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Subject: Textiles FAQ Part 1 of 2

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Part 1 of 2 of the Textiles FAQ The following is the first of three lists of Frequently Asked Questions for the alt.sewing and rec.crafts.textiles.* groups. I plan to use the same FAQs for all newsgroups as long as most of the questions remain pertinent to both groups. Like most of us, I don't know all the answers, I've just collected the wisdom of the net. Many of these answers have been culled for postings over the last year or so. Many regular posters have contributed to this list through their postings and e-mail. Any additions or comments are appreciated and can be mailed to me. lfabans@adobe.com (Lara Fabans) (c) All the material in these faqs are copyrighted by the owner of the FAQs (which may change). Free use is encouraged. These FAQs are not to be reused for profit. This copyright must be kept with the FAQ used in it's entirety. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The first list concentrates on general sewing questions and supply information and restoring antique sewing machines. The second list concentrates on costuming and historical clothing. The third posting contains a list of books that cover sewing, fitting and pattern drafting. Some of these answers are fairly lengthy so I have used "ctrl-L" between the different questions in this FAQ. Note: within the "rn" news reader you can use: g 1) at the "More --##%--" prompt to go directly to question 1). Questions addressed in Part 1: 1) Where can I discuss xyzzy (weaving, spinning, flower arrangements, dyeing etc)? 2) Where can I get material for Outdoor Gear or Activewear? 3) What's the best brand of sewing machine or serger? 4) What are the addresses of various places? (i.e. mailorder catalogs, etc.) Questions addressed in Part 2: 5) What are the best periodicals and sources for Heirloom Sewing (also known as French Hand Sewing) projects? 6) Where can I get natural fabrics by mail order? 7) I've just been given my Great Grandmother's sewing machine. Can anyone help me fix it or restore it? 8) Where can I hook up with people to exchange quilt blocks? 9) How do I hem jeans? 10) What are available for children's sewing? (ie patterns, fabric, etc) 11) What are the various patterns available? (paper, computer, services, other) 12) What are the best scissors? What are the rotary cutters? What are the electric cutters? 13) What are Dress Forms and how do I get them? 14) Where can I get an up to date copy of this FAQ? 1) Where can I discuss xyzzy (weaving, spinning, flower arrangements, dyeing etc)? There are nine newsgroups for various handcrafts. The original group alt.sewing Sewing: clothes, furnishings, costumes,etc. rec.crafts.textiles.yarn Yarn making & use: spin, dye, knit, weave etc. rec.crafts.textiles.needlework Any form of decorative stitching done by hand. rec.crafts.textiles.sewing Sewing: clothes, furnishings, costumes, etc. rec.crafts.textiles.quilting All about quilts and other quilted items. rec.crafts.textiles.misc Fiber and textile crafts not covered elsewhere. rec.crafts.marketplace Small-scale ads for craft products of all kinds. rec.crafts.textiles. marketplace Small-scale ads for textile products. rec.woodworking Woodworking of all sorts rec.crafts.jewelry Jewelry making rec.arts.theatre.stagecraft Costume making, set making, lighting, etc. rec.org.sca Period costume making, period culture Below are the charters for the groups that have charters && ones that I actually have. If someone could forward me the charters for the other groups, I'd really appreciate it. NAME: rec.crafts.textiles.yarn CHARTER: This group will be for discussions about all aspects of yarn production and use not covered by other newsgroups. This would cover selection and preparation of different fibers, their properties, and what to do next such as dye, card, spin, felt, knit, crochet, nalbinding, weave, some kinds of rug hooking etc.... Discussions might cover color theory and other aspects of design, pattern drafting, fit, specific finishing techniques, supplies and equipment, historical aspects etc. NAME: rec.crafts.textiles.needlework CHARTER: This group will be for discussions about needlework, as defined by 'any form of decorative stitching done by hand'. Included will be all variations of stitchery: stamped embroidery, counted thread stitching, and canvas work, including needlepoint. Discussion might cover different kinds of canvases and fabric grounds, flosses, needles and other supplies, pattern design, marking, and finishing etc. NAME: rec.crafts.textiles.sewing CHARTER: This group will be for discussions about all aspects of sewing, not covered by other newsgroups, whether for for clothes, home furnishings, outdoor equipment, costumes, etc. Technical aspects include pattern drafting and fitting, different fabrics, notions, useful books, workshops and shows, inspiration, sewing machines, sergers and other hardware, etc. NAME: rec.crafts.textiles.quilting REPLACES: rec.crafts.quilting CHARTER: [unchanged] This newsgroup is for discussing anything related to quilting. That includes piecing, applique, and tyeing and quilting by hand or machine. Discussions may cover techniques, supplies, equipment, drafting of patterns, templates, dyeing materials, artistic approaches, exhibitions, shows, books and other references, mail order resources, dating quilts and appraising quilts. Discussions may include quilts and quilting both past (historical quilting) and present, ethnic quilting, quilts to be used in a home, quilted clothing to be worn, as well as quilts created for display and any other piecing or quilting applications. NAME: rec.crafts.textiles.misc REPLACES: rec.crafts.textiles CHARTER: [list of appropriate crafts deleted, as this changes too much] This newsgroup is for discussing all fiber and textile related interests that are not covered by another rec.crafts.textiles group. Discussions may cover techniques, supplies and equipment, drafting of patterns, artistic approaches, exhibitions or shows, books or other references. Textiles includes both textiles to be worn or used in the home or textiles created for display. NAME: rec.crafts.marketplace CHARTER: This group will get all the ads for fiber, fabric, crafts supplies and so on that otherwise would clutter the other rec.crafts groups. This should preferably be restricted to individuals or very small companies who really can't afford other advertising. NAME: rec.crafts.textiles.marketplace CHARTER: This group is for selling, buying, trading, and "jobs offered/sought" postings related to textiles and any of the textile arts. Announcements of textile and textile arts business's web pages are also welcome. Individual, one-time transactions are welcome in this group, as are commercial advertisements. "Continuing" or repeat advertisements are subject to the following restrictions: 1. Continuing/repeat ads must not be posted more often than once per two week period. 