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Subject: Drumcorps FAQ 6/6 DCA - senior corps info

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for rec.arts.marching.drumcorps Part 6 of 6 Drum Corps Associates (Senior Corps) information DCA Info Maintained by: Martin Cross, mcross@monmouth.com please direct all updates and correction to Martin Cross FAQ Version: 7.26.1998 Table of Contents: 1.0 What is drum corps? 1.0.1 DCI and DCA 1.0.2 Drum Corps International 1.0.3 Drum Corps World 1.0.4 scorelines 1.1 Drum corps on-line 1.1.1 History of drum corps on-line 1.1.2 Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps 1.1.3 Drumcorps digest 1.1.4 FTP and WWW site 1.1.5 Cybercorps 1.1.6 Drum Corps Web Sites 1.2 Audio and video recordings and books 1.2.1 compact discs and cassettes 1.2.2 videos 1.2.3 books 2.0 DCI corps' addresses 2.0.1 Open class corps 2.0.2 Div. II/III corps 2.0.3 DCA corps are listed in Part 6 of the FAQ 2.0.4 Future Corps 3.1 1997 tentative drumcorps music 3.2 1997 drum corps tour schedule 4.0 Historical Information 4.1 Previous DCI Champions 4.2 1992 DCI Scores 4.3 1993 DCI Information 4.3.1 Corps repertoires 4.3.2 Scores 4.3.3 Individual and Ensemble scores 4.3.4 DCA Finals scores 4.3.5 RAMD Readers Final Poll 4.4 1994 DCI Information 4.4.1 DCI Championships in Boston 4.4.2 SEASON Final poll 4.4.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll 4.4.4 Corps' repertoires in 1994 4.5 1995 DCI Information 4.5.1 DCI Championships in Buffalo 4.5.2 SEASON Final poll 4.5.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll 4.5.4 Corps' repertoires in 1995 4.6 1996 DCI Information 4.6.1 DCI Championships in Orlando 4.6.2 SEASON Final poll 4.6.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll 4.6.4 Corps' repertoires in 1996 5.0 The words "drum corps" 5.1 Number of members allowed 5.2 Corps' budgets 5.3 Fundraising 5.4 How far do the corps travel? How many competitions? How long is the season? When are the Championships? 5.5 How can I catch the Championships on TV? 5.6 How does the judging work? 5.7 What is a legal bugle? 5.8 What kind of percussion is allowed? 5.9 What is the "pit area"? 5.10 How long is each show? 5.11 What are all those strange abbreviations and/or nicknames people keep using when writing about drum corps? 5.12 Why do people keep misspelling things? 5.13 How to join a drum corps 5.14 Rehearsal information 5.15 Where to get music for wind ensemble 6.0 DCA and the Senior corps. 6.1 Drum Corps Associates (DCA) 6.1.1 The DCA Story 6.1.2 Corps listing 6.2 Parade Corps 6.2.1 Ballad of the Unsung Heros 6.2.2 Corps listing 6.3 Rehearsals 6.4 Fallen Comrades 6.4.1 Folded Corps 6.4.2 MIA Corps 6.5 DCA Champions "When the first shovel of dirt hits my face...." - Robert "Pepe" Nataro 6.1 Drum Corps Associates (DCA) 6.1.1 The DCA Story. In September of 1963, five men, Henry "Lefty" Mayer (NY Skyliners), George Bull (Yankee-Rebels), Randy Roy (Reading Buccaneers), Pete Burns (Conn. Hurricanes), and Carmen Cirlincione (Archer-Epler Musketeers), met in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania to discuss the possibilities of creating an organization dedicated to promoting senior drum and bugle corps. This was the start of the Drum Corps Associates a.k.a DCA and it continued the legacy created by the V.F.W. which discontinued its senior championship after 1962. The first corps to become charter members were the Buccaneers, Hurricanes, Interstatesmen, Musketeers, Rockets, Skyliners, and Yankee-Rebels. Two years later, the first DCA championship was help at Milford, Connecticut. Six of the seven charter corps competed on September 11, 1965, the Reading Buccaneers won. Today, 30 years later, the DCA still thrives. Many corps have had the honor of being DCA Champions. 