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Subject: The soc.culture.new-zealand FAQ (part 1 of 6)

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SOC.CULTURE.NEW-ZEALAND Frequently Asked Questions Copyright 1998 Lin Nah Copyright 1994 - 1997 Phil Stuart-Jones This FAQ can be found online at: ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/cultures/new-zealand-faq *** PLEASE DON'T E-MAIL CONTRIBUTIONS TO ME *** *** E-mailed contributions will NOT be included *** *** E-mailed requests/questions will NOT be answered *** *** Replies to this message go back into the newsgroup *** I am NOT here to supply information on request or research obscure topics. I merely compile the information from the newsgroup and add whatever I think may be useful or relevant. If you really can't look something up for yourself, *ask in the newsgroup*! Like many people in New Zealand (and some other parts of the world) I pay for my e-mail by volume, both incoming and outgoing. E-mailing a request to someone you don't know without an invitation is often NOT appreciated. I very seldom respond to such mail. Contributions and comments are welcomed, but PLEASE POST THEM to s.c.n-z so that others can comment on their accuracy/relevance. If you quote for context, please keep it to a minimum. Thanks. I correct and amend the FAQ as information and time come to hand and post it around the tenth of each month. The subject line on the FAQ and the weekly reminder will be constant for the convenience of those who wish to killfile them. My thanks to the contributors (listed in section D1) without whom I couldn't (and wouldn't) have compiled this. Please remember that most of this stuff is quoted so I may not be to blame for factual errors! =========================================================================== CONTENTS ============================== INTRODUCTION: 1 History of soc.culture.new-zealand 2 Phil Stuart-Jones ============================== PART A: INFO SOURCES A1 HOW TO FIND NZers AND INFORMATION ABOUT NZ A1.1 On The Net A1.2 Elsewhere A1.2.1 Overseas Offices of the NZ Tourism Board A1.2.2 Traditional sources (libraries, newspapers, etc.) A1.2.3 In The Wild... ------------------------------ A2 INFORMATION FOR NZers OVERSEAS A2.1 NZ Consulates/Embassies Overseas A2.2 How Do I Get News From Home? A2.3 Expatriate Organisations ------------------------------ A3 INTERNET ACCESS WITHIN NZ ============================== PART B: FACTS AND FIGURES B1 THE COUNTRY B1.1 Where Is NZ? B1.1.1 General B1.1.2 Statistics B1.1.3 Dependencies B1.1.4 Time Zones B1.2 The Landscape B1.2.1 General B1.2.2 Miscellaneous Figures B1.2.3 Flora and Fauna B1.2.4 Climate ------------------------------ B2 THE PEOPLE B2.1 A Short History B2.2 Maoritanga B2.2.1 The Moriori Question B2.2.2 Guide to Maori pronunciation B2.2.3 The Haka B2.3 Demography B2.3.1 General B2.3.2 Major Cities B2.3.3 Age Distribution B2.3.4 Ethnicity B2.3.5 Official Languages B2.3.6 Religions B2.3.6.1 Russian or Greek orthodox church in NZ B2.3.6.2 URLs related to religion in NZ ------------------------------ B3 LIFE IN NEW ZEALAND B3.1 The Political Scene B3.1.1 Why 'New Zealand' B3.1.2 Constitution B3.1.3 Form of Government B3.1.4 The Justice System B3.1.5 Organisation Membership B3.2 Economy B3.2.1 Defence Against Silly Questions B3.2.2 Current Status B3.2.3 Currency B3.2.4 Stockmarket B3.2.5 Interest Rates B3.2.6 Taxes B3.2.7 Miscellaneous Prices B3.3 Life In General B3.3.1 Business Hours B3.3.2 Tipping B3.3.3 Cost of Living B3.3.3.1 Rent B3.3.3.2 Wages B3.3.3.3 Transport B3.3.3.4 Food B3.3.3.5 Consumer goods B3.3.4 Crime B3.3.5 Finding a job B3.3.6 Schools and Education B3.3.6.1 Online resources for Education B3.3.7 Universities B3.3.7.1 Teaching focus B3.3.7.2 Addresses B3.3.7.3 The University Hierarchy B3.3.7.4 Postgrad Study B3.3.8 Health B3.3.8.1 Water Supply B3.3.9 Communications B3.3.10 Misc B3.4 Holidays B3.4.1 National B3.4.2 Regional B3.4.3 Web Resources on Holidays B3.5 Technical Stuff B3.5.1 Electricity B3.5.2 TV info B3.5.3 Video Conversion B3.5.4 Bringing Computers In B3.5.5 Telephone B3.5.6 Radio B3.5.7 Internet ------------------------------ B4 COMING TO NEW ZEALAND B4.1 Immigration B4.1.1 Online Resources to Immigration B4.1.2 Visitor's Permit B4.1.3 Permanent Residence B4.1.3.1 Resident Permit B4.1.3.2 Points System B4.2 Agricultural Restrictions B4.2.1 Animal Quarantine B4.3 Customs B4.3.1 Duty Free allowance B4.3.2 Allowances for people relocating to NZ B4.4 Moving to New Zealand B4.4.1 Shipping stuff to NZ B4.4.2 Importing a Car B4.5 Information for Visitors B4.5.1 Departure Tax B4.5.2 Health B4.5.3 Overseas Embassies In NZ ------------------------------ B5 TRAVEL WITHIN NZ B5.1 Info Sources B5.1.1 Tourism Board B5.1.2 Maps B5.2 Accommodation B5.2.1 Hotels B5.2.2 Motels and Motor Lodges B5.2.3 Backpackers B5.2.3.1 Youth Hostel Association B5.2.3.2 Backpackers Accommodation B5.2.4 Miscellaneous B5.2.5 Published Accommodation Guides B5.2.6 Online Accommodation Guides B5.3 Transport B5.3.1 Cycling/Sea kayaking B5.3.2 Hitchhiking B5.3.3 Renting a car/campervan B5.3.4 Train Services B5.3.5 Cook Strait Ferry B5.3.6 Coach Travel B5.3.7 Driving B5.3.8 Commercial Tours B5.3.9 Flying B5.4 Misc Info B5.4.1 Film Developing ------------------------------ B6 MAP OF NEW ZEALAND ============================== PART C: THE SUBJECTIVE BITS C1 DEFINITION OF 'KIWI' C1.1 'Real Kiwi' Test ------------------------------ C2 DESCRIPTIONS OF NZ CITIES ------------------------------ C3 HOLIDAYING IN NZ C3.1 Places C3.1.1 Parks and Tracks C3.1.2 Beaches, etc. C3.1.3 Distinctive Features C3.1.4 Archaeology/Historical/Heritage Sites C3.1.5 Places To Go To C3.1.6 Places To Avoid C3.1.7 Temporary Attractions C3.2 Activities C3.2.1 Tramping C3.2.2 Skiing C3.2.3 Climbing/mountaineering C3.2.4 Watersports C3.2.5 Whale/Dolphin Watching C3.2.6 Pubs To Go To/Nightlife C3.2.7 Anything Else???? ------------------------------ C4 GENERAL CULTURE C4.1 Sport C4.1.1 Why do New Zealander Sportspeople Wear Black? C4.2 Food C4.2.1 What is Vegemite/Marmite? C4.2.2 Pavlova recipe C4.2.3 The Edmonds Cook Book C4.2.4 Laying A Hangi C4.3 National Anthems C4.4 The Gumboot Song C4.5 Some Works by NZ Authors C4.6 Other Bits ------------------------------ C5 FAMOUS NEW ZEALANDERS C5.1 Cinema C5.1.1 Films C5.1.2 People C5.2 Music C5.2.1 Pop/rock bands C5.2.2 Blues C5.2.3 Country C5.2.4 Classical C5.3 Literature C5.4 Fine Art C5.5 Humour C5.6 Other... ============================== PART D: APPENDICES D1 The Contributors D2 History of soc.culture.new-zealand D2.1 s.c.n-z -- The Early Days D2.2 CFV List of Voters =========================================================================== INTRODUCTION: 1 History of soc.culture.new-zealand The following gives some of the history of the creation of s.c.n-z. The rest of the details, including the list of voters, has been removed but should be at an archive site somewhere before long... ---------- Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,soc.culture.australian, soc.culture.british,soc.culture.celtic,soc.culture.misc,nz.general Followup-To: news.groups Keywords: New Zealand, Kiwi Sender: tale@cs.rpi.edu From: gcwillia@daisy.waterloo.edu (Graeme Williams) Subject: CFD: soc.culture.new-zealand Date: 25 Feb 91 04:41:44 GMT [ I have the rest of the header if it'd be useful to anyone ] Z*******Z******* CFD: A New Zealand culture group *******Z*******Z This is a call for a discussion regarding the creation of a new newsgroup devoted to "New Zealand culture". Here is what I propose: NAME: This will need to be decided on, several suggestions are: soc.culture.newzealand soc.culture.aoteoroa soc.culture.kiwi soc.culture.nz MODERATION STATUS: The group would be unmoderated. CHARTER: The group will provide a forum for discussion of topics related to New Zealand. In particular such things as: News, politics, Maori and Pacific Island culture, music, sport, events, films, telly, jobs, farming, the enviroment, economics, tourism, places to see, trade, education, bungy jumping, pavlovas, the Goodnight Kiwi and Wal and the dog in Footrot Flats. In short anything and everything Kiwi, or related to NZ. Contributions and queries from people other than New Zealanders will also be most welcome. COMMENTS: I have had rather a lot of positive feedback via email regarding the creation of this group, some very enthusiastic. What I would like to see now is some discussion on the net amongst the various people interested. In particular we will need to decide on a name for the group. I have set the Followup-to: field to news.groups so all discussion regarding this proposal should take place there. So, if you're interested and don't subscribe to news.groups, SUBSCRIBE to it NOW! I want to hear publicly from all you Kiwis (and others interested) scattered few and far between all over the globe. Shake off the traditional Kiwi apathy cos "she'll be right" won't work here on the net. Get those fingers typing and tell us what you think. Cheers, Graeme Williams - a Kiwi in Canada gcwillia@daisy.waterloo.edu ---------- Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,nz.general, soc.culture.australian,soc.culture.british,soc.culture.celtic,soc.culture.misc From: Graeme Williams <gcwillia@daisy.waterloo.edu> Subject: CFV: soc.culture.new-zealand Followup-To: poster Sender: tale@cs.rpi.edu Date: 12 Mar 91 05:33:09 GMT *************** CALL FOR VOTES: soc.culture.new-zealand *************** This is the first call for votes for creation of the newsgroup soc.culture.new-zealand. Please read all of this article carefully before you send your vote. The proposed group is as follows: NAME: soc.culture.new-zealand MODERATION STATUS: Unmoderated CHARTER: The group will provide a forum for discussion of topics related to New Zealand. In particular such things as: News, politics, Maori and Pacific Island culture, music, sport, events, films, telly, jobs, farming, the enviroment, economics, tourism, places to see, trade, education, bungy jumping, pavlovas, the Goodnight Kiwi and Wal and the Dog in Footrot Flats. In short anything and everything Kiwi. Contributions and queries from people other than New Zealanders will also be most welcome. VOTING PROCEDURE: Send mail to me at: gcwillia@daisy.waterloo.edu Preferably your message should include one of the following lines: I vote: YES soc.culture.new-zealand I vote: NO soc.culture.new-zealand I will accept other wording providing your vote is clear and unambiguous and is for the group as proposed. Votes