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Subject: Davis, California USENET FAQ Part 4 of 6

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The Davis, California USENET FAQ Part 4 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions at and about Davis, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. Internet Esquire(sm) P.O. Box 74632 Davis, CA 95617-5632 World Wide Web: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq > E-mail: <mailto:NetEsq@dcn.davis.ca.us > The Davis, California USENET FAQ (Davis USENET FAQ) may be comprised of more than one part. If it is, please see the TABLE OF CONTENTS in Part One for a complete list of the questions that I have attempted to answer and for other important legal information. Caveat emptor: I assume no obligation to anyone through the publication of the Davis USENET FAQ. Furthermore, all versions of the Davis USENET FAQ are my personal property and are protected by applicable copyright laws. All rights are reserved except as follows: I hereby give my permission to anyone who has access to this version of the Davis USENET FAQ to reproduce the information contained herein for non-profit purposes, provided that proper credit is given to me as the author of this FAQ and that I am notified of any use other than personal use. I may revoke permission to reproduce any version of this FAQ at any time. - - - - - The Davis, California USENET FAQ Part 4 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions at and about Davis, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. 2.3) COMMERCE IN DAVIS. For businesses not listed here, please see the phone book or visit Yolo Direct on the World Wide Web (<http://yolodirect.com/ >). 2.3.1) What types of commerce are there in the Davis community? Davis commmerce is comprised primarily of small business. Some chain stores maintain a Davis location, but many more are hesitant to open a Davis store because Davis has a reputation for being a strange NIMBY community. Those stores which try the Davis community seldom receive a warm welcome from Davis political activists. For more information about Davis commerce, see the davis.business USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.business >). Readers with a web browser may also visit the following URLs on the World Wide Web: * The Davis Chamber of Commerce Home Page <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/Davis/Organizations/Chamber/Listings > * The Davis Business Home Page <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/Davis/business.html > * The Avid Reader Home Page <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~bmickle/Avid_Reader > * The Davis Virtual Market <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~dmlarson/dvm.html > 2.3.2) What restaurants are there in the Davis community? This is a subject that requires its own FAQ, but here is a partial list of the restaurants in the City of Davis that I and/or my friends frequent and enjoy. Readers with a web browser may also visit the Davis Enterprise Guide to Restaurants Home Page on the World Wide Web: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/Davis/Business/Enterprise/Guide/eatery.html > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^How's that for a URL?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Coffee Houses. Coffee houses are an institution in many college towns such as Davis; many if not most of them serve beer and wine as well as coffee, espresso, and some sort of food. * Mishka's (916)759-0811: The newest of the Davis coffee houses and my personal favorite. A great place to hangout with a laptop computer and catch up on your e-mail, as they have about a dozen electric wall outlets next to the tables along the walls. Baked goods, salads, and sandwiches; the recent application for a beer and wine license was denied. 514-B 2nd St * Delta of Venus (916)753-8639: By far the most "homey" coffee house in Davis (i.e., a converted single family residence furnished with old couches). Delta of Venus also serves wine and beer and an has an interesting breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. 122 B St * Mocha Joe's (916)758-7900 417 Mace Blvd (at Chiles Rd) * Pete's Coffee: Can you say "yuppie"? 1411 W. Covell Blvd (The Market Place at Sycamore Ln) * Cafe Roma: The prototype from which all the other college coffee houses in the Western Hemisphere seem to have sprung, a chain with stores in many cities and two locations in Davis. Neither one of these locations, however, seems to capture the avante garde ambience that originally made coffee houses so popular in college towns. (916)756-1615 (916)756-4444 231 E St 223 3rd St * Tutti's (916)758-0704: Sort of flashy decor; wine and beer as well as the usual fare of cafe/espresso/mineral waters. 