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comp.lang.forth Frequently-Asked Questions, part 2 of 7 Online Resources: Web, FTP and Email John D. Verne <jdv@forth.org> Last modified: $Date: 1999/07/23 02:27:09 $ A concise guide to Forth related online resources. Send additions, deletions or changes to John D. Verne <mailto:jverne@mks.com>. Please see the Forth Online Resources Quick-Reference Card <http://www.com- plang.tuwien.ac.at/forth/forl.html>. A detailed hardcopy version with additional data is available in Forth Dimensions <http://www.forth.org/> magazine. ______________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Personal and Commercial WWW Servers 3. Public File Repositories 4. News and Email Resources 4.1 Internet Mailing Lists 4.2 Commonly Requested Email Addresses 4.3 Newsgroups and Conferences 5. Bulletin-Board Systems (BBS) ______________________________________________________________________ 1. Introduction This is part two of a seven part document covering many aspects of the Forth programming language. All seven parts are posted monthly to the USENET newsgroups comp.lang.forth, comp.answers, and news.answers. They are updated regularly. This part is primarily concerned with being a concise quick-reference guide to the many online Forth resources available. Specifically, it attempts to answer the questions, "Where can I find the Forth resource...?". For more information on Forth or other Forth resources, please consult the other parts of this FAQ. They can be found at: o <http://www.forth.org/fig.html> o <ftp://ftp.forth.org/pub/Forth/FAQ/> This document was adopted in it's entirety from the "online" FAQ created by Kenneth O'Heskin. To request a change or report an error, please contact the author <mailto:jdv@forth.org>. This document is placed entirely in the public domain. You may quote freely from it, as long as you play nice and give us some credit. This document comes with no guarantees and is provided for your information only. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Your mileage may vary etc., etc., etc. 2. Personal and Commercial WWW Servers These sites are primarily Forth-oriented. Some are very product specific, while others are more for general programming interest. If you find any broken links or know of any pages that need to be included here, please let me know <mailto:jdv@forth.org>. o The ATLAST <http://www.fourmilab.ch> (Autodesk Threaded Language application System Toolkit) embedded system pages. You can download ATLAST from here, as well. o The Bournemouth Forth Redearch Page <http://dec.bournemouth.ac.uk/forth/index.html>. Links to the Journal of Applied Forth and Research (JFAR), FAQs, Rochester Forth Conference and more. Very complete Forth bibliography. o euroFORTH <http://dec.bournemouth.ac.uk/forth/euro/index.html>, The European Forth Conference home page. Access to the latest news on the conference, as well as links to the euroFORTH mail list archives. o Forth Interest Group <http://www.forth.org/fig.html> (FIG) home page. FIG membership information, FAQs, bibliographies, downloads and more. Information on local chapters and a members-only section. Home of "Forth Dimensions" magazine. o The FORTH, Inc. <http://www.forth.com> Home Page is a commercial site dedicated to FORTH, Inc.'s very complete product line. Ordering and training information available online. o Frank Sergeant's <http://www.eskimo.com/~pygmy/forth.html> home page. The author of Pygmy Forth has many articles and links available on his pages. o Immersive Systems, Inc. <http://www.immersive.com> have links and technical information about Meme, their Forth-powered extensible virtual reality product. o Forth Research at Institut fuer Computersprachen <http://www.complang.tuwien.ac.at/projects/forth.html> has technical documents, Forth code and many Forth links. Some downloads available. o Jeff Fox's UltraTechnology <http://www.ultratechnology.com/> Home page. Home of Offete Enterprises, Inc. and the source for information about the MuP21 Forth engine. Books, video tapes and a diverse range of software available. o The Journal of Forth Application and Research <http://www.jfar.org/index.html> and it's UK mirror <http://dec.bournemouth.ac.uk/forth/jfar/index.html>, published by the Institute for Applied Research, Inc. Author's guides and ordering information available. o Laboratory Microsystems Inc. (LMI) <http://www.cerfnet.com/~lmi> have an online catalog and software updates for their wide range of Forth systems. o The Forth Source <http://www.theforthsource.com> is the home of Mountain View Press. Tutorials, educational software and guides. The Forth education source. o The Mops Page <http://www.netaxs.com/~jayfar/mops.html> is the place for FAQs and information on Mops Forth for the Mac. Plenty of documentation and code available. o New Micros Inc. (NMI) <http://www.newmicros.com/> publish information and an online catalog for their range of Forth-powered Single-Board Computers. o FirmWorks <http://www.firmworks.com> is the source for information on Open Firmware. Dedicated to the development of the IEEE 1275 standard. If you need information on Open Firmware, start here. o Patriot Scientific Corporation <http://www.ptsc.com> publishes information on their PSC1000 (ShBoom) 32-bit RISC microprocessor family, as well as their many other products. Some Forth information links. o Phil Koopman's <http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~koopman> Home Page has extensive links to Forth, stack computers and embedded