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Subject: Drumcorps FAQ 1/6 What is drum corps?; DCI; online

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for rec.arts.marching.drumcorps Part 1 of 6 What is drum corps?; Drum Corps On-line; Cybercorps; sources of drum corps information Table of Contents: 1.0 What is drum corps? 1.0.1 DCI and DCA 1.0.2 Drum Corps International 1.0.3 Drum Corps World 1.0.4 scorelines 1.1 Drum corps on-line 1.1.1 History of drum corps on-line 1.1.2 Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps 1.1.3 Drumcorps digest 1.1.4 FTP and WWW site 1.1.5 Cybercorps 1.1.6 Drum Corps Web Sites 1.2 Audio and video recordings and books 1.2.1 compact discs and cassettes 1.2.2 videos 1.2.3 books 2.0 DCI corps' addresses 2.0.1 Open class corps 2.0.2 Div. II/III corps 2.0.3 DCA corps are listed in Part 6 of the FAQ 2.0.4 Future Corps 3.1 1997 tentative drumcorps music 3.2 1997 drum corps tour schedule 4.0 Historical Information 4.1 Previous DCI Champions 4.2 1992 DCI Scores 4.3 1993 DCI Information 4.3.1 Corps repertoires 4.3.2 Scores 4.3.3 Individual and Ensemble scores 4.3.4 DCA Finals scores 4.3.5 RAMD Readers Final Poll 4.4 1994 DCI Information 4.4.1 DCI Championships in Boston 4.4.2 SEASON Final poll 4.4.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll 4.4.4 Corps' repertoires in 1994 4.5 1995 DCI Information 4.5.1 DCI Championships in Buffalo 4.5.2 SEASON Final poll 4.5.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll 4.5.4 Corps' repertoires in 1995 4.6 1996 DCI Information 4.6.1 DCI Championships in Orlando 4.6.2 SEASON Final poll 4.6.3 RAMD Final Reader's Poll 4.6.4 Corps' repertoires in 1996 5.0 The words "drum corps" 5.1 Number of members allowed 5.2 Corps' budgets 5.3 Fundraising 5.4 How far do the corps travel? How many competitions? How long is the season? When are the Championships? 5.5 How can I catch the Championships on TV? 5.6 How does the judging work? 5.7 What is a legal bugle? 5.8 What kind of percussion is allowed? 5.9 What is the "pit area"? 5.10 How long is each show? 5.11 What are all those strange abbreviations and/or nicknames people keep using when writing about drum corps? 5.12 Why do people keep misspelling things? 5.13 How to join a drum corps 5.14 Rehearsal information 5.15 Where to get music for wind ensemble 6.0 DCA and the Senior corps. 6.1 Drum Corps Associates (DCA) 6.1.1 The DCA Story 6.1.2 Corps listing 6.2 Parade Corps 6.2.1 Ballad of the Unsung Heros 6.2.2 Corps listing 6.3 Rehearsals 6.4 Fallen Comrades 6.4.1 Folded Corps 6.4.2 MIA Corps 6.5 DCA Champions 1.0 What is drum corps? Drum corps is an abbreviation for drum and bugle corps. During the competitive season, corps from all across the US and Canada perform to crowds of up to 35,000. The closest kind of group to a drum corps that is not a drum corps is the marching band, but the performance levels of the top drum corps is in general higher than top marching bands. The music. Drum corps do NOT play Sousa marches or "um-pa-pa" music. The repertoires of modern drum corps consist of classical, jazz, contemporary, and symphonic literature. Broadway musicals are also popular. Some organizations tend to play a single kind of music. For example, the Concord Blue Devils tend to play jazz each year, while the Phantom Regiment plays classical music each year. Gone are the days of sitting on the 50 yardline playing the theme from "Rocky" and Stars and Stripes Forever (which used to be common in both drum corps and marching bands). The music is arranged by professionals. The brass and percussion instructors are among the best in the country. There are many college music professors involved in the activity. The drill. Drills are also designed by professional artists and choreographers. Smooth curves during delicate passages and sharp angles during aggressive passages accent the presentation of the music. Color and dance also add to the interpretation of the music. The drill and the music are integrated into a whole (unlike many field shows one sees at a typical halftime show) in a constantly moving show. There are three sections of a drum corps: the brass, the percussion, and the color guard. In part 5 of the FAQ, a more detailed description is given on what type of instrumentation is allowed in the brass and percussion sections. The color guard (a misnomer in today's performances) is the group of performers who handle the flags and other props that visually enhance the performance. They typically do quite a bit of dancing and equipment work. Forget about any experiences you've had with high school and college marching bands. Drum corps is a completely different activity, and any music-lover ought to consider seeing a show towards the end of the season. 