241 F St Coffee Shops. * Baker's Square (916)756-4190 255 2nd St * Denny's--has closed! * Lyon's (916)756-4725: The only 24 hour coffee shop in downtown Davis, this is a favorite hangout for U.C. Davis students who are looking for a place to study. Lyon's also has a fully stocked bar. 102 F St Fast Food. These are restaurants which specialize in take-out food and where tips are not customary or expected. * Burger King (916)756-5249 403 Mace Blvd (at Chiles Rd) * Carl's Jr. (916)758-1050 1616 E. Covell Blvd (at Pole Line Rd) * McDonalds (916)756-8886 (916)753-5001 Express South Davis 640 E. Covell Blvd 4444 Chiles Rd (at Anderson) (west of Pole Line Rd) * Jack-in-the-Box (916)753-4564 337 G St * Taco Bell (916)758-4172 (916)753-9423 Downtown South Davis (24 hr drive-thru) 425 G St 4811 Chiles Rd (at Mace Blvd) * Boston Market (916)759-8244: Chicken, meatloaf, etc. and side dishes served healthy deli style. 1491 W. Covell Blvd (The Market Place at Sycamore Ln) * Murder Burger (916)756-2142 978 Olive Dr (at Richards Blvd) * Nation's (916)756-7415: A hybrid of a coffee shop and hamburger stand that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 825 Russell Blvd (at Anderson Rd) * Subway (916)756-1440 (916)753-3223 (916)753-2141 130 G St 757 Russell Blvd 4748 Chiles Rd (Downtown) (at Anderson Rd) (at Mace Blvd) * Togo's (916)753-5330 715 2nd St (at G St) Beer Pubs. * Sudwerk (916)758-8700: The #1 microbrewery in America three years running. I'm not sure how it earned this title, but I have to agree that they have very good beer. Sudwerk also has live music most nights and a full dinner menu. 2001 2nd St (at Pole Ln Rd) * Cantina del Cabo (916)756-2226: With more beers on tap than you could ever hope to drink, Cantina del Cabo also has live music most Thursdays through Saturdays and serves some of the best Mexican food that is available in Davis. 139 G St Pizza. The Davis Virtual Market lists a number of pizzerias on the Pizza Day Home Page (<http://promedia.net/dvm/pizzaday.html >). Special promotions and discounts are offered via the Internet. * Lamppost Pizza <http://promedia.net/dvm/lammpost/lampday.html > * Rico's (916)753-4130: My favorite pizza parlor because of its remote location in the East Davis Oaktree Plaza and because they offer such good values with their lunch and dinner buffets and constant coupon specials. 1420 E. Covell Blvd (at Pole Line Rd) <http://promedia.net/dvm/ricos/ricosday.html > * Superb Pizza <http://promedia.net/dvm/getpizza/superbdy.html > * Steve's Place (916)758-2800: My second favorite because of its high quality food, dark wood decor (recently remodeled, but many booths still have it), and patio dining. <http://promedia.net/dvm/pizza/steveday.html > * Woodstock's (916)757-2525 219 G St Chinese Food. * Ding How (916)753-3590: Many of my friends assure me that this is the best Chinese food in Davis. I'm not really enough of a Chinese food connoisseur to be able to say one way or the other. 640 E. Covell Blvd (at Anderson Rd) * Golden Palace (916)753-9203 223 F St * Hunan (916)753-5174 508 2nd St * Hing's (916)756-0666 707 2nd St * Silver Dragon (916)758-1318: My personal favorite for Chinese food in Davis because of the bright spacious decor and friendly service. 335 F St Nightclubs. These establishments have a full bar and pool tables with music and dancing most nights: * Davis Saloon (aka A.J. Bump's) (916)758-3154: Vietnamese food and "Phil's Grill" (short order food). 228 G St * The Graduate (916)758-4723: Easily the most popular dancing establishment in Davis; short order/to-go food. 805 Russell Blvd (at Anderson Rd) * Mr. B's (916)756-3757: Not as popular as the other clubs in Davis, but my personal favorite for dining and dancing. 217 E St Casual Dining. * Cafe Deluchi (916)757-6600; (916)757-6700 223 G st * Caffe Italia (916)758-0704 1121 Richards Blvd * The Crepe Bistro (916)753-2575 234 E St Fine Dining. [Rev] * Colette (916)758-3377: French style food, rated with four stars by Sacramento Magazine and the Sacramento Bee 802 2nd St * Soga's (916)757-1733 222 D St * Symposium (916)756-3850: Greek food (closed Sundays). 1620 E. 8th St Miscellaneous. [Rev] * Davis Bread & Desserts Cafe (916)757-6446: The best cinnamon rolls that I have ever had. The Cafe is a small retail outlet of a larger commercial bakery. Davis Bread & Desserts also maintains one of the more popular regular booths at the Davis Farmers Market. 814 2nd St (at G St) * Dominic (916)756-8929: A little overpriced, but the best Vietnamese cuisine in Davis. 408 G St * Dos Coyotes (916)753-0922: The best Mexican food in Davis, but no table service (not that that's a bad thing). 1411 W. Covell Blvd (The Market Place at Sycamore Ln) * Max's Plainfield Station (916)661-3172: Located in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Davis, the main attraction of Max's P.S. is its peculiar clientele and unusual atmosphere (sort of a rural version of Cheers). A great place to go if you like to watch people. Road 98 & Road 29 (shrouded by trees and easy to miss) * Noah's Bagels (916)750-5163: A local institution that has expanded from the Bay Area to numerous locations including Davis, Noah's provides bagels, shmears, etc. to a hungry public. 