systems. Several articles and technical papers are publicly available. o The Pocket Forth Page <http://chemlab.pc.maricopa.edu/pocket.html>, home of Pocket Forth for the Mac. Tutorials, downloads and code examples abound. o The Rochester Forth Conference <http://dec.bournemouth.ac.uk/forth/rfc/index.html>, organized by the Institute for Applied Forth Research (JFAR), Inc. This is the place for Conference proceedings. o The Rocky Coast Free Board <http://www.well.com/~jax/rcfb/> is the web incarnation of the RCFB dialup BBS. Lots of information on Forth, Java and programming. o The home of JForth <http://home.tampabay.rr.com/jforth/> for the Amiga has FAQs, news and downloads. o The Computer Journal <http://www.psyber.com/~tcj/> is a good place for legacy system information. Very Forth-friendly publication. o Tout sur le Forth <http://perso.wanadoo.fr/mp7/> en France, the source for French-language Forth resources. o Visit Triangle Digital Services, Ltd. <http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/triangle> for information on their Forth-powered Single-Board Computers. Very complete online catalog. 3. Public File Repositories These sites offer anonymous FTP access to Forth files and resources. URLs can change rapidly. Please let me know <mailto:jdv@forth.org> if you find broken links, or know of more Forth-oriented FTP sites. o Official ANS Forth x3j14 <ftp://ftp.uu.net/> Committee ftp site. This is where to get the (un)official ANS-Forth documents. [need to find exact link --jdv] o Cygnus Support FTP Service <ftp://ftp.cygnus.com/pub/forth/> is a huge ftp site with many Forth systems available. o Brad Rodriguez' CamelForth can be downloaded from here <ftp://ftp.zetetics.com/camel/>. You may also want to visit the CamelForth web site <http://www.zetetics.com/camel/>. o The University of Michigan Department of Physics has a few Forth implementations available here <ftp://williams.physics.lsa.umich.edu/pub/forth>. o Dwight Elvey <ftp://ftp.hal.com/pub/elvey> has made a few Forth resources available. o Marcel Hendrix <ftp://iaehv.iaehv.nl/pub/users/mhx> has an extensive collection of Forth implementations available to the public. o Taygeta Scientific, Inc is the host of forth.org <ftp://ftp.forth.org/pub/Forth>. This is simply the most complete collection of Forth resources out there. [need Bremen mirror address --jdv] o This is the place for Yerk <ftp://astro.uchicago.edu/pub/MAC/Yerk> (Forth for the Mac) manuals, information and code. 4. News and Email Resources 4.1. Internet Mailing Lists [Anybody care to expand on this list? --jdv] o To subscribe to the MISC mailing list <mailto:misc- request@pisa.rockefeller.edu> send an email with "subscribe" in the text. o To subscribe to the Win32For mailing list <mailto:win32for- requests@edmail.spc.uchicago.edu>, send an email with "subscribe" as the only line in the body of the message. o To subscribe to the euroFORTH <mailto:euroforth- subscribe@egroups.com> mail list, just send an empty message. o To subscribe to any of the following Forth mailing lists, send an email <mailto:mdaemon@chaossolutions.com> with the appropriate subscribe line as the only text in the body: o subscribe BigForth (BigForth list) o subscribe GForth (GForth list) o subscribe Minos o subscribe JForth-List (Amiga JForth List) o subscribe 4th-List (Original 4th learning list) 4.2. Commonly Requested Email Addresses These are the most commonly requested email addresses on comp.lang.forth. o For information on the ANS Forth process, please contact the ANSForth Mail Group <mailto:ansforth-request@minerva> o To contact the Forth FAQ authors, or request a change the the FAQ, please email the Forth FAQ Maintainers <mailto:faq@forth.org> o The Forth Interest Group <http://www.forth.org/> (FIG): o FIG Board of Directors <mailto:board@forth.org> (everyone) o Forth Dimensions Editor <mailto:editor@forth.org> (Marlin Ouverson) o FIG business office <mailto:office@forth.org> (John Hall) o FIG President <mailto:pres@forth.org> (Skip Carter) o FIG Secretary <mailto:sec@forth.org> (Brad Rodriguez) o FIG Treasurer <mailto:treas@forth.org> (Andrew McKewan) o FIG Vice President <mailto:vp@forth.org> (Jeff Fox) o Secretary of the FORTH Gesellschaft <mailto:secretary@admin.forth- ev.de> (German Forth users' group) o Editor of the Journal of Forth Application and Research <mailto:editor@jfar.org> 4.3. Newsgroups and Conferences These are the primary Forth newsgroups and public conferences. Please let me know <mailto:jdv@forth.org> if you know of any others. Specifically, I know there are several non-English Forth newsgroups. Does anyone care to comment? o The unmoderated comp.lang.forth <news:comp.lang.forth> USENET newsgroup is carried on most newsfeeds. Archived messages <ftp://asterix.inescn.pt/pub/forth/news/> are available. [need to find good archive URL --jdv] o Macintosh specific Forth news is found on the unmoderated comp.lang.forth.mac <news:comp.lang.forth.mac> newsgroup. 5. Bulletin-Board Systems (BBS) These are the publicly available Forthish Bulletin-Board Systems that we still know about. This information is presented for legacy reasons only. The status of these numbers is unknown. I'm starting to feel all nostalgic about my first 300 baud modem... o Arcane Incantations, 617-899-6672 o Art of Programming BBS, 604-826-9663 o Bitter Butter Better BBS, 503-691-7938 o Gold Country Forth BBS, 916-652-7117 o Laboratory Microsystems, Inc (LMI), 310-306-3530 o MindLink <telnet://mindlink.bc.ca>, 604-528-3500 o The FROG Pond BBS, 716-461-1924 End of file