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Subject: rec.pets.dogs: Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ Part 3 of 4

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Archive-name: dogs-faq/rescue/part3 Version: 3.3 Last-modified: May, 1996 Current-edition: July, 1996
This is the Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ Part 3 of 4. It will be posted on a regular basis and/or you can obtain the file via anonymous ftp at rtfm.mit.edu under /pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part3. Or send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part1 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part2 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part3 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part4 in the body of the message leaving the subject line blank. Check out rec.pets.dogs.rescue for current discussions on rescue and for dogs in need of rescue. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Rescue FAQ file 3 includes: Gordon Setters to Redbone Coonhounds. (All-breed or other specialty/area group rescues are listed at the end of FAQ part 4.) Gordon Setter The Gordon Setter Club of America Rescue Committee (also, Miami Valley Gordon Setter Club) Crystal Todor, chair 47 Taylor Blair Road West Jefferson, OH 43162 614-879-8405 Sun Country Gordon Setter Club Gary Andersen 6250 E. Pershing Scottsdale, AZ 85254 602-991-7485 Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club Nancy Thompson 8577 Stratus Drive Orangevale, CA 95662 916-989-1633 Southern California Gordon Setter Fanciers Peri Norman Simi Valley, CA 805-579-0438 High Plains Gordon Setter Club Lynn Fruchey DVM Aurora, CO 303-343-7022 Tartan Gordon Setter Club Phyllis Lundy 203-688-2612 (CT) Jean Bates Orlando, FL 407-298-1945 or 407-660-2455 The Gordon Setter Club of Hawaii Gretchen Cobeen Honolulu, HI 808-523-8181 The Gordon Highlanders Nancy Zak 1N521 Prince Crossing West Chicago, IL 60185 708-231-8826 Tartan Gordon Setter Club Ellen Jones-Hinson 207-621-0054 (ME) Tartan Gordon Setter Club Wendy Abelman 31 May Street Sharon, MA 02067 617-784-8806 Gordon Setter Club of Michigan Sally Walker Ortonville, MI || 810-627-2778 North Country Gordon Setter Club Richard & Sandra Ohlgren 1 Swallow Ln. North Oaks, MN 55127 612-486-7449 Midwest Gordon Setter Rescue Gloria Suntrup 1121 Mexico Rd. Wenzville, MO 63385 (MO & surrounding areas) 314-332-3394 Magnolia Gordon Setter Club Beth Beatty PO Box 44 Pinnacle, NC 27043 910-351-4815 Tartan Gordon Setter Club Maureen Mc Latchy 603-878-3155 (NH) Brandywine Gordon Setter Club Anne Pickrell 75 Spier Drive South Orange, NJ 07079 201-763-5392 New Mexico Gordonites Susan Coffey 1421 Wilmore Dr. Se Albuquerque, NM 87106 505-842-9489 Paumanauk Gordon Setter Club Frances Glynn 214-Fourth Ave. Holtsville, NY 11742 516-289-2671 Tartan Gordon Setter Club Sue Oneppo 410-397-5446 (RI) Cindy Long RR1 Box 7 Bromlow Rd. Waller, TX 77484 409-931-1814 Tartan Gordon Setter Club Sandra Le Boeuf 802-877-3855 VT Columbia River Gordon Setter Club Nadeen Gilmartin 20600 NE 878th ave. Battle Grand, WA 98604 206-576-0736 Puget Sound Gordon Setter Club Lynn Serack General Delivery Preston WA 98050 206-888-0693 Badgerland Gordon Setter Club Marte Wetzel 4859 Marrick Ct. Cottage Grove, WI 53527 608-839-4261 Blue Ridge Gordon Setter Club Debbie Fincham Rt. 1, Box 21 Rapidan, VA 22733 703-672-4230 Great Dane Great Dane Club of America Marie A. Fint Garland, TX 214-279-1016 or Pookie Kostuk, chairman Cheshire, CT 203-272-8292 Great Dane Fanciers of Greater Anchorage Toni Tadolini 3301 Cottle Loop Rd. Wasilla, AK 99687 907-376-3915 Great Dane Club of San Diego Milan Bayan 3221 Vista Cielo Lane Spring Valley, CA 92078 619-669-1507 Great Dane Rescue of Northern California Betty and Bill Thomas, Colleen Leahy Spears 15255 Clydelle Ave. San Jose, CA 95124 408-277-6851 408-267-0788 Great Dane Club of California Florence Treseder 8660 Telfair Sun Valley, CA 90352 818-767-0757 baylist: Colleen Leahy 1087 Hazelwood Ave. San Jose, CA 95115 Gloria Barrick 11127 Plainview Rd. Golden, CO 80403 303-642-3154 Gisele Sherwood 2652 Frontier Lane Franktown, CO 80116 303-688-8692 Great Dane Rescue/Malabar Danes Georgia Randall P.O Box 382 Malabar, FL 32950 407-724-6712 or Pat Page (FL) 407-729-8880 Great Dane Club of Mid-Florida Kevin Kavanaugh 8800 Erie Lane Parrish, FL 34219 813-776-1094 Great Dane Club Mid-South Darcy Quinlan 5363 Franklin Goldmine Cummings, GA 30130 404-887-4417 Greater Cincinnati Great Dane Club Donna Wright Connersville, IN 317-698-3869 Great Dane Club of Greater Kansas City Glenda Burns 913-432-2518 (KS) Great Dane Club of Maryland Helen Baker Baltimore, MD 301-747-5974 Great Dane Club of New England Arlyne Koopmann Hanover, MA 617-784-9093 Bob & Christine Glavin 508-824-1329 (MA) Pat Gorney 810-631-4018 (MI) Willamette Valley Great Dane Club Rhea Pearsall 5694 Keene Rd. NE Gervais, OR 97026 503-792-3283 