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Subject: The soc.culture.new-zealand FAQ (part 6 of 6)

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Subject: C4.3 National Anthem(s) God Save The Queen and God Defend NZ are on equal status... Words available via email request from jmgeorge@leland.stanford.edu. http://nzcom.co.nz/NZ/Culture/Music/NatAnthem.html ------------------------------ Subject: C4.4 The Gumboot Song See Fred Dagg. Words available via ftp from jmgeorge@leland.stanford.edu. ------------------------------ Subject: C4.5 Some Works by NZ Authors The following is a short-list of New Zealand books, selected by the New Zealand Book Council for their brochure "Bookenz: A Traveller's Guide to New Zealand Books". It is by no means an exhaustive collection, but rather a selection of the works from indigenous Kiwi writers. Barry Crump, A Good Keen Man, and numerous others. Alan Duff, Once Were Warriors (Tandem) Maurice Gee, Going West (Penguin) Patricia Grace, Potiki (Penguin) Keri Hulme, The Bone People (Picador) Witi Ihimaera, Bulibasha (Penguin) Fiona Kidman, the Book of Secrets (Vintage) Owen Marshall, Tomorrow We Save The Orphans (McIndoe) Maurice Shadbolt, Season of the Jew (Hodder Headline) Philip Temple, Beak of the Moon (Penguin) Lauris Edmond, An Autobiography (Bridget Williams Books) Janet Frame, An Angel At My Table (Random House) James Belich, The New Zealand Wars (Penguin) Michael King, Maori: A Photographic and Social History (Reed) Claudia Orange, The Story of a Treaty (Bridget Williams Books) Christopher Pugsley, Anzac (Hodder Headline) Bill Manhire (ed.), 100 New Zealand Poems (Godwit Publishing) Ian Wedde and Harvey McQueen (eds), The Penguin Book of New Zealand Verse (Penguin). For further information please contact: New Zealand Book Council/ Te Kaunihera Pukapuka o Aotearoa PO Box 11-377 Wellington New Zealand Tel +64 4 499 1569 Fax +64 4 499 1424 ------------------------------ Subject: C4.6 Other Bits... A comprehensive listing of NZ arts web sites exists at http://url.co.nz/arts/nzarts.html Updates are made at least monthly. Footrot Flats newsgroup news:alt.comics.strips.footrot-flats ----- Things which need to be contributed: WHERE TO EAT: list of recommended restaurants RECIPES: try http://nz.com/NZ/Culture/Food/ US/NZ TRANSLATIONS: they really are that different.... FISHING: favourite fishing holes? All about whitebait (thanks NMcC :-) ALTERNATIVE FAQ'S: available via ftp from jmgeorge@leland.stanford.edu. ------------------------------ Subject: C5 Famous New Zealanders ------------------------------ Subject: C5.1 Cinema There's a movie database somewhere with loads of NZ stuff. If someone trips over the URL, could they please post it. Dave Joll mentioned: There are a lot of NZ films at the Internet Movie Database http://us.imdb.com/ C5.1.1 Films NZ Film Commission http://www.nzfilm.co.nz/ Their links page http://www.nzfilm.co.nz/aboutus_links.html NZ Film Archive http://www.nzfa.org.nz/ Film New Zealand (to promote NZ as a location) http://www.filmnz.org.nz/default.htm Weta Visual Effects Ltd http://www.wetafx.co.nz/ (Thumbnails by Dave Joll) An Angel at My Table Biographical movie re: Janet Frame (writer) Bad Blood? (British/NZ co-production) Based-on-fact movie about a murder case Bad Taste Battletruck Brain Dead (US title; Dead Alive (god knows why they change it!)) Came a Hot Friday Carry Me Back End of the Golden Weather Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tail Tale" (with the "Tail" struck through) Goodbye Pork Pie Shot on location just about everywhere in the country. Heavenly Creatures Hinemoa Illustrious Energy Map of the Human Heart (NZ director, Vincent Ward) Maui Meet the Feebles Ngati Race for the Yankee Zephyr Sleeping Dogs Smash Palace The Navigator The Piano The Quiet Earth Sharing the title, but little else, of the Craig Harrison novel Utu Vigil -------------------- C5.1.2 People If anyone can be bothered posting a brief summary of any of these, I'll include it (after people have commented). Jane Campion Peter Jackson Bruno Lawrence Geoff