2. Continuing/repeat ads must contain a Subject: line which is identical to the original. 3. Continuing/repeat ads should include an expiration date which must be no more than two weeks after the date of posting, and/or or make use of the supercedes header. Advertisers and ads which require lots of space, multiple postings for individual products, or repeated postings, are strongly urged to consider shorter, less frequently reposted, combination ads directing further respondents to email, web pages, mail, telephone, FAX, etc., instead, for further information. Postings about non-textile and non-textile-arts related products, services and jobs are not welcome in this group. End of Charter Stuff Fibernet is a bulletin board run by Ron Parker in Henning, Minnesota. It's a pretty active boards--there's usually 30-50 messages a week posted, mostly on spinning, weaving, knitting and dyeing. The phone number is 218-583-4337; the modems handle 1200-14,400 baud, 8N1. There are no charges for using the bulletin board and there is a program to allow you to upload and download files to read at your leisure for maximum efficiency. In addition to the bulletin board Fibernet provides access to several Usenet newsgroups as well as lots of fiber-related software available for downloading - includinf freeware, shareware and demos of commercial products. For a packet of information about FiberNet send a SASE to Ron Parker, Rt. 1, Box 153, Henning, MN. If you send him $5.00 and the details about which computer you use, he'll send you a disc with the off-line reader and other good stuff on it. If you have any questions, his voice line is (218) 583-2419, between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. central time. Fibernet is echoed on two satellite nodes: Alaksa Pirate Society in Anchorage, AK at 907-248-9364 and 9365, sysop Patti Johnson; and Some Sunny Day BBS in Connersville, IN at 317-825-5044, sysop Steve Read. Both BBSs accept calles at up to 14,400 bps Fibernet BBS is happy to announce a new node in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is The Kitchen Table BBS, Rachel Holmen, sysop, and can be called at 510-547-7747. The Fibernet messages are in message areas 21 and 22. >>New Info Fibernet has a mailing list Send email to majordomo@bolis.com In the subject and/or the body of the mail, put subscribe fibernet The Kitchen Table joins the following net nodes: The Alaska Pirate Society BBS, Anchorage, AK at 907-562-9364 and 93565 Some Sunny Day BBS, Connersville, IN at 317-825-5044 The Funny Farm BBS, Lake Villa, IL at 708-548-2576 The above nodes and Fibernet at 218-583-4337 have to be dialed direct via modem. Sorry, no Internet access. There is a BBS called Arachne's Web in Alexandria, VA. They are under new management. The phone number is 703-425-7748. Arachne's Web is free. The Seattle Textile Computer Users Group publishes a newsletter called "Fiberbits", where they review software available for all types of textile work - sewing, cross stitch, knitting, quilting, weaving, you name it. As of 1994, the subscription price may be $18/year. Fiberbits P. O. Box 17506 Seattle, WA 98107 Also, I just got email about the Global Textile Network, Inc. at http://www.textrade.com Contacts: Jeffrey Silver jeff@textrade.com Robert Cox, Jr. rob@textrade.com New York, NY (212) 244-2050 Maurice Ephrati maurice@textrade.com Geneva-Switzerland 41-22-908.31.03 Also, there is a weaving list that discusses dyeing, spinning and (of course) weaving. Subscribe through listserv at weaving-request@his.com with the word subscribe in subject/body of your email. There is a listserv maillist called CRAFTS-L available from BIGVAX.ALFRED.EDU. For more information you can send the command "HELP" in the *body* of a mail message to listserv@bigvax.alfred.edu. Ashford-Spinners (mostly Ashford wheels) - e-mail to majordomo@bolis.com with anything in Subject: and either 'subscribe ashford-spinners' or 'subscribe ashford-spinners-digest' as the message, or subscribe on line at www.bolis.com Susan Druding owner, druding@delphi.com or ashford-spinning-owner@bolis.com A Thing for String (fibers, beads) A moderated newsletter from user submissions, which will include personal ads. e-mail to Shopper@craftwolf.com to be placed on the mailing list. Include the following in your message. Your Full name: Business Name : E-Mail Address where to send ATFS: Where did you learn about A THING FOR STRING: Indicate your choices to be on the list for: All subjects, Fiber & Yarns, Spinning & Weaving, Supplies: Beads & Jewelry, Spinning & Weaving, Machine Knitting, Sewing & Serging, OTHER CRAFTS: (list), YOUR PERSONAL WISH LIST includes: (like a bridal registry list of gift to you things) Beads (beading, beadmaking) e-mail to BeadInfo@craftwolf.com indicating your preference for the Beads-list or Beads digest format. Wheat Carr owner, WanderingWolf@Craftwolf.com, Wheat@craftwolf.com CIS:71774,3401 Cards-L (tablet weaving list, with an SCA emphasis) - e-mail to listproc@frank.mtsu.edu with 'SUB CARDS-L YOUR_FIRST_NAME YOUR_LAST_NAME' as the message or on line at http://www.mtsu.edu/~kgregg/SCA/cards.html Kendall Gregg owner, AKA Ronane Blackwell, kgregg@frank.mtsu.edu or ronane@kgregg.mtsu.edu Crochet-L (crochet list) e-mail to majordomo@ml.rpmdp.com with 'subscribe crochet' as the message. Deb Arrowood owner, craftyd@prolog.net CrochetPartners-L (crochet list) e-mail to Majordomo@lists.teleport.com with 'subscribe crochetpartners-l Your Real Name and Email Address' or 'subscribe crochetpartners-l-digest Your Real Name and Email Address' as the message. Rae French owner, rfrench@teleport.com Feltmakers (felting list) e-mail to majordomo@maillist.PEAK.ORG with 'subscribe feltmakers' as the message. Patricia Spark owner, spark@peak.org Knitting (more off-topic chatty than KnitList) e-mail to majordomo@ml.rpmdp.com with 'subscribe knitting' as the message. Rob McKenzie owner, rmckenzi@rpmdp.com Knit (the big knitting list) e-mail to listserv@geom.umn.edu with 'subscribe knit' as the message. Amy B. Detjen owner, abdetjen@mmm.com or abdetjen@winternet.com KnitDesign (knit sizing and design, fairly technical) Teri Pittman is the owner. At present, it is an automated list for mailing, but Teri manually adds