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Subject: Davis, California USENET FAQ Part 3 of 6

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The Davis, California USENET FAQ Part 3 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions at and about Davis, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. Internet Esquire(sm) P.O. Box 74632 Davis, CA 95617-5632 World Wide Web: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq > E-mail: <mailto:NetEsq@dcn.davis.ca.us > The Davis, California USENET FAQ (Davis USENET FAQ) may be comprised of more than one part. If it is, please see the TABLE OF CONTENTS in Part One for a complete list of the questions that I have attempted to answer and for other important legal information. Caveat emptor: I assume no obligation to anyone through the publication of the Davis USENET FAQ. Furthermore, all versions of the Davis USENET FAQ are my personal property and are protected by applicable copyright laws. All rights are reserved except as follows: I hereby give my permission to anyone who has access to this version of the Davis USENET FAQ to reproduce the information contained herein for non-profit purposes, provided that proper credit is given to me as the author of this FAQ and that I am notified of any use other than personal use. I may revoke permission to reproduce any version of this FAQ at any time. - - - - - The Davis, California USENET FAQ Part 3 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions at and about Davis, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. 2.2) LIVING IN DAVIS. 2.2.1) HOUSING IN DAVIS. How can I find a place to live in Davis? There is no shortage of housing in Davis whatsoever. Just pick up a newspaper or the Housing Viewpoint. However, keep in mind that Davis is a college town, and this has a certain foreseeable impact on the rental housing market. One year leases are the standard, and these leases generally begin just before the fall quarter; prudent lessees negotiate their leases several months in advance. What kind of housing is available in Davis and how much does it cost? Housing in Davis is comprised primarily of apartments, but there are also many single family dwellings that are rented. The cheapest decent one bedroom apartments in Davis are about $500. Rental Housing in Davis. Apartments are the most common source of rental housing in Davis, and as Davis is a college town, the rental housing market focuses on serving the needs of college students. Residential Real Estate in Davis. For information on residential real estate in Davis, readers with a web browser may visit the Davis Real Estate Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.mother.com/yo/davisre/davrein.htm >). 2.2.2) COMMERCIAL SERVICES FOR DAVIS RESIDENTS. This section contains information about commercial services that are of special interest to Davis residents. For more complete information on Davis commerce, see Section 2.3 of this FAQ. What grocery stores serve the Davis community? There are four grocery store chains that serve the Davis area and several small grocery stores that serve the needs of Davis residents exclusively. In addition, Cost-U-Less (a combination grocery store and warehouse style discount store) opened on Thursday September 28, 1995 in the Oaktree shopping center of East Davis (over the vociferous objections of some outspoken East Davis residents). Cost-U-Less filled a space that has been vacant for over two years. Chain Grocery Stores. [Rev] In alphabetical order: * Albertson's (916)756-7441 1800 E. 8th St * Lucky's (916)758-0580 1900 Anderson Rd (at Covell) * Nugget (916)753-6690 409 Mace Blvd * Safeway (two locations) 1451 W. Covell 871 Russell Blvd (916)757-4540 (916)756-3050 The Davis Food Co-Op. No FAQ including a discussion on Davis grocers would be complete without a section on the Davis Co-Op, Davis' "politically correct" grocery store. If you are looking for some unusual grocery item in the town of Davis and you can't find it, go to the Co-Op. If they don't have it, no one else in Davis will. Davis Co-Op members also pride themselves on not offering for sale any items that exploit child-labor or third-world countries. However, a small controversy erupted on the Davis USENET when a poster noted that the Co-Op offered 42 oz. malt liquor for sale, arguing that such a product is intended to exploit cheap drunks (notwithstanding the large selection of other wines and beers that the Davis Co-Op normally offers for sale). The Davis Co-Op is planning to open a virtual store on the World Wide Web soon, wherein Davis residents can purchase their groceries and have those groceries delivered to their home by the Co-Op [this would actually be a great service for the many Davis residents who do not own a car]. However, these plans are being held up by the Co-Op's