The Great Dane Club of Las Vegas Mel Covert 6129 Edgewood Cr. Las Vegas, NV 89107 702-878-2970 Janice Tetrault 518-279-1417 Albany, NY Lee Ann Cogdill 716-792-9929 Brockton, NY Heidi Hoover PA 215-375-7865 Great Dane Club of Western PA Erin McGlynn PA (412) 361-2968 Great Dane Rescue Service of New England Jean MacKenzie RI 401-942-2094 Great Dane of El Paso Esther Scoggins 6643 Westside Dr. El Paso, TX 79932 915-877-2042 Great Dane Foundation (GDF) TX (Houston area) (713) 497-2360 e-mail: mpickel@houston.geoquest.slb.com Great Dane Club of Greater Houston Great Dane Rescue & Education Foundation Cathy Mitchell 713-496-5130 TX or Georgia Thomas 14123 Panhandle Sugar Land, TX 77478 713-491-7625 Great Dane Rescue Mid-Atlantic Region 703-938-9332 (northern VA) Great Pyrenees Great Pyrenees Club of America Catherine de la Cruz 4445 B Old Gravenstein, Hwy S. Sabastopol, CA 95472 707-829-1655 AOL: Cdlcpyrs Internet: Cdlcpyrs@aol.com -or- rescue@pyrenees.org Grand Canyon State Great Pyrenees Club Mickey Chaney Sedona, AZ 602-284-2230 GPA of So. California Dottie Sisco Raustra Devore, CA 714-985-3866 Orange Coast Great Pyrenees Fanciers Carol Riley Oceanside, CA 619-945-8962 Great Pyrenees Club of California Jeanne Yturbide San Francisco, CA 415-922-4378 Mile High Great Pyrenees Club Carolyn Ferguson Fleming, CO 303-265-3863 Great Pyrenees Club of Greater Chicago Amy Zacher Steamwood, IL 708-289-2842 (private phone) Great Pyrenees Rescue Service Sue Perkins ME 207-666-8816 or Fran Spier ME 207-582-7331 Great Pyr. Rescue Randi Smith ME 207-829-3344 Great Pyrenees Club of Metro, Detroit Michele Brown St. Clair Shrs, MI 313-722-9150 Great Pyrenees Club of Iowa Carol Adamson Foley, MN 612-662-2464 Evelyn Nagle NH 603-924-7472 Pyrenean Fanciers of the Northeast Flo Laicher RD 12, Dixon Rd. Carmel, NY 10512 914-225-2754 Heart of Ohio Great Pyrenees Club Pat Wallace 301 21st St. N.W. Canton, OH 44709 216-456-8496 Great Pyrenees Club of Greater Pittsburg Carolyn Mohr 16473 Rock Creek Rd. Thompson, OH 44086 216-298-3489 (Cover eastern PA and some Ohio, I believe) Penn-Dutch Great Pyrenees Club Maureen Maxwell-Simon 7430 Jonestown Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-545-4477 or Patty Bechtel 610-346-8521 (allentown area) Alamo Great Pyrenees Club Jean Cave Box 493 FM 875 West Midlothian, TX 76065 214-299-2202 National Capital Area Great Pyrenees Club Janet Ingram 204 Wild Partridge Lane Radford, VA 24141 703-731-0229 Columbia-Cascade Great Pyrenees Club Lee Trowbridge Rt. 1, Box 236ff La Center, WA 98629 206-263-4740 Puget Sound Great Pyrenees Club Linda Welsser Olympia, WA 206-357-9478 Great Pyrenees Club of Metro Milwaukee Laura Johnston 300 Upland Ct. Colgate, WI 53017 414-628-2947 Great Pyrenees Club of Metro, Milwaukee Judy Brown 3360 Jackson Dr. Jackson, WI 53037 414-677-2894 Westcoast GPA of Canada Sharon Armstrong 9400 Beckwith Rd. Richmond, BC Canada V6X 1V9 604-278-1494 Great Pyrenees Club, Ontario Central Region Carol Graham or Norma Egginton Prestonfield Farm RR 5 Rockwood, ON NOB 2KO 519-853-3005 or 519-856-9267 (between 9am - 9pm) Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Carol Holden 617-784-6826 (MA) Greyhound - see also Italian Greyhound NATIONAL GROUPS National Greyhound Network 415-851-7812 (will refer to the independent adoption group nearest you) Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) 1-800-FON-1GPA (toll free, of course) (366-1472) National referral number. Call and leave a message on the answering machine, and a member of a local GPA chapter will contact you. National Greyhound Adoption Program 215-331-7918 1-800-348-2517 Greyhound Club of America Cheryl Reynolds 4280 Carpenteria Avenue Carpenteria, CA 93013 805-684-4914 Northern California Sighthound Rescue Sandra Wornum 570 Riviera Cir. Larkspur, CA 94939 415-924-7020 Operation Greyhound Bruna Palmatier 8876 Shaula Way San Diego, CA 92126 619-695-9488 || USA Defenders of Greyhounds (USA DOG) || President, Sally Allen || P.O. Box 1256 || Carmel, Indiana 46032 || (317) 244-0113 or (317) 867-1704 || USA DOG is a registered nonprofit organization. We are || anti-racing. We charge $175 adoption fee which covers || neutering/spaying, teeth, shots and any other required || health care. Prospective adopters must have a fenced yard and || must sign a form that requires if the dog doesn't work out || it must be returned to USA DOG. National Greyhound Adoption Program David Wolfe 8301 Torresdale Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19136 800-348-2517 or 215-331-7918 LOCAL GROUPS Nina Bloom-Selling 4335 E. Carol Ann Lane Phoenix, Arizona 85032 602-493-9144 Retired Racers - Greyhound Rescue and Adoption Linda Brown 6027 Valley Sage Road Acton, CA 93510 (805) 269-2544 (818) 347-3407 Greyhound Club of Northern California Marjorie Leider 1091 Batavia Ave. Livermore, CA 94550 415-447-4502 Friends for Life Susan Netboy 5 Ranch Road Woodside, CA 94062 415-851-7812 