Murphy Sam Neill Ian Mune Anna Pacquin Graeme Revell - has done several major movie sound tracks (Until The End Of The World, Body Of Evidence, Hand That Rocks The Cradle). Vincent Ward ------------------------------ Subject: C5.2 Music Links to NZ Music on the Web Akiko http://nz.com/NZ/Culture/Music/MainPage.html BFM's List http://www.95bfm.co.nz/links.html Simon Dear's pages http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Users/sd/kiwimusic/ URL's NZ Arts page http://url.co.nz/arts/nzarts.html C5.2.1 Pop/Rock Bands (thumbnails by Dave Joll) Abel Tasmans Melodic alternative pop often including string, wind or keyboard parts. Ardijah Pop with a slight tinge of funk. Bats, The Blam Blam Blam Thoughtful and occasionally weird post-punk pop. Best known for the hilarious and viciously sarcastic "There is No Depression in New Zealand". Body Electric, The Chills, The Crowded House Dance Exponents Now known as the Exponents. "Good time" party rock. DD Smash Rock became funk became pop. Leader Dave Dobbyn later went solo with offerings as diverse as the Footrot Flats movie sound track and the dark "Lament for the Numb". Dragon Dudes, The Enemy, The Exponents, The Father Time Front Lawn, The Hello Sailor Herbs Jean Paul Satre Experience Johnnies, The MiSex Cynical, self conscious post-punk rock. Mockers, The Muttonbirds, The Netherworld Dancing Toys Narcs, The Ragnarok Screaming Mee Mees Sheerlux Shona Laing Space Waltz Split Enz All time musical genii Suburban Reptiles Swingers, The Responsible for the infectious classic "Counting the Beat" Tall Dwarfs Verlaines, The Complicated and literate alternative rock. Are beginning to have their songs covered by overseas musicians Thin Red Line Toy Love etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. -------------------- C5.2.2 Blues Midge Marsden -------------------- C5.2.3 Country The Warratahs -------------------- C5.2.4 Classical Michael Houston Dame Kiri te Kanawa Lili Kraus Douglas Lilburn Noel Mangin Dame Malvina Major Donald McIntyre Oscar Natzke (sp?) A WWW page of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is now available: http://www.nzso.co.nz/ Dale Gold adds: "We will soon have a new URL on our own virtual server, as well as a mirror on Akiko to speed things up for overseas users. More audio is in the works, and much of it will have a NZ slant, although it won't all be human... :-)" ------------------------------ Subject: C5.3 Literature Murray Ball James K. Baxter Ian Cross Barry Crump Alan Duff Stevan Eldred-Grigg A.R.D. (Rex) Fairbairn Janet Frame Maurice Gee Denis Glover Patricia Grace Keri Hulme (1) Sam Hunt Robin Hyde Witi Ihimaera John A. Lee Margaret Mahy Katherine Mansfield Gordon McLaughlan Dame Ngaio Marsh Frank Sargeson Maurice Shadbolt C. K. Stead Hone Tuwhare ----- 1 Keri Hulme was born in Christchurch, NZ in 1947 of Scottish & Maori heritage. She lives in the settlement of Okarito on NZ's wild West Coast. Okarito used to have 4,500 gold miners and 25 pubs but is now only tiny. It is famous for an old store, which is the oldest building on the West Coast, the White Heron colony and Keri Hulme. Keri lists her interests as beach walking, whitebaiting (a traditional form of fishing in NZ), reading, eating and drinking whisky. If you really are interested in her writing you could drop her a line at Okarito, Private Bag, Hokitika, NZ. She may reply. ------------------------------ Subject: C5.4 Fine Art Rita Angus Neil Dawson Francis Hodgson C. F. Goldie (but which one!) Robyn Kahukiwa Colin McCahon Olivia Spencer-Bower Lew Summers Bill Sutton ------------------------------ Subject: C5.5 Humour John Clarke (Fred Dagg) Barry Crump Sam Hunt Billy T James Gordon McLauchlan Pamela Stevenson Rima te Wiata ------------------------------ Subject: C5.6 Other... Rewi Alley (helped rebuild China after the revolution) Chris Amon (motor racing) Robert Davidson (apiarist) Al Deere (pilot, ace (Battle of Britain), Wing Commander - Air Commodore(?)) Sir Roger Douglas (accounting?) Sir Harold Gillies (pioneering plastic surgeon, 1) Ernest Godward (inventor of the carburettor) Hone Heke (Maori 'politician') Sir Edmund Hillary (mountaineering, aid work, ambassador) Bernard Freyberg (soldier, Governor-General of NZ, 4) Fred Hollows (eye surgeon, honorary Australian?) Dennis Hulme (motor racing) Vaughan Jones (mathematics, Fields Medal winner (theory of knots)) Sir Archibald McIndoe (pioneering plastic surgeon, 1) Bruce McLaren (motor racing) Colin Murdoch (inventor of the disposable syringe) Air Marshall Keith Park (Commander, Battle of Britain, Defence of Malta) Richard Pearse (first powered flight (probably)) Lord [Ernest] Rutherford, 1st Baron of Nelson and Cambridge (Nobel Prize, Chemistry, 2), (1871-1937) Mark Todd (equestrian) Captain Charles Upham (farmer, veteran soldier, VC and bar, 3) --------- 1 MJ Pickering wrote: (more details may be available from her) "New Zealand surgeons practically invented the process of reconstructive surgery. Well, that's not quite true - there were many instances of reattaching noses and ears and such in Italy and India and a few other places. But the first world war resulted in plenty of cases to work on and by the time the second world war rolled around, a phenomenon called Airman's Burn where pilots who disobeyed orders and removed their goggles and gloves due to the heat in their cockpits suffered extensive burns to their faces and hands when shot down meant that skin grafting really took off. "In the time between the two World Wars there were 4 full time reconstructive surgeons - three were New Zealanders (working in Britain of course). Sir Harold Gillies was the first one and pioneered many of the techniques. Rainsford Mowlem was another but the most famous was Sir Archibald McIndoe who started the Guinea Pig club of his patients which some of you may have heard aboout. By the time of the WWII more pilots were surviving crashes due to better constructed planes and penicillan ensured a greater survival rate so there were more men for him to work on. Gillies tended to work of the canon fodder of the front in WWI. The Guinea Pig club still meets every year. MacIndoe was not only at the forefront of "holistic" medicine in that he treated his patients' minds and their trauma as well as their bodies - he wouldn't let them go back into service until he was sure their minds had recovered also, but he was the one to make the connection between the recovery rate of burns victims who had fallen into the sea and the concept of saline baths for burns victims. Prior to that an oil solution was used on their burns." ------ 2 Ernest Rutherford After receiving a master's from Canterbury College, Chistchurch, Rutherford went to Cambridge in 1885 to work under Sir JJ Thomson at Cavendish Laboratory. He took up a physics professorship at McGill, Montreal, in 1898, worked with Soddy and in 1902-3 identified radioactive half-life, moved to Victoria University of Manchester in 1907 and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1908 for his work on radioactivity. He worked with Geiger in 1908 and in 1909 used alpha particle bombardment of thin foils to lead to his 1911 description of atomic structure. He was knighted in 1914, then succeeded Thomson at the Cavendish Laboratory in 1919. He was elevated to the peerage in 1931. His other awards included an Order of Merit in 1921, the Copley Medal of the Royal Society in 1922, and he was President of the Royal Society from 1925 until 1930. In 1931 he was created Baron Rutherford of Nelson. -- Tony Williams adds: In 1897-98 he discovered two components of radioactivity, alpha and beta rays. In 1898 he moved to McGill University, Montreal, as a professor and did much work in partnership with Frederick Soddy into radioactivity and transmutation. In 1903 became professor of physics in the University of Manchester (uk). Many of the brightest minds in physics at that time visited him and some even stayed to work for him, in the gloomy basements of the university. Much basic work in particles and collisions and nucleii was done during this period by Rutherford and his team. In 1918 Rutherford