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Subject: rec.pets.dogs: Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ Part 2 of 4

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This is the Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ Part 2 of 4. These FAQs will be posted on a regular basis and/or you can obtain the file via anonymous ftp at rtfm.mit.edu under /pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part2. Or send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part1 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part2 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part3 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part4 in the body of the message leaving the subject line blank. Check out rec.pets.dogs.rescue for current discussions on rescue and for dogs in need of rescue. ___________________________________________________________________ Rescue FAQ File 2 includes: Chow Chows to Golden Retrievers. (All-breed, or specialty group/area rescues are listed at the end of FAQ part 4.) Chow Chow Chow Chow Club, Inc. || Chow Welfare Committe || Rescue Chair, Vicki (Rodenberg) DeGruy Janesville, WI 608-756-2008 || email: thunderhil@aol.com or Christine Cameron (CA) || 209-735-0412 || email: christin@giant.sequoias.cc.ca.us baylist: Ellen Prior 6095 Springer Way 416-983-6412 (between 6-9pm) San Jose, CA 95123 Pam Skorupski 208-881-2469 (CT) || Chow Chow Club, Inc || Rescue Committee Ginny Atkinson || 860-644-0668 (CT) || Chow Chow Club, Inc. || Rescue Committee || Joan Dunsire || KY || (502) 877-2577 Mary Louise Mays MD 410-876-7683 Rita Enwright 508-688-7288 (MA) (referrals only, not in the summers) Robin Richards 616-698-8449 (MI) Sheila Patton 517-487-0504 (MI) || Chow Chow Club, Inc || Rescue Committee Barbara Malone 201-872-9253 (NJ) Elaine Albert 516-361-9496 (NY) Loretta Phillips 614-695-1216 (OH) Mt. Hood Chow Chow Club Joyce Hay 8455 S.E. Orchard Lane Portland, OR 97266 503-774-5127 Chow Chow Club of Greater Houston Shirley Gooch P.O. Box 1593 Houston, TX 77251-1593 713-453-7834 Marion Block VA 703-866-4149 Dave & Cindy Durman VA 703-750-2154 Chow Chow Fanciers of Canada, South Central Ontario Judy Goacher Kendal, Ontario Canada || (905) 983-6412 between 6 and 9 pm Clumber Spaniel || Clumber Spaniel Club of America || Rescue Chair/East Coast Rep: Sue Carr || NJ || 908-580-1055 or || Mid West Rep: Kathy Rehm || WI || 414-898-4850 or || West Coast Rep: Dawn Cunningham || WA || 206-692-5235 (Call the appropriate rep for your region for local groups/help.) Vikki Lucas || FL 407-696-2338 Cocker Spaniel - See also English Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel Club Jackie Rowe CA 619-466-1407 (office) 619-460-6407 (home) Should be able to give out local rescue info. baylist: Ann Norton 237 Santa Lucia Ave. #5 Bay Cities Cocker Spaniel Club Vera Sill 110 Yellowood Pl. Pittsburg, CA 94565 || Cocker Spanial Rescue || GA || (770) 801-5470 Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Maryland Patricia and John Sinelli Columbia, Maryland 410-381-5106 Rescue in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and PA. Will take cocker mixes, age not an issue. or Dr. Valerie Macy MD email: Valerie_Macys@umail.umd.edu Cocker Rescue Lori Jones 301-582-1426 (MD) Cocker Rescue Leslie Jackson 301-694-8118 (MD) Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Mass Hotline 617-547-2876 (MA) Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England Gerry Foss NH 603-547-3363 (eves & weekends) Cocker Rescue of Rhode Island || 401-683-5516 (RI) Katherine Blair VA 703-430-2255 Collie Collie Club of America Gene Malone 602-790-0317 (AZ) or *Which person heads this up?* Collie Club of America Carol Zielke 205 N.E. 174th Seattle, WA 98155 *I had this in Spokane?* 206-367-6653 Tuscon Collie Club Jean Malone Tuscon, AZ 602-790-0317 Northern California Collie Rescue Jean Roberts 1046 Sunset Rd. Napa, CA 94558 707-252-2134 408-288-6624 (Santa Clara County) (micki@novell.com) 408-683-4604 (Gilroy/Santa Cruz) Collie Rescue Southern California Cookie Routman 909 15th St., Apt. E Santa Monica, CA 90403 213-395-6496 (Los Angeles) 805-255-5777 (Saugus, Lancaster) 805-524-4542 (Ventura County) 805-969-5548 (Santa Barbara County) baylist: 707-445-3685 Collie Club of Colorado LaVonne Archuletta 3226 W. Exposition Ave. Denver, CO 80219 303-936-1519 Collie Rescue of Metro Atlanta Connie Delinski 404-633-2337 (GA) Ann Humphries 404-292-9694 (GA) Collie Rescue League Marty Hamlin 17604 Parkridge Drive Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878 phones: (not nec. Marty) 301-948-6849 703-569-4728 Collie Club of Maryland Pam Catalano 608 Plymouth Rd. Baltimore, MD 21229 301-747-0296 The Collie Network Mary Lenertz Harvard, MA 617-456-8473 or Hotline: 508-456-8473 Collie Rescue League Of Mass., Inc (serves NE!) Andria Sobcazk Lincoln, RI 401-726-1688 Hotline: 401-726-5927 email contact: Eric Storch -- E.Storch@ma02.bull.com World Wide Web page: http://stout.ma02.bull.com/~erics/collie-rescue.html Tri-County Collie Rescue, Michigan Carol Fox 5955 Mayburn Dearborn Heights, MI 48127 313-277-2320 Lee Patton 313-522-8405 (MI) Toledo Collie Club Carol Lamb Petersburg, MI 313-856-2072 Toledo Collie Club Kathy Foley Toledo, OH 419-472-4638 Pacific Northwest Collie Club Glenda Kelly Banks, OR 503-324-1872 or Theresa Uzelac Portland, OR 