baylist: 415-851-7812 || Colorado Greyhound Companions || P.O. Box 33455 || Northglenn, CO 80233 || Eileen Witfelt, President || (303) 772-1536 (CO) or || Carol Bures, Vice President || (303) 452-6269 (CO) || We are a greyhound rescue group, licensed || by the state of Colorado. We place greyhounds || in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska...within || reasonable driving distances of our foster homes. Greyhounds as Pets Bill Fullerton P.O. Box 6999 Colorado Springs, CO 80934 719-633-0171 Fort Myers Greyhound Adoption Center Donna Forster 11511 Deal Road N. Fort Myers, FL 33905 813-731-3187 Greyhound Rescue, Inc. Susan Greenwald 118-B Jordan Court, N.E. Palm Bay, FL 32905 407-951-2452 Greyhound Rescue League Paula Johnson 106 Cayman Lane Summerland Keys, FL 33042 305-872-2749 Greyhound Rescue League Cinda Crawford PO Box 13314 Tallahassee, FL 32317 904-878-1204 Second Chance for Greyhounds Helen Banks 10826 Dean Street Bonita Springs, FL 33923 813-947-2365 Tampa Greyhound Adoption Center Kim Wyler 5629 E. Chelsea Street Tampa, FL 33610 813-626-1116 or Claire Bertine 1000 Reo St. John Drive Jacksonville, FL 32211 904-743-6627 Companion Greyhounds Contact: Dee Hanson Marietta, GA (404) 422-566 Diane Lunthacum Rt. 2, Box 185 C Thomasville, GA 31742 412-226-7632 Greyhound Rescue and Adoption Beverly Thompson 116 Mary Street Washington, IL 61571 309-745-5377 Greyhound Pet Connection Candy Schultz Woodstock, IL 60098 815-477-4900 (work) 815-568-8403 (home) || USA Defenders of Greyhounds (USA DOG) || Local rep: Nancy Wallace Chicago, IL 312-561-8324 Ellen Stokal Villa Park, IL 708-495-0074 Greyhound Rescue and Adoption LaDonna Rea Plainfield, IN 317-745-7772 USA Dog Sally Allen, President Carmel, IN 317-244-0113 or 317-867-1704 Shirley Kuzmicz Indiana 219-234-0880 Pat Lewallen Paola, KS 66071 913-294-3023 Greyhound Rescue, Inc. John Davis 6397 Woodburn Rd. Elk Ridge, MD 21227 410-796-2803 Maryland Chapter of GPA Betty Rosen 11404 Lhasa Lane Lutherville, MD 21093 410-252-7555 Cathy McIntyre 15 Pickering CT #01 Germantowne, MD 20874 301-540-4980 (area code might now be 410) Greyhound Pets of America/Mass Middleboro, MA 617-447-4866, 617-472-4055, 508-947-3654 Greyhound Pets of America/Mass-North Shore Winchester, MA 617-729-2577 and GPA/Central NH Placement Anna Arsenault 603-742-8871 Greyhound Adoption of Western Mass Longmeadow, MA 413-567-9022 Jane Klorer 617-729-2577 (MA) Millie Merritt 617-472-4055 (MA) Susan Gallotti 508-667-1251 (MA) Greyhound Placement Service 603-474-5965 (NH) 603-942-7789 (NH) 508-462-7973 (MA) Greyhound Life Line Irene Milbury Sharon, MA 617-784-2157 Greyhound Adoption Service Salisbury, MA 508-462-7973 Greyhound Friends, Inc. Louise Coleman, Director Hopkinton, MA 508-435-5969 Greyhound Friends, Inc. Lisa St. Pierre (413) 528-5548 Great Barrington, MA THE PROTECTION PROJECT, INC. Milton, MA (617) 333-4982 (617) 527-8843 Easthaven Animal Hospital Ann Arbor, MI 313-971-3444 Michigan Greyhound Connection Susan Riegel Rochester Hills, MI || 810-652-6270 Linda Zent Boseman, MT 406-586-8705 Adopt-A-Greyhound MarieAnn Stanton 603-942-7789 (NH) GREYHOUND FRIENDS, INC. Mary Allen (518) 329-1595 Main Street Copake, NY 12516 GREYHOUND FRIENDS, INC. Gayle Blakesley (518) 674-5545 Albany, NY area Cheryly Vincent Hamburg, NY 716-648-8106 Catherine Settle Sanford, NC 919-775-7945 Greyhound Rescue and Adoption Linn Murphy Columbus, OH 614-777-4160 Diane Gamble, Ohio/Kentucky 606-261-2879 and Sharon Murphy 606-371-5493 Oregon Greyhound Rescue Elizabeth Bordeaux Portland, OR 503-257-7220 RGA, Inc Newcastle, PA 412-667-0886 Make Peace with Animals, Inc. Cynthia Branigan New Hope, PA 215-862-0605 Richard Benjamin Beach Island, SC 803-827-0918 Vickey Price Columbia, SC 803-256-6939 (work) 803-782-0863 (home) Greyhound Racers Recycled Jan Huey Houston, TX 713-665-3366 Greyhounds Unlimited Fort Worth, TX (817) 924-5956 (Dedicated mostly to greyhounds; do place some sighthounds) Greyhounds Homeward Bound Route 1, Box 6056a Springtown, Texas 76082 817-748-2020 Greyhound Rescue of Vermont Sharon Bucklin 802-878-4844 (VT) Save The Greyhound Dogs Ms. Scottie Devens 802-879-8838 (VT) || Greyhound Friends Northwest || Hal & Karen Hawley || Issaguah, WA || (206) 392-9114 || email: greyhnds@halcyon.co or || Rachel LaFond || Redmond, WA || 206-885-2301 or || Shana Dunn || Bellingham, WA || 460-354-2600 CANADA Greyhound Pets of America: Canadian Chapter Jane Longmore RR 3 Appin, ON NOL 1AO Canada 519-289-2426 (10:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time) or Linda Reidt RR 1 Baltimore, ON K0K 1C0 Canada 905-342-3391 Greyhound Racing Federation Of Canada Linda M. Reidt R.R. #1 Baltimore, ON K0K 1C0 (416) 342-3391 REM: retired racing greyhounds placement Greyhound Rescue Society 5325 Pearl Street RR1 L/Oricnd, Ontario Canada 613-678-3626 The Greyhound Connection Adreinne Reid 49 Plymouth Avenue St. Catharines Ontario, Canada 905-984-6369 