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Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California
Archive-name: disney-faq/disneyland/part1 Last-modified: June 1, 1997 Posting-frequency: Monthly Keywords: Disneyland, amusement-park, Disney, FAQ, California -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This document is copyright (c) 1997 by Al Lutz, alweho@aol.com Please refer to the copyright paragraph below for detailed information. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- AL'S DISNEYLAND INFORMATION GUIDE " D - I - G " ------------------------------------------- HEY THERE, HI THERE, HO THERE! This latest posting (6/11/97) changes / adds / corrects the following: * Park hours updated through Sept. 1st * Show times adjusted for Summer schedules * Read about the new "Light Magic" show, which has generated quite a bit of controversy lately at the park * Info about Club Disney, and the WDI Encounter Restaurant located at LAX included now * Lots of tweaks to lots of things this issue, and a new sponsor to boot! * Sorry for the delay with this issue LEGAL STUFF: Disneyland(R), its event, attraction and area names are trademarks of The Walt Disney Company. Indiana Jones is a trademark of Lucasfilm LTD. Roger Rabbit is copyright Disney / Amblin Entertainment. All other information in this guide is authored and copyright (c) 1997 by Al Lutz. Rights to any and all other distribution formats are reserved by the author. All listed information is subject to change. Please notify me at alweho@aol.com before posting to any other boards. I am not an employee of - nor do I claim to represent the Walt Disney Company in any manner. Read the REALLY SCARY LEGAL PAGE on my web site which details the indescribable horrors that will befall people who would even think of stealing this thing without the proper permission or compensation. PLEASE NOTE this is a completely independent review and guide of Disneyland(R) and that I am not an employee of - and neither I nor this site represent nor claim to represent - the park and / or the Walt Disney Company in any manner whatsoever. That IS the reason you are reading this isn't it? A SPECIAL REQUEST FROM THE AUTHOR: It has come to my attention that the author of the ECONOGUIDE TO DISNEYLAND continues to utilize large sections of this document without payment or credit. Please take a few moments to let others know about this problem, and that if they are in the market for a DL book, suggest that they purchase other guides instead. THANK YOU. The D-I-G now has two sponsors! 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For further information or to order, contact Persistence of Vision at: Persistence of Vision, 3136 South 3200 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84119, Phone: (801)967-3955, E-mail: pov@aros.net, Internet: http://www.aros.net/~pov "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy" - Inscription over the entrance tunnels to Disneyland. ------------------------- D-I-G CONTENTS: ------------------------- Please read this section first... 1) INTRODUCTION - Some quick notes about this guide before you get started Before you go... 2) OPERATING HOURS - Updated through Sept. of 1997 3) PHONE NUMBERS - Includes a menu for DL's pesky voice mail system 4) PRICES - Admission Pricing, including Annual Passport information 5) DISCOUNT INFORMATION - Why pay full price? Find out how to save money here 6) JOIN & SAVE - Magic Kingdom Club membership information 7) DIRECTIONS - Not everyone lives nearby. Airport, Car, Bus & Train information 8) RESTRICTIONS - Height regulations and ride boarding information What to expect... 9) ATTRACTION REHABS - What's down and when it starts running 10) CHANGES - What's happened since your last visit 11) ENTERTAINMENT & EVENTS - A complete entertainment listing including show times The tips & tricks to get the most out of your day... 12) PLANNING AHEAD - From picking a good day to go, to how to save hours waiting in line 13) PHOTOS WITH MICKEY & CHARACTERS - How to hob-nob with the big cheese The BIG rides and shows, and how to best see them... 14) INDIANA JONES ADVENTURE - Ever been off-road before? 15) SHOWS - Light Magic, sadly is neither, Fantasmic! is still a don't miss night- time spectacular, Hunchback is fun, Pocahontas is... well... er... 16) PARADES & FIREWORKS - Welcome Hercules and his new victory parade... Those little details that make DL so special... 