1.0.1 DCI and DCA There are many organizations devoted to promoting and organizing the drum and bugles corps activity world-wide. Many of these are listed below in section 1.2. But the two major organizations in North America are DCI (Drum Corps International) and DCA (Drum Corps Associates). DCI supervises the major junior drum and bugle corps circuit in North America. Junior drum and bugle corps are restricted to members 21 years of age or younger. Most drum and bugle corps in fall into this general catagory. DCI corps march in the DCI circuit during the months of July and August every year. The DCI season culminates with the DCI World Championships. DCA differs from DCI in a number of respects. DCA corps are often called Senior corps and are open to people of any age. DCA runs its own circuit, too which culminates in the DCA Championships over Labor Day weekend each year. In this FAQ, the information on DCA corps has been grouped together in Section 6. The DCA information is maintained and updated by Martin Cross (crossm@pt.Cyanamid.Com). 1.0.2 Drum Corps International The official organization devoted to organizing the junior drum and bugle corps activity in North America is called Drum Corps International (DCI). DCI and its Board of Directors plan the summer performance schedules, coordinate judging, host regional competitions, and run the DCI World Championships during the third week of August every summer. It is roughly analogous to the NCAA for college athletics. DCI was organized in 1972 as a reaction to the "harsh" way the VFW (Veterans of Foreign War) and AL (American Legion) were governing the activity. DCI publishes a quarterly newsletter called DCI Today. It is a must for any drum corps fan. Tickets to any DCI Regional or the DCI Championships can be ordered by calling the number listed below. DCI Today P.O. Box 548 Lombard, IL 60148-0548 708-495-9866 Four quarterly issues 1st class - $12.00/yr 4th class bulk rate - $6.00 (lifetime subscr. - delivery not guaranteed) 1.0.3 Drum Corps World Drum Corps World (DCW) is the only independent publication devoted to the drum and bugle corps activity world-wide. The editor is Steve Vickers, and DCW prides itself on providing nearly complete coverage of drum corps competitions every summer as well as news during the winter. The magazine is expensive due to it limited circulation but well worthwhile for the serious drum corps fan. Phone Number:.......1-800-554-9630 Address:............Drum Corps World ....................P.O. Box 8052 ....................Madison, WI 53708-8052 20 issues per year 1995 subscription rates are: 1st class - $69.00/yr 2nd class - $49.00/yr Drum Corps World Wide Web: <http://www.dcworld.wa.com/dcworld/> 1.0.4 Scorelines Every summer, several drum and bugle corps set up their own individual scoreline to allow drum corps fans to get daily updates on scores. These scorelines are free except for any long distance costs. In addition, DCI has a telephone number 1-900-CALL-DCI that can also be used for daily score updates. The cost for this call is $1.50/1st min, $0.95 for each additional minute. Here are some of the scoreline phone numbers compiled during the 1994 season: DCI Scoreline 1-900-CALL-DCI Blue Knights 303-730-1765 Cadets of Bergen County 201-384-7088 ext. 21 Cavaliers 312-763-3807 * Phantom Regiment 815-494-9458 * Santa Clara Vanguard 408-727-5591 1.1 Drum corps on-line 1.1.1 History of drum corps on-line The first on-line drum corps newletter that I am aware of was called Off-The-Line (The Marching Arts List). It was administered by several people, most recently by DJ Foremsky. In March of 1992, Michael Fath (mjfath@midway.uchicago.edu) formed an alt newgroup called alt.drumcorps. The success of alt.drumcorps resulted in the demise of Off-The-Line, since most people on the list had access to UseNet and discussion moved there. After nine months of activity, readers of alt.drumcorps held an RFD and CFV to create a mainstream newsgroup for drumcorps discussion. The vote was run by Phil Earnhardt and Michael Fath and held during November, 1992. The vote was successful and two groups were formed in the hierachy Rec.arts.marching.*. Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps and Rec.arts.marching.misc were created on UseNet in December, 1992. As of April, 1995, over 29,000 messages have posted to Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps, and the volume continues to increase monthly. 1.1.2 Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps (RAMD) The home for most all drum corps discussion on the Internet is the newsgroup Rec.arts.marching.drumcorps. The newsgroup is often abbreviated RAMD. There are four other newsgroups in the rec.arts.marching.* hierarchy. They are: rec.arts.marching.colorguard rec.arts.marching.band.college rec.arts.marching.band.high-school rec.arts.marching.misc If you are interested in any other of the marching arts besides drum corps, check out these related newsgroups. 1.1.3 Drumcorps mailing list A Drumcorps-Digest mailing list was created by Mark Baushke (mdb@cisco.com) to allow people without access to UseNet to receive a daily digest of articles that appear in the newsgroups alt.drumcorps, alt.colorguard, rec.arts.marching.drumcorps and rec.arts.marching.colorguard, as well as being able to post articles via e-mail to those same newsgroups. Be advised that Drumcorps-Digest is a MajorDomo@cisco.com controlled mailing list. If you wish to subscribe (receive) Drumcorps-Digest messages, you may send a message to MajorDomo@cisco.com with a line subscribe drumcorps-digest in the body of the message. If you wish to unsubscribe from the list send a message to MajorDomo@cisco.com with a line unsubscribe drumcorps-digest Other administrative requests, such to have your address changed, should be directed to drumcorps-digest-owner@cisco.com. In addition, an address has been created which will post email sent to it to rec.arts.marching.drumcorps. This address is: rec-arts-marching-drumcorps@cisco.com . There is also an e-mail address for rec.arts.marching.colorguard. This address is: rec-arts-marching-colorguard@cisco.com . Remember that all administrative requests should be sent to drumcorps-digest-owner@cisco.com, NOT to rec-arts-marching-drumcorps@cisco.com. Any replies you wish to make to newsgroup postings you read in the digest can be made simply by sending e-mail to the appropriate address. The digest software runs an NNTP reader client once per day which will read all previously unread articles in the group and package them as a single e-mail message. If there are no new articles, or the news machine is down, then you will not get any articles that day. If you have not seen a digest in more than three days, you might want to send e-mail to the administrivia address to have Mark look into any problems. 1.1.4 FTP site for drum corps information There is currently no r.a.m.d FTP site. The FAQs can be accessed on the web at: <http://www.faqs.org/faqs/drumcorps-faq/> Historical scores and schedules, starting with the 1995 season, are available at the sCORPSboard web site ( part of CyberCorps) at: <http://www.halcyon.com/caryn/cyber/scorpsboard.html> 1.1.5 Cybercorps In 1997 we are again requiring $1 (US) or MORE to be sent in to form a scholarship fund. In 1996 we awarded a $350 scholarship. If everyone who reads this note will send just $1, we will be able to help many drum corps members, not just one. Previous members must Re-Signup for 1997. As the season winds down, and the signal-to-noise ratio on RAMD does likewise, there are voices springing up, complaining about when the newsgroup used to mean something and that it no longer does. Whether you agree or disagree with these voices is irrelevant to the following information. There is a way for your involvement on RAMD to have a concrete, positive impact on the drum corps activity. For 1996, approximately 60 people contributed a total of $350, which went as a scholarship to a young man named Michael Yager, allowing him to march his final year with the Boston Crusaders. I can personally state that getting to meet Michael at DCI Finals this year, and knowing that I played a small part in his being there, is one of my finest memories in drum corps. You can feel the same way, and I hope you join us. The organization