took over as Cavendish Professor at Cambridge (uk), a post he 'inherited' from his old friend and mentor J.J. Thompson. The team of researchers that ensued at the Cavendish over the next ten years under Rutherford did much of the fundamental work in atomic physics. Various photographs from that time show a casual roll-call of names of people who were to become the giants in this field, all eager to visit and work with Rutherford. One very interesting photograph shows Rutherford, a big burly man with a fag hanging out of one side of his mouth, standing in Vivian Bowden's laboratory. There is an illuminated sign saying "Talk SOFTLY Please" just above Rutherford's head. Apparently Bowden had this sign built specially, because the ionisation apparatus was microphonic, and Rutherford's loud booming voice could easily ruin experiments. -- As for the existence of the Victoria University of Manchester, Richard Kingston offered: "Strangely enough, I possess a book called 'Rutherford at Manchester'. It's copyright to the Victoria University of Manchester, 1962, so I guess it must exist :-) This comes from the preface "Ernest Rutherford, later Baron Rutherford of Nelson, the acknowledged founder of nuclear science, was Langworthy Professor of Physics at the Victoria University of Manchester from 1907 to 1919" ------ 3 Charles Upham Howard Edwards wrote: "Captain Charles Upham (retired), New Zealand's most decorated soldier and veteran of World War Two, died last Tuesday and was buried with full military honours after a service in Christchurch cathedral on Friday. Upham was awarded two Victoria crosses for exceptional bravery during WWII. "A modest hero. Upham never saw himself as anything other than a New Zealander doing his duty. He refused to accept any land offered to returning servicemen after the war, and also turned down a knighthood. He spent the remainder of his years on his North Canterbury farm and avoided the spotlight of fame which the media oocasionally tried to shine upon him." ---- Lyndon Watson wrote: "I took my father, who served with Charlie Upham in the 20th, to the funeral on Friday, and I found the subject too close to many emotions to write about for all the world to read. "Upham's battalion, the 20th, was, in my biased opinion, the most distinguished of all New Zealand regiments in the Second World War. Together with the other battalions that comprised the 4th Brigade (the 18th Auckland, 19th Wellington and 20th South Island battalions), it was made up of the first and keenest men who volunteered in 1939, and it bore the brunt of the actions in Crete (where Upham won his first V.C. for attacking and destroying machine-gun posts in face of their fire), at Belhamed, and at Ruweisat Ridge which was, like Stalingrad in the same year, one of the crucial battles of the war (and where Upham won his second V.C. for running in the open at advancing tanks and attacking them with hand-grenades). At each of those battles the 20th was nearly destroyed, and it was rebuilt each time around the survivors who somehow kept its extraordinary spirit alive. Its third Victoria Cross was won by Sergeant Jack Hinton, who died in June 97. "When Upham returned from the war, the people of Canterbury raised 10,000 pounds by public donation to buy him a farm. That was enough to buy a very good farm, but Upham declined and had the money put into an educational trust. He eventually bought a houseless block with a rehab. loan and turned it into a farm with his own hard work." ----- Charles Upham died in November 1994. ------ 4 Bernard Freyberg James Lawry wrote: Started as a Morrinsville dentist, distinguished himself at Gallipoli, 3 DSOs and a VC (for personal valour in the battle for Beaucourt). Major-General in WWII commanding 2nd NZ Epeditionary force. As Lieut. General Sir Bernard Freyberg he was Governor-General of NZ for 6 years. =========================================================================== PART D ------------------------------ Subject: D1 THE CONTRIBUTORS I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but this