6.1.2 Corps Listing Information compiled from '89, '90, '92 DCA Championship Programs. Some of the corps listed have a "Status" field stating that they have folded. Please check to see if this field exists for the corps prior to trying to make contact. Corps (alias): Bayou City Blues Location: Houston, Texas Director: Address: City/State: Phone: Founded: POC: Internet POC: MJPUDSTER@aol.com Corps (alias): Bluegrass Brass (BGB) Location: Louisville, KY Director: Jeff Cox (BOD President) Address: P.O. Box 99872 City/State: Louisville, KY 40269 Phone: (502) 499-7223 - Jeff Cox Founded: 1992, DCM members 1993, 1997 POC: Jeff Cox or Eric Landis (513) 792-0031 Internet POC: elandis@iac.net (Eric Landis) http://www.iac.net/~mhfolz/bluegrass.html Corps (Alias): Brigadiers Location: Syracuse, New York Director: Dennis Cappello Address: 5858 East Molloy Rd. City/State: Syracuse, N.Y. 13211 Phone: Founded: 1990 (reformed after 19 years in absentia) Corps (Alias): Buccaneers (Bucs) Location: Reading, Pennsylvania Director: James Gruber Asst. Dir: Donald H. Solinger Address: P.O. Box 13032 City/State: Reading, PA 19612 Phone: (717) 932-8059 FAX: (610) 376-9170 Founded: 1957 Corps (Alias): Bushwackers (Bush) Location: Harrison, New Jersey Director: Jay Marlot Address: 1000 Frank E. Rodgers Blvd., Bldg. 13 City/State: Harrison, N.J. 07029 Phone: (201) 268-1088 Founded: 1981 Internet POC: linton@bushwackers.org (Dave Linton) WWW Site: www.bushwackers.org Corps (Alias): Caballeros (Cabs) Location: Hawthorne, New Jersey Director: James J. Costello, Jr. Address: 119 Webster Avenue City/State: Paterson, NJ 07501 Phone: (201) 523-5371 Founded: 1946 Internet POC: webmaster@cabs.org agrilk@superlink.net (Andrew H. Grilk) rmurray505@aol.com (Bob Murray Jr.) WWW Site: http://www.cabs.org Corps (Alias): Capitol Brass Ensemble Location: Latham, New York Director: Thomas MacDonald Address: 36 Michaelangelo Street City/State: Lathan, NY 12110 Phone: (518) 783-8985/783-8507 Founded: Formely: Knights of Noble Callahan (1985) Status: Folded 1994 Corp Name: Chieftains Location: Lehigh Valley, PA Director: Rodney Yetter Address: P.O. Box 786 City/State: Allentown, PA 18105-0786 Phone: (717) 992-2318 Founded: 1987 Internet POC: lvchiefs@aol.com WWW Site: http://members.aol.com/lvchiefs/index.htm Business Mgr.: Paisley, Glen at chieftainsbusmg@webtv.net Corps (Alias): Crusaders Location: Rochester, Ney York Director: Mike Linton Address: P.O. Box 15424 City/State: Rochester, NY 14615 Phone: (716) 634-7891 / 251-7117 Founded: 1947 Internet POC: kingarlow1@aol.com Corps (Alias): Empire Statesmen (Empire) Location: Rochester, New York Director: Vincent Bruni Main Office: Bingo Palace Address: 341 E. Ridge Rd. City/State: Rochester, NY 14621 Phone: (716) 266-2232 Founded: 1983 Internet POC: empirest@eznet.net WWW Site: http://www.statesmen.org/ Corps (Alias): Excaliber Location: Erie, Pennsylvania Director: Peter Baideme Address: P.O. Box 6607 City/State: Erie, PA 16512 Phone: (814) 833-3726 Founded: Corps (Alias): Firebirds Location: Dallas, Texas Director: Address: 1009 Sylvan Dr. City/State: Garland, TX 75040 Phone: Founded: 1994 Internet POC: Status: Folded 1994 Corps (Alias): Govenaires (Govies) Location: St. Peter, Minnesota Director: John Mayer Address: P.O. Box 235 City/State: St. Peter, MN 56052 Phone: (507) 388-1927 Founded: 1927 Internet POC: GOVIES@VAX1.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU (Dave Haugh) Corps (Alias): HeatWave Location: Orlando, Florida Director: Vic Kulinski Address: 12515 Earnest Ave City/State: Orlando, Florida 32837 Phone: (407) 857-9702 (407) 855-4314 Founded: 1992 Internet POC: davidm@xtalwind.net (Dave McBurney) Corps (Alias): Hurricanes (Hurcs) Location: Shelton, Connecticut Director: Bob Bradley Address: P.O. Box 471 City/State: Derby, CT 06418 Phone: (203) 735-5659 Founded: 1932 (Fife & Drum)/1955 (Drum & Bugle) Corps (Alias): Keystoners Location: Milton, Pennsylvania Director: Dale Criswell Address: P.O. Box 96 City/State: Milton, PA 