Greyhound Club of Canada Christina DePierre 263 1st Ave Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, PQ JON 1HO Canada 613-678-3626 *** NEW ENTRY *** Harrier Donna Auburn CA email: auborn@ridgecrest.ca.us Harrier homepage: http://www1.ridgecrest.ca.us/~auborn/ Does rescue nationally. Havanese Havanese Club of America Corresponding Secretary Jan Fuss 8048 Stagecoach Road Cross Plains, Wisconsin 53528 Can refer you to local clubs for rescue help. Original Havanese Club Donna Kelly 1809 Fair Street Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4151 Can refer you to local clubs for rescue help. Havowarts Beth Lynch (Sec'ty of Havowart Club of America) 2322 Sawdust Road Vienna, VA 22181 (410) 326-3832 (any day after 1 PM EST) T. Ulf Westblom email westbltu@sluvca.slu.edu (for referral and breed info) Husky -see Siberian Husky Ibizan Hound The Ibizan Hound Club of the United States John O'Malley 806-746-5521 (TX) also listed: Rose Bednarski 2318 S. 15th Pl. Milwaukee, WI 53215 414-634-9251 Manette Ward CA 818-881-4368 baylist: 916-487-9979 Linda 705 Logan Helena, MT 59601 (406)443-1380 email: runn100@aol.com Karen Mele TN 615-653-4414 Robbie Vanderpool 6566 Ridgeview Circle Dallas, TX 75240 214-385-2240 Irish Setter Irish Setter Club of America Rescue and Irish Setter Club of the Pacific Marilee Larson San Leandro, CA || 209-295-1666 baylist: 415-351-2966 Irish Setter Club of Central Conn. Darlene Ferris 28 Point Beach Dr. Milford, CT 06460 203-877-2431 and Nancy Conner (see her info above) and Phyllis Wier and Kate Seymour Fairfield, CT Brookfield Center, CT 203-259-7542 203-775-9260 and Lorrie Wolk and Kathie Murphy East Hartford, CT Newington, CT 203-568-4873 203-666-3485 Alan Stern Sarasota, FL 813-378-5647 Jan Ziech Minooka, IL 815-475-7143, evenings only Claire Marx Windham, ME 207-892-3118 Irish Setter Club of New England Nancy Conner Montague, MA 01351 nconner@ocis.umass.edu (email adress) 413-367-2182 (evenings/wkends ) 413-545-1955 (weekdays, 9-5, urgent messages only, please) (President of Irish Setter Club New England 93-94) Anne Looney Feeding Hills, Mass. 413-786-1719 Susan Watson Spencer, Mass. 508-885-9895 Lois Goepfert Hanson, MA 617-293-5538 Irish Setter Club of Michigan Negen O'Rukenbrod Lapeer, MI || 810-664-2548 Lee Robinson Mason, NH 603-878-1923 Beth Michaud & Bob Ritchie Merrimack, NH 03054 603-424-5436 Eastern Irish Setter Association Evelyn Kearon RD 2, Box 293A Branchville, NJ 07826 201-948-4921 Anna Jones Berkeley Heights, NJ 908-464-5720 (was 1993 Eastern Irish Setter Assoc. pres.) Fran Sloughfy Blairstown, NJ 908-362-5464 Eastern Irish Setter Association, Inc. Marge Lippman 201-962-4173 Irish Setter Club of Western New York Robin Willey Walworth, NY 315-986-3699 Irish Setter Club of Ohio Nonda Jones 7578 River Rd. Olmsted Falls, OH 44138 216-235-4197 Sharon Miller PA 717-382-4086 Lynn Hayes Putney, Vermont 802-254-4236 Irish Setter Rescue Anne Schilling Sun Prairie, WI 608-837-4696 ans@badger.adp.wisc.edu and Margie Hohman Hortonville, WI 414-734-6734 Irish Setter Club of Ontario Mrs. Constance O'Brien R.R. #4 2418 South River Road Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 (613) 258-7765 Irish Terrier Irish Terrier Club of America Mary O'Brien 510-521-3246 California Irish Terrier Club of Northern California Diana Martin 189 San Luis Rd. Sonoma, CA 95476 707-938-4698 Irish Terrier Club of Southern California Nan Bruner 13431 Winthrope St. Santa Ana, CA 92705 714-633-5156 Peggy Gill MA 508-369-3006 Irish Water Spaniel Irish Water Spaniel Club of America Carolyn Lathrop, chairperson 125 Polk Street Cumberland, MD 21502 301-724-9162 and Elizabeth B. Peterson 5130 Kerfing Place Winston-Salem, NC 27106 919-922-3934 Nancy Wiley 3150 Paradise Drive Tiburon, CA 94920 415-461-7533 Florence Blecher 3310 Adina Drive Los Angeles, CA 90068 213-874-0944 Nona and Harlan Noel 1835 Lakeshore Drive Michigan City, IN 46360 219-872-0775 Norma Heiny RR 9, Box 97 Bridgeton, NJ 08302 609-451-7480 Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Club of America and Irish Wolfhound Association of New England National Rescue Chair Marcia Frankel Forsythe 203-868-1955 (CT) baylist: 818-894-8988 Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust Pat Huntley 16513 Napa Street Sepulveda, CA 91343 818-894-8988 Irish Wolfhound Club of America SOUTH Jackie Carswell (912) 449-4743 Covers Florida and Georgia Irish Wolfhound Resuce Lockport IL (815) 838-2379 Sharon Yaskulski, DVM IN 219-534-2086 Potomac Valley Irish Wolfhound Club Herb Savage Rte. 1, Box 711-D Accokeek, MD 20607 301-283-4474 Irish Wolfhound Association of the Delaware Valley Irish Wolfhound Rescue Trust, Inc Jean A. Minnier Tabernacle, NJ (609) 268-9373 Irish Wolfhound Rescue Libbie Bono OH (513) 845-9180 Irish Wolfhound Club of America, OHIO Shirley Pfarrer OH (513) 845-9135 Irish Wolfhound Club of Puget Sound Beverly Little 16252 Tiger Mountain Rd. Issaquah, WA 