list is a classic spam attractor. My apologies to any who have suffered as a result. In an attempt to reduce its value to spammers, I've changed every occurence of `@' to `%'. Please be warned! Or if you have a better idea, please let me know. ? brien%worldaccess.nl ? chen203%csc.canterbury.ac.nz Aidan Heerdegen aidan%rschp2.anu.edu.au Alan Brown alan%papaioea.manawatu.gen.nz Andy Bond bond%azure.dstc.edu.au Andrew White a.white%lincoln.ac.nz Anne Riddick riddick_a%kosmos.wcc.govt.nz Barry Allan B.C.Allan%massey.ac.nz Barry McDonald B.McDonald%massey.ac.nz Berkley Intermediate berkley%wave.co.nz Blair Trewin blair%mullara.met.unimelb.EDU.AU BLImpact blimpact%aol.com Brian Dooley brian_d%sideways.welly.gen.nz Brian Harmer brian.harmer%vuw.ac.nz Brian McInturff turf%netcom.com Brian Sorrell biobbs%aau.dk or b.sorrell%niwa.cri.nz Bruce Barton via jbarton%actrix.gen.nz (Julia Barton) Bruce Cowin aq141%FreeNet.Carleton.CA Bruce Hamilton B.Hamilton%irl.cri.nz Bruce Hoult Bruce%hoult.actrix.gen.nz C. N. Robertson cnr%hydra.cfm.brown.edu cakes cakes%io.org Carlo Fusco fusco%io.org Ceinwen Currie Ceinwen.C%xtra.co.nz Charles Eggen cne%efn.org Chris Fitzgerald sofsol%ihug.co.nz Chris Rennie prtwo%chch.planet.co.nz Christopher Hutton dmitri%acs4.bu.edu Christopher Werry cw7r+%andrew.cmu.edu Dale Gold dgold%basso.actrix.gen.nz Darren Overby overby%crl.com Dave Joll jollian%es.co.nz Dave Matoe Dave_Matoe%UK.IBM.COM Dave Walker walker_d%ix.wcc.govt.nz Dave Frame phys223%csc.canterbury.ac.nz David Farrar dpf%ihug.co.nz David Lobb davelobb%iprolink.co.nz David Morris mortrav%ihug.co.nz David White d.white%irl.cri.nz Delia Cioffi cioffi%dartmouth.edu Dennis Gray Jr. dgray%menudo.uh.edu Derek Tearne derek%nezsdc.fujitsu.co.nz, derek%iprolink.co.nz Dirk Rossouw drossouw%gmu.edu Don Stokes don%zl2tnm.gen.nz Donald Neal dmneal%waikato.ac.nz Ed Ablon(?) eablon%connect.net Errol Hunt hunte%post.crc.cra.com.au Ewan McKissock ewanm%landyatch.csd.sgi.com Fiona Cubie fionac%waikato.ac.nz Frank Pitt frankie%mundens.southern.co.nz Frank van der Hulst frankv%pec.co.nz Frits Schouten schouten.jf.frits%bhp.com.au Gareth Cronin garethc%ww.co.nz Garry Collins garryc%rhema.pec.co.nz Gavin Bell mgmt012%csc.canterbury.ac.nz Geoff McCaughan geoff%southern.co.nz Gina Willingale gina%rusty.siml.co.nz Gloria Williams gowilliams%galaxy.gov.bc.ca Graham C. grahamc%inca.co.nz Grant D. 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Hunt mdh%gaya.wcc.govt.nz Martin Lange mlange%actrix.gen.nz Marty Burr mburr%manawatu.gen.nz Michael Hood mhood%nzint.tourism.co.nz Michael Lyford mlyford%iconz.co.nz Michael L Steven m.steven%uws.edu.au Miche Campbell michelle.campbell%stonebow.otago.ac.nz Michelle Elleray mde3%cornell.edu Mike Gill Mike.Gill%csx.cciw.ca Mike Leon leonmike%moc.govt.nz Mike Tuppen mike%tuppambr.demon.co.uk Mike Wright M_WRIGHT%icrf.icnet.uk Murray Shadbolt mjs%waikato.ac.nz Nathan Schmidt schmidt%civl.canterbury.ac.nz Neville C. Dempsey ncd%3tt.kiwi.gen.nz Nick Mein nmein%bifrost.otago.ac.nz Nina O'Flynn nof%nzer.DIALix.oz.au Noeline McCaughan noeline%styx.southern.co.nz Oliver Bohnenberger fm21%rummelplatz.uni-mannheim.de Pat Cain patrick%sideways.welly.gen.nz or %gopher.dosli.govt.nz(?) Patrick Dunford pdunford%xtra.co.nz Paul Caples(?) pjcaples%bnr.ca Paul Campbell paul%taniwha.com Paul Dansted pdansted%ccu1.auckland.ac.nz Paul Gillingwater paul%eunet.co.at Paul Nixon paul%nixnet.demon.co.uk Paul Walker p.walker%econ.canterbury.ac.nz Pete Moore pete%bignode.southern.co.nz Peter Fowler gorf%actrix.gen.nz Peter Hunt peter%chch.planet.org.nz Peter Kerr p.kerr%auckland.ac.nz Peter Lowish peter%cyberlink.co.nz Peter Morris morrisp%lincoln.ac.nz Phil Abercrombie abercrom%UG.EDS.COM *Philip* 100317.3527%CompuServe.COM Philip Greenspun philg%zurich.ai.mit.edu R. Bowen bowenrw%elec.canterbury.ac.nz Raewyn Whyte whyter%iprolink.co.nz Ray Steel rsteel%titan.com Richard Keightley richardk%world.std.com Richard Miller Richard_Miller%f170.n771.z3.fidonet.org Richard Naylor rich%tosh.wcc.govt.nz Richard Stevenson nightowl%deepsouth.co.nz Richard Symonds