that puts the scholarships together is called Cybercorps. CyberCorps Frequently Asked Questions Thanks to Paul Herzog on RAMD for the following FAQs! What is Cybercorps? Cybercorps is simply a group of people on the Internet who have a love for drum corps. We have gotten together and formed a "virtual corps" whose purpose is to have fun, support drum and bugle corps, and meet with other members as the opportunity arises. Cybercorps is real, we have a drum major, all the basic instruments, and a staff. Cybercorps exists for those who have aged out, did not get to march, can't march, or do actually march in a DCI corps, but still want to share an allegiance with other fellow RAMDers. We (the members and staff) basically meet at DCI shows by wearing T-shirts printed each year. That way you can put a face to the names you see flying about on the net every day you read your news The Cybercorps list is kept by Paul Herzog at pdherzog@hooter.aud.alcatel.com. Does Cybercorps have auditions? Yes. People who wish to join Cybercorps should email the following information to Paul Herzog at pdherzog@hooter.aud.alcatel.com 1) your full name (as you'd like it to appear on something semi-official, like a T-shirt). 2) a valid EMAIL address. 3) a single position (instrument, guard or staff, etc.) for you to fill. Once your Audition email is received, Paul will email you back with an address and instructions. You then need to send him the grand sum of $1 (US) or more. All this money will be used to present a scholarship at the DCI World Championships for the present year. Periodically he will post all contributors and their amounts as an audit. Persons wanting to remain anonymous can also request same and will be posted as a group. The membership cutoff date separating one year from the next shall be when T-shirts are ordered each spring. Paul "Hooter" Herzog Cybercorps Scholarship Committee Chairman What can I play/spin/etc? It doesn't matter what you know for an instrument or guard equipment. Heck, people who in reality play horns could be in the guard, and vice-versa. Thus, you aren't limited to a piece of equipment you already know! Pick something you always wished you could do. You can select more specific positions, like 4th Soprano or Pit Gong or Guard Rifles etc. Just keep it to a standard Corps position. We don't want to see 58 Soloists unless it's Cymbal Soloists :) Where does Cybercorps meet? Cybercorps has a Virtual Rehearsal Site at a GlobalMush site at Erol's Internet Service in Springfield, VA. To reach to the Cybercorps Virtual Rehearsal site, telnet to 4201 Detailed instructions about how to find the Rehearsal site are available from the WWW page <http://www.halcyon.com/caryn/cyber/what.html#detail>. Note to members who have not logged onto GlobalMUSH for a while: GlobalMUSH is no longer a MUSH but is currently running TinyMUX 1.1.1, (although they retain the GlobalMUSH name for historical reasons) so there will be some minor changes in coding and/or commands. Two examples: sending mail has changed (see instructions below), and color is available for those with color monitors (but not for all MAC users). Type @set me=ansi<CR> to set your character to see color. To check if this setting works for you, the text and description of 'The Bus!' at the CyberCorps Moonbase should appear in full color. :-). Whatever, have fun! When you are done, type: QUIT. That's it. Want to join? Audition as described above. 1.1.5 Drum Corps Web Sites Thanks to Christina Mavroudis <Christina_Mavroudis@interactive.sony.com> for compiling this list. Corps 27th Lancers <URL:http://www.cris.com/~Tray/lancers.html> Beatrix <URL:http://valley.interact.nl/av/AVvanSlag/13.Beatrix/Bea.html> Black Watch <URL:http://www.halcyon.com/cathyd/BlackWatch.html> Blue Devils <URL:http://www.bluedevils.org> BDB <URL:http://www.bluedevils.org> Bluecoats <URL:http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/bluecoats/> Bluegrass Brass <URL:http://www.iac.net/~mhfolz/bluegrass.html> Blue Knights <URL:http://www.dimensional.com/~bknights/> Blue Spirit <URL:http://www.euronet.nl/users/epc/> Blue Stars <URL:http://discover.discover-net.net/~bbutler> Boston Crusaders <URL:http://www.crusaders.com> Bushwackers <URL:http://www.caip.rutgers.edu/~tischio/alex/htmls/bush.html> Cadance <URL:http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/dchampion/> Cadets