1411 W. Covell Blvd (The Market Place at Sycamore LN) * The Paragon (916)758-7550: Its location next door to the Cantina del Cabo and a full bar makes the Paragon one of the most crowded drinking establishments in Davis. Thai food is served Monday through Friday--the only Thai food in Davis. 726 2nd St 2.4) POLITICS IN DAVIS. 2.4.1) What is the political structure of the Davis community? Davis is an incorporated city, governed by a city council and a mayor, in the county of Yolo (governed by a county board of supervisors) in the state of California (governed by a bicameral legislature and the Office of the Governor). For information on county government and state legislative and congressional representatives for Yolo County, see the Yolo County USENET FAQ (see Section 1.5 for information on how to obtain the Yolo County USENET FAQ); for other information on state and federal government, see the California USENET FAQ [currently under construction]. 2.4.2) Who are the elected officials in the City of Davis and how can I reach them? [Rev] Readers with a web browser may visit the Davis City Council World Wide Web Page (<http://www.city.davis.ca.us/city/council/council.html >); no e-mail addresses are currently available. The members of the Davis City Council are: * The Honorable Lois Wolk (<mailto:lgwolk@dcn.davis.ca.us >), Mayor of the City of Davis; * The Honorable Julie Partansky (<mailto:jpartans@dcn.davis.ca.us >), Mayor Pro Tempore of the City of Davis; and * The Honorable Susie Boyd, Council Member of the City of Davis; * The Honorable Stan Forbes, Council Member of the City of Davis; * The Honorable Jerry Kaneko (<mailto:jjkaneko@dcn.davis.ca.us >), Council Member of the City of Davis. The staff members of the City of Davis are: * John Meyer, City Manager * Harriet Steiner, City Attorney * Bette Racki, City Clerk Virtually all of these individuals can be reached by calling Davis City Hall at (916)757-5602. Readers with a web browser may also visit the City of Davis Government Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.city.davis.ca.us/ >). 2.4.3) What political issues are important to members of the Davis community? Growth (or stunting thereof) is the single most important issue to the members of the Davis community. Davis is a small town, and many of the current residents would like to keep it that way. However, development continues in Davis, for better or for worse. Davis, California = No malling zone. For years, citizens of Davis have successfully resisted efforts by developers to build a large shopping mall. As a result, Davis residents must travel to Woodland, Dixon, or Sacramento to shop at a department store. Davis, California = No smoking zone. There is no smoking in Davis by city ordinance (not in any business establishment or within 20 feet of any business establishment). Virtually the only place that you can smoke unmolested in Davis is in a private home. Davis, California = No snoring zone. There is no noise pollution in Davis by city ordinance. This law was meant to prevent local college fraternities from having a loud party, but the Davis Police Department also enforced it against a woman whose duplex neighbor complained that she snored too loud (the neighbors' bedrooms had adjoining walls). The case made national headlines, and the Davis City Council promptly passed a resolution stating that loud snoring was specifically not prohibited under the ordinance. Snoring humor has since reached its pinnacle in the town of Davis. Some say that John Wesley Hardin has risen from the grave and now serves on the Davis Police Department. Others say that the vigorous enforcement of the Davis noise ordinance is a logical (albeit misguided) progression of the crackdown on violent crime throughout the state of California (i.e., "three snores and you're out!"). Few people take the noise ordinance very seriously until they are cited for something as frivolous as using a leafblower in the middle of the day and forced to face the very real possibility of paying a fine of several hundred dollars. One Davis resident who has been arrested numerous times for a barking dog has asked that enforcement of the ordinance be suspended. In support of this request, this resident obtained the signatures of over twenty neighbors; only one neighbor has complained about the barking dog (on a daily basis). [Note: Noise permits are available 14 days in advance from the Davis Police Department.] Davis, California = No skateboarding zone. Skateboarding in downtown Davis is prohibited by city ordinance, while skating is allowed; lighting equipment is strictly optional at night for skaters (who are legally considered to be pedestrians). Does any of this make sense to anyone or is it just me that is confused by the various Davis city ordinances? 