desire to purchase an environmentally correct electric vehicle. Readers with a web browser may visit the Davis Co-op Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~dawalter/dfc >). Davis Food Co-Op (916)758-2667 620 G St Eatwell Farms. Eatwell Farms is located in the neighboring city of Winters, California and delivers fresh produce to Davis residents. For more information about Eatwell Farms, visit the Eatwell Farms Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~eatwell/ >). Cost-U-Less. [Rev] Cost-U-Less opened its East Davis location on Thursday September 28, 1995, after months of unsuccessful lobbying efforts against Cost-U- Less by local activists. Noticeably missing at the grand opening were any protestors. However, I am sure that many Davisites are still unhappy with the opening of Cost-U-Less. I, for one, am glad to see Cost-U-Less fill the old Safeway location that has been vacant since August of 1993. While the East Davis Cost-U-Less is not a traditional neighborhood grocery store, I found all of the grocery items there that I needed for a single person household. And many of the products that Cost-U-Less has for sale cannot be found anywhere else in Davis. The opposition to Cost-U-Less seems to have been misguided community activism. A small, vocal minority in East Davis claimed that Cost-U-Less would not fit in with the master plan of the Davis community. But from what I have seen, Cost-U-Less is bending over backwards to comply with Davis zoning ordinances while filling a niche that no other business in Davis is willing or able to fill. Oak Tree Plaza 1414 E. Covell (at Poleline Rd) (916)750-0962 What other kinds of stores serve the needs of the Davis community? Most of the stores in the community of Davis are small retail establishments. For years, citizens of Davis have successfully resisted efforts by developers to build a large shopping mall. Accordingly, most Davis residents travel to Woodland to visit its department stores. For more information on Davis business, check the davis.business USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.business >). What banks serve the Davis area? In alphabetical order: * Bank of America (916)753-1833 325 E St * Business & Professional Bank (916)756-1333 239 E St * First Insterstate Bank (916)756-8350 330 E St * First Northern Bank (916)758-7500 434 2nd St * Golden 1 Credit Union (916)753-0127 508 2nd St * Sacramento Savings Bank (916)756-8350 330 E St * University & State Employees Credit Union (USE) (<http://www.usecu.com/ >) (916)758-3306 200 B St * Union Bank (916)756-2301 300 E St * U.S. Bank (Two locations) Downtown (916)756-7283 North Davis (916)753-3700 304 F St 620 W. Covell Blvd * Wells Fargo Bank (<http://wellsfargo.com/ >) 340 F St * World Savings & Loan Association (916)758-6250 333 F St * Yolo Federal Credit Union (916)753-9746 1340 E. Covell Blvd Where can I find a bike shop in Davis? It is hard to avoid a bike shop in Davis. There are over 2.1 bikes per person in Davis, and a corresponding number of bike shops. However, there are only two bike shops in Davis that are on the World Wide Web: * Wheelworks (<http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~bicycles >) * B & L Bike Shope (<http://virtual-markets.net/vme/blbike/ >) Are there any recycling centers in Davis? Yes, but most Davis residents choose to put their recyclables out for collection. The following ar privately owned redemption centers that redeem California Redemption Value (CRV) beverage containers: * Davis Waste Removal (916)756-4646 Open Monday through Friday 9:30am to 2pm; Saturday 8am-4pm. 2727 2nd St (Off L) * 20/20 Centers Open Tuesday through Friday 11am-5pm; Saturday 8:30am-5pm. Closed daily 1:30-2pm. University Mall Lucky Shopping Center 871 Russell Blvd 1900 Anderson Rd These facilities are not obliged to accept non-CRV containers. For more information on recycling centers in Davis call the Recycling Program at (916)757-5686 or see the davis.environment USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.environment >). Is there an honest mechanic in Davis? Katje Sabin-Newmiller offered the following recommendation on the davis.general USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.general >; Message-ID: <3qqnbn$9aq@mark.ucdavis.edu>): You have lotsa moola, want the job done right, go to Redfield Machine. He's honest, he's expensive, he's in heavy demand (no rush stuff), he's local, and he's in the book. Not so much moola, willing to hunt down parts, call a pal of mine who runs a mobile auto repair business: Gene, 753-2658. Tell him Katje sent ya. (He used to work for Robert Redfield, see above). 