98027 206-392-7241 CANADA IW Club of Canada Lucille Pakalnis, President Gower, Ontario (613) 489-2703 Italian Greyhound Italian Greyhound Club of America Lynn K. Poston 909-829-4744 (CA) June Mastrocola W137 N9332 HY 145 Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 414-251-8347 Jack Russel Terrier JRTCA Russel Rescue c/o Catherine Brown 4757 Lakeville Road Genesco, NY 14454 716-243-0929 Michelle Davies CA (southern) 714-680-0247 Kathy Padilla CA (southern) 310-547-5478 || Sue Porter || CT || 860-526-3918 Jennifer Carr 508-676-1061 (work) (MA) 401-737-1041 (home) Stephanie Taylor, DVM OH 216-656-3422 Kristen Cusak OH 216-659-3059 || Jennifer Carr || RI || 401-737-1041 Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada Russell Rescue Marla & Wayne Robinson (519) 837-2921 (Ontario) or Yvonne Downey Fort Erie, Ontario 416-871-8691 Japanese Chin (Spaniel) Japanese Chin Club of America Lucien Collins, Secretary (408) 730-2212 (CA) and Gail Hink 815-393-3020 (IL) and Japanese Chin Care Jean Bebensee (407) 582-3859 (FL) Betty Dickey 517-792-6275 (MI) || Annette Mellinger || Matawan, NJ || 908-583-3887 || oz@aol.com Malcolm Barr 703-354-0199 VA Japanese Shiba Inu National Shiba Club of America Rescue Society Loretta Cornelius (612) 463-8460 or Bruce & Jeri Braviroff (909) 596-1813 pr Cheryl Ciccaglione (203)569-3823 (CT) Northeast Shiba Rescue 203-569-3823 Mary Malone 216-823-2388 Ohio Keeshond Keeshond Club of America Carole Henry 919-742-7479 (NC) or Barbara Morrison 215-459-3141 Joan Czarnyszka AZ (602) 249-2775 Donna Lundeen Northern CA (916) 885-0812 Penny Mansur Northern CA (916) 933-4660 Nor-Cal Keeshond Club, Inc. 430 Bay Rd. Menlo Park, CA 94025 415-322-2246 Jane Norton Northern CA (916) 753-3244 Wayne Peters Northern CA (415) 322-2246 Libby McGreevy San Bruno, CA (northern CA) 415-952-1765 haven@sirius.com Carol and Dennis Mollberg Southern CA (909) 780-2514 baylist: 415-322-2246 Peak to Peak Keeshond Rescue Sue Riegel 1878 Old Highway #52 Erie, CO 80516 Peak to Peak Keeshond Fanciers Carol Schwenk 220 Cypress Circle Broomfield, CO 80020 303-469-4181 Mike Faass Georgia (404) 463-0906 Harold and Patti Brizee ID (208) 362-0346 Rodger McDowall IL (708) 775-9234 Keeshond Fanciers of the Central States Rescue Committee Dina Zinnes Champaign IL 217-398-2241 Pat Williams IN (317) 662-3204 Peggy Willoughby IN (812) 858-9545 Pepper Guzman MD (301) 421-4466 Connie Miller MD 301-464-3976 Donna Stekli MD 301-293-9556 Maryellen Grace and Irene Fonseca MA 508-222-3300 John and Joan Malak MI 313-279-1982 Pat Tocalis MI 517-676-6757 Nancy and Fred Dietze MN 612-459-5474 Connie Davis MO 816-727-3536 Pat Westfall MT 406-228-2758 Linda Moss NC 919-965-9230 Sharon & Darrell Buethner 702-232-0474 (ND) Sandy and Herbie Bell 505-662-7715 (NM) Robbie Montoya 505-471-0456 (NM) Barbara Jean Wilson 505-662-9544 (NM) Keeshond Club of Greater Oklahoma City Tommie Howard 4015 S. Dobbs Harrah, OK 73045 405-271-3922 405-391-4738 KEES Club Dallas 214-231-4159 or Houston (713)581-9151 Referrals Greater Houston Keeshond Club Michelle McCluskey, rescue contact 713-869-8229, ext. 11 (TX) Pat Tasker VA 703-330-5792 Pacific Crest Keeshond Club Pat Shuler 1520 NE 106th Seattle, WA 98125 206-362-6727 Kerry Blue Terrier United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club Joanne K. Schindler, chair 12056 Cedar Creek Cincinnati, OH 45240 513-742-3745 Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Southern CA Janet Joers 805-688-2478 or Lisa Frankland 805-734-1280 Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Northern CA Diane Lee 410-439-7476 Greater Boston Kerry Blue Terrier Club Rhoda Bergman (N.E. Mass) Lunenberg, MA 508-342-5044 or Brian Lowney (S.E. Mass and R.I.) 1307 Gardners Neck Rd. South Swansea, MA 02777 508-672-6086 Empire Kerry Blue Terrier Club Gwen Resk New Rochelle, NY 914-235-8555 Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada Rescue & Relocation Daryl Enstone P.O.Box 72 Station "Q" Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4T 2L7 tel: 519-746-3039 fax: 519-746-6741 Internet e-mail: denstone@sciborg.uwaterloo.ca Western Canada Kerry Blue Terrier Club Lee Templeton, Sec. 604-325-3157 (Vancouver, BC) King Charles Spaniel -see Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, English Toy Spaniel Komondor National Komondor Rescue Network Betty O'Donnell 207-283-3528 (ME) Komondor Club of America National Coordinator of Rescue & Adoption Sandy Hanson KCA Secretary 414-594-3374 Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club Stewart L. Wells 102 North Church Snow Hill, MD 21863 301-632-2180 Komondor Rescue Kim Misciagna, 29 Jumping Frog Ct, St. Charles, MO 63303 (314-925-0173) (handles MO and bordering states) Joy Levy NJ 609-924-0199 Ruth/Ken Todd NY 516-379-8286 Komondor Rescue Committee, Komodor Club of America Region IV (covers OK) Director: Richard Heaney, P.O. Box 849, Magnolia, TX 77355 (713-356-4419) Pat Randall 