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Subject: rec.pets.dogs: Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ Part 4 of 4

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This is the Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ Part 4 of 4. It will be posted on a regular basis and/or you can obtain the file via anonymous ftp at rtfm.mit.edu under /pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part4. Or send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part1 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part2 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part3 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part4 in the body of the message leaving the subject line blank. Check out rec.pets.dogs.rescue for current discussions on rescue and for dogs in need of rescue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Rescue FAQ file 4 includes: Rhodesian Ridgebacks to Yorkshire Terriers. All-breed or other specialty/area group rescues are listed at the end of this file. Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States National Rescue Chair Dana Jefferson, Ph.D. 302-996-6480 or Mrs. Edna Gilbert Box 155 Collingswood, NJ 08108 (Send $2.00 to Mrs. Gilbert for an Ridgeback Rescue rescue packet, including a list of rescue volunteer.) RRCUS Natalie Carlton 5630 N. Abington Rd. Tucson, AZ 85743 602-743-7570 (AZ/NM/CA) Recycled Ridgebacks Jim Scatinni 408-484-1433 (mid CA) Orange Coast RRC (Southern CA) Sandra Abney (909) 780-7080 or Jacque Rex (909) 381-3064 or Barbara Rupert Orange, CA 714-532-5559 Mr. & Mrs. Berger CA 818-989-8617 San Diego RRC (CA) Dana Steadley (619) 749-6358 or Renee Woods 619-945-1080 Thomas Whitehurst Indiana 812-474-9193 Midwest RRC (WI,IL) Judy Rochon (608) 221-0878 || Southeast RRCUS || Barbara Busch || (704) 754-5961 || covers NC, SC, Georgia, and FL Recycled Ridgebacks Bonnie Louden 410-799-1273 (MD) New England NERRC (MA, ME, VT, NH, CT, RI) Kathy Milby (401) 397-5919 or Natalie Bandeian-Zoll 208-389-8676 ??? Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the U.S. Rescue/Adoption Ulla-Britt Ekengren 508-649-7020 (MA) Raisen River RRC (MI) || Mideast Region Lina Gonterman || (517) 522-3308 || Capital (MD, VA, West VA, DC) || Melody Himel || (804) 678-7378 RRA of Western New York Mary Teeling (716) 599-4133 || Great Plains || Karyn Finn || (605) 692-7244 || finnk@mg.sdstate.edu || Covers ND, SD, Nebraska, and KS Shara Ryan Ohio 513-236-4262 || Erie area ((RRAWNY) || Kelly Byers || (716) 434-5372 || Covers Western & Northern N.Y., Western PA) Mid-Atlantic RRC Greater Valley Forge Rodesian Ridgeback Club || Edna Gilbert (eastern PA,NJ,DE, southern NY) || (609) 384-2903 Frank DePaulo 215-767-8687 (PA) Northwest RRC (WA, OR) Shirley Wait 206-335-3232 Trinity Valley Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Texas ?? Sandra Morehart (East of I-135) Dallas, TX 214-387-1059 or Bobbie Gould (West of I-135) Arlington, TX 817-468-7300 RRC of Texas and Trinity Valley RRC of Texas Tami Satterfield (817) 485-9465 Recycled Ridgebacks Stephanie Meroney VA 703-777-2402 Mary MacKinnon 802-644-5388 Vermont Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Eastern Canada Jo Dunn, President R.R. #3 Walkerton, ON N0G 2V0 (519) 881-0886 Rottweiler American Rescue the Rottweiler Foundation (AARF) 713-645-ARRF, extension 1. (TX, but can give local referrals) American Rottweiler Club Doreen LePage 401-568-9561 Rhode Island (should be able to give more local referrals) CA baylist: 818-765-5997 Karen Cruz & Debra Barnum CO 303-232-4202 Janna Morgan CO 303-745-0222 Bonnie Guzman 303-733-4220 (CO) Elizabeth Davies Calhan, CO (719) 683-4173 email: RottRescu@aol.com The following are all in Florida: In Jacksonville area: Ray Gunderson 904-778-8524 Pat Stout 904-268-0207 Patricia Gilliard 904-384-5857 Marja McGinnis 904-262-4103 Home weekdays In West Palm Beach Area: Jackie Humphries 407-684-1112 Pat Swindle 407-471-5756 Carla Hopper 305-435-3985 Chip Dore 407-798-5153 In Havana, FL area: Bonnie & Al Wimberly 904-539-9663 Aloha State Rottweiler Club Claire Inouye 608 Hunapaa St. Honolulu, HI 96816 808-734-0401 Jennifer Beban 313-749-5370 (MI) Rottweiler Club of Maine Rescue League (Maine only) Jonathan Petry Augusta, ME 207-549-5541 or Richard and Karen Leighton 207-727-5596 (ME) or Debra Cone & Larry Hamilton 207-457-2074 (ME) Rottweiler Rescue League Bonnie Buckley (also other breeds and mixed breeds) 3 Colgan Rd. Merrimac, MA 01860 508-346-9068 Karen Billings 617-449-2452 (eastern Mass. only) Alicia DeCelle MS 601-832-8450 || Diane Fitz || Kansas City, Missouri || 816-363-8103 || Richard & Ghiziana Arndt || Kansas City, Missouri || 816-523-8106 Robin Roncoroni 908-459-5333 (NJ) Terry Nuss 609-467-4844 (NJ) Kim Rutherford NJ 201-935-7076 Does rotties and GSDs. Greater New York Rottweiler Club John Gianninoto 310 Brook Avenue Bayshore, NY 11706 (try - may not have rescue groups set up, but may be able to help w/ referrals.) Valerie Henderson NY (315) 