for or against the group, but with a different name (Note: The name is hyphenated), will not be counted. The voting period will begin when this article appears and end at 12pm EST on Wednesday 10th April. In order for your vote to count I must receive it during this period. COMMENTS: The guidelines for successful creation of a new newsgroup require that the votetaker receive 100 more YES votes than NO votes, and that the YES votes be at least 2/3 of all valid votes cast. I will endeavour to post a mass acknowledgement of votes at least once during the voting period. Cheers, Graeme Williams gcwillia@daisy.waterloo.edu ---------- Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,nz.general, soc.culture.australian,soc.culture.british,soc.culture.celtic,soc.culture.misc From: Graeme Williams <gcwillia@daisy.waterloo.edu> Subject: RESULT: soc.culture.new-zealand passes 217: 27 Followup-To: news.groups Sender: tale@cs.rpi.edu Date: 16 Apr 91 06:24:59 GMT The voting period for soc.culture.new-zealand closed at the end of Wed. 10th April. 244 valid votes were cast, 217 in favour and 27 against. Votes in favour exceed those against by over 100 and also comprise more than 2/3 of votes cast, so soc.culture.new-zealand passes. Thanks to all the people who voted. Votes in favour of this group originated from all over. In particular though considerable support came from Australia (from both genuine Aussies and ex-pat Kiwis), England and Finland. Valid votes were received from the following: [ moved to Section D2 ] That's it. Any comments or contributions to this introduction would be appreciated. ------------------------------ 2 Phil Stuart-Jones Phil Stuart-Jones volunteered to start the soc.culture.new-zealand FAQ in 1994. Phil has been a regular participant of the newsgroup and did a splendid job in starting and maintaining the FAQ. It was a shock and great loss to all when he died suddenly on 13 August 1997. ----- From: geoff@southern.co.nz (Geoff McCaughan) Subject: Phil Stuart-Jones dies suddenly, was Re: The soc.culture.new-zealand FA Q (part 1 of 6) Date: 14 Aug 1997 23:22:07 GMT I'm sure all the s.c.n-z readers will be as shocked as I was to hear that Phil Stuart-Jones died on Wednesday night. The death notice in The Press today states that he died "as a result of a tragic accident at home". The funeral will be private, but Friends are invited to a gathering to celebrate Phil's life att the Friends Meeting House, 72 Cresswell Avenue, on Saturday August 23, 2:15 pm. ----- From: phys218@csc.canterbury.ac.nz (Lyndon Watson) Subject: Phil Date: 25 Aug 97 13:08:41 +1200 Phil Stuart-Jones was remembered at a meeting at the Friends' Meeting House in Christchurch last Saturday. A number of people spoke about Phil and revealed aspects of his character that were only hinted at in the kind of limited interaction that we have here, but I can appreciate even better than I did before how lucky we were to have a person such as Phil create our FAQ file for us. He had impressed and was loved by an extraordinary range of people, and I can only regret not having the time to get to know him better than our postings and email and occasional meetings and telephone conversations allowed. It has occurred to me that some people who never knew Phil might appreciate a picture of him. Of course, people such as Pete and Geoff and Noeline knew him much longer and better than I did, but even first impressions can be interesting. Like most here, I "met" Phil first as a name behind postings in the newsgroup. I don't know about you, but I tend to form pictures of people based on nothing more than their names - I'm almost always wildly wrong, of course, but it's an entertainment.... To me the name Phil Stuart-Jones, together with the enormous amount of computer time that Phil was obviously spending early on with the FAQ, suggested a small, indoorsy sort of person, perhaps the paradigm computer nerd, definitely with glasses, perhaps not exactly a wide circle of friends. Then I met him on the occasion of Lin's first South Island holiday.... Imagine a sort of human spider, over six feet tall, all arms and legs, blond hair down to his shoulders, beard, bare feet, immensely friendly and welcoming to everyone and interested in absolutely eveything. We stayed talking very late on that first occasion; the scnz Pignic earlier this year ended up at Phil's place and went on to the wee small hours. We've all heard of Phil's interest in rock-climbing, and you could tell just be looking at him that he could probably climb a slick rock face using nothing but his eyebrows and toenails for grip. From the many stories told at the meeting on Saturday it was obvious that he was a true natural and a very good climber. What had never been mentioned here was that he was a professional landscape designer with qualifications from Canterbury and Lincoln Universities. Knowing Phil's love of the southern mountains, I can just dream about what sort of garden he might have designed for me, had I ever been in a position to engage his services. So many might-have-beens. So long, Phil, we're missing you. ----- From: David Farrar <david@work.net.nz> Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 14:32:35 +1200 Shit, shocked is definitely