and unsubscribes people. Anyone interested in being added to the list should write to Teri at tpittman@xws.com." Important Note: post messages to KnitDesign@xws.com - the uppercase K and D are needed. Lace (lacemaking) e-mail to Majordomo@panix.com with 'subscribe lace Your Real Name and Email Address' or 'subscribe lace-digest Your Real Name and Email Address' as the message. owner-lace@panix.com Machine-Knit (machine knitting) e-mail to machine-knit-request@nyx.net or, for the digest version, machine-knit-d-request@nyx.net, with the word 'subscribe' as the Subject: Amy Stinson owner, amys@iquest.net Plastic Canvas (P-C needle arts) e-mail to majordomo@ml.rpmdp.com with subscribe plastic-canvas or subscribe plastic-canvas-digest as the message. Cheryl Perkins owner, victoria@rpmdp.com. Quiltart (quilting) e-mail to majordomo@quilt.net with subscribe quiltart or subscribe quiltart-digest as the message. Judy Smith owner, judy@quilt.net Rabbits (lots of show, but some fiber) The rabbit email newsletter is Showbunny@aol.com Subscribers just email to there and ask to be added on. A large number of Angora Rabbit folks are on the list. Sewing (all sew topics) e-mail to majordomo@pobox.com with 'subscribe sewinglist' or 'subscribe sewinglist-digest' as the message. Julie Page owner, owner-sewinglist@pobox.com or jkpage@inil.com sheep-L (sheep husbandry, health, wool, etc.) e-mail to listserv@listserv.uu.se with 'subscribe sheep-L' as the message. Torbjorn Wictorin owner, Torbjorn.wictorin@itd.uu.se or torbjorn.wictorin@udac.uu.se Tabletweaving (tablet weaving) e-mail to majordomo@bolis.com with 'subscribe tabletweaving' or 'subscribe tabletweaving-digest' as the message or on line at www.bolis.com Ron Parker owner - on behalf of TWIST (Tablet Weavers International Studies and Techniques), formerly called TWINE. rbparker@henning.cfa.org or tabletweaving-owner@bolis.com TechKnit (on-topic knitting and spinning discussion) e-mail to majordomo@magicnet.net with 'subscribe techknit' or 'subscribe techknit-digest' as the message. Lois Baker owner, gypsy@magicnet.net Weaving (mostly weaving) e-mail to majordomo@quilt.net with 'subscribe weaving' or 'subscribe weaving-digest' as the messsage. Amy Norris manager AmyFibre@aol.com The knitters is a hand knitting list and full of very nice people. It's address is knit@geom.umn.edu The list person is Vivienne Shen at vshen@LIGAND.NEUSC.BCM.TMC.EDU Historic Costume Maillist: Contact: listserv@brownvm.brown.edu Send an email to the above contact with subscribe h-costume your-first-name your-last-name in the body of the message. Purpose: This list concentrates on recreating period clothing, from the Bronze age to the mid-20th Century. Its emphasis is on accurate historical reproduction of clothing, historical techniques for garment construction, and the application of those techniques in modern clothing design. Other topics appropriate for discussion include adapting historical clothing for the modern figure, clothing evolution, theatrical costumes, patterns, materials, books, and sources for supplies. Vintage Clothing And Costume Jewelry Maillist: Contact: listserv@brownvm.brown.edu Purpose: The purpose of this list is to discuss existing vintage clothing and vintage costume jewelry, of all eras. "Existing" is the key word here, and conversations concentrate on how to find such clothing and jewelry, where to buy it, how to judge its quality, how much to pay for it, how to wear it, etc. Some restoration topics, such as how to use parts of damaged goods in other garments or jewelry settings are suitable topics, too. Announcements for estate sales, advertisements for sale or wanted, and pointers to shops are all welcome on this list. Subscribing to vintage: Mail listserv@brownvm.brown.edu with the following message in the body: subscribe vintage <firstname> <lastname> Vintage page on the WWW: (http://www.cs.brown.edu/people/smh/vintage/vintage.html) The main purpose is to make the old archives publicly available, but there are links to lists of vintage clothing stores, resources, etc. Wearable Art Clothing Maillist: Contact: Majordomo@listserv.embroideryclubs.com Purpose: The Wearable Art Clothing mailing list discusses the design, motivation and execution of wearable art and designer-type original clothing. Create your own unique look or use existing patterns. Your imagination is your only limitation! The emphasis is on the art. Fantasy Costume Maillist: Contact: majordomo@world.std.com Purpose: This list concentrates on the creation of fantasy costume of all eras: past, present and future. The imagination is your only limitation. Discussions concentrate on design, motivation and execution of fantasy clothing, costume, or wearable art. Suitable topics include techniques of abstraction, theatrical costumes, serious Halloween and Mardi Gras costumes, mythological and other non-factual historic-type costumes, incorporating mixed media, creative and motivational forces, using and finding patterns, materials, books, and other sources for supplies. 2) Where can I get material for Outdoor Gear or Activewear? The Rain Shed 707 NW 11th Corvallis, OR 97330 (503) 753-8900 - Also carries reflective fabric and patterns for windsocks. The Green Pepper 3918 West First Avenue Eugene, OR 97402 (800) 767-5684 - Also carries neoprene fabric. Frostline Kits 2525 River Rd. Grand Junction, CO 81505 1-800-548-7872 http://www.backboard.com/~frostline frostline@qli.backboard.com - Also carries down, and down kits. Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics 2511 Latah Drive Nampa, ID 83651 (208)466-1602 - Will do wholesale prices if large purchase. Mountain Mend 1580 Canyon Boulder, CO (303) 443-1925 - No additional information. N&M Custom Zips Dept. SD Box 1200 South Norwalk, CT 06856 - No phone number was listed. They have 3' zippers. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope for price info and order form. Rose City Textiles http://www.rctfabrics.com/rosecity.htm 1-800-RCT-5666 Portland, Or rosecity@teleport.com - Lots of active & outerwear fabrics Seattle Fabrics 3878 Bridge Way N Seattle 98103 (206) 632-6022 - canvas, gor-tex, polarplus, etc. Daisy Kingdom 134 NW 8th Portland, OR (503) 222-9033 800-234-6688 or 503-222-3817; FAX 503-222-9120. $2.00 for nursery/craft catalogue. Mastercard, Visa, UPS an Fed Ex. - They sell outdoor fabrics and also patterns. They do sell by mail order. Sewing Sampler Productions PO Box 39 Springfield, MN 56087 (800) 772-5011 or (507) 723-5011 - Nylon Supplex Sew Natural Fabrics by Mail 521 N. Essex Drive Lexington Park, MD 20653-1652 (800) 368-0158 (310) 863-5952 They provide regular mailings of catelogs. To subscribe, send $2. NOTE: I just got off the phone with Pam (the owner) who will be sending yours truly (the faq-keeper) a sample catelog! I'll update this when I receive it. UPDATE: The fabrics are WONDERFUL. Quite a wide variety between "adult" fabrics and children's fabrics. I highly recommend getting a mailer. She has a brochure that describes the fabrics and then has two sets of swatches stapled together. I haven't ordered anything yet since my husband put me on a budget (sigh). Narain's Outdoor Equipment Berkeley, CA (510) 527-2509 - They are in Berkeley next door to REI. They carry Gore-tex, but they are not mail order. Malden Mills Lawrence, Mass (508) 685-6341 - Near Mass/NH border. Factory outlet store with large discounts on PolorPlus (Synchilla) and PolarLite. New Hours as of 10/30/96: Mon - Wed - Thurs. 10-5 Tues. - Fri. 10-3 not open on the weekends. As far as I know, they still don't do mail order. In England: Pennine Outdoor Tel: 01484689100 Yew Tree Mills Fax: 01484681783 Holmbridge Huddersfield West Yorkshire HD7 1NN Great Britain They also export cloth, etc; export price list available on request. They also sell a few patterns for outdoor clothing, zips and other sewing notions. Tor Outdoor Pursuits 3 Fryer Sreeet Runcorn Cheshire WA7 1ND They are both good and the service is rapid. Pennine have slightly more variety and are somewhat more expensive. In Canada: Textile Outfitters Inc. (see question 6 below) Linda's Speciality Fabrics 24 Mail Street Norwich, Ont. NOJIPO. Phone: 519-863-2887 Fax 519-424-2655 email pvdb@mailhost.oxford.net - We sell Ultra Suede products. We have over 60 colours of UltraSuede in regular and light, and leather and related products. Swatches are $5.00 refundable. We accept mastercard and visa. MD Textile Services 10512-149 Ave Edmonton, Alberta T5E 2M7 Canada Phone and Fax 1-403-473-2587 Cell Phone 1-403-975-0381 e-mail mdwicks@planet.eon.net -> Free catelog. Supplies sold at wholesale anywhere in the world. Volume Discounts. Specializing in outdoor materials: Plastic buckles and hardware, Metal buckles and hardware, Webbing consisting of Polypropelene, Nylon,and Cotton, Seatbelt Webbing, Canvas, Clear and Tinted Platic, Industrial Vinyl, Industrial Nylons for making sports bags, Velcro, Snaps. MacPhee Workshop There are two locations in Edmonton: 4455 - 99 Street Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E 5B6 phone: (403)437-1621 13704 - 113A Street Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5X 4H7 phone: (403)456-0377 - Carries an excellent selection of fleeces, outerlayer fabrics (including windproof, downproof, and water-resistant fabrics), and all the accessories you could imagine to complement them. These include: two-way zippers in many lengths, cords for waist, hood, or jacket bottoms, all manner of closures, and much more. As well, they carry their own line of specially designed outerwear, and fleece patterns. I have found the staff to be knowledgable and helpful. Also, here is from the horse's mouth: "We design two complete lines of outerwear garments each year and show these designs across Canada and the United States at various sxewing trade shows. We also give sewing classes in our designs across the country. For the more avid sewer we give sewing retreats several times throughout the year in Edmonton, Alberta." Thanks, Harris! As well, there is a wholesale office; the phone number for which is: (403)973-3516, or fax: (403)973-6216. In the US, use 1-800-311-7433 And you can email hmacphe@infostream.ab.ca And a new WWW site: http://www.infostream.ab.ca/macphee/index.html Books and Articles: Article by Rochelle Harper in Threads #25 (Oct/Nov 1989) on making a copy of a Patagonia jacket. Article in Threads #19 about different water resistant fabrics. Also discusses copying a London Fog raincoat. Artile in Threads #46 about making a mid-weight raincoat with a zip-out lining. _Sew and Repair Your Outdoor Gear_ by Louise Lindgren Sumner, published by the Mountaineers, copyright 1988, $14.95 (paper) ISBN 0-89886-057-1. An article in Sew News July 1991 about sewing boat covers mentions three books: _Big Boat of Boat Canvas_, _Complete Canvas Workers Guide_, _Canvas and Rope Craft_. Available from: Northwest Sewing Box 25826 Seattle 98125-1326 For making windsocks the following is also available from Daisy Kingdom: Let's Make Windsocks By Valerie J. Lund Copyright date 1989 ISBN 0-9622405-0-8 Central Coast Creations P.O. Box 3643 San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93403 Fabric for kite making from the FAQ for rec.kites. Into the Wind, 1408 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302 Go Fly a Kite, P.O. Box AA, East Haddam, CT 06423 Hang-Em High Fabrics, 1420 Yale Avenue, Richmond, VA 23224 See the FAQ in rec.kites for many more recommendations about books and sources. 3) What's the best brand of sewing machines or sergers? This question comes up frequently and there are many many answers. This summary mentions some of the names that have come up repeatedly, it is not an exhaustive list. For sewing machines, Bernina, Pfaff and Elna are all considered top of the line sewing machines. However the top of the line new machines start in the $1500+ range (with list prices typically more) which puts them out of reach of many non-professionals. Note that many high-end dealers are willing to "bargain" with prospective buyers so it can be helpful to shop around and carefully compare packages, particularly in large cities that have substantial competition. (The process is often compared with the sort of "dealing" that is typical when purchasing a new car.) Because the margins can be very high, sales or special deals may have discounts as high as 50%. For people with a much lower budget a number of people have recommended the Bernette or Pfaff Hobbymatic. In the medium range Viking/Husquevarna has been recommended several times. Also a number of people have spoken highly of the New Home machines (e.g. the Memory Craft 5000 and 9000) which tend to be as much as $600 cheaper than the comparable Bernina, Pfaff and Elna models yet have almost as many features. Sew News has a regular column that includes reports about different sewing machines and sergers. The June/July 1991 issue of Threads includes an article discussing a reader's survey. This article discusses the best machines available under $300 and buying a used machine. The Novemeber / December 1991 issue of Vogue Patterns lists many of the features of the high end computerized sewing machines, including machines from Baby Lock, Bernina, Necchi, New Home, Pfaff, Singer, Viking