17847 Phone: (717) 742-7823 Founded: Status: Folded 1988 Corps (Alias): Kingsmen (Pepe's Corps) Location: Bridgport, Connecticut Director: Carol Jacobs and Rita Hudson Address: City/State: Phone: Founded: Corps (Alias): Kingston Grenadiers Location: Kingston Onterio, Canada Director: Don Dean Asst. Dir: Doug Orser Address: 98 Morenz Cres City/State: Kingston, Ont K7K2X3 Phone: (613) 546-5021 Founded: Internet POC: diefers@pop.erols.com WWW Site: qlink.queensu.ca/~3bds4/drumcorps Corps (alias): Les Dynamiques Location: Buckingham, (Quebec) Canada Director: Romuald (Romy) Mongeon Address: P.O. Box 134 City/State: Buckingham (Quebec) J8L 2X2 Phone: (819) 281-4620 Founded: 1962-1970 Junior corps 1990 Senior corps Internet POC: flemay@synapse.net (Francois LeMay) Corps (Alias): Les Metropolitains de Montreal (METS) Location: Montreal (Quebec), Canada Director: Rene Rockbrune (US Affairs) (416) 567-9118 Richard R. Cloutier (Executive Director) Monique Chauny (Asst. Executive Director) Address: 1601, rue Logan (bureau 8) City/State: Montreal (Quebec) H2L 1X7 Phone: (514) 525-3152 (514) 525-3313 Internet POC: ath@nationalnet.com (Andre Theriault) Founded: 1990 Corps (Alias): Minnesota Brass, Inc. Location: St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota Director: Gavin Burnham Address: Box 7341 City/State: St. Paul, MN 55107 Phone: (612) 426-7369 Founded: 1946 POC: Stephanie Seman - (612) 781-0907 Internet POC: mnbrass@writeme.com (Kurt Schiebel) WWW Site: http://www1.stpaul.gov/pubinfo/rogerg/mbi.html Corps (Alias): Racine Kilties Location: Racine, WI Director: Ed Bergles Address: P.O. Box 085235 City/State: Racine, WI 53408-5235 Phone: (414) 634-2100 Founded: 1993 Internet POC: kilties@aol.com (Mike Kaufman) Corps (Alias): Royalaires Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada Director: Al Strassburg Address: 8 Tupper Court City/State: Kitchener, Ontario - Canada, N2B 2Y3 Phone: (519) 578-1962 Founded: Corps (Alias): Skyliners (Sky) Location: New York, New York Director: Robert Holton Address: 100 Drake Place City/State: Colonia, NJ 07067 Phone: (201) 574-9422 Founded: 1946 Corps (Alias): Steel City Ambassadors (Steel) Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Director: Rob Hoenshel Address: P.O. Box 2631 City/State: Pittsburgh, PA 15230 Phone: (412) 422-5051 Founded: 1981 Status: Folded 1994 Corps (Alias): Soundwave Location: Butler, PA Director: Walt Street Address: PO Box 13 City/State: Lyndora, PA 16045 Phone: (412) 441-9335 (Chris Weaver) (304) 599-0390 (Robert James) Founded: 1995 Internet POC: rjames@metc.doe.gov (Robert James) aerst6+@pitt.edu (Tony Roscoe) Corps (Alias): Sunrisers (Sun) Location: Orangetown, NY (formely Long Island, New York) Director: Gary Williams Address: PO Box 85 City/State: Pearl River, NY 10965 Phone: (914) 632-3042/(914) 735-2257 Founded: 1954 Internet POC: Dfreo@aol.com (Dave Freoni) GJWilli@us1.ibm.com (Gary Williams) Corps (Alias): Vanguard Location: Chicago, Illinois Director: Ron Brandt Address: 22 W. 320 Balsam Drive City/State: Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Phone: (312) 790-2336 Founded: Corps (Alias): Westshoremen Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Director: Jerry Mace Address: P.O. Box 632 City/State: Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Phone: 1-800-852-5406 Founded: 1946 Internet POC: dick_eschenmann.ACHS@qmgateway.iu13.k12.pa.us (Dick Eschenmann) WWW Site: http://news.third-wave.com/jimbat/westshore.html 6.2 Parade Corps 6.2.1 Ballad of the Unsung Heros Parade corps are almost always senior by nature. As the class name implies, these corps march in parades or perform at "standstills." Although many drum corps nuts do not consider these units as part of the continuum, they do provide an alternative for people who want to be part of drum corps, but cannot afford the time the field (DCA) units demand. Parade corps generally practice 3 hours a week. The atmosphere is not stressful and of all the types of corps, it is the most family oriented. Most parade corps will not travel more than 2 hours from their HQ so it is easy to pack up the family and drag them to the various parades. Many of the DCA corps started as parade corps, it is a great way to start a corps' economy. 