342-5407 Linda Herrscher 214-422-1326 (TX) Carol Ray 817-430-8795 (TX) Lala Stone 713-644-5906 (TX) Marylou Stott 4517 W. Vliet St. Milwaukee, WI 53208 414-342-6974 Saint Bernard St. Bernard Club of America Rescue Chairman Carol Varner 24246 N. 43rd Avenue Glendale, AZ 85310 (602) 879-6184 St. Bernard Club of the Pacific Coast Penny Mahon Glen Ellen, CA 707-996-4319 Northern Colorado St. Bernard Club Patty Neumayer Aurora, CO 303-695-1349 Liz Gaudet 203-746-4603 Connecticut St. Bernard Rescue Kathleen Babbins 301-645-4865 (MD) Southern Maryland St. Bernard Fanciers Dawn Camp 301-934-3785 (MD) Cindy Stark 508-852-2483 (MA) Judy Sage 313-682-9628 (MI) Ken Juenke Nevada email: kenJuenke@aol.com || Delaware Valley Saint Bernard Rescue || Philly, PA || 215-637-3086 || email: HEADDOG1@gnn.com North Texas St. Bernard Club Kathy Bishop Grapevine, TX 214-727-3537 St. Bernard Club of Puget Sound Carole Dvorak P.O. Box 343 Maple Valley, WA 98038 206-432-0506 Greater Milwaukee St. Bernard Club Jan Much Oak Creek, WI 414-764-0262 Saluki Saluki Club of America Cloris Costigan 908-257-9134 (NJ) Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco President/Acting Rescue Chair Brian Duggan P.O.Box 1168 Santa Cruz, CA 95061 (408) 423-6223 evenings, fax at (408) 423-0635 email: bduggan@scilibx.ucsc.edu (prefers phone calls) San Angeles Saluki Club Len Lundgren P.O. Box 44517 Sylmar, CA 44157 818-369-9033 Celeste Johnson Frasher 203-322-6370 Connecticut Lorraine Tremholm 508-385-9936 (MA) Kathleen Banks MI || 313-697-5664 || Huron Valley Saluki Club || MI || 517-655-1173 Scott Ekblad P.O. Box 112 Beavercreek, OR 97004-0112 Ofc (503) 494-5227 Home (503) 632-8569 Samoyed Samoyed Club of America National Coordinator Gail Spiker 415-325-8115 (CA) Wilna Coulter 211 Lynton Ave. San Carlos, CA 94070 Denver Samoyed Association Rescue Heidi Nieman, Carolyn Bateman, Linda Kitzman, Deb Castro, Brenda Abbott email: babbott@k12pc.acns.colostate.edu (303) 838-5429 (CO) || Michigan Samoyed Rescue || Vicki Goyer || IN || 317-288-8464 Potomac Valley Samoyed Club Carl Gernazio Gaithersburg, MD 301-340-9804 email: gernazio@cais.cais.com Minuteman Samoyed Club Mary Ellen Fydenkevez 413-665-4125 (western Mass and RI) Michigan Samoyed Rescue Sharon Kremsreiter Williamston MI email: ew615@cleveland.freenet.edu 517/655-1200 || 810-332-8128 || 616-343-3970 Heart of America Samoyed Club (HOASC) Lynn Scheffner 3501 Rock Creek Dr. Kansas City, MO 64116 (816) 452-7372 Carol Kinne New Berlin, NY 607/847-8942 (home) 315/824-7896 (office) email: ckinne@center.colgate.edu (contact person) Elaine Gold 1022 Oak St Columbus, OH 43205-3113 (614) 258-7267 Samoyed Rescue Kathy Buckner OR (206) 537-2650 or Wendy Britt (206) 539-077 Delaware Valley Samoyed Rescue Sandy Phifer 2091 Hendricks Station Rd Harleysville, PA 19438 (215) 234-8308 Dallas/Ft. Worth Samoyed Club Dan Rowold Secretary (817) 321-6139 (TX) Samoyed Club of Austin, Inc Jim & Joan Auld 3310 Catalina Drive Austin, TX 78741 home: (512) 441-6912 work: (512) 451-2392 (after 6:00 pm) fax: (512) 441-2900 email: Snovit@aol.com or Tom and Michelle Hardy 9 Carriage House Way Austin, TX 78737 (512) 288-0059 Samoyed Club of Washington Sandra Goodspeed 11718 - 193rd Ave E Sumner, WA 98380 -or- email: Debra Higgins higginsd@u.washington.edu (contact person) || Duane Johnson || Washington, DC area || (703) 503-4568 Shar Pei -see Chinese Shar Pei Schipperke National Schipperke Club of America National Rescue Coordinator Laura Nichols Houston, TX (713) 488-0876 or Mary Cox (past chair?) 313-644-7876 (MI) Marie Hills 508-476-2478 (MA) Lone Star Schipperke Club Beverly Henry 2025 Sam Houston Cr. Carrollton, TX 75006 214-416-1504 Colonial Schipperke Club Mary Nielsen 700 Forest Park Rd. Falls, VA 22066 703-759-3820 Schnauzer-Giant Giant Schnauzer Rescue (national) Corolyn Janak 1691 So Arbutus Lakewood, CO 80228 988-6564 home & 233-0355 work Tami Huber CA (916) 966-6999 home & 592-1356 pager Covers Sacramento area. Carol Heard CA (southern CA, Orange County area) (714) 893-5821 Marilyn Cass Stevens Santa Rosa, CA (707) 792-1797 baylist: 415-262-0597 Jody K'Berg NJ 609-935-5694 Doris Redmann 815-678-3311 (IL) Schnauzer-Miniature American Miniature Schnauzer Club Peggie Blakley 9761 11th St. Garden Grove, CA 92644 714-531-7473 || Miniature Schnauzer Adoption Assistance || Sally Ellis || Saugus, CA || 805-257-8089 || Referral service Miniature Schnauzer Club of Northern California Milly Robertson San Carlos, CA 415-591-9918 Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California Ruth Ziegler Los Angeles, CA 213-472-7993 || Miniature Schnauzer Rescue || Patt Monahan || Larkspur, CA || 415-461-2820 (covers the Bay Area) baylist: 415-591-9918 || Miniature Schnauzer Rescue || Louise Leone || Englewood, CO || 303-779-1815 || Covers Denver area || Miniature Schnauzer Rescue || Mary Ann Ellis || Atlanta, GA || 404-25508541 || or || Frances Howard || Atlanta, GA || 404-252-4869 || Miniature Schnauzer Rescue || Janet Krupp || Belleville, IL || 618-277-7083 || Covers from Duquoin to Springfield, IL and from || St. Louis, MO to Centralia, IL Paul Revere Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Janet Loreck 508-668-2197 (MA) Paul Revere Miniature Schnauzer Club Cathy Stone Auburn, MA 508-754-8559 || Miniture Schnauzer Rescue || Carole Weinberger || St.Leonard, MD || 301-586-0877 || Covers southern MD (Calvert, St. Mary's and Charles counties) || Miniture Schnauzer Rescue || Mary Rose Coyle || Glenn Ridge, NJ || 201-748-0234 or || Claire Pollitzer || Great Meadows, NJ || 201-637-6326 Rick Vaughn Middletown, OH 513-423-7960 Covers OH, KY,IN Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Jonnie Hart Portland, OR 503-292-6510 Hannah Whitman OR 503-244-0145 || Miniature Schnauzer Rescue || Sally Foley || McLean, VA || 703-534-5312 || Covers Washington DC, northern VA and MD to Baltimore) Mt. Vernon Miniature Schnauzer Club Carol Patterson Sterling, VA 703-450-4287 Schnauzer-Standard Standard Schnauzer Club of America Kathy A. Donovan 20-740-8757 (CT) Potomac Valley Standard Schnauzer Mrs. Jerry Spellman 2722 Berryland Dr. Oakton, VA 22124 703-620-5937 Standard Schnauzer Club of Northern California Mary Lou Just 3758 Hatchers Circle Stockton, CA 95209 209-473-0323 Ernest Roche 655 Barneson Ave. San Mateo, CA 94402 || Standard Schnauzer Rescue || Standard Schnauzer Club of Northern California || Mary Simberg || Gilroy, CA || 408-847-0470 Mary Richards 213-454-2369 (CA) Scottish Deerhound Scottish Deerhound Club of America Deborah Day Hughes 517-769-2444 (MI) or Elin Phinizy 603-835-6074 (NH) or Dorothy Adair 313-633-2114 (NY) or Mary Scott 518-792-2330 (NY) Scottish Terrier Scottish Terrier Club of America Mrs. Jackie Seelbach Ramsey, NJ and Caryl Alten & Dennis Milewski Donwners Grove, IL 708-963-1374 baylist: Deborah Knous 3090 Los Prados San Mateo, CA 94403 San Francisco Bay Scottish Terrier Club Peggy Burge San Jose, CA 408-238-2327 Scottish Terrier Club of California Sally McElvain Manhattan Beach, CA 213-374-1588 Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Atlanta Greg Bobbs Decatur, GA 404-373-9526 Scottish Terrier Rescue Letty Passig 301-977-9250 (MD) or Nancy Burlesdon 703-256-1871 Scottish Terrier Club of New England Rescue Services Karen Phillips W. Hartford, CT 203-523-9168 or 603-887-4762 (NH) or 508-264-4621 (MA) Scottish Terrier Club of Michigan Paul DeBene Imlay City, MI || 810-724-0161 Bill Mark 313-659-6450 (MI) Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York William Berry 3 Sagamore Rd. Parsippany, NJ 07054 201-227-1871 || Scottish Terrier Club of America || Marion || PA || 215-862-6837 Scottish Terrier Emergency Protection Service (STEPS) Barbara Dominski (coordinator) 61 Cathedral Bluffs Drive Scarborough, ON M1M 2T6 416-267-3788 also Area Rep: Western Canada: Violet Morphet 8603 Kalivista Dr. Vernon, BC V1B 1K4 604-524-2854 Sealyham Terrier American Sealyham Terrier Club Daryl Pakkala 919-347-4772 California Pat Miller 217-877-0245 PA American Sealyham Terrier Club M. Thelma Miller c/o Lindley Rd. RD #1, Box 90 Canonsburg, PA 15317 217-877-0245 Patsy Wood 215-935-1776 Pennsylvania Shepherd -see German Shepherd Dog Shetland Sheepdog American Shetland Sheepdog Association Susan Beachum Idaho 208-773-4256 Call for referrals to local groups. No. Cal. Shetland Sheepdog Club Diane Bassett email: diane_m_bassett@hp4700.desk.hp.com 415-359-5181 (CA) or Amy CA (northern CA) 415-274-3830 Debbie De Nardo Cotter 203-526-4018 Connecticut Lynne Young 2617 Deepwood Dr. Wilmington, DE 19810 302-478-8291 Lynne does sheltie rescue in DE, southeast PA, Northeast MD, and a little NJ, too. Interlocking Shetland Sheepdog Club of Monee, Inc. Jane Naden 417 Arlington Crete, IL 60417 708-672-7258 || Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana || Ellen Lacey || 317-288-8448 (Muncie area) or || Tammy Burkett || 317-288-6353 (Middletown area) also || 219-485-3839 (Ft Wayne area) || 317-758-9265 (Cicero area) || 317-354-2809 (Middletown area) || 317-839-6141 (Plainfield area) || 317-769-5256 (Zionsville area) || 812-336-0531 (Bloomington area) Riley County Sheltie Rescue KS Cheryl May - 913-776-4326 Carolyn Otto- 913-539-0554 Alice Michaels - 913-539-0129 email: cmay@ksu.ksu.edu Trish 313-522-4663 (MI) Maribeth McCarthy Nashua, NH 603-891-2075 (referrals, help with placements) Shetland Sheepdog Club of Austin Vonnie Taylor Austin, TX 512-834-2201 Sherry Lindsey P.O. Box 241 Seguin, TX 78156 512-379-4510 Evergreen State Shetland Sheepdog Club Lynn Erckmann WA 206-827-6595 Shiba Inu -see Japanese Shiba Inu Shih Tzu American Shih Tzu Club Sharon Bilicich 310-831-6992 (CA) Joyce Deval 313-383-1374 (MI) Puritan Shih Tzu Club Bonnie Bean 508-544-8808 (MA) or Debora Wheeler 603-267-6157 (NH) or Barbara Horsfall (MA) 508-829-2666 referral only or Ellen Ruggiero RI 401-353-1245 (RI service only) Linda Hammond VA 703-662-9197 Rosemarie Bogley VA 703-592-3076 Siberian Husky Siberian Husky Club of America Rescue Network Gerry Dalakian, Chairman 