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Subject: rec.pets.dogs: Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ Part 1 of 4

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Archive-name: dogs-faq/rescue/part1 Version: 3.4 Last-modified: July, 1996 Current-edition: January, 1998
This is the Breed Rescue Organizations FAQ Part 1 of 4. It is arranged in alphabetical order by breed from Affenpinscher to Chinook, Chow Chow to Golden Retriever, Gordon Setter to Redbone Coonhound, and finally Rhodesian Ridgeback to Yorkshire Terrier. All-breed and speciality group rescues are listed at the end of FAQ part 4. These FAQs will be posted on a regular basis and/or you can obtain the file via anonymous ftp at rtfm.mit.edu under /pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part1. Or send email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part1 send /usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/rescue/part2 send /usenet/news.answers/dog-faq/rescue/part3 send /usenet/news.answers/dog-faq/rescue/part4 in the body of the message leaving the subject line blank. This is the 18th update of the canine rescue organizations list. Breed specific organizations are listed first and all-breed and specialty organizations are at the end. All the lines that are preceeded with a "||" are the ones containing either new information or important corrections with respect to version 3.3. All the rec.pets.dogs.info FAQ's are also mirrored at nowaksg.chem.nd.edu and can be found in the /pub/dogs-faq directory via anonymous ftp. Check out rec.pets.dogs.rescue for current discussions on rescue and for dogs in need of rescue. THANKS TO THOSE WHO DESERVE IT: Susan Mudgett and Eric Johansson have been keeping a list of New England Rescue Organizations for quite some time. They graciously sent a hard copy of their list so that we could include all of those addresses and phone numbers in this listing. If you wish to contact them directly concerning the New England area specifically, send email at scm@harvee.billerica.ma.us. Many thanks to Susan and Eric. Secondly, Marget Johnson sent us so much stuff she had to include extra postage on the envelope. Most of the information Marget provided us has been submitted to various dog related journals so this information may be available in your local library as well. Many thanks to Marget too. Thirdly, Colleen Englemann sent a listing of rescue organizations from the "Bay Area". This means the San Francisco Bay area, so if you live near there these listings are for you. The text "baylist" is added by these because many of them are just phone numbers without the name of the person. This doesn't mean you shouldn't call, we just don't know what the name of the person you will talk to is. If you do call and get a name, let me know so I can include it here. Cindy Tittle Moore (those of you who read r.p.d.* regularly know her well) has been of great help both at the beginning and the end of this project. Her expertise in FAQ's for rec.pets.dogs.* is greatly appreciated. Dominique Anfossi has provided all the Canadian information so thanks to him. This list is for the dogs, literally :-) All of the poor animals that have been abandoned for whatever reasons. So many of you are caring people and take these dogs in and care for them until they can find kind caring homes where they really belong. I hope a few dogs can find homes through our meager efforts. DISCLAIMER: I have no experience with any of these groups (except German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc, which is my group). We simply wanted to make this list available to you. So, we must say that we are not specifically endorsing any of these people/groups but we are endorsing the idea of rescuing a dog for a pet. If I receive more than 3 complaints about a group not responding in a timely fashion, or not treating a dog well, etc., I'll remove the group/person from the list. (Sorry it comes to this sometimes.) There is a 3-book series published with a thorough listing of breed rescue organizations available. Here is the citation: Project BREED (Breed Rescue Efforts & Education) Published by: Network for Ani-males & Females, Inc. P.O. Box 15888 Chevy Chase, MD 20825-5888 The set of 2 is $35 plus $5.05 for postage/handling, check or m.o. Note that a 3rd volume was recently published to include more breeds (such as German Shepherd Dogs and Chihuahuas), add updates, etc. If you need more information, a more complete listing, or other information about rescue, lots of information is in there. TAKING AT LEAST A LITTLE RESPONSIBILITY :-) : All complaints and errors should be brought to my immediate attention. I will have to depend on those in netland to keep me up to date. Who should be listed in this FAQ: -------------------------------- Only those people and groups who are directly involved in *rescue* activities should be listed here. Breeders, please don't list yourselves as rescue contacts in the Rescue FAQs as a way to find potential adoptees for your returned and/or adult dogs from your breedings. You have the resources to network and find good homes for your dogs. These FAQs are for groups and individuals who help those dogs that need *rescueing*. If you