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Subject: computer-security/vendor-contacts FAQ

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Vendor Contacts FAQ Version: 3.00 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Security FAQ is a resource provided by: Internet Security Systems, Inc. Suite 660, 41 Perimeter Center East Tel: (770) 395-0150 Atlanta, Georgia 30346 Fax: (770) 395-1972 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To get the newest updates of Security files check the following services: http://www.iss.net/ ftp ftp.iss.net /pub/ To subscibe to the update mailing list, Alert, send an e-mail to request-alert@iss.net and, in the text of your message (not the subject line), write: subscribe alert ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "It [Vendor Security Contact FAQ] is the kind of thing that makes you look good at work when your boss decides he's joe security and wants a patch (for like rdist - duh!) yesterday..." - Tim Scanlon, System Analyst Vendor Security Contacts: Reporting Vulnerabilities and Obtaining New Patches The following FAQ is a list of security contacts to reach at various vendors for reporting security vulnerabilities and obtaining new security related patches. With the rising number of people and hosts gaining access to the Internet, the basic integrity of the Net needs to be maintained. Many of security incidents that happen on Internet could have been avoided by installing security patches that are available by vendors. It is important to get the recent patches and ensure that your systems are configured properly. With intruders and their underground network having quick access to security vulnerabilities, it is important that administrators have security information available and not rely on just One organization. Here are the security contacts that information is available for: * A/UX * Cray Research * Data General Corporation * Dec * HP * IBM * Motorola * Next * Novell * SCO * SGI * Sun Other important security contacts included are: * CERT Contact * CIAC Contact * FIRST Contact When reporting a new security bug, try to be as specific as possible about how to reproduce it, which OS release (uname -a), and any other release numbers of software that are involved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/UX Contact information for A/UX as follows: * Send security related information to the following people: o Erik E. Fair: fair@apple.com and CC: staff@apple.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cray Research Contact information for Cray Research as follows: Cray Research customers should first direct questions and concerns to on-site support personnel (if provided by their service contract). Other contacts should be made through: Customer Support Call Center (CSCC) Cray Research, Inc. 655F Lone Oak Drive Eagan MN 55121 USA tel. +1-612-683-5600 email. support@cray.com ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DG, Data General Corporation Contact information for DG is as follows: * Send security related information to the following person: o Kevin Peterson (peterson@dg-rtp.dg.com) Data General Corp 62 Tw Alexander Drive RTP, NC 27709 Phone: 919-248-6011 Patches (security or nonsecurity) are distributed through our Support Centers (and/or local office). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEC, Digital Equipment Corporation Contact information for DEC is as follows: * Send security related information to the following person: o FIRST Contact: Rich Boren rich.boren@cxo.mts.dec.com, (719) 592-4689 Security patches are issued by Customer Support Centers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- HP, Hewlett Packard Contact information for HP as follows: * For security concerns, questions, or problems, you can contact: o security-alert@hp.com Obtaining Patches: Patches and mailing lists are available through the HP SupportLine service. More information is available in their bulletin. The HP SupportLine mail service is available to anyone who can send electronic mail via the Internet. For a guide how to obtain patches via email send mail to support@support.mayfield.hp.com with the line "send guide" in the text portion of the mail. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- IBM, International Business Machines Contact information for IBM as follows: * IBM support @ 1-800 237-5511 * Email to services@austin.ibm.com Send security related information to Nick Trio (nrt@watson.ibm.com, a.k.a. (postmaster@ibm.com) Unix person on IBM's Computer Emergency Response Team) and Alan Fedeli ( fedeli@vnet.ibm.com). There are some security patches on anonymous FTP software.watson.ibm.com in pub/aix3 for AIX. Security patches are issued through your IBM sales office. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Novell, Inc. Contact information for Novell as follows: * Phone number: 800-4-UNIVEL Security patches are available from: * Compuserve * ftp from ftp.novell.com * floppy from the Novell support folks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motorola Contact information for Motorola is as follows: For security concerns, questions, or problems with Motorola Products contact your sales or support representative. For security concerns, questions, or problems related to incidents in progress or Motorola's presence on the Internet: * +1-708-576-1616 (for emergencies) * +1-708-538-2153 (fax) * mcert@mot.com For Motorola Computer Group: For security concerns, questions, or problems with Motorola Products contact your sales or support representative. For security concerns, questions, or problems related to incidents in progress or MCG's presence on the Internet: security-alert@mcd.mot.com For emergencies, contact the emergency number listed above. Starting in 1995, MCG has started to provide certain security patches for MCG products on anonymous ftp from ftp.mcd.mot.com in pub/patches. Patches are also available via your sales or support representative. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NeXT Contact information for Next as follows: * Technical Support: ask_next@next.com * Phone number: 800.848.6398 Address: 900 Chesapeake Drive Redwood City, CA 94063 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCO Contact information for The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO): * Send security related information to: security-alert@sco.com Security patches are issued on an as-needed basis and will be available at ftp.sco.com and its mirrors. When submitting information about a security problem, please include output of the following commands: uname -X swconfig hwconfig -h (if hardware-related) and as much detail about the problem as you can muster. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SGI - Silicon Graphics Incoporated Contact information for SGI as follows: * Send security related information to: security-alert@sgi.com If there is no response, try Dave Olson (olson@sgi.com) or Miguel Sanchez (miguel@sgi.com). * Inside US: o Support line: 1-800-800-4SGI * Outside US/Canada: o Contact your local SGI support provider * FTP Site: o ftp.sgi.com ( o When available, patches are placed in the directories + security + sgi/IRIX4.0 + sgi/IRIX5.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sun Contact information for Sun as follows: * email: security-alert@sun.com * phone: 415-688-9081 * Fax: 415-688-9101 * postal: Sun Security Coordinator MS MPK2-04 2550 Garcia Avenue Mountain View, CA 97703-1100 For reporting security vulnerabilities and problems, Sun strongly recommends that you report problems to your local Answer Center and your representative computer security response team, such as CERT. In some cases your local Answer Center will accept a report of a security bug even if you do not have a support contract. An additional notification to the security-alert alias is suggested but should not be used as your primary vehicle for reporting a bug. Sun Security Bulletins Sun Security Bulletins are available free of charge as part of our Customer Warning System. It is not necessary to have a Sun support contract in order to receive them. To subscribe to this bulletin series, send mail to the address "security-alert@Sun.COM" with the subject "subscribe CWS your-mail-address" and a message body containing affiliation and contact information. To request that your name be removed from the mailing list, send mail to the same address with the subject "unsubscribe CWS your-mail-address". Do not include other requests or reports in a subscription message. Due to the volume of subscription requests Sun receives, Sun cannot guarantee to acknowledge requests. Please contact the security office if you wish to verify that your subscription request was received, or if you would like your bulletin delivered via postal mail or fax. Sun Security Bulletins are archived on ftp.uu.net (in the same directory as the patches) and on SunSolve. Please try these sources first before contacting the security office for old bulletins. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Resources ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) The CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team). To report a vulnerability contact CERT at: * E-mail: cert@cert.org Past advisories and other information related to computer security are available for anonymous FTP from cert.org ( See the Security Resources FAQ for more information on CERT and vulnerability reporting forms. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) The CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability) of DoE. To report a vulnerability, contact CIAC at * voice: 510-422-8193 * fax: 510-423-8002 * stu-iii: 510-423-2604 * or mail ciac@llnl.gov. Previous CIAC bulletins and other information is available via anonymous ftp from ciac.llnl.gov (ip address See the Security Resources FAQ for more information on CIAC advisories and mailing lists. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams). To report a vulnerability, contact FIRST at * voice: 310-975-3359 * fax: 310-948-0279 * web: http://first.org/first * or mail first@first.org. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Acknowledgements Thanks go to the following people for providing new or updated information to be included in this FAQ: * Dave Millar for helping provide a portion of the information. * (Walter Misar) misar@rbg.informatik.th-darmstadt.de * Steve Cooper, spcooper@llnl.gov ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright This paper is Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 by Christopher Klaus of Internet Security Systems, Inc. Permission is hereby granted to give away free copies electronically. You may distribute, transfer, or spread this paper electronically. You may not pretend that you wrote it. This copyright notice must be maintained in any copy made. If you wish to reprint the whole or any part of this paper in any other medium excluding electronic medium, please ask the author for permission. Disclaimer The information within this paper may change without notice. Use of this information constitutes acceptance for use in an AS IS condition. There are NO warranties with regard to this information. In no event shall the author be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use or spread of this information. Any use of this information is at the user's own risk. Address of Author Please send suggestions, updates, and comments to: Christopher Klaus <cklaus@iss.net> of Internet Security Systems, Inc. <iss@iss.net> Internet Security Systems, Inc. ISS is the leader in network security tools and technology through innovative audit, correction, and monitoring software. The Atlanta-based company's flagship product, Internet Scanner, is the leading commercial attack simulation and security audit tool. The Internet Scanner SAFEsuite is based upon ISS' award-winning Internet Scanner and was specifically designed with expanded capabilities to assess a variety of network security issues confronting web sites, firewalls, servers and workstations. The Internet Scanner SAFEsuite is the most comprehensive security assessment tool available. For more information about ISS or its products, contact the company at (770) 395-0150 or e-mail at iss@iss.net. ISS maintains a Home Page on the World Wide Web at http://www.iss.net -- Christopher William Klaus Voice: (770)395-0150. Fax: (770)395-1972 Internet Security Systems, Inc. "Internet Scanner SAFEsuite finds Ste. 660,41 Perimeter Center East,Atlanta,GA 30346 your network security holes Web: http://www.iss.net/ Email: cklaus@iss.net before the hackers do."