83 Oak Grove Rd. Flemington, NJ 08822 908-782-2089 || Debbie Cristensen || AZ || 602-386-2661 baylist: Andy Gach 1621 Christina Dr. Las Altos, CA 94022 Barbara Weinstein 415-851-0648 (CA) Bay Area Siberian Husky Club Rescue (BASH) Marilyn Lasagne 510-820-1162 (CA) || Theresa Werder || FL || 813-447-2863 || Covers Tampa Bay area || Vel Leahy || FL || 904-472-3333 || Covers Gainesville area || Cindy Goodman || GA || 404-985-6769 Siberian Husky Club of Hawaii Cheryl Chang Kaneohe, HI 808-239-6693 || Sandy Worden || IN || 317-724-4695 || (referrals, some foster homes) || Peg Wheeler || MD || 301-842-2899 Yankee Siberian Husky Rescue Service Sheila Blanker 413-498-4455 Western MA Michele Thie 517-546-0514 (MI) Siberian Husky Club of Greater Detroit Susan Haas (810)585-7810 MI Ruth Henningsen 201-697-9456 (northern NJ) Rosemary Laubach 908-431-1169 (NJ) Siberian Information, Education, Rescue, Rahab, and Adoption (SIERRA) 908-362-9413 (NY/NJ area) || Pat TetraulT || NY || 914-462-6297 || Central North Carolina Siberian Husky Rescue || Betty Mitchell || 919-556-7639 (NC) or || Maryann Simmons || 919-766-3499 (NC) Ohio's Siberian Husky Rescue Nancy Wolf (419)822-4304 (OH) || Heather Hanna & Reenie Tyndall || VA || 804-336-3561 Silky Terrier Richard Hammond Silky Terrier Rescue Lee Easton 18801 NE Willimason Road Newberg, OR 97132 503-538-5112 or Ivy Rogers 656 Santa Maria Road El Sobrante, CA 94803 510-222-8240 Silky Terrier Club of America Ms. I.D. Rogers 415-222-8240 California Rob and Lisa Sanders 602-962-9834 Cover AZ, SouthWest US Skye Terrier Skye Terrier Club of America Anne Brown (SC) 803-726-3238 (or -6678?) or John D. Bower (Past rescue contact?) HC60 Box 75A Granville, Mass. 01034 413-357-6104 or MN 612-933-5432 Skye Terrier Club of Southern California Dolly Stofer 2095 W. Acacia Rd. Palm Springs, CA 92262 619-323-0632 Smooth Fox Terrier -see Fox Terrier Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America Cindy Meyer 815-544-2481 (IL) or Gwen Arthur 713-469-4214 (TX) or Margo Gilliard TX 512-258-3655 Christan Peterson 313-642-5255 (MI) Delaware Valley Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club Richard Tomlinson 4428 Province Line Rd. Princeton, NJ 08540 609-924-1453 The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Northern California Sonya Urquhart 775 Wesley Drive Vacaville, CA 95688 707-446-7494 or Robyn Alexander 1819 Rose Street Berkeley, CA 94703 415-526-7948 Pat Sloate CA 213-661-5055 Anne Halvorson CA 510-943-1857 Bill Bowman CA 805-254-8264 baylist: 415-526-7048 Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of Metro, N.Y. Sally and Ray Murtha 149 Berry Hill Rd. Syosset, NY 11791 516-921-8741 Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Rescue P.O. Box # 133 Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6X 1K4 (905) 770-9831 ext. 22 -> (greater Toronto/Niagara area) (905) 478-2139 -> (as above) (416) 783-9346 ext. 44 -> (metro Toronto) (519) 853-1456 ext. 52 -> (southern Ontario) Calls preferred between 6 & 9 pm, Eastern time. Springer Spaniel -see English Springer, Welsh Springer Staffordshire Bull Terrier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Tony George 718-898-0298 (NY) Linda Barker (past chairperson?) 1119 N. Naomi St. Burbank, CA 91505 818-843-4861 Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Terrier Club of America Melanie Tierney 315-422-9613 (NY) Sharon Veci 203-742-9364 (CT) Standard Schnauzer -see Schnauzer-standard Sussex Spaniel Sussex Spaniel Club of America Joan Dunn 414-646-4114 (WI) Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, || People for the Protection of the Tibetan Mastiff Rescue Chair Kathy Miller || LaPlata, MD 301-932-1776 Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, || People for the Protection of the Tibetan Mastiff || Cathie Holtzmann || Chadwick, MO || 417-278-3923 Tibetan Mastiff Rescue, || People for the Protection of the Tibetan Mastiff || Lisa Lagvanino || Watsonville, CA || 408-623-4372 Tibetan Spaniel Tibetan Spaniel Club of America Phyllis B. Kohler 703-659-3265 VA Tibetan Terrier Tibetan Terrier Club of America Ken Edmonds 404-373-4605 Tibetan Terrier Club of America Rescue Ruth Little WA 206-524-3525 Tosa-Ken International Tosa-Ken Association CA 818-768-0691 Toy Fox Terrier Holly Peterson 508-663-8093 (MA) Treeing Walker Coonhound -see Coonhounds in the GROUP section, below Vizsla Vizsla Club of America Rick Davis, chairperson 150 Stilla Har Drive Westminster, SC 29693 803-647-5914 Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club John Morris 2 Promontory Dr. Cheshire, CT 06410 Tampa Bay Vizsla Club Judy Heiser 3541 NW 14th Ave. Pompano Beach, FL 33064 305-941-9392 Vizsla Club of Northern California Steve Shlyen 415-566-9289 (CA) Vizsla Club of Greater New York Elaine Panebianco 33 Whistler Hill Lane Huntington, NY 11743 516-266-1602 Sue Gray 508-877-5708 (MA) Rita Prindle CO 303-568-9042 baylist: 415-566-9289 Visla Rescue Service Elaine Hopkins 680 Otonabee Drive Peterborough, Ontario, Canada