notice I have left out someone in your favorite breed then please tell me. If I have included someone that no longer serves in this capacity, tell me so I can delete them from the list. Otherwise keep this packed away in your files somewhere and pull it out when someone asks you about getting a new dog. Rescues can be such good pets for many people, so don't automatically assume everyone needs a puppy. (You may find the best puppy here as well!) Sincerely, Janice Ritter ritter@aolnorth.com ___________________________________________________________________ Rescue FAQ File 1 includes: Affenpinscher to Chinook. (All-breed, or specialty group/area rescues are listed at the end of FAQ part 4.) Affenpinscher Affenpinscher Club of America Nancy Holmes New Boston, NH 603-487-2156 Afghan Hound Afghan Hound Club of America, Inc. Judith S. Fellton, chairperson 219 Johnson Ferry Rd. Marietta, GA 30068 404-971-1533 notes: Information and guidelines available. Nationwide coordination. Club will furnish financial assistance for spay, neuter and health check. Afghan Hound Rescue of Southern California Andrea Augustine 8567 Holloway Drive #1 West Hollywood, CA 90069 310-657-8237 baylist: 415-924-7020 Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club/Afghan Hound Resuce of NE Adoption, Rescue, Referral and Placment (New England) Amy Peake (413) 268-9418 or Leslie Nelson (860) 875-7526 or Pam Wall 508-921-9384 (MA) Claudia Edgell 617-729-2153 (MA) Afghan Hound Club of Northern New Jersey Rescue Bob and Nancy Check RD 2, 999 Walcutt Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 Delores A. Masker 15 Cedar Street Lincoln Park, NJ 07035 Afghan Hound Association of Long Island Pat Marinaccio 43 Chapel Hill Drive, N. Brentwood, NY 11717 516-231-6457 Lucy Orlowski OH 614-369-4080 Afghan Hound Club of Oklahoma City Shari Mason 122 Richard Terrace Mustang, OK 73064 405-376-2929 Kathy PA 215-295-5823 Richmond Afghan Hound Club Holly Jorgensen Rt. 1, Box 235D Bealeton, VA 22712 703-439-2239 Afghan Hound Rescue Adoption, rescue, referral service and placement Nancy (908) 658-3786 Airedale Terrier Airedale Terrier Club of America Rescue Committee Mrs. Joey Fineran, chairman 610-294-8028 (PA) or June Dutcher, co-chairman 714-827-8013 (CA) notes: contact either for reference to rescue persons California Airedale Terrier Club Liz Younger 4705 Mayfield Dr. Fremont, CA 94536 415-795-6870 Southern California Airedale Association Ruth Millington 7895 Dusty Lane Somis, CA 93066 805-987-2277 Airedale Terrier Club of Metropolitan Washington, DC Lou Swafford 13108 Greenmount Ave. Beltsville, MD 20705 301-572-7116 Airedale Terrier Club of New England Judi Foote 681 Congress St. Duxbury, MA 02332 617-837-2454 or Regina Foley MA 617-329-9751 Marlene Kotchey MI 313-485-8098 Airedale Terrier Club of Metro New York Rescue & Adoption Service Candy Kramlich (NY) 914-945-0533 (7:30 - 11p.m. on weekdays or anytime weekends) or Karen Stefkovich or Dave Pasake 201-827-7022 (NJ) or Gerry McDonnell NY (516) 354-1245 Services New York, New Jersey, CT area and beyond by direct rescue services or by networking through the National Rescue network ((Airedale Club of America Rescue.) This group requires: all family members must want the dog; no outside only dogs, i.e. must have run of the house; must have fence, unless you live in an apartment; renters must have landlord permission. Airedale Terrier Club of Metropolitan New York Linda Handford Wurtsboro, NY 12790 914-888-4944 or || Helena || CT || email: hhe@j51.com Airedale Terrier Club of Greater Philadelphia Ben McCarthy 1737 Division Highway Narvon, PA 17555 717-354-7646 717-656-9391 Airedale Terrier Club of America Rescue & Adoption Committee Lynne Jensen 1180 Hopewell Road Downington, PA 19335 Wisconsin Airedale Terrier Club Myrtle Huffer 2863 N. Humblodt Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53212 414-562-4299 Akbash Akbash Dog International Rescue Service Deborah Dowling 749 Waasis Rd Oromocto NB E2V 2N4 Akbash Dogs International David Sims R.R.3, Union Road Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island C1A 7J7 Canada home - 902-672-3036 work 902-566-0812 fax - 902-566-0958 e-mail - sims@upei.ca happy to act as an e-mail go-between for Maremma, Great Pyrenees, Komondorok, Shar Planinetz, Tibetan Mastiff, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, Karabash and Kuvasz. Akbash Club of America Marcia 703-872-5293 Akita Akita Club of America Rescue Chair Margie Rutbell Pennsylvania 215-297-5970 CA Bay Area list: 415-756-5590 Akita Rescue Society of America (ARSA) (note additional SOCAL(parent chapter, southern Cal.) chapters below) Mrs. Barbara Bouyet 237 Venus Street Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 805-492-2127 or Larry Gaiefsky 714-980-6280 or Kay Lee 909-986-5795 ARSA provides breed information to prospective owners. Members are available for consultation and evaluation. We take in homeless Akitas, have them Vet checked, up-to-date on shots, spayed/neutered and heartworm/fecal checked. Prospective homes are screened and references are required. Adopters must sign an Adoption Contract and pay an Adoption Fee. Akita Rescue Society of America (ARSA) CENTRAL Mid-West region Mrs. Myrna Pearce HCR 1, Box 820 