6.2.2 Corps Listing Corps (Alias): Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps Location: Reading, Pa. Director: Jeff Becker Address: 319 So. Miller St. City/State: Shillington, Pa. 19607 Phone: (610) 777-6882 Founded: 1986 Internet POC: Status: Corps (Alias): Jersey Coast Sound Location: V.F.W Post 8865 - Bricktown, New Jersey Director: Roger Exposito Address: RD 2 Box 26 City/State: Jackson, NJ 08527 Phone: (908) 928-9699 Founded: 1990 Internet POC: crossm@pt.Cyanamid.COM (Martin E. Cross) Status: Folded 1994 Alias: Mighty St. Joe's Alumni Corps Location: LeRoy, N.Y. Director: Bob "Sully" Sullivan Address: 3 Bank Street City/State: LeRoy, NY Phone: (716) 768-8687, (716) 768-7905 Founded: 1991 (Active Junior Corps 1931-1971) Information: Dick Pielow, (716) 593-6857, rpielow@aol.com Internet POC: anderson@servtech.com (Curt Anderson) www page: http://www.servtech.com/~anderson/main.html Corps (Alias): Melrose Black Hawks Location: South Amboy, New Jersey Director: Jim Kilcomins Address: 255 Henry St. City/State: South Amboy, NJ 08879 Phone: (908) 721-7578 Founded: 1979 Internet POC: DAT137@aol.com Corps (Alias): Caballeros Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps. Location: American Legion Post 199 Hawthorne, NJ Director: Joe Campos Address: City/State: Hawthorne, NJ Phone: (201) 345-9210 (Bob Peterson) Founded: 1993 Internet POC: jdev@warwick.net Corps (Alias): Connecticut Alumni Sr. Drum & Bugle Corps Location: David S. Miles Post - Oxford, Connecticut Director: James Nestor Address: Rt. 67 City/State: Oxford, CT Phone: (203) 634-8026 Founded: Corps (Alias): Generations Alumni Corps Location: Bristol, Rhode Island Director: Address: P.O. Box 71 City/State: Bristol, RI 02809 Phone: (401) 253-0102 Founded: 1988 Internet POC: S20178AM@UMASSD.EDU (Adam Morin) Corps (Alias): Westchester Brassmen Location: Harrison, New York Director: Joe Mazzullo Address: 80 Batavia Place City/State: Harrison, NY 10528 Phone: (914) 835-5450 Founded: Corps (Alias): Marksmen Alumni Corps Location: Springfield, Massechusetts Director: Doug White Address: 68 Westbanks Ct. City/State: Springfield, MA 01118 Phone: (413) 782-7810 Founded: Corps (Alias): Blessed Sacrament (Alumni) Location: Union, New Jersey Director: Address: City/State: Phone: Founded: 1990 Corps (Alias): The Volunteers Location: Lambertville, New Jersey Director: Michael Farling Address: P.O. Box 347 City/State: Lambertville, NJ 08530 Phone: (215) 862-9731 (215) 348-1448 Founded: 1931 Corps (Alias): Archer-Epler Musketeers Location: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania Director: Address: City/State: Phone: Founded: Corps (Alias): Yankee-Rebels (Alumni) Location: Baltimore, Maryland Director: Phil Gentile Address: 217 Ferring Court City/State: Abingdon, MD 21009 Phone: (410) 515-3520 Founded: 1946 Internet POC: rharring@erols.com Corps (Alias): Princemen Location: Lt. Norman Prince Post - Melrose, MA Director: Address: 428 Main Street City/State: Melrose, MA Phone: Founded: Corps (Alias): Lancers Location: Detroit/Wyandotte, Michigan Director: Address: City/State: Phone: Founded: Corps (Alias): Spartans Location: Vancouver WA/Portland OR Director: Bill Steiner Jr. Address: City/State: Vancouver, WA Phone: (503)761-7536 (bingo hall), (206)256-5069 (info line) Founded: 1968 Internet POC: koreis@u.washington.edu (Robert Koreis) Corps (Alias): Reilly Raiders Alumni Location: Bristol, PA Director: Carl Place Address: City/State: Phone: (215) 639-7239 (Carl Place) Founded: 1946 (folded in 1966, re-built in 