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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- COMPUTER VIRUS NEWSGROUP POSTING GUIDELINES The latest version of this document is available at: http://www.faqs.org/faqs/computer-virus/posting-guidelines Name: alt.comp.virus Status: Unmoderated Description: Forum for discussion of computer viruses and, their prevention/detection, as well as techniques and procedures for recovery from a virus infection. INTRODUCTION ==================== The purpose of the alt.comp.virus newsgroup is to provide a forum for discussion of computer virus issues. "Computer virus issues" are defined as follows: issues relating to the creation, dissemination, prevention, detection, and removal of computer viruses. Note that the discussion of these is not the same as doing them. For example, discussing the dissemination of computer viruses is OK, but spreading them via the newsgroup is not. "Computer viruses" are defined as programs (blocks of executable code) which attach themselves to, overwrite or otherwise replace another program in order to reproduce itself without the knowledge of the PC user. See the alt.comp.virus FAQ for a more thorough definition. ON-TOPIC POSTS ==================== Posts of the following types are expected (these are merely examples; other topics may come up that are not listed here, but are nevertheless still on-topic): a. Questions concerning computer viruses and anti-virus products. b. Experiences with viruses and anti-virus products. c. Discussions of tests of anti-virus products. d. Announcements of conferences, conventions, etc. related to computer viruses. e. Announcements of anti-virus product updates or new anti-virus products. Announcements of a commercial nature are acceptable, provided they are brief and to the point (announcing a URL is usually the best way to do this). f. Conjecture as to the future of computer virus/anti-virus technology. UNWELCOME POSTS ==================== Posts of the following types are considered to be unwelcome (Types of posts not listed here may be considered unwelcome as well; these are just the most common examples): a. Binaries of any sort. If you want to distribute binaries of any sort, put them on a web page or FTP site (with the sysadmin's approval) and post the address where they may be found. That way, you don't abuse UseNet in the process. b. Source code that is not relevant to the discussion. Posting snippets of source code to elaborate on a point or further the discussion is fine, but posting source code without relevance to the discussion is unwelcome. Post it on a web page or FTP site (as above) or in the newsgroup alt.comp.virus.source.code. c. Posts warning of 'viruses' which are in fact hoaxes. See: http://www.kumite.com/myths and check if this new 'virus' is listed before posting the hoax message and propagating the hoax further. Asking about hoaxes is fine, but don't post the full text of the warning (just the name of the 'virus' will suffice to check whether it's a hoax). d. Advertising or product announcements of non-virus related items. e. Posts that do nothing more than ask for viruses or source code. If you want viruses, look for them yourself. They aren't that hard to find. OTHER GUIDELINES ==================== Please avoid posting in HTML. It isn't readable by a significant portion of the group's members. Plain ASCII text is universally readable, so it is preferable. Please try to limit cross posting of posts outside alt.comp.virus. Posting to directly-related groups is fine, but keep in mind that follow-ups to your post will also be posted in cross-posted groups. Check your headers before you post anyway, just to make sure where your post is going. Occasional jokes are welcome. If you don't find any humor in life, try another newsgroup. Trolls will be subjected to bone-crushing wrist locks and the occasional wedgie. These guidelines do not restrict how you talk about computer viruses, as much as they restrict the conversations to computer virus related issues. We are suggesting guidelines for this newsgroup so that it will be enjoyable for everyone, without limiting peopleís right to express their views openly, even if they are unpopular. We donít like the idea of censorship. We do like the idea of proposed rules of conduct and common courtesy. ENFORCEMENT ==================== Enforcement Provision: Posts clearly in violation of these guidelines (i.e. posts of virus binaries) will often result in complaints by readers of a.c.v. to the Internet Service Provider of the person posting the unwanted material. Alternatively or in addition, readers of the group may killfile or otherwise ignore the offender. UseNet is a lonely place if nobody replies to your posts. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: PGPfreeware 6.5.1 for non-commercial use <http://www.pgp.com> Comment: PGP Key ID 0xDCC35C75 available on Keyservers iQCVAwUBN/N0rbcpzG7cw1x1AQGQeQP/dLC0vu4N5dzFhQQNJZ1h4+iiddRMhVtO HzIHQX1rsaAU9CEaAI+NFa61o4XJ9Pr6e49fXaooFuDB+DEML9OxeNKhl+uUTTg1 SkbG/wV7m0nDSEkuKh+Rx085lqG4UkyR76Wf3pi4SqAu5jgwRRcO8crXNt7EIVy8 trVRpZovA0I= =TjEV -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----