K9J 7P9 705-743-7894 between 9 and 11 pm (EST) Kay Duffy CA 818-996-4049 or 818-340-1186 Beverly Wonjon CA 805-296-9682 Weimaraner Weimaraner Club of America and the Weimaraner Club of Greater St. Louis Rebecca Weimer Belleville, IL 618-236-1466 Sacramento Valley Weimaraner Club Kathy Dunn Oakland, CA 415-635-3921 Weimaraner Club of South Florida Susan Warner 6630 West 13th Court Hialeah, FL 33012 || Linne Baenen || WI || 414-336-8015 || call for breed information and placements John and Chris McLaughlin 508-655-6188 (MA) Yankee Weimeraner Club Kathleen Lallemand 10 Timberlee Land Westford, MA 01886 508-692-2267 or Ellen O'Leske 508-885-4255 Sylvia Ashton 313-683-4776 (MI) Karen Mayo 313-475-2296 (MI) Delaware Valley Weimaraner Club Kathy Manser 2040 Kerr Rd. Harleysville, PA 19438 215-584-0615 Greater Charleston Weimaraner Club Linda Weick 103 Eagle Dr. Summerville, SC 29483 803-873-3796 North Texas Weimeraner Club Becky Wallendal or Suzanne Fourmigue (214) 242-6983 (214) 350-7168 Western Washington Weimaraner Club Debra Follensbee 3021 87th Ave., Ct. E. Puyallup, WA 98371 206-845-2464 Welsh Corgi Cardigan Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America Rescue H. Pamela Allen, chairperson 406 E. Alexandria Avenue Alexandria, VA 22301 703-836-1963 Gordon Ervin CA 408-263-4883 Arleen Rooney 310-830-8126 (CA) Morell Lamere 310-394-1897 (CA) Mary Greenwood 818-966-2331 (CA) || Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of Southern CA || Secretary,Kathy Steele || (310) 929-2787 || email: kathy_steele%HCM@NOTES.WORLDCOM.COM Maribeth McCarthy Nashua, NH 603-891-2075 Help with placements Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America National Chairperson Ellen Childs Town Hill Road New Hartford, CT 06057 203-379-0668 or Nancy Brant (rescue committee member) (also rescue committee person for Ohio Valley PWC Club) P.O. Box 1032 Delaware, OH 43015 nbrant@osu.edu Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California, Inc. Meredith Brittain 18393 Buckhorn Rd. San Bernardino, CA 92407 714-887-5057 Arleen Rooney CA 310-830-8126 Golden Gate P.W.C. Fanciers Sally Howe CA 408-474-4498 or Care Committee Joan Jensen 415-474-4498 P.W.C. club of S. CA Margaret Stewart 818-842-1431 Deb Beal 203-535-3913 (CT) P.W.C. Club of Greater Atlanta Rescue Peggy McFarland GA 404-975-1991 Perrine Crampton 102 Arbor Way Somerville, NJ 08876 Member PWCCGS (Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State) and SCDOC (Somerset County Dog Obedience Club Editor: PWCCGS Quarterly Newsletter - Corgi Toplines "Compiler of" PWC Geographical Listing of Rescue Contacts in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania perrine_crampton@colpal.com Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Florida (central and north Florida) Jean Bates 3707 Edgewater Drive Orlando, FL 32804 407-298-1945 (west Florida) Bonnie Hansen 10993 124th Avenue N Largo, FL 34648 813-585-1221 (east Florida) Deborah Shindle 3906 Indian River Drive Vero Beach, FL 32963 407-231-0517 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue League Hilda W. Lowery 91 Willard Drive Marietta, GA 30066 404-428-8919 || Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue Deanna B. Kuhn, co-chair || Richmond, IL || 815-678-6607 or || Stephanie Snowdon || Downers Grove, IL || 708-969-0581 or || Debbie Richey || Joliet, IL (member) || 815-436-5325 || Debrichey@aol.com || Mich, Ill.,Ind. Wis., parts of Minn. || will assist with Card. Corgi's Mayflower Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club Rescue Co-Chair Jane Rainsford PO Box 74 So. Walpole, MA 02071 508/668-9690 or Rescue Co-Chair 119 North Lincoln Road E. Rochester, NY 14445 716/381-0811 Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Potomac Diane Gaskins 1113 Justa Lane Cockeysville, MD 21030 301-252-8833 Terri Swaim Ortonville, MI 810-627-3723 Melody Kist Three Bridges NJ email: mkist@ga55a.attmail.com 908-806-3327 Co-Chair of Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State Rescue Committee, Vice-president of PWCCGS, Member of Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America Maribeth McCarthy Nashua, NH 603-891-2075 referrals, help with placements || Ohio Valley Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club || Rescue Co-Chair: Pam Ballard || Terrace Park, OH || 513-248-0866 or || Rescue Co-Chair: Nancy Brant || Delaware, OH || email: nbrant@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu or || Leo Horishny || Cincinnati, OH || 513-541-3658 || email: leo_horishny@pol.com Pembroke Welsh Corgi Association of Canada Ms. Susan O'Heir, National Secretary 25 Nottingham Dr. Etobicoke, ON M9A 2W4 (416) 234-5431 PWC Rescue, Serving the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Marcie Stone Croeso, RR 2 Rockwood, ON NOB 2KO 519-856-2272 Murray Cunningham Box 183, Vittoria ON NOE 1WO 519-428-1763 Welsh Terrier Welsh Terrier Club of America and Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Carolyn and Ward Morris