Reeds Spring, MO 65737 417-272-3476 ARSA-MAC North Mid-Atlantic North (NY Metro Area, central NJ) Anybody have any info on this chapter? ARSA-MAC South (Mid-Atlantic region inc. Delaware, MD, and VA) Mrs. Puller Lanigan 4501 Bennion Rd. Wheaton, MD 20906 301-946-3779 or 703-524-9163 ARSA-FLORIDA Mrs. Dori Sparkman 1530 Parkwood Street Jacksonville, FL 32207 904-399-8942 || John Porter || Friends of Akita Rescue (FAR) || Phone no. 414-679-4858 || E-mail address: nekado@earthlink.net Sophia Kaluzniacki AZ 602-625-8634 Gwen Walko AZ 602-582-6354 Greater Baltimore Akita Club Barbara Davis 908 Rolandvue Rd. Ruxton, MD 21204 301-823-6939 New England Akita Rescue Alliance CT 860-688-2921 Nancy Fisk MA 508-859-8663 Newton Kennel Club (Akitas) Tom and Beverly Bonadonna RD 3, Box 1 Branchville, NJ 07826 201-948-4551 Delaware Valley Akita Rescue Kathy DeWees NJ 609-859-3125 || Barbara Cicognani || NY || 518-784-3330 || email: sterling@albany.net || Holly Reese || NY || 607-756-0727 || akitalady@baka.com Judy Furlong OH 419-474-7006 New Beginnings Kennels Newton, WV (304)565-3500 Akita Rescue of Canada (AROC) Akita and Shiba Inu Steve Watson or Maureen Stapleton RR 2 Stayner ON LOM 1SO Steve: 705-428-3039 Maureen: 416-899-3370 Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Malamute Club of America Virginia DeVaney P.O. Box 170 Cedar Crest, NM 87008 505-281-3961 Alaskan Malamute Rescue of California Wendy Corr 415-538-1529 (CA) or Tina Dunn, rescue coordinator 5040 Barnard Street Simi Valley, CA 93063 805-583-8280 or Valerie White 805-526-0165 (CA) notes: "We rescue and house, abused, unwanted or abandoned Alaskan Malamutes. All of our rescued Malamutes are spayed or neutered, health checked, vaccinated and temperament tested before they are relocated in suitable, adoptive homes. Donations greatly appreciated. baylist: Andy Gach 1621 Christina Dr. Las Altos, CA 94022 Alaskan Malamute Protection League P.O. Box 170 Cedar Crest, NM 87008 505-281-3961 notes: This organization is a National Information Network servicing individuals and Rescue Organizations working for the Alaskan Malamute. State coordinators provide information from and to a National file. Alaskan Malamute Protection League You can call any of the following: Jan Smith 860-649-0079 Connecticut or Theresa Hawley 508-667-6008 (MA) or Susan Conant 617-965-5542 (MA) or Patrick Smith 413-848-2121 Western MA or Sally Boggs 207-647-5707 ME or Joan Bastura 802-722-9759 VT Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Eastern PA and Southern NJ Karen York 215-364-0390 (PA) or Cathie Mortland 609-829-4941 (NJ) Malamute Rescue Linda Smith Mt. Gilead, OH (419) 947-7948 Alaskan Malamute Club of Greater Houston Holly Mason Houston, TX 713-480-6203 *** New Entry**** American Brittany American Brittany Club Rhonda & Jessica Carlson Castro Valley CA (510) 582-2714 email: britrescue@aol.com || American Brittany Rescue's Eastern Regional Coordinator || Judy Cohen || 717-235-0854 (PA) Nellie Shepherd CT 203-628-5658 Aloha Brittany Club Dimi Poser P.O. Box 78 Waianae, HI 96792 Missouri Brittany Club Dave White 12012 W. 150th Circle Olathe, KS 66062 913-897-3822 || Eastern New England Brittany Club Rescue || Nancy Dempsey || 508-774-3502 (MA) || Long Island Brit Club || Sandi Clausen || 914-737-1006 (NY) || email: scbrits@bestweb.net || Anthracite Brit Club || Linda Rose || 717-964-3157 (PA) || email: aspenbrits@iw1.net Martha Close VA 703-764-0884 Walter & Diane Scott VA 804-357-2857 American Eskimo American Eskimo Club National Rescue Coorindator Sara Anderson (IL) 708-851-8104 American Eskimo Rescue Libby McGreevy San Bruno, CA (Northern California) 415/952-1765 haven@sirius.com Debbie Ritchie MA 413-862-3329 Heart Bandits American Eskimo Rescue Bob or Carol Davis Columbus, OH (614) 889-5683 email: 70003.1161@compuserve.com American Eskimo Rescue Jacqueline (Jacque) T. Brothers Colleyville, TX PH: 817-540-3366 email: BeelaPes@aol.com (is setting up an 800 number shortly) American Pit Bull Terrier Jean Balsam 201-746-5587 (NJ) || Pit Perfect Rescue || NJ || || Chako Rescue Association || Dawn Capp || College Station TX || 409-694-3689 || email: dawnc@bigfoot.com. || http://home.att.net/~DawnCapp/ American Staffordshire Terrier Staffordshire Terrier Club of America Melanie Tierney Henrietta, NY 14467 716-234-DOGS American Water Spaniel The American Water Spaniel Field Association of America Breed Rescue Chairperson: Lynn Morrison P.O. BOX 160 Union Lake, MI 48387-0160 (810)-363-0858 or (810)-674-9336 American Water Spaniel Club Sharon Beaupre WS 715-878-4549 (or is Sharon is MN at 612-689-2235?) Anatolian Shepherd Anatolian Shpeherd Dog International, Inc. || Pam Kernan <pam@bilbo.suite.com> || TX || 937-857-9390 || Check http://www.geocities.com/~anatolian/RESCUE.htm for || listings and other contacts Argentine Dogo Argentine Dogo Club of America Dee Gannon West Shokan, NY 609-758-1593 notes: "...offers a nationwide rescue for unwanted and abandoned DOGOS. Note that these dogs are turned in under a variety of names including Dogo Argentino, Argentine Mastiff, Argentine Bulldog and even occasionally as a large white 'Pit Bull'. The Club has kennel space in most areas of the country. If there is no one in the area, we will air