of Bergen County <URL:http://www.yea.org> Carolina Crown <URL:http://www.carolinacrown.org> Cavaliers <URL:http://www.erc.msstate.edu/~hendren/CAVALIER/> Chesapeake <URL:http://www.access.digex.net/~chesapke/cdbc.html> Colts <URL:http://www.angelfire.com/free/colts.html> Crossmen <URL:http://www.yea.org> Dimension Levis <URL:http://w3.nationalnet.com:80/~ath/DIMENSION/dimension.html> East Coast Jazz <URL:http://members.aol.com/jslosh/eastcoast.html> Empire Statesmen <URL:http://home.eznet.net:80/~empirest/> General Butler Vagabonds <URL:http://www.pitt.edu/~aerst6/vagabonds.html> Glassmen <URL:http://purcell.ecn.purdue.edu:80/~makela/glassmen/> Golden Lancers <URL:http://users.sgi.net/~gldci> Kiwanis Kavaliers <URL:http://www.web-weavers.com/kavaliers/> Lake Erie Regiment <URL:http://www.penn.com/~doogie/erie.html> Les Metropolitian <URL:http://w3.nationalnet.com:80/~ath/INDEX10.html> Limited Edition <URL:http://www.infinet.com/~cimhoff/> Lone Star <URL:http://members.tripod.com/~Drum_Corps/index.htm> Madison Scouts <URL:http://aug3.augsburg.edu/~dubuque/scouts.html> Magic of Orlando <URL:http://otto.cmr.fsu.edu/~bula_jo/magic.html> Mandarins <URL:http://www.calweb.com/~scottjow/mandrn.html> Marauders <URL:http://www.aone.com/~marauder> Mighty St. Joe's Alumni <URL:http://www.servtech.com/public/anderson/main.html> Minnesota Brass <URL:http://www1.stpaul.gov/pubinfo/rogerg/mbi.html> Nite Express <URL:http://www.ecn.uoknor.edu/~jspuryea/nex/nex.htm> Northern Aurora <URL:http://www.angelfire.com/free/NA.html> Patriots <URL:http://phoenix.kent.edu/~agallmon/> Phantom Regiment <URL:http://www.vt.edu:10021/B brramsey/phantomregiment/> Pheonix - Massachusetts <URL:http://www.bluesite.com/phoenix> Premier <URL:http://www.xs4all.nl/~pwb/premier/premier.html> Pride of Bristol <URL:http://www.ss.nott.ac.uk/~ngm/pride.html> Royal Columbians <URL:http://www.rcdc.org/> Santa Clara Vanguard <URL:http://www.machnet.com/scv/scv.htm> Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps: <URL:http://members.aol.com/rigroves/dc/seca.html> Showband Irene <URL:http://www.xs4all.nl/~jcwevers/> Skyliners <URL:http://members.aol.com/nysky98/index.htm> Soundwave <URL:http://www.pitt.edu/~aerst6/soundwave.html> Southwind <URL:http://www2.msstate.edu/~zph1/southwind.html> Spectrum <URL:http://www.io.com/~mayday/spectrum/> Spirit of Atlanta <URL:http://www.spiritofatlanta.org/> Star of Indiana <URL:http://copper.ucs.indiana.edu/~rdorocke/star.html> Syracuse Brigadiers <URL:http://havoc.syr.edu/~dsmontal/BRIGS/Brigs.html> Texas Legion Drum & Bugle Corps <URL:http://members.tripod.com/~TexLegion/Legion.html> Troopers <URL:http://falcon.cc.ukans.edu/~pinwiz/troop/troop.htm> US Navy Academy <URL:http://www.usna.navy.mil/USNADB/> Velvet Knights <URL:http://members.gnn.com/adstout/vkhome/welcome.htm> Personal Sites Scott Rankin <URL:http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~sdwr/dc.html> Brian Lincoln <URL: <URL:http://www.pitt.edu/~bkl/DCI.html> Rimshot's Drum Den <URL:http://www.fyi.net/~rimshot/index.htm> Brad's <URL:http://home.aol.com/CullerGard> Jacquie Owens <URL:http://www.nysernet.org/staff/jowens/music.html> Tien "Trent" Dang <URL:http://www.ecn.uoknor.edu/~tlsmith1/home.htm> Frank Lubas' home page <URL:http://www.lookup.com/Homepages/65274/home.html?> Jeb Puryear's Drum Corps Fan Ranking <URL:http://www.ecn.uoknor.edu/~jspuryea/topcorps.htm> Andy <URL:http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~smartj/Home.html> Brad Green <URL:http://www.unt.edu/~bkg0001/> James A. Chappell <URL:http://www3.primary.net/~chappell> British Drum Corps <URL:http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Bob_Hewlett/> Nikke Pilato <URL:http://otto.cmr.fsu.edu/~pilato_n/corps.html> Doug's Drum Corps Center <URL:http://www-bprc.mps.ohio-state.edu/~doug/drumcorps/> Drum Corps Fans Online <URL:http://www.ecn.uoknor.edu/~jspuryea/dcfans/dconline.htm> BAC Myths <URL:http://www.cs.oberlin.edu/students/jberman/mystique.html> Friends of Quebec D&B <URL:http://w3.nationalnet.com/~ath/INDEX.html> Div II/III Focus <URL:http://www.ecn.uoknor.edu/~jspuryea/best23.htm> Doug Stevenson <URL:http://www-bprc.mps.ohio-state.edu/~doug/> Bobby's World <URL:http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/3438/> Kent Shook <URL:http://www.uwm.edu/~shook/> 1.1.6 Drum Corps Related