and White. This article is a good place to start when comparing the high-end machines. The October / November 1992 issue of Threads includes an article explaining the differences between mechanical, electronic and computerized sewing machines. Many people favor buying a high end used sewing machine, particularly the 1950's and 1960's Singers (model 400 and 500 series) or a used Bernina, Pfaff or Elna. You can often purchase these from dealers in any reasonably large city. For example, I purchased a Singer Model 400 from the early 1960's for about $150 in Seattle in 1990. The older machines usually don't have specialty embroidery stitches, but they often are extremely well made and sew well with a wide variety of material. Machines made in the 50's and 60's may not have a stretch stitch; you may need to use a zig-zag when sewing knit materials or activewear. If you sew alot of clothing, pay particular attention to the buttonholer on the used sewing machine. A serger is a machine that produces a number of special stitches. Some people use the name "overlock machine" instead of "serger"; they are equivilent. If you look at the inside leg seam on a pair of commercial pants you will usually find a seam that has been finished with a zig-zag like stitch that binds the edges of the seams. This seam was produced with a serger. A serger is useful for many tasks, including a) sewing and finishing a seam in one step, b) sewing knits (sergers naturally produce stretch stitches), c) making a small, neat, rolled edge on items like table cloths, napkins, or simple curtains and d) sewing *very* *very* quickly! People who have sergers often swear by them. You cannot *replace* a sewing machine with a serger since a serger can never do things like buttonholes and is not really appropriate for tasks like topstitching or tailoring. Home sergers are a fairly new invention; they've been available since the mid 1970's and have gained popularity rapidly since the mid-80's. There have been many changes in home sergers in the past few years. In addition to the high-end brands mentioned for sewing machines, many people have been happy with Babylock, Hobbylock, or White sergers. >From the April 1995 issue of Sew News magazine: Update Newsletters and Sew News magazine have teamed up to offer you companion references: "Serger Update: What to Buy and Why?" and "Sewing Update: What to Buy and Why? A Generic Guide to Buying Or Upgrading" and the "1994/1995 Serger Comparison Chart" and the "1995/1996 Sewing Machine Comparison Chart". These unbiased references provide everything you need to know - from basic serger and sewing information checklists to model/brand sepecifications and accessory options - for making the correct serger and sewing machine choices for you. To order, send $5, plus a business-size, self-addressed, stamped envelope with 64 cents postage for each packet (specify serger or sewing machine); or send $3 for each buying guide or $2 for each comparison chart, plus a business-size, self-addressed, stamped envelope to Sew News Machine Offer, Box 1790, Peoria, IL 61656. Please make your check or money order payable to Sew News. The charts are somewhat limited. They list a few sewing machines for each brand. Same for the serger chart. Just a checklist of features, no recommendations. You have to decide what's best for your sewing/serging needs. The "What to Buy and Why?" newsletters are very helpful in explaining different features and options. It also trys to help you identify what type of sewer you are (simple, just mending all the way up to curious experimenter). Included in the newsletter is a very useful checklist for you to use when you go hunting for the best machine for you (copy the checklist for every machine you look at). There is also a rating system on the checklist, "how important is this feature to your sewing needs?". 4) What are the addresses of various places? Note: Unless noted otherwise, all addresses and phone numbers are in the USA. Publications: Threads & Folkwear Patterns Taunton Press 63 South Main Street Box 355 Newtown, CT 06470-9959 1-800-888-8286 (203) 426-8171 (front desk: ask for ordering or subscription; for problems ask for customer service) FAX: 203-270-9373 $24/year in Jan 1992 for Threads, 6 issues per year; $2 for a Folkwear catalog. Taunton publishes quite a few books, including several books that are collections of Threads articles. NOTE: BIG NOTE!!! Big disclaimer. Big latebreaking newstory: The Tauton Press has decided to sell their Folkwear pattern business. They say that, for now, they'll continue to sell Folkwear patterns to the public (they're just not going to develop any new ones, or reprint any old that sell out.) Once (or if) the business is sold, they'll announce the new ownership in Threads Magazine. Ars Textrina: The Art of Weaving Charles Babbage Research Centre P.O .Box 272, St Norbert Postal Station Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA R3V 1L6 Research journal of white papers pertaining to textiles including history of textiles, study of textile machines, economics in the textile industry, anthropological studies, aesthetics, the use of textiles in the theature or as a substitute for paintings, and textile conservation. (for more information, you can email Craig_Swistun@MBnet.MB.CA) Ornament PO Box 2349 San Marcos, CA 92079-9806 1-800-888-8950 fax: 1-619-599-0228 $25/year, 4 issues per year; $40 for 2 years Piecework & Handwoven Interweave Press 201 East Fourth Street Loveland, CO 80537 1-800-645-3675 (303) 669-7672 8-5 Mountain time - Piecework magazine, Handwoven magazine and another spinning magazine (Spin-Off?). Publishes quite a few books for weavers, spinners and dyers. Sew News PO Box 3134 Harlan, IA 51537-3134 1-800-289-6397 Subscription or problem with subscription: 515-247-7569; FAX: 515-246-1020 Advertising or other concerns: 309-682-6626 $17.83/year in Jan 1992, 12 issues per year (no longer in newspaper style) Email: SEWNEWS@aol.com Textile Fibre Forum The Australian Forum for Textile Arts PO Box 38 The Gap Queensland, Australia, 4061 Three times a year; Basketry, Papermaking, Knitting, Weaving etc. as well as teaching and making a living in the crafts. Burda GLP International 153 So.Dean St. Englewood, NJ 07631 Tel: 201-871-1010 Burda: $60/year, 12 issues; $6/sample issue. A number of other Burda magazines for sewing and knitting (including kids, full figure, etc). Each issue of Burda contains many (20+) patterns that you can trace and make. The pattern sheets were re-designed in summer 1992 for better layout and more consistant sizes (e.g. each pattern available in 