512-288-2091 (TX) *** new entry *** Korean Jindo Dee Gannon NJ || 609-758-1593 Kuvasz American Kuvaz Association Dan Wasson 6261 Penrod Detroit, MI 48228 (313) 271-5438 Kuvasz Club of America Mayling Koval P.O. Box 503 Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 (914) 227-6041 and Aino Andres NY 914-664-8104 and Nancy Schefcick MI 313-271-5438 and Agi Heija NY 914-353-1091 Kuvasz Fanciers of America. Gail Dash, Rescue Chair || P.O. Box 7115 || Mission Hills, CA 91346 818-366-5333 || email: kuvaszresq@aol.com Mary Brownell VT 802-442-8693 Labrador Retriever National Labrador Retriever Club Rescue Coordinator Virginia Campbell 408-476-0759 (Soquel, CA) (Can help refer you to local groups) Is creating a database of all local Lab Rescue groups. Please send any info on local groups. Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club (CA) 415-361-0261 - call for referrals to local groups San Francisco Bay area. Mike Moore 510-937-5836 (CA) Paul & Anne Gamlin 415-592-839 (CA) Peggy Hickox 415-334-4717 (CA) Labrador Retriever Rescue Hotline Central Connecticut (anybody know the number?) Labrador Retriever Club of Central Connecticut Julie Starkweather 203-426-0770 (CT) Winnebago Labrador Retriever Club & Rescue Covers WI, N. Ill., and N. Ind. and Iowa Peg Schneumann (708)587-0929 (Northen IL) - or - Sharon Grieves Rt 3, 6128 Emerson Rd Beloit WI 53511 (608)879-9095 - or - Deb Forest 715-659-5507 (IL) - or - Kent and Deb Hamele 608-273-0172 kahamele@facstaff.wisc.edu (WI) - or - Peg Stevens Ripon, WI 414-748-3989 Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. c/o Jill Silverman South Hamilton, MA 508-369-8736 Diane Warfield MD 301-253-5820 Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac Lab Rescue, Inc. President, Give-up Jackie Mischou 301-253-5380 (MD) or Adoptions, Maryland Catherine Lewis 301-208-8071 or Adoptions Chair, VA Cathy Klecz 703-368-3219 Lab Rescue 301-253-5820 (MD) Marta MD 301-831-0391 (evenings, before 10:00 pm) Sharon Phelts 517-651-2080 (MI) Central Ohio Labrador Retriever Club contact: Kim Toms 614-873-1778 (central Ohio) || Bill Dodd || Jenks, OK || 405 (or 918 - not sure) - 299-7947 Labrador Retriever Rescue of PA Pam Heidorn 215-822-8589 Chalfont, PA or Mary Pat Meirs 215-953-0147 Feasterville, PA or Eileen Melair 215-343-7929 Warrington, PA or Pat Henning 215-489-0710 (after 7pm) Collegeville, PA Mary Feazell TX 817-461-8306 Lab Rescue VA 301-299-6756 Debbie Kay VA 804-443-6998 Labrador Retriever Club of Canada Diane Smith, Sec. 7078 Mark Lane PO Box 69, RR 5 Victoria, BC V8X 4M6 Canada 604-652-0180 Lakeland Terrier United States Lakeland Terrier Club Sandra Beatson 404-513-7431 (GA) Lhasa Apso San Diego County Lhasa Apso Club Willima and Shirley Benedict 11202 Promesa Drive San Diego, CA 92124 619-278-2484 Lowchen Gini Denninger 315-524-8022 New York Malamute -see Alaskan Malamute Maltese Evergreen Maltese Club Berverly Passe 6015 Rosedale St. NW Gig Harbor, WA 98335 206-858-9266 baylist: Janie Pack 967 Camellia Way San Jose, CA 95117 Annette Feldblum MA 508-248-6643 Referrals only Carolyn Roche MA 508-823-2183 Sandy Rinder NY 212-475-8479 (and poodles) Manchester Terriers American Manchester Terrier Club Patricia Hall 215-957-0109 PA Richard Hurt VA 804-392-683 Evergreen Empire Manchester Terrier Fanciers Mauriel Hankel 4961 NE 193rd St. Seattle, WA 98155 206-365-0445 Mastiff -see also Neapolitan Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff NOTE: removal of Phyllis Miller - she NO LONGER DOES MASTIFF RESCUE. Please don't call her. Mastiff Club of America National Rescue Director Paula Lange AZ 520-476-4605 (Call for local rescue groups) or West Coast Area Director Karen Falke-Flocker AZ 520) 779-0473 Gary Roach PA 215-473-4188 Mastiff Rescue David Einhorn 208 Hobart Rd. Hanover PA 17331-8105 email: deinhorn@isnov.ab.umd.edu Mastiff Club of America Rescue Randy Hess PA 717-865-2847 Karen Dorsch PA 215-446-9644 Mastiff Club of America Rescue Cynthia Stewart TN 615-962-4275 Mastiff Club of America Rescue Washing State Coordinator Paul & Misty Shearon WA 206-432-5135 Lucinda WS 414-822-8785 Miniature Pinscher Minature Pinscher Club of America Joyce K. Somero MI 313-398-0843 Miniature Pinscher Rescue of Orlando, FL Kathleen and Scottie e-mail: sirdisco@aol.com or hamster@magicnet.net Joyce Sproule MA 508-378-9061 Nancy Johnson VA 703-297-7200 Canadian Miniature Pinscher Club Edris Matulock 6611 - 8th Ave. Regina, SK S4T 7H3 (306) 949-6593 Miniature Schnauzer -see Schnauzer-Miniature Neapolitan Mastiff -see also Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff Carol Paulsen NY 315-389-4028 Newfoundland Newfoundland Club of America Mary L. Price Mt. Horeb, WI 608-437-4553 (days) National Newfoundland Club Rescue Comm. Diana Thompson Louisville, CO 303-666-6585 Laura Gallagher || CA || 510-471-9048 Newfoundland Rescue SE Region Marilyn Whelpley Savannah, GA 912-233-0838 || Newfoundland Rescue || Rescue