ship to a volunteer facility. Rescued Dogos are neutered, temperament tested and placed in loving homes." Australian Cattle Dog Australian Cattle Dog Club of America Rescue Chair Valerie Eltzroth IL 815-455-5296 or John Kurpas 19975 Concord Detroit, MI, 48234 313-366-0537 or Judith Ransom P.O. Box 594 Lithia Springs, GA 30057 404-944-7562 Bill & Sue Cogger MD 301-627-6358 The Bull Run Australian Cattle Dog Club(East Coast) Rescue Contact: Eunice Fuller-Gluck, VMD (New England) (860) 455-9059 Covers New England Michigan Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Karl Henning and Julie Bender 317 S. Division #170 Ann Arbor, MI 48104 517-522-5944 henning@pms923.pms.ford.com The Bull Run Australian Cattle Dog Club (Mid Atlantic) Rescue Contact: Monica Shifflet (301) 469-6076 email: brynmawr@ix.netcom.com Covers the Mid-Atlantic area Australian Kelpie Jo Ann Weller 303-659-6832 (CO) Jennifer 303-659-4799 (CO) Jan Wesen 206-766-6808 (WA) Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) Aussie Rescue and Placement Program (ARPP) 1-800-892-ASCA (2722) in New England, call Peter Kontos 413-467-9812 after 1:30 pm. EST or || West Coast ARPH || Monica B. ARPH rep, Southern CA || 714- Australian Shepherd Rescue of Colorado Trish Whitley Westminster CO (303)466-7910 Australian Shepherd Club of New England Karin Bundy Tripp (CT) 860-873-2403 or Heather Hensen 860-376-5805 (CT) Kathy McDonald 305-373-1908 (FL) Mary Cummings 607-729-2718 (NY area) (Also does GSD rescue work) Carolina Australian Shepherd Club Aussie Rescue Group Kathleen Cole 803-556-2338 (SC) or Melanie Schlaginhaufen 910-643-1615 (919?) Australian Terrier Australian Terrier Club of America Barbera Curtis 939 Lochness Court Ft. Collins, CO 80524 303-482-9163 Debra Austin 716-763-1536 NY Margaret Reignier 414-468-1796 (WI) Basenji Basenji Club of America Rescue Chair Judith Holiday CO 303-795-5382 Basenji Club of Northern California Margaret Hoff 191 Butterfield Rd. San Anselmo, CA 94960 415-453-2510 baylist: Margaret Hoff 191 Butterfield Rd. San Anselmo, CA 94960 Basenji Rescue, Northern CA Arnold Lipp 805-274-8820 or Karen Jones 818-761-7668 or Dave Caslin 909-823-5821 Iris Craven 301-875-2449 MD Cathy Cant 301-627-3123 Maryland Bay State Basenji Club 508-458-8108 (MA) or 413-532-4526 (MA) Karen Butler 313-669-5943 (MI) Jennifer Hampton 313-475-8825 (MI) Delaware Valley Basenji Club Mark Baime 908-580-9212 New Jersey Maureen Koplow NJ 609-853-1847 Dallas-Ft. Worth Basenji Club Linda Coker 321 Birchwood Dr. Garland, TX 75043 214-681-7129 Nancy Sullivan 703-830-2710 Virginia Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin Pat Wand 3636 N. 100th Street Milwaukee, WI 53222 414-466-6478 Basset Hound Basset Hound Club of America (BHCA) Rescue Rescue Chair Libby Sallada (Denver CO area) 303-798-0942 or Colleen Clement 860-653-0104 (CT) Northern California Basset Hound Club Ruth Wilcox 510-562-1906 (CA) High Country Basset Rescue and Adoption (Denver Metro Area) Bill Nail Denver, CO area 303-364-1877 Carol Makowski Bristlecone Basset Hounds 303/665-9007 (CO) makowski@rap.ucar.edu Nutmeg Basset Hound Rescue Marilyn 860-434-2767 (CT) Basset Rescue Tish Lee 904-264-4020 (FL) Nancy Bresler 407-727-7292 (FL) Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia Julie Bradley (404) 499-1164 (GA) email: gsga@aol.com Basset Hound Adoption Assistance Barbara Boudreau Sturbridge, MA 413-347-3207 Michigan Basset Rescue Group MI (313)623-1698 or 681-1617, or 738-5493 or 363-1896 Basset Hound Rescue League Arlene Kahn P.O. Box 44201 Fort Washington MD 20744 Covers Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Southern PA, West Virginia, and some North Carolina 301-292-3020 or 703-281-1035 also June Gravitte 301-805-9321 Pilgram Basset Hound Club Karen Caron 603-434-0886 (NH) Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue League (was Berkshire Valley Basset Hound Club) Barbara Wicklund Skillman, NJ (NJ, Southern PA) 908-874-0508 Carolina Basset Hound Rescue Stacia Langley (NC) (910) 773-1201 Cindy Watson eastern PA 215-362-6730 Kathy Karppinen Aloha, OR 503-642-1519 Kris Pellom 801-566-5590 (UT) Jerry & Alice Hampton VA 804-332-7744 Basset Hound Adoption Assistance Doris Antczak Yorktown, VA 804-564-9242 Badgerland Basset Hound Club Jane Baetz, Rescue Chairperson 2175 Hwy. Y West Bend, WI 53094 414-375-2522 Basset Hound Rescue Phyllis Stapells St. John's Sideroad RR 3 Stouffville ON L4A 7X4 416-640-3819 Basset Hound Club of B.C. Miss Anna Phillips, President 17 James St. Strathroy, ON N7G 1S6 (519) 245-1358 Beagle Beagle Rescue Diane Scholz Phoenix, AZ email: Ahwatukee1@aol.com || Beagle Rescue Page (for more listings) || http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Meadows/4159/rescue.html Blossom Valley Beagle Club Mary Powell & Trudi Reveira Sunnyvale, CA 408-244-1840 baylist: 408-244-1848 Beagle Adoption Assistance Dotty Ambrose 818-347-5529 (CA) Beagle Adoption Assistance Andre & Esther Tomatis 909-822-5050 (CA) Beagle Adoption Service Bill & Janet Nieland 714-826-0928 (CA) or Elizabeth Davies LA, CA 213-837-1395 or 213-839-0729 Sandi O'Day CA (northern) 707-255-6379 Mary Powell & Trudi Reveira CA (northern) 408-244-1840 Beagle Rescue Sylvia Rushforth CO (303) 795 - 2837 Bonnie Granger 