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Subject: alt.support.diet FAQ, part 5/5

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INFORMATION AVAILABLE VIA THE INTERNET -Newsgroups- The following newsgroups discuss nutrition, fitness, overweight, etc., and may be of interest to those who read a.s.d.: *alt.food.fat-free: very low-fat (7-15% of calories from fat) food and cooking, à la McDougall/Ornish/Pritikin/Mirkin * alt.food.low-fat: low-fat (less than 30% calories from fat) eating * alt.support.big-folks: fat-acceptance with no dieting talk * alt.support.eating-disord: eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.) * alt.support.diet.rx: discussion of medications used in weight control (such as phentermine and fenfluramine) *¨ alt.support.obesity (moderated): weight loss support/resources for persons 100 lb. or more overweight. (Note: This group is currently in hiatus, but the moderator is hoping to implement a robomoderation program soon and to have the group active again by June. In the meantime, all relevant posts are being directed to the Club-100 mailing list [see below].) * misc.fitness.misc: physical fitness, exercise, body-building, etc. * misc.health.diabetes: diabetes and hypoglycemia *¨ rec.* and rec.sport.*: various newsgroups on specific sports, e.g., rec.running, rec.sport.rowing, etc. * rec.food.veg, rec.food.veg.cooking: vegetarianism and vegetarian cooking * sci.med.nutrition: nutrition and diet * soc.support.fat-acceptance: similar to alt.support.big-folks, but a little more focused -Mailing lists- NOTE: If you would like your mialing list included please e-mail cookingnewsletter@chef.net *CADERS: The purpose of the Carbohydrate Addict's Encouragement, Resource and Support list is to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet by Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller. The list also welcomes discussions on the sociological, psychological, and physiological aspects of being overweight, as well as weight loss strategies and methodologies. The list is endorsed by the Hellers. To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to majordomo@md.esosoft.com, and put the command "subscribe caders" (without the quotes) on a line by itself in the body of the message. * CLUB-100: Mark Mitcham's mailing list for persons 100 lb. (45 kg.) or more overweight. alt.support.obesity grew out of this list, and messages from the newsgroup are echoed to the list.) For info on Club-100 (e.g., the charter, etc.), send an e-mail message to istserv@unm.edu and put the command "Info Club-100_Mail_List-L" (without the quotes) in the body of the message. To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to listserv@unm.edu, and put the command "Subscribe Club-100_Mail_List-L Firstname Lastname" (without the quotes) on a line by itself in the body of the message, where "Firstname Lastname" is replaced with your name. (If you wish to remain anonymous, you may use a pseudonym.) * FATFREE: Michelle Dick's mailing list for the discussion of extremely low-fat vegetarian eating. To subscribe, send e-mail to FATFREE-REQUEST@FATFREE.COM, and put the command "info" (without the quotes) in the subject line of the message. * FATLOSS: Scott Compton's Fatloss Support mailing list, which provides one-on-one information and support to those who wish to lose excess body fat. To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to listserv@manual.com, and put the command "subscribe fatloss_support" (without the quotes) on a line by itself in the body of the message. * LOWCARB: Dean Esmay (esmay@syndicomm.com) runs a mailing list dedicated to the subject of low-carb dieting. Its emphasis is on diets like those of Michael & Mary Eades and Robert C. Atkins, with a lesser emphasis on related diets such as the Stillman diet, the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, and even The Zone. The goal is not to provide support but rather to encourage discussion among those already familiar with low carbohydrate dieting. To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to listserv@manual.com and put the command "subscribe lowcarb Firstname Lastname" (without the quotes) on a line by itself in the body of the message, where "Firstname Lastname" is replaced with your name. * PHENFEN: This list is devoted to the discussion of prescription weight loss drugs, including phentermine (a.k.a. "Ionamin"), fenfluramine (a.k.a. "Pondimin"), and dexfenfluramine (a.k.a. Redux"). To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to