2.2.3) GOVERNMENT SERVICES IN DAVIS. I have not listed all of the government services that are available to Davis residents, sojourners, and visitors. Check the phone book for government services that are not listed here. CITY OF DAVIS GOVERNMENT SERVICES. [Rev] For information about government services in the City of Davis that is not listed here, see the davis.government USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.government >); readers with a web browser may wish to visit the City of Davis FAQ on the World Wide Web: <http://www.city.davis.ca.us/city/cityfaq.html >) POLICE SERVICES. The information that I have provided below is not endorsed by the Davis Police Department and no warranty is offered as to its accuracy. Accordingly, you may wish to direct your inquires to the davis.crime USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.crime >), which is frequented by Community Service Officer Christian Sandvig of the Davis Police Department (<mailto:dpd@dcn.davis.ca.us >). The davis.crime newsgroup is also the home of the davis.crime FAQ. Readers with a web browser may access a hypertext version of that FAQ on the World Wide Web (<http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~dpd/faq/ >). A word of caution: The police have no obligation to provide you with accurate legal advice. Similarly, I am under no obligation to save anyone from his or her ignorance of the law. I try to maintain a presence as an informed watchdog on davis.crime for my own personal benefit, but if you need legal advice, you should consult a licensed attorney. And FYI, very few attorneys will turn away a potential client who truly needs legal help simply because that potential client cannot afford to pay for legal services. The Davis Police Department. The Davis Police Department is located at the corner of Third and F Street in downtown Davis. Davis Police Department 226 F St Davis, CA 95616 (916)756-3740 <mailto:dpd@dcn.davis.ca.us > <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~dpd/services.html > * * * NOTE: ONLY EMERGENCY CALLS SHOULD BE PLACED TO 9-1-1. * * * Please be advised that 9-1-1 emergency calls from cellular phones within the state of California are automatically directed to the California Highway Patrol. If you wish to place an emergeny phone call to the Davis Police Department by cellular phone, you should program in the Davis Police Department's emergency number (916)758- 3600; the direct line for emergency calls to U.C. Davis is (916)752-1230 and for Woodland/Yolo County, (916)666-6612. Parking Citations. You may contest parking citations using administrative procedures before you pay your fines, but time is of the essence. Forms for contesting parking citations are available from the Davis Police Department. For more information, contact the Davis Police Department at (916)757-5626. The presumption of innocence that typically applies in criminal cases does not apply to parking citations. While the concept of due process still applies, any right that you may have to a hearing is after the fact. Thus, after being denied an administrative remedy you must pay the fine that is imposed upon you before you can request a hearing, and (once again) time is of the essence. Crime Statistics. Yearly statistics on major violent crimes in Davis are available on the World Wide Web (<http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~dpd/stats/ >). OTHER CITY GOVERNMENT SERVICES. [Replaces Previous Section and subsequent Section] Direct your inquiries about other city government services to Davis City Hall: Davis City Hall (916)757-5602 23 Russell Blvd Davis, CA 95616 Readers with a web browser may visit the City of Davis Government Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.city.davis.ca.us/ >) which has information and/or navigational links for various city government services and departments. YOLO COUNTY GOVERNMENT SERVICES. Where is the Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library and what are its hours? [Rev] The Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library is located at 315 E. 14th St. (916)757-5593. Recorded information about current library hours is available 24 hours a day at (916)757-5591. For other information, e-mail Marilyn Corcoran (<mailto:mdcorcor@dcn.davis.ca.us >); readers with a web browser may visit the Yolo County Davis Branch Library Home Page on the World Wide Web (<http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/go/library >). Are there any other county government offices that are located in the City of Davis? Most of the county government offices that serve the City of Davis are located in Woodland. Check the phone book for county services that are not listed here. See also the Yolo County USENET FAQ (see Section 1.5 for information on how to obtain the Yolo County USENET FAQ). CALIFORNIA STATE GOVERNMENT SERVICES. Where is the Davis Office of the Department of Motor Vehicles and what are its hours of operation? The Department of Motor Vehicles is located at 505 