1994 as alumni) Internet POC: SQUM49A@prodigy.com (Stephen D. Ford) Corps (Alias): Thunderbirds Location: Erie, PA Director: Ted Heumann Address: 2703 Rudolph Ave. City/State: Erie, PA 16508 Phone: (814) 868-0421 (Ted Heumann) Founded: Internet POC: tedmann@pepper.ncinter.net Corps (Alias): Lancers Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps Location: Hanover, PA Director: Chip Crumrine Address: 1308 Kenstar Dr. City/State: Landisville, PA 17538 Phone: (717) 637-5963 Founded: 1920 Internet POC: wesh@redlion-controls.com Corps (Alias): Two Seven Alumni Association, Inc. Location: Revere, MA Director: Steve Nourse Address: P.O. Box 106 City/State: Everett, MA 02149 Phone: (617) 322-9527 (Hotline) Founded: 1996 Internet POC: andy_holleron@bcsmac.org (Andy Holleron) 6.3 Rehearsals It should be pointed out that senior corps are comprised of people who are, for the most part, not young anymore. They are people who have careers under way, families in the making, houses needing painting, and all the other wonderous (more like ponderous) things that happen on the threshold of "mid-life." This reduces the amount of time that senior corps have to operate. Serior corps members are the epitome of the weekend warrior and the weekend starts 8:00 pm Friday and ends somewhere near 8:00 pm the following Sunday. There are a few breaks so the members can revel in some old fashioned comradeship. The senior season runs from mid April (first of the senior versions of camps) to Labor Day weekend (the ever lovin' Championship weekend). 6.4 Fallen Comrades 6.4.1 Folded Corps *1) Rielly Raiders - Philadelphia, PA (Alumni Corps in progress) 2) Matadors - Providence, RI 3) Interstatesman 4) Rockets - Pittsburgh, PA 5) Phoenix 6) Boys of '76 7) Steel City Ambassadors - Pittsburgh, PA (1994) 8) American Spirit - Tampa, Fl 9) Jersey Coast Sound - Bricktown, NJ (1994) 10) Defenders - Troy, NY 11) Vagabonds - Schylorsville, NY 12) Kingsmen - Hamburg, NY (1977) 6.4.2 MIA corps (What has happened to these guys?) 1) Metropolitans 2) Ambassadors 4) Les Diplomats 5) Commanders 6) Thunderbirds - Erie, PA 8) Sentinels 10) Les Ambassaduers 11) Allouettes 12) Regionaires 13) L'Odyssey 14) Les Cascaduers 6.5 DCA Champions 1965 Buccanneers (first DCA Chamionship) 1966 Skyliners 1967 Hurricanes 1968 Buccaneers 1969 Hurricanes 1970 Caballeros 1971 Skyliners 1972-74 Caballeros (1973 only sweep of major captions) 1975 Skyliners 1976 Caballeros 1977-78 Sunrisers 1979-80 Buccaneers 1981 Hurricanes 1982-83 Sunrisers 1984-85 Caballeros 1986 Bushwackers 1987 Sunrisers (Finals rained-out, Prelims stood - Sun first) 1988 Sunrisers-Bushwackers (first tie in DCA history) 1989-90 Bushwackers 1991 Empire Statesmen 1992 Bushwackers 1993 Bushwackers 1994 Empire Statesmen 1995 Caballeros 1996 Westshoremen ---- Part 6 Written & administered by Martin Cross (mcross@monmouth.com) RAMD FAQ administered by Cathy Doser (cathyd@halcyon.com) and Caryn Roberts (caryn@halcyon.com) Please send ALL corrections and updates for Part 6 to Martin Cross (mcross@monmouth.com) Comments welcome on any aspect of this FAQ. We are especially looking for information on Div. II/III corps, and early drum corps information (VFW and American Legion Championships and pre-DCI corps in general). If you see anything that is inaccurate (such as corps address information or repertoire), please let me know. NOTICE: This FAQ is copyright (c) 1997 by Cathy Doser and is made available as a service to the drum corps and the Internet community. The FAQ may be distributed freely in printed or electronic form, provided that it is not modified. The FAQ may not be sold in any medium including electronic, CD-ROM, or database, or published in print without the express written permission of the authors. Contact Cathy Doser (cathyd@halcyon.com) if there are any questions. ---- Cathy Doser Caryn Roberts cathyd@halcyon.com caryn@halcyon.com