Association" Otherwise the AEA owns the exclusive right to print, publish, distribute, reproduce, sell, prepare derivative works, transmit, download, or otherwise transfer copies of RFE. Copyrights of components of this work owned by others than the AEA must be honored and attributed to the rightful owner. Abstracting and short quotes are permitted. To copy otherwise or to republish otherwise, including on web pages, in whole or in part requires prior specific permission. Permissions may be requested from the American Economic Association, 2014 Broadway, Suite 305, Nashville, TN 37203, or via E-mail: aeainfo@ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu. RFE is provided without any express or implied warranty. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- For distribution via Usenet, this FAQ is split into 20 parts as large files don't travel well on Usenet. For other locations of this guide, see the section titled "1.5 Where to Obtain This Guide" in part 2. 8.0 Meetings & Conferences + 8.1 Inomics Conference Calls + + This section of the Inomics search engine (which specializes in + economic sites) lists conferences. One can search by location, JEL + category, date, conference job markets, and open or closed dates. + + # http://www.inomics.com/query/conf_search 8.2 Conferences in Econometrics This listing of conferences in econometrics, collected by Marius Ooms, is part of a larger listing of econometric resources. The conference section is updated every two weeks or so and it is quite extensive. # http://www.eur.nl/few/ei/links/#conferences 8.1.0 Future Conferences + 8.1.1 American Consumer in the Changing Food System + + The Economic Research Service of the USDA, along with the Food + Marketing Institute, Food Marketing Policy Center, Retail Food + Industry Center, American Institute of Food Distribution, NE-165, and + the Farm Foundation, will sponsor a conference in Washington, D. C. + on April 20-21, 2000. The "overall objective of the conference is to + take stock and improve our understanding of causes and effects of + increasing consolidation, concentration, and coordination in the food + system." This site provides information on guidelines and submission + dates for abstracts, plus proposed topics and addresses for + submissions. + + # http://www.econ.ag.gov/whatsnew/events/consumer.htm 8.1.2 American Economic Association (AEA) The next meeting of the AEA, held in conjunction with the Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) will be held in Boston January 7-9, 2000. Information about the meeting can be found here. # http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AEA/anmt.htm + 8.1.3 Association for Cultural Economics International + + The Association for Cultural Economics International will hold its + 11th International Biennial Conference on May 28-31, 2000 in + Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Association welcomes papers "in all + areas of the application of economics to the performing, visual, + heritage and media arts, cultural policy, and related areas." The + submission deadline is January 31, 2000. + + # http://www.acei.neu.edu/MNcall1.htm + 8.1.4 Business History Conference + + The next Business History Conference will be March 10-12, 2000, in + Palo Alto, California. The conference will be hosted by the Prologue + Group and will focus on "Enterprise in Society." The deadline for + submissions is October 15, 1999. Guidelines and additional + information can be found at this site. + + # http://www.eh.net/bhc/Conference/confnews.shtml + 8.1.5 Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance Workshop on + Economic Dynamics + + The Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance (CeNDEF) + at the University of Amsterdam will hold a workshop on January 13-15, + 2000. The focus of the workshop will be dynamic modeling in + economics and finance. The deadline for submission of contributed + papers is September 1, 1999. This site also lists keynote speakers + and fee information. + + # http://www.fee.uva.nl/cendef + 8.1.6 Cliometric Society + + The Cliometric Society will sponsor sessions at the ASSA meetings on + January 7-9, 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts. Further information is + available on this site. + + # http://www.eh.net/Clio/Conferences/ASSA/Jan_00/index.shtml + 8.1.7 Computational Methods in Economics, Finance and Statitistics + + This Conference, organized by the University of Rousse and in + cooperation with SIAM, will be held in Rousse, Bulgaria on June + 11-15, 2000. The conference will focus on numerical linear algebra, + numerical methods for differential equations, numerical modeling, and + high performance scientific computing. Abstracts should be submitted + by January 15, 2000. This site provides information on keynote + speakers, the international program committee, and contact persons. + + # http://unidhp.uni-c.dk/~yalamov/rousse00.html + # http://orca.st.usm.edu/marcin/mp/cfp/rousse00/rousse00.html 8.1.8 Econometric Society This page offers information on both past conferences (programs and abstracts) and future ones (calls for papers and general information). # http://gemini.econ.yale.edu/es/meetings/future.html + 8.1.9 European Simulation Symposium + + The Eleventh European Simulation Symposium and Exhibition Simulation + in Industry will be held at Friedrich-Alexander University in + Erlangen-Nuremburg, Germany on October 26-28, 1999. Conference + topics will focus on methodology and tools, logistics, + telecommunications, virtual reality, analytical and numerical + modeling techniques, simulation in industry/economics, and high + performance simulation. The abstract submission deadline has been + extended to June 30, 1999. This site also provides deadlines and + registration fees, conference program, keynote speaker, and other + information. + + # http://hobbes.rug.ac.be/~scs/conf/ess99/ + 8.1.10 European Social Science History Conference + + The Third European Social Science History Conference (EHHSC) will be + held in Amsterdam on April 12-15, 2000. This conference is organized + by the International Institute of Social History, which is part of + the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. On this site, + one can find general information about the ESSHC; information on + papers, sessions, and proposals; how to organize a panel session; + fees; and a time schedule. + + # http://www.iisg.nl/ESSHC/ + 8.1.11 European Society for Population Economics (ESPE) Annual Congress + + The Fourteenth Annual Congress of the European Society for Population + Economics will be held in Bonn on June 15-17, 2000. The focus of the + conference will be on "labor economics, household economics, public + economics, demography, statistics, and economic history." The + deadline for abstracts for this conference is February 1, 2000. + Submission and registration guidelines are presented at this site. + + # http://www.iza.org/espe/ + 8.1.12 Fourth Annual Post-Graduate Economics Conference + + This conference will be held on Friday, November 12, 1999 at the + University of Leeds and will be supported by the Leeds University + Business School, Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University + and the Post Keynesian Study Group. Papers will focus on the + following topics: the economics of work and employment; + methodological and philosophical issues in economics; money and + uncertainty; and technological and industrial change in a global + economy. The submission deadline is September 17, 1999. An e-mail + address for submission is provided, as are programs for the past two + conferences. + + # http://www.leeds.ac.uk/cipp/pgc.htm + 8.1.13 Hume Society + + The 27th Hume Society Conference will be held July 23-29, 2000, in + Williamsburg, Virginia. It will focus on Hume's life and work, + particularly the areas of rhetoric, representation, religion, and + 18th century American thought. The deadline for submissions is + November 1, 1999. This site provides guidelines and addresses for + submissions and other conference information. + + # http://sun.soci.niu.edu/~phildept/Hume/ 8.1.14 International Business and Economics Conference The Second Annual International Business and Economics Conference will be held at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin on October 8-9, 1999. The conference will focus on business and economic issues in the global context. Additional information on the conference and the submission of abstracts and papers is available on this site. # http://www.snc.edu/econ/conf99/ + 8.1.15 International Working Group on Value Theory (IWGVT) + + The International Working Group on Value Theory will hold its 7th + mini-conference as part of the Eastern Economic Association + Conference in Crystal City on March 24-26, 2000. Abstracts are + welcome beginning May 1, 1999; proposals are due by August 1, 1999; + and completed papers by November 1, 1999. Besides the call for + papers, this site provides information on the International Working + Group on Value Theory and 1999 sessions and papers. + + # http://www.gre.ac.uk/~fa03/iwgvt/ + 8.1.16 Seventh Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and + Nonlinear Dynamics + + The Seventh Viennese Workshop on Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and + Nonlinear Dynamics will be held in Vienna on May 24-26, 2000. This + site provides information on the organizing committee, pre-registered + participants, programs, registration fees, and submission deadlines. + + # http://www.bwl.univie.ac.at/bwl/prod/EVENTS/ws2000 + 8.1.17 Rethinking Marxism + + The fourth International Gala Conference of Rethinking Marxism is + scheduled for September 21-24, 2000 at the University of + Massachusetts, Amherst. Submissions must be received by June 1, + 2000. The focus of the conference will be to "explore and engender + fresh insights and struggles, and to (re)claim utopian visions and + hopes for just and humane global alternatives." The conference is + sponsored by the journal "Rethinking Marxism." Conference + information, guidelines, and registration information can be found at + this site. + + # http://www.nd.edu/~remarx/Marxism2000/ + 8.1.18 Society for Computational Economics (SCE) + + The Sixth International Conference of the Society for Computational + Economics, "Computing in Economics and Finance," will be held in + Barcelona, 6-8 July 2000 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Currently, only + the Call for Papers is available here; the deadlines is January 15, + 2000. As the conference approaches, there will be information on + accommodations, the program, Barcelona, and