503-641-4619 Collie Rescue of South Eastern Pennsylvania P.O. Box 1307 Willow Grove, PA 19090 Lynn Wolkiewicz 215-335-3544 or Linda Knouse 215-659-3331 Collie Club of Western Pennsylvania Cheryl Flora 132 Church Lane Pittsburg, PA 15238 412-767-7033 Andria Sobczak 401-726-1688 Rhode Island Collie Rescue League of Metro, Washington, Inc. Kay Richter, Secretary 9202 Honey Creeper Ct. Burke, VA 22015 and Martha Handman, President 7433 Sportsman Dr. Falls Church, VA 22043 The following is a list of names and phone numbers for Collie Rescue given by Holly Kruse. AZ: Patrick Martin, 602/948-1503 CA: Kay Bedeau, 916/423-1732] CO: Susan Murphy, 303/659-7875 CT: Nancy Connor, 413/367-2182 Darlene Ferris, 203/877-2431 IL: Anne Rice, 708/940-1596 Jan Ziech, 815/475-7143 KY: Christine Schroth, 606/586-5750 LA: Carolyn Donner, 504/391-0151 MA: Nancy Connor (see CT) MD: Barbara Bernhardt, 301/236-9294 ME: Claire Marx, 207/892-3118 || MI: Megan Veen, 810/664-2548 MO: Cecily Barker, 314/567-6289 NC: Claudia Aaron-Sneed, 919/791-2518 NH: Beth Michaud, 603/424-5436 NJ: Anna Jones, 908/464-5720 Marge Lippman, 201/962-4173 NY: Christine Wayman, 518/734-3179 OH: Nonda Jones, 216/235-4197 Ruth White, 412/443-6248 OR: Pam Beery, 503/246-0688 PA: Sandy Fisher, 215/932-2777 Doug Miller, 717/382-4086 Ruth White (see OH) TX: Marion Pahy, 512/494-0389 Bettina Whyte, 713/661-2052 VA: Teresa Warner, 703/528-7349 WI: Marge Hohman, 414/734-6734 E. Ann Buck, 715/344-8533 Coonhound -see Coonhounds in Breed Rescue FAQ File4. Corgi -see Welsh Corgi Curly-Coated Retriever Curly-Coated Retriever Club of America Sandra Freeman 919-867-7795 (NC) or Sheila Callahan-Young 508-281-3860 (MA) Dachshund Dachshund Club of America Ruth Martucci 7647 Sunset Ave Fair Oaks, CA 95628 or Lena K. Leonardson 603-899-3114 (NH) baylist: 408-253-8153 San Diego Dachshund Club Dorothy Shelton San Diego, CA 619-296-036 Lori Eden 708-965-4666 (IL) Mary Anne Fowler IL 708-95-2707 Dachshund Club of America Dachshund Rescue 617-581-1854 (MA) Dachshund Rescue of Monmouth/Ocean County Jody Caizza New Jersey 908-928-9786 Western Pennsylvania Dachshund Club Kathryn Daniels Clinton, PA 412-378-7858 Sheila Hitchcock OH 513-825-2116 || Jessica (Lindsay) Young || North/South Carolina || 803-981-9469 || email: jyoung@cetlink.net || website: http://www.cetlink.net/~jyoung/dachs_rescue.html || (The Dachshund Rescue Web Page) Eastern Canada Dachshund Club Pat Kearney, Secretary P.O. Box 151 Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0 (613) 624-5608 Dalmatian Dalmatian Club of America (also Central Maryland Dalmatian Club, Dalmation Rescue) Chris Jackson || 410-356-7252 (MD) or 301-356-2352 Dalmatian Club of Northern California Joe Immerman San Francisco, CA 415-282-6929 Southern California Dalmation Club Mary Widder, President CA 805-583-5914 || Dalmatian Rescue || Liz Moe || Buena Park, CA || 714-952-6943 Greater Denver Dalmatian Rescue P.O. Box 620761 Littleton, CO 80162 Andrea: (303) 973-9453 Beth: (303) 226-1316 || Dalmatian Rescue || Sharon Davis || Golden, CO || 303-233-5028 Central CT Dalmatian Club || Carol Roy || Marlborough, CT || (860)295-0078 Atlanta Dalmatian Rescue Maria Zorka metro-Atlanta, GA 404-325-1595 art@america.net Dalmatian Club of Southern New England || Annette Edoff || (508)562-9019 Dalmatian Adoption League & Rescue Barb Gunnage, president D.A.L. Rescue Svc. Livonia, MI 313-471-3487 or Mike Harper, VP 313-383-5483 (MI) Dalmatian Club of Greater St. Louis June Mueller 3208 Brisolhall Ct. Bridgeton, MO 63044 314-739-8682 Dalmation Club of America Rescue Committee members Sharon Lyons NY 914-635-3529 or Kelly Skinner NY 607-724-2571 Kim & Margaret Blutreich P.O. Box 580 Wingate, NC 28174-0580 704-282-4947 Central Carolina Dalmatian Club Rescue Chair, Tina Smith NC 919-269-4683 Delaware Valley Dalmatian Club Donna Howard Malvern, PA 215-853-2839 or Susan Hlavacek 215-647-8884 (PA) Piedmont Dalmatian Club Pres., Mary Dolde Edgemoor, SC 803-789-5125 Kate Romanauski 713-298-1443 (TX) Bev Greene 713-444-5019 (TX) || Dalmatian Rescue || Stephanie Burns || Bothell, WA || 206-486-3266 || (Affiliated with Seattle Purebred Rescue, 206-467-0205) Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of America Jacklyn Moss, rescue chair 703-684-1480 (VA) also listed: Evelyn Ammerman Philadelphia, PA 215-742-6933 Douglas Young 614-869-4243 (OH) 215-742-6268 Dogo Argentino - see Argentine Dogo Doberman Pinscher Doberman Pinscher Club of America (and Metro Atlanta Doberman Rescue) Judith Fellton 219 Johnson Ferry Rd. Marietta, GA 30067 404-971-1533 (call for local references - there are over 200 foster homes all over the U.S., many of which are not listed here) Tucson Doberman Pinscher Club Sharon Crissey 4948 La Canada Tucson, AZ 85705 602-888-9116 Santa Ana Valley Doberman Pinscher Club Jane Menz 1119 S. Clarence Anaheim, CA 92806 714-956-2685 baylist: 408-734-5834 or 707-448-3850 Elizabeth Adjan 510-532-5040 (bay area, CA) Always looking for foster homes, too Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club of San Diego Angie Monteleon 9821 Dunbar Lane El Cajon, CA 92021 619-443-8944 Cabrillo Doberman Pinscher Club Betty Smith 25510 Carmel Knolls Carmel, CA 93923 408-625-0366 or Sandra F. Wood 158 Garlin Rd. Watsonville, CA 95076 408-724-7005 California-Sierra Doberman Pinscher Club R. Dallara P.O. Box 3058 San Bernardino, CA 92413 