Atlanta, GA 404-351-1330 (GA) compuserve: 70224.130@compuserve.com Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Joann N. Adams Tucson, AZ 602-749-4756 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Deborah Jamison Cupertino, CA 408-725-0424 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Diane Amendola Huntington Beach, CA 714-536-0867 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Roger and Derry Coe Englewood, CO 303-721-8021 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Pam Price Vero Beach FL 407-569-0561 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Rob Savage Chicago, IL 312-421-1557 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Linda Sutton Olathe KS 913-764-4542 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Lisa Heath Ann Arbor, MI 313-665-2417 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Elizabeth Leaman Glen Ridge NJ 201-744-3732 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Ruth Prehn Thompson, OH 216-298-3036 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Lynell Dewey Medford, OR 503-776-3825 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Ginny Winters Indiana, PA 412-349-1354 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Mary Seck Sanger, TX 817-458-7634 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Terry Hoskins Falls Church, VA 703-533-3864 || Welsh Terrier Rescue, Seattle Purebred Rescue || Dixie Lehman || Redmond, WA || 206-869-2578 or || Barb Decker || Orting, WA || 206-862-9252 Welsh Terrier Cares Rescue Service Doug Hutton Hamilton, Ontario CANADA 416-387-5210 West Highland White Terrier West Highland White Terrier Club of America Ann Sanders 1-700-4-Westie (that may be a misprint - maybe it's 1-800?) West Highland White Terrier Club of California Susan Porter Los Angeles, CA 213-463-9113 San Francisco Bay White West Highland Terrier Club Pam Evans San Jose, CA 408-274-8718 West Highland White Terrier Resuce Charles Gibson and Nancy Wagner Marietta, GA 404-565-6770 West Highland White Terrier Club of Greater Baltimore Joe and Naomi Engers Bel Air, MD 301-838-6489 West Highland White Terrier Club of New England Beverly Kilinsky Webster, MA 508-943-6254 || West Highland White Terrier Rescue || West Highland White Terrier Club of SE Michigan || Kathy Kittle || Fenton, MI || 810-632-5542 or || Janet Lindgren || Bath, MI || 517-482-0593 || West Highland White Terrier Rescue || Sherry Bakko || St. Paul, MN || 612-227-2639 West Highland White Terrier Club of Northern New Jersey Emilie Schoonover 201-887-9132 (NJ) William Penn West Highland White Terrier Club Patti Marks Willow Grove, PA 215-657-6085 or || Jackie Steffenson || Phil., PA || 215-671-9074 West Highland White Terrier Club of SE Texas Linda Wedgeworth Spring, TX 713-821-9026 Westie Rescue Nancy Hummitzsch, national chair Ontario, Canada 519-749-0117 Wheaten Terrier -see Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier Wire Fox Terrier -see Fox Terrier, Smooth and Wiredn Whippet American Whippet Club Sally deBecque Smith 303-666-9614 (CO) Southern California Whippet Association Tom and Ellen Hammatt 24062 Castilla Lane Mission Viejo, CA 92691 714-770-9881 Whippet Rescue Carol Gregory 4053 Eagle Nest Lane Danville, CA 94506 510-736-7340 baylist: 408-247-1749 New England Whippet Society Iva Kimmelman 508-897-8950 Eastern Massachusetts 413-733-0444 Western Massachusetts 203-264-7990 Connecticut || American Whippet Club || (local contact) || Shirley Cooney || MA || 508-476-7558 or || Joyce and Bud Simpson || MA || 508-543-3715 or 508-543-5729 || American Whippet Club, || Regional Rescue Chair || Jerri Lafeber || Ann Arbor, MI || 313-761-4323 Kathleen Banks || 313-697-5664 (MI) || Debbie Syrja || Grass Lake, MI || 517-522-5317 Scott Ekblad P.O. Box 112 Beavercreek, OR 97004-0112 Ofc (503) 494-5227 Home (503) 632-8569 || Whippet Rescue || Mary Gaffney || Hillsboro, OR || 503-628-3422 or || Rhea Pearsall || Gervais, OR || 503-792-3283 Whippet Club of Eastern Canada Lynn Cleary, Rescue Coordinator R.R. #1 Glen Robertson, ON K0B 1H0 (613) 874-2802 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon American Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Associ. Linda Gagnon 508-544-8933 (MA) Xoloitzcuintli || Lorraine Chester || Tucson, AZ || 602-883-2685 || Pat Weissleader || Upland, CA || 714-985-9320 || Rosemary Gorman || IA || 712-644-3235 Amy Fernandez 718-544-6092 Forest Hills, New York Carol Fernandez 718 788 7576 NY, NY || Sue Carrone || Bethany, CT || 203-393-1165 Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Breed Rescue Coordinator Marcia Knudsen MN (612) 345-3726 Call for local rescue referrals, too baylist: Janie Pack 967 Camellia Way San Jose, CA 95117 Yorkshire Terrier Club of Nation's Capitol Marie Huffman MD 301-577-0914 Mary Garwood MD 410-255-3454 || Ellen Lafemini || MA || 508-881-8031 or || Rose Cappadonna (MA) || 508-881-8104 or || Linda Hersey (MA) || 617-826-2057 or || Sue Fitzpatrick (MA) || 617-834-8054 || Joyce Shiro || MA || 