Web Sites Public Service and Commercial sites: DCI Summer Music Games <URL:http://www.halcyon.com/caryn/cyber/dci/dci.html> DCI Today <URL:http://www.dci.org/today/> Drum Corps East <URL:http://www.dceast.wa.com/dceast/> Drum Corps International <URL:http://www.dci.org/> Drum Corps World Wide Web <URL:http://www.dcworld.wa.com/dcworld/> The sCORPSboard <URL:http://www.halcyon.com/caryn/cyber/scorpsboard.html> Corps & Guard Travel Service <URL:http://member.gnn.com/timshere/dc_travel/index.htm> The Director's Showcase Catalog <URL:http://www.roadkill.com/g&s/> 1.2 Audio and video recordings 1.2.1 compact discs and cassettes DCI sells cassettes and CD's of recent Championship years. For the cassettes, you can order the top 12 corps' performances (3 tapes) or the top 24 corps (6 tapes). The CD's come in either the 2-disc version (top 14 corps) or the 3-disc version (top 21 corps). The 3-disc CD set costs about $50. You can order through the address and phone no. for DCI 1-800-344-2772. Current prices for CDs - valid August 11, 1994: Phone Number:.......1-800-344-2772 Address:............DCI Merchandising ....................P.O. Box 33059 ....................Northglenn, CO 80234 Payment:............Visa/AMX/Discover/MC/check/M.O. Merchandise - for the 1994 & 1995 seasons: 1995 DCI World Championship CD's and Tapes Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York Listen to the greatest drum and bugle corps from all aver the world as they performed at the 1995 DCI World Championships at Rich Stadium in Buffalo, New York. CS-95-2V Cassettes / Top 12 Corps $24.00 (2 Volume Set) CS-95-4V Cassettes / Top 24 Corps $40.00 (4 Volume Set) CD-95-2V Compact Discs / Top 14 Corps $40.00 (2 Volume Set) CD-95-3V Compact Discs / Top 21 Corps $50.00 (3 Volume Set) ++++++++++ 1994 DCI World Championship CD's and Tapes Foxboro Stadium, Boston, Massachusetts Listen to the greatest drum and bugle corps from all aver the world as they performed at the 1994 DCI World Championships at Foxboro Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts. CS-94-2V Cassettes / Top 12 Corps $24.00 (2 Volume Set) CS-94-4V Cassettes / Top 24 Corps $40.00 (4 Volume Set) CD-94-2V Compact Discs / Top 14 Corps $40.00 (2 Volume Set) CD-94-3V Compact Discs / Top 21 Corps $50.00 (3 Volume Set) ++++++++++ Individual corps also have recordings of their own corps. The Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, and Cadets of Bergen County have recordings in one form or another. THE FIRST 20 YEARS ON COMPACT DISC DCI has remastered all the DCI Finals recordings and are making them available for a limited time on compact disc. You can buy: DCI Audio Library (CD's only) Listen to the greatest drum and bugle corps of all time with the clarity of compact disc audio. Order your favorite years, or get the whole library! AC-72-76 Audio Library (Volume 1) $150.00 AC-77-81 Audio Library (Volume 2) $150.00 AC-82-86 Audio Library (Volume 3) $150.00 AC-87-91 Audio Library (Volume 4) $150.00 AC-72-91PK Audio Library 72-91 (Volume 1-4) $500.00 Each volume includes 10 compact discs, an historical booklet, and a decorative shell box. Due to the limited production, pre-orders are being accepted though 8/31/94. Orders taken after that will be based on availability. Call DCI to order. FUTURE CORPS The Future corps CD can be bought by sending a check or money order for $16.95 (postage included) to: Address:...........Encorps Productions ...................1405 Enterprise ...................Road, Deltona, FL 32725 FL residents add $1.02 for tax 1.2.2 videos 1995 DCI World Championship Videos Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York Witness the greatest drum and bugle corps from all over the world as they performed at the 1995 DCI World Championships at Rich Stadium in Buffalo, New York. Division I Finals Performance / Top 12 Corps $98.00 Taped from the Summer Music Games broadcast, this spectacular two-tape set includes the full finals show, including the broadcast commentary and the complete closing ceremonies This multiple camera version captures spectacular close-ups, along with mid and high camera views. Division II/III Finals Performance / Top 12 Corps $79.00 Twelve of the nation's top Division II/III corps are captured performing their championship programs. Filmed utilizing multiple camera positions to capture both