714-884-9604 Doberman Pinscher Club of Rocky Mountain Area Nancy Melichar 8358 W. 62nd Pl. Arvada, CO 80004 303-421-9074 Patti & Henry Clark || 860-426-3154 (CT) Doberman Rescue 301-460-3869 (MD) New England Doberman Rescue 508-373-8899 (MA) Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc. 508-454-9791 (MA) New Hampshire Doberman Rescue League Paul McTigue 207-947-7274 (ME) or Barbara Burns 508-256-5776 (MA) or Sherry Bovinet 603-357-3533 (NH and VT referrals) or Fran Robinson || 860-653-4124 (CT) or D. & F. Bloomberg 603-778-2731 NH Robin Tardiff 603-382-9664 (NH) Doberman Pinscher Breeders Association of Penn-Jersey Pat Adriano 40 Broad Ave. Edison, NJ 08820 201-494-0951 Doberman Rescue (NC) Gabi 704-394-5464 Iris 704-392-3259 Gail 704-398-0164 Donation for adoption is $100 and includes all vaccinations and spay/neuter. Mt. Hood Doberman Pinscher Club Pat McMillian 3123 SE 129th Ave. Portland, OR 97236 503-761-2455 Quaker City Doberman Pinscher Club Pam Gutekunst One Melvin Road Phoenixville, PA 19460 215-935-0822 Judy Staven 401-683-5516 Rhode Island Doberman Rescue Julie Munford Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX 214-606-1510 Puget Sound Doberman Pinscher Club Julianne Ferado P.O. Box 58455 Renton, WA 98058 206-226-4810 Ambermark Dobe Larralyn McKay 416-493-6408 (Toronto, Canada area) English Bulldog -see Bulldog English Bull Terrier -see Bull Terrier English Cocker Spaniel -see also Cocker Spaniel English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Marsha T. Wallace, M.D., rescue chair Alexandria, VA 22301 703-548-7641 703-241-5422 English Cocker Rescue Mary Beth 410-799-2069 (MD) English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Mrs. Jane Doty 508-897-3883 (MA) English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Ann Kimball 802-748-4281 (VT) English Coonhound -see Coonhounds in Breed Rescue FAQ File4. English Pointer -see Pointer English Setter English Setter Association of America Dawn Ronyak 216-285-4531 (OH) Golden Gate English Setter Club M.A. Samuelson 21680 Fortini Rd. San Jose, CA 95120 408-997-2605 408-354-7205 Joanne Bradow Deltona, FL 407-324-2837 Cheryl Rudolph 508-668-0954 (MA) (referrals) English Shepherd English Shepherd Club Mary Ann Dwight 413-774-5888 Western Mass, referrals only English Springer Spaniel English Springer Spaniel Rescue - CA Arlene Rooney or Karen Ryan 310-830-8126 209-358-5965 or Jan Racey or Tammy Osborn 805-522-0687 714-667-0934 or Valerie Christensen or Ellen Etenkamp 408-734-5834 818-343-0360 baylist: 408-255-8436 or 408-779-2739 English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island, Inc. Barbara Czarzasty Connecticut contact 203-888-2192 Eastern English Springer Spaniel Hotline English Springer Spaniel Rescue Dunstable, MA 617-237-4751 English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island, Inc. Cheryl Worthington-Petras Mass/Southern Vermont contact 802-447-0809 English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island, Inc. Brooks Parrott Northern NJ contact 201-875-8539 or Doreen & John Naimo Mid NJ contact 908-364-6387 English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island, Inc. Program Coordinator Marge Silverthorn NY 516-472-0402 or Assistant Coordinator Karyl Schuldt NY 941-738-6027 or Gail Schuljan Long Island, NY contact 516-654-2157 or Sandy Friedel Lower New York contact 914-362-3873 or 516-668-9483 or Bob&Betsy January Westchester, NY contact 914-528-1357 or Holly Blodgett Binghamton, NY contact 607-625-3858 English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island, Inc. Barbara & Richard Shum Northern VT 802-259-2195 English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island, Inc. Carrie Maynard Central VT 802-763-7412 English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association Marie Anderson, Rescue contact WA 206-839-7937 Helen Rae Thomas Everettville, WV 26533 304-278-7657 304-278-7708 English Toy Spaniel Sue Kisielewski Route 1, Box 245-X Monroe, VA 24574 804-946-2417 Fila Brasileiro Fila Brasileiro Rt. 1 Box 324 Zebulon, GA 30295 706-567-8085 Fila Brasileiro Registry P.O. Box 456 Manhattan, KS 66502 913-776-5909 FAX: 913-539-6116 Finnish Spitz Libby McGreevy San Bruno, CA (Northern California) 415/952-1765 libby@ucsfvm.ucsf.edu Flat Coated Retriever Vicky Nickerson MA 617-837-1566 Jackie Capes 508-433-2776 (MA) Joyce Rein 616-846-0773 (MI) Fox Terrier -Toy- see Toy Fox Terrier Fox Terrier - Smooth or Wire National Fox Terrier Network Pam Bishop 909-672-2008 (Should be able to send local rescue references.) || The Fox Terrier Network || 171 Archers Point || Longwood, FL 32779 || 919-672-2008 or || 303-733-4220 || 206-334-0681 || email: dobra@pyros.kcsys.com, she-beez@premier1.net, || or 76402.402@Compuserve.com Can provide lists of Fox Terrier Rescue groups nationwide. Also provides education, and welcomes established breeders/exhibitors as well as pet owners. Ruth Millington 805-386-3757 (southern CA) rescue for Wire Fox Terriers, Airedales. has info on rescue for smooth fox, welsh, and lakelands Fox Terrier Club of Northern California Ehren Webster CA 415-329-1719 Bonnie Guzman CO 303-733-4220 National Fox Terrier Network member Geanne Wightman FL 407-333-4191 Fox Terrier Club of Chicago Barb Krynski IL 708-298-6348 Holly Peterson 508-663-8093 (MA) (referrals only) Carol Wainwright 313-395-4554 (MI) Jean