410-758-6620 (MD) (anybody have an updated phone number?) Caroline Serval 508-670-2374 (MA) Beagle Rescue, Cutler Canine Companions/ Purebred Dog Rescue of St. Louis Debbie Cutler St. Charles, MO 314-949-0180 SOS Beagle Rescue Linda Forrest Bordentown, NJ 609-267-5157 "Purebred Beagles for adoption. Vet checked, loving compainions and adoption application required." Beagle Rescue Ted Swedalla, JR Levittown, NY 516-796-6058 Columbia-Willamette Beagle Club Christy Parrish, Rescue Coordinator Portland, OR (503) 788-0182 Covers the Oregon west coast (west of the Cascades) to southwest Washington state. Beagle Rescue Kris Pellom Midvale, UT 801-566-5590 Beagle Rescue, Seattle Purered Dog Rescue, Inc. Robert & Vivian Biesiedzinski Duvall, WA 206-788-5436 Bearded Collie Bearded Collie Club of America Barbara Marshall 617-275-0637 or Paul Glatzer Smithtown, NY 516-724-0871 or Chantal Bailey Davie, FL 305-475-0095 baylist: Ann Angevin Allen 87 Claire Way Tiburon, CA 94920 Bearded Collie Rescue Ann Rambaud CA (909) 822-6451 email: raznme@deltanet.com Karen Norteman MA (508) 692-5100 x431 (days) email: seadog@biddeford.com Can provide local or national referrals. Bearded Collie Club of Southeastern Michigan Claudia McNulty (810) 627-6931 or Donna Gorenflo (313) 882-4417 Beauceron Beauceron Club of America (BCA) || email: anlol@efn.org || http://www.efn.org/~anlol/ North Am. Beauceron Club 106 Halteman Rd Pottstown, PA 19464 Breed info and rescue Nancy McDowell Eugene, OR || phone: 541-485-1545 || fax: 541-342-3777 fax || email: anlol@efn.org || http://www.efn.org/~anlol Susan Bulanda PA 215-323-8022 Claudia Batson 804-293-4037 Virginia Bedlington Terriers Bedlington Terrier Club of America Linda Jones FL 813-388-3315 or Judy Barton (Monte) Bakersfield, CA 805-322-4542 805-324-1074 Belgian Laekenois LAEKENOIS CLUB: Randie Meyer Vice-President, Laekenois Club; Member UBSDA, ABTC Amherst NH email rmeyer@gadzuk.enet.dec.com (603) 672-8378 See Alicia Marcinczyk under Belgian Tervuren. She accepts info on Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Malinois, and Belgian Laekenois and Tervs. BELGIAN SHEEPDOG CLUB OF CANADA see Shauna Attewell under Belgian Sheepdogs Belgian Malinois American Belgian Malinois Club EAST: Kathleen Adams Rescue Committee, ABMC (East) West Islip, NY email kathadams@aol.com or WEST: Allyson Olson Marysvale, UT 801-326-4243 or Angela Eaton Pet Shops Contact, ABMC Louisville CO (303) 499-0374 or Tina Fields IL 708-773-3594 or Diane Muzzey IL 708-924-5728 United Belgian Shepherd Dog Association Susan Morian 207-832-7025 (ME) or Kathleen Hagerty 603-654-2504 (NH) baylist: 408-946-2136 or 415-365-5613 New England: See Alicia Marcinczyk under Belgian Tervuren. She accepts infos on Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Malinois, and Belgian Laekenois and Tervs. Kathy Greenwood OK 918-371-3846 kgreenwood@tul3.citgo.com or 103063.616@compuserve.com BELGIAN SHEEPDOG CLUB OF CANADA See Shauna Attewell under Belgian Sheepdogs Belgian Sheepdog Belgian Sheepdog Club of America Rescue Co-Chairs Robin Barfoot, email: barfoot@ermis.state.mi.us 517-627-2549 (evenings) and Sharon Roundy email: belgrescue@worldnet.att.net 708-343-3358 (evenings) (IL) (Call for references for adopting a dog.) United Belgian Shepherd Dog Club c/o (the chairperson is moving - I will Randie Meyer update when she's available again) Amherst, NH 603-673-6245 or Susan Morian 207-832-7025 (ME) Barb Vaneseltine 619-327-9038 (CA) Sharon Roundy 708-343-3358 (IL) belgrescue@worldnet.att.net Greater Chicago Belgian Sheepdog Club Kathy Champine champine@cs.uwp.edu Marilyn Russell 207-848-5613 (ME) Patricia Barrett 603-881-7668 (NH) Phyllis Davis Cedarville, OH (513) 766-2654 Kathy Greenwood Norman, Ok 918-371-3846 kgreenwood@tul3.citgo.com or 103063.616@compuserve.com Janet Bennett Culpeper, VA 703-547-3252 New England: See Alicia Marcinczyk under Belgian Tervuren. She accepts info on Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Malinois, and Belgian Laekenois and Tervs. BELGIAN SHEEPDOG CLUB OF CANADA Shauna Attewell President, BSCC-NAS Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5E 1X2 email s_attewell@biomira.com (403) 475-4826 (Call for local references) Belgian Tervuren American Belgian Tervuren Club Miki Baiocchi Georgetown, TX 512-863-9251 512-869-3539 (work) or Cindy Simonsen Elkhorn, WI 414-642-2286 Barb Vaneseltine 619-327-9038 (CA) Northern California Redwood Empire BT Fanciers Derede Arthur and Rob Michalski Internet: dlarthur@leland.stanford.edu or rmmchlsk@leland.stanford.edu Manely Tervuren Belgian Club Alicia Marcinczyk, Rescue Chair (Northeast States) ME 207-637-2588 NOTE: Please, NO BREEDER REFERRAL CALLS, please! Also accepts info on Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Malinois, and Belgian Laekenois Acadia BSD Club (UBSDA) and Mainely Tervuren Belgian Club (ABTC) Sue Morian 207-832-7025 (ME) or JoAnne LaFear 445-4415 (ME) Berkshire Belgian Tervuren Club Don McManus 413-467-9881 Western Massachusetts or Paula Eldridge 603-437-6231 NH Kathy Greenwood OK 918-371-3846 kgreenwood@tul3.citgo.com or 103063.616@compuserve.com Bernese Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America National Rescue Chair Beth Friichtenicht 309-596-2633 (IL) Gisela Liden 548 W. State Ave. Phoenix, Az. 85021 (602) 943-4341 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley Carol Holden 345 Masspoag Ave Sharon, MA 02067 617-784-6826 or Paul Emerson 508-448-3183 (MA) North Start States Bernese Mountain Dog Club Jenny Pavlovic, Rescue Chair 5381 St. Croix Trail S. Afton, MN 55001 612-426-6164 pav10009@gold.tc.umn.edu Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Watchung Lillian Ostermiller P.O. Box 54 Flemington, NJ 08822 (need a phone number update!) North Coast BMDC of Ohio, Inc. Rescue Committee Sue Sanvido, Chairperson (216) 235-3686 27170 Bagley Road Olmsted Twnship, OH 44138 or Jill Pappenhagen Internet: jnp@cwru.edu Bichon Frise Bichon Frise Club of America Laura Fox-Meachen WS 414-878-2880 or BFC of America Rescue Effort 414-878-4446 Bichon Frise Club of San Diego Betty Ribble 13035 Via Caballo Rojo San Diego, CA 92129 619-556-6578 Bichon Frise Club of Greater Los Angeles Area Margie Rickards southern CA 909-371-7464 email: bichonpook@aol.com Bichon Frise Club of Southern New England Irene Libby CT 860-763-0547 Bichon Frise Rescue Shirley 301-990-0491 (MD) or Phyllis 703-670-3111 Bichon Frise Club of Northern New Jersey Anne Baird 25 Hayes Avenue Millville, NJ 08332 609-327-2544 Marion Bartley & Lynn Sciarrone 908-722-4505 (NJ) Greater New York Bichon Frise Fanciers Eleanor Grossick 41 Audrey Ave. Elmont, NY 516-561-9147 National Bichon Frise Rescue Trust Nancy McDonald 14303 Spring Maple Lane Houston, TX 77063 Bichon Frise Club of Greater Houston Carolyn Messner 10702 Burgonyne Rd. Houston, TX 77042 CANADA Bichon Frise Club of Canada Elizabeth Genovese BC, Canada 604-581-7968 Black and Tan Coonhound American Black and Tan Coonhound Club Vicky Blackburn 847-931-7657 (IL) See also Coonhound Rescue in Rescue FAQ file 4. Bloodhound American Bloodhound Club Ed Kilby FL 904-788-0137 or Susan La Croix Hamil 20372 Laguna Canyon Rd. Laguna Beach, CA 92651 714-494-1076 714-494-9506 or Gina Lyn Hayes 508-693-7299 (MA) The national club can give local group referrals. Bloodhounds West * Breed Rescue 20372 Laguna Canyon Road Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (714) 494-9506 Bloodhound West covers breed rescue in much of the western US with several chapters. Bluetick Hound -see Coonhounds in Breed Rescue FAQ File4. Border Collie The North American Border Collie Rescue Network: Nancy Starkey in Maryland (301-253-4732) or Carole Presberg, NABCRN (607-659-5868) Box 843, Ithaca, NY 14851 (send a long SASE for information and rescue list) Loretta Madduz 510-236-7711 (CA) Pat Cook 510-886-8147 (CA) Debbie Proctor 415-381-9641 (CA) Susan Wilson 408-998-1714 (CA) || Michael and Bonnie Lofton || Southern CA || 619-749-0867 Nancy Broderick 708-841-8344 (IL) The Border Collie Rescue Organization Nancy Starkey Mount Airy, MD (301) 253-4732 or Sharon Nunan 215-497-4378 Nancy Hayes 508-478-3277 (referrrals only, MA) Madelyn Cirinna MA 508-363-2978 Linda 705 Logan Helena, MT 59601 (406)443-1380 email: runn100@aol.com Janet Larson 603-868-5313 (NH) Elsa Gibson NJ 201-783-4192 North American Border Collie Rescue Network NY Hotline 315-597-3669 or Carole Presberg Condor, NY 13743 (607) 659-5868 Susan Bulanda PA 610-323-8022 Kathy Kemper Kennedale, Texas (817) 572-6767 email: kkemper@metronet.com Border Collie Rescue Debbie Sutton WA 206-858-2893 Millissa DeMille Internet: mellissa@mendel.berkeley.edu Border Terrier Border Terrier Club of America JoEllen Wolf GA 706-863-0951 baylist: Jim Kane 5509 Blank Rd. Sebastapol, CA 95472 North American Border Terrier Welfare Kate Murphy 508-372-1775 (MA) or Jenny Chambers 802-253-4789 or Pam & Chris Dyer (coordinators) 3685 Montee 4eme Rang Ste-Marie-Madeleine, QUE JOH 1SO 514-584-3951 Area Reps: Quebec: Jocelyne Tasse-Durosher 514-641-0941 Ontario: Marnie Fielding 613-825-0722 Alberta: June Smith 403-283-1364 Sheridan WI 414-264-9247 email: sash@omnifest.uwm.edu Borzoi Borzoi Club of America Barbara Skinner, rescue chair 908-859-4554 (NJ) Borzoi Club of California Margaret Jemison (Orange Cty.) 6292 Shayne Dr. Huntington Beach, CA 92647 714-846-4192 or Judith Lofgren (L.A.) 213-540-9695 Borzoi Rescue of Northern California Jacquieline Gregory P.O. Box 733 Somerset, CA 95684 209-245-6994 baylist: Jacqueline Gregory PO Box 773 2200 Wolfhound Rd. Somerset, CA 95648 Ted Turchin 603-964-8514 New Hampshire (also other sighthounds) Scott Ekblad P.O. Box 112 Beavercreek, OR 97004-0112 Ofc (503) 494-5227 Home (503) 632-8569 Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley Debbie Carcillo 1407 Rising Sun Ave. Parkland, PA 19047 215-757-2487 Puget Sound Borzoi Club Lita Bond 13106 SE 304th Auburn, WA 98002 206-833-5876 Susan Caulkins 515-842-7333 Boston Terrier Boston Terrier Club of America Rescue Hotline: 1-800-578-5088 Rescue Chair: Ellen Dresselhuis Minnesota 612-537-6474 Call for local referrals, too. baylist: Nancy Ford 10520 Baywood Ct. Cupertino, CA 95014 408-252-0598 New England Boston Terrier Rescue Referral Betty Foerster 617-323-7966 (MA) or Alice Krawczyk 401-245-6308 (RI) or Mary Wolhmar 603-435-8727 (NH) Minuteman Boston Terrier Rescue Jennifer Tripp 508-753-5074 (MA) or Leasa Tyrell 207-743-8878 (ME) Boston Terrier Club of Maryland Rescue Committee Rachel Toczylowski 