Pole Line Rd. For general information, call (916)753-6813; TTY 800-368-4327. Are there any other state government offices located in the City of Davis? Most of the state government offices that serve the Davis area are located in Sacramento. For services that are not listed here, see the phone book. See also the Sacramento and/or California USENET FAQs ([the latter is currently under construction]; see Section 1.5 for information on how to obtain the Sacramento USENET FAQ). FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES. Where is the Davis Branch of the United States Post Office and what hours does it operate? The Davis Branch of the United States Post Office is located at 2020 5th Ave (at Pole Line Rd); there is also a P.O. Box location downtown and several contract post office stations throughout Davis that are provided by area merchants. Are there any other federal government offices located in the city of Davis? Most of the federal government offices that serve the Davis area are located in Woodland, Sacramento, or San Francisco. For services not listed here, see the phone book. See also the Yolo County, Sacramento, and/or Bay Area USENET FAQs (see Section 1.5 for information on how to obtain these FAQs). 2.2.4) RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS IN THE CITY OF DAVIS. Davis has quite a few churches, but only two of them are on the World Wide Web as of yet: * Davis Community Church <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/GO/DCC/ > * Grace Valley <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~gvcc/ > On July 18, 1995, Martin Reiser announced on the USENET newsgroup davis.religion (<news:davis.religion >) that St. Martins Episcopal Church of Davis is now online via an account with the DCN. The e-mail address for St. Martins was given as stmartin@wheel.dcn.davis.edu (<mailto:stmartin@wheel.dcn.davis.edu >). Martin added that "[h]opefully in the near future [St. Martins] will have full information available online regarding the many programs and services that we offer (Web Page under construction, with God's help)." Message-ID: <3uhh9a$ab6@mark.ucdavis.edu>. For more information on religious organizations in Davis, see the davis.religion USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.religion >). 2.2.5) MISCELLANEOUS COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS IN THE CITY OF DAVIS. [Rev] Residents of Davis are well renowned for their community involvement. Below is a list of some of the organizations that have made their presence known to me. This list is far from exhaustive. * The Venture Club of Davis: A service organization for young business women who are concerned about their community and desire to take an active part in its development. P.O. Box 275 Davis, CA 95617 * The Soroptimist Club. Another Davis service organization for professional women. P.O. Box 472 Davis, CA 95617 * The Single Parents Network. On the davis.general USENET newsgroup (<news:davis.general >), Noreen Mastascusa wrote (Message-ID: <42uesg$25u@mark.ucdavis.edu>): The Single Parents Network is a recently formed group which is intended as a way for single parents to meet and socialize with other single parents and their children. We are open to suggestions about the direction the group should take and we welcome your involvement. If you would like more information, please call Bethany at 750-0897 or Sara at 756-4979. 2.2.6) DAVIS MEDIA. Described by one USENET commentator as an "oxymoron," the newsgroup davis.media (<news:davis.media >) contains general information, discussion, and updates on the topic which is its namesake. The following is a list of the organizations compiled in large part from Robert Schulz' rhetorical reply to the rhetorical inquiry of the aforementioned USENET commentator (Message-ID: <4385mb$qsh@mark.ucdavis.edu>): * Davis Enterprise (Local daily newspaper) <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/Davis/Business/Enterprise/ > * California Aggie (U.C. Davis newspaper) <http://aggie.ucdavis.edu/ > * KDVS 90.3FM (Freeform-alternative U.C. Davis radio station) * KQBR 104.3FM ("The Breeze"; new adult contemporary) * DCTV Ch. 5 (Cable TV station). * City of Davis Ch. 7 (Cable TV station). * DJUSD Ch. 14 (Cable TV station). Cable TV service is available in Davis through TCI Cablevision (916)757-2225 located at 1605 2nd St. - - - - - End Document: The Davis, California USENET FAQ Part 3 of 6 Frequently Asked Questions at and about Davis, California (c) Copyright 1995 & 1996 by David F. Prenatt, Jr. Internet Esquire(sm) P.O. Box 74632 Davis, CA 95617-5632 World Wide Web: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq > E-mail: <mailto:NetEsq@dcn.davis.ca.us > Link to Next Document: <http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~netesq/USENET-FAQs/davis/part4.html > - - - - -