Derench 603-894-4727 (NH) Maryanne Roma PA 215-822-2838 Houston Fox Terrier Club Dee Langley TX 713-723-5124 Sheila Allen WA 206-334-0681 French Bulldog French Bulldog Club of America Brenda Buckles, rescue network chair 6111 Walnut St. Kansas City, MO 64113 816-444-3363 or Jo Ellen Garber 617-961-4553 (MA) Joyce Smith Pinellas County, FL (near Tampa Bay) 813-733-3284 (Also so American Bulldog Rescue) Judy Hoobin 508-399-7315 (MA) German Shepherd Dog NATIONAL CLUB German Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc. Linda Kury, West Coast Rescue rep/Rescue Chair Santa Clara, CA 408-247-1272 Can refer you to west coast local rescues or Diane Roberts East Coast Rescue rep/Rescue Chair Tampa, FL East Coast Rescue Committee 813-671-2913 Can refer you to east coast local rescues ALABAMA || Marti Loeffle || Mobile, AL || 334-457-8337 || full service rescue || Christine Quisnick || Mobile, AL || 334-342-9048 || full service rescue ALASKA German Shepherd Dog Club of Alaska Bonnie Johnson and Christa Burg P.O. Box 670266 Chugiak, AK 99567 907-688-2352 ARIZONA Ron and Margaret Nunnally P.O. Box 19696 Happy Jack, AZ (Phoenix area) 602-477-2216 CALIFORNIA German Shepherd Rescue Grace Konosky Burbank, CA (818) 558-7560 (full service rescue) || German Shepherd Rescue Pat Stevens 510-790-9123 (Bay Area CA) || German Shepherd Rescue Manuel Madena 714-491-9177 (southern CA) || German Shepherd Rescue Linda Baker || Valencia, CA 805-297-1002 Tracy Vickers CA 916-726-3346 Jay Taub CA 916-967-4902 Dorothy Stansbury La Mesa, CA 619-447-6963 Analee Nations San Diego, CA 619-274-8132 German Shepherd Rescue Jim Silveira San Diego, CA 619-576-1016 full service rescue || German Shepherd Rescue Trina Nagia Collinwood Fillmore, CA 805-524-2774 (full-service rescue for long-coats) Linda Liederknecht Simi Valley, CA 805-522-1016 (full-service rescue) Julie Priest CA 510-778-1638 referrals Gerti Duweiss CA 209-523-6221 Barbara Adcock San Jose, CA 408-274-4444 (referrals only) Cindy Legrand Fieldbrook, CA 707-826-1724 (referrals only) Lisa Renick Sacramento, CA 916-339-9818 (referrals) || German Shepherd Rescue Referral || Jackie || Clark, CA || 310-457-7385 || German Shepherd Rescue Referral || Helen Thompson, CA || 213-254-8964 || German Shepherd Rescue || Cherrie Owen || 818-353-5761 || German Shepherd Rescue Monica Royalty 909-674-8363 || Donna Manes || Walnut Creek, CA || 510-943-1810 || referrals || Starr Ott || Barstow, CA || 619-252-4446 || Sherry Costa || Madera, CA || 209-675-0272 || referrals || Janice Raeburn || Livermore, CA || 510-449-5133 || Donna Hermosillo || DeNaire, CA || 209-632-3628 || referrals || Cindy LeGrand || Fieldbrook, CA || 707-826-1724 || referrals || Mary Edner || Orangevale, CA || 916-988-2232 || referrals || Tracy Beagin || Roseville, CA || 916-783-6680 || referrals || Sharon Allbright || Applgate, CA || 916-878-2826 || referals || Cindy Toelle || Sacramento, CA || 916-689-3272 || referrals || Debbie Pollard || Oregon House, CA || 916-293-2924 || referrals COLORADO Susan Casey Colorado Springs, CO 719-597-8025 Nancy Phelpes Box 213 Larkspur, CO 80188 303-681-2900 || full service rescue || GSD Rescue Hotline || 303-688-3306 || Sherry Waters || 303-366-0931 || Kathy Howse || 303-364-3793 || Janet Shroeder || 719-574-3541, office 719-591-4545 || Colorado Springs area only || Marge Satterfield || 303-899-4946 || Diane Oldfield || 303-776-3907 CONNECTICUT German Shepherd Dog Club of Greater New Haven (CT) Dorrie Halloway Prospect, CT 203-758-3756 referrals German Shepherd Dog Rescue Helen Scott Manchester, CT 203-646-4023 or || Armand DisRoberts || Anston, CT || 203-228-2554 or 203-537-9033 Full service rescue (according to GSDCA) Catherine A. McDonald Storrs, CT 203-487-1213 referrals only || Valerie Lennie || Lakeville, CT || 203-435-9103 || full service rescue || Barbara Bushee || Broadbrook, CT || 203-623-6580 || full service rescue DELAWARE Cynthia Mitchell 302-875-0756 || Full service rescue Suzanne Greenholt Hockessin, DE 302-234-3339 || referrals FLORIDA || GSDC of North Florida, Inc. Rescue || President, Jim Trejbal Jacksonville, FL 904-725-8859 and Secretary, Linda Novotasky Middleburg, FL 904-282-8808 || full service rescue Irving Polack New Smyrna, FL 904-423-8662 full service rescue Penny Evancic Jacksonville, FL 904-725-9009 Susan Armstrong Parkland, FL 305-753-5772 || full service rescue Diane Roberts Riverview, FL 813-671-2913 full service rescue || Gayle Arrington || Ocala, FL || 904-873-9912 || referrals || Kathy Parrish || Clermont, FL || 904-394-6411 || full service rescue || Bill and Florence Mylott || Deltona, FL || 904-532-5741 || full service rescue GEORGIA Janet Berwick 706-636-2621 || referrals Mike Protocas Marietta, GA 404-587-5248 (referrals) Dana F. Everles 404-926-6366 || full service rescue || Landen Gailey and Charlotte Hettiger || 404-248-1096 || German Shepherd Rescue || Nancy Battaglia || Lighonia, GA || 404-482-2603 IDAHO Sharon Thomas Priest River, ID 208-448-2787 ILLINOIS German Shepherd Rescue Diane Wright West Chicago, IL 708-293-4167 German Shepherd Rescue Liz Vahlcamp 314-863-1467 full service rescue Janet Ingalls St. Charles, IL 60175 708-377-2919 referrals German Shepherd Rescue Jackie Brandt Mokena, IL 815-485-2052 (full-service rescue) Susie Kuzelka Normal, IL 309-452-7997 || Illini German Shepherd Rescue || Janet || (815)-568-4009 || or || Valerie || (708)-429-3713 INDIANA || German Shepherd Rescue Dianna Lugo Hammond, IN 219-932-5506 (home) or 219-853-6507 (office) Laurie Tatum Lake Village, IN 219-345-5540 full service rescue; owner surrenders only IOWA || German Shepherd Rescue || Shirley Chong || Iowa City, IA || 319-351-2557 || Rescue and adoption w/i 100 mile radius of Iowa City KANSAS || Kelly || Manhatten, KS || 913-539-5741 LOUISIANA Joan R. Morehead Shreveport, LA 318-797-5982 referrals MAINE Adroscoggins GSD Club of Maine Winnie And Norman York (referrals) have 2 numbers: 207-797-4387 207-469-7628 Joyce Gagnon Wiscasset, ME 207-882-7470 (full service rescue) MARYLAND: See also Virginia for DC area rescues German Shepherd Rescue Referral Risa Lapidow Riverdale, MD 301-441-2461 (Rescue referrals in MD, DC, and northern VA) German Shepherd Rescue of Pennsylvania || Kathleen Kinnier, Mt. Airy, MD || 410-549-0356 || Rescue and Adoption in MD, DC, and nothern VA || German Shepherd Rescue Referral Margaret Scaife Waldorf, MD 301-843-0966 German Shepherd Rescue Gayle Arrington Prince Frederick, MD || 703-533-3755 (referrals) MASSACHUSETTS || German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc. || P.O. Box 299 || Wayland, MA 01778 || 413-245-0165 || A full-service rescue MICHIGAN || German Shepherd Rescue Referral Gail Gray Chelsea, MI 313-475-3570 or Kathleen Holcomb Gregory, MI 517-223-9863 or || Jean Goulston || Livonia, MI 810-476-1495 MINNESOTA German Shepherd Dog Club of Minneapolis-St. Paul Rescue Marilyn Linsey-Miller Willernie, MN 612-426-3682 (referrals) Pat Peterson 612-461-2743 || White Germans Shepherd Rescue Bert Haagenstad Crystal, MN 612-535-6339 White GSDs only || German Shepherd Rescue || Lucy Nordenstrom || Hawley, MN || 218-483-4225 || Rescues GSDs and Pembroke Corgis || German Shepherd Rescue || Ann Kiespert || 612-937-8022 MISSISSIPPI || German Shepherd Rescue Cindy Bailey Raymond, MS 601-857-5373 || (rescues all breeds within 100 miles radius of Jackson, MS, || especially Terriers, Am. Staffs, Bull Terriers, Bouviers, || GSDs, Rotties, Mastiffs, and Whippets.) MISSOURI German Shepherd Rescue Anne Mackey Kansas City, MO 816-363-0121 or || Debbie Duncan || 816-444-9617 Karen Waggoner Ozark, MO 417-485-6946 NEVADA German Shepherd Dog Club of S. Nevada Betty Zapatka Las Vegas, NV 702-645-2721 Dottie Newell 702-425-2103 NEW HAMPSHIRE Ellamea and Rex Jones || 603-783-5985 (NH) Referral only (for now) Emily St. Hilaire Ware, NH 603-529-2458 (referrals only) || Chris Makepeace || Hampton Falls, NH || 603-926-2684 NEW JERSEY Jodi Caizza 201-928-9786 Kim Dislonde 201-743-8885 Iza Kabuska Andover, NJ 201-398-1393 A full-service rescue German Shepherd Rescue Christy Shore Leesburg, NJ 609-785-9728 Kim Rutherford NJ 201-935-7076 Does rotties and GSDs. German Shepherd Rescue, Inc of PA (see below) Southern NJ 609-985-4725 Lacy's Shepherd Rescue Donna Petroisie Jackson, NJ 908-370-3795 NEW MEXICO Central New Mexico GSDC Kathy Gonsey Albuguerque, NM H: 505-877-7352 W: 505-877-8370 full service rescue NEW YORK Ritter Hof Kennel Mary and Kitty Cummings Johnson City, NY 607-729-2718 German Shepherd Rescue Risa Stein Rocky Pt, NY 516-744-3258 Anne Marie Stedman 914-756-4165 Donna Blair Pottersville, NY 12860 518-251-3959 Margaret C. Patterson Macedon, NY 315-524-4126 full-service rescue NORTH CAROLINA German Shepherd Dog Rescue Debbie & Jim Rafalowski Raleigh, NC 919-467-4698 internet: jjr@unity.ncsu.edu full service rescue Steve & Anita Holton Raleigh, NC (referrals) 919-774-6384 OHIO German Shepherd Rescue Elizabeth Stidham Eaton, OH 45320 513-456-5393 || German Shepherd Rescue Dennis Barker Toledo, OH 419-476-3899 || (Covers Northwest OH and southern MI) Dr. Bonnie Huffman Lodi, OH 216-948-4101 OKLAHOMA German Shepherd Rescue Lynn Seals Broken Box, OK 405-584-7664 || German Shepherd Rescue || Mr. Kaufman || 918-836-4298 OREGON || Susan Ross || Wolf Creek, OR || 503-474-2560 || Penny Wallace || Enterprise, OR || 503-426-6105 PENNSYLVANIA German Shepherd Rescue, Inc of PA Nancy Aiosa (717) 586-9064 Diane Reppy (717) 943-2055 Sue Bunnell (717) 388-6959 Charlotte Williams (717) 943-2624 German Shepherd Rescue Nadine Miller York, PA 717-741-0286 Kim Carr New Columbia, PA 717-568-0567 Colleen Baker Quakertown, PA 215-538-3201 German Shepherd Rescue Carol & Wendall Larson Upper Black Eddy, PA 215-294-9216 Jennifer & Tom Buck Hamburg, PA 215-320-4000 SOUTH CAROLINA Carl Makins 803-232-9125 referrals TENNESEE || German Shepherd Rescue Laura Hamrick Clarksville, TN || (615) 553-8050 (White GSD emphasis, but sometimes has others) TEXAS Marci Linn 817-847-1126 German Shepherd Dog Club of Dallas Connie Irwin 214-530-1568 referrals or EJ Murphy 817-481-1753 referrals German Shepherd Dog Club of Houston Adoptive Assistance/Rescue Referral Tom Landry 713-251-0403 (Houston area) German Shepherd Dog Club of Fort Worth Lee Rugeri Roanoke, TX 817-431-9163 (TX) (referrals) Sherry Wallis 725 E. Creekside Houston, TX 77024 713-465-9729 VERMONT Ian McLean Starksboro, VT 802-482-3932 David McCarthy Burlington, VT 802-899-3559 Bonnie Capron Arlington, VT 802-375-6057 || Lenore Brown || Rutland, VT || 802-287-9404 || referrals VIRGINIA - see also Maryland for DC area rescues || German Shepherd Rescue Referral Betsy Brown Orange, VA 703-854-7840 or 540-854-6740 Julie Duhn Waynesboro, VA || 540-942-2523 Larry Spivak Springfield, VA 