close-ups and mid and high views. Division I Semifinals Performance / Top 17 Corps $125.00 This three tape set includes the entire semifinals performance. Filmed utilizing multiple camera positions to capture both close-up and mid and high views. Seventeen corps are featured in this four and and half hour video. Division I Quarterfinals Performance / Top 25 Corps $175.00 This six and one half hour three video set is also shot utilizing multiple camera angles for close-ups and mid and high camera views. Individual Corps Performances $39.00 Choose individual show performances of your favorite corps as they were captured on video from either semifinals, quarterfinals or finals performances. Length of these individual performances is approximately fifteen minutes. ==================================================================================== DCI Video Order Form (finals, semi Qty | Year | Description | Corps Name | quarters) | Price U.S. $ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 1995 | Individual Corps | | | | | Performance | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 1995 | Individual Corps | | | | | Performance | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 1995 | Individual Corps | | | | | Performance | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 1995 | Division I |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| | | Finals |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 1995 | Division I |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| | | Semifinals |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 1995 | Division I |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| | | Quarterfinals |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ | 1995 | Division II/III |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| | | Finals |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ordered By: Date Ordered ______________ Subtotal | | -------------- ________________________________________ Sales Tax | Name | -------------- ________________________________________ Shipping & Handling | Address (No P.O. Box) | -------------- ________________________________________ Non-U.S. Bank Charge $15.00 | City St(Province) Zip(Postal) | -------------- ________________________________________ Additional Charges | Daytime Phone & Ext Home Phone | (required) -------------- TOTAL AMOUNT | | Ship To (only if different than above) -------------- --Shipping and Handling-- ________________________________________ Continental U.S.: Units, Cost Name 1-4 units $5.50 5-8 units $7.50 ________________________________________ 9-12 units $9.50 Address (No P.O. Box) 13-16 units $12.50 17-20 units $15.50 ________________________________________ 20 units and above - call City St(Province) Zip(Postal) Outside Continental U.S. ________________________________________ (Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico) Daytime Phone & Ext Home Phone First unit $13.00 (required) add $4.00 for each additional unit International First unit $45.00 Method of Payment add $12.00 for each additional unit Money Order ____ School Purchase Order # ____________________ VISA ____ MasterCard ____ American Express ____ Credit Card # __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Expiration Date __ __ __ __ Please Print Cardholder's Name ________________________________________ Authorizing Signature _________________________________________________ Make Money Orders payable to DCI Video Mail Money Orders, Purchase Orders to: DCI Video P.O. Box 500264 Atlanta, GA 31150 Order Toll Free 1-800-641-7512 Outside the U.S. 404-642-9955 (Effective 12/1/95 area code changes to 770) Or FAX your orders 24 hours a day 404-640-5211 (Effective 12/1/95 area code changes to 770) ==================================================================================== 1.2.3 books Jodeen E. Popp's 1978 book on drum corps is called "Competitive Drum Corps". It is a 8 1/2" X 11" paperback book which includes sections on the origins of drum corps and on individual corps' histories. It also includes yearly summaries of the drum corps activity from the 1950's through 1979.It includes two supplements for 1980 and 1981. It can be ordered by writing to Olympic Printing Inc., 83 N. Broadway, Des Plaines, IL 60016 or calling 708-296-3015. 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