majordomo@bolis.com, and put the command "subscribe phenfen" (without the quotes) on a line by itself in the body of the message. * WEIGHT WATCHERS: Michele Coleman (coleman@leland.stanford.edu or owner-ww-support@lists.stanford.edu) runs a Weight Watchers mailing list which is intended as a friendly place for people following the Weight Watchers plan to exchange support and suggestions. To subscribe to the list, send an e-mail message to majordomo@lists.stanford.edu, and put the command "subscribe ww-support yourname@someplace.com" (without the quotes) on a line by itself in the body of the message. *ZONE DIET: To subscribe the Zone diet mailing list, send an e-mail message to majordomo@fish.com, and put the command "subscribe zone" (without the quotes) on a line by itself in the body of the message. -World Wide Web sites- NOTE: Some sites listed here are run by commercial organizations; inclusion of a site does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of their product(s). If you would like your web site listed, please e-mail cookingnewsletter@chef.net *alt.support.obesity FAQ at http://www.unm.edu/~markm/aso/ *alt.food.fat-free FAQ at http://www.fatfree.com/FAQ/alt-food-fat-free-faq *The American Heart Association's Web page on fad diets (such as the cabbage soup diet and the hot dog diet) at ttp://www.amhrt.org/pubs/phoney.html *Ask the Dietitian" at http://www.dietitian.com/ (was at Hopkins Technology's Web site at http://www.hoptechno.com/) *Claudia’s Cooking Newsletter with low-fat and sugar free recipes and cooking tips as well as dieting info, newsletter available by subscription. http://www.freeyellow.com/members/cookingnewsletter *Dr. Atkins' Web site at http://www.atkinscenter.com/ *The Center for Science in the Public Interest (the group that publicized the high levels of fat in Italian, Chinese, and Mexican restaurant foods and in movie theater popcorn) at http://www.cspinet.org/ *Chromium picolinate info at http://www.lifelines.com/libry1a.html *Fatfree Web site at http://www.fatfree.com/ *Good Health Web (misc. health news, searchable health-related articles, etc.) at http://www.social.com/health/index.html *The Hacker's Diet (written by John Walker, a software engineer who lost--and kept off--a large amount of weight using common sense techniques; features Microsoft Excel worksheets to help you track your progress) at http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/www/hackdiet.html *The Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources at http://www.arcade.uiowa.edu/hardin-www/md-nutr.html *Barbara Hirsch's Phen/Fen Web site at http://www.vais.net/~bhirsch/phenfen.htm *Dr. Ben Krentzman's Web site on "The Science of Obesity and Weight Control" at http://www.loop.com/~bkrentzman/ *Medical Science Bulletin on obesity (includes info on phentermine) at http://pharminfo.com/pubs/msb/obesity.html *Medical Sciences Bulletin on serotonin and eating disorders (includes info on fenfluramine) at http://pharminfo.com/pubs/msb/seroton.html *ourish Net (features weight loss, nutrition, and exercise tips) at http://rogue.northwest.com/~sbly19/ *Nutri/System's Web site at http://www.nutrisystem.com/ *NutriGenie's (nutrition software publisher) Web sites at http://users.aol.com/nutrisoft/ and http://pages.prodigy.com/CA/nutrigenie/ *The Nutritional Analysis Tool, an online program presented by the College of Agriculture, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Illinois for analyzing calories, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin/mineral content of any food in the USDA Handbook #8, at http://www.ag.uiuc.edu/~food-lab/nat/ (it works best with browsers capable of displaying tables) *Lee Rodgers' low-carb Web page at http://www.lowcarb.org/ *Stanford University School of Medicine's "Understanding Obesity and Weight Loss" Web site at http://www-med.stanford.edu/MedSchool/DGIM/Teaching/Modules/obesity.html *Study on phentermine and fenfluramine used in combination: http://www.weight.com/nongifphenfen.html *TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) official Web site at http://www.tops.org/ *Another (unofficial) TOPS site at http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/ns/stoner/tops.html *Weight Watchers official Web site at http://www.weight-watchers.com/ BIBLIOGRAPHY AND RECOMMENDED READING LIST *Abraham, Suzanne and Llewellyn-Jones, Derek, Eating Disorders: The Facts, Oxford University Press, New York, 1984 (ISBN 019261665X) *iley, Covert, The New Fit or Fat, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1991 (ISBN 0395585643) *Bailey, Covert, Fit or Fat Target Diet, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, 1984 (ISBN 395510821) *Colvin, Robert H. and Olson, Susan C., Keeping It Off: Winning at Weight Loss, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1985 (ISBN 0671532944) *Forester, John, Effective Cycling, 6th edition, MIT Press, 1993 (ISBN 0262560704) *Foreyt, John P. and Goodrick, G. Ken, Living Without Dieting, Warner Books, 1994 (ISBN 0446382698), available from Gurze Books (phone# 800-756-7533) for US$10.99 + shipping/handling. The authors, who are Ph.D.'s associated with the Baylor College of Medicine and its Nutrition Research Clinic, discourage restrictive dieting and encourage slow weight loss through lifetime modifications in diet, exercise, and attitude. *Gershoff, Stanley W., Tufts University Guide to Total Nutrition, Harper & Row, New York, 1990 ISBN 0060159189) *Glover, Bob and Shepherd, Jack, Family Fitness Handbook, Penguin Books, 1989 (ISBN 140468633) ¨*Hller, Rachael and Richard: The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, The Carbohydrate Addict's Gram Counter, and The Carbohydrate Addict's Program for Success Jonas, Steven and Aronson, Virginia, I-Don't-Eat (But-I-Can't-Lose) Weight Loss Program, Rawson Associates (Macmillian Publishing Company), New York, 1989 (ISBN 0892563435) *Lapert, Leslie, "Fat Like Me," Ladies' Home Journal, May 1993, pp. 154-155, 214-215 *"Losing Weight: What Works, What Doesn't," Consumer Reports, June 1993, pp. 347-352 ¨ Morgan, Elizabeth, Complete Book of Cosmetic Surgery, Warner Books, New York, 1988 (ISBN 0446513709) *Moynahan, Paula A., M.D., Cosmetic Surgery for Women, Crown Publishers, New York, 1988 (ISBN 0517564297) * Netzer, Corrine T., Complete Book of Food Counts, Dell Publishing, New York, 1991 (ISBN 0440208548) * Nutrition Action Healthletter, published by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. 1-year subscription (10 issues) available for US$24 from CSPI, P.O. Box 96611, Washington, DC 20077-7216. This is the group that publicized the high levels of fat in Italian, Chinese, and Mexican restaurant foods, and in movie theater popcorn. Each newsletter is packed with the latest findings in nutrition research, reviews of (and recipes from) health-conscious cookbooks, and recommendations on the best and worst fast foods/prepared foods. * "Rating the Diets," Consumer Reports, June 1993, pp. 353-357. * Robertson, Laurel; Flinders, Carol and Godfrey, Bronwen, Laurel's Kitchen, Bantam Books, New York, 1976 (ISBN 0553225650) * Roth, Geneen, Feeding The Hungry Heart: The Experience of Compulsive Eating, Signet, NY, 1982 (ISBN 0451161319). In this book, Ms. Roth points out the reasons that people overeat, and the metaphor that eating is feeding a different sort of hunger: Love. Included are passages written by students in Ms. Roth's class, which teaches people to love themselves and thus break free from the destructive cycle of overeating. * Roth, Geneen, Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating, Signet, NY, 1984 (ISBN 0451168348). As a followup to her previous book, Ms. Roth details her personal program for successful weight loss from an emotional standpoint. Although this selection does not discuss healthful eating, it is an excellent supplement to a nutrition book, because it examines the emotional issues involved in undertaking any weight loss program. * Roth, Geneen, When Food Is Love: Exploring The Relationship Between Eating And Intimacy, Dutton, NY, 1991 (ISBN 0525249672). Ms. Roth completes her theme in this last book by discussing the concept of replacing love with food. She points out that people often use food as a means of avoiding intimacy, and explores ways to heal "the hurting child." ¨*Scanlon, Deralee and Strauss, Larry, Diets That Work (updated edition), Lowell House, Los Angeles, 1992 (ISBN 0929923715) ¨*Silverstein, Alvin and Virginia, So You Think You're Fat?, Harper-Collins Publishers, New York, 1991 (ISBN 0060216417) *Stare, Fredrick J., Aronson, Virginia and Barrett, Stephen, Your Guide to Good Nutrition, Prometheus Books, Buffalo, New York, 1991 (ISBN 0879756926) *Claudia’s Cooking Newsletter, published 10 x a year by GMO Enterprises, P.O. Box 1811 Bensalem, PA 19020. Availabele in e-mail and paper forums. Cost si $20.00 per year. Contains nutritonal info, Ask the Dietican, and Ask the Cook columns as well as low-fat, fat-free and sugar free recipes. Info at http://www.freeyellow.com/members/cookingnewsletter