703-451-9046 Gloria Shelton 703-659-1400 Debbie Day 703-895-9047 WASHINGTON German Shepherd Dog Rescue Margaret LaTour Redmond, WA 206-762-4504 (full service rescue, works with Seattle Purebred Rescue) || German Shepherd Rescue || Connie Rose Rambo || Langley, WA || 360-321-6072 WEST VIRGINIA James Breon Petersburg, WV 304-257-4638 German Shepherd Rescue || Michelle Stevens || Inwood, WV || 304-229-0956 WISCONSIN Carol Overguard Cambridge, WI 53523 608-423-4456 || Cindy Filz || Windy Hill Kennel || Appleton, WI || 414-731-1690 CANADA || German Shepherd Rescue || Inge Newbury || Vancouver area, BC || (604) 922-9818 German Shorthaired Pointer CALIFORNIA: German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Orange County Karen Detterich P.O. Box 818 Mira Loma, CA 91752 714-359-6960 Alison J. Lavitt 13532 Elgers Street Cerritos, CA 90701 213-921-1345 baylist: 415-493-2555 (Eddyce and Lou Mueller) German Shorthair Pointer of CA Rescue Laura Hansen 2644 monte Vista El Cerrito, CA (510)235-6792 Grass Valley: Hank & Maggie Deetz (916)764-2595 Livermore: Mimsy Pangilinan (510)449-5197 Napa: Jan Scott (707)257-7008 3258 Sonoma Highway Napa, CA 94559 Redlands: Stephanie B. Casdorph (909)798-3491 Jean Galli 1225 Buchanan Drive Santa Clara, CA 95051 408-241-6398 Sharon Ennis 5926 Mauritania Ave Oakland, CA 94605 510-562-2846 COLORADO German Shorthaired Club of America Geraldine Irwin 1101 W. Quincy Englewood, CO 80110 CONNECTICUT German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America Chairperson, rescue Nancy Campbell Redding, CT (203)-938-8048 ILLINOIS Chicago: Melinda Metzger (312)883-1736 Presumption: Bonnie Wilcox, DVM (309)534-8112 KANSAS Beloit: John Pfefferkorn (? )738-5135 Olathe: Julie Haller (913)782-5866 MAINE Brunswick: Wilma G. Sarna (207)729-5838 (Katahdin GSP Club) MARYLAND Upperco: Donna Headley (410)239-8387 MASSACHUSETTS Mayflower GSP Club Linda Flynn Milton, MA email: GSPNut@aol.com, lflynn@fdic.gov MINNESOTA Barnum: Don & Betty Sandberg (218)389-3413 Inver Grove Hts.: Sally Battista (612)455-0364 MONTANA Billings: Nancy Lane (406)698-3438 NEW HAMPSHIRE Katahdin German Shorthaired Pointer Club of New England Peggy Gagnon Danville, NH 603-642-5878 Candia: Alison Jones (603)483-8113 Sandown: Tricia Thomas (603)887-2093 NEW JERSEY Chester: Eleanor Campbell (908)879-2378 Edison: Marcia Steinmann (908)494-1290 Millville: Judith L. Noon (609)825-3948 Morris Plains: Lina Vitanza (201)829-6877 Stockton: Jane C. Ludwig (609)397-2016 Upper Montclair: Joan Tabor (201)746-5986 also GSP rescue (201)746-5986 GSP rescue (609)737-1910 NEW MEXICO Carrizozo: Sharon Baker (505)354-2894 Las Cruces: Phyllis McNall (505)527-4201 NEW YORK Hampton: Kenneth Janssen (518)282-9648 Pine Bush: Laura Pedersen (914)744-5501 Red Hook: Jacquelyn Cookingham (914)758-8511 Sound Beach: Lori Truncale (516)821-3084 NORTH CAROLINA Charlotte: Judith Van Noate (704)375-6957 Walkertown: Beth Cochran, DVM (919)595-3307 OHIO Cambridge: Betsy Miller (614)439-2652 Medina: Judy Parietti (216)667-2688 PENNSYLVANIA: Carlisle: Virginia S. Shambaugh (717)249-1947 TEXAS Red Oak: Joan McGrath (214)617-0256 (unknown) Shelia Hauser (713)351-0248 (unknown) Jeanne Wright (713)492-0810 VERMONT Shelburne: Lorie A. Crain (802)425-4007 VIRGINIA Phiolmont: Cecelia Weller (703)338-2801 WASHINGTON Renton: Linda Zobbi (206)255-7464 German Wirehair Pointer German Wirehair Pointer Club of America Linda Strathman 508-249-8360 (MA) Erica Bandes 203-266-7883 (CT) German Wirehair Pointer Club of America Carol L. Stuart RD 2, Box 182 Altoona, PA 16601 814-943-4045 Seattle-Tacoma German Wirehaired Pointer Club Laura Myles 22730 Echo Lake Rd. Snohomish, WA 98290 206-481-3371 Giant Schnauzer -see Schnauzer-Giant Golden Retriever (NOTE: An asterisk (*) next to a club's name within Goldens indicates that they are affiliated with a club.) NATIONAL CLUB RESCUE * Golden Retriever Club of America Ginny Kell, rescue chair 314 932-4650 (MO) or William Feeney 707 795-7941 (CA) ARIZONA Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue PO BOX 10982 Glendale AZ 85318-0982 Marti Gregoire - full service rescue, all of AZ 9AM - 9PM 602-566-8101 (AZ) Covers state of Arizona, full service rescue CALIFORNIA Golden Tales Golden Retriever Rescue 23212 Respit Lake Forest CA 92630-3851 Stephanie Mullins 8:30AM to 4:00PM NO WEEKEND CALLS 714-859-1822 TERRITORY: Orange County CA Referral Rescue Only * Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue 1602 South Wolfe Road Sunnyvale CA 94087 Mary Alward 408-739-6679, 6PM-9PM TERRITORY: Northern California - Fresno to Oregon Full Service Rescue and Referral Rescue Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Margo Smith 2112 East Oakdale Street Pasadena, CA 91107 818-449-4262 The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angles, Inc. Nancy Talbott 5050 West Avenue L Quartz Hills, CA 93563 805-943-2731 baylist: Steve Southard 408-723-3348 Golden Retreiver Rescue, Friends for Pets Foundation Diane Monahan 7131 Owensmouth Ave, Suite 39a Canoga, CA 818-701-0674 or LaVonne Rodstein 310-377-2998 Golden Canine Connection Inland Empire Area (southern CA) Janna Lin 909-924-5251, 909-242-3932, Fax 909-924-4061 email: JannaLin@AOL.Com Helen Redlus (408) 738-1235 or (408) 730-9422 San Francisco Bay area, CA email: hredlus@rahul.net The Golden WWW page - http://www.rahul.net/hredlus (for lots of