17) DON'T MISS / DON'T BOTHER - Land by land breakdowns Getting the most out of what you spend on... 18) MEALS - A quick overview of your meal options, in the park, hotel and surrounding areas, Birthday Party / Cake information... 19) MONEY MATTERS - Where they hide the ATMs, shopping and mark downs The little things that mean a lot... 20) MISCELLANEOUS - Re-entry, lockers, free aspirin, handicapped info, getting married... 21) SCANNING THE LAND - a fascinating contribution about listening in on DL's radio frequencies from M. Scott Garner. 22) OTHER DISNEY LANDMARKS IN THE L.A. AREA - When you can't get enough 23) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT DL - Other wonderful sources 24) BRING DL HOME - Recipes and where to get Indy fonts for your computer 25) THE FUTURE - What to expect in the next few years 26) THE FINE PRINT - A word from our original sponsor 27) THANK YOU - All the nice folks who help make the D-I-G what it is, guide availability PLEASE READ THIS SECTION FIRST... ------------------------- 1) INTRODUCTION ------------------------- A FEW NOTES: Welcome to a labor of love for me, the Disneyland Information Guide (or D-I-G for short). Originally started as a monthly posting of Disneyland hours to the Disney Usenet Newsgroups (because I and many others got sick of answering the same questions about schedules over and over again) - it has expanded over the past two years into a web site at http://members.aol.com/alweho/ and a seven part FAQ that is also now posted monthly [if I can get to it] in the rec.parks.theme, rec.arts.disney.parks, rec.arts.disney.announce, and alt.disney.disneyland groups. You can also find it in the news.answers, rec.answers, and alt.answers groups. As you can see by reading through the guide, I've been blessed with many contributions and suggestions from a very loyal readership. From Australia to Japan, from the United Kingdom all the way to Russia, the guide now generates monthly over a 1,500 e-mails. And the usefulness of the guide is only increased by the people who take the time to drop a suggestion, tip, or hint, that ultimately ends up benefiting everyone else. Because this is a hobby and not a job for me - there are certain limitations that I've had to stick to, which help keep the workload under control. So you won't find a complete Anaheim hotel or outside dining listing, and I limit the guide's major re-writes to a monthly schedule. You may also find updates added to guide at its web edition on their own page as time permits, giving you a better picture of how things evolve since I visit the park about twice monthly. >---------------------------------------------------------------------------< > PLEASE - although I don't mind answering a quick question - DO NOT e-mail < > me with a detailed list on how to help plan your vacation the day before < > you leave. This FAQ should answer the most common ones you may have and < > you'll find that if you post your questions with enough time on the < > rec.arts.disney.parks or alt.disney.disneyland groups many people will be < > more than happy to help you out with what they know about in particular. < > (Plus you'll get to meet some really terrific folks in the process.) < >---------------------------------------------------------------------------< Disneyland Park (DL for short in this document) constantly adjusts operating and show schedules. Please make sure you confirm events important to you via phone the night before your visit, and with your full-color "Disneyland Today" hand-out that you will receive on the day you visit. BEFORE YOU GO... ------------------ 2) HOURS ------------------ OPERATING HOURS: These dates were all confirmed with DL's telephone operators June 10th - June 12th: Tue. thru Thur. - 9 AM to 10 PM June 13th - June 17th: (Father's Day - June 15th) Fri. thru Tue. - 8 AM to 12 Mid. June 18th - June 19th: Wed. & Thu. - 8 AM to 10 PM SUMMER SEASON: (Hercules Parade debuts daily Jun. 27th, Hunchback: Fri. - Sun. only, Pocahontas: Mon. - Thu. only - thru Aug. 31st, Fireworks begin June 20th) June 20th - Aug. 23rd: Daily - 8 AM to 12 Mid. Except: July 4th & 5th: Fri. & Sat. - 8 AM to 2 AM Aug. 24th - Aug. 28th: Sun. thru Tue. - 8 AM to 11 PM Aug. 29th - Aug. 31st: Fri. thru Sun. - 9 AM to 12 Mid. MAGIC MORNING / EARLY ENTRY ADMISSION: Daily except: Wed. & Sun. Early Entry allows guests entry to selected areas of the Park 60 to 90 minutes PRIOR to the normal opening time. Selected attractions are open, breakfast is available, and Disney Characters are present. Events are currently held in parts of Adventureland, Fantasyland, New Orleans Square, and Tomorrowland. Attractions that are open may include: King Arthur's Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Tea Cups, Matterhorn Bobsleds, the Monorail, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Indiana Jones Adventure, the Jungle Cruise and Star Tours. TIP: Early Entry is no longer a small affair - be prepared to jostle your way in with hoards who are getting up just as early as you from all the local motels with WD Travel Co. packages. Arrive 45 to 60 minutes early at the front gate or you will be delayed in your entry. There are several different Early Entry programs. Early Entry is not sold separately or to the general public at large. Event tickets must be obtained through one of these sources: MAGIC MORNINGS are sold exclusively by Walt Disney Travel Company as a travel package option. Must be booked in advance. Includes admission and breakfast. EARLY ADMISSION is offered to all DL Hotel and DL Pacific guests upon check-in. Breakfast NOT included. FLEX PASSPORTS--5 days for the price of 2 are sold thru contracted tour agencies and area hotels. Present Flex Passport for admission to ONE Early Entry. Breakfast NOT included. (See DISCOUNT INFORMATION below for more details about these passports.) FUNRISE is sold by Anaheim area consignment hotels / motels. Breakfast NOT included. (Breakfast is served at Tomorrowland Terrace until 10 AM. Guests without vouchers may purchase breakfast for $5.95 each. Restaurant open to general public from Park opening to 10 AM.) NOTE: Call the park for other hours and keep in mind they are ALWAYS subject to change. Inclement weather may also change hours without advance notice. It's always a good idea to call the day before your visit to confirm the above schedules. -------------------------- 3) PHONE NUMBERS -------------------------- NOTE: Disney has changed all of their prefix 999 telephone numbers to 781, as of March 1st 1996. Calling with the old prefix now will get you a recording telling you the new prefix. (This document reflects this new change.) FREE BROCHURE: Call for a free DL Vacation Planning Brochure by using the automated response system at: (800) 225-2057 DL ON THE WEB: DL now has a web site (as part of the consolidation of all the Disney sites under the http://www.disney.com heading) with extensive information on the park, even detailing operating schedules up to three months in advance. (Although it seems to get out of date a little now and then.) You may wish to confirm details on your visit utilizing this site. The direct WWW address is: http://www.disneyland.com DL VOICE MAIL INFO. LINE: (714) 781-4565 Voice mail menu: (1) ENGLISH (2) SPANISH (1) PRICES (2) ANNUAL PASSHOLDERS HOTLINE (#) REVIEW AP HOTLINE MENU (##) RETURN TO MAIN MENU (1) OFFERS (1) $199 AP INFO (2) $129 AP INFO & 27 BLACKOUT DATES (3) $99 AP INFO & 60 BLACKOUT DATES (2) SPECIAL EVENTS IF AVAILABLE CHOICES HERE WILL VARY (3) GUIDELINES (1) AP AGREEMENT INFO (2) RENEWAL INFORMATION (3) CHANGE OF ADDRESS (4) REPLACEMENT OF LOST AP (5) DL UPDATE NEWSLETTER INFO (6) DISNEY NEWS SUBSCRIPTION INFO (3) HOURS (4) ENTERTAINMENT (5) SPECIAL EVENTS / PROMOTIONS (6) ATTRACTION CLOSURES (7) MAGIC MORNING / MKC INFORMATION (8) DIRECTIONS / MAILING ADDRESS (9) REVIEW THE MENU SELECTIONS Actual humans you can talk to as of 7 AM: (714) 781-4560 Available until when: Park is open late - 10 PM Park closes early - 1 hour after closing From L.A. phones: (213) 626-8605, ext. 4565 DISNEYLAND HOTEL: Reservations / Information (for both the DL Hotel and DL Pacific): (714) 956-M-I-C-K (6-4-2-5) From L.A. phones: (213) 636-3251 Voice Mail Menu: (1) Park Information Refers you back to the DL park info number listed above (2) Reservations Direct Line to a Hotel Operator: (714) 778-6600 Fax Line for Guests: (714) 956-6597 Character Meals (at both hotel restaurants) reservations: (714) 956-6755 DISNEYLAND PACIFIC