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Subject: COBOL FAQ

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Archive-name: computer-lang/cobol-faq Posting-Frequency: twice a month Last-modified: 2005/08/16 Version: 3.03 URL: http://home.comcast.net/~wmklein/FAQ/COBOLFAQ.htm Maintainer: wmklein@ix.netcom.com (William M Klein)
COBOL FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Last-Modified: Spring 2002 The full (but quite out-of-date) COBOL FAQ can be viewed at: http://home.comcast.net/~wmklein/FAQ/COBOLFAQ.htm If you have comments, corrects, deletions, or additions, please send private email to: wmklein <at> ix.netcom.com This FAQ answers such questions as (and addresses topics such as): - Where can I get a COBOL compiler? - Is there a free COBOL compiler? - Where can I contact... ? - What about OO COBOL? - Books about COBOL - COBOL Tools - What can/should I post in the COBOL newsgroups? - What about USAGE? COMP? Storage for data in xyz format? etc? - How do I get started with COBOL? Where can I get education? Tutorials? Etc and much, MUCH more