one of my reactions. And very sad. Despite not having met Phil in real life I felt I knew him well through the group and his passing saddens me deeply. Life can be so fragile. Finding out's someones death through Usenet is a new experience for me and not altoegther pleasant, but considering that is how I (and many others) knew Phil, it is perhaps appropriate. Farewell Phil, and thanks for everything. You will be missed. David Farrar ----- From: Tony Williams <tonyw@ledelec.demon.co.uk> Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 10:02:38 +0100 (BST) This is one of those times when you feel compelled to say something, but with really nothing to say. As a long-distance lurker on s.c.n-z, Phil's FAQ was probably one of the earliest things I read on this group. He's one of those unsung heroes on the 'net, using his spare time in various little support activities that the rest of us take for granted. I had a real sense of shock and sympathy on opening up and reading this post. I also have to remark here that, although we don't actually know people on the net in the normal social sense, their death and sudden disappearance seems to affect you just as much. I recently experienced it when an Email pal, Alex Knox of ChiChi, died suddenly. Could I suggest that a nice thing to do would be to let the FAQ run as it is for the time being, perhaps with a tribute added at the front. [Tony Williams, Ledbury, Herefordshire, UK.---Pagewidth=64-----] ----- From: jmg24@cornell.edu (Jolisa Gracewood) Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 11:35:47 -0400 Tony Williams suggested: > Could I suggest that a nice thing to do would be to let the FAQ run > as it is for the time being, perhaps with a tribute added at the front. Absolutely, let's do that. Like many of us here I'm virtually mourning someone I never met in person, but it certainly feels like the real thing. Perhaps dubbing the FAQ "Phil's FAQ" (or more formally, The Phil Stuart-Jones Memorial FAQ) would be a good way to pay tribute to his presence and work in this group? Jolisa, a long way from Chch, and feeling very sad for Phil's partner and family. ----- From: B.Hamilton@irl.cri.nz (Bruce Hamilton) Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 12:38:59 +12 Bummer. Today is a gloriously fine, bracing, winter day - and then this post appeared. I never thanked him for all the hard work he expended in producing and maintaining the group's FAQ, which is a treasure. In the vain hope that he finds an ISP up there ( he might have difficulty - in a just world, most are due to head in the opposite direction ). " Thanks Phil for all your work, and your willingness to accept the onerous task, which you completed superbly and without complaint, and which is a wonderful legacy. Rest quietly." Bruce Hamilton ----- From: noeline@styx.southern.co.nz (Noeline McCaughan) Date: Fri, 15 Aug 97 15:23:29 +1200 I have just had news of the sudden death of Phil. Stuart-Jones last wednesday who as you all know was the compiler of the s.c.FAQ. Phil and I had known each other for quite a few years and I know his passing will be missed by a great many people in all walks of life. His climbing exploits on vertical faces along the length of the Southern Alps was renouned, not for nothing was he referred to as "Old velcro toes". Those who only knew him through his postings here will also miss him, his selfless work in compiling and up-dating the FAQ has been appreciated by many. Phil's funeral will be held on Saturday 23rd August. I will enquire as to the time and about where to forward messages and post it here. Noeline McCaughan. ----- From: arachne@uci.edu.nospam (arachne) Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 16:11:37 GMT Knowing how much Phil hated receiving extraneous email at home, I don't want to send my condolences to his family that way. I hope that if someone from ChCh is going to the funeral, they could perhaps print out some of these messages and hand them on. Phil was certainly an important member of this online community and his hard work has been most appreciate - especially the good humour with which he took comments and suggestions about the faq and the way he seldom complained about the amount of work it was to maintain. Thanks Phil. mj ----- From: lawry@maths.ox.ac.uk (James Lawry) Date: 15 Aug 1997 20:42:54 GMT arachne <arachne@uci.edu.nospam> wrote: >Phil was certainly an important member of this online community and >his hard work has been most appreciate - especially the good humour >with which he took comments and suggestions about the faq and the way >he seldom complained about the amount of work it was to maintain. > >Thanks Phil. Hear hear. My deepest sympathies to his family, and his friends everywhere. James Lawry. ----- From: Lyndon Watson <L.Watson@csc.canterbury.ac.nz> (Lyndon Watson) Date: 18 Aug 97 09:31:35 +1200 arachne@uci.edu.nospam (arachne) writes: > Knowing how much Phil hated receiving extraneous email at home, I > don't want to send my condolences to his family that way. I hope that > if someone from ChCh is going to the funeral, they could perhaps print > out some of these messages and hand them on. I intend to go to the Friends meeting this Saturday, and I would be glad to do