2.4.4) Why are out-of-towners so obsessed with Davis? According to Mike Fitch's article in the August 10, 1995 Sacramento News & Review, Davis has an undeserved reputation for weirdness. He cites many of the issues that I discuss in Sections 2.4.3.* along with Councilwoman Julie Partansky's "historic potholes" and the proposed toad tunnels in the Pole Line freeway overpass (currently under construction) as unfair media spins that made mundane local issues seem newsworthy. Fitch claims that Davis "really isn't that weird." I have to disagree with Fitch: Davis is *extremely* weird. Even Fitch admits that Davis is eccentric, which is simply a polite word for describing weird people and weird communities (speaking as someone who is described as eccentric by some of my closest friends). Davis is unique, in ways that are difficult for most outsiders to comprehend (even those from other weird communities), and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'll happily accept Davis with all its weirdness, if it accepts me with all of mine. 2.4.5) How do I obtain more information about the government of the City of Davis? [New] Direct your inquiries about city government to the Davis City Hall: Davis City Hall (916)757-5602 23 Russell Blvd Davis, CA 95616 Readers with a web browser may visit the City of Davis Government Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.city.davis.ca.us/ >) which has information and/or navigational links for various city government services and departments. 2.5) RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT IN DAVIS. 2.5.1) What sort of recreational and entertainment activities are there in Davis? Quite a bit for such a small town. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the Davis Farmer's Market provides live entertainment in Central Park. Davis also has several nightclubs/pool halls, a movie theatre with seven cinemas, and several live theatre production companies. The Davis Farmer's Market. [Rev] Rain or shine, on Wednesday afternoons/evenings and Saturday mornings before noon, the Davis Farmer's Market provides fresh food and live entertainment in Davis Central Park (bordered by 3rd and 4th and B and C streets). On Wednesday evenings from 4:30-8:30pm (during the summer), music ensembles entertain while local restaurants provide food and beverages. On Saturday mornings, 8am to noon, live theatre takes center stage. For more information call or write Randii MacNear: Randi MacNear Davis Farmers Market Association P.O. Box 1813 Davis, CA 95617 (916)756-1695; FAX (916)756-1858 Readers with a web browser may visit the Davis Farmer's Market Home Page on the World Wide Web: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~rmacnear/farmers/homepage.html > Live Theatre. For information about live theatre in Davis, readers with a web browser may visit the following URLs on the World Wide Web: * Davis Comic Opera Company <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~basykes/dcoc.html > * Davis Musical Theatre Company <http://www.mother.com/~dmtc/ > * The Davis Theatre <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/Davis/Business/Enterprise/Guide/theater.html > ^^^^^^^^^^^^Now this sets a new record for a lengthy URL^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ * The Palms Playhouse <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~lacarrol/palms/palmhome.html > Movie Theatres. There is one movie theatre in Davis with two locations which shows premieres and recent releases: * Holiday Cinema (Six Cinemas) 101 F St * Cinema Two Theatre (one cinema) 207 E St For information on current features, times, and admission prices, call (916)753-3945. In addition to the movie theatres in the town of Davis, the UC Davis Campus Cinema shows less than recent releases. For more information, call (916)752-FILM. Amateur Athletic Events. In addition to passive leisure activities, Davis hosts a number of amateur athletic events such as running and cycling competions. Davis is without a doubt *the* cycling Mecca, rivaled only by China in per capita ownership of bicycles and France by the Tour de France cycling competition. For more information about amateur athlectic events in Davis, contact: Change of Pace (916)757-2012 221 G St Davis Restaurants and Nightclubs. See Section 2.3.2 for information on Davis restaurants and nightclubs. Local Musical Groups. I created this section primarily to accomodate the local musical phenomenon known as Lawsuit. But like Lawsuit, a number of local performers and groups from the town of Davis play the Northern California region as a profitable avocation. Many of these artists have recorded their own