4 or 5 sizes; several patterns on a special "snip and sew" sheet, etc). The sewing directions are somewhat terse with minimal illustrations; patterns do not include seam allowances. Send for a sample issue to see if you like the format. Vogue Patterns Altoona, PA 16603 1-800-766-3619 Approx $14 for 6 issues; each issue includes a 2-for-the-price-of-1 pattern coupon (plus $2 for shipping and handling) Butterick Patterns PO Box 569 Altoona, PA 16603 1-800-766-3619 Approx $9 for 4 issues; each issue includes a 2-for-the-price-of-1 pattern coupon (plus $2 for shipping and handling) McCalls Patterns PO Box 3325 Manhattan, KS 66502-9917 Approx $10 for 4 issues; each issues includes a free pattern coupon ($1.50 for shipping and handling). Simplicity Patterns - Simplicity Pattern company is now offering two auxilliary catalogs for sale through the fabric stores - Childrens and Home Dec. Later this spring, they hope they will be taking information for home catalog subscriptions which they hope to deliver in the Fall of 1996. 1-800-223-1664 email: info@simplicitypatt.com WWW: http://www.simplicitypatt.com/foyer.html Sewing related notions: Dritz 1-800-241-5997 Nancy's Notions PO Box 683-BK5 Beaver Dam, WI 53916 (800) 833-0690 FAX: 800-255-8119 Business Line: 414-887-0391 email: nzieman@aol.com email: nancys@peoples.net WWW: http://www.nancysnotions.com - Free catalog. Runs specials on prices and shipping several times a year. Check the order form and read the catalog to be sure to find the discounts. Excellent, thick catalog. Also sells and rents sewing videos. Clotilde 1909 SW First Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315-2100 (305) 761-8655 (800) 772-2891; M-F 8:30 - 5:00 EST - Catalog costs $2, but they offer it free during certain times of the year. Great place to find tailoring notions. Most prices are discounted 10-20% under retail prices. The Craft King PO Box 90637 Lakeland, FL 33804 internet Craftkng@gate.net AOL Craftking Phone 1-800-769-9494 Fax 1-813-648-2972 - Free catelog. Contains craft supplies. (ie paint, fimo, canvas, yarn) MicroComputer Accessories, Inc. Los Angeles CA 90066 (A Rubbermaid Company) -These folk sell those wonderful vacuum cleaner attatchments that are so very useful for cleaning out sewing machines and sergers. There is no name, just Vacuum Cleaner. It is electric, and comes with a long nozzle, a nozzle tip brush and a general cleaning brush. It has a small collection chamber lined with a filter, which collects the dust. The Perfect Notion 566 Hoyt Street Darien, CT 06820 (203) 968-1257 - Catalog costs $1. Has a good collection of helpful and hard to find notions. [As of April 1993, Perfect Notion may be for wholesalers only. Call before you order.] Atlanta Thread and Supply Co. 695 Red Oak Road Stockbridge, GA 30281 (800) 847-1001 (800) 331-7600 404-389-9115 FAX: 404-389-9202 - Catalog is free. Great supply of threads, especially of large serger cones. Offers professional/industrial pressing equipment and sewing machines. Hard to find drapery notions. Great if you sew for the home. K. Gottfried, Inc. 959 North Main St Providence, RI 02904, tel:401-351-8330 fax:401-351-0423 -Ask for Emily. They specialize in Imitation jewelry stones. They have chez and Swarofski crystals, findings for the backs, flat and regular. Sell pearls, beads, square, oval, heart, pendants, etc. Thread Discount Sales 10222 Paramount Blvd. Downey, CA 90241 (310) 928-4029 Fax (310) 928-1064 - No catalog, but offers free info sheets on heavily discounted sewing machines, sergers and threads. As of 1/92, machines are available only for Calif residents (sorry!). Thread available nationwide. Great if you want a bargain. Some industrial sewing machines available. They also have a few discounted Singer Sewing Reference Library books (Sewing with an Overlock and Sewing Projects for the Home). They also have a serger carrying case and a mini vacuum attachment kit. The Thread Shed P. O. Box 898 Horse Shoe, NC 28742-0898 - cotton thread in large cones for quilting. Many colors, 2000 and 6000 yard spools. Sewing Emporium 1079 Third Avenue Chula Vista, CA 92010 (619) 420-3490 - Charges for their very thick catalog, but they'll sometimes send it out free anyway (just ask!). Excellent place to get all kinds of pressor feet for your sewing machine. They'll design and make any pressor foot you can imagine. Reasonable prices. They also offer a unique, giant cutting board set-up. Catalog costs $4.95 (Dec '93) and contains a wealth of hints and tips on sewing. The Sewing Emporium is a source of large cutting mats at reasonable prices (they make their own) and a source for just about any type of sewing machine foot and serger foot. Also has many, many sewing machine replacement parts and some sewing furniture. Stitch N Craft Supply 5634 W. MEadowbrook Phoenix, Az. 85031 If you want the catalog, you must join the Club. It is $25.00 the first year, less after that. The catalog is a looseleaf notebook that is chock full of goodies at discount prices. I have yet to hear of anyone who did not save the membership on the first order. Please let them know you saw them on the internet. Sew/Fit Company P.O. Box 397 Bedford Park, IL 60499 (800) 547-4739 (order line) (708) 458-5600 - various sewing supplies, including many pressure feet. Home-Sew P.O. Box 4099 Bethlehem, PA 18018-0099 Good source of general supplies and notions. Send 50 cents for their Sample Club card. Carries some inexpensive entredeux and embroideries. Speed Stitch PO Box 3472 Port Charlotte, FL 33952 (800) 874-4115 - Catalog costs $3 and it hasn't been reprinted since 1989. An excellent source for machine embroidery products, though. Home-Sew Canada Inc. Box 87 St Hubert, Quebec J3Y 5S9 Tel: (514) 462-9173 - They have tons of laces, notions, some books, craft supplies. Worth it if you buy in large quantities. They also have bargain assortments. Canadian Serging & Sewing Notions 11 Mayfield Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6S 1K5 Tel: (416) 769-4135 - Missing information Greenberg & Hammer Inc. 24 West 57th St. New York, NY 10019 212-246-2835 - From a helpful reader: I believe they have a catalog which they charge for. They carry all sorts of notions including buttons, interfacings - including top quality hair canvas, French canvas, interlining, rayon seam binding, zippers, weights etc. One the ladies in my apartment building who has a business making bridal and fancy dresses for places like Bergdorf's buys her stuff there. Their store, if you get to New York, if fairly upscale compared to the garment district places. Steinlauf & Stoller, Inc. 239 West 39th Street New