that if anyone wishes. Given news propagation delays and the generally flaky state of the news system here at the moment, it would be safest to email me. > Phil was certainly an important member of this online community and > his hard work has been most appreciate - especially the good humour > with which he took comments and suggestions about the faq and the way > he seldom complained about the amount of work it was to maintain. To which should be added our appreciation of his (and Val's) generosity in making their house available to the rest of scnz whenever we wanted somewhere to meet. Among the other things that stand to Phil's credit is the saving of the 1997 Pigout. > Thanks Phil. Lyndon Watson L.Watson@csc.canterbury.ac.nz ----- From: cne@efn.org ( Charles N. Eggen) Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 18:39:47 GMT I would second the suggestion of "The Phil Stuart-Jones Memorial FAQ". I have been stunned regarding our loss, Since I had only been in contact with him via e-mail, I could not consider him a close friend, but I certainly will miss his input and energy. My condolences to all of you who are experiencing a significant hole in your lives now. Charles Norman Eggen "How often are we to die before we go quite off this stage? In every friend we lose a part of ourselves, and the best part." Alexander Pope, 5 Dec. 1732 ----- From: nrowe@gwdu19.gwdg.de (Nicola Rowe ) Date: 20 Aug 1997 21:44:42 GMT I agree - a memorial is a good idea. I have pointed many Germans curious about NZ to the FAQ, and appreciate the enormous effort that must have gone into maintaining it. My sincere condolences to Phil's family and friends. Nicola ----- =========================================================================== PART A ------------------------------ Subject: A1 HOW TO FIND NZers AND INFORMATION ABOUT NZ ------------------------------ Subject: A1.1 On The Net You may also find other URLs in the relevant sections. Looking for people: Online phone directory http://www.whitepages.co.nz/ NZ Internet Users directory http://bitz.co.nz/bitz/email/ ----- For general information, follow this newsgroup! You might also want to investigate the nz.* groups (if they are available to you) particularly nz.general. Readers with web browsers might like to do a search on the 'keyword' "New Zealand". There seem to be quite a few travel resources there. Corrections for any of these addresses would be appreciated. The faq is available from numerous sites, including: ftp site: ftp.demon.co.uk dir: /pub/ibmpc/misc including the internet access faq and immigration eligibility software. Searching for organisations, companies, governmental agencies etc * NZ Yellow Pages http://www.yellowpages.co.nz * The NZ Internet Registry (information on Domains within the *.nz TLD) http://www.domainz.net.nz/ * NZ Government Online (with search facility) http://www.govt.nz/ * Consulates/Embassies Overseas http://www.mft.govt.nz/Overseas/index.htm * The Companies Office http://www.companies.govt.nz/ * Education Links http://nz.com/NZ/EducationResearch/Universities.html * Employment Resources http://url.co.nz/employ.html New Zealand Search engines A list of major NZ search engines and indexes by Paul Bourke http://www.mhri.edu.au/~pdb/internet/nzsearch.html Other NZ search engines not included in the list are: http://www.nzpages.co.nz/ http://www.anzwers.co.nz/ List of New Zealand Internet connected sites by Mark Davis of Victoria University of Wellington http://www.comp.vuw.ac.nz/~mark/netsites.html Other info about NZ is available via WWW from: Michael Witbrock's NZ pages at http://www.nz.com/ Sam Sampson says: "Stewart Island Pages on the akiko tour of nz. Site is: http://nz.com/tour/Stewart Island/ Philip Greenspun's file (illustrated with 25 JPEG photos): http://www-swiss.ai.mit.edu/philg/travel/ then click on "email from New Zealand" and all the old stuff is there. Jennifer Mary George's pages: Obscurities/infrequently asked questions; http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~jmgeorge/ifaq.html and home page http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~jmgeorge/nz.html Pat Cain's ftp site/web page: http://www.dosli.govt.nz/lists ftp://ftp.dosli.govt.nz/pub/lists including the Internet Access in NZ FAQ, Tony Sutorius' NZ Internet Typical User Profiles FAQ and BBS Listings for Auckland, Waikato, Manawatu, Wellington and Christchurch. David Lobb's site http://www.tricky.com/davelobb.html Jon Clarke's site http://air.com.hk/~jonc Derek Tearne's site http://url.co.nz/NZ/nzl.html NZ Legislation http://www.knowledge-basket.co.nz/gpprint/acts.html Health Links http://www.lincoln.ac.nz/libr/nz/nzmed.htm Government web pages NZ Government Online http://www.govt.nz/ NZ Companies Office http://www.companies.govt.nz/ NZ Statistics http://www.stats.govt.nz/statsweb.nsf NZ Passport Office http://inform.dia.govt.nz/internal_affairs/businesses/doni_pro/pports_home.html Dept of Internal Affairs Information and Services Local Government Web pages Auckland City Council http://www.akcity.govt.nz/ Canterbury City Council http://www.ccc.govt.nz/ Dunedin City Council http://www.dcc.govt.nz/ North Shore City Council http://www.nscc.govt.nz/ Palmerston North City Council http://www.pncc.govt.nz/ Waitakere City Council http://www.waitakere.govt.nz/ Wellington City Council http://www.wcc.govt.nz/ Museums Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa http://www.tepapa.govt.nz/ Museums of New Zealand (an article with links) http://gosouthpacific.miningco.com/library/weekly/aa011198.htm NZ Fighter Pilots Museum http://www.nzfpm.co.nz/welcome/welcome.htm Library sites throughout NZ. National Library of New Zealand http://www.natlib.govt.nz/ Email: visitors@natlib.govt.nz New Zealand Library Catalogues: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/libr/nzopac.htm New Zealand Library and Information Association: http://www.netlink.co.nz/~nzlia/ which gives details of the organisation, and links to related sites. 