referral golden rescue info) * Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County Rescue Service 8314 O'Connell Road El Cajon CA 92021 Susan Burrows 8AM to 10PM 619-449-1991 or Jeannette Poling 619-445-9216 8AM to 10PM TERRITORY: San Diego County, California Full Service and Referral Rescue HUG A HEART GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE 525 Suzanne Road Walnut CA 91789 Margo Smith 818-331-1545 Full Service Rescue Miki Shannon 818-897-7027 COLORADO * Mile Hi Golden Retriever Rescue 28230 Douglas Park Road Evergreen CO 80439 Anne Shannon 303-674-8913 Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Denver, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, Front Range CONNECTICUT-SEE MASSACHUSETTS DELAWARE - SEE MARYLAND FLORIDA Tallahassee Golden Retriever Rescue Cindy or Stan Gramling PO BOX 266 Tallahassee, FL 32302 904-421-7006 10AM to 8PM Full Service Rescue Referral Rescue TERRITORY: City/County *Mid-Florida Golden Retriever Club Rescue (change 1/12/94) Betty Wyatt Sarah Davis PO BOX 180503 Casselberry FL 32718-0503 407-332-2840 Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: State of Florida emphasis on Central and North FL GEORGIA * Atlanta Golden Retriever Club Rescue 2301 Boone Place (NAME AND ADDRESS CHANGE 2/17/94) Snellville GA 30278 call: Connie Wages, 404-985-6832 Sandra Graziano, 404-934-3431 Leave Message Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Metro Atlanta State of Georgia (dog must be delivered) Also: see S.Carolina, Oconnee County Golden Retriever Rescue Covers Northeast Georgia. ILLINOIS Rescue a Golden Service (RAGS) Patti Ridge 5254 W. Windsor Chicago IL 60630-3721 312-777-5456 Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Chicago and suburbs, North Indiana, Southern Wisconsin Lisa Blasco 312-665-9712 (IL) INDIANA Southern Indiana Golden Retriever Club Rescue Bill and Vicki Spencer 2650 Holland Drive Owensboro KY 42303-2723 502-683-8348 Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Central to Southern Indiana, Kentucky, Northern Tennessee IOWA * Iowa City Golden Retriever Club Rescue R.R. 1 Yankee Grove Lisbon, IA 52253 call: Linda Carter 319-455-2945, 10AM to 6PM or Julie Caruthers 319-895-6989, 10AM to 10PM Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Central and Eastern Iowa KENTUCKY - see INDIANA MAINE *Pine Tree Golden Retriever Club., Inc. Rescue Donna Hammond Hiram ME 207-625-4825, 9AM - 6PM Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: State of Maine ALSO: see Massachusetts MARYLAND (see also Virginia) GRREAT Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training, Inc. P.O. Box 2070 Ellicott City, MD 21043 Laurie Anderson 703-620-6593 Full Service Rescue and Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Maryland, Virginia (north of Richmond), Washington DC Delaware, parts of PA) (past GRREAT president) Kathy Carbone 301-788-0180 Tricia Robson 301-442-2213 MASSACHUSETTS Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. P.O. Box 104 North Reading, MA 01864 508-975-4091 (serves New England) || (line 3 for CT and RI) MICHIGAN * Ft. Detroit Golden Retriever Rescue Service 609 W. 13 Mile Road Royal Ok MI 48073-2408 Pat Coates-Thebo 810-588-5874, 9AM to 6PM or Laura Culp 810-673-7923 TERRITORY: state of Michigan MINNESOTA Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota 1960 Midland Hills Road Roseville Minnesota 55113 Ardis Brown 612-631-0984 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club Ardis Brown 1960 Midland Hills Road Roseville, MN 55113 612-631-0984 MISSOURI Golden Rescue Donna Thompson 12219 Cheryl Ct. St. Louis MO 63128-1608 314-843-1734 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Missouri NEBRASKA Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska Inc. (GRRIN) Barbara Zelechoski PO BOX 628 Elkhorn NE 68022 402-330-6680 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Nebraska See Also MINNESOTA NEW HAMPSHIRE See Yankee Golden Rescue, Massachusetts Salem Animal Rescue League 603-893-7169 NEW JERSEY Golden Re-Triever Inc. PO BOX 812 Butler, NY 07405-0812 call: Judy Laureano 201-492-1194 or Tom Kiernan 908-363-5318 Full Service Rescue, no referral TERRITORY: Northern New Jersey Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue Bernville, PA 610-678-4981 (Southern New Jersey, south of trenton, and eastern PA area) or Robin L. Adams Kathy Uhrman 610 678-4981 Full Service Rescue, No Referral NEW MEXICO Rio Grande Valley Golden Retriever Club Linda Atwell 6516 Esther, NE Albuqureque, NM 87109 505-821-9471 NEW YORK * Long Island Golden Retriever Club 126 Marvin Avenue Rockville Centre NY 11570-2511 John and Mary Kelly 62-49 83rd Place Middle Village NY 11379-1949 718-335-3026 TERRITORY: Long Island Laurel Doudera 516-727-6306 (NY) (Referral only) Renee Warshauer 516-933-1912 (NY) Donna & Jeff Sievers 516-727-6306 (NY) GRROWLS Teri Vigars PO BOX 6634 Syracuse NY 13217 315-689-3259 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Syracuse and Upstate New York NORTH CAROLINA * Triad Golden Retriever Club of Central North Carolina 1910 Strathmore Dr. Greensboro NC 27410-2118 call: Lynn Brogan 6709 West Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC 27410 919-292-9365 or Lee Newlin 910-288-9944 or Kris Karlek 704-634-1221 Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: North Central North Carolina * Golden