edison%nelson.planet.org.nz Richard Turner rwturner%iastate.edu Rob Hay HayR%Lincoln.cri.nz Rob Simpson roks%actrix.gen.nz Robert Burling-Claridge claridge%wronz.org.nz Roberta Gorman rwgorman%delphi.com Robin Klitscher robinkk%ibm.net Rod Bicknell rbicknell%beta.delphi.com or rbicknell%aol.com Rod Snowdon Rod.Snowdon%agrar.uni-giessen.de Roger Dennis roger%southern.co.nz Ross Finlayson finlayson%Eng.Sun.COM Ross Levis ross%enternet.co.nz Ross Stewart ross%quidnunc.co.nz or ross%wilsonwhite.co.nz(?) Roy T. Fielding fielding%simplon.ics.uci.edu Russell Turner turnerr%actrix.gen.nz Sam Sampson sam%ins.co.nz Sean Coley sean%welly.gen.nz Sharon wn_tafunai%wmich.edu Simon Lyall simon%darkmere.gen.nz Simon O'Rorke simon%central.co.nz Steffan Berridge steffan.berridge%vuw.ac.nz Stephen D. Neely sdneely%azstarnet.com Steve Harris saris%iol.ie Stuart Yeates yeatsa3%cosc.canterbury.ac.nz Suzanne Doig misc3518%csc.canterbury.ac.nz Thomas Wilson al419%FreeNet.Carleton.CA Tony Randle tony.randle%inl.co.nz or tonyr%atlantis.actrix.gen.nz Tony Wilkes tony%wilkes.ak.planet.co.nz Trevor Walker yrstyle%voyager.co.nz Tuan Nguyen nvtuan%deepthnk.kiwi.gen.nz Van (?) vandrklw%is.nyu.edu Vaughan Clarkson vaughan%barton.anu.edu.au Thanks, people! ------------------------------ Subject: D2 History of soc.culture.new-zealand ------------------------------ Subject: D2.1 s.c.n-z -- The Early Days Lyndon Watson adds: I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't vote. The RFDs and CFVs were not well publicised. They didn't appear in any of the groups that I read regularly at the time and the first I knew of the proposal was when the results were posted, for some reason more widely than the RFDs and CFVs [not really, Lyndon :-)]. I did, however, post the first day the group was enabled here, and haven't stopped since.... But there are one or two semi-regulars among the yes votes [....] and others who were once frequent posters but have since dropped away [....] and one or two prominent personalities in other newsgroups who supported the vote but haven't posted much or at all here. Alan Murray deserves to be remembered as the first to post a regular newspaper clippings service, a role since assumed by Brian Harmer. It's interesting to remember that the group was created by expat New Zealanders and in its earliest days carried mainly expats' posts. In the first year, whole weekends used to go by without a single post. But one of the nice things then was the level of participation by friendly foreigners. There are still a few (g'day Chuck, Don, Amos if you're still there...), but not enough of them and too many of the weirdly hostile (a raspberry to Henry, Rocket Jim...) and the cross-posting nits. ------------------------------ Subject: D2.2 CFV List of Voters List of voters who voted on the CFV to create the newsgroup Posted by Graeme Williams (gcwillia%daisy.waterloo.edu) VOTES AGAINST (27) ado % elsie.nci.nih.gov (Arthur David Olson) asb % wren.cs.rmit.OZ.AU (Anthony Scott Botham) basho!john % cis.ohio-state.edu (John Lacey) becker % cs.rochester.edu (Tim Becker) bob % omni.com (Bob Weissman) cdr % brahms.AMD.COM (Carl Rigney) charleen % ads.com (Charleen Bunjiovianna Stoner) chip % chinacat.unicom.com (Chip Rosenthal) david % elroy.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (David Robinson) dziuk % hsi86.hsi.com (Ronald V. 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Wood) roche % cs.rochester.edu (Jim Roche) shiau % eniac.seas.upenn.edu (Not Getting Any) supple % ecn.purdue.edu (Murray R Supple) timv % cadfx.ccad.uiowa.edu (Timothy VanFosson) wolves!news % duke.cs.duke.edu (News Administrator @ Wolves) VOTES IN FAVOUR (217) Aaron.Roydhouse % comp.vuw.ac.nz ab2y+ % andrew.cmu.edu (Antoine Paul Brusseau) abaker % UCSD.EDU ACV % waikato.ac.nz (Alistair Veitch) aighb % castle.edinburgh.ac.uk (Geoffrey Ballinger) ajm % monu6.cc.monash.edu.au (Tony McGregor) alan % essex.ac.uk (Stanier A) ALKULA % cc.Helsinki.FI (Tapani Alkula) Allister.Gorman % vuw.ac.nz (Allister J. 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