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Year books, almanacs, census data(?) etc. are all usually available. The following book has been suggested as a useful source of information: New Zealand - a Lonely Planet travel survival kit by Peter Turner, Jeff Williams, Nancy Keller and Tony Wheeler http://www.lonelyplanet.com/ The following CD is available: New Zealand Encyclopedia (TVNZ): An encyclopedia of NZ that covers lots of different areas. Over 1200 illustrations, 20 maps, over 20 minutes of videos (1994 version). Available from: The Electric Book Co. PO Box 34-422 Ph/fax: (+64 9) 415 9343 Auckland 10 If all else fails, try the: Auckland Information Bureau/Auckland Information Centre 24 Wellesley St or Queen Elizabeth II Square PO Box 7048 Phone (+64 9) 366 6888 Auckland 1 Fax (+64 9) 366 6893 Wellington Info Centre Phone (+64 4) 801 4000 Fax (+64 4) 801 3030 Wellington is included because if you know how to send a fax via e-mail, use Wellington's fax number. They probably can't email you back. Christchurch Info Centre Phone (+64 3) 379 9629 Fax (+64 3) 377 2424 Lincoln University library keeps (or kept?) a list of all the NZ magazines/newspapers at: http://manuka.lincoln.ac.nz/libr/nz/nzserial.htm ----- Newspaper Contact Information New Zealand Major Daily Newspapers: (>25,000 Circulation) Newspaper Postal Box City Circulation Phone Mngmnt Fax Editorial Fax New Zealand Herald (M) PO Box 32 Auckland 238,000 09-379-5050 09-303-0265 09-366-1568 Otago Daily Times (M) PO Box 181 Dunedin 48,000 03-477-4760 03-477-5120 03-477-1313 The Daily News PO Box 444 New Plymouth 29,000 06-758-0559 06-758-4653 06-758-6849 The Dominion (M) PO Box 3740 Wellington 67,000 04-474-0222 09-474-0584 04-474-0350 The Evening Post (M) PO Box 3740 Wellington 69,000 04-474-0222 04-474-0584 04-474-0237 The Press (M) Private Bag Christchurch 100,000 03-379-0940 03-364-8496 04-364-8492 The Southland Times PO Box 805 Invercargill 33,000 03-218-1909 03-218-4349 03-214-9905 Waikato Times Private Bag 3086 Hamilton 41,000 07-849-6180 07-849-9554 07-849-9603 New Zealand Other Daily Newspapers: (<25,000 Circulation) Newspaper Postal Box City Circulation Phone Mngmnt Fax Editorial Fax Ashburton Guardian PO Box 77 Ashburton 6,300 03-308-3089 03-308-9855 Bay of Plenty Times Private Bag Tauranga 21,000 07-578-3059 07-578-0047 Daily Post PO Box 1442 Rotorua 13,000 07-348-6199 07-349-0959 07-346-0153 Evening News PO Box 92 Dannevirke 2,700 06-374-7081 06-374-9353 Evening Standard PO Box 3 Palmerston North 24,000 06-356-9009 06-350-9525 06-357-6316 Evening Star PO Box 3 Greymouth 5,600 03-768-7121 03-768-6205 Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune PO Box 180 Hastings 20,000 06-878-5155 06-876-0655 06-878-5668 Northland Times PO Box 96 Dargaville 2,900 09-439-8209 09-439-6505 Te Awamutu Courier PO Box 1 Te Awamutu ? 07-871-5151 07-871-3675 The Daily Telegraph PO Box 343 Napier 16,000 06-835-4488 06-835-6786 06-835-1129 The Ensign PO Box 182 Gore ? 03-208-9280 03-208-9594 The Gisborne Herald PO Box 1143 Gisborne 9,700 06-868-6655 06-867-8048 The Levin Chronicle PO Box 547 Levin 6,400 06-368-5109 06-368-2366 The Nelson Mail PO Box 244 Nelson 19,000 03-548-7079 03-546-2849 03-546-2802 The Northern Advocate PO Box 210 Whangarei 15,000 09-438-2399 09-430-5669 09-430-5665 The Oamaru Mail PO Box 343 Oamaru ? 03-434-9970 03-434-9723 The Timaru Herald PO Box 46 Timaru 15,000 03-684-4129 03-688-1042 Wairarapa Times-Age PO Box 445 Masterton 9,100 06-378-9999 06-378-2839 06-378-2371 Wairoa Star PO Box 41 Wairoa ? 06-838-7194 06-838-6973 Wanganui Chronicle PO Box 433 Wanganui 15,000 06-345-3919 06-345-3232 Westport News PO Box 249 Westport 2,200 03-789-7319 03-789-7203 New Zealand Non-daily Newspapers: Newspaper Postal Box City Circulation Phone Mngmnt Fax Editorial Fax Clutha Leader (N) PO Box 45 Balclutha 2,500 03-418-1115 03-418-1173 Marlborough Express (N) PO Box 242 Blenheim 10,000 03-578-6059 03-577-6006 03-578-0497 National Business Review* (W) PO Box 1734 Auckland 13,000 09-307-1629 09-373-3997 Northern News (W) PO Box 1 Kaikohe ? 