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This article may not be sold for profit nor incorporated in other documents without he Author(s)'s permission and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. ========== Flyball Author Copyright 1995-1998 Kathryn Hogg, kjh@ces.com Last Modified: Aug 31, 1998 _________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents * What is Flyball? * Who governs Flyball? * NAFA Directory * How can I get more info? * Where can I get equipment? _________________________________________________________________ What is Flyball? Flyball is a team sport for dogs that was invented in California in the late 70's. Legend has it that Herbert Wagner first showed it on the Johnny Carson Show to millions of Americans. Soon afterwards dog trainers and dog clubs were making and using Flyball Boxes. In the early 80's the sport became so popular that the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) was formed and they are the worldwide authority for Flyball. Typical Lane Setup Typical lane setup Flyball is a relay race with 4 dogs on a team. The course consists of a starting line, 4 hurdles spaced 10 feet apart and a box. The first hurdle is 6 feet from the start line and the box is 15 feet from the last hurdle for a 51 foot overall length. The dogs jump the hurdles and steps on a spring loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball. The dog catches the tennis ball and then runs back over the 4 hurdles. When the dog crosses the starting line the next dog goes. The first team to have all 4 dogs run without errors wins the heat. Tournaments are usually organized in either a double elimination or round robin foramt. Double elimination is usually best of 3 or best of 5. Round robin is usually best 3 out of 5 and the first team to win 3 heats receives 1 point towards their standing in the tournament. [Flyball Box] Flyball Box The hurdles' height are dependent on the height of the dogs in the team -- 4" below the shoulder height of the shortest dog. 8" is the minimum height and 16" is the maximum height. The fastest time is 16.70 seconds by Total Recall from Ontario, Canada. Titles The dogs earn points towards flyball titles based on the teams time: * less than 32 secs: Each dog receives 1 point * less than 28 secs: Each dog receives 5 points * less than 24 secs: Each dog receives 25 points The titles the dogs can earn are: Abbr Title Points Award Type FD Flyball Dog 20 Certificate FDX Flyball Dog Excellent 100 Certificate FDCh Flyball Dog Champion 500 Certificate FM Flyball Master 5000 Pin FMX Flyball Master Excellent 10000 Pin FMCh Flyball Master Champion 15000 Pin ONYX ONYX Award 20000 Plaque FGDCh Flyball Grand Champion 30000 Plaque _________________________________________________________________ Who governs Flyball? In North America, Flyball is governed by the North American Flyball Association(NAFA). To obtain a copy of the official rules for Flyball or to inquire about teams in your area contact the North American Flyball Association (NAFA). Printed rules are $10 (US Funds) but a PDF version can be downloaded from the NAFA Publications page. In the United Kingdom, Flyball is governed by the British Flyball Association. They can be reached at: Nigel Bouckley 49 Tremear Green St Columb Road St Columb Cornwall TR9 6RB United Kingdom Nigel@nigelb.demon.co.uk In Belguim, contact: Mark Dewilde Antwersesteenweg 107 2660 Hoboken Belgium Tel: Int. Code + 32.3 828 86 71 Jumasoft@glo.be In Australia, contact: Reg Dwyer PO Box 144 Calwell ACT 2905 Australia (61-6) 2922919 r-dwyer@pop.cc.adfa.oz.au If there are Flyball organizations in other countries, drop me a note (ijh@ces.com) and I will add them to this list. _________________________________________________________________ How can I get more info? The Flyball Home Page is located at http://muskie.fishnet.com/~flyball The vast majority of Flyball communications is on the Flyball mailing list. You join the list by sending an e-mail message to: listproc@ces.com with just subscribe flyball your_name in the body of the message. Leave the Subject line blank or put in "no subject". After you have joined the list you can post messages to flyball@ces.com NAFA publishes NAFA News a bimonthly newsletter sent to all registered delegates and is also available online. The British Flyball Association publishes it's own newsletter, The Flyball Record. Copies are available for $2 from Sue Ethier, DoozersMom@aol.com. If you order multiple issues, the first is $2 and the rest are $1 (per mailing). Some issues are available online. To get the FINISH LINE, Flyball Newsletter which lists all tournaments events and results including a seeding list of every team in North America send $20 US for a one year subscription (quarterly) to: Melanie McAvoy 1002 E Samuel Avenue Peoria Heights, IL 61614 (309) 682-7617 melmcavoy@worldnet.att.net There have been a few books published on Flyball. * "Flyball Training...Start to Finish" by Jacqueline Parkin. * "Flying High" by Joan Payne. * "On Your Mark" by Mike Randall. (Freely available from the Flyball web site) And they are available from Direct Book Service, 1-800-776-2665. _________________________________________________________________ Where can I get equipment? Plans, Jumps, & Boxes Al Champlain 4204 Goldenrod Lane Plymouth, MN 55441 (612) 559-0880 sprig@worldnet.att.net Al sells plans for flyball boxes and jumps. Flyers are available. John Grant 2079 Waycross Crescent Mississauga ON L5K 1J3 (905) 822-6143 Plans and Boxes Darrel West 9715 Orangevale Dr Spring TX 77379 (713) 376-9061 Boxes Chris Knowlton P.O. Box 9 Glen Morris ON N0B 1W0 (519) 740-8838 Skene Design 4843 Jean Mance Montreal QC H2V 4J6 (514) 277-3366 Jim Michel 1714 Edgement Maplewood, MN 55117 (612) 774-9682 Mike Smith 12302 Knigge Rd Cypress, TX 77429 (713) 469-0105 British Suppliers of Flyball Boxes and jumps: Modern Dog Sports Tel: (01705) 412768 Mr Owen Tel: 01869 324511 Andrew or Liz Payne Tel: 01256 702873 _________________________________________________________________ * Go to Locator Bulletin Board Flyball FAQ Kathryn Hogg, kjh@ces.com _________________________________________________________________ NAFA and the NAFA logo are registered trademarks of the North American Flyball Association, Inc.