Retriever Rescue Club of Charlotte NC 7539 Cedarbrook Drive Charlotte NC 28215 Kathy Nixon 704-573-1055 (leave message) or Jane Sanders 704-846-4165, 8AM to 9PM Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Mecklenburg County, Charlotte ALSO: See South Carolina Golden Retriever Rescue and Placement Program Laura Culp Raleigh, NC 919-469-8563 (leave message) See also: S. Carolina, Oconnee County Golden Retriever rescue, covers Blue Ridge Mtn area of N. Carolina NORTH DAKOTA - see Minnesota OHIO Golden Retrievers In Need (GRIN) Rescue Service Inc. 6511 Tanglewood Lane Seven Hills OHIO 44131-3146 Ginny Najpaver 216-328-0375, 9AM to 9PM or Marlene Goldman 216 449-1784, 5PM - 10PM Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Northeast Ohio Golden Endings Golden Retriever Rescue || Ralph Nickels, President || Ingrid Hubbard, Vice President || Galloway, OH || (614) 837-8377, voice mail TERRITORY: Central and Southern Ohio West Central Ohio Golden Retriever Rescue PO Box 283 Enon, OH 45323 call: Pam Campbell 513-323-7566, 9AM - 9PM or Mary Savage 513-298-2350, 9AM - 9PM Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Dayton and surrounding counties * Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toledo Linda Copti 1023 Keeler St. Maumee, OH 43537 419-893-9833 West Central Ohio Golden Retriever Rescue Pam Campbell P.O. Box 283 Enon, OH 45323 (513) 323-7566 OKLAHOMA Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue 9209 South Youngs Blvd. Oklahoma City OK 73159 call: Bob Bornstein 405-691-4839 or Sara Schafer 405-359-2247 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Oklahoma OREGON Golden Bond Rescue 7500 Spring Valley Road NW Salem, OR 97304-9750 Jennifer Bondley 503-362-2198 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Oregon PENNSYLVANIA Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue Inc. PO BOX 2321 Sinking Spring PA 19608-0195 Kathy Uhrman Robin L. Adams 610-678-4981 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Southern New Jersey (South of Trenton) Eastern Pennsylvania RHODE ISLAND - see Massachusetts SOUTH CAROLINA * Midlands Golden Rescue Mary B. Williams PO Box 3545 Columbia SC 29230-3545 803-735-0599, 9AM - 9PM Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: South Carolina Oconnee County Golden Retriever Rescue 580 Turkey Trot Road Mountain Rest SC 29664-9801 call: Lee Bryson 803-638-9896 or Della Gardner 803-647-0741 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: South Carolina, Northeast Georgia, Blue Ridge Mountain area of North Carolina SOUTH DAKOTA - See Minnesota TENNESSEE Golden Retriever Rescue of Oak Ridge 106 Newell Lane Oak Ridge TN 37830 call: Pauline Stevens 615-483-4087, 9AM to 9PM or Pat Vogel 615-435-1129, 9AM to 9PM Full Service rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Central and East Tennessee, Southeast Kentucky, Northwest North Carolina See also: Kentucky TEXAS Greater Houston Golden Retriever Club 6802 Stroud Houston, TX 77074 (713) 855-6044 (is this number still valid?) call: Ty Smith 713-988-2744, 7PM - 9PM CENTRAL TIME or leave a message (new rescue chair 2/14/94) or Lisa Ducher 713-429-7214, 7PM - 9PM CENTRAL TIME Full Service Rescue, Referral Rescue TERRITORY: Houston, Harris County, occasionally dogs from Beaumont and Victoria * Dallas - Ft. Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue Route 4 Box 420 Quinlan TX 75474 call: Terry Thornton 214-871-3900, 9AM to 4PM NO WEEKENDS or Sandy Cass 214-492-5871, 9AM to 5PM, WEEKDAYS BEFORE 7PM Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: North Texas south To Waco, West to Abilene * GOLDEN RETRIEVER RESCUE OF AUSTIN Jane Lucas 15730 Fitzhugh Road Austin TX 78736 512-264-1242, 9AM to 6PM CENTRAL TIME Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: City of Austin and Surrounding Counties UTAH Hobo Golden Rescue Program Larry and Cindy Winlaw PO BOX 211296 Salt Lake City UT 84121 801-942-6123, 9AM - 4PM WEEKDAYS REFERRAL ONLY TERRITORY: Utah VERMONT See Yankee Golden Rescue, Massachusetts Vermont Friends of Rescue Mardi Trendle 802-878-3233 or Kathy Kehoe 802-425-3626 VIRGINIA (see also Maryland) GRREAT (Golden Retriever Rescue, Education and Traning,Inc.) Virginia (703) 620-6593 (serves D.C., north and northwestern VA, MD, DE, and eastern PA) GRREAT of Southeastern Virginia, Inc. (Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, And Training, Inc.) P.O. Box 8014 Yorktown, VA 23693 (804) 827-8561 Full Service Rescue Serving Richmond, VA to Virginia Beach ALSO: GRREAT (north of Richmond) See Maryland Mary Jane Shervais 703-791-5708 WASHINGTON DC: See Maryland and Virginia WASHINGTON Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue - Golden Rescue Roz Helton 23713 NE 43rd Street Redmond, WA 98053 206-868-8175 or SPDR (206) 467-0205 Full Service Rescue TERRITORY: Western Washington Inland Empire Golden Retriever Club Lisa Branford, Secretary Spokane, WA (509) 927-7600 (referrals) WISCONSIN - See Illinois CANADA Golden Retriever Club of Canada Cathy Leonard, President P.O. Box 20073 Beverley Postal Outlet Edmonton, AB T5W 5E6 (403) 436-2537 Golden Rescue, serving the Golden Retriever 6021 Yonge St. Box 1015 North York, ON M2M 3W2 Canada 416-883-4093 ---------------------This is the end of Part 2 ------------------------ *Copyright (c) 1996 by Janice Ritter. 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