UPF. + + # http://enginy.upf.es/SCE/ + 8.1.19 What We Don't Know about Pacific Northwest Fish Runs: An Inquiry + into Decision-Making under Uncertainty + + The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Portland State + University, along with funding from the Henry M. Jackson Foundation + of Seattle, will sponsor this two-day conference in the Spring of + 2000. This site links to either a Word Document or an Adobe Acrobat + pdf file with details on the background of the project, suggested + topics, abstract submission guidelines and dates, addresses for + submissions or questions, and other project details. + + # http://www.econ.pdx.edu 8.2.0 Past Conferences 8.2.1 Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences (ABAS) The 1999 International Conference of the Academy of Business and Administrative Sciences will be held in Barcelona, Spain on July 12-14, 1999. The conference will focus on globalization and emerging economies. Information about the conference, topics of discussion, registration and fees, and a registration form are available on this site. # http://www.sba.muohio.edu/abas/ 8.2.2 Advancing the Integration of New Technologies into the Undergraduate Teaching of Economics This conference, sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh and Journal of Economic Education (with NSF support) is devoted to technology for the teaching of economics. It will be held May 28-30, 1998, at the University of Pittsburgh. At this site you will find the conference program and the conference application form. # http://www.indiana.edu/~econed/confer.htm 8.2.3 American Agricultural Economics Association Conferences Here you can find information on conferences associated with this association -- this includes both the annual meeting and specialized ones. In general, all necessary information about a meeting can be found here. # http://www.aaea.org/meetings.html 8.2.4 Berlin Workshop on Internet Economics The Second Berlin Internet Economics Workshop will be held in Berlin, Germany on May 28-29, 1999. The conference is being organized by Berlecon Research. This site provides a list of topics, abstract deadline and requirements, the program committee, and registration information. # http://www.berlecon.de/iew2/ 8.2.5 Business and Economics Society International The 1999 Conference of the Business and Economics Society International will be held in the Canary Islands, on July 22-26, 1999. This site provides program information, abstract and paper requirements and deadlines, a registration form, a fee schedule, and a list of subject categories. # http://www.assumption.edu/HTML/Faculty/Kantar/HKANTAR2.html 8.2.6 Complexity Between the Ecos - From Ecology to Economics This conference, part of a series on complex systems, will feature ideas from the intersection of economics and ecology. It will be held November 30-December 4 in Sydney, Australia. At the moment, at this site, you can read the call for papers and contact the organizer of the conference. # http://parallel.acsu.unsw.edu.au/complex/c98/ 8.2.7 Tenth International Conference on Cultural Economics This conference will be held in Barcelona on June 14-17, 1998. Here you will find basic information on the conference, including the call for papers and contact information. # http://www.dac.neu.edu/economics/n.alper/acei/barc.htm 8.2.8 Econometric Society: Far East Meeting (ES) The 1999 Far Eastern Meeting of the Econometric Society, organized by the Department of Economics at the National University of Singapore, will be held in Singapore on July 1-3, 1999. Conference information is available on this site. # http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/ecs/admin/FEMES98.html 8.2.9 Econometric Society: Latin American Meeting (ES) The Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society, sponsored by the Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico, will be held in Cancun, Mexico on August 2-6, 1999. At this site you will find information on abstract and manuscript submissions and guidelines, and a list of the program committee. # http://www.itam.mx/lames/ + 8.2.10 Economic and Social Research Council + + The annual conference of the Econometric Study Group will be held at + the Burwalls Centre for Continuing Education at the University of + Bristol on July 15-17, 1999. Conference schedule, invited speakers, + and an application are available on this site. + + # http://www.ecn.bris.ac.uk/esgc/esgc.htm 8.2.11 Economic Beliefs and Behaviour This conference is sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council of the U.K. It will be held July 1-2, 1998 in Oxford. "This conference will review our understanding of economic decision-making and will be of interest primarily to economists, psychologists and sociologists working in this field." This site contains a wealth of background information on the conference's topic. # http://snipe.ukc.ac.uk/ESRC/ 8.2.12 EIIT - Empirical Investigations in International Trade Conference This conference will be held November 13-15 at Purdue University. The focus is empirical international trade. Details on this conference and past ones can be found here. To encourage graduate student participation, there is a prize for the best graduate student paper; the winner will receive up to $400 for reimbursement of travel expenses. The