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Subject: Hangul & Internet in Korea (Contents)

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Hangul and Internet in Korea FAQ (Contents) =========================================== The list had been left for two years with no change and has been undergoing extensive updates. Please, note that up-to-date and out-of-date information are intermingled through out the document. Last updated on Aug. 15, 1999. Tarred and Gzipped Text Version Hangul Summary 1. Where can I get Hangul programs in public domain? Is there any anonymous FTP archive for them? (6/22/99) 2. What kind of Hangul terminal emulators are avaiable? (7/26/99) 3. How can I edit Hangul documents? (6/23/99) 4. How can I use Hangul under MS-DOS/MS-Windows and OS/2? (1/16/99) 5. How can I use Hangul on Mac? (8/15/99) 6. How can I use Hangul on Unix? (1/16/99) 7. What kind of word processors are available for Hangul? (11/18/98) 8. What are KS X 1001(KS C 5601) and other Hangul codes? (6/14/99) 9. How can I exchange Hangul Mails ? (6/22/99) 10. Is there any Internet BBS in Korea? (8/18/96) 11. What is hlatex and how can I use it? (6/22/99) 12. I'd like to install hlatex, but I don't have enough previlege. (1/14/96) 13. Are there Hangul TeX packages running on Macintosh or IBM-PC? (11/12/98) 14. Are there mailing lists for Hangul stuffs? (1/16/99) 15. I've got a software "foo" from an archive, but it doesn't work. (4/9/93) 16. I've downloaded a Hangul terminal emulator and installed it, but I can't enter Hangul characters. (1/13/98) 17. I have an ethernet card on my PC, and installed a software Hangul for MS-DOS. I still can't write and see Hangul characters when connecting to remote host with telnet-client(e.g. NCSA Telnet). (11/15/96) 18. My Mac is connected to the campus network at my school and I have Hangul Talk,but I can't write and read Hangul over the network. (7/10/97) 19. I'm using stevie as my Hangul editor, but it leaves a garbage named "gmon.out". How can I remove it? (7/1/93) 20. Does hlatex support single character block(jaso)? (1/14/93) 21. How can I print out hangul document from Unix host? (2/16/99) 22. What's the Internet domain name for Korea and schools in Korea? (1/16/99) 23. Is there any vendor dealing in Korean s/w in the US? (1/20/98) 24. I heard of Han newsgroups in Korea. How can I read them? (8/15/99) 25. Is there any way to correspond electronically with someone without any affiliation to any of Internet-coonected institutions in Korea? (10/14/97) 26. Is there any terminal server in Korea for 'rlogin'/'telnet' which is accessible by dial-up connection? (1/19/97) 27. My school does not support 8bit modem line. Is there any way to transfer 8bit character(KSC 5601) over 7bit line? (6/30/93) 28. Can I talk or use IRC in Hangul? (11/12/98) 29. Can I print out Han-ja with Hangul LaTeX? (1/14/96) 30. I received an Arae-Ah Hangul(HWP) and/or Hangul MS-Word file from Korea,but I don't have either of them. How can I view and print it out? (1/24/99) 31. Where can I get extensive information on Internet in Korea? (12/22/96) 32. Are there any commercial Internet service providers (ISP) in Korea? (1/16/99) 33. Can I connect to any of nationwide on-line service' in Korea via the Internet? Does any of them offer outbound service to the Internet? (8/3/97) 34. Are there any Korean newspapers or magazines available on the Internet? (1/12/98) 35. Where can I find information about WWW servers in Korea and related to Korea? (1/16/99) 36. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages under Unix/X window? (1/16/99) 37. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages on Mac? (11/3/98) 38. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages under MS-Windows? (1/16/99) 39. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages under OS/2? (2/15/97) 40. How can I view Hangul world wide web (WWW) pages under MS-DOS? (6/30/96) 41. Is there any place ( Internet cafe, public library, etc) in Korea where travellers can access the Internet? (1/3/98) 42. Can I send Fax to Korea via Internet e-mail or WWW? (Is there any Fax mail gateway in Korea? (1/16/99) 43. Can I page my friend in Korea using WWW or e-mail? Is there any Pager-Net gateway in Korea? How about leaving a message on a celluar phone with text-display panel? (1/16/99) 44. Is there any way to make Hangul PDF files? (6/22/99) The information contained herein has been gathered from a variety of sources. In many cases attribution has been lost; if you would like to claim responsibility for a particular item, please let us know. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Last updated on Aug. 15, 1999. jshin@pantheon.yale.edu