Chair, Cindy White || Indianapolis, IN || 317-888-2072 || Newfoundland Rescue || Randy Cassady || Lansler, KY || 502-491-9459 (possibly referrals only) Newfoundland Club of New England Ellen Katz 617-329-8157 (MA) Great Lakes Newfoundland Club Rescue Chair Kathy Smith MI 313-495-0496 Harriet McConnell MI 616-780-3625 Linda Stierle 313-335-3871 (MI) Newfoundland Dog Club of the Twin Cities Nancy Robinson 8338 12th Ave. S. Bloomington, MN 55420 612-854-6943 or Lory Cosgrove 410 Lakorta Lane Chanhassen, MN 55318 612-496-3628 Genesee Region Newf Club Hannah Hayman 5451 Rathbun Road Cazenovia, NY 13035 Newfoundland Rescue SE Region Jackie Goertz Raleigh, NC 919-782-8312 || email: newfresq@nando.net Annamarie Yurvati OH 614-855-1614 (rescue & adoption in IN, KY, MI, OH, PA) Rocky Mtn Newfoundland Club Rescue Paul or Terry Cross 801-565-9879 (UT) Colonial Newfoundland Club (MD, VA, WV, DC) Shelly Childs 1824 Cotten Farm Lane Suffolk, VA 23432 (804) 255-2812 Norfolk Terrier and Norwich Terrier Norwich and Norfolk Terriers Club of America Rescue/Relocation Representative Susan M. Ely NJ 908-766-5429 or (718) 398-9353 Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club Mrs. Lee Donaldson 121 Carolina Forest Chapel Hill, NC 27514 919-929-3105 Mrs. Joseph Mattison MA 617-326-0950 Norwich and Norfolk Terriers Martha Seaman MI 313-647-1603 Norwegian Elkhound Norwegian Elkhound Associ. of America Diane Coleman NC 919-284-1342 Norwegian Elkhound Association of Northern California Karen Allen Northern California 415-591-8056 (after 7pm) Norwegian Elkhound Breed Rescue Southern CA Judy DeClercq 714-774-8863 or Scot Stockton 310-813-3148 scot@mamacass.etdesg.trw.com OR scot@iceland.etdesg.trw.com baylist: 415-591-8056 NEARE Kristina Doublas DE 302-545-7225 Norwegian Elkhound Club of Potomac Valley Geri King 3028 Hewitt Ave., #238 Silver Spring, MD 20906 301-871-5487 Barbara Plant MA 508-636-5548 (referrals only) Marion Szymanski MA 508-747-2728 || Norwegian Elkhound Rescue || MI || day (517) 355-9542 eve. (517) 641-6768 || email: cbristow@MSU.edu Old English Sheepdog Old English Sheepdog Club of America Laurie McCain 706 Whitney's Landing Rd. Crownsville, MD 21032 (410) 923-6181 Old English Sheepdog Fanciers of Central Arizona Cheryl Kulzer 2112 N. Pennington Dr. Chandler, AZ 85244 602-821-5727 Old English Sheepdog League of Northern California Pam Henry 2491 Darla Dr. Santa Rosa, CA 95401 707-579-1848 Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club Grace Fujikawa 381 Fairview Ave. Winnetka, IL 60093 708-446-7381 New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. Annie Raker Stonehedge Lincoln, MA 617-259-8173 Heather MI 313-338-8828 Bruce Ladoux Nashua, NH 603-889-2536 Madeline Erickson 6829 Chili-Riga Center Rd. Churchville, NY 14428 716-293-2967 Twin Colonies Old English Sheepdog Club of Norther New Jersey Shelia Kenyon 4 Log Rd. Morristown, NJ 07960 201-538-4129 Greater Portland Old English Sheepdog Club Nancy Miller 1850 SW Filmont Portland, OR 97225 503-646-6187 Melisande central PA (814) 237-0422 Greater Pittsburg Old English Sheedog Club Chris Gaburri 457 Orchard Ave. Pittsburg, PA 15202 412-761-0493 Jack Wilhelm 206-771-7349 WA "Rescues & places large shaggy dogs, particularly Old English Sheepdog mixes" Otter Hound Otterhound Club of America Betsy Conway Rd1, Box 134A Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 914-245-6354 baylist: 415-851-4248 Ellen Katz MA 617-329-8157 Russell Von der Linden NH 603-298-8432 Papillon Papillon Club of America Diana Fuchs Rt. 7, Box 5310 Quincy, FL 32351 904-875-1422 Metropolitan Area Papillion Club of Washinton, DC Margaret Quarts 3650 Mill Creek Dr. Haymarket, VA 22069 703-754-2557 Theresa Kaplan CA 310-472-0011 Patriot Papillon Rescue Committee 508-339-5620 508-597-5382 508-948-2278 (MA) Jackie & Ray Potocki 508-462-7607 home 508-462-6534 work (MA) Jan Burger 508-948-2275 (MA) PBGV -see Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Pekingese Pekingese Club of America Louise Harden 410-255-2166 MD Patty & Donald Hempel 408-377-7718 (CA) Elizabeth Fielder 408-438-5756 (CA) Jean and Don Thomas 415-342-7956 (CA) HM Thomas 510-656-2461 (CA) For Peke's Sake 301-589-1159 301-559-8744 301-869-6528 (MD) Margaret Reeves MA 508-771-8127 Allison Chase NH 603-672-6049 Hope Burghardt 607-547-5207 (Cooperstown, NY) 703-456-8395 (Virginia) * Hope may also be contacted for assistance with Toy Poodles, Japanese Chins, Boston Pugs, Pomeranians, and most Toy breeds. Peke. Club of America Linda Pierce OH 216-549-5124 or Bessie Pickens OR 503-659-2056 or James & Martha Lewis TN 615-378-3091 Pembroke Welsh Corgi -see Welsh Corgi Pembroke Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America || PBGVCA Rescue secretary Jennifer King NJ 908-462-0340 || pbgv23@Gramercy.ios.com or pbgv23@aol.com Can provide local references for rescue PBGVs. Barbara Wicklund NJ 908-281-6532 home 609-396-2904 work Pharoah Hound