conference is hosted by Jon Haveman and is sponsored by the Purdue Center for International Business Education and Research. # http://www.eiit.org 8.2.13 European Economic Association (EEA) The annual Congress of the European Economic Association will be held in Santiago de Compostela from September 1 to September 4, 1999, immediately following the Econometric Society European Meeting. Registration, abstract guidelines, and other pertinent information about both meetings can be found at this site. # http://web.usc.es/~eea99/ 8.2.14 European Meeting of the Econometric Society (ES) The Econometric Society will hold its next European Meeting from August 29 to September 1, 1999 in Santiago de Compostela. This meeting will immediately precede the Annual Congress of the European Economic Association. Registration, abstract guidelines, and other pertinent information about both meetings can be found at this site. # http://web.usc.es/~esem99/ 8.2.15 8th International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications This conference, organized by the International Society on Dynamical Games, will be held Maastricht, The Netherlands, on July 6-8, 1998. This site covers all aspects of the conference: a list of organizers, the program, registration forms, and travel information. # http://www-sop.inria.fr/miaou/CONF-isdg.html 8.2.16 First Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis This conference, to be held June 8-10, 1998 at Purdue University, deals with international trade, with a special emphasis on "applied general equilibrium methods, data, and applications" as well as "related theoretical and applied" work. All aspects of the conference can be found here: the program and schedule, accommodations, registration forms, housing, meals, etc. This conference is being held in conjunction with Purdue's Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP). # http://www.agecon.purdue.edu/gtap/conference/index.htm 8.2.17 International Ukrainian Economic Association Fourth Congress and Economics Symposium This conference will take place May 25-29, 1998, in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is for those interested in "Ukrainian economics, the economies of East/Central Europe, transition economics, economic history, comparative economics, etc." Here, you can find information on the conference, travel information, and details on how to reach the contact person. # http://www.brama.com/ukrainecon/congress.html 8.2.18 International Conference on Islamic Economics in the 21st Century This conference, sponsored by the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and the Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI), and the Islamic Development Bank will be held on August 9-12, 1999 in Kuala Lumpur. Basic information about the conference can be found here. # http://www.iiu.edu.my/enm/active/intl.html 8.2.19 International Health Economics Association (iHEA) The Second World Conference of Health Economics of the International Health Economics Association (iHEA 1999), sponsored mainly by the Dutch Ministry of Welfare, Health & Sport, will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from June 6 to 9, 1999. The conference will focus on the private and public choices in health and health care. General information, call for abstracts and papers, abstract forms, information requests, and registration details are available at this site. # http://www.healtheconomics.org 8.2.20 International Institute of Forecasters The International Institute of Forecasters is sponsoring the 19th International Symposium on Forecasting to be held in Washington, D. C. on June 27-30, 1999. The conference will focus on issues of strategic forecasting for government and business. This site provides links to abstract information, conference details, registration, and other related conferences. # http://ifsm.umbc.edu/isf/ + 8.2.21 Society for Computational Economics (SCE) + + The Fifth International Conference of the Society for Computational + Economics will be held at Boston College on June 24-26, 1999. The + conference is sponsored by Wolfram Research, MathWorks, and MathSoft, + Inc., the Enterprise Group of Funds, and the Boston College + Department of Economics and Wallace E. Carroll School of Management. + The theme focuses on quantitative and qualitative computing in + economics and finance. This site supplies a conference schedule, + tentative program, call for papers, registration details (including + on-line registration), and other conference information. + + # http://fmwww.bc.edu/cef99/ 8.2.22 Society for Economic Dynamics (SED) The annual meeting of the Society for Economic Dynamics, organized by the Center for North South Economic Research (CRENOS) at the University of Cagliari, will be held in Alghero, Sardinia, Italy on June 27-30, 1999. At this site, you will find a call for papers, conference information, and a registration form. # http://www.econ.umn.edu/sed99/ 8.2.23 Western Economic Association International (WEA) The Western Economic Association International's 74th Annual Conference will be held in San Diego, California, on July 6-10, 1999 and will carry the theme "Institutions and Organizations: Past, Present, and Prospective." This site provides information on abstracts and registration. # http://www.weainternational.org/annual.htm