8906 Ardwick-Ardmore Rd. Lanham, MD 20785 (301) 322-7464 Fostering, adoption, and referrals Covers the Maryland, Virgina, Penns, Delaware, and D.C. areas. Detroit Boston Terrier Club Barbara Lohringel 696 Merrimac Canton, MI 48188 313-397-8982 or Mira Jilbert Troy, MI 810-643-7282 Lenape Boston Terrier Club Alma Bettencourt 41 Main Rd. Flanders, NJ 07836 201-584-9485 Boston Terrier Club of Milwaukee Dr. Myles Notaro 2925 South 10th St. Milwaukee, WI 53215 414-482-1633 Boston Terrier Club of Canada Doreen Jones, Secretary 7127 5th St. S.W. Calgary, AB T2V 1B2 (403) 259-3295 Bouvier Des Flandres American Bouvier Rescue League National Coordinator: Diane Sutherland 18719 Racquet Sports Way Humble, TX 77343 (713) 852-8521 Ralph Goldman Memorial Fund American Bouvier Rescue League Jacqueline R. Crowe, committee chair 1880 West 11800 South South Jordan, Utah 84065 801-254-0462 Southern Calif Bouvier des Flanderes Club Rescue Chair Phillip & Ada Brann Quartz Hills, CA (805) 722-3163 e-mail: AdanDawg@aol.com Sally & Gaylord Imura Redondo Beach, CA (310) 378-2691 Gail & Brian Simmons Pleasanton, CA (510) 484-1901 e-mail: BWS20@netcom.com Laurie Ricketts Cool, CA (916) 823-5802 Can foster a dog if dog is brought to her or is fairly close by. Paula Weaver San Diego, CA (619) 571-3412 Pam Green Northern CA (916) 756-2997 pamgreen@mother.com American Bouvier Rescue League West Coast Director: Karen Brown Parker, CO (303) 841-6052 Nancy Woodley (Rescue Chairman for the SouthEast) 3114 Wilson Road Decatur, GA 30030 404-723-1273 Northeastern Illinois Bouvier des Flanders Candice Lutz 210 Hazelwood Dr. Lindenhurst, IL 60046 708-356-0084 American Bouvier Rescue League Northeastern Rescue Coordinators John Canty 508-741-3670 (MA) work: 508-745-1718 or Hilarie Felber 203-643-7066 (CT) Maureen Patterson 508-358-6657 (MA) Ken Westphal 617-979-0854 (MA) Deborah Abeles 413-743-4084 (western MA) Bouvier des Flanders Club of SE Michigan Sandra Jarrell Pontiac, MI 810-881-0200 810-681-5652 Marilyn Gong Santa Fe, NM (505) 982-0975 Debbie Goldstein NC (704) 663-5297 Cascade Bouvier de Flanders Club Co-Rescue Chair: Sue Mattews Hillsboro, OR (503) 648-9385 email: sue.matthews@comm-dat.com or Sharon Gerl OR (503) 726-3872 Boxer American Boxer Association Tracy L. Hendrickson 4412 W. Kent Circle Broken Arrow, OK 74135 800-999-8387 || National Boxer Rescue (listings) || Cathie Miller || http://www.geocities.com/heartland/hills/9838. ALABAMA Donna OSborn Eclectic, AL 205-541-2611 ALASKA Tammy Mark Fairbanks, AK 907-488-8203 ARKANSAS Darleen Wheelington Camden, AR 501-836-PAWS Barbara Lewis Lamar, AR 501-885-6306 CALIFORNIA Ursula P. Sauthier Encino, CA 818-343-6244 Bay Area Boxer Rescue/Boxer Rescue of Marin Marilyn Baum Mill Valley, CA (415) 383-1062 Boxer Rescue of Marin is a division of Fund-raisers for Animal Helpers, a non-profit, tax deductible association. Boxer Rescue is a 100% volunteer organization and is always looking for adopters, foster homes, drivers and volunteers BOXER RESCUE of San Diego County Alice Dalton Escondido, CA (619) 747-5712 baylist: 415-383-1065 Stephanie Johnson Dublin, CA 510-828-3707 Wanda Van Steewky San Bernardino, CA 909-883-6570 COLORADO Pat Edwards Aurora, CO 303-361-6574 Barbara Glassman Boulder, CO 303-530-1954 Duane and Rebecca Minter Trinidad, CO 719-846-6806 CONNECTICUT Boxer Rescue Service, Inc. Michele McArdle 203-853-9595 (CT) Mrs. Patricia Harrah Greenwich, CT 203-629-9665 Stephanie Abraham SCOTLAND, CT 203-423-7484 FLORIDA Greater Miami Boxer Club Elizabeth McCann Lauderdale Lakes, FL 305-484-3076 Mary Ellen Crawford Daytona Beach, FL 904-255-0876 Alfonzo Alverez Miami, FL 305-634-1161 Jay and Tammy Stokes Middleburg, FL 904-291-0842 Patricia Mullen Oldsmar, FL 813-855-3877 William and Marlene Demore Port Charlotte, FL 813-629-3584 Mrs. Gloria Bower Port Charlotte, FL 813-627-1898 Mrs. Virginai Zurflieh Tampa, FL 813-626-9789 ILLINOIS Boxer Rebound Inc. Jeanette Everett (815) 653-9016 email: chipper@ais.net MAINE Boxer Rescue Service, Inc. Lois Ann Holmes 207-825-3688 (ME) MASSACHUSETTS Boxer Rescue Service, Inc. Beth Coviello 508-695-1972 (evenings) 617-784-7750 (days) Massachusetts MICHIGAN Jill Dennis 313-652-3178 (MI) NEW JERSEY Boxer Rescue Service, Inc. Jean Loubriel 90 Holland Ave. Demarest, NJ 07627 201-786-6627 notes: "Rescue on average as many as three Boxers a week. There is coverage of shelters, kennels, pounds and veterinarian's offices looking for the distressed Boxer Puppy and Adult." OKLAHOMA Alma Hartsell OK 918-437-2609 PENNSYLVANIA Saucon Valley Boxer Club Mary Leibensperger PA (H) 610-797-8392 (W) 610-866-0400 TEXAS Bluebonnet Boxer Club Stephania Jinks 1210 Magnolia Lane Kingwood, TX 77339 713-359-4255 or Jinna Dunn P.O. Box 8732 Grangerland, TX 77302 408-231-3873 Brnady Nunciato 713-332-1506 (TX) Charlene & Joseph Combs TX 210-521-0213 UTAH || Color Country Boxer Rescue || Cathie Miller || Cedar City, UT || (801)867-8662 || email: cmck@tcd.net || http://www.geocities.com/heartland/hills/9838 || http://www.geocities.com/napavalley/5092 Pacific Northwest Boxer Club Bill and Sarah McNary Snohomish, WA 206-483-9358 Sheila Fraswer Seattle, WA 206-228-1860 Irene Lemieux 6355 Third Line Milton, Ontario Cananda L6T 2X5 Briard Briard Club