HOTEL (Formerly the PAN PACIFIC): Reservations / Information (for both the DL Hotel and DL Pacific): (714) 956-M-I-C-K (6-4-2-5) From L.A. phones: (213) 636-3251 Character Meals (at both hotel restaurants) reservations: (714) 956-6755 WALT DISNEY TRAVEL COMPANY: For info on travel packages including "Magic Mornings" (and other Early Entry hotel packages) call: (714) 520-5050 or 7070 Info. is also available via mail by writing to: WALT DISNEY TRAVEL COMPANY INC. Travel Port Blvd. 1441 S. West St. Anaheim, CA 92803 DISNEY GALLERY, New Orleans Square, direct line: (714) 781-7531 (Please do NOT call for Fantasmic! reservations.) You may also write for information on the park (at least three weeks in advance) or to comment about your visit to: DISNEYLAND Guest Relations 1313 Harbor Blvd. P.O. Box 3232 Anaheim, CA 92803-6161 TDD's (Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf) may be used when calling the following numbers: DL Info: (714) 781-4569 DL Hotel Operator: (714) 778-6600 DL Hotel Reservations: (714) 956-6494 ------------------- 4) PRICES ------------------- DL PASSPORTS: (Include use of all rides & attractions except arcades. Children 2 and under are free. Magic Kingdom Club pricing (if available) is also noted. The $26 RESIDENT SALUTE DISCOUNT PROGRAM was discontinued on May 14th. ONE DAY: $36 Adults (Ages 12+) - MKC $34 $26 Children (Ages 3 - 11) - MKC $24 $32 Seniors (Ages 65+) TWO DAY: (All days must be used within 7 days of first usage) $63 Adults - MKC $59 $47 Children - MKC $43 THREE DAY: (All days must be used within 14 days of first usage) $86 Adults - MKC $80 $65 Children - MKC $59 ANNUAL PASSES: [NOTE: MKC Discounts are no longer added on top of renewal discounts] $99 ANNUAL PASS Admission during normal operating hours except for 60 blackout days. Not valid 2/15 & 16, All Sats. Mar. thru Jun., 4/4, 11, 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23, 25, 30, Jun. 6, 13, Jul. 3 - 5, 11 & 12, 18 & 19, 25 & 26, Aug. 1 & 2, 8 & 9, 15 & 16, 22 & 23, 30 & 31. A general parking pass may be purchased for an additional $30 - valid only on the same dates the pass is. Quarterly DL Update Passholder Newsletter included. $129 DELUXE ANNUAL PASS Admission during normal operating hours except for 27 blackout days. Not valid 2/15 & 16, all Sats. Mar. thru Jun., 8/31, A general parking pass may be purchased for an additional $30 - valid only on the same dates the pass is. Quarterly DL Update Passholder Newsletter included. $199 PREMIUM ANNUAL PASS Admission for one year during normal operating hours.10% Discount on buffeteria / waiter service locations at both park & hotel - $5 minimum. 15% Discount at the Blue Bayou restaurant ($5 minimum). 10% Discount on most merchandise at the park and hotel ($10 Minimum - Disney Dollars, Limited Edition Artwork, Disney Store / Gallery and Original Art is excluded). 10% Discount at the DL Hotel (Depends on season & space availability). 1 year subscription (or extension) to the Disney Magazine. Special Passholder only events (There is an additional fee for these). Includes general parking, you may show your pass and pay $6 dollars more for preferred parking if desired. Quarterly DL Update Passholder Newsletter included. (NOTE: Preferred parking has been eliminated. The minimum purchase for a merchandise discount has increased to $10 from $5. Nice way to treat us regulars eh?) The above prices are for both Adults & Children, Seniors no longer are entitled to a discount. If you decide to purchase an Annual Pass (AP) after you begin your visit to DL, the cost of your current day's passport will be applied, even if you purchase your non-premium passport on a blackout day. (Special event passports may be excluded.) Vouchers for APs may also be purchased at Disney Stores, these are good for up to six months from purchase. If you've purchased a Premium AP voucher in advance, flashing it to the parking attendants on your way in will save you the parking fee. If you lose or have your AP stolen, there is a 20 dollar non-refundable replacement fee, and you must purchase an admission at the gate to get in, of which they will refund you the difference between it and the $20 replacement fee. You must present your Premium Passport in advance prior to purchases in order to receive your discount. Renewals are priced accordingly: (Passport type: Regular Price / Renewal Price) Regular: $99 [no discount], Deluxe: $129 / $119, Premium: $199 / $189, a flyer is sent to you about 60 days in advance, and it is required to purchase your renewal at the discounted prices either by mail or in person at the park. There is NO LONGER a 30 day grace period for renewals. WARNING: If done in advance via mail, you may NOT pick-up your pass at the Guest Relations window outside the entrance of the park until the day AFTER your old one expires. TICKET PURCHASE HOTLINE: By calling 1-800-232-7976 (8 AM to 5 PM, Mon. - Fri. excluding holidays) you can order AP vouchers or other ticket media at the prices listed above, plus a $6 fee for handling and next day Fed-Ex delivery. AmEx, M/C, Visa and Disney credit cards accepted. MKC (Magic Kingdom Club) CARDS (Regular & Gold) get $2 off single day regular price passports, and $10 off a first time deluxe or premium Annual Pass purchase. [The discount has been eliminated for the regular AP] See "JOIN & SAVE" under ">8 TIPS & TRICKS" (below) for information on how to join this club. 3 1/2 HOUR GUIDED TOURS: (No change) $12 Adults / Seniors $10 Children Length of tour varies depending on attraction wait time. Groups over 15 / foreign language tours call in advance: (714) 781-4573 AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISNEY & JCB CREDIT CARDS accepted for admission and in the park for all purchases. Most admission media may be also be purchased at any Disney Store. With a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, tickets may also be purchased by mail with a check or money order at the following address: DISNEYLAND Ticket Mail Order Services 1313 Harbor Blvd. P.O. Box 61061 Anaheim, CA 92803-6161 PARKING: $ 6 Autos $ 7 Autos with Trailers / Campers / RV's / Limos $ 9 Buses / Tractors --------------------------------- 5) DISCOUNT INFORMATION --------------------------------- A SIGNATURE FLEX 5-days-for-the-price-of-2 passport (consecutive days only) is available when you book your hotel / ticket package through the Walt Disney Travel Club. (Call them at the number below for additional information.) WILL ROBISON was kind enough to post the following information on how they work: My hotel issued me as part of a package a DL Flex Passport. This passport is good for 5 consecutive days use for the price of a 2 day passport. My particular hotel, (The Penny Sleeper Inn), offered it as part of a package that also included another day at another park for free. I would shop around. From the number of Flex Passports I saw being used at DL over the weekend, I would say that this new passport has become the standard passport used by hotels in package deals that include 2 days at DL or more. On the first day there, they will make you sign the passport and stamp the first day of use on it. Each day after that you will be required to get the passport stamped again and show some form of ID with the passport in order to get in. After 5 days, of course, it's all used up. (The days must be used consecutively.) This pass also allows guests early admission into the park on the same days and same times and into the same places as Magic Mornings (MM) guests. The differences between the two early admission programs are that the MM includes a character breakfast and I think some other stuff, where as the early admission with the Flex Passport only includes admission and the use of all rides and attractions in those places that the MM people are. This passport is a real great deal if you plan on being at DL for 2 or more days, since, obviously, it doesn't have to be used for all 5 days. For instance, we used the pass to go to DL on Fri. night, all day Sat. and Sun., and then back again on Monday morning. 