York, NY 10018 212-869-0321 - From the same helpful reader: They are good for shoulder pads, muslin, threads etc. I don't know if they have a catalog. They cater to the trade as well as walk-in business. The two places have slightly different stock so if I can't find it in one, I try the other. Both carry good stuff for tailoring which can be hard to find in a suburban mall store. Fabrics: Britex Fabrics 146 Geary San Francisco CA 94108 415-392-2910 - LARGE collection of fabrics; will send swatches for mail order for $5. NOTE: I love this place. The people are great & will answer questions if they're not too busy. And the remnant section is amazing. A few times a year, they have a 50% off remnants sale. I haven't made one yet, but I hear it's like a zoo. But hey, 50% off!! Fabric Club P.O. Box 767670 Roswell, Ga. 30076 1-800-FabClub FabricClub@aol.com No charge for samples, and no catalog. Just let them know where to send the samples and you'll get a nice fat envelope in the mail. No minimums. G-Street Fabrics 11854 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852 Phone: (301) 231-8998 or their new location in Virginia: 5077 Westfields Blvd Centreville VA 22020 Phone: (703) 818-8090 - LARGE collection of fabrics; will send swatches for mail order. Field's Fabrics by Mail 1695 44th St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508 - $4 for catelog refundable with first order. Large selection of knit and woven fabrics for uniforms. Foxglove Fabric Finders 709-810 Broadway Vancouver BC V5Z 4C9 Tel: (604) 266-5635 $20 for lots of fabric samples delivered 6 times/year. Some fabric is a little expensive, they usually have a sale on selected fabrics. They also sell limited notions. Grasshopper Hill Fabrics 224 Wellington St. Kingston, ON K7K 2Y8 (613) 548-3889 1 800 361 8275 They will send you swatches twice a year. Kiyo Design, Inc 11 Annapolis St. Annapolis, Md, 21401 (410) 280-1942 Fax (410) 280-2793 http://www.kiyoinc.com/fabric.html -Kiyo Design is a retail fabric store specializing in designer, couture, heirloom, and smocking fabrics. Kiyo stocks hundreds of exquisite ribbons, buttons, laces, books and magazines, patterns, notions, specialty threads, and the hard to find sewing products Kiyo offers a large mail order catalog ($15 includes a discount coupon) and a free sewing newsletter. The newsletter is on the webpage. Lacis 2982 Adeline Street Berkeley, CA 94703 (415) 843-7178 - supplies for lace and bobbin lace NOTE: This place is just gorgeous. If you're ever in the area, stop by. But call first as they have odd hours. They have an enormous book selection. Excellent for historical costuming. Fabulous Furs Donna Salyer KT 800-848-4650 - Fake furs designed to be almost as nice as traditional furs. Also faux leather and faux suede. The faux leather is so supple and has a bit of stretch to it. I'm considering making a bikini out of it. Linda's Silver Needle Naperville, IL 1-800-SMOCK-IT - visa, MC carries Pullen and Read 16 row pleaters, Sally Stanley and Amanda Jane 24 row pleaters and a Read 32 Row Pleater. Prices range from $95 - 159 with free shipping and handling. Mother Nurture Apperal and Patterns Resources for Breastfeeding and Beyond 916 Royal Blackheath Court Naperville, IL 60563-2304 (708)420-4233 - Catalog cost is $3.00 lots of info to help new moms too. Nursing and breast feeding patterns Elizabeth Lee Designs Patterns for the Breastfeeding Mother PO Box 696 Bluebell, Utah, 84007 (801) 454-3738 - Also lots of info and if you buy three, get one free Great Fit Patterns-SN 2229 NE Burnside, Suite 305 Gresham, OR 97030 - Catalog $1, sizes 38-60 Better Pak 675 Dell Rd. Carlstadt, NJ 07072 (201) 804-0202 - gridded pattern paper, the kind used in the garment industry. In summer '92, $39 +s/h for a 600 foot roll of 45" wide gridded paper. Split a roll with your friends! Children's Fabrics ------------------ The Sewing Room 320 Harmon Drive Lubbock, TX 79416 - $2 catelog. Advertised Disney, OshKosh fabrics. Sewbaby! Box 11693 Champaign, IL 61826 cfnb@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu (Noel Brodsky) - $2 catalog refundable with first order. Buy four, get fifth one free. Includes apparel, home decor, stuffed toys, nursing garment, and children's accessories. Now featuring children's fabric! They stock hard to find stretch terry and K.P. Kids fabric. Check out the homepage at http://www.sewbaby.com Canadian Mail Order Supplies: Fabric Magic Creations - beading supplies 10846 - 132A Street - they also have a video on how you can apply Surrey, BC beads using your sewing machine V3T 3Y3 604-584-9446 A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd. #101-5630 Landmark Way Surrey, BC V3S 7H1 Phone (in Canada) 1-800-309-2829 (oustside Canada) 604-533-2891 Fax (Canada) 1-800-204-4117 (Outside Canada) 604-533-7563 We have a 112 page catalogue filled with all kinds of sewing & quilting notions, tools, books, etc. The catalogue is free within Canada, $2 for all others. We are happy to ship anywhere in the world. Textile Outfitters Inc. - outerwear patterns, fabrics, and notions 1240 Kensington Road NW Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 3P7 403-270-4465 FAX 403-270-2155 NOTE: Textile Outfitters sales no natural fabrics exceept very few items such as canvas and Drover Coat fabrics. They specialize in technical outdoor fabrics, notions, hardware and patterns. It is the kind of store that you can find everything you need to make a back-pack, a technical jacket, gators, mits, tuques and much more. They carry such fabrics as Goretex, Ultrex, Supermicroft, Polortec and they have a knowledgable staff that can answer questions about their products. They have a complete catalogue that can be requested from their home page. http://www.enviro.net/textile . If you need more information about their store you can contact the manager Karen Parker at textile@enviro.net Sundrop Outerwear Textiles Inc. #140 1140 Austin Ave Coquitlam, BC V3K 3P5 604-936-5236 The MacPhee Workshop - inovative outerwear patterns/fabrics/notions - several locations, they're into painting, appliques, furs, etc head office address is: RR 8 Edmonton, AB T5L 4H8 403-973-3516 ; FAX 403-973-6216 Naturebound - they sell outerwear/packs/sleeping bag kits with the PO 1299 pieces cut out for you Brockville, ON K6V 5W2 613-345-5487; 1-800-267-5487 Mary Maxim - needlework, knitting, crochet, plastic canvas, 75 Scott Ave rug hooking, kits Paris, ON N3L 3G5 519-442-2266; FAX 519-442-4520 Canadian Knitting Club - yarns (yearly fee gets you all the latest samples) 427 Carnegie St Campbell River, BC V9W 6N5 Briggs & Little Woolen Mills Ltd. York