617-843-1749 Bluebonnet Yorkshire Terrier Club Susan Griffin 2712 Dorrington Dallas, TX 75228 214-320-9469 Yorkshire Terrier Club of Greater Houston Karen Murnane Houston, TX 713-665-6866 Mary Kay Keppler 602-561-1748 (AZ) email: kepplerm@indirect.com Southwest U.S. Lanter Hall VA 703-345-3995 ___________________________________________________________________ All breed and associated organizations GROUPS OF BREEDS, by groups Coonhounds (Black and Tan, Bluetick, English, Plott Hound, Redbone Coonhound, Treeing Walker Coonhound) Ruth Clark 303-648-9675 (CO - referral) || Carol Pallmeyer || 516-261-7936 (Long Island, NY) Rare Breeds: Kathy De Wees 609-859-3125 NJ referrals only American Rare Breed Rescue Joanne Webster NJ 908-431-2501 Federation International Canine 205-284-4401 Alabama Sighthounds: Connecticut Sighthound Club Kathy Budney 860-666-0649 Connecticut Linda Garwacki 413-566-3847 Western Massachusetts (Afghan, Basenji, Borzoi, Greyhound, Ibizan Hound, Irish Wolfhound, Pharoah Hound, Saluki, Scottish Deerhound, Whippet) Sighthound Rescue 415-851-7812 or 415-924-7020 (CA) || Sighthound Rescue, Tulsa Sighthound Assoc. || Mary Dewhitt, Tulsa, OK 918-834-7438 || Sighthound Rescue/Bureau of Sighthound Adoption of Southern IL || Gary Odum, Marion, IL 618-993-3428, 800-874-6863 Terriers || Mary Richards, Palisades, CA, 213-454-2369 || (Terriers, Schnauzers, and rare breeds) Robert Cowell 203-334-3025 Connecticut (rescue on small terriers, referral only on all Terrier breeds and Golden Retrievers) || Karen Howell, Volga, SD 605-627-5668 || (All types of terriers) British Columbia All Terrier Club Sue Cairns, Corresponding Secretary P.O. Box 2491 Vancouver, BC V6B 2W7 (604) 538-1270 Toys Sandy Rinder 212-475-8479 New York (dogs under 10 lbs, especially Maltese and Poodles) Annette Feldblum (MA) 508-248-6643 referral only Carolyn Roche MA 508-823-2183 Toy Breed Rescue Referrals 415-952-6520 (CA) Wolf Hybrid North American Wolf/Wolf Hybrid Rescue Network, Inc. Sandy Williams, New Jersey, 609-627-1186 || Robert Stubbe, Rockville, MD 301-762-4607 Wolf Hybrid Rescue, Where Wolves Rescue || Danya Lesnick, AZ 602-867-8968 || Jane Lucas, AZ 602-973-3958 Large Breed Rescue Bill Brookings Lawton, OK billb@cuok.cameron.edu "We also will rescue any big breed dog that is [deemed adoptable, ed.] within 2 hours drive around us .... so that would cover Oklahoma City, Wichita Falls areas." Large Shaggy Dogs Hooterville Pets Woodinville, WA 206-488-4444 " Rescues & places large shaggy dogs, particularly Old English Sheepdog mixes" Jack Wilhelm 206-771-7349 ALL-BREED RESCUES and SHELTERS, by state/country ALASKA Alyeska Canine Trainers Pat Bouschor 5201 Rabbit Creek Rd. Anchorage, AK 99516 907-345-1506 ARIZONA Dial-A-Pet (AZ only) 602-276-PETS, from 9-5:30 M-F, 9-4:30 Sat/Sun. This group takes info about you and the breed you want, finds the breed you're looking for in local pounds and breed rescues in Arizona. Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona (CABRA) 602-494-9567 CALIFORNIA Ohlone List (Northern CA rescue/shelter list) Ohlone Humane Society, PO Box 5118, suite 108 Fremont, Ca 94537 or call Nancy Lyon (510) 792-0927 CARE Companion Animal Rescue Effort 408-227-CARE (CA) Channel City Kennel Club Cheryl Reynolds 4280 Carpinteria Ave. Carpinteria, CA 93013 805-648-4914 East Bay Animal Refferal 415-841-PAWS (CA) Friends of the Fairmont Animal Shelter 510-357-2487 (CA) Haven on Earth Companion Animal Rescue and Referral (cats and dogs) Libby McGreevy San Bruno, CA (Northern California) 415/952-1765 libby@ucsfvm.ucsf.edu Hayward Friends of Animals 510 886-7546 (CA) Humane Animal Rescue Team National office Fillmore, CA 805-524-4542 Imperial Valley Kennel Club D. Michael Burk Imperial, CA 619-355-1270 Nike Animal Rescue Foundation 408-224-6273 (CA) Pet Finders 415-566-1045 (CA) Pets & Pals 415-775-5881 (CA) Pets in Need 415-367-1405 (CA) Pets Unlimited 415-563-6700 (CA) SF Bay Area Canine Rescue 415-851-7812 or 415-591-9918 (CA) COLORADO All Breed Rescue Network (ABRN) of Colorado Bonnie Guzman 303-733-4220 (CO only) CONNECTICUT Linda Brescia Canton, CT 203-693-9672 Trap Falls Kennel Club Lilian Schneider Monroe, CT 203-261-2503 FLORIDA || All Breed Rescue Coordinating Council || 352-326-3113 || Call for referrals to local rescues. Friends of Strays 2911 47th Ave. North St. Petersburg, FL 33714 813-522-6566 Jacksonville DFA Betty Jean Shuman Jacksonville, FL 904-733-1907 Marion-Alachua Dog Training Association Janice Rodgers Citra, FL 904-591-1773 GEORGIA Atlanta Kennel Club Dolores Russell Atlanta, GA 404-296-7126 Conyers Kennel Club of Georgia Jackie Dilworth 570 Clubhouse Dr. Conyers, GA 30208 404-922-4151 HAWAII Kona Coast Kennel Club Kathy Miller P.O. Box 1951 Kamuela, HI 96743 808-885-4118 ILLINOIS Save-A-Pet, Inc. 2019 Rand Rd. Palatine IL 60067 (708)934-7788 MISSOURI Cutler's Canine Companions/Purebred Dog Rescue of St. Louis Debbie Cutler 314-949-0180 or 314-957-DOGS (MO) or Debbie Hogland 314-544-023 MARYLAND All-Breed