4 days for the price of 2. Pretty cool." David Hall davehall@carson.u adds: "You can get the Flex Passport without booking a hotel. It's called Friends & Family Fun Trip or Passport Plus. Tickets are $71 for an adult and $56 for someone 3-11. There's a $10 handling fee per mailing address. You can either call (714) 520-7070 or a local travel agent." The MKC PASSPORT PLUS PACKAGE offers a similar package if you are staying with friends in the L.A. area or otherwise not utilizing DL area hotels. You get one Magic Morning and Breakfast with the Characters, a Where's Everyone's A Kid Again commemorative certificate and a DL So. Cal. Funbook with savings at DL, the DL Hotel and other area attractions. Call 1-800- MKC-MAGIC (6-5-2-6-2-4-4-2) for prices and details on this package. Mike Rafeld, rafeld@hpptc44.rose.hp.com was kind enough to contribute the following about Flex passes: " The Flex Passport has now been made available to anyone who wishes, and is *quite* a good deal for anyone who stays longer than two days (which I'd highly recommend). [But] the value of the Magic Morning is questionable, especially when staying at either the DL Hotel or DL Pacific. You can gain Early entry at either hotel, and the difference in cost between a MKC Flex Passport and a DL Travel Club Flex Passport is essentially, the cost of the breakfast! You can simply purchase breakfast at the Tomorrowland Terrace for $5.95, and get to see all the same characters. No one's checking if you got a MM voucher, or not. I think the higher rates (the only difference being the Magic Morning) are only available through the Magic Kingdom Club whereas the cheaper rates (and better deal, in my estimation) are available through any of the area hotels which participate, or directly from the Travel Center *or* through any Disney Store." In case you are wondering - YES there are many different rates and packages, of which these are just a few. Check with your agent or accommodations provider for the best one that includes the features you want and suits you. MILITARY DISCOUNTS: Lani Teshima-Miller lani@lava.net was kind enough to offer the following information - Eligible: Active duty military, all branches / Retired military, all branches / Active duty Reserves (Air Force, Navy, Army) and National Guard (please check on this one). Passports are purchasable by military personnel or dependents with proper ID at military base ticketing office (Morale, Welfare & Recreation or other ticketing agency), they are NOT sold at the park or Disney stores. Prices *DO* fluctuate -- sometimes they have special rates for certain promotions. You will usually save AT LEAST $5.00 off the 1-day pass -- I have saved as much as 1/3 off. I'm not sure if the multiple-day passes are available this way. I suggest people call their base MWR. They *did* card us at the gate for our military IDs (the CM at DL asked to see each of our IDs) and the passports state that they can only be used by military/DOD personnel and their dependents -- so that excludes guests! A lot of military folks are used to "sponsoring" guests at a cheaper military price, so they need to know they can't do that. HOTEL & MOTEL DISCOUNT COUPONS for many Anaheim and Los Angeles area are available from the "CALIFORNIA / NEVADA STATEWIDE TRAVELERS GUIDE" published by Exit Information Inc. This giveaway magazine is available in most Tourist Info. stops anywhere in the So. Cal. area and features 80 or more pages of coupons not only for hotel discounts, but Sea World and Universal Studios too. You can visit their web site at http://www.exitguide.com If you would like to contact them directly you can write to Exit Information Guide Inc., 4205 NW 6th Street, Gainesville, FL 32609. Phone: (352) 371-3948 Fax: (352) 377-4129. AMERICAN EXPRESS WHITE GLOVE TREATMENT packages are now available when you book a DL vacation and charge it to you Am Ex card. I don't know if they offer discounts currently, but they probably have a few extras they throw in for you. For information call (800) 762-7214 or the regular DL info line at (714) 781-4560. ALSO see section JOIN & SAVE for information on joining the Magic Kingdom Club Gold Card which offers discounts on DL admission media and selected dining locations. ------------------------ 6) JOIN & SAVE ------------------------ The MAGIC KINGDOM CLUB (MKC) is one Disney club you may join that can help save you serious money on Disney vacations and purchases. The MKC Gold Card entitles you to discounts on DL admission media and accommodations among other benefits. (Of course all of the listed benefits are subject to availability, limitations and change.) TIP: A regular (non-gold card) MKC membership may be offered free of charge by your employer or credit union, ask your personnel department for availability. Benefits are identical. ----- END [FAQ/DL] D-I-G: The Disneyland Information Guide 1/7 -----