compact disks and cassettes and have been able to turn enough of a profit to continue to produce their own music. Without promotion or a good recording contract, however, these musical acts are not able to perform music on a full time basis. * Lawsuit is an incredibly popular local band comprised of individuals who grew up in the town of Davis. And while Lawsuit is a local band, it is also a favorite son with a strong following throughout Northern California. Lawsuit has received favorable press wherever it has played, and what makes the group's popularity even more remarkable is the fact that these live performances consist of all original music. The band is quite possibly the most popular unsigned group that still plays local clubs. For more information contact the Lawsuit Hotline at (510)426-9622 or drop the band a line by snail mail: Lawsuit P.O. Box 10482 Pleasanton, CA 94588 Lawsuit can also be reached over the Internet by e-mail (<mailto:lawsuit@martini.com >); readers with a web browser may visit Lawsuit's brand new Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.lanminds.com/local/lawsuit >). * Knapsack is a local Davis rock band that has landed a decent recording contract. The band took a recent tour of the Northwest and it is about to go on a month long tour nationwide. Knapsack has also received favorable write-ups in the local press. * The Dianne Patterson Sextette plays all original music. Two percussionists, a keyboard player, guitars and vocals are synchronized by a superb sound technician to create a high- quality sound that is sultry and melancholy and yet not unnecessarily loud. * Gary Saylin is an accomplished instrumental guitarist. You will often hear his music playing in one of the local coffee houses in Davis that sell the professionally recorded cassettes and CDs that he produces with his own funds 2.5.2) Department of Parks and Community Services. Readers with a web browser may visit the the City of Davis Department of Parks and Community Services Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.city.davis.ca.us/city/parks/summer.html >). 2.5.3) More Information about Recreation and Entertainment in Davis. For more information about recreational and entertainment activities in Davis, see the davis.rec USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.rec >). Readers with a web browser may visit the Davis Community Calendar Home Page on the World Wide Web for information on upcoming events: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/Calendar/ > 2.6) EDUCATION IN DAVIS. [Rev] U.C. Davis is the intellectual and educational hub of the community of Davis. However, Davis also has many other public and private educational programs for children and adults; the nearby D-Q University is a fully accredited two year tribal institution (<http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~jariggen/dqhome.html>). 2.6.1) Educational programs at U.C. Davis. For information on educational programs at U.C. Davis, see the U.C. Davis USENET FAQ (see Section 1.5 for information on how to obtain the U.C. Davis USENET FAQ). Interested parties should also use the U.C. Davis Gopher (<gopher://gopher.ucdavis.edu/ >) or visit the U.C. Davis Home Page (<http://www.ucdavis.edu/ >). 2.6.2) Sacramento City College Davis Center. Sacramento City College offers a number of courses at locations in the the City of Davis. For more information call (916)558-2351 or visit the Sacramento City College Davis Center Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~btcarrol/sac_city/Sac_City.html >) 2.6.3) What other educational opportunities are available in Davis? [Rev] For more information on education in Davis, see the davis.education USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.education >). Readers with a web browser may also visit the following URLs on the World Wide Web: * City of Davis Education <http://www.city.davis.ca.us/city/davis/educat.html > * Education in Davis <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us:80/Davis/Education > * Davis High School <http://dhs.djusd.k12.ca.us/ > 2.6.4) EXPLORIT Science Center. The EXPLORIT Science Center, (916)756-0191, is located at 3141 5th St in Davis. Readers with a web browser may visit the EXPLORIT Science Center's Home Page on the World Wide Web: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~anhance/EXPLORIT/homepage.html > - - - - - End Document: The Davis, California USENET FAQ Part 4 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions at and about Davis, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. Internet Esquire(sm) P.O. Box 74632 Davis, CA 95617-5632 World Wide Web: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq > E-mail: <mailto:NetEsq@dcn.davis.ca.us > Link to Next Document: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq/USENET-FAQs/davis/part5.html > - - - - -