Rescue Network/Clearinghouse (Maryland only) 202-244-0065 (long-distance phone calls will be returned, COLLECT) Animals' Guardian Angels 301-870-6463 (MD) Alley Animals 410-823-0899 (MD) Rescues strays - neauters and gives most shots. MASSACHUSETTS Buddy Dog Humane Society (no-kill shelter, nice place!) Boston Post Road (Rt 20) Sudbury, MA 01776 508-443-6990 617-237-4747 (Wellesley exchange) Baypath Humane Society (no-kill shelter) Hopkington, MA 508-435-6938 Boston Humane Society P.O. Box 520 Barre, MA 01005 508-755-1117 (A no-kill shelter) Dee Dinneen Massachusetts 508-342-1100 days 508-827-1341 (evenings) dee@iii.net Placements only, all breeds MICHIGAN Purebred Rescue Association of Michigan Lapeer, MI (list of Michigan rescue organization available upon request) Megen Veen, President 810-664-9800 (days) 810-664-2548 (after 8:30 p.m.) Kathy Theisen 313-261-4712 (MI) NEW JERSEY All Breed Rescue of NJ (609) 859-3125 Call for referrals Adopt-A-Pet, Inc. Irene: (908) 780-9706 Lee: (908) 462-6576 Sharon: (908) 462-5184 (NJ) Animal Rescue Force, Inc. (908) 257-7559 (NJ) || Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge || Bob Meizlik, computer volunteer || 201-337-5180 || email: rmeizlik@galaxy.net NEW YORK Onondaga Kennel Association Jacqueline Karpinski Syracuse, NY 315-492-9521 || Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC) || Vinnie or Tony || 718-486-7489 OKLAHOMA || Animal Aid of Tulsa 918-493-3321 || Animal Rescue Foundation 918-291-2102 || Pet Lost and Found 918-748-1990 || Tulsa SPCA 918-428-2529 PENNSYLVANIA Lower Bucks Dog Training Club Joe Egan Levittown, PA 215-949-1204 RHODE ISLAND Rhode Island Kennel Club Claudia Gaulin Cranston, RI 401-944-5042 SOUTH DAKOTA Karen Howell 605-627-5668 (SD) TEXAS All Breed Rescue Association (ABRA) for TX: 713-342-3078 for others: PO Box 2603 Vincentown, NJ 08088 Directory: $3.00 "How to Start a Rescue": $2.00 Homeless Pet Placement League, Inc. P.O. Box 273027 Houston, TX 77277 713-862-7387 Animal Trustees of Austin (ATA) (TX) WHO IS ATA? Animal Trustees of Austin, Inc. was founded by concerned citizens desiring to help lost, abused, and abandoned animals in Travis County. A 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt non-profit organization, ATA was created exclusively fo the charitable and educational purpose of representing and protecting animals. Current ATA projects include the rescue and re-homing of dogs and cats who are about to be euthanized at the municipal shelter. Please call us at 512-327-5487 if you have any questions, or would like to volunteer your services to our cause. Carolyn Edison Austin, TX 512-288-4248 UTAH Best Friends Animal Sanctuary P.O. Box G Kanab, UT 84741 801-644-2001 VIRGINIA HART (Homeless Animals Rescue Team) P.O. Box 7261 Fairfax Station, VA 22039 703-691-HART HART is a charitable organization that gives the general public an alternative to animal shelters. The onwer is asked to maintain their pet in their home as long as possible while the animal is advertised and a new owner found. A home check and contract are mandatory for adopters. SPCA of Northern Virginia 703-799-9390 Works with dogs and cats, sometimes rabbits and birds, too. Animals are vetted, then fostered. (Not kept in one holding facility) WASHINGTON Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue P.O. Box 3523 Redmond, WA 98073 206-654-1117 (this is *quite* a great org.) Best Friends Foundation WA email: gback@teleport.com Best Friends Foundation is a non-profit no kill pet adoption group that finds homes for dogs and cats (and horses, and birds, and squirrels, and hampsters, etc.) in Cowlitz County, WA. Cascade Animal Protection Society Arlou Hunter 31849 Pacific Hwy S #112 Federal Way, WA 98003 Muttmatchers Messenger/Humane Animal Rescue Team Suzanne Kane P.O. Box 1165 Enumclaw, WA 98022 206-825-0741 Concern for Animals Tenino, WA 206-264-2839 Paws & Claws Gloria 206-845-1424 (WA) Kathy 206-531-8349 Equal Rights Animal Society P.O. Box 1572 Puyallup, WA 98371 206-863-3933 Whidbey Animal Improvement Foundation 1254 W. Pioneer Way #238 Oak Harbor, WA 98277 206-678-3722 206-321-5111 206-679-2731 CANADA North American Purebred Dog Rescue Judith A. Tjosvold 9436 - 184th St. Surrey, BC V4N 3T5 604-822-1026 Fort Saskatchewan and Area Canine Association Lori-Ann Rice, Secretary Box 3224 Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 2T2 (403) 998-0758 Grey-Bruce Kennel and Obedience Club Inc. Ms. Mary Morris, Secretary P.O. Box 481 Owen Sound, ON N4K 5P7 (519) 376-0401 *** Other Animals *** WILDLIFE || Diana Shaffer || Yorktown, IN || 759-9112 || Liscenced by the state of Indiana to care for wildlife. _______________________________________________________________________ *Copyright (c) 1996 by Janice Ritter. Please distribute this document freely providing you keep this copyright intact. This document may not be sold for profit nor incorporated into commercial documents without the express permission of the author. This document is provided "as is".