of America Jack Wynne, U.S. & Canada 321 Central Inkster, MI 48141 313-729-7590 or Mary Bloom 53-07 Douglaston Parkway Douglaston, NY 11362 718-224-5275 Briard Club of America Rescue Program volunteer Dianne Schoenberg (WA) Internet: diannes@u.washington.edu Marsha and Dennis Gough Oroville, CA 916-533-5497 Mike Johnson El Toro, CA 714-581-2597 Mary Lopez Salinas, CA 408-663-3200 Gwen Shook Grand Terrace, CA 714-783-2117 Marsha Clamp 617-325-6511 (MA) Judy Ziozios 517-790-9590 (MI) Judith Pratt 603-464-5599 (NH) (referral only) Merry Jeanne Millner NC 910-869-5490 Sheridan WI 414-264-9247 sash@omnifest.uwm.edu Brittany - see American Brittany Brussels Griffon NBGC Rescue Marjorie Simon, breed rescue chairman 25 Windermere Houston, TX 77063 713-783-8887 email: Marjorie@aol.com OR Marjorie@worldnet.att.net baylist: Joan Guest 860-862 Old County Rd. Belmont, CA 94002 Linda Knight 703-364-2068 Virginia Bulldog Bulldog Club of America Dr. James K. Young 512-340-0055 (TX) Bulldog Club of America Rescue & Adoption 800-594-4289 Lynn Tunis Tucson, AZ 602-888-0675 Sharon L. Britton Hot Springs AR 501-525-4332 Covers Hot Springs, Garland County, Russellville, Arkadelphia, Searcy, Fort Smith Bulldog Club of Northern California Pat Ropp Los Gatos, CA 95030 408-356-0039 Bulldog Club of Greater San Diego Betty Fisher El Cajon, CA 619-588-6491 Bulldog Club of America Regional Chair: Lynda Pelovsky CA 510-483-8433 Covers AZ,CA,HI,NV Nancy Harrison Sun City, CA 909-928-1440 Covers Lake Elsinore, Riverside, San Bernadino, San Diego, Orange & LA Counties Bulldog Club of Denver Sandra Coffman Littleton, CO 80123 303-979-6460 Barbara Mangini CT 203-281-1409 Pat and Pam Devoid Hillsborough County, FL (near Tampa Bay) 813-988-7324 Joyce Smith Pinellas County, FL (near Tampa Bay) 813-733-3284 (also does French Bulldog Rescue) Miriam Lundeen (maine only) 207-989-6791 New England Bulldog Rescue Kathy Bernardi 508-386-5541 (MA) or Diane Condon 508-869-2981 (MA) or Pat Garrity 508-842-8848 (MA) Amy Knerr-Hankinson Granville, OH 43023 614-587-4042 Covers OH, VA, IL, WV, IN (also places other breeds from time to time) Bulldog Club of America Sharon Zakar Germantown, OH 513-696-2657 Covers IN,IL,KY,MI,OH,WV,WI Bulldog Club of America Kristine Metzger Springfield, OR 503-726-1007 Covers AK,ID,MT,OR,WA English Bulldog Rescue Chuck Reeb PA 412-746-0985 Sylvia Arrowwood Monks Corner, SC 803-899-7460 also does Pugs San Antonio Bulldog Club Dr. Jim Young and Diana Young San Antonio, TX 78227 512-673-8020 512-340-0055 Bulldog Club of Texas Brandy Nunciato 17719 Heritige Creek Drive Webster, TX 77598 Bonnie Wasnock Langley, B.C. Canada Home 604-534-6856, Work 800-663-1425 Bullmastiff The American Bullmastiff Association Mary Walsh S. Boston, MA 617-268-0359 or Virginia Rowland (@ HOTLINE number) HOTLINE: 508-939-5300 Bullmastiff Rescue and Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue Mark Worrell internet: markw@dsinet.dgtl.com or Barbara Brooks-Worrell internet: bbrooks@u.washington.edu CALIFORNIA Claudette Aamodt 707-584-9359 Phillip Maresca 415-594-9304 work: 415-960-1120 Nancy McDonnell 415-595-2266 Dee Gensburger 707-763-8443 MASSACHUSETTS See National Club MICHIGAN Barbara Brant 313-437-3314 (MI) NEW JERSEY America Bullmastiff Association Rescue Committee John Curatola 201-363-2058 John Thompson 609-829-4784 Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Club of America and Bull Terrier Welfare Foundation Norma Shepherd 800-BTBT-911 (RI) email: AVARGO@aol.com for newsletter or Bill Edwards 1526 Belleau Rd. Glendale, CA 91206 818-956-1170 1-800-282-8911 Bull Terrier Club of Central Arizona Lisa Newell Glendate, AZ 602-931-2654 Barbary Coast Bull Terrier Club Shari A. Mann San Francisco, CA 94122 415-564-9335 Bull Terrier Club of America Randy and Jan Bisgaard Los Angeles, CA 213-667-0582 Mile High Bull Terrier Club Mark and Diane Haller-Campbell 3446 Longview Rd. Erie, CO 80226 303-828-3027 Dee Garrison 1070 E. Eaton St. Lakewood, CO 80226 303-935-2791 Charlene Rogers CT 860-747-6397 Bull Terrier Club of Tampa Bay Sandra Hill-Cowen 2810 Crystal Court Coconut Grove, FL 33153 305-858-3827 Ft. Dearborn Bull Terrier Club Katherine Ross 151 Saemann Rd. Chesterton, IN 46304 219-926-6959 Bull Terrier Club of St. Louis Jeff Clinebell, D.V.M. Columbia Animal Hospital Columbia, IL 62236 618-281-7161 Bull Terrier Club of Metro Detroit Sharon Whalen Flushing, MI 810-659-5951 || Bull Terrier Welfare Foundation || Cathie Littlefield || MO || email: BlueDogBky@AOL.COM Bull Terrier Club of New England 802-775-6369 or Kathy Brosnan Kingston, NH 603-642-5355 or Christine St. Cyr 617-867-4017 (MA) or Norma Shepherd 401-231-3332 (RI) Central New Jersey Bull Terrier Club Corinne Gliozzi 31 Bloomfield Ave. Somerset, NJ 08873 201-214-0170 Buckeye Bull Terrier Club (Northern Ohio) Kayla Applebaum 2765 Som Cntr. Rd. Huntington Valley, OH 44022 216-464-0396 or (Southern Ohio) Carolyn Kramer 4611 Manchester Rd. New Middletown, OH 45042 513-424-4909 Golden Triangle Bull Terrier Club Betty Desmond R.D. 2, Box 315 Claysville, PA 15323 412-663-5345 Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club Cheryl Yost 4401 Manor Hall Lane Fairfax, VA 22033 703-378-5373 David Weber Rt. 3 Box 162 Charlottesville, VA 22901