Mills, Harvey Station, NB E0H 1H0 1-800-561-YARN (in canada); phone & fax 506-366-5438 Supplies for Dyeing Fabric: Pro Chemical and Dye P.O. Box 14 Somerset MASS 02726 (508) 676-3838 1-800-2BUY-DYE - Catalog is free. Dyes for cottons, wools, silks, marbling, painting, silkscreen, batik, etc. Batik wax and fabric. Rupert, Gibbon and Spider, Inc. P.O. Box 425 Healdsburg, CA 95448 (800) 442-0455 - free catalog. Scarf blanks, dyes, equipment, paints. Dharma Trading Company (800) 542-5227 Offers a wide selection of fabric dyes and paints for cotton, silk and wool. Also, ready-to-dye natural fabrics, blank clothing for infants thru adults, and tools & suppies for all the textile crafts. A free 120 page catalog is yours for the asking. Earth Guild 33 Haywood St., Asheville, NC 28801 1-800-327-8448 - almost all dye supplies, including Lanaset dyes. Competitive prices. Catalog has useful information. Test Fabrics PO Box 420 Middlesex, NJ 08846 (908) 469-6446 - very wide selection of prewashed fabrics with no dyes or finishes. Very nice fabric, but somewhat expensive. Thai Silks 252 State St. Los Altos, CA 94022 (800) 722-7455 (in CA 800-221-7455) 415-948-8611 FAX: 415-948-3426 - Large selection of silk scarves for dyeing. Also other types of (colored) silk fabric for sewing! Just amazingly gorgeous. I bought some beautiful black silk gabardine and black silk charmeuse to make a nice cocktail dress. Anyway, they charge $20 for a 400 sample set (can use as credit or get a refund) plus another $18 due in 30 days. Exotic Silks 1959 Leghorn Street Mountain View, CA 94043 800-845-SILK 415-965-7760; FAX: 415-965-0712 - Low prices; discounts for orders over 15 yards of a single fabric. Some (all?) orders require a $100 minimum per order. Richard Brooke Fabrics 6131 Luther Lane, Suite 200 Dallas, Tx 214-739-2772 - I have no idea what type of fabrics they carry. Can someone send me a description? Sources For Books, including Out of Print Needlework Books: Hard-To-Find-Needlework-Books Bette Feinstein 96 Roundwood Rd. Newton MA 02164 (617) 969-0942 - Used books in a wide range of textile subjects. Some remaindered books, but most of the books are used. Sewing, quilting, embroidery, knitting, etc. Catalogs for specific crafts are available one or two times a year. Wooden Porch Books Lois Meuller RT1 Box 262 Middlebourne, WV 26149 - Charges $3 for next 3 catalogs. Used books I believe. R.L.Shep Box 668 Mendocino, CA 95460 - 1990-91 catalog has 1000 items. $2.50 catalog. Books, magazines and reprints. Books related to the costume and textile arts, including out of print and hard to find books. Shep has also reprinted a number of older clothing books, including a couple of books of patterns for Victorian and Edwardian clothing. Catalog warns that Shep is sometimes slow at shipping; I believe it suggests 4-6 weeks to fill orders. Unicorn Books 1338 Ross St Petaluma, CA 94954-6502 1-800-289-9276 (1-800-BUY-YARN) 707-762-3362; FAX: 707-762-0335; Hours (as of 3/93): 9am - 5pm Pacific Std Time, Mon - Fri - Includes basketry, business of crafts, color, costume, dyeing, embroidery, fabric decoration, fashion, history, ethnic, hand and machine knitting, lace making, quilting, spinning and weaving, tailoring, pattern drafting, plus even other stuff. A 48 page catalog of closely-typeset descriptions (newspaper style), all of fiber-related books. As of 1992 there appear to be separate catalogs one each for sewing- and weaving- related crafts. Unicorn has reasonable return policies, cheap shipping, and extensive descriptions. Most (all?) of the books are new, but many of the books are no longer listed in Books In Print and are difficult to find elsewhere. There are rarely discounts given. Purchase for Less 231 Floresta Portola Valley, CA 94028 - $2 for catalog. Current sewing and textile books heavily discounted. Dover Publications 31 East 2nd St Mineola, NY 11501 - Dover reprints older books that are no longer covered by the original copyright. Most of Dover's books are low-priced paperbacks. You may wish to request the Needlework Catalog and the Pictorial Archive Catalog. Taunton Press (see address above) Interweave Press (see address above) Discontinued Patterns: Sandra Betzina notes that most pattern companies retain copies of their patterns for about a year. You can check with your fabric store or call the pattern companies to check their discontinued stock. Vogue and Butterick 814-943-5281 1-800-766-3619 McCalls 212-880-2624 Simplicity, Style and New Look 1-800-223-1664 Simplicity 1-800-334-3150 Burda discontinued patterns are not available EZ Patterns 118 Florence Ave Evanston IL 60602 See comments in "Questions" column in June/July 1992 Threads (#40). EZ Patterns buys and sells discontinued patterns. Send them the pattern number, company name, sizes and a brief description or sketch. Note that pattern numbers are reused, so you'll need to include the name, number AND description! If you know the year of issue and/or original price this will help. EZ Patterns discourages sending in a request without a pattern number. Several people have mentioned checking Thrift Stores and estate sales for old patterns. For out of print Folkwear patterns, Taunton Press recommends that you call or write to: The Yardstick P.O. Box 912 Ketchem, Idaho 83340 (208) 726-8822 or Two Bobbins Full 323 Main Street Polson, Montana 59860 (406) 883-3643 and include pattern info. Apparently both places say they have a "drawer full" of old Folkwear patterns. See also: The New Fiberworks Sourcebook by Bobbi A. McRae. copyright 1993 by Fiberworks Publications. ISBN 0-944577-06-7 320p. $15.95 + shipping Available from Unicorn Books, 1-800-BUY-YARN Mail order sources for all types of fibers and crafts, including weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, basketry, quilting, basketry, sewing, paper making, etc. The Quilter's Catalog by Vicki Brooks and Linda Stokes. Copyright 1987 by The Main Street Press. ISBN 1-55562-003-5 $12.95 - Often available as a remaindered book. This book contains lots of sources for quilters, but the info in it is getting a bit dated. Designer Source Listing: $19.95 (ppd) from: Carikean Publishing Box 11771 227 E. Ontario St Chicago, IL 60611-0771 312-728-6118 Sections include Beads, Books, Buttons and fasteners, Feather fur and leather, Notions, Labels and tags, Laces and lacemaking equipment, Millinery supplies, Paints and dyes, Patterns, Services, Software, Threads and yarns, Video, Workshops and seminars. I have not personally reviewed this book and I do not know when the current edition (Vol IV) was published. 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