Pharoah Hound Club of America || Libby Leone || (408) 663-2550 Rita Sacks || (904) 357-8723 (FL) Ellen DeWolf 508-867-7437 (MA) baylist: 916-687-6696 Plott Hound -see Coonhounds in Breed Rescue FAQ File4. Pointer American Pointer Club Rescue Chair Joyce Blakely 151 Leigh Drive Pikeville, NC 27863 (919) 242-3154 Erica Bandes 203-266-7883 Connecticut Polski Owczarek Nizinny (Pons) International P.O.N. Society Chris and Tom Ferraro IL 708-697-0559 Pomeranian American Pomeranian Club Diana Downey 10160 James Madison Hwy Bealeton, VA 22712-9723 (703) 439-0368 Julie Moreno 415-583-4973 (CA) Dolly Tavner 415-346-5314 (CA) Denver Metro Pomeranian Club Rescue contact: Opal Dumler CO (303) 688 - 3768 Pomeranian Fanciers Club Paula Payson Ashby, MA 508-386-7794 Susann Philbrook Pom Rescue for NJ, NYC, Long Island, DE, and PA Phone (609) 267-4644 Fax (609) 267-3799 ext:0 email: ECFD88A@Prodigy.Com (Long distance calls will be returned collect.) Cindy Boulware 6450 Rolling Heights Circle Kaufman, TX 75142 214-932-3872 Hope Burghardt 607-547-5207 (Cooperstown, NY) 703-456-8395 (Virginia) * Hope may also be contacted for assistance with Toy Poodles, Japanese Chins, Boston Pugs, Pekanese, and most Toy breeds. Poodle Poodle Club of America Sally Kinne 214-235-7145 (TX) or Marjorie Hettrick 513-521-1530 (OH) Poodle Rescue Program Poodle Club of Central California Patricia Moulthrop, chair Lafayette, CA voice mail: 510-295-1070 Poodle Club of Mass. 617-628-1425 (MA) Sallie Perkins Beverly Hills, CA (try directory assistance) Greater Pittsburg Poodle Club Janice Gunn 412-486-2626 (PA) Poodle Club of Southeast Michigan Nancy Nastasi 41940 Quince Dr. Novi, MI 48050 313-344-0181 Poodle Club of Tulsa Mary Yeakey 2506 S. Cincinnati Tulsa, OK 74114 918-582-0301 Sherry Wargo 517-795-2663 (MI) Poodle Rescue Linda 301-977-2873 (MD) or Joan 301-744-9711 (MD) baylist: Betty Janz (standard poodle) 15870 Turquise Pl. Grass Valley, CA 95945 Theresa Kaplan southern CA 310-472-0011 Caroline Rose Southern CA 818-888-7613 Marie Martel Southern CA 818-249-6354 Toy Poodle Rescue Sandy Hartle 412-823-6459 (Pittsburgh, PA) Ruth Burall MD 301-663-4377 Pat Lloyd 301-449-3789 MD Janet Cook VA 804-934-2720 Quinnipiac Poodle Club 203-237-2578 (CT) Portuguese Water Dog Portuguese Water Dog Club of America Mary Haskins 215-257-9570 Internet: 75327.2405@compuserve.com or Steven Beder NY 516-997-8326 or Jane Harding CT 203-655-7258 Pug Pug Dog Club of America Ray and Pat Kolesar 715-423-6220 715-424-7847 (WI) City of Angels Pug Club Blanche Roberts Woodland Hills, CA 818-703-5026 or 788-7885 Pug Dog Club of Northern California Barry Clothier San Francisco, CA 415-566-6009 baylist: 415-592-0732 or 408-252-0598 The following are in southern CA: Lois Gibson 310-457-8016 Mary Phillips 818-353-8788 Thelma Ames 909-679-5693 Sherry Woodbury 818-795-3944 Columbine Pug Club of Denver, Colorado Quaylene Frazier Littleton, CO 303-972-2558 Pug Club of South Florida Pat Antle Plantation, FL 305-587-0556 Tampa Bay Pug Club Elizabeth Page 3965 Richy Rd. Mims, FL 407-269-0555 Greater Atlanta Pug Dog Club Teri Smith Molena, GA 404-648-6710 404-647-6622 || Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption (SEPRA) || Covering GA and neighboring states || email contact: Glorian Sipman (gsipman@libris.libs.uga.edu) || (706-549-3741) Great Lakes Pug Club Geraldine Woodrick Worth, IL 708-448-7819 Central Indiana Pug Club Donald Foral Indianapolis, IN 317-546-7815 Pug Club of Maryland Billie Hitt Rockville, MD 301-871-8063 Dot Kelly 617-837-5719 (MA) Pug Rescue of New England Doris Aldrich Pelham, MA 413-253-3066 or Fran Stuart Peterborough, NH 603-924-6026 Mid Michigan Pug Club Terry Smith Grand Ledge, MI 517-627-5916 Missouri Valley Pug Fanciers Barbara Hull Denton, NE 402-475-6841 402-474-5331 Pug Dog Club of Greater New York Ceilia Geary New York, NY 212-929-6606 or Shirley Thomas Flushing, NY 718-762-7508 Pug Dog Club of Greater Cincinnati Maryl Hodapp Hamilton, OH 513-892-0014 (number out of order - help?) || Southwestern Pennsylvania Pug Rescue || President, Jennifer Stratakis || Pittsburgh, PA || 412-859-3635 || email: jsf8@andrew.cmu.edu Bluebonnet Pug Dog Club Margaret Dunning Carrollton, TX 214-242-6175 Pug Dog Club of Greater San Antonio Marilynn Ellis Victoria, TX 512-573-2556 Puget Sound Pug Dog Club Carolyn McDuffie Seattle, WA 206-241-0658 Greater Milwaukee Pug Club Barbara Nook West Bend, WI 414-338-6860 Betty Dickey 517-792-6275 Yankee Pug Dog Club Debora Chamberland can't tell the address/phone :-( Pug Club of Canada Rescue Program Jennifer Threndyle Downsview, Ontario 1-416-635-6961 Puli Puli Club of America Betty Ostermeier 303-364-2836 Colorado Rat Terrier Holly Peterson 508-663-8093 Redbone Coonhound -see Coonhounds in Breed Rescue FAQ File4. ------------------------This is the end of Part 3 ---------------------- *Copyright (c) 1996 by Janice Ritter. 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