09-401-0123 09-401-2129 Sunday News* (W) PO Box 1409 Auckland 119,000 09-302-1300 09-366-4670 09-358-3003 Sunday Star-Times* (W) PO Box 1409 Auckland 195,000 09-302-1300 09-366-4670 09-309-0258 The Independent* (W) 17 Victoria St West Auckland 10,000 09-303-3534 09-303-2999 The New Truth* (W) PO Box 1409 Auckland 35,000 09-302-1300 09-366-4670 09-309-2279 Whakatane Beacon (N) PO Box 243 Whakatane 8,600 07-308-8129 07-307-0719 Type Note: Provincial Daily unless: (M) Metropolitian Daily (N) Non-Daily (ie. 2-5 times/week) (W) Weekly Distrubution Note: * = Nationwide Circulation The above information was kindly supplied by the NZPA & INL via Tony Randle For further information, please contact the NZPA. Phone: (+64 4) 472-7910 Fax: (+64 4) 478-1625 Postal Address PO Box 1599, Wellington ----- Please refer to section A2.2 How Do I Get News From Home? for URLs of NZ News sources. -------------------- A1.2.3 In The Wild... The following comments result from the thread 'Obviously Antipodean' which Dave Frame started by posing the question, "So does anyone have any idea why we antipodeans are so readily identifiable when we travel?". From: andrew@unigen.unit.no (Andrew McNaughton) Track suit bottoms, jandals, rugby jersey (bit too fashionable now), vegemite stains around the mouth, obviously travelling on the cheap, working in a pub in London or as a nanny in some pile in the countryside, a willingness to pass the time of day with a total stranger. This last one happened to me in the London Underground, said gidday to some bloke as we waited in this draughty hole of a station and he looked at me as if I was a madman and backed away. Thing that got me was he was grottier looking than I was so by rights I should have been the one backing away. Even slobs have pride. ----- From: morrisp@lincoln.ac.nz (Morris, Peter) Because Australians wear a ball 'n' chain round their leg? Because you have suntans at the wrong time of year? Because you have skin cancer at any time of year? Because your name is Bruce/Sheila? Because you open your mouth? Because you eat vegemite or weak marmite? Because you drink Tetleys/Stones Because you're taller than the average Brit? Because you exercise more than the average Brit? Because you whinge more than the average Brit? Because you stare, with your mouths wide open in awe at the wonderful land that Britain truly is.:-) ----- From: "(Ghost ) Joost Stenfert Kroese" <joost@cad.canterbury.ac.nz> Your wildernis pack, your hiking boots. The Ozone depleted sunburn, the stubble, checkered shirt, the dusty khaki pants... do you want me to continue? OK the sheepish grin. For god's sake people in europe don't smile at each other in the tube. it's dangerous. ----- From: ted@fishnet.co.nz (Ted Howard) Two things I've noticed that stand out in a crowd. We tend to look people in the eyes. We tend to be interested in our surroundings - with an almost childish facination (compared to most other cultures). ----- From: lawry@maths.ox.ac.uk (James Lawry) Speight's T-shirts, Dave. ----- From: matoed.portsmouth.uk.ibm.com@ (Dave Matoe) We tend to be loud We have outrageous opinions on places that we recently arrive in (Because a mate was there 4 years back and told us..bla bla bla..) We are fiercely patriotic and wear rugby jerseys everywhere We wear shorts to work in Summer We wear Adidas trackies down Oxford Street We call a spade a 'bloody spade' which means we have street cred We kick ass in Rugby and rub it in like heck We end many of our words with an 'o', 'aye' or 'mate' for instance 'Hey mate, what the bloody hell do yuh think your doing with Davo's pint aye?' We exploit our Maori culture in the Rugby, but ignore it at other times. (ooops, controversial point..forget I said that one :-) We rave on about sweets no ones ever heard of like 'Barley Sugar, Pineapple Lumps and Milkshake lollies' We winge about everybody else winging We watch Xena and Hercules cos they are filmed in NZ We cringe when ever Rachel Hunter comes on the tele We remark on how Phillip Schofield started off in shazam before he hit it big time with 'Joseph' We p*ss in the back garden when we have a BBQ - Warning, English do not find this an endearing quaint down-under custom. We don't object to women buying a round We think a swanny is great to wear at all times of the year, despite the 'NZ Railways' markings on the back of it. All of us have a relative called 'Wayne' or 'Trevor' somewhere down the line. ----- From: jthursto@direct.ca (s & j thurston) Gazing around, staring and grinning at everyone and everything. Every other guy called Bruce or Graham. NZ women talking to non NZ men about football and sports and they (the dorks) think that they *must* be coming on to them. Yeah sure pencil neck you're just my type. NOT. NZ women liking guys who don't have a thing for Mummy. NZ women ready to arm wrestle to see who pays for the beer. ----- From: matoed.portsmouth.uk.ibm.com@ (Dave Matoe) Some more....... We would be proud to be considered 'All Black' We are the only country to spell awesome with an 'o' (remember David Tua the boxer?) We use awesome in replacement of 'Great, excellent, fantastic, remarkable interesting, wonderful, stimulating and choice' We wear Jandals and not thongs or flip flops Kiwi ladies understand the off-side rule (now explain it to me...:-) We call personality-challenged individuals 'dicks heads' We take 50 photo's of ourselves in front of Big Ben to send to all the relo's back home. We send our mums a wedgewood tea cup and saucer and forget about the rest of the tea set. We never watch neighbours We only travel with MacPacs We know who Phillip Sherry and Dougal Stevenson are (Well some of us do I s'pose..:-) We use unique words like Drongo, Skite, Hokey Pokey, L&P, tutai, hangi and DB We know what ship Captain Cook sailed in We call Australians - wallabies, English - POMS and Dennis Connor a 'bit of a bugger...' when we're with our folks, but 'bloody ozzies, winging poms and a personality-challenged individual' when we're with our mates :-) We only eat sure to rise pikelets and no other kind We miss luxury flakes when we're away yet never eat them when we're at home and finally We don't like people being a smart ass - so I'm off. :-) ----- From: otago@falcon.cc.ukans.edu (Graham Pendreigh) : We use awesome in replacement of 'Great, excellent, fantastic, remarkable : interesting, wonderful, stimulating and choice' Received text remains, however, "not bad", as in Salisbury Cathedral... ----- From: David Frame <d.frame@phys.canterbury.ac.nz> > Speight's T-shirts, Dave. Yeah... ok... I can see how that might be a wee bit of a giveaway... but even when I was out of uniform - wearing non-standard blokewear - people still figured me for a kiwi. And that was *before* I opened my mouth and demonstrated a particular affinity for certain consonants. ----- From: alan@remaal.prestel.co.uk (Alan Macdougall) The old Macpac - where I live (Queens Park tube) every fifth person on the train either has a Macpac or reads the TNT on a Monday morning. Also, I keep meeting on the Central line people from NZ that I haven't seen in years - I'm sure that loud reunions on the tube through Shepherds Bush is a bit of a giveaway too... ----- From: aph502@leonard.anu.edu.au (Aidan Philip Heerdegen) >We wear shorts to work in Summer And winter - most important. >We end many of our words with an 'o', 'aye' or 'mate' Australianism .. mate. No shit. I came here and found EVERYONE is 'mate'. Quite off putting. You also have a 'servo' (Service Station), bottleo (Bottle Store), fisho (Fish Shop) etc etc. Much more Australian than NZ(ish) IMO. >for instance 'Hey mate, what the bloody hell do yuh think your doing with >Davo's pint aye?' I think I am more likely to say "Hey pal/fella, what the f*ck do you think you're doin' with my mate Dave's pint!?" I think NZers reserve Mate for mates, rather than just any Joe Bloggs. >We use awesome in replacement of 'Great, excellent, fantastic, remarkable >interesting, wonderful, stimulating and choice' I thought choice was pretty popular. >We take 50 photo's of ourselves in front of Big Ben to send to all the >relo's back home. Rellies where I come from. You been hanging out with the Aussies in Earl's Court too long. >We call Australians - wallabies, English - POMS and Dennis Connor a 'bit >of a bugger...' when we're with our folks, but 'bloody ozzies, winging >poms and a personality-challenged individual' when we're with our mates :-) I think the 'pom' and 'whinging pom' thing is extremely Ocker. They also call them 'pommie baarstids' here. I always called them English when I was in NZ. ----- From: stephen@waikato.ac.nz (Stephen Judd) Definitely. "-ies" is THE Kiwi diminutive. Rellies, vegies, pollies, etc. ----- From: morrisp@lincoln.ac.nz (Morris, Peter) I believe though that there is a certain innocence about NZers & Aussies when they wander around looking at everything. ----- From: brian_d@welly.gen.nz (Brian Dooley) >>all the relo's back home. >Ah, he's an Australian. Obviously. "Relo" and "Davo" in another post were a dead giveaway. ----- From: matoed.portsmouth.uk.ibm.com@ (Dave Matoe) >>all the relo's back home. >Ah, he's an Australian. Ummm, thats 4 years of living in Melbourne filtering through. My apologies for letting my Kiwi standards drop. :-) I forgot a couple of others:- We know how to sign 'Keep Cool till after Skool' for deaf people. We laugh if anyone says 'Jeez Wayne' We know that Annie Whittle was a singer as well as an actress (5 points if you can remember her song) We all wish we knew what the Dogs name is We know who Manu is We experience true fear when anyone says the word Weta If anybody is interested, we did a kiwi questionnaire several years back to spot any fakes in the crowd. Its humour at its sarcy-est and tackiest - but humour none the less. If theres an interest for this kind of thing I'd be happy to post it. [this is lurking in Section C1.1] ----- From: nrowe@gwdu19.gwdg.de (Nicola Rowe ) I spoke to someone once in Germany who had a Macpac, thinking they might be a NZer; they weren't, and, once I started investigating the backpack situation, I found that higher-priced camping shops often sell Macpacs - at almost double NZ prices. ----- From: Jochen Siegenthaler <jochen.siegenthaler@alcatel.ch> Indeed, here in CH you can buy Kiwi MacPacs at hiking stores. The locals regard them as being of very high quality and are thus prepared to pay extra for them (great for NZ economy) ----- From: andrew.wicken@stonebow.otago.ac.nz (Andrew Wicken) BTW, I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this but Aussies and NZers are about the only caucasians in Britain who don't have a skin tone reminiscent of dead fish. I'll always remember when my Yorkshire grandad came over to visit and nearly blinded us when he rolled up his trouser legs one sunny day. Lucky the US Defence Dept didn't know about Brits when they were trying to get SDI running. ----- So now you know.